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A Birthday Storytl


A Birthday story By James Bellamy

"Sorry, Mom, to miss your birthday, but I really,
really want to go to visit David's parents this
you understand, don't you? And I will have a stopover
at the airport and we can have a quick chat??? Say
you forgive me, OK"
"Oh, for heaven's sake, Jenny, since when is my
birthday a big deal -- and it gets so I want it to be
less and
less of a big deal. A quick brat at the airport will
do me fine. You have a good time sweetheart! I'll
stay here at home waiting `til you call again. Just
your dear shut in Mom!" she pouted, putting a slight
whine in her voice, then laughing her staccato laugh.
She knew that her daughter was to the age when
she was having more and more of her own life and that
even holidays would soon not be so sacred as
they had been in the past. And it was OK, but it is
fair to mourn the passing of those salad days just a
little bit. Allie paused a moment to reflect on that-
then smiled at her daughter's happiness and
excitement for being off on another adventure.
And so she found herself on a late Thursday morning
pulling into the parking deck at Milwaukee Airport
and striding down the concourse toward gate 42 to pick
up Jenny. She and her friend David were stopping
over for an hour or so. Just time for one of those
vitriolic Milwaukee Bratwursts her friend Finch Hatton
had warned against. She smiled at the thought of dear
old Finch, who can get excited and animated over
the disappointment of the quality of a Brat and make
it funny. "Luckily, he has the good taste to think
perfect," she found herself giggling to herself at her
own little joke. "Though he does say that often
enough, so why shouldn't I take credit?" And so she
stood smilingly waiting for Jenny to get off the

Across the hall in Gate 41, Finch Hatton stared at her
as she strode confidently into view, her long stride
and athlete's carriage giving her a look of confidence
and an air of bubbly enthusiasm. "Has a cute tush,
too." he thought. He leaned against a post and just
watched, not wanting to announce the coincidence of
their being here at the same moment just yet.

She had come from work, looking trim in her black
slacks and an expensive looking ski jacket, now
thrown over her arm, exposing a pink sweater, fitted
close but not tight over the perky breasts he loved
to admire, one hand on hip, pointing her toe, tapping
it idly from the medium heel of her shoe. Her hair
appointment would not be until Friday when she took
care of the whole works, tennis, massage, hair
appointment. So today, she had that wonderful sort of
"pulled through a hedge backward" casualness that
Finch happened to like. "Well, she keeps saying that
I always say I think she is perfect in every way -
though I can't recall ever actually saying it," he
mused. "Maybe I do think she's perfect!?" he
She had engaged a stranger in conversation now, hands
flailing in a stunning way, that quick smile winning
him over immediately (sure, has to be a man!!) he
thought. He watched and admired her as she idly
strode over to watch the plane nosing close to the
door now, anticipating seeing her daughter and
friend. Allie moved to the end of the long gateway
stretching to see above the others waiting as the
passengers came off the plane.

The cell phone buzzed in his pocket, and Finch started
across the wide hallway, flipping it open. "Finch
Hatton" he muttered into the phone, "Oh, yes, hi,
hold on a minute will you?" His arm slipped around
Allie's waist and she startled slightly from her tip
toe position, neck craned down the gateway. "Good
God, Finch, what are you doing here? she laughed.
I'm waiting for .... "
"Yes, I know"
"Waiting for Jenny - she just has an hour here, then
off on a toot, ......... what do you mean `you know?'
how could you know, you silly goose?" Her nose
wrinkled as her big brown eyes crinkled at him
quizzically. She resumed her gawking down the runway
over his shoulder."

"I have her."

"Oh, Finch, move out of the way, I want to see her!
............ What? What?"

"I have her, ....... here on the phone."

Now her quizzical look turned to a frown as she took
the phone and said " ....hel .. lo?

Allie listened. Finch Hatton stared off into space
affecting an air of nonchalance.

"I can't do that. I've got the store to ..... You
mean you arranged all this? WELL, you
must have helped him, then." she started to smile
again inspite of herself. " How can I
go off, no clothes, should see my hair!!!! I'm
not going anyplace but home!"

"We have to get going, they're calling for boarding
First Class." Finch urged her,
smiling at the same time as his hand under her arm
touched the softness of her breast.

"Finch, are you nuts!?"

"Don't use exclamation points when you ask a question,
dear. Happy Birthday, come
along, now."

I can't go anyplace with your "Goodbye, Jenny, you
traitor! Yes, I'll see you soon. Yes, I'll be
No, I won't. Yes, I will. No, not that either!. I
said I'm not going anyway, so how can I get into all
trouble? Quit worrying and study, .......... I don't
want to pay another semester for you to graduate.
This is
costing you a fortune, hang up now. ........ OK, love
you too. I'll let you know, don't worry.

"Now Finch, what are we doing? I can't go! I have
things to do!"

"All taken care of, sweetest, all taken care of.
Everyone has been called. Bonnie is taking care of
house. Come along, now hurry."
"Oh, by goddddddddd! Look at me, what will I wear?"

They were soon on the plane, First Class, so a drink
came immediately. So at least Finch was beginning to
laugh a little. Allie was limited to complaining
about the strange aftertaste that diet Pepsi has. The
plane headed for Toronto and a couple days of

The Four Seasons is a nice hotel. Wonderful 19th
century setting in the restaurant, beautiful rooms.
had landed in a light snow storm and the ride into the
middle of Toronto was through a quiet winter
wonderland scene. Allie took the bag he had brought
for her to see what on earth she would have to
wear to dinner. She dreaded what combinations he
might have come up with. -- You never know,
could be OK, but with no accessories or it could by
early Frederick's of Hollywood -- can't tell with a
man in charge of such things!!. Bonnie must have
helped, she decided, but who had gone to Victoria's
Secret, she wondered?

Dinner for two near a window overlooking the city
scene, off to the side enough to be cozy. Finch had
ordered Rack of Lamb for two. It was succulent and
tasty. A robust , sweet flavor with a very nice mint
sauce someone had done such a nice job on. The juices
of the meat were in heavy supply and their lips
were coated and glistening as they ate heartily.

"Mmmmnnnhh! This reminds me of you, you know!" Finch
grinned wickedly, the meat juices glistening
on his chops. "You always taste so good and are moist
and tender like this!"

"Finch, you are so evil, I can't believe it." Allie
pressed her knee against his and reached for a kiss.
They were seated side by side in a sort of booth
arrangement. She felt his hand on her knee, squeezing
"What, do you think, now? Good idea, or not?"

"Yes, yes, yes, I love it. And I have almost come down
to earth. I'm going to forget all those things and
just make you pamper me and take care of me and let me
do everything I want to, and run up a huge
charge account bill on your card!" Another kiss,
lingering this time, as their tongues met, requiring a
little longer to enjoy and savor. "mmmmmnnn" she
muttered. "Love you."
Finch Hatton could feel the warmth of her leg against
his and he enjoyed the feel of her nylon over her
knee. He glanced, then stared down at her breasts,
longing for her now.
Her hand joined his and pressed both between her
knees. I don't need coffee, do you darling?" she
whispered in his ear, finding time to slip the tip of
her tongue out to touch his ear. "And I want me to be
your dessert!" she said, holding him tighter.

"WAITER!" Finch realized he had spoken too loud and
grinned guiltily.

"Wow, I don't have to hit you in the head with a
brick, do I," she smiled.

Their clothes came off in a long stream of tugging and
tearing at each other as they entered the room.

"I'll just be a moment." She padded away from the bed
and Finch watched appreciatively as her pantied
hips swayed across the room. A very pretty sight
which never ceased to please and excite him. The
garter belt and stockings -- it had been him at
Victoria's Secret -- made her look sweet but with
just a
hint of the tart in her. ---

"Type casting," he thought to himself.
She joined him at the window, leaning close to him as
they watched silently as the snow blanketed the
city. Allie touched his hardness, now obvious even in
the dim light. He turned to her and pressed her close
as their lips met and his hands found the roundness of
her bottom, pressing her against him as she joined
him in squirming slightly to enhance the pleasure of
feeling each other's body. His hands slipped under
her panties now, fondling her bottom, slipping his
hand lightly -- tickling the cleavage of her tush,
sucking in the pleasure of the feel of her softness.

Her leg was between his now and he felt her straddle
his thigh, pressing the flatness below her mound
against him. Their tongues played gently ......
standing there together ....... enjoying the silence
reveling in their joined breath ........ the familiar
taste of each other ............ the excitement of
together, off from the world ........ here high above
the city ......... away.

His hand slipped down the front of her panties,
touching the curls of her mound, exploring, combing it
with his fingers, slipping over it, cupping it
protectively and lovingly. Then to touch the parted
lips of
her pussy, so soft and inviting. He found her
moistness ...........
Picking her up as she relaxed against him, he carried
her to bed, their kissing continuing until he dropped
her the last six inches onto the bed.


Allie lay back on the bed, her feet still on the floor
as he parted her knees and kissed his way from the
back of her knee along the nylon of her thighs to the
silkiness of her mound with his kisses and darting
tongue. "Oh, darling,....... nice." she muttered as
his tongue found the hard nub of her clitoris now
standing out for him to kiss and suck and gently

" I told you you taste nice ........ I was quite right
, you know." Finch spoke softly, then continued his
loving, making her squirm under his inventive tongue.
Allie only smiled as her head rolled from side
to side in pleasure.
"Oh, Finch come up here! Please! I really want you!
Now, too!"

Finch slipped her panties down as she raised her hips,
then took them off her long legs.
Allie pushed back to make room for him, spreading her
legs as she moved, inviting him into her. She
guided him now, her hand on his cock.

Finch touched her clit, then slipped down the wetness
of her lips as she positioned him at the entrance
of her cunt. He felt her tugging, urging him into
her. Felt the head of his cock slip past the initial
tightness, parting her, spreading her, loving her,
fondling her. As he contentedly slipped deeper and
deeper into her, the warmth, the heat, the pleasure
brought a glowing feeling to him.
Allie pulled him into her, then let her hand stay
there as Finch's length found her. She fondled his
now slipping between her fingers, slipping past the
sensitive lips of her pussy, then pressed the curly
hair at
the base of his cock against her for the first touch.
She drew her hand out slowly, letting him touch her
mound with his, letting their happy juices, happy
bodies, fondle and play together, as Finch began to
stroke in and out of her with the gentle power that he
managed to convey. She felt him reach to touch
her breast, supporting his weight on the other hand.
Just touching her nipple for the delightful
reassurance it gave him. Touching her breast and
holding it as Allie felt the two sensation meet in her
stomach, the caress of her breast and the caress of
his cock deep in her cunt. They moved together
now, as she began to take hold of him, fondling him
with her tightness, trying to squeeze more on his
invading shaft, his lovely hard, thick shaft piercing
her, but with a gentleness which filled her longing,
filled her entirely.

She felt her orgasm coming now, from deep inside,
building, tightening, as she clasped him to her
body, as she rode his body, her legs locked behind his
hips, thrusting up as he thrust into her, until the
feel of him, the slamming of their bodies together,
brought her to a thrashing, wild, tossing orgasm, then
let her down into a desire to squeeze him between her
legs. She felt his tension build and recovered to
urge him into her, to urge him to a climax. She
felt him spurt into her once, twice, three times, then
more rapid thrusting as a fourth spurt felt like it
drenched her. She hugged him as he slumped against
her, quiet and spent now. His hands found her

"You're a wonderful lover, you know." It wasn't
clear which of them said it.

Finch Hatton threw open the Drapes, letting the
morning night stream in, waking Allie from a very
pleasant dream.

"Hey! Who turned on the lights!" she complained
lightly, smelling the coffee he had ordered for her.

"It's still snowing, Al, they say all flights are
cancelled. "We may be trapped here for days! Happy

His arms surrounded her and she leaned back against
him, contemplating their fate with a smile over the
of coffee.
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