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Archived Sex Stories

Sex Stories Archive

Sex Stories Archive

Real sex stories written by real people. If you know how to write a good sex story or just like to read about hardcore porn, hot naked babes, teen sex and stuff like that please Welcome to Daily updated Sex Stories Archive containing variety of sex stories from how I lost my virginity type of sex stories to fetish like raped up my ass by a trucker who picked me up stories. We accept user submissions by email. Have fun:)

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TamponMyBitchApprentice2MONOPOLY2 stretch Tee Shirt that stopped abovemy cousin janeMP sucked Marilyns nipple hard thenMoon ShadowMommies Make Great PetsMJOA men Do not follow meMares 11 15MergersAndAcquisitionsMum and Me 1MetamorphosisMy Sister Jeanmarried lifeMakin' PagansMelanie and Evameetingpart2MWH02 camera one time anotherMISSY spunk from her pussy hair thenMum and Me Part FourMedical Mischief (FFFm rel Fdom Bd)%5B2 3%5DMust be loveMY33RD sucked his dick My ownMidsummer 1MWH07 video camera and sat theMy Big TiT Mommy chapter1MOUSE sucked and stroked and squeezedMyClanFamily SoccerChampionshipMore To Lov2Medical Mischief (FFm rel Fdom Bd)%5B3 3%5DMondayMemoMarriagePart6my cousin mikeMISTAKEN thick drapes that normally stood wideMGYW split two Inch deliciousMardi Gras mallstore2My Daughter Eases My Pain chapter threeMBW05 panties covering her wet pussy EveMARYLOU2 cum lubricating the foldsMIRIAM cum and tears EvenMINA panties and bra and sheMy Boss and I parts 1 2Monica Blonde And DumbMOMENT split second there was just theMORE TO LOVEMRED spunk bathing her back The momentMySecondGreatestChallengeMyCockMyLifeMYALIEN2 hurt lot but needmeadow%7E1Mrs. H's Humiliation 1MarriagePart5movie star the guestMWH11 sucking like wild woman SheMermaid Movie Chapter 1MINA enormous water plant Water washed backmeetingpart1MWH03 camera for change You knowMySingleGreatestChallengeMARY 1959 1962 (bro sis)Mrs. H's Humiliation 2MAWG camera and got out the necessaryMICKEY movie matinee We sat theMares 6 10My Black HeroMWH16 men this story are beautifulMyFriendAndHisWifeMYPARTY hurt that felt whenMy one and only real IndiscretionMy wife has a babyMYWIFE video camera the bag hasMASF thick cock deeper into her mouthMyBestFriendsMomMust Come DownMaster PC 1my tithungrysons 4 partaMarniesDayOnTheSandbarmaking you mineMAK stretch out her orgasm justMother Finds OutMakingtheGradeMarriagePartOneMINDMAUL young man had come overMs. No Dr. Bobbie JohnsonMy Wife the WomanizerMinister and Little GirlMy Doctor My Maid 3Medical Mischief (FFFm rel Fdom Bd)%5B1 3%5DMorningDreamsMELISSA old law student from Princeton whoMARY 1950 1958 (bro sis)Magic Hands (MF)My Boys 2MISTTQC4 old Guinivere and held herMEANER enormous tits with jet black areolasMADELINE big cock her tight pussy withMYALIEN1 sucked away for her own pleasureMarinah 001Mrs. BurnsMYAUNT hurt anything said likemy stewardess wife MM F cheating voy.MATINEE video came out factMilitarySon IMESLUT hurt and confusion adolescence thatMILLER3 sucking ear lopes andMarnieGoesLingerieShoppingMixed TreblesMares 16 20Mellanys LessonsMyBigBoobMommy chapter3MYMOM sucking clit the sameMeanwhile Back in Cutters CreekMares 31 35MilitarySon IIMermaid Movie Chapter 2MHL movie she’d ever seen The oldMBW04 cum her mouth this timeMeyer's College Part 03 AT DINNER (REVISED)MIRANDA hurt whole lot real soonMONOPOLY cum her pussy mouth andMORNING sucked him how laughed whenMasterpieceMYSIS sucked his dick That curedMares 26 30my sister Sylvie made me suck cockMelissa Pulls Down Her PantiesMATM movie she was supposed seeMum's the WordMILLER4 stories and that was quite goodmylittlehapaMILLER5 enormous pussy and triedMental Pills 2MAKING videos Kimmie doing stripmb1 ddtbhsMarriagePart3MARCIE spurt after spurt came outMILLER2 thick glasses and nothing elseMyHouseMyRulesMSRIGHT stretch near her limitMONOPOLY3 thick penis her pussyMEMORIES movie award She even bent herMOVE1 movie shed seen trying forgetMAUDE3 thick tool commented Meg MaudeMELINDA split her legs and droppedMILLER6 sucked was awesome was ableMoving Daymy mother and IMotionlessMarniesQuickieMARY thick mat pubic hair andMental Pills 4MyBigTiTMommy chapter1MWH13 video you made whereMeyer's College Part 07 SATURDAY AFTERNOON AND EVENINGMBW01 men there that night thatMELIA 06 thick semen When was doneMyBigTiTMommy chapter2mcmurdoMWH06 video camera and had captured theMODEL camera and got several shotsMarnieFollowsInstructionsMum and Me Part TwoMeyer's College Part 05 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flaredMBW03 cum off her eyes andMaster PC 3MAUDE2 spunk shoot into her womb andMAUDE1 thick member bury itselfMELIA 11 thick come oozed around the shaftMELIA 03 thick table leg and the orcs strengthMoon ShineMeyer's College Part 04 OUR FIRST CLASS (REVISED)Making Ends Meet Videll Dais2meetingpart3Mike Lawanna Becky MeMYCONDTN stretch her wider than she wasMyGigoloWaysMB3 MBOM movie Red Lobster was simpleMILLER1 sucking each others nipples God thatMARYNEEDS young woman and her strange sexualMWH18 camera as Jane and Beth wouldMike's PresentMarriagePart4my travails with Anna and Bernadettemytithungrsons chapter2MINUTEMAN piss around and blow this wholeMiddleSchoolInnocentMTMSHOW movies the week and LeachmanMy Uncle and IMENAGERIE hurt financially And used MarquitaMom MobileMrs FascioneMY COUSIN DARLA mfMeyer's College Part 02 AFTER LUNCHMy Sister Marymy pretty schoolgirlsMy Wife and the Black Gardenersmy marriageMeredith Learns Her PlaceMammothCaveMBMM3 split Tammys face You cant wearMyClanFamily DefendingOurWayOfLifeMARIAH movies when she dresses herselfMaster PC 2MOVING sucked until almost hurt andMermaid Movie Chapter 3MINDY movie the local drive in theaterMilitarySon IIIMyClanFamily MyFirstSlaveMELIA 02 thick growths ferns There wereMBGF sucked tongue likeMELIA 08 thick hair covered its arms andMEMORIES video game console and stereoMorningConfusionMWH09 sucked her cunt and clit theMFR thick shaft with one hand whileMeteorPhenomenonMountaintopMy First Period Part 1MEDUSA men wrestling said fanning herMWH04 young beauty was nothing like theMonicas ReunionMy affair with my daughter's white boyfriendMWH19 camera and was goodMake That DateMOVE3 thick milky arc into the airMAID camera clicked few times untilMidsummer 4MBMM2 hurt her Then she tookMarniesFittingPunishmentMy Best Friends WeddingMADDIE sucked down the hose theMidsummer 2MARGARET sucking her breasts She heldMarriagePartTwoMusings of the Opened MindMICHELE hurt there you needMe vs the BitchMWH08 sucked 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