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Archived Sex Stories

Sex Stories Archive

Sex Stories Archive

Real sex stories written by real people. If you know how to write a good sex story or just like to read about hardcore porn, hot naked babes, teen sex and stuff like that please Welcome to Daily updated Sex Stories Archive containing variety of sex stories from how I lost my virginity type of sex stories to fetish like raped up my ass by a trucker who picked me up stories. We accept user submissions by email. Have fun:)

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Thighvsthigh8TEACHING thick sparse There was somethingThe Lottery Part 55ThighvsThigh14True Experiences Chap1thighvsthigh2aTWOSIDES hurt like hell At leastThe Lottery Part 26ThighVsThigh27The AssignmentThe Lottery Part 58The Assignment Chapter 3TB3 girls who were now regarding himTEN 0 asia aid its people TheThe Girl With A Bicycle 25The Girl with a Bicycle 2The Smell of Sex 9Tammy and Tracy (ped 1st anal)The MeetingTC1 sucked his member tasting theThe Smell of Sex 7The Blissful Night (romMF)TWINS2 hurt herself Lisa gave outTEACHER stretch top her hips gyratedtranscending05Teen Blowjob TournamentTPCLUB13 thick cock swinging greatTHE COVEN thick elms and sugar maples darkenedThe Nursery RoomThe Girl With A Bicycle 21The plan 1 (revised)The Smell of Sex 2The Smell of Sex 6THEAD4 video camera tripodThe Downward Spiral DistractionsThighvsthigh10The Arrangement 2TRUELIFE movie star some friendThanksgiving DreamThe Assignment Chapter 4TOOMUCH thick nest pubic hair TheThe SatyrThe Sweetest BloodThe Passions of Zeema Pt1Teaching Melanie Chap 1The Sauna 2The Lottery Part 38The Smell of Sex 17TINGLE thick stack paper frontTheWilsonFarmThe Girl with a Bicycle 3The Smell of Sex 14Teaching the TomboyToris First BlowjobThe Unexpected Journey 3 4T26 Diary of Valerie Gurzakin %7BTitmouse%7D (MFalien1st)The Lottery Part 53The Smell of Sex 21thrillrideThe Lottery Part 28T24 Erin %7BTitmouse%7D (Mforaltrue)Truth be DamnedThe Lottery Part 3TITNOSIS young child He seemedThe WOPI Chronicle Part 04ThighVsThigh28bThe MasqueTPCLUB08 extreme angle that shaped her calvesTraining The Twins Book 1the Filipino maid and the 15 Y.O.TOM1 4 video camera make sure thatTIE 2 girls and think shes not prettyTAHOETRIP camera and take off cover upThighVsThigh44The Crows PoetryThe French Maid parts 5 and 6TEARS movie can find blockbusterthighvsthigh6The Pool manTheLostBetThe Diving BoardThe Lottery Part 25Turnaround is Fair play 2The girl who got me to suck cockT08 Early In Early Out %7BTitmouse%7D (MFsemi nc)TB1 hurt like blazes You will bendTTTICK movie script knew that theTrip to Slide Rock 2 mg tease mastThe Card GameThe PunishmentT11 Surprise! %7BTitmouse%7D (MFanal)Thighvsthigh21Tommy.fs.MegTPCLUB14 hurt her even more She finallyTHE MODEL camera range Ill leave clothesT25 Cousin Swap %7BTitmouse%7D (MFMF)T06 First Time In %7BTitmouse%7D (mfteensanal)The Downward Spiral Checking her plumbingTORNADO men inclined place undue emphasisTenderloinTales1The Reluctant StarletThe Haunting of Heather 1THE RA movie once again and headed towardThe Girl With A Bicycle 28ThighvsThigh13The Professors WifeThe WOPI Chronicle Part 06THE BET cum quickly like the other geeksTWO CHERRIESThe Service CallThe WOPI Chronicle Part 07The Diner DateTrap of Desirethighvsthigh11The Brothers BattleT19 The Club %7BTitmouse%7D (MFMFsim rape prost)txt compulThe IncidentTop 20 Marchthe motorbike girlT14 Super Trick %7BTitmouse%7D (MF+Superman)transcending03The House Guest Ch 3tlTOJC09 camera and then made the connectionTasteofWhatYouWantThe Lottery Part 59The Lottery Part 5To Serve and PleasureTeacher Lust Part 4ThighVsThigh32The Lottery Part 21TPCLUB16 enormous appetite for sex WhenThe Lottery Part 60The Term PaperTurning the TablesThe Fish Tanktop15 feb2002TAGEDITED sucked breath and walkedTenderloinTales5The Smell of Sex 16The NightThe Horny Housewife (Part 1)TB2 panties down mid thigh ThenThe WOPI Chronicle Part 05Therapy after SurgeryTouched by an AngelThe Lottery Part 7The Movie DateThe Photo Sessionthe handyman and the balerinaTim's ProposalThe Smell of Sex 11TRUST video recorded wife slowly dressingTROIKA thick butter yellow hair The Countess visited NadiaThe Builders Next DoorT02 Learning the Ropes %7BTitmouse%7D (mF1st)The Lottery Part 35The Lottery Part 45Teaching Melanie Chap 2THEHIKE men attention suddenly snappedThe Girl With A Bicycle 22ThighVsThigh31bThe House Guest Ch 6tlTPCLUB05 hurt then” She lookedThe Ghost and Mr AldenThe Subjugation of TammyThe Girl With A Bicycle 24TasteOfMyKinkThe Houseguest Ch 7tlThoughts of a Dirty Old ManTabitha's InitiationTRACI 2 stretch unseen proportions accomodateThe Lottery Part 46TEN 2 thick mud over her body andThe trouble with EvelynThe Lottery Part 40The Lottery Part 6The House Guest Ch 1 2tlThe Rapethe elevatorTEDDYBEAR thick beard made difficultT21 Hotel Lass %7BTitmouse%7D (MFanal)TenderloinTales4The Lottery Part 2The Bikini ConspiracyTeen Daughter's Drunk Girlfriend part 2The Perfect Maid nThe Sauna 1TPCLUB01 thick hand towel had been stuffedtomarcmyloverTROOPSHP stretch his enjoyment rather than anythephysicalThe WaterfallThe Lottery Part 14The Whore and the CaptainThe Sleeping FanThe Teaching of Squirrel Girl MasterbationThe Kissing GameThe Lottery Part 39Training a SlutTURNABOUT movie something Chris lungedThe Girl With a Bicycle 8The Climbing Hut Part IIThe Girl With a Bicycle 17TheLaundryThe Girl With A Bicycle 13TRIJEN1 hurt make funThe Lottery Part 42The Adventures of Chloe 1 MFTentacle RomanceT22 Losing It %7BTitmouse%7D (mfteen1st)TheGirlsNextDoorTheNewDressThe Transformation Ch.1transcendingcompleteTHANKS stretch even farther than usual TheT16 Partisan Revenge %7BTitmouse%7D (M+F+warrape)TGIF sucked Lisa breast Marie asked SamThe House Guest Ch 4tlT13 Bound to Please %7BTitmouse%7D (MMFrape)The Girl With a Bicycle 10The Unexpected Journey 1 2TWINS3 camera right the action twistingThe Process of Inspiration Part DeuxThe PlaymateThe Unremovable UnmentionablesTPCLUB15 enormous appetite for sex WhenThe Bride and the Black BartendersThe SunsetThe Climbing HutThe Lottery Part 10The ExhibitionThe Arrangement 4The Snow gay litTHESQUIRT sucking and licking that clit whileTPCLUB04 thick end the belt reachedThe Lottery Part 51The Broken ArmThe French Maid part 10The Downward Spiral The First StepThe Lottery Part 19TEDI2 girls can play too TediTogether to Learn 5 oralTeen Cunnilingus TournamentThe WOPI Chronicle Part 03TrivialPursuitTHIN VEIL old fire from the ethereal glowThe Lottery Part 18TeenModelsInVeniceThe Lottery Part 33TITANIUM girls hour Lines One andThe DinnerThe Girl With A Bicycle 12The MesmeristTOJC07 thick belt around her waist andThe Downward Spiral It beginsThe Girl with A Bicycle 7The Girl With A Bicycle 32The MechanicsThighVsThigh42THEAD1 2 extreme pressure trying boss youtranscending02The GambleTWINS IN LOVE PT 2ThighVsThigh45TATIANA3 daughter died years ago ImTAG stretch her eyes which remainedTime of Life 2The Quest for the Holy GrailTUESDAY stretch them and tell howThumbsDown 3The Lottery Part 27This Little PiggyThe House Guest Ch 9tlThe SurvivorThighVsThigh41The Girl With a Bicycle 11TB5 hurt all right It seemed likeTwins EnslavedTUTORING cum now You will takeThe Lottery Part 34ThighVs.Thigh35The Lottery Part 47The Lottery Part 63The Second PitcherThe Downward Spiral choosing a queenThe Lottery Part 32Thighvsthigh9The Newness Ch01tlTWILIGHT sucked gently Stanley felt the bloodTOJC10 story may reposted anywhereTAMI2 enormous tits Susan likewise came forThe Visual Stimulation Aide The Eye of the StormTheReluctantSadistTWINS3B big cock already and she thought thatThe Fashion Show 1The Bossthighvsthigh4transcending01The Transformation Ch2THESTORM boys and girls…its copyrighted…so youtheelevatorThe Playful LadyTRUELIFE4 video would the guysThornn's RapeTHE GROUP hurt you and even thoughTOJC08 sucking him off earnest SheTWINS1B girls play with sexually mostThe Passions of Zeema Pt 3The Smell of Sex 8TWINS1 hurt jaws mouth wasT27 Oh Jolene %7BTitmouse%7D (MF)TALENTS sucked and licked from theTHEAD3 hurt some and wasnt usedT15 Young Love %7BTitmouse%7D (Mf1st)TATIANA2 movie with John Clod and Missythighvsthigh3top15 jan2002TEMPLE old her The Temple mustThe Clothes Make The ManTHEPARTY sucked her erect nipples Tina wasTOJC01 thick D ring set its sideThe Girl With A Bicycle 33Train Journey Part 1The Girl With a Bicycle 9The Third 1The Girl with a Bicycle 6the bitch and the jerkThe Lottery Part 1thighvsthigh5the Lottery Part 30The French Maid part 11Trip to the Fantasy JarThe Lottery Part 52ThingsWedoForLoveThanksgivingTendernessT07 Strip No Tease %7BTitmouse%7D (MF)the choiceTAKEN thick knob worms its way deeperTEDI5 sucked her breath shetrailmagicTempest The TwinsThe Haunting of Heather 2TURKEY split into the foster homesThe Haunting of Heather 4TIM2 hurt you those thingsThe Tallythe trouble with swappingT12 Lois and Clark and I %7BTitmouse%7D (FFM)TheCeilingFanTEACH2 movie was much clearer theTPCLUB07 spurt his seed her rectumThighvsthigh17trickortreatTabitha's InitiationTPCLUB06 hurt her eyes She reallythe serverT20 Porkin' Mindy 01 11 %7BTitmouse%7D (mfinc)T04 Brown Thursdays %7BTitmouse%7D (mfteensanal)The French Maid part 8The Lottery Part 20ThighVsThigh25TenderloinTales2Taming the Teach 2TELL ME panties the side graspedThemes0105The Beach WeddingThe Agency Chapter 2Teasing Wife Gives inTheCaptainsHomecomingTRAINER lesbian roommate the solution seemsTEACH ME split through body The sweetThe AmahTorment ResolvedThe Lottery Part 41The Smell of Sex 1The Girl with a Bicycle 1Time of Life 3T09 Spoils of Victory %7BTitmouse%7D (MFFMFrape)TPCLUB11 thick rope Tight cords tortured everyTPCLUB10 young woman shrank from the weaponThe Smell of Sex 19The Fiance and the Fitness InstructorTRIJEN2 thick pubic hair the baseThe WeekendTime of Life 4Two MorningsThe Lottery Part 24TruthInPrintThighVsThigh39THE PAIR cum stream slowly out theTTOB stretch the thing kept burrowingTOJC05 sucked air between her teethThe Girl With A Bicycle 34ThighVsThigh24The French Maid part 15TEACH hurt me she said herThe Professor (Unfinished)TRUELIFE2 video games mostly watchedTEACH3 sucked tongue hard into herThe Brotherhood2TRUELIFE3 thick curtains that drowned Brecks windowTrouble With Akiko TheT32 The Girl Who Came Out of the Blue %7BTitmouse%7D (MF)THRUSTING video least four times thatTHERAPY movie and then out forTeacher Lust Part 1The Lady of MerciaTIMSLIFE extreme guilt what hadTIM1 video and sat down nextTPCLUB09 young wife therefore when she wasThe Lottery Part 61TrainRidetoEcstasyThe Amazing Adventures of Pizza DudeThe Lottery Part 31Top 20 AugustThe Law FirmThe Picnic LunchTSHARE movie and the idea made himThe Girl With A Bicycle 31The Lazy Days of SummerTEACHERS old the librarian that hadtidal wavethighvsthigh1ThiighVsThigh43Taming the Teach 1The Girl With a Bicycle 11The PictureThighVsThigh37TEN 1 young and beautiful firm bodyThe French Main parts 1 4The House Guest 1 10The Lottery Part 48The House Guest Ch 10The Scent of RosesTeenmaid ReturnsThe AuctionThe Lottery Part 4The New BrideTOJC04 girls pausedThe WorkoutT17 Getting Started %7BTitmouse%7D (mfteen1st)Time of her Life 1Teachers PetTHE CASE girls don’t guess choseTHE CLUB camera system Then just decidedThe Lady Godiva GameTeamEntrancement2The Girl With a Bicycle 19The babysitterTODREAM young and new exploring herThe WOPI Chronicle Part 01The Girl With A Bicycle 29The Arrangement 3Together to Learn 4 A KissTRIP TO SLIDE ROCK1TeamEntrancement1table talkTURNING thick meat sliding into her shitThe Day OffThe FoursomeTPCLUB02 men (the leading men least)TopoftheLineThe Girl With a Bicycle 18The French Maid part 7The Tutor 1 MF Voytranscending06The Writing of an Erotic Novel MF light torture consensualThumbsDown 1TheirOwnThoughtsTHEGIFT stretch her sugar walls out ridingthe neighbors wifeThe pickupThe Girl With A Bicycle 16ThighVsThigh33thighvsthigh16TWINS IN LOVE PT. 3The Haunting of Heather 3The Newness Chapter 2tlThighVsThigh29The SecretThe Golden TouchThe Assignment Chapter 2TPCLUB03 thick fingers lower dipped lightlytruthandfictionThighVsThigh18TATIANA1 movie town and its justThe.PedicureTaking ChristyThe Lottery Part 16Top 20 Maythighvsthigh15THE WAR spurt into her right away HeThorneinHisSideThe Sisters Sally Aand GerryTrisha's After School Workoutthe ServerThe Birthday PresentThe WOPI Chronicle Part 10Two Tourists A Tale and a SequelTime of Life 5The Ambassador's WifeThe View From InsideThe Smell of Sex 3THEBRAT enormous bulge pants MyThe Seduction of LJTaming the Teach 3The WOPI Chronicle Part 02The Sergeants WifetTRIPTOSA breasts jiggled and bounced andThe Smell of Sex 13The Smell of Sex 20TEDI7 sucked her swollen clit slippedThe Best Job I Ever HadThe Mover MF interracial %5BBM WF%5D cheatThe Agency Chapter ThreeThe School Science ProjectTenderYearsTHEMONK hurt little She ran theThe Girl With A Bicycle 23The WOPI Chronicle Part 09TC2 1 blowjob () lowered the nasty looking greenThe Learning of Gemma Book 2The Girl With A Bicycle 30T29 A Fireplace in LA %7BTitmouse%7D (MFrom)top15 mar2002TIT4TAT video camera You can stop nowTurnaround is Fair PlayThe French Maid part 9The Workings of WolfsbaneTOJC13 girls wrists were red She thenthe shoplifterThe Lottery Part 8TRIPRAPE hurt even more Sara wasnt sureThighVsThigh38TBYANGEL blowjob for the big money saleTEDI6 panties were even briefer than theThe Lottery Part 13ThighVsThigh23The WOPI Chronicle Part 08T10 Triple Play %7BTitmouse%7D (FMx3)T05 Dark Alley %7BTitmouse%7D (MFrape)TAMI thick pussy hair around wasThighVsThigh22The Lottery Part 23Teacher Lust Part 2THREAD thick glass window which wasThe Third 2transcending04The PleasureThe Lottery Part 29The Process of InspirationTEDI4 sucked her breath involuntarilyThe Lottery Part 43The Little Match Boy gay litT31 Bop %7BTitmouse%7D (mfteens)The Best WomanTAMI3 girls after him but wouldThe Agency Chapter 1The Lottery Part 9The French Maid part 13T28 Only a Fantasy %7BTitmouse%7D (FMMM4somecons)The Castaways SurpriseTWINS IN LOVE PT 4The Smell of Sex 4The Lottery Part 49Together to Learn 3 Jack and JillTOJC03 girls looked follow theirThe Lottery Part 36TRUCKSTOP thick and muscular and big maybeThe ShoeboxTB4 cum yet whispered Meg when sheThe Virgin's StoryThighvsThigh19The Lottery Part 15TATICHP2 movie with John Clod and MissyTIE 3 mature and responsible and businesslike butThe IntruderTAMI1 young kids and bothT03 Riding Double %7BTitmouse%7D (mmfteensreluc)The Girl With A Bicycle 15ThighVsThigh40The CaveThe Girl with a bicycle 5The Lottery Part 56ThepriceofseductionTheFunniestNaziThe Ambassadors wifeTEDI1 sucked Toms cock the more sheThe ExaminationT01 Triple Treat %7BTitmouse%7D (MFrom)TRACI 1 cum fucking haa ahhhhT18 Turn About %7BTitmouse%7D (Mfteenanal) SEQ T15 Young LoveThe Smell of Sex 15Tripple TimeThe House Guest Ch 8tlThe Horny Housewife (Part 2)The GardenTHEBALL stories the futureltBRgt ltBRgt ltBRgtThe French Maid part 14The French Maid part 12traintoberlinThe Teaching of Squirrel Girl Self Explorationtinaandlisa 2Together to Learn 1THE TEASE tv and drank coffeeThe Bet MF MMFThe ThreesomeThe Smell of Sex 12TOJC02 panties each hip He thenThighVsThigh30TWINS4 thick green grass Just ahead theyThe Smell of Sex 18TOJC14 story may reposted anywherethe gardenerTheatreExperienceThe Origin of Hootersville by JR ParztransferanceThe House Guest Ch 5tlTit Torture Free SiteThemes0609ThumbsDown 2Two Housevives 1946The Lottery Part 11The Unexpected Journey 5 6The Lost WorldThe WOPI Chronicle Part 11The Lottery Part 12Thalias PrankThe House Guest Ch 10tlTOOSHORT hurt you Kate giggled Sorry she said ZoeThighVsThigh34Top 20 JulyThe Lottery Part 44TOKNOWYOU old are how farThe RoomTONIGHT ejaculation tonight cock keepsThe Lottery Part 22the case of the masochistic wrestlersThe Wrong AkikoTrip to MoroccoTWINS4B enormous orgasm the best she hadThe Bet TITSLAVE hurt badly She said stillTHE FORCE video store where our family hadTOJC12 blowjob from Clair But this timeTOJC11 video tapes the night beforeThe Arrangement 5TOJC06 sucked her nipples her breastsToTheVictorTheTrueContestthighvsthigh7The King and IThe Girl With a Bicycle 14The Smell of Sex 10The Lottery Part 62TWINS5B video Mike and Marys sexTales From the Club The Mesmerist's TaleTogether to Learn 2 eveningThe Lottery Part 50THE FIX thick with make up that wasTop 20 AprilThe Girl With A Bicycle 27ThighVsThigh36The Unexpected Journey 7TEST3 video log detail privateThe Learning of Gemma Book 1TANYA cum again just wentThe Little SchemerThe Policeman An Urban LegendThighVsThigh20The Voyeur Part OneThe FarmThe Sauna 3T30 Valerian Smokes a Cigar %7BTitmouse%7D (MF android oral)TenderloinTales6T23 Mountain Camp %7BTitmouse%7D (M+Frape)The Psychology of ArousalThoseLipsStartedItAllTURNABOUT sucked slightly swimming her criesTHEWALK sucking his cock taking the entireThe Fall of RebeccaThe Lottery Part 17The GardenTEDI3 sucked Cases cock forTheyCallMeIsmailTHEONE stretch legs and get awayThreeMonthsThequestionThe Arrangement 1Teen Daughter's Drunk Girlfriend part 1The Lottery Part 57ThighVsThigh26TPCLUB12 thick leather posture collar was bandedThe Smell of Sex 5The French Maid part 6Teacher Lust Part 3TPCL ALL extreme angle that shaped her calvesTWINS2B cum inside them but Bill andThe Lottery Part 54The Girl With a Bicycle 20THE KEY hurt her trying any harderThe Wedding FiascoTWOWOMEN men always like show themselvesThe Girl With A Bicycle 26The CourierTie 1 The Lottery 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