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A Boy Beyond His Years chptr 2


This document contains Adult Material. If it is illegal where you live to
view adult material, leave now! If you find Adult material offensive, you
may also leave now. If you have not left, then it is assumed you are
either not illegal And/or not offended. So sit back and hopefully enjoy.

Feedback is cheerfully encouraged! If anyone wants to send me their own
stories, or pics ;) I'm always looking for inspiration.

A boy Beyond His Years: Chapter 2 - copywrite Satyricon

The twelve year old boy with sandy blond, and a cute ass, saunters away
from me, across the rank floor of the public restroom, towards a cubicle.
His four inch dick sticks out, hard and straight, from the front of his
jeans. Mine hangs limply infront of me, still wet from the boy's sucking.
I caress it gently.

This boy is really something else. I can't believe a kid of his age
could be so.... talented. And so beautiful. I suppose that's the key.
Someone, sometime, would have seen that beauty, and taken it for
themselves. From what the boy has said, that someone was his own father,
though the boy doesn't seem that genial toward his dad for it. I suppose
though, with his father, it would have been forced. The boy seems the type
to value his own independence.

While these thoughts go through my head, the boy has reached the
cubicle. He's facing me, looking to make sure he has my full attention. As
if it would be elsewhere! He's stroking his dick with one hand and
sweeping back his hair with the other. My dick is beginning to harden

"So old man," - old man again, I'm only 44 - "Are you ready to sort out
my 'problem'?"

I can see his four inch 'problem' is covered in precum. And lots of it.
Glistening in the toilet's dim light.

I play his game. "What problem? Do you need something unblocking?"

He giggles, his hard, tough, act falling apart. Showing the child that
he is.

"Yeah! I need you to get something out of my pipe!"

I smile, a wide grin. This kid is so sexy, "I suppose I could give it a
go." Innocent, unashamed delight on his face.

I pause before I walk over, and glance toward the toilet entrance.

"Don't worry old man! No one's gonna come in. And if they do..." He
shrugs to finish the sentence - I know that he means: 'if they do....
they'll only be wanting more of the same.'

I walk over to him. He keeps his blue eyes locked on mine, till my our
bodies almost touch. I bend down slowly, holding my face millimetres from
his, before kissing his sweet, pre-teen lips. My arms wrap around him, and
my hands clasp his firm young ass. I lift him up by his butt, and his legs
lock against my sides. I fall back against the cubicle wall. His burning
tongue enters my mouth, and he starts humping against me, thrusting from
his buttocks.

I feel his bare cock slip between the buttons of my shirt, and rub
against my stomach, precum sliding against my skin.

I take one hand off his butt, and use it to lift my now hard dick,
placing it between us. As he thrusts, it rubs my cock. The boy moans as
he kisses me.

My free hand moves up, under the boy's shirt. His hairless skin is
clammy with sweat. Caressing a nipple, I feel it harden beneath my finger
tips. I pinch tight and the boy almost growls, squirming in my arms. He
breaks the kiss.

"What's your name, old man?"

I breathlessly kiss him again before answering, "Sebastian." More
kissing, "And you.... what are you called?"

"Ryan... Ryan Wheeler."

He thrusts against me. When I speak again, my words are punctuated with

"I saw you... with your mum Ryan... How long... oh yeah!.... how
long did she say you could be away?"

"I'm meeting her at the car at eleven o'clock... not much time."

He's right, it must be later than 10:30 now.

"I'm going to have to put you down now Ryan... my arm feels like its
going to drop off."

He giggles, "Don't drop me!"

At that, I take my arm away, letting him fall a few inches before
catching him.

"Don't do that!" he chastises, hitting me on the shoulder. I laugh and
put him down gently. He stands in front of me. I stare at his dick.

"Take your jeans off, Ryan."

He slips them off without hesitation. Blue briefs.

"And your underpants."

The blue pants slide down young athletic legs which are covered in
barely visible, fine blond hair. His cock and balls are hairless. He
prises his shoes off with alternate feet, before stepping from his pile of
clothes with only a pair of socks below his waist.

I'm enchanted by this boy.

Standing with his legs slightly apart, he says, "Are you going to take
your's off?" He nods down, indicating my trousers. I unfasten the button
(the zip is already undone), and let my trousers and boxers fall to the
floor together.

Ryan reaches for my cock, but pulls his hand back before touching it.

"You've cum already. It's my turn now. Isn't it?"

Smiling, "If you want, Ryan. What would you like me to do?"

"When my..." His face clouds for an instant, "When my father abused me,
he used to, you know, fuck me."

He watches my face for a reaction before continuing. "I... I didn't
want him to do it, but I did enjoy it. But I didn't want to..."

I reach and touch his cheek, "Ryan, you can relax with me. I think I
know what you want. Your father never had you fuck him, did he?"

"I was too young."

"And now, you want to fuck someone."

He bites his lip, before giving me a cautious smile, "It's all I think
about." He waits for my reaction.

I pause for only a few seconds before moving over to the toilet and
grasping, with two hands, the enamel rim. The water's dirty below my face,
and I can smell faeces. I bend down, and lower my knees till my ass is the
right height. An eager voice behind me asks, "Really?"

"Just make sure you rub a bit of spit on first."

He spits and then gasps, as he lubricates his cock. Then, God bless the
boy, he spits again. I shudder as his wet fingers touch my hole, moving
his saliva around my anus. My muscles tense as he lets a finger enter. I
concentrate on relaxing them, giving him room to move his finger about

Another finger enters, and I feel myself begin loosen. His other hand
moves between my legs and cups and massages my balls. "How does that
feel?" he asks.

"Amazing, absolutely amazing."

He fingers my ass for a few more seconds, but, understandably eager,
quickly asks, "Are you ready Sebastian?" How good my name sounds with his
voice! I don't think I could deny the boy anything.

"I'm ready Ryan."

His hand grasps my shirt, bunching the fabric in his fist. He's
breathing deeply, higher pitched gasps than a man. A child in passion. I
feel his hand graze against my buttock as he guides himself toward my hole.
I feel the heat from his cock.

And the first touch! Burning against me, he gently applies pressure,
allowing the head to just sink in. The numb pain as my muscles are
stretched is nothing compared to the arousal I feel at having him, a boy,
inside me. Role-reversal, and he, the child, is master of the man.

His small dick can't enter far into me, and it torments my sphincter as
he slowly begins to move in and out. One hand squeezes my butt, while his
other lets go of my shirt and move underneath it, kneading my back. He
makes quiet noises under his breath, almost purring like a cat.

Pivoted against the bowl of the toilet, I begin to rock back and forth
in time with his thrusts. One of his arms has moved to my side; pulling
himself closer he tries to go deeper. I feel his stomach press against my
lower back as he bends into me.

A hand slips beneath me, massaging my a balls, making me moan.

His hand on my side grips tighter, and he pulls me toward, and pushes me
away, till I'm moving at his whim. Moving faster now, he finds a natural
rhythm, one that coincides with the pulse of blood to his dick.
Monosyllabic gutturals are uttered from his mouth. Uhh....Uhhhh...Uhhhhh!

The muscles in my leg ache from holding this position, and the pain
grows esquisitely, causing me to tremble.

"Oh yeah Sebastian! More of that!" and I vibrate my muscles as he
wants, "This is soooo good!" as his hand strokes my dick.

His movements become lunges, his engorged penis stabbing at my innards.
I can feel he's close to cumming. I tense my sphincter, making him thrust
harder. I feel his legs begin to buckle, and he leans against me for
support. His movements become erratic, his rhythm sacrificed to passion.

"It's happening!" Ryan cries.

And it does, a gush of adolescent semen erupting inside of me, spurts of
cum coating my insides, filling and fulfilling, making me burn. He milks
himself dry in my ass, and I take it, with pleasure and more.

When he's done, his body slumps against my back, before he regains the
strength to pull his softening, cum-coated cock, sloppily from my anus.

A small trickle runs from my ass to my balls.

I stand up slowly, my back protesting at having been held in that
position. Ryan stands there, his face a caricature of satisfaction. I
smile, a big lazy grin. I kneel.

His cock is soft now, but covered in cum and ass-juice. I take it into
my mouth - it doesn't harden - and clean it, repressing a shudder at how
quickly the cum has cooled. When clean, I let it slip from my lips.

"How was it, Ryan?" I ask gently, as I would any other lover.

"I... it was wonderful. I never thought it would be that good. It's
not the same as being sucked, or wanked, it's more connecting. I felt..."


"I felt in control, like everything could be commanded to be and to
anything. It's powerful."

"When you were really little, did you believe in magic?"

He doesn't reply, rather, he smiles, knowing what I mean, before opening
a new subject.

"When I was little, I lived with my mum and my father. You... you
already know what he did to me. But he used to hit my mum around as well.
We were both afraid of him. Terrified. She threw him out two years ago
and we haven't seen him since. But, it's made both of us wary of trusting
people. When I decided to come into these toilets today, I was so afraid.
But now... now I trust you Sebastian."

The boy kneels down, so his face is level with mine.

"We need to do this again."

His choice of verb is most accurate.

"When will you be here again? Does your mum bring you often?"

"Not that often...." Disappointment. We pause, thinking.

"Do you have a mobile phone?" I ask, knowing that most kids have on
these days.

"Yeah, why?"

"Get it out." He reaches for his jeans, still in a pile on the floor,
and I for mine, taking my phone from the pocket, "Now, here's my number,
store it." He stores the number.

"And now, I can text you when I'm here again, right?"

"You've got it Ryan." I glance at my watch, 10:55. It seems
inappropriate to say goodbye, and he must be reading the thought from my

"I know. I've got to go." I nod.

He leans over, and gives me one last kiss, before standing up on his
youthful legs, and pulling his jeans on. He zips them up, and puts his
shoes on, then turns and looks at me, smiling.

"This is the best thing anyone's ever done for me Sebastian."

I force a mischievous grin, "Wait until next time."

He grins in return, glancing once more at my bare cock, "See ya soon old man."

"Yeah, very soon."

And with that, he turns, and leaves me lying half naked in a toilet cubicle.

After some minutes, I get up to leave, and as I pick up my trousers, a
flash of blue fabric falls to the floor.

His underpants.

I pull on my trousers and stuff the briefs into my pocket. I inhale
once more the warm, damp atmosphere of the toilet, before stepping out
again into the cool fresh air of day.


It's two weeks later now, and I'm sitting at home in my dressing gown,
masturbating to a story from the 'net. The boy in the tale reminds me of
Ryan, and directs my attention to the place inside me that has been
waiting, minute upon minute, for him to get in touch.

The story pales in comparison to my memory of what happened in those
toilets, and I close my eyes, picturing the incident.

I'm happily stroking away when my mobile rings. It doesn't recognise
the number. I answer.



My heartbeat quickens, "Ryan!?"

"Sebastian, you've got to help us, it's my father!"

"What? What's happened?"

"He's back! He's locked me in my bedroom, and..." he sobs, "I can hear
my mum screaming. He's hitting her!"

"Calm down... now tell me the address."

He tells me his address, and I tell him I'll be there as quickly as I
can. I dress at record speed ad run down to my car, accelerating out of my

It's only then, heart racing, breaking the speed-limit, that I realise
the truth.

I'm in love with this boy.

Trepidation creeps up on me, as I race on through the rain. To save the
one I love.


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