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A Cop Too Far


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This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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Archive name: a-cop.txt
Authors name: Homer Vargas
Story title : A Cop Too Far

© Copyright Homer Vargas - 1998 - This work is
copyrighted to the author, with all rights reserved.
This story may be archived and displayed on non-
commercial web sites without permission, but please
make no chages to the text and do not remove the
author name or address. Thank you

A Cop Too Far
by Homer Vargas

Little by little consciousness seeped back into
the addled brain of Agent Barbara Black. She thought
it must be afternoon. The night seemed so long ago;
she didn't remember much about it. She felt good --
relaxed and ... satisfied. That was it; she recog-
nized the feeling. She had been fucked last night and
totally sated sexually. The man who had bedded her
must have had a prick the size of a donkey and the
stamina to match to do this kind of job on her, she
reflected dreamily. She had never felt quite so zonked
so many hours later. But where was she and what kind
of man could fuck her so good as to make her blackout
the last 10 - 12 hours. In fact, how long had it
been? She realized she had no idea of the time.
Deliberately, as if drugged, she attempted to look
at her watch. Her right arm didn't respond. With
mild annoyance, she realized her hands and feet were
bound to the bed with soft but strong bands.

Mild annoyance? Why wasn't she incensed?
Outraged? Could a night of even the best sex alter
her normally take-charge personally? Could a man's
prick pounding her senseless -- even several times --
make her so docile? She had to reconstruct what had
happened! Slowly it started coming back to her.


Barbara remembered sitting in the Agency van with
her partner Carol Burk while waiting for the agreed
time to make the arrest of the drug kingpin, Nick
Botero. It had been a strange, sexually charged
conversation. The weird part began when Carol had
asked if she didn't sometimes tire of being tough and
domineering, especially with men? Particularly with
men since most criminals were male.

"Not really," she had said. "In fact I rather
enjoy exercising power over men. I comes in handy in
my sex life. I have Robert very well trained. I show
him some tit or wiggle my ass art him, and he is
incapable of saying no to anything I demand of him."
she laughed.

"That's just it. If your boyfriend does only
what you tell him to do, you already know you will
enjoy it. He can never take you to places you don't
already know."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, don't you think it would be fun to be
submissive sometimes, let a powerful man run you sex
life, make you do things *he* wants you to do."

"Not my cup of tea, or yours either, I thought,"
Barbara said eyeing her partner strangely. Carol was
infamous as a heartbreaker. None of her boyfriends
lasted long and many were near suicidal when Carol --
inevitably -- tired of them and dumped them. But
while the torrid affair lasted, Carol could keep a man very happy. Still, now that Barbara thought about it,
Carol did seem more subdued lately. Most unlike
herself, she hadn't been bragging about her latest
conquest. Barbara and the other women working on the
Agency's secret project surmised that Carol was
finally in love, but no one knew anything about the
mystery man who seemed at last to have pulled the
reins in on the wanton Miss Carol Blake.

"Speaking of tea, have some more," Carol said.
refilling Barbara's cup from a thermos. "It'll soon
be time to go get Botero. To bad he's a narco
kingpin. Have you seen him? He's cute and built like
a bull. Sometimes when I have him staked out, I
wonder what it would be like to have him in me. I'll
bet he fucks good!"

"Carol! Don't talk that way." Barbara was not
shushing Carol just on principle. In fact she had
suddenly become aware of a kind of restlessness. Damn
Carol! Her sexy talk about dominance and submission
and being taken places she didn't want to go had
gotten her horny. Barbara wouldn't admit it, but the
fantasy of fucking Nick Botero was good enough that
she felt a familiar wetness in her pants. Usually,
she juiced up like this only after some serious
foreplay with a lover. How could Carol's mindless
chatter have turned her on like this?

"Why not?" Carol persisted. "Just because he's
a criminal doesn't mean he wouldn't be fun to bed."

"Just shut up!" Barbara snapped. It was all she
could do to keep her mind on the assignment and off of
Nick Botero's body which was, as Carol had said, built
like a bull.'

At the appointed time the two women were ringing
the bell of Nick Botero's luxurious apartment,
financed with money from drugs, extortion and kidnap-
ping. He didn't have much longer to enjoy his ill-
gotten wealth, Barbara though.

"Nicolas Botero?" Barbara asked according to
formula. "I am placing you under arrest. We have a
warrant." Barbara stated firmly.

"A warrant? How unnecessary. I am always happy
to receive a visit from two such lovely ladies. Please
come in." he replied with a broad smile.

Why did Botero seem so un-surprised and uncon-
cerned? If he had been tipped of the arrest, he could
have escaped, Barbara thought. Puzzled by his re-
action and disturbed by her own reaction to the most
beautiful man Barbara had ever seen, she stumbled
through the recitation of rights. "You have the right
to remain silent ..."

Nick just stood smiling at Barbara, no almost
leering at her until she finished. "That's nice, but
don't I have any other rights?" he grinned. "Like the
right to be body searched by a beautiful policewoman?"

"Oh, he's right, Barbara. Better search him for
hidden weapons," Carol blurted out.

"Don't be ridiculous!" she said. A body search
was against procedures and Carol knew it, but the
thought of running her hands over the beautiful hard
body of Nick Botero was too wicked to dismiss. Nick
immediately leaned against the wall supported by
his upraised hands in an most obliging manner, clearly
liking the idea. "Go ahead, Barbara. Look, it turns
him on!" Barbara hesitated, but the opportunity to
run her hands over his powerfully muscled body was
too good to pass up. She frisked her hands up and
down his torso and then bent to feel his powerfully
muscled legs, allowing her hands to go all the way up
to his crotch. Nick moaned softly as Barbara
"accidentally" brushed his genitals.

"He has a big bulge there in front, below his
belt. You'd better drop his pants to check that out,
Barbara. It could be something dangerous," Carol
giggled. Barbara's heart was pounding. She realized
that it was indeed 'something dangerous' and she knew
better than to let Carol goad her into doing something
foolish. But she was so turned on,... she did it

"Drop your pants," she ordered. Nick complied
with haste. When he proceeded to let his briefs fall
to the floor as well, Barbara gasped. He really was
hung like a horse. Never had she seen such a dick.
She fought the desire to take Nick's rapidly hardening
prick in her hands ....and lost.

"Oh, baby" Nick moaned. "You do know how to
handle a man!"

"Look at that erection, Barbara. You've got him
turned on! Don't you want that prick in you? I'll
bet you could fuck him and make him confess. Go on!"
Barbara could not understand why she was so
horny, why she couldn't resist Carol's outrageous
suggestions, but she was. She and Carol led the
unresisting man into the bedroom and ordered him to
lie down. She was paralyzed by the sight of his
huge erect penis.

"Go on, mount him." Carol said. I'll help you
out of your clothes. Nick grinned up at Barbara as
Carol quickly stripped her. As Carol finished pulling
down Barbara's panties, she ran a hand into Barbara's
pussy. "Oh, baby, you're so wet. Get on and to give
that prick a ride; you need it." Carol took her hand
and guided the now rutting partner to the criminal's

Barbara tried to be rational in spite of the
almost insane urge to impale herself. She would ride
Nick to a long slow orgasm, the way she did Robert
when she wanted to fuck him senseless. Carol was
right. She was in control. Once Nick had come, she
could do what she wanted with him. But almost as soon
as she felt the criminal's long hard prick slide up
deep within her, she realized her plan wasn't working.
An orgasm started to build up in her that made it hard
to think. "Slow down. Slow down," she told to her
self, but her hips had other ideas. Fighting her
overpowering arousal, she began to loose control. She
felt her orgasm approach and began to bounce wildly up
and down to hasten it.

Suddenly she felt Nick's powerful hands clamp
onto her hips and plant her firmly against his loins.
Barbara struggled, but couldn't get enough friction
against her clit to keep the orgasm building. She
cried out in frustration. Immobilized, she couldn't
continue to fuck him. She wanted to fuck him; she
needed to fuck him!

"Slow down, woman," Nick said in an infuriatingly
calm and taunting voice. "I think you're way too
excited to be doing the fucking. I'd better take
over. I know how to make it a lot more fun!" And
before she could do anything, Nick had removed his
prick and flipped her onto her back. For a moment she
was stunned by the loss, but then she realized what
had happened and started to struggle.

"You're not going anywhere darling," Nick said
and inserted three fingers that made her boil anew
with lust.

"Oh you like this, don't you Ms Cop Woman?" He
grinned as Barbara efforts to escape only resulted in
her thrusting up against his cock. Soon they were
replaced by the writhings of a woman on the brink of
orgasm "You're so horny you're going to come for
Nick, aren't you?" And with a flick of a finger
against her clit the criminal stud brought Barbara to
a mind-shattering orgasm. She couldn't think,
couldn't move as wave after wave of ecstasy poured
into her fevered brain.

"Nice, huh? Nick finger fucks hot sluts real
good! Well then let's take you on another kind of
little ride!" he said. Before she could recover from
the first one, his magic fingers brought a second
orgasm boiling up between her legs. Heart beating
wildly, gasping, Barbara screamed and thrashed as Nick
made her come again.

She wasn't thinking very well now although his
fingers slowed to allow Barbara to breathe, to come
down slightly from the back-to-back orgasms. He
continued to play with her sex slowly, keeping her at
a simmer. "Damn, you're a messy bitch," he smirked,
"Every time I get you off, you leak girl juice all
over my nice clean sheets. I guess I'm going to have
to stop diddling you, not let you come again, OK?" he
asked, not varying his rhythm.

She wanted that lazy manipulation her pussy to
go on forever. Barbara could only moan and shake her
head 'no.'

"I didn't think you wanted me to stop. A horny
little slut like you needs to come and come again.
Well, then, I'll just stuff something up your cunt to keep all your juice from running out. What do you
think I should use to plug you?

Barbara couldn't believe what she heard or what
she replied, "Your cock, please. Put your cock in

"My cock? Excellent idea. And where does the
horny Cop Woman want Nick to put his cock?"

"In me, you bastard. Plug it in my pussy!" she

"Like THIS?" he asked as he thrust in nine-inch
pole into Barbara's waiting slit.

"Ahhhhiiiiii!" the impaled policewoman wailed as
her pussy was suddenly penetrated and filled by Nick's
massive love tool. Instantly yet another orgasm
cascaded over the devastated lawwoman.. Grinning with
satisfaction at dominating the horny cop, Nick began
to methodically ram his cock into her gushing cunt.

"And now that I'm in you, what do you want me to
do?" the smiling drug lord whispered.

"Fuck me! Ohhhh yes! Fuck me," she pleaded,
totally out of control as another and another climax
washed over her. "Please fuck me!" she writhed until
she felt Nick's huge member slid in and out of her.
He was in no hurry. He fucked her methodically,
accelerating at times to make her scream with ecstasy,
then slowing down to prolong her pleasure. Barbara
was delirious when she at last felt Nick's orgasm
begin as well. A banshee shriek reverberated in the
apartment as Nick unloaded his sperm into the
helpless policewoman's cunt. As she felt his hot
jism bathe her womb, a final cataclysmic orgasm hit
her like the narcotics her violator sold. The
Agency's top drug fighter sank into unconscious bliss.

That was the last clear memory she had, but she
was pretty sure that Nick had roused her several more
times that night with tender kisses of her nipples and
gentle fondling of her sex until he could hump her
again. Gawd! it made her horny again just to think
about it. She supposed Nick had tied her to the bed
after the last pummeling. She had been so completely
knocked out by his fucking she never knew a thing.


"Well, how are you feeling this afternoon,
Barbara?" Her reverie was broken by the appearance
of Carol at the foot of the bed.

"Carol! Gawd, am I glad to see you. What

"Don't you remember, honey? You thought you
could overpower Nick Botero with sex, but he was too
much of a stud for you. I guess he sort of turned
the tables. You were so hot that once his marvelous
prick was in your pussy, you lost it, baby. He made
you come so many times you passed out!

"Awful! Anyway, untie me. Let's get out of

"We can't let you leave so soon? That would
spoil the fun."

"Carol!" Barbara's eyes grew wide with horror.

"Of course I work for Nick. How else do you
think we got you here? He sent Vic to make me one of
his girls. Looks like he intends to do you

"Carol, don't say that. You've got to help me
escape here."

"You can't escape, honey. Besides, why would you
want to? You need round the clock sex. No one but
Nick can see that you get it."

"Round the clock sex?"

"Yes. While you were still unconscious from
letting Nick fuck your brains out, a doctor came this
morning and implanted a testosterone capsule under
your arm. The hormone diffuses steadily into the
bloodstream; it will keep you constantly horny as
long as you're here. Nick will come to you every few
hours and give you relief, but not without a price."

"A price?"

"For you, a very high price, the gradual loss of
your free will.."


"Not at all. That's how they enslaved me. I
had gone to a bar one night after getting off duty,
looking for a little action when I started to feel
really raunchy. I found out later the bartender had
been bribed to spike my drink with testosterone, like
I did your tea last night. In just a few minutes I
was sitting there wetting my pants. When Victor, one
of Nick's hunky goons came up to me, I was ready for
anything. He had hardly begun to chat me up when I
felt his hand under my skirt. I knew I should have
pushed him away, but it felt too damned good. As he
stealthily walked his fingers up towards my crotch I
might still have been able to stop him, but I just
closed my eyes and hoped he would go all the way.

I needn't have worried. When his fingers slipped
under my panties and into my slit, it was definitely
too late. With just a few strokes he made me come the
first time right there on the barstool. Then he
whispered to me if I wanted some more. I was still so
horny, I followed him to his car like a puppy on a
leash. In the car as we were driven to Nick's
hideout, he pulled down my panties and ate me till I
was coming non stop. By the time we got there, I was
delirious. That night he must have fucked me four or
five times. I hardly knew who I was the next morning.
In a few days -- remember my 'flu' a few weeks ago? --
Victor had me totally under his control. all it takes
is poking me with his prick several times a day; I
love it."

"I won't let any man do that to me!" Barbara said

"Not as easily as I did, perhaps. I was
practically a nympho anyway. It was easy for them to
make me a sex slave. You're a stronger woman. But
you can be mastered, too. Every time Nick puts his
penis in you and forces you to a screaming, wrenching
climax, a little bit of your 'you' will disappear.
You will tolerate it, then enjoy it, then look forward
to it, and finally crave it, girl! Eventually, you
will do anything he wants, happy just to be the woman
that gets his cock regularly."

"But why? What does he want from us?"

"From me, nothing more. I brought you to him.
From you he wants the identities of all the women
whom the Agency has infiltrated into the Cartel so
they can be eliminated ... or enslaved like us."

"Never!" Barbara spat.

"Maybe you need a demonstration." said Nick
Botero who had entered the room without Barbara seeing
him in the gathering twilight. "We'll see if you
don't feel more cooperative after I put this in you,"
he went on, dropping his pants and bringing out his
massive cock. "Women get much more docile when
they're full of cum," he grinned.

Barbara was momentarily transfixed by the sight
of Nick's 10" prick, but managed to tear her eyes away
to glare at him. "You can rape me Nick Botero, but I
will never tell you anything!"

"Rape you? I would never do that, Barbara. It
wont be necessary. You are a highly sexed woman; I
don't need to use force to have sex with you. I'm
going to turn you on. I am going to make wonderful
love to you," he replied seductively as he sat down
beside her on the bed and reached for one of her tits.

"Don't touc ..... Ohhh!" Barbara flinched as a
jolt shot from her pleasured nipple.

"See how responsive your titties are, Barbara.
This won't be rape. You are going to enjoy it too
much." Barbara wanted to curse him, but couldn't deny
the pleasure in her boobs as Nick toyed with them.
She could only moan when he started sucking on first
one tit and then the other. If she could have torn
her attention away from the heavenly sensations in her
breasts, she would have felt her pussy starting to
juice up.

"Barbara, I love these big sensitive tits, the
tits of a woman who enjoys having a man feel her up.
That's good. I want you to be nicely turned on, my
love. You're going to be so hot when I finally fuck

"Stop... that" Barbara murmured unconvincingly.

"Gladly my dear. I think there is somewhere
else, you would rather be touched, right?" Nick
taunted as he slid a hand between her legs.

"Stop, you bastard, don't touch me ther....
Aggggggghh" Barbara's protest was interrupted by a
blast of ecstasy as Nick's finger easily slipped into
her dripping snatch.

"Barbara, your naughty girl, this pussy is so
deliciously wet. Have you absolutely no control of
your desires, my dear? I could fuck you now very
easily. But that wouldn't be as much fun for either
of us. Open your legs for me a little more so I can
play some more with your pretty pussy.

"No!" she moaned, but quite against her will,
Barbara felt her self responding to Nick's hands as
they pushed her legs apart. She felt so vulnerable,
and so turned on.

Nick's hand was now deep into her defenseless
pussy doing wonderful things. Schlacking noises came
from between her legs and he worked his fingers deeper
into her sloppy snatch. Soon she felt an orgasm
begin, She tried to fight it, to fight him, but his
fingers were sliding in and out, in and out... She
started to moan. "What a minx you are, Barbara! You
love to be diddled, I see. Well, don't be
embarrassed. It's perfectly natural for a woman to
get off on a man's fingers. You're so close dear...
Just let yourself go, darling and COME!"

"No, Gawd NO!" she screamed as she felt herself
falling into a pit of pleasure. She lost it
completely as Nick make her climax at his command.
Barbara shook from the force of the waves of pleasure
that crashed over her. She probably blacked out

Slowly her breathing returned to normal. As she
fought to recover from the forced orgasm, she didn't
know which she hated more, Nick for the unwilling
pleasuring, or her own body for betraying her. But
even as she tried to compose herself, Nick's fingers
were not idle.

"Good girl, Barbara. You came hard. You know
how to take pleasure from that beautiful body of
yours. But once is not enough for a sexy woman like
you, I don't think. Would you like me to make you
come again?"

"NO... no...oh OH ...yes.. YES!" she groaned.
As worked up as she was, it took Nick only moments
to bring her again to the brink..."Oh, you like this
don't you my dear. You are getting so close Barbara,
so close. You are ... COME!"

A final flick of his finger against her clit
pushed the aroused policewoman over the edge. Again!
Helplessly, humiliatingly, her body again ignored her
conscious efforts and responded to her captor's
command and touch. He slit was flooded with come as
she screamed incoherently.

Barbara was only half conscious as Nick began
speaking again. "Oh, Barbara baby, it's so easy to
make you come on my fingers Are you ready for ME",
he teased as he slid his cock into her open and
unresisting pussy. The sensation was incredible.
She knew she should be struggling against the his
penetration of her sex, but it felt too good. Damn
he had done a JOB on her and she wanted it, like last

"Yes, please, yes! I need it. fuck me. Fuck
me" Yes! ... YES!! Deep. Nick's ten inch cock was
driving her to new heights of sexual pleasure.

"Come for me Barbara, Come!"

The orgasms blended into one another and her body
climaxed again and again. She thrashed her head from
side to side and shrieked out her ecstasy. "Yes
Barbara. You're getting fucked so good You're
coming so good. There's just one more thing you
need.: a big load of CUM!" Timing his own orgasm
at the peak of Barbara's excitement, he shot his hot
semen deep into her. It triggered the biggest orgasm
of all and she collapsed unconscious.


When she awoke she realized she was no longer
tied, but an intense lethargy held her in the bed.
She again felt the peaceful afterglow of a another
night of vigorous sex. How could this happen to her?
She had let the druglord Nick Botero fuck her again
last night. She despised him, but she couldn't deny
she had been well fucked although she remembered
almost nothing.

"Good morning, Barbara" said Carol cheerily as
she wheeled a cart of food. "You must be starved.
What with Nick's visit last night, you seemed to ...
forget about dinner." Carol remarked with a raised
eyebrow and sardonic smile. Barbara was feeling
famished, not having eaten in over 24 hours. The
breakfast was substantial, cereal, eggs Bennedict,
croissants and coffee. Carol joined her.

"Nick says to thank you for the tip about
Fresno's interception. He will be able to work around
that." she smiled.

"What?" Barbara gasped. I told him that?" It
was a trivial piece of information, but when did she
disclose it? Her eyes grew wide in horror. Did she
tell anything else?

Carol could read her like a book. "As I told
you yesterday, when a lady had been well sexed and
then well fucked, she gets in a very agreeable mood.
Somewhere between your forth and fifth orgasm, Nick
just left his stiff prick in you and you started
babbling like a magpie, mostly silly office gossip,
but a few useful tidbits came out. And, no, you
didn't say anything about the infiltrates. He didn't
even bother asking. he knows it will take a lot
longer before he can make you talk about that. The
next few days are really just to soften you up, get
you used to being easily sexed. Just relax and enjoy

Barbara started to cry.

"There, there, baby," said Carol sympathetically.
"It's not so bad, here. The food is good, the sex is

Barbara continued sobbing.

"Barbara honey, I know you are feeling bad. These
last two days have show you a different side if your
personality, the side of a woman who enjoys submissive
sex. And I know horny you can get with the hormone
implant when Nick isn't around. I want to give you
something to help.

Barbara stopped whimpering for a moment in
curiosity. With a little fanfare Carol brought out
a vibrator, a nine inch shaft with little knobs. "This
will help you pass those lonely hours," she said with
a smile. 'And get you more quickly addicted to sex,'
she didn't add.

Barbara recoiled in horror. "That's disgusting,

Carol laughed silently. Who would have thought
that Barbara would be so uptight about sex, especially
seeing how she howled when Nick got into her. But she
had a job to do, so she continued soothingly. Nick
wanted her mind to be butter. "No, it's not, honey.
It's just a toy that big girls play with when we
don't have a boy to play with us. I use mine to come
when Vic isn't around to put the wood to me. I know
you're horny, honey, and Nick won't be back for hours.
Let me show you how it works."

Barbara looked unconvinced but didn't protest.
The testosterone had a firm grip on her. Carol sat
on the bed by Barbara and slowly pulled up her dress.
She didn't have on panties; none of the women at
Nick's headquarters were allowed panties. Carol
noticed a small intake of breath as she bared her
pussy to Barbara who seemed mesmerized by the
seductive sight. Good! That would come in handy,

The vibrator began to hum as Carol touched it to
her labia. "I like to tease my self , pretending it's
a real prick timidly noosing its way into me. Uuuhh.
It feels good. I'm getting wet." Carol wasn't
lying, she did enjoy the vibrator, but she watched
through silted eyelids as Barbara stared. She was

"Oh Vic, yes! Put it in me. stretch me with
your giant prick. Oh, I love having you in me. Fuck!
Fuck me," It wasn't Oscar quality, but good enough
for Barbara who watched fascinated. Carol even
managed a mild orgasm.

"Now, would you like me to try it on you?" Carol
asked when she regained her breath.

"No, I don't think ...;Uhhh" As she had hoped,
Barbara had *said* no but found her body had other
ideas. Slowly Carol pressed the pseudo phallus into
the horny, confused woman.

"You're already wet, Barbara. That's good,
makes it easier to get it deep into you. Open up a
little more from me honey, it will make it better."
Barbara's eyes were closed and she was sighing as the
pleasure gradually swelled in her belly. "When it's
all the way in, you start moving it in ... and ...
out, ... in ... and ... out. Imagine you are getting
fucked, ... so good. You want it to go on and on.
You have a wonderful lover and knows how to please
you. He feels your orgasm approaching and starts
fucking you faster. He knows how bad you need sex.
He knows just how ... to make you ... COME!"

The room was rocked by another of Barbara's now
familiar wails as the orgasm blasted her. She did
not really feel Carol take her hand and place it on
the base of the vibrator. "So good, baby," cooed
Carol. "You needed that. You needed a good come
because you are sooo horny, still so horny, but you
can pleasure your self, Barbara." Carol was guiding
Barbara's hand to move the still humming vibrator in
and out or her pussy. "That's the way ... just
fuck yourself good. Good ... You can do it" Carol
smiled as Barbara was starting to move the vibrator
faster. That's it baby, ... COME"

The self induced orgasm was softer than the one
Carol had brought her to, but it still shook her. And
her hand had started to move the little machine again.
Carol withdrew, listening to Barbara's sighs already
turning into moans. When Carol looked in on her a
half hour later, Barbara lay with her eyes were closed
and her legs splayed and empty smile on her sleeping
face. Time for the next step.

Lunch was a treat. After the orgasmically
induced nap in the morning Barbara felt as good as
she had since her capture. She didn't like knowing
she couldn't leave, but for the moment, there was
nothing to be done about it. It could be worse.
Carol brought a delicious salad, and loads of finger
foods. The first bottle of wine disappeared quickly
and Carol opened another. Barbara didn't realize the
she was drinking more than her share. By the end
of the meal she was quite high, just as Carol had

"Ohhh" she giggled. "That was soooo good.
Ssorry, I think I'm a little tipsy."

"Me, too" Carol lied, taking Barbara's hand.
"And a little sleepy," Carol added. This she knew
would resonate with Barbara whose wine had a mild
sedative in it, not much; she didn't want Barbara to
go to sleep, at least not too soon. "Do you mind if
I lie down with you and take a nap?"

"Uh, no," Barbara replied with a dopey little

Carol stood up and started unbuttoning her
blouse, letting her knockers out in full view. She
knew that her horny and slightly drugged ex-partner
would be unable not to admire her beautiful if modest
tits. "Might as well get comfortable," she added,
letting her skirt drop and wiggling her hips
seductively. She was now more undressed than Barbara
who had been given a short shift as bedclothes. She
walked, no she slinked around the other side of the
bed and slid under the sheet. Barbara who was still
sitting up in bed looked down at her, puzzled.

"Slow. Slow," Carol said to her self. "She
wants it, but she doesn't know it yet. Let her find
out gradually. This is seduction, not rape." She
looked up at Barbara through silted lids, feigning
drowsiness. "So sleepy..."

Carol grinned triumphantly. Slowly Barbara's
normally bright eyes were growing dull as the wine
the sedative and her own words took effect. "Yes,
I guess I need a nap," Barbara said, her speech
slightly slurred and she slid down beneath the sheet.

"I'm sorry you still aren't happy here," Carol
said with mock sympathy. "I though you would like it
by now."

"But I ... we are prisoners." she started to
sob again.

"Yes, but such lucky prisoners to have big men to take care of us, especially down here." Carol
lightly brushed Barbara's pussy, looked deep into her
eyes and kissed her. Carol was counting on the drug
to slow down Barbara's reactions and was not
surprised when nothing happened. Barbara's first
instinct was to reject the overture, but she
hesitated. The kiss lingered and became more
passionate. She realized to her horror that without
thinking she was cuddling close to her passionate
companion and kissing her back. Her tongue and
Carol's were writhing together like love-sick snakes
What was happening to her? Maybe it was the wine or
that blasted implant. She had never done anything
like this before.

Before she could react, Carol slipped her hand
under Barbara's shift and took possession of one of
her tits. "You have such wonderful tits' Barbara
honey. Much bigger and more sensitive than mine.
How I envy you," she whispered. With practiced hand
she massaged Barbara's quickly hardening breasts,
worrying her nipples until she was moaning with
delight. "You're horny, aren't you baby. Would you
like me to get you off? Cuddle with me and I will
make you feel good, honey."

Barbara wanted to say "No," but the bolt of
erotic sensation that shot through her left her weak,
too distracted. In a kind of erotic daze, Barbara
allowed Carol gently to lean on top or her and begin
sucking both her sensitive jugs in earnest. "You just
need more than a man can give you."

Her head swam. She felt giddy, totally
overpowered by lust. This was totally wrong. She
had never allowed a woman fondle her tits but she
loved what this beautiful mature woman was doing to
her boobs so much, she couldn't make her stop. Her
breath was short and she felt a warmth almost like
liquid fire growing inside her. Gawd! she was about
to come and the woman hadn't even touched her cl ...

"No! NO! Aiiiiiii" Carol screamed. Her body
was rocked by an intense orgasm as soon as Carol had
touched her pleasure button. She may have blacked
out for a few seconds. When she opened her eyes
Carol was staring down at her lovingly.

"That was good, Barbara. You needed pleasuring,
didn't you?"

Barbara could only look up at her in dazed
confusion and nod her head 'yes'.

No, this could not be happening to her, but then
she felt the Barbara's lips on her lips,.... the
'other' ones. Oh no, oh yes! She was going down
for a woman! No woman could have forced apart
Barbara's powerful thighs, but Carol found only slight
resistance as she gently opened Barbara's pussy to her
kisses. The aroused and panting policewoman could
only moan when she felt Carol's tongue invade the
temple of her self. All questions and self
doubts were suddenly washed away by another orgasm,
as Carol gently sucked on her clitoris.

Barbara lost track of time as one orgasm after
another claimed her. At some point she saw or rather
sensed Carol had turned around in the 69 position,
placing her pussy just above Barbara's face. She had
never done this, but in a orgasmic daze Barbara
reached up and pulled Carol's dripping crotch to her
mouth and began to drink her copiously flowing slit.
Soon she was rewarded when Carol yelped and came,
drenching Barbara's mouth and lips with her pungent
love juice. This triggered another of Barbara's
orgasms and then another as Carol persistently
tongued her slit and toyed with her clit.

As one orgasm blended into another, Barbara
forgot where she was who she was, totally submerged
in the giving and receiving of pleasure. Then --
suddenly? at last? she was aware of Carol's rapturous
face gazing down at her. "That was good, Barbara.
Your body is full of pleasure. Now you must sleep."

Somehow, Barbara realized that something was
wrong, insane. Her beautiful betrayer had just
seduced her and fucked her senseless and was now
putting her to sleep She had to fight the over-
whelming drowsiness the warm comfortable feelings of
post orgasmic bliss. She needed to resist... to
think! Then she felt Carol's magic hand move within
her pussy again and a wave of renewed desire swept
over her. There was no way she could refuse. The
orgasm this time was not instantaneous. She felt it
build up slowly, inevitably. But when it burst over
her, she was utterly vanquished. Full of sedative,
sated and exhausted by the repeated climaxing,
Barbara immediately fell deeply asleep in Carol's

Carol smiled at her unconscious ex-partner.
Plans were proceeding smoothly. Barbara had now seen
that she was powerless to resist sex in any form.
Nick could take her and her body willingly responded.
She could not pass up the chance to orgasm with the
vibrator. And now she had learned of a weakness for
other women. Three damaging blows to her self image
as an independent, woman who would take direction
from no one. It should take only one more, the most
devastating, to break her completely. That one would
require a few more days.


Days, a week? two weeks? passed. Barbara could
not keep track of time. They kept her in a haze of
sexual pleasure. It almost became routine. She awoke
from a night of lovemaking with Nick still horny.
Left alone after breakfast with Carol, she found she
needed to masturbate using the vibrating dildo Carol
had given her. Sometime she fantasized it was Nick
slowly, persistently fucking her. Other times she
thought of Carol eating her, never her boyfriend whom
she could hardly remember. She looked forward to
lunch and making love with Carol afterwards. And by
night ... Nick came to her, spoke to her gently, and
filled her with his wonderful cock. Carol was
observing Barbara's will dissolve day by day. They
were waiting for the appropriate physical signs.


"That was great. I'm stuffed," Carol giggled
one day after lunch when she and Barbara were spooned
lovingly together. Carol was tenderly cupping the
hard breast and teasing the erect nipple of the
sleepy, horny woman, working her toward a soft orgasm.

"Me too," agreed Barbara. "Shouldn't we be
exercising or something? We're going to get fat."

The conversation she had been waiting to
initiate!. "We don't have to worry about that, honey,
Nick and Victor are old fashioned men. The don't want
anorexic women. They like girls that really look like
girls. You're already perfect, big sensitive tits,
firm round ass and nice wide hips -- a 'man's woman.'
Of course, I don't need to worry, weight gain is
entirely natural."

"Natural?" Barbara asked, puzzled.

"Sure. Look at me." Carol pulled her shift up
to her navel suggestively. "Can't you see?"

"See what?" Barbara asked, genuinely perplexed.

"My tummy, silly. Well, maybe not, maybe it's
just too soon. My period isn't very regular, but I'm
pretty sure. I'm weeks overdue," she smiled.

"Carol, what are you talking about."

"I wanted to tell you first," she giggled. "I
haven't even told Victor ... yet ..." Carol's eyes

"You don't mean ...?"

"I think so. I'm pretty sure. Victor told me
he was going to make me pregnant. Looks like has put
his baby in me the way he promised!"

"Carol! That's awful. Some how we'll escape or
be rescued. When you get back to the Agency..."

"Agency? I'm never gong back to the Agency.
Victor is going to take me to his hacienda. I will
have hundreds of servants. He will give me many
children and I'll be his Señora."

"But how could that happen? Aren't you on the
pill? You were always fucking your boyfriends like
a minx and they never got you pregnant?"

"Of course I was on the pill, then. I was just
screwing around. But Victor took my pills away the
first day. He doesn't believe in artificial means
of contraception," Carol said somewhat by rote, as
if it was something she had been taught to say. "And
he sure don't practice abstinence!" she giggled. "He
wants me pregnant. He says I'll look really sexy
with a big belly and his baby inside me. You can bet
for the last month or so Victor has been keeping me
pretty full of semen. He likes me to point my heels
to the ceiling when he drills me; says it helps the
sperm get down into the womb better. I know it makes
me come like crazy. The way he has been fucking me,
he just has to have knocked me up!"

Barbara was staring at Carol in a state of shock.

"What's wrong, honey. You shouldn't be surprised.
It's no different with you. I'm sure Nick has the
same plans for you. Have you been taking your pills?
I haven't seen Nick using condoms!"

Now Barbara's shock could only deepen. She had
no idea where her birth control pills were. How could
she have forgotten them? She tried to estimate when
she had interrupted the medication. Ovulation would
occur within a couple of weeks of suspension of the
hormone treatment, but she did not know how long she
had been here, how long Nick had been shooting his
seed into her womb. She was or soon would be totally
unprotected. "No! NO! No!" she screamed. "It can't
happen. I can't let myself get pregnant!"

"We can't prevent it, darling. It's entirely a
physical process. What we think we want or don't
want doesn't matter. They will nail us because we
can't control our desire for sex! I've seen how your
body responds to Nick when he fucks you. He's a
powerful, virile man. Instinctively you wrap your
legs around him when Nick is filling you with his cum.
That helps the semen go deeper into you, makes it more
likely his sperm will fertilize one of your eggs. And
the way he is able to give you those powerful
multiple climaxes every time he sexes you, means that
unconsciously, you have already decided he'll be a
good father. Your body is getting ready for
impregnation and a climax makes sure your silly little
mind doesn't get in the way."

"By the way, this isn't just for Nick's fun. You
know how docile pregnant women are with the fathers of
their children. When you have a little Botero in your
womb, you will tell Nick everything he needs to know.
Incidentally, let me put your mind at rest. You
aren't pregnant yet. We are monitoring your bodily
functions carefully and we would know. But we believe
that you will soon be at the peak of your fertility
cycle. You should find making love to Nick the next
few nights very interesting!"

"I won't! I won't let him ..." Barbara shouted.

"Won't let him fuck you? Since when? I've seen
how you waited for him eagerly every night. You crave
that big cock that fills you, gives you that orgasmic
high that neither my tongue nor your vibrator can. I
say you will spread your legs for him and let him fill
you full. We'll see if you can give up sex for the
weeks needed to be sure you don't get caught," replied
Carol calmly.

That conversation with Carol terrified and
enraged Barbara. she steeled herself against Nick.
She remembered all the innocent women whose lives were
in jeopardy if she broke. She stoked her rage at
being held captive. When Nick came in that night, she
was ready. She didn't know it, but so was Nick.

"Good evening, honey," he greeted her as if he
suspected nothing was wrong.

"No so good for you, you bastard! Just stay away
from me. You're not fucking me tonight!" Barbara shot

"Hey? What's up. I'm sure you'd like a little
ride, wouldn't you.

"I said no and I mean it. Just stop right there."
she demanded when she was still several steps away
from the bed.

"Barbara darling, don't you know? I really like
you. I even brought you something."

"Yeah?" Barbara said curiously.

"Sure. Carol, can you bring her the pendant I
got for her?"

"Of course Nick. Let me show it to her. Here it
is. Look at this pretty amulet Nick got for you,
Barbara!" She held up a large green stone slung from
a thick gold chain. "See how it sparkles, the light
flashes reflecting off of it so beautifully." The
stone's facets caught the dim light of Barbara's
bedchamber and cast it back into her eyes. Involun-
tarily, her gaze was caught by the flickering stone.
She tried to redirect her angry glare back at Nick.
The stone was pretty, but did he think he could seduce
her with jewelry? It was just a pretty distraction.
She would tell him .... Damn, ... a very pretty
distraction. She continued to stare at the stone.

Nick and Carol exchanged smiles as they saw
Barbara falling into the power of the amulet. "It's
fascinating, isn't it honey?" Carol whispered. "It's
so beautiful, so easy to look at, ... gaze at. You
feel like you are drifting, getting lost in the depths
of the stone, don't you?"

Barbara stared intently at it. What was Carol
getting at? It moved slowly back and forth, sometimes
seeming to swing in a circle.

"I love it", she murmured.

"I know you do", she whispered. "Look closely.
Watch as it shines, watch as it glitters, watch as it
swings easily back and forth, around and around. It
looks so pretty, doesn't it?"

"Yes...", she murmured, staring at it as Carol
moved it around. It was just beautiful.

"So pretty", Carol continued. "So pretty, so
attractive, swinging back and forth, back and forth.
You do find it attractive, don't you, baby?"

"Oh, yes", Barbara whispered softly. She'd
never seen anything so pretty.

"So attractive, so pretty, it seems to pull you
right inside the stone, the shining green gemstone.
See how it glitters, like a soft green flame, as the
light dances over it," Carol intoned. Barbara's yes
were fixed on it now as it moved slowly, back and
forth, around and around. Whenever the light hit it
just so it seemed to gleam even brighter, making her
want it even more.

"So pretty, so attractive, you want it so much,
don't you?"

"Oh, yessss.....yesssssssss..........." the
weakening policewoman murmured, only able to stare at
it as Carol held it just above he. She was almost
looking upwards now, watching as the shining necklace
swung back and forth, around and around.

"So attractive, you want it so bad, so bad...How
much it this lovely thing worth to you, can you even
put a price on anything so lovely? You want it so
much, you feel your desire increasing with each
passing moment. You want it, you have to have it,
you MUST have it. Your desire grows stronger and
stronger as the beautiful necklace moves back and
forth, around and around and around and around."

Around and around. Barbara began to feel as if
the necklace was still and it was she that was moving,
spinning slowly in a circle around that necklace. She
didn't even notice Carol any more, she wasn't paying
attention to anything but that necklace. Her
necklace. she wanted it so much. So much.

"Back and forth. Around and around. Feel
yourself being drawn even closer to it, feel yourself
moving closer and closer as your desire grows even
stronger." She WAS moving closer to it, it seemed.
Barbara didn't realize Carol was slowly moving it
closer to her as she held it.

"Look right into the gem. Deep inside. Deep
into the shining green gemstone. Deeper and deeper.
Deeper and deeper. Do not look away now, no matter
what happens, do not look away. If you look away,
your beautiful necklace will disappear. You do not
want that to happen, do you?" Carol smiled at the
now all but enchanted former partner.

"...Oh, no..... No, not......disappear." It was
hard to talk. Why? Barbara knew now that if she
looked away, she would lose my necklace. she didn't
want to lose it, she wanted it forever. Had to keep
looking at it. Keep looking. She didn't want it to
disappear. She stared at the emerald as it moved
back and forth, around and around.

"Deeper and deeper. Look inside, look deep
inside, into the very heart of the gem. See it
glowing with it's power, a deep green glow which
draws you in even deeper. Deeper and deeper. You
feel yourself surrounded by the soft, deep green glow
of the emerald. Deeper and deeper it draws you. Feel
it surrounding you, enwrapping your body in a soft
warm blanket as you sink deeper and deeper into the
heart of the gemstone. Deeper and deeper. Deeper
and deeper."

Barbara was lying totally relaxed now, staring
almost straight up, it seemed, not realizing Carol
was now holding the necklace right above her head.
Her body felt heavy, limp, and warm. She'd never
felt anything like the sensations that wonderful
necklace was creating. She didn't realize her mouth
was hanging open, that her arms were loose by her
sides. she just lay there and stared into the center
of the necklace.

"The power surrounds you completely now, you are
totally enwrapped by the deep green glow of the
emerald. Totally enwrapped by the glow. Totally
enwrapped. Your body feels calm, relaxed, as it
allows the power of the gem to flow throughout every
muscle and nerve. Totally relaxed now, totally limp,
totally calm. Feel your mind calming as well, feel
the power of the gemstone comforting you, relaxing
you, allowing you to slip away into a place of total
relaxation. Deeper and deeper. Do not look away."

Barbara didn't even want to try looking away.
Her body seemed to be in a totally different place
than the rest of her. Carol's voice sounded as if it
was coming from far away. She heard absolutely
nothing else, no humming air conditioning, no outside
noises. Just Carol's voice. All she saw was the

This was so strange. Barbara stared at the
emerald, and she was now aware of the glow Carol had
been talking about. There didn't seem to be anything
else in the room but that stone, and the glow seemed
to spread, to move out from the center of the stone,
a deep green ball that sucked her right into it. The
stone seemed so huge now, filling her vision. The
whole world was that stone and the power flowing into
her mind and body. She watched in amazement as the
power came towards her, wave after wave of pure green.
She felt it being absorbed into her body, she was
aware of the warm, heavy sensations in each and every
part of my body. she felt her mind clearing, opening
wide as the power flowed into her. As Carol's voice
flowed into her.

"Yes. Feel it, Barbara. Feel the power flowing
through you, through your limbs. Feel it happening.
Allow it to happen. You cannot stop it. The power
grows stronger, fills your mind, relaxes your body.
Your mind is open, open to the power of the emerald.
Feel the power grow even stronger as you gaze deeper
and deeper into the gemstone. Deeper. Deeper."

Deep down in her mind, Barbara began to realize
something very odd was happening to her. Her body no
longer existed, it was very hard to think on her own.
The power of the stone grew and grew, seeming to gain
control of her mind as she stared at it. SHE couldn't
think clearly enough to understand what was happening.
All SHE knew was that the stone's power was growing

"Deeper and deeper, baby. The power of the gem
is overwhelming, flowing irresistibly into your body
and mind. Your body is limp, relaxed. Your mind is
open, relaxed. Open, relaxed. Do not trouble
yourself with thoughts of any kind. Allow your
thoughts to come and go as they please, you will find
that you do not even want to try focusing on any
single thought that comes to your open mind. Allow
my voice, to fill your mind, fill your thoughts. You
are so relaxed right now, honey, so totally under the
power of the gemstone. I will do all your thinking
for you so that you may remain comfortably relaxed.
Your mind and body will respond to my suggestions as
they would to your own thoughts. The power of the
gemstone has made this possible. Do you understand?"

"....Yesssssss........." And there, without any
resistance at all, and without any realization of
what was really happening, Barbara surrendered my
body and mind to Carol. It just seemed to logical,
so natural.

"You are under the control of the stone, Nick's
stone, aren't you, baby?"

"Uh hu" Barbara muttered.

"You feel so relaxed and happy. All all those
feelings of anger, resentment are gone, aren't they?

"Hmmm," Barbara just purred contentedly.

"You feel so at ease and something else. What
is that, honey?"

Barbara knew the answer, but she did not want
to say it. She knew she should hold on to the
feelings of anger. She needed her anger to overcome
the feeling, -- oh it was so strong -- "Horny." she
heard her self admit.

"That's right, baby, relaxed and horny, like a
real woman. And you know what a horny woman needs,
don't you?"

Barbara hesitated, trying not to admit what she

Carol touched her betweent he legs, bringing a
soft moan to Barbara's lips. "Say it, baby. What
do you want"

"A man!" Barbara gasped.

"Yes, honey. your sexy body and fertile womb
need a man. You crave it, don't you?"

"Yes," Barbara signed as she felt Nick touch

"And that's what your going to get, baby, a real
man. Now tell us what you need from a man..."

"I need to be fucked. Gawd, I need it so bad,"
Barbara whimpered and Nick pressed his prick more
firmly against hir slit.

"And what does a sexy fertile woman get from a
man?" Carol asked, making sure that Barbara's
surrender would be complete.

Again Barbara hesitated, but could not keep from
saying, "A baby," she almost sobbed.

"And that's what I will give you, darling," Nick
whispered, glancing back and pursing a kiss at Carol
who had taken away the now superfluous amulet. Slowly,
methodically, Nick began stroking her breasts. "I'm
gong to put a baby in you tonight. You'll get a big
beautiful belly and sexy big tits. And you're going
to be so happy."

Despite her struggles, Barbara begins to feel
the loss control of her body. She began moving under
his touch. Nick and Carol heard her moans no longer
soft but louder as she was over taken with the pas-
sion that pulsed through her body.

"Oh God" she screamed as her inner being exploded
in an orgasm just from the sensation of his touch on
her breasts and her body. It felt as if she were
gushing. She felt herself cum, hard, as it exploded
onto her thighs. Her hips trying their best to rise
from the bed, her hands pulling on the sheets as wave
after wave of her climax skewered her body. She lost
all sense of time as she writhed her climax. The
waves started to slow as she began to come down out
of the clouds, her mind inched back to reality and
she realized that he was no longer sitting on her
legs. Her hands are still clinched.

Then, before she could regain her senses, Bar-
bara felt Nick's mouth burying into her pussy. His
tongue licked along the lips. Her pussy was drenched
with the juices of her orgasm. Nick felt her hot
thighs squeeze against his cheeks and knew she was
close to breaking. He slid his hands under her ass
pulling her up toward his mouth, his tongue moving in
and out of her pussy fucking her as he sucked and
licked her cum from inside her. Her battered mind
hardly resisted as she felt her body head toward
another orgasm before she fully came down from the
first. His mouth and tongue cleaned up the sweet
reward of her first cum. Nick's hands held her ass
tight and squeezed her as he worked up and down along
her pussy with his mouth.

Experienced with women, Nick moved his mouth
from her pussy to lick and suck her thigh clean of
her juices. The sweet taste of her was so good, a
sure sign of ovulation. Her juices ran across his
tongue, his mouth sucked and licked up along her
thigh and then his mouth went again to her clit to
softly suck it into his mouth, his tongue twirling
around it. His mouth left her clit and his tongue
runs along deep inside her pussy as he moved down
till his tongue came out of her pussy and it gently
ran over her asshole.

He felt her body jump from the sensation as he
ran his tongue over it again. His mouth was now
sucking and licking its way along her pussy up to her
clit where he again sucked it into his lips and let
it come out his mouth sucking it in and out as a
woman would suck a mans cock. Her clit was hard and
throbbing as he did her this way. He intended to
deaden her brain with pleasure, to capture her soul
as he already has her body.

He stopped for a moment to suck and lick his
way down his beautiful captive's other thigh.
Satisfied that her thighs have been adequately
titillated, he again buried his face in her pussy.
His tongue again started to fuck in and out of her.
Involuntarily, Barbara's hips began moving to the
rhythm of the tongue fucking that she are getting.
His hands pulled tight on her ass again as he helps
her pussy to push tight to his face. The aroused
agent strained, wanting so bad to put her hands on
his head and push his whole being inside her pussy.
She started again to loose control. Her body driven
to a higher level of orgasm. Her hips jerked wildly
as he held her tight, sucking and licking hard on her
as he felt her pussy come hard.

Nick knew the hard orgasms were preparing the
helpless lawwoman for a proper sexing. Her juices
gushed out hot against his face. He sucked and
licked hard and fast wanting to drink her all in.
Her thighs pushed tight to his face as he felt her
legs wrap around him. Mindlessly she pulled him
tight to her as again the waves of her orgasm flowed
through her body over and over. As she felt her body
begin to relax, her climax slowly dying down, her
legs loosen their grip on him. He began to kiss his
way up her body, stopping at her tits to lick and
suck them as he keep her on the edge of her fourth

And then she felt what she feared yet craved
most -- his cock as it pushed against into the lips
of her pussy. Further resistance was futile,
unimaginable. Her body wanted him, wanted to be
finally ravished, wanted him to give her his baby!
From below her consciouos being, her animal brain
flung her legs around him pulling his hips tight to
hers. His cock was buried deep within her from the
force of her legs as they wraped around his ass. Her
pussy seemed to be sucking on his cock. The inner
muscles milking his penis as she pulled him tighter.
Not having come down completely from the last climax
she again felt her body reach higher for the next
climax to surge through her. His mouth on her
mouth, their bodies pressed tight together, her legs
pulling at his ass. His cock buried deep inside her.
Her pussy was wild with the throbbing of his cock as
it jumped from the blood pulsing into it. He kissed
her mouth and she could taste her own cum as it rested
on his lips, his tongue still coated with the juices
of her inner being!

She embraced him totally. Nick felt her hands
on his back pulling at him, her body moving out of
control, her legs and arms clutching him tight. Her
pussy muscles squeezed tight around his cock as he
begin to side his cock in and out of her pussy faster.
Pulling out of she was hard as Barbara's legs were
gripping him tight. But because of her grasp when he
pushed into her their bodies seemed to crash together.
His balls slapped against her ass. The base of his
cock hit hard against her clit with each pounding
thrust. Their hips came together harder and harder
as he felt the cum churn in his balls.

Barbara's pussy was so tight on his cock that
Nick could feel his cum as it slowly worked its way
up through his cock. He strained to hold it back not
ready yet. Just waiting, wanting to make her wait.
He slammed harder and harder into her, his balls
hitting her ass over and over. Her clit being driven
harder and faster. Then what he has been holding out
for was here. Barbara screamed loudly that she was
cumming. Nick saw the helpless passion in her eyes
as her body erupted for the fourth time. He knew
that was the end for her. She had been broken,
defeated, totally his "This is so satisfying, so
relaxing. You are getting so well fucked Fucking
makes you feed soooo goood. but sooo tired. You
are getting so ... sleepy, darling. My prick feels
so good that when I come, you'll fall deeply, deeply
to SLEEP!"

With the word Nick came, shooting huge amounts
of sperm into the orgasming woman. With each squirt
Barbara's body spasmed reflexively, but her eyes were
already tightly closed. Her juices mixed with his
inside her hot pussy as she felt the cum gush out of
Nick's cock. He exploded so hard she could feel
every drop of cum as it shot over and over inside her
as her legs held him tight and her hips moved out of
control. And every ounce of her inner self poured
out of her pussy. Her body was drained of all its
strength. Reflexively, the defeated Barbara clung
to to the victorious drug lord, her legs and arms
wrapped tight around him. Nick had fucked her into
a deep hypnotic trance.

Carol watched proudly as Nick softly kissed
Barbara a last time as he rolled them over on their
sides still embracing her, his prick still plugging
her, holding in all the cum. He gently caressed her
clit to one final soft orgasm Triumphantly, he
positioned her carefully, so that his cum would stay
pooled in her fertile womb. Slowly, Barbara's body,
drained of her last ounce of resistance, settled
deeply into sleep. She hardly felt his kisses and
caressing for the last time as her mind shut down
for a long time!


"Barbara! Ven aca!" Carol roared.

"I'm sorry, Señora Carol. I was in the back
taking care of..." responded the still beautiful but
worn-looking former Special Agent Barbara Black.

"I know what you were doing, you oversexed slut.
Every time I let you go to nurse one of your babies,
you sneek off and try to get Juan my houseboy to fuck
you. You know what Don Nico will say if you let
someone else knock you up again! He will decide when
to give you another baby!

"But Sra. Carol, I was just so..."

"...'Horny.' I know. You're always horny. You
just can't get enough, can you?. Well, perhaps it
*is* time. Nico does like to see you with your tummy
filled and this most recent one -- what's her name? --
is nearly weaned, no?

"Se llama Susana." Barbara said, humiliated that
Carol would not bother to remember even the names of
her six children.

"I will speak to Nico tonight. He has been away
for several days and will be needing a good fuck. I'll
get him in a good mood. Maybe he will let you have
another baby."

"Gracias, Sra. Carol. Gracias."

The End

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It’s okay to *READ* stories about unprotected sex with
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