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A Dream Come True


An erotic story! (M/F, oral, M/f, mast. rom.)

Copyright (C) 1998 by Amaranthus. All Rights Reserved. Free
distribution via electronic medium (that is, the Internet or electronic
BBS) is permitted providing the story text is not modified and this
copyright is included but no other form of publication is permitted. This
document contains material of an ADULT nature. *READ IT AT YOUR OWN RISK*.
Having been warned that this material can be construed as offensive the
onus is on you to quit reading any further. This story is for
ENTERTAINMENT purposes only and does not necessarily represent the views of
the author or the electronic source from where this material was obtained.
All characters are fictional and any resemblance to any real person is
purely coincidental.

'A Dream Come True' by Amaranthus

The ancient, dusty cobweb expanded as the warm air tugged at its
weakened skeletal fabric. A rumbling swelled within the confines of the
underground station; a roaring sound interspersed with the 'clickety clack'
of steel wheels hammering onto the next section of track. Like a bullet
from a gun the train burst from the dark tunnel. A squeal of brakes
pierced the air.

The early morning travellers braced themselves for the onslaught to find
a vacant seat.

Jason Farraday waited patiently. At twenty nine he had matured into a
man of rugged appearance whom some would have called 'an Arnie look-alike.'

Unlike Arnie's character though, he was wondering if today he'd pluck up
the courage to speak to his 'dream girl.' He'd seen her every Wednesday
morning, for the past two months, as she travelled into Central London.
Standing impassively on the edge of the swelling crowd, his muscled
physique unconsciously restrained the surrounding travellers from boarding

She was there, wearing a lightweight, pale blue, summer dress with a
high collar. The blue matched her eyes. Her coifed fair hair allowing the
air to cool her pale neck. He guessed she was in her mid twenties and a
slender five foot seven.

The doors opened and disgorged a gruff looking middle-aged executive.
Jason stepped inside and sat down opposite her. She did not appear to look
up at the arriving passengers but continued reading her magazine.

The doors 'shushed' and closed. The train lurched forward and stopped.
A moments pause.

Did she glance up at him?

The train rolled forward then jerked into motion. The young man standing slightly to his left was caught unawares and he quickly tried to
grasp the handrail above him. He collided with the woman beside him. His
foot ground onto Jason's own.

"Sorry, sorry" he blurted effusively, trying to grab the rail and
re-orientate his body and briefcase.

Over the top of her magazine she smiled at Jason. His heart leapt. He
smiled and leaned forward.

"Travelling at this time of the day has its drawbacks," he said to her.
"Unfortunately, I've got to be in the office for an important meeting. Do
you need to be somewhere early for financial reasons as well?"

Before she could reply the carriage lights went out. The darkness
collapsed in on their thoughts as there followed a tremendous bang and
crash. Grinding metal. Shattering glass. Silence.

Jason awoke to a black stillness. He had a thundering headache. He was
aware that his body was bruised and that he probably had a broken left leg.
The softness beneath him must have prevented further injury. He tried to
move but found he could not.

It was then that the 'softness' beneath him moved and groaned.

The warmth from the person's moaning heated his groin and their head
movement made his cock twitch.

'Thank goodness, that's okay,' he thought.

It occurred to him that the warmth permeating through the delicate, soft
fabric beneath his own face must be that from another human being.

'Female? Definitely,' he mused. A 'soap like' scent brushed the edges
of his regaining senses, although the smell of highly charged electricity
and burnt rubber were more pungent.

He tried exerting pressure on his back to lift his body clear from this
'sexual' position. He was, after all, a gentleman and knew that once the
woman was conscious any number of embarrassing misconceptions on her part
might lead to charges of indecency against him.

He could not move more than a few inches. Whatever happened now was out
of his hands. He grinned.

More moans then an awakening.

"Aghhh..." She said. Cramped movement. Limited knowledge. Her brain
clicked into gear.

"Are you hurt?" Jason asked.

"I don't think so. I ache in places but everything seems to be
functioning okay. My arms and legs are pinned. There's also a heavy
weight the length of my body. What happened? Are you alright?"

"Apart from a few bruises I'm fine," he acknowledged, realising from her
tone that he was on top of a young woman.

"Can you move from under me. It seems I'm pinned from above and I can't
get off you?"

She squirmed beneath him as he pushed upward. Her face brushed his
flaccid penis. It twitched again.

'Oh, God,' he thought. 'Please do that again.'

"Umm... Jason?"


"Is that your face in my crotch?"

He hesitated before replying, "Yes, it is."

"And there's no way you can move your face away from my crotch?"

"I'm afraid not. It also means that my groin is directly over your
mouth and the slightest movement... You know my name? Who are you?"

"My name's Sarah and I was sitting opposite you before... well, before
the accident. I recognised your voice and realised it must be you."

His heart skipped a beat, his pulse quickened.

The girl of his dreams was beneath him. Was this his lucky day?

"But it still doesn't answer how you know my name?" He probed.

"I have to admit that I saw the name tag on your briefcase some weeks
ago. I wanted to speak to you sooner but... I'm rather shy and... really
old fashioned about talking to complete strangers." She breathed. "Jason,
your bulge is growing. I know you fancied me from the moment I saw you.
It was in your eyes. I'm glad you spoke to me today. I thought it would
never happen, though I hoped that it would."

"I do fancy you, Sarah. I have since I first saw you but I never dreamt
of being in this position without some introduction first or at least by
sharing our first kiss together."

Silence followed.

"You can," she said, huskily

"I can what?" Asked a bemused Jason.

She hesitated, then, after she had cleared her throat, "Kiss me."

"Kiss you? Kiss you where..."

The bulge in his trousers grew bigger.

He blew a stream of cool air against her mons. "You mean you want me to
kiss you here?" He queried.

"Yes I do. I don't expect you to understand but I have wished this
moment to happen for a long time but only if *you* want to kiss me there.
Judging by the bulge pressing into my face I'll take that to mean yes."

His left arm stretched forward to find the hem of her dress. As he did
so he felt the hot breath from her mouth as she tried locating the tag to
his fly zipper. The erotic sensation on his cock as the zipper edged
downward stopped his movements.

"Jason? What's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong, Sarah. It's just... I mean... Do you really want
this to happen? I mean... I don't want you to think that I do this with

"If what you really mean is that afterwards I shall cry sexual assault
then the answer is definitely no." With that she edged her face downwards,
grasped the buckle to his trousers with her teeth and started to undo his
belt. The next part was trickier but the top trouser clip eventually

While Jason was slowly being undressed by a dextrous face in the dark he
followed her lead and inched the dress up. He managed to get it up so far
then it stuck.

"Sarah, I may have to tear your frock. Do you mind?" His chin nudged
her mons.

"Do it Jason," she whispered urgently.

The ripping sound echoed around them. Cool air touched her warm legs.

The same cool air drifted over his naked backside.

The scent of her nearly nude groin extended the bulge in his pants but
she persevered and at last his erect cock sprang free.

His hands found the waistband to her light cotton knickers. She lifted
her bottom to allow their removal.

'A sure sign of consent,' he thought. Then he manoeuvred the torn dress
beneath her raised bottom so that the harsh coldness of whatever she lay
against did not cool her passion.

She shivered as his hands delicately caressed around the silky tops of
her thighs between her pale stockings and naked shaven pussy.

He lowered his erection to her waiting lips. Lips that her tongue wet
quickly to allow him entry. She opened her mouth and enveloped his
manhood. Indescribable warmth and wetness wrapped around his aching member.

He moaned and lowered his wet lips to her sweet smelling pussy,
delighted to sense in the darkness her lack of hair. She was able to inch
her thighs open slightly to accept his kisses. He placed his forearms
under her warm thighs and by resting on his elbows he parted her sensuous
pussy lips. The aroma from her pussy flooded his senses as a small amount
of moisture lubricated the lips of her vagina. She groaned.

His tongue leapt out and he tasted her sweetness.

'A taste like no other,' he thought.

He grew more adventurous and swept his tongue along the full length of
her slit. A nub of flesh grazed his clean-shaven chin. His initial
surprise at the three-quarter inch length of her clitoris soon gave way to
his sexual lust. His tongue swiftly found it, flicked and encircled its
length. He kissed it, sucked it and made love with his mouth to its
protruding hardness as she raised her torso upward to meet the small,
though demanding, thrusts of his cock.

Her small, intermittent moans grew to a wail as she suddenly climaxed.
Unconscious thought allowed his senses the luxury of exploding his semen
down her throat. She swallowed hard and tasted his bitter-sweetness.

After their lovemaking he rested his head on the warmth of her upper

"Hello, anyone there?" A voice from the darkness demanded.

Together they shouted, "Over here." Then the awful thought hit them
should they be rescued immediately.

They re-dressed one another as properly as they could under the
difficult conditions. Rescue did not come as quickly as they had dreaded.
Cutting gear was brought over to their carriage and an hour later they were
freed and taken by ambulance to hospital.


Jason's stay in hospital lasted longer than he would have liked. The
brusing around his forehead was a cause for concern and he was detained for
forty-eight hours in case of complications.

Sarah never visited him. He felt guilty, lonely and hurt by her
absence. Had he lost her forever? He'd had the presence of mind to put his
business card into her frock pocket before they were rescued. Would she

As the weeks turned into months he felt that the answer was increasingly
likely to be no.

Three months after the accident, as September crept up on his busy work
schedule, he was in his office planning the month's workload when the phone

"Jason Farraday speaking. How may I help you?"

"By closing and locking your office door," a husky woman's voice spoke
in his ear. "Then I want you to sit down in your comfortable executive
leather chair and listen to what I have to say."

"Sarah? Is that you Sarah?"

"Jason, do as I have asked and then I will explain."

He put the phone down then shut and quietly locked the office door.

"Sarah, I've done what you asked now, where have you been? Did I do
something or say..."

"Quiet," the voice commanded. "You will be quiet until I give you
permission to speak. Is that clearly understood or I put the phone down,

"Okay, Sarah okay. I understand."

"I'm at work, Jason. I work in an office, along with twenty other
girls. We all provide a service to men who get off on our ability to
'perform' for them on the phone. Telephone sex. Do you understand the
term? A simple yes or no will do."

"Yes," replied Jason, falling into the rhythm of her performance.
Realisation was beginning to dawn.

"Unzip your fly and take out your cock."


"Do it now," commanded Sarah.

He did as he was told.

"Close your eyes and focus on the sound of my voice. Concentrate
intently on what I say. Will you?"


"Hold and stroke your cock rhythmically to what I say. Do not try to
force your sexual emotions through before the end of my story. You will
come when I say you can come. Do you agree?"


"I did not want you to find out about my job. I was ashamed. But then
I realised I was being selfish. You gave me comfort at a time when I
needed and wanted you desperately. I'm sorry I waited so long to call you.
I'm equally sorry if I have hurt you in any way by not being there for
you... I love you but you need to know the truth and by knowing the truth
you may not want me. I need to give back something to you, that is why I
rang you today. Are you stroking your cock?"


"What I am about to tell you is a true story that happened to me. I
have told no one this before. Do not interrupt me.

I was seventeen when my stepfather arrived home early one summer's
afternoon when my mother was out. He seduced me, tied me to my mother's
bed and raped me. Now, unlike other rape stories you may have heard, you
will probably be surprised to hear that I enjoyed what he did to me.

I wanted more and more but each time I had to be tied up to fully enjoy
our lovemaking.

mother eventually found out and threw me out of the house. That's when
I had to make my own way in the world. I have my own apartment. I've a
few close friends but more importantly I believe I have you.

I'm about to describe to you in intimate detail everything, every
emotion that swept through me on that first occasion my stepfather made
love to me. He was a big man like you and I want you to visualise yourself
as him. You are he and I am going to make love to you over the phone.

At first we talked. He was an easy listener. He invited me to have a
small glass of white wine with him. That led to another then he kissed me
gently on the lips. My heart fluttered beneath my flimsy cotton print
frock. He lifted me up with his hands under my elbows and wrapped his warm
arms around me hugging me to his body.

It was the first show of affection I had received from anyone in years.
A tear escaped my eye and rolled down my cheek. He broke away from me and
kissed my tear-streaked cheeks then my lips. I was in heaven. Here was my
mother's 'Prince Charming' giving me attention. I responded. I crushed my
mouth to his, returning his kiss with equal passion. He picked me up in
his strong arms and carried me through to their bedroom where he lay me on
the bed. Turning around he locked the door.

I wasn't intoxicated just floating on cloud nine when he began rolling
my light summer frock up and over my head. That's when I panicked. That's
when the enormity of what I was about to do and the consequences that could
follow overrode any feeling of affection or sexual stimulation that had

As my frock came free I dived for the key to the door on the bedside
table. He was faster and threw me back onto the bed. I twisted and
turned. I truly struggled to break free from his grasp but in the end both
my hands and legs were tied by some of my mother's long chiffon scarves to
the four corners of the big bed. I lay panting, squirming in my cotton
briefs and teenage bra, quietly glaring at him.

He casually undressed and came up between my outstretched legs. In his
hand was a pair of scissors that swiftly cut their way through the
remainder of my clothing. I was nude.

His erection was enormous. Are you erect, Jason?"

"Yes," he said dryly into the phone beside his ear as the voice
continued its story.

"You are as big as he was Jason. He straddled my naked breasts. One
hand stroked his rigid cock the other caressed my breasts. His big hand
stroked and fingered my hard nipples until they were so sensitive that I
closed my eyes and groaned with pleasure.

He continued to torture my breasts with his exquisite touch. At last as
the palm of his hand brushed the top surface of my left nipple, I came. I
climaxed through sheer pleasure from his touch. My torso shivered
deliciously beneath him. He understood my body more than I ever could at
that age.

He stopped stroking his erection and stood above me. I licked my lips
and he twisted around, almost sat on my face then kneeling forward he
caressed my lower belly down towards my wanton opening. Yes, wanton Jason.
I wanted him inside me. I wanted that huge cock pounding, thrusting and
sliding along my sensitive love tunnel. Instead I licked my lips, thrust
my head up and allowed him to place the head of his circumcised cock into
my wet mouth.

He went down into my wet pussy like a dog after a rabbit down his
burrow. His tongue slaked my licentious slit from every angle. He tongue
fucked me whilst slipping his broad, wet index finger easily into my arse.
I moved my lithe teenage torso to a sexual dance on the end of his finger.
I climaxed again, amazed at how easily my emotions could be ignited by his
arousal of my bound body.

I tried everything I could think of to make him come in my mouth. It
was only as a last resort that I gritted my teeth and raked them along the
length of his engorged cock that he removed his cock from my mouth, twisted
around and jerked off over my tits. He exploded and the hot semen landing
on my breasts and upper body felt like droplets of hot candle wax.

He hadn't finished with my young naked flesh. He used a towel from the
dresser to wipe me clean then rolled me over onto my tummy. He applied
some gel liberally around my asshole then slowly pushed a small, cool dildo
with a silver-coated head into my arse. As I felt every inch penetrate my
inner sanctum he turned me onto my back, spread my legs, licked my pussy for a short time whilst stroking his cock. He placed his body over mine in
the 'missionary' position then by rubbing his cock along the length of my
wet slit he aroused himself further. Inch by glorious inch he slid into me
and past my hymen with considerable ease. His cock was huge and with the
dildo in my arse I experienced double the pleasure. Once his entire shaft
was inside me he lay still for a moment then began nibbling my right
nipple. I jerked my body violently as the sensitive half-inch bud produced
a stabbing sensation flowing down to my groin. My vaginal muscles
contracted around his cock and he moved his lower torso toward and away
from my lustful, sweat sheened body. I rode him as he rode me. At first
to a gentle trot then a canter, then at full gallop. He thrust forward and
I would contract my vaginal muscles sweetly around his slippery shaft. He
moved back and I relaxed my muscles. Sweetly it continued.

From somewhere in my head as we gazed directly into each others eyes I
heard words coming from my mouth that surprised and excited even he.

'Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me harder. Fuck me harder, hard in my cunt.
God, I'm gonna come. I'm coming all over your cock. I want you to come.
Please come in me. Come on come. Come. Come. Aghhh...'

I climaxed intensely. His cock grew so large that I thought it would
explode and it did. With a groan he pulsed mightily inside me and filled
me with his hot seed.

Are you close to coming too, Jason?"


"Picture us together on that same bed with my head in your lap. You are
tied to the bed. Your slippery cock is in my mouth. My delicate hands
encircle your throbbing erection. Up and down. Up and down. You are
close to coming. I bury your cock deep down in my throat..."

"I'm gonna come," said Jason, suddenly into the phone.

"Then come, Jason. Come into the warmth of my throat. Thrust faster.
Jerk faster... Faster. Come in me..." Sarah whispered urgently, huskily.

Jason ejaculated into the wad of tissue papers he'd prepared earlier.
He put the phone down on the desk while he re-arranged his clothing.

When he picked it up again the line was dead.

The door handle turned and rattled. He unlocked the door and resumed
his office routine as though nothing had happened.


Jason could not get her out of his head. For days afterwards he made
enquiries at every telephone sex shop outlet in the city but was told that
employee details were confidential.

He stood forlornly beside the railway track that following Thursday
morning. He resembled in some ways, the broken strands of the ancient
cobweb fluttering fiercely from the rush of air pushed forward by an
approaching train.

It burst into view, roaring its presence and shrieked to a halt.

The doors opened and before him stood Sarah.

She moved into his open arms as the boarding commuters pushed and shoved
their way onto the train. He held her close and whispered in her ear,
"Don't ever leave me again."

"I'm yours," she smiled, "for as long as you'll have me."

They kissed for the first time. They held that kiss long after the
carriage doors had closed and the train had hummed then roared its way into
the next tunnel.

Eventually they broke free. Gazing wistfully at one another they walked
hand in hand through the exit.

Above them, attached to the exit sign, a new and stronger web was being



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