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A Fistful of Akiko


A Fistful of Akiko (mc, nc, MF, FF, MD, FD)

By Aerosol Kid <> Visit me at

The people and events in this story come from my brain, not the real
world. Regardless of what that tells you about my brain, it means that I'm
not writing about you, your mom, your friends, or your friends' friends.
So you can't sue me. Neener neener.

If you're under age in your territory (and you know what I mean), then
read something else.

(c) 2000 by Aerosol Kid. All rights reserved

Here's the last chapter of Akiko Masumi's first adventure. Does she
escape? Does she become the Chairman's toy? Did I swing toward the
'pathic side or lean in the direction of the romantic? I'm writing this in
the middle of my first draft, so don't ask me yet!


I had finally reached the end of my rope. After a weeklong press of
blue rooms, blue bugs, drugs in my drink, weird trigger-phrases, kinky sex,
slutty clothes, even Hypno-View(r) contact lenses, my ass was kicked. I
was flopping around in the back of the mysterious black van as it made its
rickety way back to pavement. The only thing that helped in the flopping
department was the stretcher I was tied to, neat as a package. Also, I
wished there were a little more to the dress I had on - I was starting to
get raw in some places a girl doesn't like to chafe.

These people had known all about Max and me. And they'd emptied the gas
tank on my getaway bike and stashed a stunner in the handlebars. I wasn't
sure, but it seemed like Max had escaped. After the jolt that locked up
all my joints, made me spill onto the road and gave me the hair of a
Bangle, I was completely disoriented. There were people moving around in
the back of the van, but they were only blurry aquarium fish to me. I
think somebody bandaged up my leg then, but I can't say for sure.

I knew there was no chance of escape - at least not for a while - so I
tried to relax and forget about my throbbing skull. That's when someone
held up my head and gave me a capsule that turned out to be Valium. A
little while later, when I was starting to feel much groovier, the van hit
smooth pavement. The drone of the wheels put me out in short order.

Someone turned on the lights in a big, empty room. The sound of the
flicking switch hung in the air as I began to stir in my - creepy black
torture chair! My limbs jerked and I gasped, reacting as much to the sight
of the spidery appliance as to the feel of a dozen freezing metal braces
and cuffs on my skin. Yup, I was naked again, if you didn't count the
bandage on my scraped up leg. I was in the center of a white, hexagonal
room, the ceiling of which seemed to stretch on for three or four stories overhead. The walls were fairly close. There was a tray to my left that
bore a set of gleaming dental tools. A professional-looking olive skinned
man stood in the doorway in front of me.

"What's with the Marathon man decor?" I croaked at him, speaking for the
first time in hours.

The man frowned politely as he searched in his head for the reference.
"Ah," he said finally, glancing at the tray full of shiny tools. Suddenly
he looked embarrassed. "We're tight on space in this facility, so this
room is normally used as an interrogation cell. Sorry if we gave you the
wrong idea."

Since he was being so nice, I tried to think of a polite way to raise
the question of the room's other purpose, and then ask why I was naked,
chained six ways to Sunday in a chair straight out of H.R. Giger. Before
I could take a stab at it, high heels clacked toward us in the hall
outside. The sound of those heels made the last week of my life feel like
ten years.

"Keeley!" I burst out, and the sound of her name rang in the six-walled
room even after my Boss Lady had walked in. As usual, she was wearing a
serious jacket and skirt. Her curly hair was piled up on top of her head,
and her blue eyes twinkled through her stylish eyeglasses with obvious glee
at my excitement, though she only allowed herself a prim smile.

She hesitated near the door for several seconds, looking me over - a
little worry mixed in with a cool appraisal of her compromised operative.
Then she took a step forward. "That will be all, Rene," she purred to the
man on door detail, who gave her a little salute, winked at me, then pulled
the door shut on his way out.

Keeley's frosty veneer melted the moment we were alone. "My god,
Akiko!" she cried, crossing the room in three strides to wrap her arms
around me in the black contraption. "I'm so glad we were able to get you

"Me too, ma'am!" I chirped as she squeezed me a little too hard. "Why
am I naked in the torture room?" I added as delicately as possible.

"I'm so sorry, honey." Keeley lowered her voice. "You've been exposed
to all kinds of coercion, and until we can reverse that, you're a danger to
yourself and to us." She started to fuss over the cuts and boo-boos from my
motorcycle spill.

"Yeah, you can say that again." I watched her frown at the bandage on my
leg. "But where were you while Max and I were in Mexico?"

She patted my head. "The short version," she began, phrasing it like a
question. "I was subjected to the same procedure as you." Her cheeks
flushed, and I decided not to ever tell her that I'd seen the whole thing.
"But I was able to resist, because..." she trailed off, meeting my eyes
uncertainly. "Well," she leaned in to my ear and whispered, "I don't like
men." I nodded to show that her personal info was safe with me. I was
hoping that she couldn't sense how much her declaration excited me.

"They sent me back to headquarters, to capture Chief Director Pendleton
and bring him to Soporo. There are several Min Sect people currently
inside Nepthys, so I knew that if I turned myself in for debriefing, I'd be
killed and the whole process would begin all over again. As soon as I was
away from Soporo, I went underground."

"What is this place?" I asked.

"This is a Nepthys sub-compound that is isolated from headquarters. It
operates independently from the main branch, by and large. The people here
were able to erase my programming and recover you. Now it's your turn."

"But what about Max?"

"My extraction team wasn't able to catch her. They found her abandoned
motorcycle after they captured you, but she was gone. We trained you both
very well and that worked to our disadvantage." She smiled a little.

"We can't leave her," I cried. "I don't think she can stand up to much
more of their brainwashing. I know I couldn't."

Keeley squeezed my fingers. "Max is your next assignment. We'll send
you in to get her, and once you're clear, another team will secure Soporo
Health Spa."

I smiled at the notion of "securing" a health spa, but then I remembered
the faux gym patrons taking out me and Max like yesterday's trash.

I tugged a little at the restraints. "Does that mean I get out of here
soon?" I asked, looking at her hopefully.

Keeley looked around the room, then pulled a small control unit out of
her jacket pocket. Pointing it over her shoulder at the door, she caused
three locks to slide home. Then she pointed it at the ceiling and brought
the lights down. I noticed then that I'd been bathed. My skin smelled
like vanilla and my hair smelled like jasmine, when last time I checked it
had reeked of burning yacht. It was tied up smoothly behind my head, and I
didn't need to look to know that it was secured with something expensive
and pretty. Keeley was giving me this enigmatic little ghost of a smile,
so I raised an eyebrow at her.

"Before I can let you go, you must be de-programmed. And the best way
to do that is to first emphasize your natural loyalties," she explained, as
I looked at her blankly.

"To the people you are loyal to of your own free will," she clarified. I
still didn't get it.

"To me," she half-whispered.


"You mean..." My eyes widened.

She held up her palms and took a step back. "Akiko. This is only the
first step. Once we complete that step, the rest is a very simple matter
of pharmaceuticals. I won't be programming you to obey me, only breaking
your loyalty to the Chairman and re-establishing your free will."

I chewed on that for a sec.

"This is a voluntary procedure. I'm sure we can crack this another way,
but this is the fastest method that we know of, and Max..."

"I'll do it, Keeley." She was reading objections into my slowness to get
her drift. I'd had my brain fried so many times in the last week that I
was feeling a little thick, but the fringe benefit was that I was very into
girls as of late. No way was I going to pass up an opportunity like this!

"You're sure?" Keeley pressed. She was being so cute, like it was our
first date.

"Oh, yes indeedy."

She relaxed visibly. "Good." The little smile grew.

She pressed another button on her remote dealie, and my chair started to
move. I tensed up instinctively, but it gently rearranged itself into a
skeletal table. When it stopped I was flat on my back, getting wet in
spite of my recent bad experiences in this pose.

Keeley pulled something else out of her jacket and showed it to me: a
tiny syringe full of green fluid. "I have to give you this," she said
apologetically. I nodded and she removed the cap, thumped the side and
squirted out the air bubbles. Moving swiftly to counter her obvious
reluctance, she smoothly pushed the needle into my arm. Pleasant, syrupy
warmth flowed into my shoulder, then into my chest and downward. I sighed
and closed my eyes, lost in the process of relaxing. This was already

I heard rustling, and turned my head to see Keeley efficiently wiggling
out of her jacket and skirt. Underneath, my naughty Boss Lady was wearing
only thigh-highs and an elegant bustier. Her austere outer garments
plopped to the floor. She blushed when she saw me staring at her, but I
couldn't help it - the yummy green stuff she'd injected me with was already
going to my head. Demurely, she began to take off her glasses, but I said,
"Leave those on, please." She smiled, pushed them up her nose with her
index finger and leaned over me.

"How do you feel?" she murmured, her mouth millimeters from mine.

"Feel pretty good." I was getting wasted. All those restraints and
straps slackened, then snicked into the larger frame of the chair, but
before I had a chance to move around she pressed her lips onto mine. I
lost interest in my newfound freedom and plunged my tongue into her mouth.
We made out like two candyflipping ravers for a while. A week ago I
might've been embarrassed by the sounds I was making.

Eventually Keeley pulled away for air. "Akiko, you have to relax or
this won't work," she implored, in tones that suggested she was far from
chill, herself. She started rubbing my sternum, making my back arch
reflexively. "You must do what I tell you. Relax."

"Yes..." I offered helpfully. I was pretty familiar with this whole
mind control routine by now.

"Yes what?"

"Yes ma'am," I answered, as my back returned to the rapidly warming
metal table. Jesus. After the last week I was probably going to be into
submissive sex for life.

Her head moved over my stomach, and a few stray curls of her hair began
to drive me absolutely crazy. "The Chairman..." she said, exhaling onto my
tummy. "You like him?"

"Oh, yes ma'am!" I exclaimed, mostly from what Keeley was doing.

"You obey him?"

"Yes ma'am."

She began licking around my navel, and the drug she'd given me was
running wide-open through my bloodstream. "He is an old man." My vision
pixelated in the grips of a hot flash.

"Y-yes ma'am." I wasn't sure how to respond to anything that wasn't a
question or a command.

"He's too old for you, don't you think?" Again with the licking.

"No. No ma'am. He's very nice and very smart." I liked the Chairman.
He smelled good.

She stuck her tongue into my belly button, causing me to grab her by the
hair with great enthusiasm. I moaned so that the microphones up near the
ceiling could hear. Keeley gently disengaged my fingers and rose up.
"Relax, Akiko," she commanded, placing my arm back onto the table. "You
will not move until I say so. You cannot move at all."

Her words caused dizziness to spin outward from a point just behind my
eyes. I saw stars as most of my strength ebbed away. "Just lie there,"
she said into my ear. "Let me do the work." With every word I felt weaker.
Heavier. I couldn't move my half-closed eyes from the center of the
ceiling overhead. My lips were parted, expectant.

"That's fine," Keeley encouraged, causing me to moisten further. "Let's
continue, shall we?" I tried in vain to nod. She was back to working my
belly button, which made my nerve endings light up like a thousand
cigarette lighters at a Prince concert.

"The Chairman. Has he ever made you feel like this?"

"No ma'am. Can't say he has." My tongue wouldn't work right. My words
came out in a delirious drawl.

"How about this?" she inquired, brushing her fingertips along the lips
of my vadge.

I didn't want to be rude and not answer, but I was busy cumming so hard
that the metal table was rattling. Keeley waited a discreet moment, then
reposed the question. "Has the Chairman ever made you feel like that?"

"No ma'am!" I started to rhapsodize about her hella good sexual skills,
but she put her finger to my lips.

"Don't speak unless you're spoken to, honey," she admonished. Then she
stepped away, taking her fantastic heat with her. "Let's move on to phase
two." The table descended a couple of feet - I felt like the weight of my
paralyzed body was causing it to sink into the floor. She worked on
something out of sight. I was trembling in anticipation of phase two.

She let me suffer like that for a bit, without even talking. Then she
stepped over me and straddled my neck and shoulders. All I could do was
gaze up at her and wish that I could reach up and pull her fabulous tits out of that bustier. Keeley stared down at me, then expertly leaned
backward to fill me with a sublimely purring vibrator. Her eyes never left

"I helped make you what you are today, Akiko. I recruited you after
school, set you up with your place, trained you and encouraged you.

"Yes ma'am," I moaned over the electric motor between my legs.

"You work for me because you want to, not because I send little blue
bugs after you and hypnotize you. Isn't that right?" she demanded,
towering over me.

"Huhn...." I was focused on my buzzing clit. I could tell that Keeley
was also having a hard time sticking to the script, from the distinct tang
in the air. I mean, her snatch was right over my face! My tongue darted
between my lips.

"You work with me to rid the world of terrorism. The old man wants you
to bring Nepthys down. He made you capture me. Do you want to work for
such a man?"

There was no doubt in my mind. "No!"

"Do you want to follow him around like a bimbo, servicing him while you
wait to be sent into the world to do evil?" She was starting to sound a
little like a televangelist. She looked a damn sight better than any Bob
Tilton, especially from this angle.

"No ma'am!" I shouted. My walls contracted and my asshole went along
for the ride.

"You are Akiko Masumi, Nepthys Cobalt Level Operative, correct?"

That was it - I came again at hearing my name and title. What was that
about? My eyes screwed shut, and I caught a fleeting glimmer of the
Chairman's face on the backs of my eyelids. I tried to draw a breath.

"Answer the question, Akiko!"

I opened my eyes to see her glaring down at me; nipples rock hard, chest
heaving, fingers working absently at nothing. A few curls stuck to her
clammy forehead.

"Ma'am! I'm Akiko Masumi, Nepthys Cobalt Level Operative. Yes ma'am!"

Keeley's voice dropped a register. "Excellent. I believe we're
finished with phase two. Let's celebrate," she suggested, lowering herself
onto my face.

And there I was again; in a swank meeting room at Soporo Health Spa. I
felt so good after my session with Keeley, except for a little queasiness
at being back behind enemy lines. Chairman Korjdaan was briefing Max and
me about our next mission, and as he moved succinctly through his
instructions I did my best to play the part of Super-Attentive Hypnogirl.
What I was really thinking was how much I wanted to finish the work Max and
I started last time we were here.

It was easy to return without facing too many dangerous questions. The
Nepthys sub-team that had rescued me had covered their tracks well; all I
had to do was concoct a story about my delayed return, so I simply told the
Chairman that Max and I were attacked by a group of thugs with no love for
Anders. Max had of course escaped, and I was captured. Eventually, I told
him, they let their guard down and I got away as well. I'm a good
bullshitter, so he bought the story.

"So. The two of you understand the details of your next mission?"
Korjdaan inquired.

Max, glassy-eyed, immediately chimed, "Yes sir!" I got distracted by how
hot she looked in her tight-fitting leather number, and by her cute
ponytail. It was good to be with her again.

"Ms. Masumi, you are clear on your objective to recover Director Keeley
Sutton?" He was a little irate with my spaceyness.

"Yessir," I lied. My mind, now my own, had been gleefully doing its own
thing during his entire mission outline. I sat up straight, crossed my
legs and tossed my hair fetchingly. It was painfully obvious that the old man was starting to have a thing for me, so I coasted by his sharp
instincts on my feminine wiles.

He looked like he was going to say something to me, but he stood.
"Please report to the Blue Room now. Both of you. You need a
reinforcement session before you leave."

This time I made a show of being on the same page with Max. "Sir!" we
barked, then made our exit in step.

We made our way down the hall in silence for a bit, as I tried to suss
out Max's condition. It looked to me like she'd had her brains fried some
more, but she seemed different - more vacant, less focused. I couldn't
tell if it was what they meant to do to her or if she was just starting to
break down under the strain. No matter, Maxi, I'm springing you out of

I sure didn't want to keep my appointment in the Blue Room, so I made my
move. "Max," I hissed. No response. I looked at her: she was totally on
autopilot. I wondered if she was even blinking those doe eyes. I moved
into her path to block her. "Max!"

She stopped, but looked right through me. "Max, I have to go to the
armory real quick and swap out one of my pistols. Come with?"

Max focused on me, with effort. "We must go to the Blue Room. We need
our treatment." The way she said "need" gave me goosebumps.

"And we will. But I have to get a new gun, and I get lost in this place
sometimes. I need you," I begged, playing up to the Big Sis programming
that everyone seemed to feel was necessary to keep me in check.

She frowned. "All right, but be quick." I could tell she was just going
along with me to get to the Blue Room quicker - Max knew what a pain I
could be when I wanted.

I didn't give a shit about the armory; I was just trying to find a
relatively private place for a few minutes. It didn't take long to spot an
empty office. Without warning, I grabbed Max's wrist and pulled her
inside, pushing the door shut with my back.

Luckily, Max was more confused than angry. "Akiko, what are you doing?
We have to get to the Blue Room."

"Poor horny Max," I soothed, "I've got something better than that." And
before she could give me any lip about it, I shoved my little canister of
hypno-aerosol in her face and sprayed her a good one.

"Uh!" she gasped, as I put a few feet between myself and the cloud of
mind-melting mist around Max. She coughed and jammed her fists into her
eyes, but there wasn't a lot of fight in her. Slowly, she lowered her
hands from her face, and I watched her lids twitch around the whites of her
eyes. Before the cloud of spray had even dispersed, she slipped to her
knees, let out another feeble moan, then collapsed, legs splayed out

"Max, I know you can hear me, so just listen." I crouched down next to
her, took her hand. "I'm in control of you now, 'kay?"

She shook her head weakly, eyes shut. "N-no. Not you. I have to
control you," she protested. "'Posed to take you to the..."

"Yeah yeah, to the Blue Room," I finished for her. "The Blue Room is
wack, this whole place is wack, and I am commanding you to leave with me
right now."

She frowned. "Noooo."

I didn't have time for this, so I misted her again. "Max, I'm in
control of you now. Stop resisting me."

She inhaled sharply, taking in even more spray. Her eyes fluttered
open, and though she was looking about three light-years over my shoulder,
I could tell she was paying attention now. "What can I do for you, Akiko?"
I was a little overwhelmed with how cute she was, right then. "Well for
starters you can kiss me, homegirl."

So, Max in tow, I made a beeline for the elevator back up to the spa.
No one tried to stop us until we got to the last security checkpoint. A
couple of suits in Raybans were waiting for us. "Just a moment please,"
one of them said, raising a hand.

A voice boomed out of the intercom overhead. "Stop them." It was the
Chairman. I guess he wasn't so distracted by my feminine wiles as to leave
us unmonitored. Both goons made to reach for their pistols, but I was way
ahead of them. I pulled my Glocks and wasted them, then grabbed Max and
headed for the elevator. Lucky for us, it was on the right floor.

As we waited to reach the spa, I bounced on my heels nervously, watching
Max out of the corner of my eye. She seemed weak as a kitten, and it was
all she could do to keep up with me. And we still had to get to the
parking deck.

A chime sounded when we reached the right floor, and the doors opened to
reveal the poolroom, still in a state of repair after our last visit. I
hadn't even taken a step forward when a strong, suntanned arm reached in
and yanked me out. As I stumbled to regain my balance, a blow struck me on
the neck and I went down hard. My guns skittered across the pool deck.

"Hey, why don't you join us," a familiar voice invited, as a foot
cracked down on my spine. "Maybe swim a few laps?"

I hurt, but not enough to stay down. Rolling onto my back, I snapped my
legs into the air and sprang to my feet. I'd placed the voice correctly;
it was my pal Ken, surrounded by his bronzed Californian friends. A couple
of pool cuties were busy grabbing Max.

"Thanks, but we can't stay," I said, circling him. He grinned at me and
assumed a boxing stance. He was overly eager and made the first move, but
this time I was ready for him. I traced a foot in a graceful arc across
and under his feet, knocking him on his ass. Then I followed through by
dropping onto his larynx with my elbow, Smackdown style. Sorry, Barbie.

A crush of operatives in swimsuits moved in quickly to encircle me. The
remaining pair was busy hustling my partner back into the elevator. "Max!"
I yelled desperately, "Stay with me!" Then the doors closed, and she was

"Fuck!" I screamed, as a half-dozen people started to attack me. I
grabbed the first pair of arms to get in my space, and luckily they
belonged to two different ladies. Slamming them together, I caused their
skulls to meet in a most satisfying way. They had funny expressions on
their faces as they slumped to the floor. I could've sworn I saw little
cartoon stars and birds orbiting their heads. But there were more
attackers behind me, so I did a nice little flip over the stunned girls,
then planted myself in front of the elevator. It was a bad place to be,
tactically, but I had to risk it if I wanted to go after Max again.

The next girl was much more of a problem: she decked me a few good ones
before I even noticed that her hands were moving, and it took all of my
concentration to fend her off. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a Latino
chick raise something big over her head, as the first girl swung toward my
head. I chose to deflect what was now recognizable as a flowerpot veering
toward my skull, and took the full force of the judo chop. I slammed into
the elevator doors, then watched my vision tunnel as I slid to my knees.
It wasn't looking good for me.

"Get her up, Amber!" the Latino girl was saying, and I felt myself
hoisted to my feet.

"Jesus, she's a hellcat!" Amber spat. "Fucking bitch!" And she punched
me in the chops to make her feelings crystal clear. Before I could visit
the floor again, she tossed me over her shoulder and rang for the elevator.
"I sure am glad I get paid for this," the Latino girl remarked, nursing
her wrist. "Look what she did to Letitia and Anya!" I couldn't really look
because my nose was jammed into the small of Amber's back.

"Honestly, I don't know why the boss bothers with these mind control
escapades," Amber opined. "Seems a lot easier just to hire good help."

"What's holding up the fucking elevator?"

As if on cue, the chime sounded. I heard the doors open and waited to
be hauled back down to the Blue Room again. Instead, I heard the
distinctive sound of a silenced pistol and the muted grunt of the Latino
girl, followed by a plop.

"Hey, hold up a sec..."Amber warned.

"Put her down," I heard Max say, deadly serious.

I was quickly restored to my feet, and I struggled to stay there as
Amber backed away from me slowly. Max motioned to the elevator with her
pistol. "Get in there."

"Cool. Cool." Amber backed inside. She was even so helpful as to
quickly punch the button that closed the doors, to speed herself on her

I was aware of Max hovering next to me, so I stopped checking out my
tenderized head to look at her. She still had the air of a pod person, but
her jaw stuck out firmly. She offered her arm in support.

Five minutes ago she'd seemed barely able to walk, now she was helping
me step around the KO'd cuties toward the lobby. Oh well, as long as one
of us can deal.

As if reading my mind, Max offered, "Your last command. 'Stay with me'.
I had to obey it, and the more I did, the more I realized how much trouble
you were in." She looked at her hands. "We don't have long before that
spray of yours wears off. Oh. 'Scuse me a minute, please." I was dimly
aware of more opposition as we made our way to the parking deck, but Max
made short work of the remaining hostiles.

I had the presence of mind to stop her when we reached her Blazer, and
activate the transceiver in my Badtz Maru watch. "Keeley. We're clear."

"Excellent," her voice crackled back. "Give Max my regards. After you
haul ass out of there."

I looked at Max. "Can you drive?"

Max responded by pushing me into the passenger seat. "I got it."

As she started the engine, I could hear helicopters converging on the

"So what did we learn, Akiko?" Keeley asked breezily. Max and I were
hanging out in Keeley's office, informally shooting the shit after lots of
report writing, de-briefing and de-programming, in Max's case. Finally, I
was back at Nepthys headquarters.

Remembering my very first visit to Soporo Health Spa, I postulated,
"Never go into a potentially hazardous situation without calling in first.
I am not Supergirl." Keeley smiled approvingly. "Although I do kick much
ass, if I don't say so."

Her smile turned to a mixture of resigned exasperation and undisguised
lust, before quickly fading into her usual, businesslike mask. "Just
please save us all a lot of... headache, and remember procedure from now

"Anything else?" Max asked me.

"Beg pardon?"

"Did you learn anything else?" she repeated coyly.

"Well, there was maybe one other thing..."

Two pairs of expectant eyes waited for my answer.

"Girls smell good," I declared. Much giggling ensued, as I wondered how
to manage this major new intersection of my personal and professional


By Aerosol Kid <> Visit me at


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