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A Lesson In Sex 1(1)


One evening, one of my best friends, his fiancee and I had just got back to
their house after a few drinks down at the local pub. It had been quite a
relaxed night out, as all three of us had had hectic days at work. I'd
actually wanted it to be an evening of chilled out drinking, as I'd made
the decision that tonight was going to be the night I was going to announce
to my best friend's wife-to-be that I was bisexual. I'd already told
Steven, a couple of years ago, and he'd said he was a little shocked, but
would stand by me whatever I decided. "There you go", offered Caoimhe, as
she set a can of beer in front of me, and then one in front of Steven. As
she opened a third one for herself, we said the only word that was suitable
- "Cheers!!". All three of us duly raised our cans in the air, and began
drinking. Steven started reminiscing about women he'd been out with before
he'd met Caoimhe, just to get Caoimhe wound up. As soon as he started
mentioning the women's names, she turned on him, and started complaining.
"Okay", exclaimed Steven, "what do you want to talk about for the rest of
the night?!". Within seconds, it was obvious Caoimhe had nothing else to
talk about. It wasn't long before she turned to face me and ask a
question. "What do you want to listen to this evening?". "I don't mind.
Just stick on the radio, for the time being", I suggested, trying to avoid
starting a fight between the two lovers. "Don't I get to suggest what
music we listen to this evening?!", asked Steven, feeling a little left
out. "But Steven", commented Caoimhe, as she went over to him to sit on his
knee, "you always get to choose the music. Let Alan have the choice
tonight". Within seconds, the pair of them were snogging, more
passionately than I'd ever witnessed before. "Yeah, yeah; all right you
two, break it up!!", I ordered, as I'd seen them snogging many times during
their five and a half year relationship. I went over to the hi-fi system
and turned on the local music radio station. All of a sudden, one of the
best dance tunes of the year started playing on the radio. I just had to
get up and have a boogie, as I had hardly danced during the night. As the
tune really got going, my legs felt as though they were doing overtime.
After a few minutes, I began to slow down, and soon found myself stopping,
only to find Steven and his fiancee kissing just as intensely as before.
It looked to me as though they weren't going to pay any attention to what I
said to them, so I sat down to finish my beer. Not long after I'd sat
down, Steven and his girlfriend parted to finish their beers. "Caoimhe", I
began, "can you keep a secret?". "Yeah, 'course", she replied, "what is
it?!". After taking a few seconds to compose myself, I told her my big
secret. We were soon hugging each other, so as to confirm she had no
problem with what I'd just told her. It was only the second time we'd ever
hugged, and I suddenly began to feel more confident within myself. "I'm
off to bed", said Steven, as he got up from where he was sitting. As he
walked past me, he held his hand out and I shook his outstretched hand.
"See ya, mate", I said, just as Steven walked through the open doorway,
towards the hallway. "So, how long have you had these feelings?!", asked
an inquisitive Caoimhe, once Steven was out of earshot. "To be honest with
you", I started, "I don't know exactly, but I started coming out about two
and a half years ago. Before that, I suppose I always thought it was a
possibility that I wasn't straight". "Why didn't you tell me sooner? I
have a lot of gay friends", Caoimhe continued to question. "I guess I
thought you might react in a weird way", I commented. "Oh well ... now
you know that it doesn't matter to me what your sexual orientation is to be
honest". "I'm tired", I said, "I'm off to bed. I'll see you in the
morning". With that, I leaned over to hug Caoimhe again because I'd been
worried about what her reaction would be to my confession. I also felt my
coming out to her had improved our friendship. As I was getting ready for
bed, I heard Caoimhe climbing the stairs to the bedroom that she shared
with Steven. "Goodnight", she said as she passed the door of the spare
bedroom. "Yeah, goodnight; see you in the morning", Caoimhe replied.
After a few minutes of lying in bed, I heard a knock at my door. "Come
in", I exclaimed, knowing it must be either Steven or Caoimhe. I was a
little bemused when both of them walked into the room wearing only their
underwear. Before I could ask what they wanted, Caoimhe explained why they
were both standing there, half-naked. "We know that you're not very
sexually experienced with men or women, so we've both agreed it's about
time you had some lessons for when you eventually do strike it lucky!"
"When was this decided?" I asked, still flabbergasted. "Oh, we've been
planning it for a while now, but thought that now would be a perfect
opportunity to start the course after what you told Caoimhe earlier", said
Steven. "Are you serious?!", I replied. "Of course we are. You don't
think we'd be here if we weren't", replied Steven. "The first lesson is to
be kissing", Caoimhe continued. "We know you've had a few snogs in recent
months, but you may need to practice a bit on your technique", explained
Steven. As the half-naked woman of my dreams approached me, I
automatically tilted my head to the right and puckered up for a snog that
I'd only ever dreamed about. Although the first kiss only lasted a matter
of a few seconds, it was like I'd just stepped into a new world. When she
eventually pulled away from me, she looked at me with a smile. I
immediately knew that I had made a statement. It was Caoimhe who broke the
silence. "That's a great technique you've got there!". "Presumably not as
good as mine", interrupted Steven, already starting to feel a bit left out.
"Of course not", exclaimed Caoimhe, as she proceeded to give him a really
long-lasting snog. I was getting incredibly turned on by just looking at
them. My brain was going mad just trying to imagine what other lessons my
friends had lined up for me during the course of the night. "I think you
need a little more practice at that", started Steven, as he approached me,
"but this time, you're going to have to imagine snogging a bloke!". I was
curious as to how this was going to be achieved, as there was only the
three of us in the house. The next thing I knew was that Steven was
standing right in front of me, lightly caressing my cleanly-shaven face as
I'd just seen him do with his wife-to-be before they'd snogged. Was my
best friend about to snog me in front of his long-term girlfriend? During
Steven's mind-blowing snog, it was becoming obvious that both of them
wanted to give me lessons about sex with both men and women. I was really
starting to get the hang of it, when Steven broke off the kiss. "That's
enough of that for a while", Caoimhe started, "we'll probably come back to
that and give you some more practice". "Not that you really need any!",
continued Stevie, giving me a knowing glance. "Right, what's the next
lesson?!", I asked. "Have a guess?", said Caoimhe, proceeding to unclip
her Wonderbra. As her bra fell to the ground, I saw what I had always
thought would be the best pair of tits I've ever seen - either in real life
or in print. I also noticed something truly erotic - she'd had her right
nipple pierced - just as I did! "Well", said Caoimhe, "what are you
waiting for, a written invitation?!". As both Steven and I got closer to
Caoimhe, I began to realise that tonight would be the start of something
very special indeed. As I began to nibble on her left nipple, Steven was
taking care of her pierced right nipple. My first ever taste of a woman's
nipple was an experience quite like no other. It was a lot more sensuous
for me that I'd imagined. I also experimented by taking my mouth away from
her nipple and using my tongue to 'flick' it to make it stand erect. "Mind
if I tried sucking your other nipple now?", I asked Caoimhe. "No", she
replied, encouraging me, "go right ahead". As Steven and I swapped sides,
I began to let my tongue explore the area round her pierced right nipple,
which was an even better experience than her left. It seemed as though I
was doing all the right things as I could hear her moaning, but to this day
I don't know who enjoyed it more - her or me!! After a while, I decided
that I'd had enough of my first taste of female nipple and took it upon
myself to proceed down Caoimhe's fantastic body towards the entrance of her
love tunnel. "Hey", exclaimed Steven and Caoimhe in unison, as soon as
they realised what I was up to, "where do you think you're going!".
"Sorry", I explained, "didn't think I needed a written invitation!!". I
slowly stood up 'til I was facing Caoimhe once again and immediately felt
the urge to give her another snog before taking a step back. "So ...
what's next?". I felt overwhelmed by the moment and leaned forward to give
her yet another snog. "Okay tiger", said Caoimhe, "no need to get worked
up about it!". "Next", piped Steven, "is the lesson on blow-jobs". "We're
going to start by demonstrating on you", continued Caoimhe turning to me,
"then I'll demonstrate, using Steven's cock as an aid. After that, you can
have some practice on Steven yourself". "Are you sure?", I asked, not sure
what the two had said to each other to make this happen. "We wouldn't be
here if we weren't 100% sure, would we?", answered Steven. "It's okay,
I've told her all about us!". Had I just understood what my best friend
had just said? You see, during the past two years, him and I had been
sleeping with each other on and off - usually when we were both drunk. I
would usually creep into his bed and within seconds would be munching on
his tasty cock. What made things even more erotic was that he seemed to
love sucking on mine - often at the same time. As I started to take in
what had just been said, Caoimhe and Steven were on their knees just in
front of me and it was Caoimhe who started to stroke my ever increasing
cock through the fabric of my boxer shorts. Within a matter of a minute or
so, she decided it was about the right time to be the first adult woman of
my peer group to see my naked cock. Within a matter of a few seconds of
feasting her eyes on my fully erect seven inch cock, she started to lick it
from the base right to the top. It looked even more erotic than I'd
imagined it would - I nearly came there and then. As Caoimhe was
continuing with the blow job, Steven told his future wife to start licking
the side of my cock - so he could lick the other side of it. As I looked
down to keep an eye on their progress and to try and learn something in the
process, I was amazed at how erotic the whole 'set-up' looked. During the
course of the next few minutes, it was obvious that the night was going to
become even more erotic than I had first imagined. The pair of them began
to lick up either side of my seven inch member, reaching the head of my
cock at the very same time. Then, they would proceed to give each other a
quick kiss. After about a minute of that, Caoimhe took over and gave me a
'full-on' blow job that I wouldn't be forgetting about in a hurry. While
his wife-to-be was demonstrating me how to give a great blow job, Steven
had got behind Caoimhe and was beginning to massage her gorgeous tits.
Soon, Caoimhe stopped sucking my now sensitive cock and slowly pulled away
after giving my cock a last, longing lick. As she did so, Steven also
pulled away from where he was and stood up straight and Caoimhe followed
his lead. As the intensity of the events got the better of me, I knew I
had to give Caoimhe another long snog - my way of thanking her for the
night's events so far. After we broke away from each other, it became
obvious that the next lesson was about to begin - giving blow jobs. As
Caoimhe and Steven started snogging again, I noticed Steven rising to the
occasion quite nicely. Caoimhe then started to lower herself down Steven's
great body - kissing every available inch of his torso. Soon, she was on
her knees and was ready to start giving the blow job to her future husband.
Before she went any further, she started to rub Steven's member through his
boxer shorts that her was still wearing. As soon as it was obvious that
Stevie was as horny as he could get, Caoimhe stopped what she was doing and
looked up at me. "Aren't you going to come and join me down here?", asked
Caoimhe. To Be Continued ...


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