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A Lesson In Sex1(2)


One evening, one of my best friends, his fiancee and I had just got back to
their house after a few drinks down at the local pub. It had been quite a
relaxed night out, as all three of us had had rather hectic days at work.
I'd actually wanted it to be a chilled out evening of drinking, as I'd come
to the decision that tonight was going to be the night I was announce to my
best friend's wife-to-be that I was bisexual. I'd already told my mate,
Steven, a couple of years ago, and he'd said he was a little shocked, but
would stand by me whatever I decided. "There you go", offered Caoimhe, as
she set a can of beer in front of me, and then one in front of Steven. As
she opened a third for herself, we said the only word that was suitable -
"Cheers!!". All three of us duly raised our cans in the air, and began
drinking. Steven started reminiscing about women he'd been out with before
he'd met Caoimhe, just to get Caoimhe wound up. As soon as he started
mentioning the women's names, she turned on him, and started complaining at
him to change the subject. "Okay", exclaimed Steven, "what do you want to
talk about for the rest of the night?!". Within seconds, it was obvious
Caoimhe had nothing else to talk about. It wasn't long before she turned
to face me and ask a question. "What do you want to listen to this
evening?". "I don't mind. Just stick on the radio, for the time being", I
suggested, trying to avoid starting a fight between the two lovers. "Don't
I get to suggest what music we listen to this evening?!", asked Steven,
feeling a little left out. "But Steven", commented Caoimhe, as she went
over to him to sit on his knee, "you always get to choose the music. Let
Alan have a choice tonight". Within seconds, the pair of them were
snogging, like they'd never snogged before. "Yeah, yeah; all right you
two, break it up!!", I ordered, as I'd seen them snogging many times during
their five and a half year relationship. I went over to the hi-fi system
and turned on the local music radio station. All of a sudden, one of the
best dance tunes of the year started playing on the radio. I just had to
get up and have a boogie, as I hadn't danced enough during the night. As
the tune really got going, my legs felt as though they were doing overtime.
Within a few minutes, I began to slow down, and soon found myself stopping,
only to find Steven and his fiancee kissing just as intensely as before.
It looked to me as though they weren't going to pay any attention to what I
asked them to do, so I decided to take a break and sit down and finish my
beer. Not long after I'd sat down, Steven and his girlfriend parted and
finished their beers. "Caoimhe", I began, "can you keep a secret?".
"Yeah, 'course", she replied, "what is it?!". After taking a few seconds
to compose myself, I told her my big secret. She looked at me and said,
"Sure, I know lots of gay people - I'm not shocked at all". We were soon
hugging each other, so as to confirm she had no problem with what I'd just
told her. It was only the second time we'd hugged, and I suddenly began to
feel more confident. "I'm off to bed", said Steven, as he got up from
where he was sitting. As he walked past me, he held his hand out and I
shook his outstretched hand. "See you in the morning", I said, just as
Steven walked through the open doorway, towards the hallway. "So, how long
have you had these feelings?!", asked an inquisitive Caoimhe, as soon as
Stevie had left. "To be honest with you", I started, "I don't know
exactly, but I started coming out a couple of years ago. Before that, I
suppose I always thought it was a possibility that I wasn't straight".
"Why didn't you tell me sooner? I have a lot of gay friends", Caoimhe
continued to question. "I guess I thought you might react in a weird way",
I commented. "Oh well ... now you know that it doesn't matter to me what
your sexual orientation", she replied. "I'm tired", I said, "I'm off to
bed. I'll see you in the morning". With that, I leaned over to hug
Caoimhe again because I'd been worried about how she would react to my
confession. I felt my coming out to her had improved our friendship. As I
was getting ready for bed, I heard Caoimhe climbing the stairs to the
bedroom that she shared with Steven. "Goodnight", I said as she passed the
door of the spare bedroom. "Yeah, goodnight; see you in the morning", she
replied. After a few minutes of lying in bed, I heard a knock at my door.
"Come in", I exclaimed, knowing it must be either Steven or Caoimhe.
Although the bedroom light was still off, but with the help of the light
immediately outside the door I was able to make out the fact that it was
Caoimhe at the door. I was slightly curious as to what she was wanting at
this time of the night - could what she had to say not wait until the
morning? Before I could say anything, Caoimhe walked over to the bed. As
she approached, she loosened the belt holding her white dressing gown. My
eyes were drawn to her torso, which looked like it was only covered by what
appeared to be a pair of G-strings and a matching Wonderbra. "I realise
you're not sexually experienced with women, so I thought it was about time
you had some lessons for when you eventually do strike it lucky!" Before I
had a chance to say or do anything, Caoimhe had pulled back the duvet and
proceeded to climb on top of me. "When did you decide that?" I asked,
still flabbergasted. "Oh, I've been planning it for a while now, but
thought that now would be a perfect opportunity to start the course after
what you told me earlier", said Caoimhe. "Are you serious?!", I replied.
"I wouldn't be here if I wasn't", she replied. "The first lesson is to be
kissing. I know you've had a few snogs in recent months, but I think you
need to practice a bit on your technique", she explained. As the woman of
many of my dreams began to kiss me, she was somehow able to pull her
dressing gown from her body to show even more of her amazing torso. As the
intensity of the kissing increased, I started to get a 'boner' and my hands
began to caress the back of Caoimhe's truly amazing body. Although the
first kiss only lasted a matter of a minute or so, it was as though I'd
just stepped into a brand new world. When she eventually pulled away from
me, she looked at me with a smile. I immediately knew that I had made a
statement : and that she felt the same way. "That's a great technique
you've got there!", said Caoimhe, breaking the silence. "That's enough of
that for now". Caoimhe raised herself up from where she was lying to
straddle my waist, "I'll come back to that and give you some more practice
later on". "What's the next lesson?!", I asked, still not quite believing
what was happening. "Have a guess?", said Caoimhe, as she proceeded to
unclip her Wonderbra. As she held her bra over the side of the bed and let
it drop to the ground, I saw what I had always imagined would be the best
pair of tits I would ever lay my eyes on. I also noticed something even
more erotic about them - she'd had her right nipple pierced ... just as I
did! "Well", said Caoimhe, "what are you waiting for, a written
invitation?!" As I raised myself to Caoimhe's gorgeous boobs, I began to
realise that tonight would be the start of something very special. I
started nibbling on her left nipple, my left hand massaged her pierced
right nipple. My first ever taste of a woman's nipple was an experience
quite like no other. It was a lot more sensuous than I'd imagined. I
occasionally took my mouth away from her nipple and used my tongue to
'flick' it to make it stand erect. "Mind if I tried sucking your other
nipple now?", I asked Caoimhe. "No", she replied, as she seemed to be
enjoying things, "go right ahead". I began to let my tongue explore the
area round her pierced right nipple, which was turning out to be an even
better experience than her left. It seemed as though I was doing all the
right things as I could hear her moaning, but to this day I don't know who
enjoyed it more - her or me!! After a while, I decided that I'd had enough
of my first taste of female nipple and took it upon myself to proceed down
Caoimhe's fantastic body towards her love tunnel. "Hey", exclaimed
Caoimhe, as soon as she realised what I was up to, "where do you think
you're going!". "Sorry", I explained looking up at her, "I didn't think I
needed a written invitation!!". I suddenly felt the urge to give her
another snog before lowering myself back down. "So ... what's next?", I
asked, still overwhelmed by the events of the last few minutes. "Okay
tiger, next", piped Caoimhe, as she moved herself down my legs, "is a
lesson on giving blow-jobs. I'm going to start by showing you how to give
a great blow job. Then I'll show you, in greater detail, some techniques
to use". "Are you sure?", I asked. "100% sure!", answered Caoimhe as she
kissed my torso on the way down towards my now larger than usual cock.
Within seconds, Caoimhe was straddling my shins ready to start stroking my
ever increasing cock through the fabric of my boxer shorts. Within about a
minute, she decided it was time for her to see my naked cock. A few
seconds later, after feasting her eyes on my fully erect seven inch cock,
she started to lick it from the base right to the top. It looked even more
erotic than I'd imagined it would - I nearly came there and then. As I
looked down to keep an eye on her progress and to try and learn something
in the process, I was amazed at how erotic it looked. She began to lick up
either side of my seven inch member. During the course of the next few
minutes, I began to imagine what things could happen between Caoimhe and
myself that night. Shortly after Caoimhe had started her blow-job in
earnest, I heard the stairs to their bedroom creaking. I didn't think it
was anything to worry about at the time. Soon, I started to come as
Caoimhe's technique was truly amazing. Even better, she was able to
swallow every last drop of my spunk. After a few seconds of recuperation,
I looked down as Caoimhe as she made her way back up to straddle my upper
thighs again. Soon, we were snogging again but this time it was even more
sexual than before. "What now?", I quizzed Caoimhe after we'd parted.
"Well ... I think it's about time for you to see what you've learned about
giving blow-jobs", she replied. "Is that not going to be very difficult,
without a cock to practice on", I asked. "Well", answered Caoimhe, as she
got off me and went over to a cabinet in the corner of the room, "that's
why I prepared earlier". Within seconds, Caoimhe had pulled something out
of the drawers of the cabinet. From what I could make out it was a dildo,
probably about six inches in length. As she stood there in the light of
the street outside, I got another boner just looking at her amazing body.
"Fair enough", I responded, as Caoimhe approached the bed for a second
time. "Are you planning to be take off those knickers of yours soon or
what?!" "Soon", replied Caoimhe as she straddled my thighs again while
holding the dildo with her right hand. As soon as she got herself
comfortable, she held the dildo sticking out from just below her amazing
boobs. "There you go", she started, "try doing what I showed you a few
minutes ago". Just then, the door of the room opened and in walked Steven
startling me. "Or you could always try your technique on me". This made
me jump as I wasn't expecting Steven to know anything about Caoimhe giving
me a lesson in sex. "What are you doing here?!", I asked, still confused
as to what was happening. "Don't worry", continued Steven as he approached
the bed, wearing a pair of boxer shorts and a men's version of the dressing
gown Caoimhe had been wearing not long ago. "We all know how much you
fancy my wife-to-be, so I sent down her ahead of me so you could have her
all to yourself for a few minutes. And anyway ... I've told her about
us". Had I just understood what my best friend had just said? You see,
during the past two years, him and I had been sleeping with each other on
and off - usually when we were both drunk. I would usually creep into his
bed and within seconds would be munching on his tasty cock. What made
things even more erotic was that he seemed to love sucking on mine - often
at the same time. As Caoimhe arose from straddling my thighs, she moved
over to the other side of the bed - the same side as Steven was standing.
"All right then", I said, resigning myself to the fact that I would
probably be longer able to try snogging Caoimhe at a moments notice. "What
do you two want to do next?". "I think you should start giving a blow-job
to Steven", suggested Caoimhe, as she got out bed. I could only look on as
they started snogging. They weren't snogging for long as they remembered
there was someone else in the room. Within seconds, they had separated and
it looked as though Steven had risen quite nicely to the occasion. Caoimhe
then started to lower herself down Steven's great body - kissing every
available inch of his torso. Soon, she was on her knees and was ready to
start giving the blow job to her future husband. Before she went any
further, she started to rub Steven's member through his boxer shorts that
her was still wearing. As soon as it was obvious that Stevie was as horny
as he could get, Caoimhe stopped what she was doing and looked up at me.
"Aren't you going to come and join me down here?", asked Caoimhe. To Be
Continued ...


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