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A M videos made however this although


This story contains material of an adult nature if you are over the age of
21 read and enjoy otherwise please close and delete this file and go to

How I met my wife - by Blueboy

I was a recently widowed forty year old male after eighteen years of
marriage my wife had died suddenly a year ago, I missed her more than
anything, I also missed our wonderful sex life. We were a very open minded
couple and had enjoyed many threesomes and I still enjoyed watching some of
the erotic videos we made however this although highly erotic has the
effect of depressing me as you can imagine. I was on my way home one
evening to an empty house once again when I spotted the working girls in
the red light area, I pulled in to the newsagents to buy a paper hoping
that I would be approached but alas no luck. I glanced around as I left
and was surprised to see just how young some of the girls working the area
were, or maybe I am just getting old I thought. However I set of home
alone once more but decided that I would avail myself of the services of
one of these girls sometime soon, over the next few nights I made a point
of driving through the area at every opportunity on my way home, looking at
the girls and trying to get up the nerve to proposition one of them. One
Thursday evening I spotted one girl a red head obviously very young and
although by no means the prettiest girl there but I found her irresistible.

I returned home alone once more and pondered about how to meet and
proposition this girl, I could not explain the attraction but as I thought
about it I realised that what actually attracted me to this particular girl was her youth and innocent childish looks, she was probably about eighteen
and looked more approachable than the other girls. I decided to take a
walk later that evening to see if I could see her I walked to the paper
shop again and brought cigarettes but no sign of the red head that I was
looking for, over the next few nights I made a point of walking to the same
shop in the evening hoping to meet the young redhead after several days I
was becoming more and more frustrated, there were plenty of other girls working and I was propositioned for business many times refusing politely
and continuing on my way. I decided that I would choose another girl if I
had not found her by Thursday when I came back from the shop, Wednesday
evening was a loss again but I gave all the other girls a look to see who
might take her place. On Thursday evening I decided that this was it I am
going to look one last time and if she was not there then I would bring one
of the others back, I was hoping that she would be there but had almost
given up hope.

I set of on my usual walk and as I turned the corner I saw a read headed
girl walking towards the red light area and from the back I was sure it was
my girl, I walked hastily till I caught up with her as I passed I took out
my cigarettes and pretended to have lost my lighter.

"Excuse me love, you haven't got a light have you!" I asked.

She stopped and gave me a light I thanked her and gave her a cigarette I
almost chickened out but forced myself to talk to her.

"Thanks where are you of to on a night like this work you must be cold?"
I blurted out.

"Yes!" she replied.

"I think I have seen you around up the road before!" I said.

"I hope your not one of those do-gooders who is going to tell me what I
do is wrong!" she said defensively.

"Not at all, I am one of those dirty old men that wants to pay to get
you in my bed!" I replied.

She looked at me and smiled, she instantly put me at ease.

"Well would you like to come back with me and get into the warm it might
save you standing around in the cold?" I asked. "Ok! If you want me to
come back with you it will be fifty pounds for one hour!" She said.

"I agreed." My heart was pounding as we turned and walked back towards
my house.

We chatted as we walked and she told me her name was Anne-Marie and that
she was only sixteen years old I was a little sceptical but the idea was
nice, we soon arrived and when we got to the house I showed here into the

"Would you like a drink!" I asked.

She asked for a Southern-Comfort the bottle was already on the table I
had needed some Dutch-courage before I went out, I took her coat and hung
it in the hall and returned to fix her drink. She sat on the sofa and we
talked for a while my eyes exploring her slim young body the skirt she was
wearing was little more than a belt and her slender legs were white, her
top was not much bigger barely covering her small but ample firm breasts,
her skin was milky white and as I looked closely at her face I could see
that she was indeed probably only sixteen years old. We both finished our
drinks and I placed my hand on her knee slowly sliding my fingers along her
inner thigh.

"If it is fifty pounds for one hour how much will you charge to spend
the night?" I asked.

"Sorry I have to be back by one a.m." she replied.

"Ok so how much until then?" I asked.

We agreed on one hundred and fifty for the next four and a half hours, I
paid her and she put the money away in her bag.

I lifted her feet and unzipped her knee length patent leather boots as I
removed them I saw her short white ankle socks, without the three-inch
heels she looked very much like a schoolgirl. I caressed her legs and ran
my hands up and down her legs stopping inches away from her crotch as she
relaxed and layback I leant over and kissed her tenderly on her silky white

"Do you want me to get undressed now?" she asked.

"No rush would you like another drink?" I replied.

She nodded and we sat talking for about an hour and had a couple of more
drinks, she told me that she really was sixteen and that she was still at
school which was why she only ever worked on Thursday, Friday and Saturday
nights. By now I had her laying across my lap and my hands were slowly
exploring her beautiful body through her clothing, she was a little drunk
and became quite giggly in a schoolgirl sort of way this just turned me on
even more. I kissed her on the lips and although she prevented my tongue
from exploring her mouth at first she soon gave in and responded to my
kisses. It was almost ten thirty and knowing that she needed to leave in
less than two hours I decided that I should take her upstairs.

"Shall we go upstairs?" I asked as I stood and took her hand, I was a
little afraid that I was going to change the mood but need not have

She nodded and took my hand and I led her towards my bedroom, when we
entered the room she began to remove her clothes, I took her hand stopping
her and asked "can I do that for you?" I kissed her once more and took hold
of the hem of her boob tube slowly raising it inch by inch to reveal her
pert young breasts they were milky white and the nipples were not adult
nipples more soft somehow less defined around the edges of any other woman
I had ever been with. I finally lifted her top over her head and stepped
back to admire her body once more before kissing her breasts and kneeling
before her kissing her stomach once more as I reached around her tiny waist
to unfasten her skirt. As I unbuttoned her skirt and slowly pulled the zip
down it began to fall away I kissed each new piece of exposed skin as I
controlled the rate of decent until I reached the waistband of her panties then slowly lowering it to the floor kissing her inner thighs knees and
calf's as it passed them. Finally as the skirt reached the floor she
stepped carefully out of it I sat back and once more looked in delight at
the sight of this beautiful young body before me, I had always found a more
curvy figure attractive, but this girl with her slender almost shapeless
legs pert round bottom and breasts had me mesmerized. I returned to the
task in hand and began to kiss her perfectly flat silky white stomach once
more before slowly easing my fingers into the waist of her black silky
panties, I could see the wet patch on them and smell her scent as I slowly
and purposefully began to remove them. Inch by inch I pulled them down
kissing all exposed flesh as they went but staying just away from the
bright red silky pubic hairs that surrounded her love hole, kissing the
silky soft skin either side but not moving towards my goal just yet!

Eventually as she stepped out of her panties I caught the tiniest
glimpse of her red pussy lips wet and inviting she stood before me wearing
only her tiny white ankle socks. I again sat back on my heels and admired
her perfectly formed young body I never lost my virginity until I was
twenty one and have never even seen let alone touched a body of a girl this
young before. I stood before her and kissed her on the lips once more
savouring every moment as my hands caressed and explored her breasts buttocks and thighs in fact every thing apart from her pussy, I was
surprised at how patient I had managed to be but knew that I wanted to
savour the moment I had dreamt about for two weeks now. I sat Anne-Marie
on the bed and laid her back before kissing her stomach and working my way
down and all around the top of her pubes, she opened her legs slightly then
a little wider but groaned as I moved down to her knees and began to kiss
them. I parted her legs a little wider and worked my way slowly up her
inner thighs kissing and licking as I went until finally I reached my goal.
I spread her legs as wide as possible kissing her deep in the creases at
the top of her inner thigh barely an inch away from her glorious and now
very wet pussy, then I took my tongue and slowly licked from her anus along
the entire length of her slit ending with a gentle nip with my teeth on her
tiny clit. Her whole body shook and I began to lick deeper and deeper into
her love-hole and apply stimulation to her clit with my tongue and nose as
I franticly removed my clothes at the same time.

Now completely naked I reach up and take both breasts in my hand
caressing and moulding them as I continue to eat her love hole her juices
are flowing at an unbelievable rate and I struggle to swallow them all.
Suddenly Anne-Marie begins to climax fully I concentrate on her clitoris
flicking my tongue across it faster and faster she screams loudly and I
wonder what the neighbours will think, probably 'lucky bastard' if they
could see me now, as her orgasm subsides I lift her onto the bed with her
head on the pillow and lay down next to her taking the towel I had placed
on the bedside table to wipe her juices from around my face. I look into
her eyes and she smiles back sweetly, I kiss her on the cheek and tell her
how beautiful she is, unbelievably she blushes and the innocence that
attracted me in the first place shines through.

We lay in each others arms for several minutes just cuddling up closely,
I do not want this night to end but know that it must as I gaze down at her
sweet young body I begin to wonder why such a beautiful girl is working as
a prostitute but now is not the time to ask. I lift her over on top of me
and sit her astride my legs her slender body looks so good as her small
hand wraps its self around my already blood engorged member I have to fight
back the urge to cum there and then she reaches into her bag and produces a
condom another first for me having never used a condom of fucked a sixteen
year old before. She skilfully rolls the condom over my member and with a
little encouragement she moves forward lowering herself onto my thick shaft, her lips stretch as she accepts first the tip and then my whole
seven inches deep inside her love-hole. I watch as she begins to slowly
rise and fall onto my shaft the sensitivity with a condom is much less but
in this case it is probably just as well, I am already struggling to
prevent myself from coming. She continues to ride my cock with skill and
sensitivity slowing and resting to allow me to control my urge to cum to
soon, I watch her flat white stomach I don't know whether it is my
imagination or if I can see my cock moving deep inside her I reach out my
palm and place it against her flat stomach I can feel my member as she
drives down on me once more. Then I reach up and cup her breasts in my
hands caressing them before sliding them around her and pulling her towards
me, she continues to bounce on my shaft almost completely ejecting it
before driving back on to it, I lean my head forward and suck on each of
her nipples in turn I know that I cannot last for much longer, within
seconds I can feel my balls throbbing, I take hold of her face and kiss her
passionately on the lips thrusting deep inside her as I do.

Sensing my excitement and responding Anne-Marie increases the speed of
her thrusting to match mine and then I feel the thick creamy sperm flowing
through my shaft like never before, it feels like lumps of stiff jelly
flowing through my shaft as time after time my balls explode and send wave
after wave of sperm flowing deep inside her perfect young body. I lost
count of the number of times but knew I had never come so much or so hard
in my life before, suddenly it ended and after the excitement and climax I
collapsed exhausted beneath her she began to lift herself up but I put my
arms around her and stopped her it felt so good being inside her.

"No not yet jus wait for a minute!" I whispered.

She kissed me gently and smiled I caressed her perfect round little arse
and back as my cock slowly deflated and slipped from her hole, as she
rolled over to the side I rose and went to the bathroom to clean up.

When I returned I was worried that she may have dressed but to my
delight she had merely climbed under the duvet and lay there waiting I
climbed in next to her and knowing that she must soon go I cuddled her
closely and we talked. It seemed so natural being here with her I had
imagined this so differently but I felt like I had known her forever.
Maybe it was just me, a desperate and silly old man but then again I did
not care we arranged our next meeting on Saturday night Anne-Marie was
going out but would come to my house late after two a.m. and stay the rest
of the night we kissed a little and it was soon time for her to leave. I
begged her to stay but she said that she could not she kissed me tenderly
before climbing from the bed and getting dressed, I realised that she still
had on her little white ankle socks she looked so sexy. I just lay and
watched as she dressed as she was about to leave I got out of the bed and
put on a robe before walking her to the door one last kiss and she was

Now I felt even worse than before but consoled myself with a large drink
and the fact that she would be back in just two days time (I hoped).
Saturday came and as promised at around one thirty a.m. Anne-Marie arrived
and we had a couple of drinks before going to bed I was that glad to have
her there we just cuddled up closely and went to sleep in each others arms.
I woke in the morning to find the bed empty and I felt a panic run through
my body suddenly Anne-Marie walked into the room wearing one of my shirts
carrying a tray of toast coffee and fresh orange juice which she handed to
me before climbing back into the bed next to me, we ate breakfast before
cuddling up and talking for what seemed like hours before getting up and
dressing, I realised that I had not even made love to her but I did not
care she did not rush off but stayed with me until lunch time. Our
arrangement continued in much the same manner for almost six months
sometimes we had great sex sometimes we just cuddled and talked but I fell
in love with her and something had to change I was on cloud nine whenever
we were together and totally depressed if I hadn't seen her for a day.

One Thursday when Anne-Marie arrived she handed me a large brown

"This is for you, I can't see you anymore!" she said.

I could feel the tears running from my eyes as I tried to imagine life
without her I opened the envelop and saw it contained several thousand
pounds, I could not hold back the tears I took hold of her tightly and the
only word that came out of my mouth was "WHY!" Now we were both in tears as
she explained that she did not want to go on seeing me like this any more,
I began to wonder I began to hope.

"MARRY ME THEN!" I begged.

The most wonderful day of my life was when she said, "YES!"

To date we have been married for eight wonderful years and where ever we
go I am the proudest man alive when I am with Anne-Marie, we have two
wonderful children and I am so glad that I was so desperate that I looked
for a whore and found the most wonderful woman I could ever wish to meet.
My three children from my first marriage are older than Anne-Marie but have
accepted her totally one day I will tell them how we really met unless of
course they read this and then they will know, I honestly don't think that
they will care they know how happy I am.


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