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A Night Away From the RV Ch1


A Night Away From the RV (Ch. 1)
by The Bald clam

My mother had always been kind of flaky. She had gone
to school in the 60's and smoked pot, cock and God
knows what else. Then she fell in love and married my
straight-laced father, had four children with him and
then became even flakier when he left her for his

I am the youngest child and by the time of my parents'
divorce, I was nearing graduation from high school.
My older siblings had left home years before and were
spread throughout the country. It took mom about a
year before she was ready to date again, but when she
did start, she made up for lost time.

During my senior year, I would come home on a Friday
night after a sexless date and find our house empty.
Being too depressed to even masturbate, I would go to
bed just past midnight. Almost every weekend I could
count on my mother coming home a half hour after
that...with a man. I couldn't even begin to count the
times I fell asleep listening to my mother and
different men moan and groan the night away.

Thankfully, I left for college the next summer. This
coincided with my mother starting to date Ed, a
scruffy, white-haired hippy who would spend the
summers attending State and County Fairs, seeking out
the has-been rock bands that graced his youth. Ed was
pretty much a loser, but he was the complete opposite
of my father and that was maybe what attracted mom to

By Christmas, mom had long since stopped dating other
men and was now Ed's "main squeeze," as she told us,
her children. She intended on selling the home that
we had grown up in and travel around the country with
Ed in his RV. Having had little to do with each other
in quite some time, us children took the news pretty
well and proceeded to live our lives apart.

Nearly five years passed without me seeing any of my
siblings more than a few times. I would send
Christmas and birthday cards to them and to nephews
and nieces that I had never met, but that was
basically the extent of our communication. My
communication with mom wasn't much better. I had seen
her only on those occasions she and Ed would be
traveling through the state. They would stop by for a
couple of days and then be off. Each time I saw her,
she looked a lot older than the previous time, the
effects of not only aging but also her lifestyle with

I had been fortunate enough to hook-up with a girl,
Emma, I met at college that I simply adored and her
family had provided me with what I had been looking
for in terms of structure and stability. They took me
in like I was their own. Emma and I are now engaged
and live together in a modest apartment. She has
never met my mother and for that I am glad.

It was early summer and my life was going reasonably
well. On this particular weekend Emma had gone to
meet her family at their cabin by the lake. I stayed
behind in town because I had to work until late on
Friday. When I got home that Friday night, there was
a message on the answering machine from my mother. I
was notified that she and Ed would be coming through
town for a night and would like to see me. She left a
number I could reach them at.

Bummed by the prospect of a meeting with my mother,
but feeling it was my duty to do so, I called her and
told them I would be delighted to see them and for
them to stop by when they got into town the next day.
And they did.

Mom and Ed arrived at my apartment at about noon the
next day. Ed had never changed since I had first met
him. It seemed he had a perpetual week-old, white
beard and shoulder-length, white hair. His clothes
always looked slept in and he had the very
distinguishable scent of marijuana smoke plastered to
his body. My mother had certainly changed a lot over
the last several years, too. She had never been a
petite woman, but she was always in relatively good
shape and took care of herself. Her once dark brown
hair had turned partially gray. Her 5'5" body was now
weighted down with about 150 pounds and her once firm
breasts now sagged. mom always had a pleasant face,
and it still was, but now it was covered with a few
more lines and her eyes had a constant glaze to them.

I hugged both mom and Ed and invited them into my
home. My mother seemed to be somewhat impressed with
the place and I was pleased about this, though it
probably looked a lot better to someone who had been
living in an RV for the last five years. Ed was less
interested and immediately asked for directions to the
"shitter". I hesitantly gave them to him, knowing the
bathroom would be harmed considerably.

I had planned on taking them out to eat and then get
rid of them quickly, but that apparently was not in
the cards. Apparently they had invited themselves to
stay at my place over the night. I quickly learned
that Ed had "picked up a case of the diarrhea"
somewhere and that he would prefer to just stay here
for the day. When Ed got out of the bathroom, I also
learned that his diarrhea had not subsided his desire
for some beer, which I did not keep a lot of in the

I went to the store to get a couple cases of beer
while mom and Ed settled in. My life had suddenly
taken a turn for the worse. Not only were they going
to be staying at my apartment overnight, I also had to
entertain them for the remainder of the day, which
there was still plenty. I got a case of old Milwaukee
for Ed and some Bud Light for mom and me and went back

When I walked in the door, I saw Ed sitting on my
couch getting a blow job from my mother. Ed had his
gnarled hands on Mom's head, pushing her mouth down on
his cock.

"Shit, I'm sorry, she'll be done in a second, son,"
said Ed.

My mother, apparently having not noticed my presence
immediately, moved her eyes towards me. She seemed to
be enjoying herself and made no attempt to stop
pleasuring him. I stood there motionless, unable to
take my eyes off of the activity on the couch. I
could not believe what was happening. After a moment
I saw Ed start to spasm and hold my mother's head down
harder. I saw some cum leak from out of my mother's
mouth, but she apparently swallowed most of it.

She started to stand and she wiped her mouth on her
shirt sleeve. Ed put his shrinking, old cock back in
his pants. They both looked at me.

"You got old Milwaukee for Ed, didn't you hon?" mom

I had expected different words to come out of my
mother's mouth.

"Uh...yes, I did," I finally sputtered out.

The whole afternoon I was told of their adventures
across the country, which seemed to be quite
uninteresting to me. mom and Ed sat together on the
couch and I in a chair. mom told me of my siblings'
activities, which, again, seemed to be quite
uninteresting to me. Apparently, though, she saw all
of them about as little as she saw me. While hearing
all of this, I was trying to put together what I saw
earlier when I came into my apartment. At first I was
shocked, then repulsed, then even more repulsed, then,
the more I thought about it, I became aroused. At
times during the day, I even got hard.

Even when I was still living at home and my mom would
bring home guys who she would proceed to fuck, I never
was personally turned on by her. Now several years
later, her body much less attractive, I get turned on
by seeing her suck off an old guy. And the most
confusing aspect was both of their nonchalant behavior
about it. To them it seemed to be little more than if
they would have belched in my presence.

Ed was downing his old Milwaukees quickly and was
getting more and more incoherent as the day went on,
stopping only to go to the "shitter". I had been
drinking slowly as had Mom, so he started drinking the
Bud Light. But in between the old Milwaukees and the
Bud Lights, he lit up a joint for himself and Mom.
They were polite enough to offer me a puff, but I
declined. Watching Ed throughout the day scared me
damn near straight. I did not want to turn out like
this man.

At what would have been supper time, Ed passed out on
the couch. mom and I decided to order a pizza for
ourselves. I went into the kitchen to call and order
the pizza. Coming back out into the living room, I
didn't notice mom was not there as I headed into
bathroom to take a piss.

I walked into the bathroom and saw my mother on the
toilet, her pants and panties pulled down to her
ankles. For the second time today, I was left unable
to move or say anything. I was able to get erect. My
mother looked up at me as I heard a turd plop into the

"Do you need to use the toilet, hon?" mom asked.

Now, I really do not think I was drunk and I couldn't
have been stoned from second-hand marijuana smoke, so
I cannot explain my next actions. They are as
unexplainable as my mother's behavior earlier.

I walked to my mother sitting on the toilet and
grabbed her T-shirt and yanked it off of her roughly.
She looked at me blankly as I did this, another turd
plopping in the toilet. Her bra-less breasts were
revealed, sagging down nearly to her belly button. I
noticed she hadn't been shaving under her arms as two
patches of hair could be seen on her pits.

Our eyes locked as I began to take down my pants and
underwear, releasing my jutting erection. Her hands
reached for my cock as she guided it to her mouth, her
eyes never leaving mine. I was near to coming already
as I the wet warmth of her mouth slid around my dick.
I started fucking her mouth and I heard some more
guttural noises from my mother and another plop in the

I quickly exploded in her mouth, spasm after spasm, as
I pulled her head as far down on my cock as it could
go. mom nearly gagged as she gulped nearly all of my
cum. I collapsed on the floor, eye-level with the
toilet seat, as I, myself, gasped for breath. mom
just looked at me with a very slight smile on her

I heard another plop in the toilet and I wondered how
much more shit mom had in her body and also what the
rest of the night would bring.


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