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A Perfect Martini1


A Perfect Martini
I held my martini to the light and admired the chilled glass, especially
the olives run-through with picks, nesting at the bottom-it was perfect.
I noted the perfect curve of the drink's surface extending above the
rim, held by surface tension. A martini is a perfect drink...I was to
be honored this evening after a perfectly good business year by my perfect wife Valerie sat at my side. Indeed she did look
perfect. Her black hair shone, her liquid brown eyes flashed; she wore
a perfect dress, gathered at the neck, but sheer enough that a hint of
her small, perfect breasts, sans bra, were almost visible. In
anticipation of the first sip, the "bite," as the perfect gin stimulated
my tongue, I raised the glass higher...

"I'm going to sleep with Jerry," Valerie whispered in my ear.

My hand shook ever so slightly and a driblet of the precious liquid ran
down my cuff. I felt the cold chill of the iced gin. I struggled to
hold my hand steady.

"You're what Val?"

"I plan to sleep with your business partner Jerry."

"Honey, this is not a good time for jokes." I smiled at a favorite
employee who walked forward to take my picture.

"As a matter of fact, this is a perfect time, he's here, you're here."

A small pinprick of pain appeared in my head. I whispered, "Val, we're
sitting at a banquet table. This is the night the company honors Jerry
and me for rescuing the company and five straight years of profits.
There are approximately 300 guest and employees watching us at the head
table. No more jokes. We can have a serious discussion tomorrow maybe.
You can tell me what's upsetting you.

"You're not taking me seriously, are you? As a matter of fact, since
Jerry is sitting next to me, I plan to move my hand to his lap in
exactly 30 seconds. I shall then proceed to move it up till I touch

"Stop the joking Val. You won't do that in front of all these people."

"Yes I can and I will. Pay attention, the MC is introducing you. I
may be looking at you, smiling like an adoring wife, but my hand is now
on his leg. I'm touching your partner Jerry. He has nice leg muscles,
as I've always suspected. I think he likes this."

"Honey, stop joking; come to your senses. I have to concentrate on my

"I'm perfectly in control of my senses. My hand is moving up his leg.
I'm very close to touching him. Don't protest or say anything or I'll
get up and walk out. That would embarrass you."

"Yes, but what..."

"I'm touching him now. It's nice and large. It's growing in my hand.
Too bad it's impossible to open his zip, or I would put my hand inside
his pants and caress him."

"Val stop. Everyone can see. This is terribly bad timing and.-- look
honey, there's Gail and Bill waiving at us. Smile at them." We both
looked to the couple in the back of the room and acknowledged their
waves. I couldn't believe it. My wife was sitting next to me in public
view, waiving at old friends with her left hand while her right was
engaged in the lap of her dinner partner, my best friend.

"That's your cue love. The introduction is over. Time for your

I rose and walked to the podium. Martini abandoned, I felt anxious as I
glanced back to where it sat at my place at the head table. Although I
had made all the arrangements, someone had moved the name placards. When
Valerie and I and Jerry and his wife Sue had moved from the cocktail
lounge to the dais. I found I was on the outside seated next to Val.
She was next to Jerry and Sue was at the far end. I had planned for the
two women to be together, but the cards were somehow changed. The pain
grew in my head.
As I pulled my speech from my pocket, I noticed Val was now smiling at
the audience, but her hand continued to move under the tablecloth in the
vicinity of Jerry's belt. Jerry, my trusted partner of fifteen years
had a broad smile on his face as he too continued to acknowledge those
in the audience. A smooth bastard, I mused. Next to him his wife Sue,
her beautiful blond hair perfectly coifed as usual, seemed oblivious and
preoccupied with dessert.

"Ladies and gentleman," I began. "I'm deeply honored that you have all
chosen to spend the evening with my trusted partner Jerry and I."

Trusted hell, I thought. The bastard is letting my wife make a fool of
herself and doesn't even have the decency to make an excuse, like going
to the bathroom to get her hand off him. As a matter of fact, the
bastard is grinning as if he is enjoying the situation.

"Although you have gathered this evening, ostensibly in our honor, I
wish to remind all of you that this is a company of people, all of which
are a team. None of us, including Jerry and I, can operate without each
of you..."

The speech wasn't going well. "And of course, ah last year we uh
well..." I stumbled on.

My eyes wandered to Val, who leaned over to whisper in Jerry's ear. I
could see that the slight turn of her body gave her much better access
for what ever she was doing.

Jerry's eyes met mine. Then it struck me. He knew that I knew what was
happening. I watched as the bastard picked up his martini and toasted
me, as I came to the part of my speech where I praised his hard work and
the confidence I'd had in him over the years. I saw him shift in his
seat as Val's ministrations must have located a particularly pleasurable

My gaze drifted to Sue. Her expression was one of complete boredom. I
noted the rise of her lush breast rising above her décolletage As she
played with her spoon, she seemed to sigh and relax even further. God
woman, don't you know what's happening? Sue's eyes met mine. She smiled
and her tongue appear for a brief second at the corner of her mouth as
she licked luscious, red lips.

" And in conclusion fellow workers," I read from my notes "I wish to
thank one other special person who has always been so dependably at my

I looked at Val. Her beautiful eyes met mine.

"...the one I could always count on to get me through the tough

She gave me a dazzling smile then turned to the audience and
acknowledged their applause. As I resumed my talk, she casually leaned
and whispered in Jerry's ear, all the while, her hand still in his lap.

"...And so, Val and I thank you all for this honor and wish you the
best." Mercifully I came to the end of my talk and noisy applause
followed, all out of proportion to the quality of my speech. I accepted
a plaque from the chairman of the board and staggered, almost blinded by
my headache, back to the martini.

I sat as Jerry arose to make his talk and noted the chill had gone from
my martini. Beads of sweat now dribbled down the silvery sides.

I took a preliminary sip and raised the glass in a friendly toast to an
old friend spotted in the audience. Val leaned to whisper in my ear.
"It was bigger than I thought. He got hard very quickly." I noted that
the liquid was now warm and there was too much vermouth.

"Honey this has to stop, can we discuss it later?" The pain in my head
now reached excruciating proportions.

"No, I won't. You just keep smiling at the audience, and I'll tell you
what I plan for this evening."

"There's more Val?"

"Yes, immediately after the banquet, I'm leaving with him. We are going
to a hotel where I've made reservations."


"Keep quiet, or I'll jump up and leave now and embarrass you in front of

I sipped my now vapid martini. Somehow during the speech, the bloom
had departed the perfect gin. A growing dread of the entire situation
was dawning on me.

"When Jerry and I enter the hotel room, I will turn on soft music and we
will dance."

"I assume there's more Val?" I said from the corner of my mouth.

"Yes, I will take your best friend's hand and put it on my breast. I
want him to feel my hard nipples."

My headache threatened to split my skull.

"Does Jerry know this is going to happen?"

"Yes, I called him. We planned this evening."

"Val, can we discuss this further before..."

"Certainly. I'll do the discussing. You can make suggestions to enhance
my ideas if you wish. I'll tell you what else I plan. When we enter
the room, I will put on soft music. We will dance. At the appropriate
time, I will pull back and strip for him. He will see my nude body that
I had always reserved for you. At exactly one o'clock, I plan to kneel,
unzip him and take him out. That way you'll know exactly what time I'll
be putting Jerry's penis in my mouth. He will enjoy me sucking him for
30 minutes. At one thirty, I will lie back naked, and spread my legs for
him. Then I will beg him to come to me. Do you hear me? I will beg
him to fuck me. When he kneels, I plan to reach between his legs and
help guide your best friends cock into me. You will know at that moment
the extreme pleasure I will feel as Jerry enters me. You can envision
my legs wrapping around his back, pulling him closer. I'm afraid I
can't predict how long we will fuck. You'll have to guess at when and
how many times I climax."

"Now you will know how I felt when I found that you were sleeping with
Sue. She knows nothing of our plans. You can tell her after Jerry and
I leave."

I looked at my martini. The glass was dry.

I peered over Val's shoulder to Sue, who sat looking at me quizzically.
Her skirt had risen slightly displaying her legs, the tops of her
stockings and promises not yet explored.

My head suddenly cleared. Headache gone, I signaled the waiter and
ordered-a perfect martini.


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