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A Perfect Wife Part One


This text file contains sexually explicit material. If you do not wish to
read this type of literature, or you are under age, PLEASE EXIT. IF YOU
ARE UNDER THE AGE OF 18, or otherwise forbidden by law to read
electronically transmitted erotic material, please EXIT.NOW!!!! All
characters in this story are the creation of the author, and any
resemblances to real persons, alive or dead, are purely coincidental.

This material is Copyright. © AnnabelleandJay 2002.All Rights Reserved.

A Perfect wife Part One

By AnnabelleandJay

Bill Raines swirled the drink in his glass and took another large
swallow. "This is perfect," he thought to himself. "Just perfect." His
party for the neighborhood was a big hit. He and his wife, Allison, had
only lived in the upscale, suburban neighborhood for six months, but after
attending three of these neighborhood bashes, he felt it was his time to
host one. And this one seemed to be a huge success.

He and Allison, along with their two young children, had relocated only
months ago, but everyone seem happy with the move. But Bill most of all.
His new job brought with it a salary that made the large house in the posh,
suburban village possible. And his 26-yearold wife, Allison, was happier
that ever before in their six-year-old marriage. The birth of their two
children, now ages 2 and 4, had not taken a toll on Allison's looks. On
the contrary, Bill thought, Allison looked better than ever. A 5' 7"
brunette, she worked out obsessively to keep her body in shape. And her
breasts, enlarged to 36Cs by the birth of their kids, had not diminished
when she lost the little bit of extra weight that came with the
pregnancies. Now her large breasts stood out conspicuously on her slim
body. She was certainly a real looker and Bill knew it. "No," he mused to
himself. "She's perfect."

Bill looked at his glass and took another drink as he jumped back into a
conversation with a near-by neighbor, Frank. Bill had only met the older man once at an earlier party, but Bill could tell from their conversation
that Frank was successful, powerful and accustomed to taking charge.

"So, tell me Frank," Bill said, "How do you stay so fit? I bust my ass
in the gym every day, but you look in twice the shape I'm in. And you've
got a few years on me"

The 55-year-old man smiled and replied, "Bill, you know how they say
that every time you have sex, it's like running a mile?" Bill laughed and
nodded in agreement, as Frank continued.

"Well, do you see that lady over there?" Frank said indicating his wife,
Sandy, standing across the room engaged in conversation with a small clutch
of neighborhood women, including Allison. "That, my boy, is a triathlon -
an Ironman, sweat-pouring-out, ball draining, totally exhausting,
triathlon. Every time."

Both men held their eyes on Sandy, who stopped abruptly in her
conversation and noticed their fixed stares. "What," Sandy mouthed
silently to Frank from across the room, obviously puzzled by their looks.

Frank just smiled and shook his head and turned back to Bill. "And
that, my boy, is how I stay in shape."

"A triathlon, huh?" replied Bill, still staring at the average looking,
55 year old housewife. "Well, Frank, if you ever need any help with your
workouts, just give me a call," Bill said, and the two shared a small burst
of laughter. Just as quickly, the conversation shifted to yard care and
swimming pool cleaning tips.

Several hours passed and the party was beginning to wind down. Bill was
busy accepting thanks and seeing neighbors to the door. He suddenly
realized that Frank and Sandy were standing next to him. Sandy was
standing so close, in fact, that one of her large breasts was firmly
pressing against his arm.

"Great party," Sandy said, and leaned in and kissed Bill on the cheek.

"Thanks. So glad you guys could make it," replied Bill, as his eyes
took a quick inventory.

He had never really noticed Sandy until now, but he suddenly realized
what a beauty this mature woman was. He quickly focused on her long legs
supporting her 5'9" stature. Her smartly cut blonde hair framed an
attractive face, more attractive than he had first realized. "Funny," Bill
thought, "I hadn't noticed that," catching a glimpse of the black, seamed
stockings Sandy was wearing. His mind was instantly filled images of this
mature, blonde beauty naked in front of him. Just as quickly, he snapped
back to the present, realizing the awkward moment he'd just created.

"Well, thanks and we'll see you later," Frank said and the couple
started to the door.

"Oh!" Sandy said, as if remembering something and the couple stepped
back toward Bill. "Frank says you've offered your services to fuck me.
Come on over tomorrow night." And they were gone, out the open door and
into the night.

Bill felt as if he'd just been hit between the eyes with a sledgehammer.
In stunned silence, he stared out the open door and into the darkness,
confused and dazed. Had he really heard what he thought he'd heard? No,
it's not possible. It's just his mind picking up on Frank's comment from
earlier in the evening. "No! No!" he thought, "She did say it."

"Who said what?" a familiar voice said in his ear.

Bill realized that he had uttered his thoughts aloud and turned quickly
to see Allison next to him, smiling.

"Nothing. Nobody," he said, trying to appear composed.

"Great party," Allison said and kissed him quickly. "Now we just have
to get the stragglers out and we can go to bed." She smiled, turned and
walked away as Bill watched her fabulous ass sway inside the short, black
cocktail dress. He was sure she was adding to the wiggle to tease him.
And it was working. Then, just as quickly, her image faded to become a
tall blonde with seamed stockings. "What have I gotten myself into?" he
pondered, as he moved to close the front door.

The following day had to be the longest in his life. Bill Raines could
not think of anything except the impending night and what promised to be an
evening of wild adventurous sex with the woman up the street. Well, the
couple up the street, to be more accurate. He had never done anything like
this before, a threesome. His sex life could actually be said to be pretty
tame. He and Allison were married in college, and soon the kids came
along. Except for two or three high school sweethearts, Bill hadn't had sex
with any other woman, only Allison. And he had been her first and only
partner, losing her virginity to him their sophomore year in college. And
since the arrival of the kids, he sensed their sex life was becoming both
boring and pretty predictable. Every time he suggested something new, she
had cut him off and pouted for days. It was clear that she just wasn't
knowledgeable or worldly enough to spice up their sex lives. And now,
since their move and his new job, he had just quit trying to get her
interested in attempting new things. His career certainly was now the most
important thing in his life.

No, he had never cheated on his wife before. "But this isn't really
cheating. They're a couple and I'm not interested in leaving Allison," he
rationalized. "So technically, it won't really be cheating."

That evening, Bill kissed Allison on the cheek and threw his gym bag
over his shoulder.

"I'm off to the gym. Be back later," he said.

"Kinda late to be working out, isn't it?" Allison questioned
nonchalantly, as she read a magazine resting in her lap.

"Nope. It's the best time," Bill lied. "All of the exercise equipment
is available."

And he was out the door, and into the car. A quick trip took him around
the block, where he parked the car and found himself almost running around
the corner and up to the neighbor's front door. Bill quietly rapped on the
door as if the sound might carry to his house down the street. The door
swung open almost immediately and Frank was there, a drink in each hand.

Smiling, Frank said "Glad you're here. I was afraid I was going to have
to do this all by myself tonight. Here, drink this. You'll need it."

The older man put his arm around the young man's shoulder and ushered
him into the house. Soft sounds of sultry jazz filled the dimly lit living
room as the two men entered.

"Relax. Have a seat. Sandy will be down in a minute." Frank said,
gesturing to the large leather sectional sofa. "I hope you got some rest
today, my boy. Sandy has been looking forward to this."

But Bill did not answer. His attention was focused elsewhere. He was
watching the emergence down the curved stairs of a pair of the longest legs
he had ever seen in his life. The legs glistened in the black, seamed
stockings that covered them, held up by a black satin garter belt. A lump
formed in Bill's throat and in his trousers simultaneously, as more of the
figure emerged on the staircase. As Sandy arrived at the bottom of the
stairs, she slowly turned around offering both men a moment to look her
over. Bill could hardly believe his eyes. This mature, 50-something year
old was the sexiest woman ever put on the face of the earth. She wore a
floor length, sheer black nightgown revealing an amazing body underneath.
It wasn't the body of an anorexic television star or selfish18year-old.
This was a real woman, Bill thought to himself.

Her round hips curved the ways hips were supposed to. And her ass,
framed by the back garters of the garterbelt rounded to form that perfect
spot where the cheek meets the leg. Bill longed to touch her there and cup
his hands under her ass checks. His eyes traveled up her body, revealing
more delights as the sheer gown swirled from her turning. Her large
breasts were bursting out of the black satin shelf bra, which did nothing
to contain them, but merely push them out further. Bill couldn't even
begin to guess - 38DD, 40D? Were they real? Implants? The only thing he
was sure of was that they were perfect. Her large, erect nipples pushed
out against the sheer fabric of the gown as she stopped turning and stared
at Bill.

"Well?" Sandy purred. "Don't tell me you two don't like it. I've spent
the better part of three hours doing this."

She smiled and slowly began to walk toward Bill, each step accentuated
by her long, gentle strides. Sitting on the sofa, Bill could only watch as
she came over to him, her 5 inch black patent high heels clicking softly on
the marble floor. Sandy stopped at the edge of the sofa, standing with her
feet between Bill's legs.

"What do you think?" Sandy asked.

"Absolutely amazing! You're beautiful!" Bill uttered, not knowing where
to look next. His eyes final settled on the spot directly in front of his
eyes as she stood over him - her crotch. The sheer, tiny g-string she was
wearing revealed Sandy's clean-shaven mound and swollen vaginal lips. He
had often wished Allison would shave her pubic hair, but she had always
laughed off his requests and then pouted. "God, this woman is so hot!"
Bill thought to himself, noticing the dampness that was now beginning to
saturate her sheer g-string.

"Oh, you like that?" Sandy said noticing his gaze fixed on her crotch.
Fluidly, she lifted one hand and began rubbing her cunt through the flimsy
fabric. Bill's cock was becoming so hard, that he had to reach down and
adjust himself.

"Yes, I see you do like that," Sandy teased and pulled aside the flimsy
g-string as she slipped two fingers into her swollen, shaved cunt.

"Well, I can see we're not going to waste any time here," said Frank, as
he came up behind his wife and wrapped one arm around her breasts as his
other hand dipped into her crotch. He inserted one of his fingers, adding
to the two Sandy already had inside herself. She gave out a long, soft
moan and Frank worked his fingers around his wife's vaginal lips. Bill
wasn't sure, but guessed this exhibition was for his benefit.

"Bill, if you see anything you like, you just jump right in," Frank
added. With that, Bill quickly slid forward off of the sofa and onto his
knees, burying his tongue into Sandy's cunt that was being spread wide
before his eyes.

"Ohhh, gooood," Sandy moaned. "He knows how to use his tongue." And she
moaned again. Bill could feel Frank slipping off her gown and guiding
Sandy's hips to the side, and easing her down onto her back and onto the
sofa. During all of the movement, Bill's mouth never left Sandy's opening,
as he was now rolling her clit between his teeth and tongue. Bill lifted
his eyes to see that Frank had quickly slipped out of his trousers and was
now steering his hardened cock into Sandy's mouth.

"Geeez, this guy is hung like a horse," Bill thought, as he looked at
Frank's, large rigid cock bobbing up and down, just inches from Sandy's
open mouth. She opened her mouth wider and slowly eased Frank's entire
large penis into her mouth and slowly down her throat.

"Jesus, that must be what they mean when they say experience counts,"
Bill thought to himself, admiring the skill with which Sandy easily deep
throated all nine inches offered to her. "Well, I may not have 9-inches,"
Bill thought, "but I'll make up for it in stamina."

And he redoubled his attention to Sandy's pouting cunt lips. He pushed
his tongue deep into her vagina and was rewarded as she grabbed the back of
his head and began grinding her cunt against his face. He locked onto her
swollen clit and began to rapidly swirl his tongue, sending her into
violent jerks with her hips. He could feel her body tensing and
contracting under his touch as she approached orgasm. Faster and faster
Bill lapped and sucked at her clit until he knew she was there. Her body
tensed and she dug her nails into his scalp as she body began to shudder.
And Bill could tell the exact moment she came. A delicious tasting wash of
juices poured into his mouth, making her cunt drip with the sweetest nectar
he had ever tasted. This was truly an amazing woman, he thought to

With Sandy's body still shuddering from her orgasm, Bill could see that
Frank was about to cum in her mouth. The younger man watched in amazement
as the woman pulled the massive cock out of her mouth just at the moment
her husband climaxed and caught the shower of cum in her open mouth. spurt after spurt of Frank's semen filled her mouth and began to run down her

"Damn, this guy has a hell of a load," Bill thought, amazed by the
quantity of cum Frank was pouring into his wife's mouth. Sandy was
swallowing as fast as she could, but couldn't keep up, as large globs began
to drop from her chin onto her breasts. Streams fell out of her mouth and
down onto her massive chest until Frank finally gave out and slumped back
onto the sofa, near Sandy's head.

"Damn, that's good. I need a drink," Frank bellowed, got up and headed
to the bar.

Sandy locked her eyes seductively on Bill's, smiled and slowly began
smearing the creamy droplets of cum over her swollen breast. Just as
slowly, her tongue slid out and began to lick the remaining cum dripping
from her dark red lips. "Oh God, does this woman have any idea what's she
doing to me," Bill groaned to himself as he watched her tease him, now
smearing the ripples of cum around her chest. Then he realized the
stupidity of his thought. Yes, this woman knew exactly what she was doing
to him. And he loved every minute of it.

The ache in his crotch was now beyond compare. He had to fuck this
woman now, or his body was going to explode. Quickly, Bill slid out of his
trousers as he watched Sandy smoothly slide the soaking g-string down her
long legs and throw it across the room at Frank with a laugh. Bill was
harder than he had ever been in his life as he fell on top of her quickly
buried his cock into her up to the hilt. Instantly, they fell into a
rhythm and he began pumping his rigid penis into her, slowly at first and
then moments of incredible frenzy, followed by more slow, long strokes.
They went on like that for what Bill thought must have been an hour. Sandy
would speed up and grind her pelvic bone deep and hard against him, then
back off and settle into long, slow thrusts against him.

Without saying anything, Sandy lifted her legs up and threw them on top
of Bill's shoulders. For a moment, he seemed lost.

"Take my ankles, sweetie," she said smoothly.

Bill grabbed her ankles and in an instant her legs were spread wide in
front of him. Her hips and cunt now tilted upward as he spread her legs
apart. His dripping cock bobbed in the air as he stared down into the most
beautiful sight he had ever seen. Her smooth shaved cunt opened wide, the
red swollen vaginal lips gaped open and wet from their wild fucking. Her
tight, pink asshole was now in view as her ass was raised off of the sofa.
He pushed her ankles further back toward her head and her beautiful round
ass curved up to meet him, her cunt lips sliding even wider apart. The
beauty of this older woman's vagina stunned him, as he looked deep into her

"A thing of beauty and amazement, isn't it," said Frank returning and
noticing the expression on Bill's face.

Frank gently reached down between his wife's spread legs and with his
fingers parted Sandy's pouting cunt lips. The rich pink cavity now opened
up before him. Bill's throbbing cock bounced inches away from the hot
opening, and with no further restraint available, he plunged between the
older man's fingers and deep into the upturned tunnel. He was now wild
with passion, pushing Sandy's legs wider apart and wanting to go deeper and
deeper into her beauty.

Frank began rubbing his wife's massive breasts and rolling her swollen
erect nipples between his fingers. Sandy was moaning with pleasure as Bill
pushed her stiletto heels up past her head, her black stocking clad legs,
now damp with sweat. He could feel the rumble, the familiar burning deep
in his loins, as he knew he was about to cum. He drove his stiff cock
deeper and deeper into her generous opening, pushing against the inside
wall, changing the angle and driving against the top and rubbing hard
against her clit. He was sure which of them was controlling this, but he
was sure that this was the fuck of a lifetime. Then it came. Wave after
wave of pleasure and pain captured his body, as his muscles spasmed and
jerked. He felt hot torrents of his juice racing through him and pouring
into her. She pushed her hips against him, pushing first then pulling as
she milked the last drops of cum from his aching balls.

Bill collapsed on top of Sandy, pressing his lips against hers, tasting
both the softness of her mouth and the salty remnants of Frank's semen.
But he didn't care. She had a kiss that would suck the life out of a man and he was now lost inside her, his tongue swirling together with hers.
Slowly, he pulled his sweat-covered body off of her and sat upright. He
looked down and saw his semen begin to seep out of her glistening cunt.
Sandy paused a moment, as if posing for Bill to look at her, then quickly
rolled over and grabbed Frank's now-resurrected cock. After a couple of
quick pumps with her hand, Sandy climbed on top of Frank and deftly slipped
his large cock into her dripping cunt. With one swift push, Frank was deep
inside his wife and she was bouncing away on top of him, as Bill stared
directly into her round, spread ass with one amazing view of her cunt being
split by Frank's large member.

Sandy was like a wild woman, pumping madly up and down on top of her
husband. Bill thought that she was going to give the poor guy a heart
attack, as he thrust madly to keep up. After several minutes of watching
their fucking frenzy, Bill could feel his own cock begin to stir again.
Provoked by the sight of Sandy's cunt getting absolutely reamed, Bill
leaned forward and began to rub the woman's well-rounded ass. Within
seconds of his touch, Sandy threw her head back and howled.

"Ohh, yes," she grunted. "Do it! Touch me! Stick your finger in my

Obediently, Bill slid his hand over and began to rub Sandy's tightly
puckered asshole in a small circular motion. He had trouble keeping his
fingers on the small dark opening as Sandy continued to bounce madly,
impaled on Frank's cock.

"Stick you tongue in my ass!" Sandy screamed. "Now! Do it!"

Instantly her curved ass stopped it's wild gyrating motion and hung,
frozen in space, inches in front of Bill's face. Frank had ceased his
thrusts, as they were both clearly waiting for Bill to respond to Sandy's
order. He had never done anything like this before. Anal sex was always a
strict taboo with Allison, and even touching her there would bring an end
to any idea of sex. Now, here was this beautiful, experienced woman
telling him to stick his tongue in her asshole. And he really wanted to.

Slowly, he inched his face down into the woman's ass cheeks and began
licking her wrinkled, brown opening. Sandy let out a deep, slow moan as
Bill pushed his tongue forward and into her tight, but yielding anus. He
could taste the strong, dark flavor of her ass as he worked his tongue
deeper and deeper. Then, almost as if unlocking a door, he heard her
exhale deeply and he felt her sphincter muscles totally relax and give way
to his probing tongue.

"There. How's that?" Sandy said, acknowledging that she had indeed,
opened up. "You like that?" she asked.

But Bill could only make muffled, contented grunts as he pressed his
face deeper and deeper between her spread cheeks, dipping more and more of
her dark, rich flavor out with his tongue. Then he felt her ass begin to
start slowly moving back and forth, easing first, then pressing harder
against his mouth and tongue. He could feel Frank's wet cock now sliding
against the bottom of his chin, and feel with his tongue and the stiff
penis filling the nearby opening.

In almost a whisper too low to be heard, Sandy exhaled," Yesssss. Now
fuck me in the ass." She reached back and with both hands pulled her ass
cheeks far apart, stretching her upturned backside wide and offering
herself to him.

"I need that hard cock in my tight asshole," she moaned.

With those words, Bill felt a sharp tug as his dick responded to the
request before his brain did. He had often dreamed about something like
this, but had long since given up on it really happening. Now, not only
was he going to get to fuck a beautiful woman in the ass, and a real woman
at that, but he was going to double penetrate her with her husband.
"Perfect," he thought. "Absolutely fucking perfect."

With one final lick of her asshole, Bill rose up and positioned himself
between Frank's legs. He looked down and saw that Sandy's anus dilated and
open, gaping almost an inch wide.

"This fucking woman is unbelievable!" he thought to himself as he lifted
his erect cock and positioned the head against her ready asshole. As soon
as he started to push, he realized that Frank had been waiting for him and
was preparing to thrust also. As if on command, both he and Frank drove
deep at the same time into the widely spread blond.


Bill and Frank repeated their simultaneous thrusts over and over, each
man slowly pulling back and then quickly pounding in at the same time.
Each time, Bill pulled back, he could clearly see the brown, rubbery ring
of Sandy's asshole clutching tightly onto his dick as he moved. "Amazing,"
he thought. She was relaxing her asshole on the downstroke and clenching
it tight as he withdrew. It was unlike anything he had ever felt before.
He could feel the other man's cock sliding along with his, separated by
only the thinnest of tissues as they both moved together as one.

After several minutes of this deep double pounding, Bill could tell that
Sandy was on her way to one major orgasm. He felt her body tense up, and
she gave out a large gasp, followed by a long, low moan as he felt her
shudder and shake between the two men. She seemed frozen in her moment of
ecstasy and then collapsed onto Frank's chest, with both dicks still
crammed in her. Without missing a beat, Frank drove his cock deep into his
limp wife, and Bill then followed, alternating their strokes. Sandy took
only a moment or two to recover from her orgasm and started moaning again,
as each man followed the other, alternating thrust after thrust.

Bill couldn't believe the sexual appetite of this woman. The two men continued to alternate strokes, sawing back and forth with Sandy writhing
and moaning between them. Frank would push hard into her cunt, and then
Bill would drive deep into her ass and she just kept wanting more.
Finally, after ten minutes of the hardest fucking that he'd ever known,
Bill started to feel the deep burning and pressure forming in his balls.
He knew he had only moments before he erupted into Sandy's loose and
stretched asshole. He started pumping furiously, plunging his aching cock
wildly into her anus as if his life depended on it.

Sensing the break of alternating rhythm that had gone on for so long,
Sandy started bucking wildly, pushing her ass back hard against the younger
man's thrusts. With that, Frank grabbed his wife's rounded hips and began
pistoning in short hard strokes. The contagious frenzy exploded as the
three of them came at the same time, Bill and Frank draining spurt after
spurt into Sandy's openings. She was heaving herself back and forth and
Bill could feel Sandy clamping her sphincter muscles hard around his dick,
milking his cock with each pump.

Bill was expecting her to relax her ass muscles and let his drained cock
fall out, but instead he could feel her clamping down even tighter,
vice-like around his dick. So he continued to pump into her ass and was
suddenly amazed that within moments his body was responding to the
tightness of her ass with another orgasm.

"Oh, God. I'm cumming again!" Bill shouted, pumping with renewed
energy. "Aaaawwwww," he roared, as a second round of his hot fluid flooded
deep into her bowels. Five, six, seven surges as he emptied into her ass.
"God, she's gonna rip my dick off if she keeps this up," he thought to
himself. And then he felt her ease, release her muscles, and slowly his
reddened cock plopped out of her rectum.

Exhausted and drained, he fell forward resting on top of both Sandy and
Frank. "Never before. Never," he murmured and moved to kiss Sandy who had
turned to look at him. He had never had anything like that happen, coming
twice, one right after another. "You're amazing," he said as his mouth
found hers.

"That's not bad, for a first time," Frank said smiling.

Then, all three broke into laughter as they lay in a sweating heap on
the sofa. Panting and laughing, Bill just shook his head. Bill stopped
laughing when he noticed that Frank had stopped laughing and was looking at
something across the room. Turning back over his shoulder, Bill was
suddenly filled with an icy jolt, as his brain registered what his eyes
were seeing. There, standing in the middle of the living room floor, was
Allison, Bill's wife.

Bill didn't know how long she had been standing there, but clearly it
was long enough. He could see her clinched fists and flushed complexion,
as she stood and glared at him.

"Honey, I can…" was all he got out before Allison turned quickly and ran
out the door. Grabbing his trousers, Bill struggled to get them on as he
ran out the door after her. Trailing her down the dark street, he could
see her run into their house and slam the door with an ear shattering

Bill half-heartedly tried the front door, but knew it would be locked.
And it was. Finding the side garage door open, Bill walked through his
darkened house and up to his bedroom door. It was firmly locked.

End of Part One


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