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A Perfect Wife p2

This text file contains sexually explicit material. If you do not wish to
read this type of literature, or you are under age, PLEASE EXIT. IF YOU
ARE UNDER THE AGE OF 18, or otherwise forbidden by law to read
electronically transmitted erotic material, please EXIT.NOW!!!! All
characters in this story are the creation of the author, and any
resemblances to real persons, alive or dead, are purely coincidental.

This material is Copyright. AnnabelleandJay 2002.All Rights Reserved.

A Perfect wife - Part Two

By AnnabelleandJay

Checking to find his kids still asleep, Bill Raines trudged down the
hall and collapsed onto the guest bed. But sleep did not come easy to him
that night. In fact, he was sure he didn't get any sleep at all, but
tossed and turned the entire night. His mind was awash with images of
Allison, his wife, standing there, with that look of shock and rage on her
face. And images of Sandy, with her ankles up over her head and his hard
cock driving into her, scenes of two cocks splitting the luscious blonde apart, and her beautiful asshole wrapped tightly around his swollen cock.
But sleep did not come.

As the morning light began to creep into the guestroom, Bill slipped
down the hall and once again tried the knob to their bedroom. It remained
locked, just as it had been all night. Quietly, he returned to the quest
room, showered and headed to work, since there was obviously little that
could be accomplished here.

Following the worst day in his life and being told twenty times by
colleagues, "You look like shit," Bill headed home. He didn't know what to
expect when he got there, probably a knock down fight with Allison taking
the kids and leaving. Or maybe she was already gone. He just had no idea.
Bill was more than a little surprised when he tried his front door knob
and found it turn in his hand. Cautiously, he pushed to door open and
stepped inside a seemingly deserted house. But there were lights on and
music playing upstairs. He started to move that way but was stopped by the
sound of his wife calling to him from upstairs.

"Don't go anywhere!" Allison shouted from the floor above. "I'll be
down in a minute. The kids are sleeping over across the street. I'm going
down to Frank and Sandy's and you're going with me!" she yelled.

So this was it, he thought - a lot of shrieking and yelling with the
neighbors, accusations thrown about and ultimately his denouncement as the
scum of the earth. This was clearly what was in store for him. "Well," he
thought, "I guess I've got it coming." He heard the sound of Allison coming
down the stairs and turned to face his doom.

What confronted him was the second biggest surprise of his young life,
the first coming last night. There, standing in front of him, was his
young wife dressed in a very short black vinyl mini-skirt, black fishnet
stockings, and the highest silver stiletto fuck-me pumps he had ever seen
in his life. She wore a black vinyl bustier that did nothing to contain
her large, firm 36C breasts. Bill could easily see both of her nipples
exposed at the top of the tight fitting corset, which squeezed down to her
tiny waist. He hair was piled fashionably on top of her head and he
noticed she had put on very heavy makeup, especially on her eyes and lips.

"Whhaat..." Bill stammered, but that was all he could get out before she
cut him off.

"We're going over to Frank and Diane's! Now!" she snapped, and walked
past him and out the door.

Bill scrambled behind Allison to keep up as she strode down the street.
He could see her ass exposed beneath the short mini skirt. She took fast
strides, her breasts bouncing up and down now totally exposed in the tight
fitting top, which was at was at least two sizes too small to begin with.
Bill couldn't believe any of this. Here was his lovely, dull wife, and
mother to his children, dressed like some sexy prostitute, walking down his
neighborhood street to their neighbor's house. "To do what?" he wondered.
"Yell? Fight? What?"

Bill was totally confused when they arrive at Frank and Sandy's door.
Allison pushed the door open and walked in without knocking. Bill was
stunned - had she lost her mind? He thought he heard Frank's voice inside
the house. "Here they are now," he thought he heard Frank say, but that
didn't make any sense either.

Bill hurried inside to see if he could prevent the ugly scene that he
was sure was about to occur. Instead, he saw his young wife locked in
Frank's arms, their mouths crushed together in a deep kiss. In the dim
light, he could see the older man's hands cupped around his wife's exposed
ass cheeks, as her short vinyl mini-skirt rode up from their embrace.
Frank's hands then moved smoothly around Allison firm ass, rubbing and
stroking the white, round mounds. Bill could see Frank's fingers darting
in and out of the dark crack between Allison's ass cheeks, as Bill realized
his wife was not wearing any panties.

Bill watched as the older man skillfully hooked his fingers on the
nearby mini skirt hem, and slowly tugged the tightly stretched vinyl skirt
up to finally gather around the young woman's waist. Allison's mouth had
not broken their deep kiss, but she now stood with her bare ass pointing
directly at her husband, wearing the black fishnet stockings held up by a
tiny, black vinyl garterbelt. The long, taut garters stretching down over
her round, firm ass. In a long slow turn, Frank slipped his arms around
Allison's waist and spun her slowly around to face Bill, and eased himself
back in behind her. Frank now pressed himself firmly against her ass and
lewdly ground his hips into her backside. He buried is mouth into the side
of her neck, licking and kissing her neck and shoulders. But Bill was
oblivious to Frank's kisses on his wife's neck. His eyes were locked on
his wife's cunt - her bare, smooth, freshly shaved cunt! Allison had
shaved her entire vaginal area and Bill could clearly see her smooth,
pouting cunt lips, as the older man kissed and rubbed her body.

Now it was Bill who was sure he was losing his mind. He watched as one
of Frank's hands squeezed and pulled at Allison's now fully-exposed breasts and his other hand trailed down her belly and pushed it's way between her
legs. Bill fully expected Allison to clamp her legs together, protecting
herself from Frank's groping fingers. But Bill couldn't believe his eyes.
Instead, Allison slowly shifted her weight and spread her legs further
apart, allowing Frank's invading hand better access. Smoothly, the older man slipped an experienced hand into Allison clean-shaven cunt, and easily
pushed a long slender finger inside her. Bill watched his young wife moan
in delight as his neighbor worked his hand into her wet cunt, spreading her
vaginal lips wide apart with his fingers. Like last night, Bill was sure
this was for his benefit.

"What in the hell is going on?" Bill was about to blurt out, as he
watched his wife begin to grind her hips against Frank's skillful hand.
But Bill stopped opened mouth, caught by something, a smell perhaps. Yes,
that was it. His senses became overwhelmed with the same dark, rich
perfume that he had first smelled last night. That intoxicating scent that
told him Sandy was close by. He turned and there she was, moving smoothly
in from a near-by room. Instantly, Bill's mind blurred out the images of
his wife, Frank, Frank's hand in her cunt, and was filled with the
voluptuous blonde beauty of this woman, who seemed to now have captured his

Bill's mind was trying to make sense of the vision that stood in front
of him, but the only part of his body that seemed to be functioning
properly was his cock, now rock-hard. His heart was racing out of control,
his breath had stopped, and he could feel himself sweating profusely, as if
he'd just walked into a sauna.

Sandy was dressed in a red sequin evening gown that looked as if it had
been glued to her curved body. The dress was backless, with a thin strip
of sequined fabric from the waist covering Sandy's enormous breast and
running around the back of her neck. The small strips of fabric did
nothing to cover her exposed breasts with Bill could see clearly and they
had to be 40DD, at least. The shiny sequined halter of the dress covered
only her nipples. Bill's eyes wandered down to see that the dress was cut
up the front and opened all the way from the waist to the floor, exposing
Sandy's long, magnificent legs. She wore shiny, red stockings with lace
tops which held them up. She was also wearing shiny, red crotchless
panties that stretched tight along the outside of her shaved mound, fully
exposing her smooth, cunt lips.

Bill moved to her as if pulled by strings that she controlled. He
stepped to her and within seconds he could feel her hands stroking the
front of his pants, rubbing his hard cock as they kissed. With a practiced
ease, Sandy unzipped his pants and within seconds she was down on her knees
sucking his stiff cock, her dark red lips swallowing him whole. Bill
gasped in pleasure as the older woman effortlessly took his entire length
down her throat, slurping hungrily at his cock. He slipped a hand about
behind her head and pulled her forcefully to him, as he began fucking her
mouth in earnest. And she responded as no woman he could have imagined.
The more he pulled her head, the deeper he seemed to go into her throat.
"This is fucking unbelievable," Bill thought to himself, realizing that
there really was something to this experience thing and the fascination
older women held over men.

Sandy was beautiful and amazing as he watched her pump her mouth faster
and faster, her moist lips tightly wrapped around his swollen cock. She
looked up to see him watching her and Bill could see a smile form on her
lips as she devoured his cock. He could feel her teeth rake along his
sensitive penis head, tease it with several seconds of wild sucking, and
then quickly plunge his hardness back down deep into her throat.

"Oohh, yes! Suck my cock. Suck it nooooowwww!" Bill groaned, as he
grabbed her head now with both hands and began furiously pumping into her
mouth. "Yeeeesss. I'm comminggggg," Bill howled. Within moments, he
showered her throat with his cum, pumping wildly to drain every ounce of
his semen into her eager mouth. With his entire length buried in her mouth
and her nose and lips pressed firmly against his pubic bone, Bill saw her
work her mouth in a vacuuming motion around the base of his cock as she
pulled every drop of cum out from deep in his loins.

Drained, Bill pulled his hips back as he heard a pop, and his limp cock
fell out of her mouth.

"Well, that was fun for starters," Sandy said smiling up at him and
licking her lips. "Now, let's see what else you've got."

Bill smiled back and began to help her up from the floor, when he heard
Allison moan from across the room. "OH YES! Fuck me with that big cock!
Please Frank. Please fuck me nowwwwww!" Bill heard her say, amazed because
he had never heard her talk like that before. He looked over just in time
to see Frank preparing to push his giant erection into his wife's small,
tight cunt. He saw Allison pumping and grinding her hips upward in the air
in anticipation, her shaved cunt wet with excitement. Had she ever been
this hot with him, Bill wondered? Or was it just that he was seeing her
for the first time from a different perspective, seeing her with another
man. At that moment, he watched as Frank positioned his thick cock at
Allison's dripping opening, rub his large cock several time against her
smooth pussy lips and firmly push his dick halfway into her cunt.

"OOOOOOHHHHH," Allison screamed, but Bill could tell there was more
pleasure than pain in her cry. "OOOOOOHH, GOD! YOUR COCK FEELS SO GOOD.
IT'S SOOO BIG!" she wailed, as the older man gave another big lunge and
drove the entire length of his huge cock deep into the young woman.

moaned and wrapped her arms tightly around Frank's neck and kissed him
deeply. Allison lay on her back on the sofa and Frank had her legs spread
wide apart, offering Bill a wide open view of Frank's massive 9-inch cock
jamming repeatedly into his wife's shaved hole and stretching her swollen
cunt lips wide apart with each thrust. Bill was overwhelmed with an
explosion of feelings - confusion, jealously, anger, and lust. All of
these welled up inside him in an instant. Could his boring and demure wife really be this hot bitch who wanted sex so much with another man? Was she
behaving this way just because she caught him with Sandy and Frank?

Before another question could cloud his mind, Sandy moved in front of
him, pressed her mouth to his, and slid her tongue deep into his mouth. He
could taste his cum still in her mouth as he responded to her kiss. In
that instant, any thought of Allison disappeared. He grabbed Sandy's huge
breasts, slipping the straps of her dress down to the sides. Bill began
massaging and rubbing her massive tits.

"I don't know if they're real or not, but these are incredible,
perfect," Bill thought as he began rolling her erect nipples between his

"Yes. Yes, that's it. Rub my nipples," Sandy ordered. "Now, suck

Bill swiftly dipped his head and locked his mouth over one of her large
dark nipples, rubbing the other one with his hand.

"Ohhh, that's good" she muttered, as she took his free hand and slipped
it through the slit front opening of her gown and on to her exposed cunt.
"Ahhhhh, yes, that's good," she whispered.

Bill sucked hard at her on her nipple and he began to work his hand
between her legs.

"God, this bitch is hot," he thought to himself and he easily slipped
two of his fingers into her burning, wet opening and began working his hand
in and out.

"Muuuuuuummmm. Oh, yes!" she exhaled, as he could feel her pushing her
crotch harder against his working fingers. "Get in there. Deeper," she

Bill followed her directions and pushed his hand deeper into her
generous opening, meeting no resistance to his insertion. He pushed deeper
and rubbed faster and he now worked his hand against her swollen clit. He
was sucking her breasts so hard that he was sure that he must be hurting
her. His jaw was beginning to ache. His mouth was opened so wide, as he
sucked her massive tits, but even then he could only manage to cover a
small part of her beautiful giant, breast.

"Come on, lover," Sandy wispered in his era and began pulling his across
the room. She led his to the other end of the large, sectional sofa where
Allison and Frank were fucking nearby. She slipped her dress off the
remaining way, rolling it off of her round hips and into a sequined pile on
the floor. She smiled at Bill and eased down onto her back. Throwing one
stockinged leg across the back of the sofa, and splaying the other wide
apart, Sandy motioned Bill to her.

"Let's go, baby," she purred. "Let's put that mouth to work again 'till
that cock of yours is ready."

Bill quickly fell onto his chest on the sofa and plunged headlong into
her offered opening. He locked his mouth onto her dripping slit and began
eagerly sucking on her swollen vaginal lips, stretching and pulling them
out with his mouth as he sucked.

"Oh, God, that's good's," she moaned. "Yes, eat me!" and Bill began
furiously lapping at her cunt lips, which responded to his licking and
sucking, by swelling even larger as they became engorged with blood. Bill
couldn't believe his eyes, as her pussy just seemed to grow larger and
larger under his touch.

"Yessssssss," Sandy groaned. "Now put your fingers in."

As directed, Bill followed her instructions and inserted three fingers
into her swollen opening, as he licked and sucked her sopping cunt. He
eased a forth finger in and with the webbing of this thumb hooked on the
outside and the rest of his hand inside her, he began rubbing small circles
on the underside of her pelvic bone, searching for her spot. He worked his
hand smoothly against the soft, moist tissues inside her vagina as he felt
her jump and pulsate under his hand. He had found it! Bill instantly
focused on her spot and with small, quick circles suddenly had her pumping
her hips and moaning with pleasure. He rubbed and licked for several
minutes, driving the older woman into scream fits

"THAT'S IT! THAT'S IT! I'M CUMMMMMINGGGG," she screamed, as she wildly
bucked and tossed. He thought that she was going to break his neck as she
struggled to keep his mouth locked to her clit. "OH, GOOOOOOODDDDDDD!" she
wailed, as he could feel his face awash with the hot juices of her orgasm.
He lapped wildly at her sweet juices like a wild animal as he withdrew his
hand from inside her.

Bill no sooner lifted his face from Sandy's burning cunt, than she
instantly jumped up past him and pushed him back on the sofa. In less than
a second, the older woman had straddled him and stuffed his reawakening
cock into her dripping vagina. She began to pump with a merciless vigor,
grinding her cunt down onto him. His whole body shook as she pushed,
pounded and pummeled his cock.

"Here, suck on these!" Sandy ordered, pressing a large breast into his

Instantly, Bill began to suck at the massive breasts dangling above him.
He buried a hard nipple deep into his mouth. Sandy was now clutching his
head to her breast, mashing his face onto her chest with such force that
Bill thought for a moment he was going to suffocate. Gasping for breath,
he broke away from her huge tit, only to have the other one jammed in his

"C'mon, baby! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!" Sandy screamed.

But Bill could only hear the giant roar of his blood pounding in his
head and ears. Her fingers were now tightly wrapped into his scalp, with
handfuls of hair controlling Bill's head. But he was beyond any
discomfort. His madly bucked his hips upwards with all the remaining energy
in him as he felt his cock release. His howl was matched by Sandy's as she
felt the hot stream of cum spewing inside.

"OHHHH YES! Shoot it in me!" she shrieked.

Bill pushed upwards with all of his might, as his balls emptied into
rich, sweet depths of the mature woman's cunt. He could feel her pulling
on his cock with the muscles of her vagina, milking him dry. It was the
same thing that she had done to his cock last night, only then it was with
the tight vise-like muscles of her sphincter. Now he could feel her
pulling and tugging with every rise, then swallow his whole as she
descended. Finally, his limp cock could endure no more, and he fell out of
her burning opening.

"God, that was fantastic!" Bill exclaimed, trying to catch his breath.

"Glad you liked it, honey," Sandy said smiling, now dismounting from his
hips and going to the bar. "But you better not rest too long, lover. I've
still got a lot of fucking to do tonight."

It was a sound that registered next in his consciousness. With his eyes
and brain beginning to clear from his clattering orgasm, Bill heard the
fluid slurping and squishing sounds from the nearby sofa. He turned to see
that his wife was still underneath his neighbor. Her newly shaved cunt was
now drenched and glistening as the massive cock of the older man split her
swollen vaginal folds. Bill could see Frank's stiff member pull out inch
after inch, seemingly never to end. When the huge cock head surfaced at
Allison's opening, the older man would drive his huge erection back in,
with the squishing sounds of their wetness now ringing through the house.
He could only sit and watch at the sight of his wife's cunt being stretched
wider and wider as Frank continued to plunge in and out. Bill couldn't see
his wife's face, only hear her moans and cries.

"Wait! Wait! Get off!" Bill heard her beg, figuring that surely his
wife had had enough and could take no more of Frank's enormous size.

Frank slowly withdrew his huge member with a plopping sound, and Bill
stared directly into his wife's stretched and gaping cunt. He could hardly
believe his eyes at the enormous opening that now lay between her legs.
Frank stood up, his huge penis still erect and bobbing menacingly in the
air. Without a moment's hesitation, Allison turned over on the sofa, now
on her hands and knees.

In the sexiest voice he had ever heard, Bill heard is wife moan,"
Yesssss. Now fuck me in the ass." She reached back and with both hands
pulled her ass cheeks far apart, stretching her upturned backside wide and
offered herself to Frank.

"I need that hard cock in my tight asshole," she moaned.

Bill's mind exploded with sounds and images from the previous night. In
the exact same spot on the sofa, using the exact same gestures and words,
Allison has duplicated Sandy's invitation to him for anal sex. Allison
must have been there to see it!!! Bill's mind spun wildly. Had Allison
been present for the entire episode? When did she come in? Why didn't she
stop it earlier?

With all of those questions ringing in his head, Bill watched as Frank
placed the head of his massive cock against Allison's tight, pink anal bud
and pushed. Bill could neither believe what he was seeing nor understand
it. Allison had never allowed him the pleasures of her ass. Numerous
times he would stroke and massage the rubbery ring of her rectum, but
always she had stopped him. Always afterwards came her words of rebuke,
"And don't do it again. You know I don't like it!"

Now here she was with her beautiful ass sticking up, cheeks spread wide
and inviting the stroke of a monstrous cock into her virgin asshole - a
stroke that would probably tear her apart. Bill just could not comprehend
it. He watched in disbelief as he saw Frank's ass cheeks tighten, and his
hips begin to push. Dumbfounded, he saw the length and width of the thick penis disappear into his wife's rectum.

"OOOOOOOOOOOOO," Allison moaned. "Ohhhhhh, yesssss."

No bloodcurdling scream of pain. No protestation and immediate
withdrawl. None of the things Bill expected to hear and see happened.
Instead, he watched as the glistening giant moved smoothly deeper and
deeper into her bowels.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yessssss," Allison groaned. "All of it! I want all
of it in my ass!"

And the older man pushed forward until all nine inches was deeply buried
in Allison's rectum. Then he began to withdraw, almost entirely as her
tight ring pulled and tugged at the massive intruder. Then a pause, and
Frank was again buried to his balls between the young beauty's ass.

"Oh, yes. That's so good," Allison exhaled and said smoothly, now
looking back over her shoulder towards her husband.

The older man now began long, solid strokes into Allison's asshole.
Each thrust seemingly reaming deeper than the previous. Under most
circumstances, the sight of his beautiful wife getting fucked in the ass
would have lit untold fires in his lust. But Bill was confounded past any
normal point of arousal. Here was his wife having insatiable anal sex like
a professional whore, and just one night after catching him in the same act
with Sandy. But, did she? She must have been there all along. And how
did she know where he was? Was this some kind of setup? Bill's head hurt with the problem and the possibilities.

As he looked up, Sandy stood above him, martini glass in hand, her red and swollen labia staring him in the face. He could see droplet of his own
juice beginning to trail out of her moist opening.

"Here, lover. You look like you need this," she said handing him the
glass. He drank it instantly in one large gulp.

She turned away from him, with her ass now in his face, spread her feet
apart and bent over, opening her beautiful backside to him.

"C'mon, sweetie. You still have some work to do," she said.

With the sound of his wife's groans from the ecstasy of anal sex filling
his ears, he pressed his face deep within Sandy's round ass cheeks and half
heartedly began to tongue her tight brown ring.

"Baby, you're gonna have to do better than that," Sandy chided. "Here
maybe this will help."

She reached between her spread legs and slipped her hand into her
dripping cunt. She pulled out a large glob of Bill's own cum from her
cunt, reached around back and smeared it into her hot anus. Bill pushed
his tongue back in, now tasting his own cum mixed with the dark bitterness
of Sandy's anus. He drove his tongue as deep as he could and slipped a
hand up to her waiting cunt. As he slipped several fingers into her slimy
opening, she gave out a large moan.

"Oh, yes! Rub my cunt!! Eat my ass," she cried.

No matter what else he thought, his mind reaffirmed that this woman had
to be the hottest and horniest female he had ever seen. He massaged her
eager cunt and began twirling her swollen clit under the pressure of his
fingers. All the while, plunging his tongue deep into her dark back door.
And just as he was almost lost again in the pungent smell, taste and feel
of this exceptional woman, the wailing cry of his wife pulled him back to
his problem riddled consciousness.

"Yes. Fill me up!!!! Make me cum. Fill my ass with that big cock!
was screaming.

Bill tried to pull his face out from between Sandy's ass cheeks to look
at Allison, but it was no use. With one hand, Sandy was pressing his face
hard into her backside, and with the other she had replaced his hand on her
clit with her own. Sandy was now on the verge of her own orgasm, furiously
rubbing her cunt as Bill continued to tongue her ass.

The screams of both women blended together to resound and echo
throughout the house. As the sounds of the massive orgasm began to subside
and Sandy pulled away, Bill looked over to his wife, now head down in
exhaustion but her ass still in the air. Frank's massive erection was
still plunging in and out of Allison's now bright red sphincter. Panting
and groaning, the older man shuddered and began to pound furiously into the
younger woman's anus. Bill had never seen the speed or frenzy to match the
pistoning into his wife's ass. The huge pole was a blur as it drove in and
out, their bodies slapping together. Then suddenly, Frank completely
withdrew his cock from Allison's asshole with a large pop.

Bill was aghast. Allison's dilated rectum was a gaping hole the size of
his fist. He couldn't believe the size of his wife's anus, now massive and
red. Holding his cock in one hand, Frank held the head of his purple
monster above Allison's stretched asshole and shot stream after stream of
hot semen deep into her bowels. Frank was yelling, Allison moaning, and
Sandy making deep guttural sounds at the sight. Only Bill was speechless.

As Bill watched, his wife's stretched asshole, now filled and
overflowing with semen, began to twitch and quiver from the absence of the
huge prick filling it, as the muscles tried to regain their shape. As the
young woman stood up, globs of cream colored semen began to drip from her
filled asshole.

Sandy dropped to her knees in from of Bill, pulling his attention away
from his wife..

"Your turn now, sweetie," she said smiling and began sucking Bill's
flaccid cock. After several minutes of sucking and finding no arousal
response from Bill, Sandy regained her feet.

"I'm..., I'm sorry, I guess I'm all fucked out for the night," Bill
shamefully whispered to her.

"Well, we'll save that one for later," Sandy replied and gently kissed

Allison was now on her feet and standing next to Sandy.

Turning to Allison, Sandy leaned over and kissed her on the mouth,
sharing a deep passionate kiss.

"Well, looks like you lose, honey," Sandy said to Allison following the

"I guess I did," said Allison smiling and leaned in to return the kiss.
Their sweat-covered bodies clenched, their large breasts pressed hard
against each other. Allison's hands now clenched around Sandy's ass,
pulling the older woman hard against her as their kiss lingered. Bill's
mind reeled as he watched them slowly break apart and Allison begin

"Lost what?" he asked Allison in confusion, as he pulled on his

"You'll see, soon enough," Allison replied, zipping up the short skirt,
pulling on her top and heading out the door.

They walked home in silence and Bill found himself again standing in
front of a locked bedroom door. For a second night in a row, he also found
himself lying awake in the guest bedroom, his mind swirling with confused

End of Part Two

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