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Back in the days of the cold war, spying was the most interesting of
games. Mikhail Gorbenov played his part, as all good Russians must. .
Mikhail was involved with Soviet mind control experiments. His job; to
train the female agents that were sent around the world, to entrap the men of power, bringing all the secrets home to mother Russia.

It is marvelous to work for the USSR; it makes some things very easy to
get. For Mikhail it was the “”getting“” of females, women with the
necessary talents, those worth training. He needed girls who looked good,
and acted bad. This turned out to be not as hard as you might think.

Summer at USTA Military Camp brought all the promising college age
adults from Moscow. Men's compound on one side, Women’s on the other.
Mikhail's special agents were recruited from this Camp. He had a small
apartment at the end of the camp, in the works garage. No one new it was
there, no signs, and mostly undergrounds. He was considered by all
concerned to be maintenance staff. The head matron was one of the few, who
knew his real occupation.

Mikhail had designed the camp. It had a very open concept. It was a
tree-less, well-lit plain, well patrolled by staff. No places to hide from
watchful eyes. But one area had been designed opposite to this theme. It
had been set up as the perfect place to hide. Just the sort of place sex
starved Cadets would seek out. It was the Garbage and Waste building, and
it stunk. It stunk so much the staff refused to go anywhere near it. Each
day a new group of future soldiers, were punished with garbage duty. Once
in the shed it was apparent that it was a maze of bins and barrels, with
all the privacy that the stench provided. It wasn't long before these
punished cadets figured out other uses for such a place.

At ten o'clock the camp staff was at officer’s mess, the camp considered
bedded down for the night. The only lights visible were from the mess, and
the stinking building. All was quiet. All except the odd little commotion
in the garbage shed. In the maintenance shop basement, Mikhail had his
residential quarters .His living room was a bank of twenty- 12"x 12" Sony
color monitors. Here he spent his evenings watching his closed circuit
TV's. It would start soon. He would open a beer, and sit and watch, and
be rewarded. Not many were chosen, but some “WERE.”

Tonight was bound to be excellent; the soldiers in training had been out
on maneuvers, away from camp for days. The women touring hospitals, the
men, woods survival training.

One of the monitors motion sensors flashed red, drawing Mikhail's
attention. A man was sneaking into the building, soon more red flashes as
a woman entered from another entrance, they were moving towards each other.
They met in the same place, the barrel storage room, Mikhail zoomed in,
putting his headphones on, he was now a fly on “that”, wall.

He had seen this girl before, and she was of high potential, aggressive,
and always picking men she could easily control and dominate. Tonight was
no different; it was Dimetry Diminovich, the shy tall, lanker from b squad.
The girl, Nadia, was tall, big, buxom, Large breasts, and strong, but she
was also very sexually driven. This was the reason she had been tagged as
""of interest"" to Mikhail, and tonight would be her deciding night.

" Have you missed me Dimetry" she pouted to the lanky male pressed with
his back to the wall? He was very shy, Just shaking his head that he had.
" I was afraid you wouldn't come" as she said this she moved towards him,
his eyes went wide as she approached. He really didn't know what to
expect, he had heard rumors, but now he was about to find out. Her lips
met his forcefully, and with the speed and dexterity of an athlete she
pulled at his belt, unzipping his fly, and entering his trousers. Dropping
to her knees, She pulled the lads pants down in one smooth motion. Mikhail
new now what had sealed Dimetry's fate, this lad was hung likes a horse.
"The boys were right about you" King of the shower room, you are, Dimetry!"
She ran her tongue up and down his thick pink shaft, then tried to force
the whole thing down her throat.

Mikhail could see how much she enjoyed this, the muscles in her neck
enlarged and taut, she wanted ””this”” cock, wanted to devour it, and
devour she did. Faster and faster she bobbed on his dick, the loud glump,
glump, glump of her gagging throat is all he could hear. One hand in her
own skirt, stroking faster and faster. The boy stood stark, still, letting
her take him, eyes shut tight, part fear, part passion, she was in no
waiting mood, she was ready to cum and wanted his cum, too. Mikhail could
see her hips begin to buck as she started towards her climax, her hand
squeezed at the boys balls, he too, started to move, her other hand
disappeared behind the lad, she buried his shaft deep in her throat. He
began to thrash eyes open wide. He was Cumming, the feel of her finger
intruding into his butt, was making him feel very scared. Nadia had
dreamed of his warm spunk spurting into her mouth. Dimetry was trying to
pull out with all his strength. He was in a panic, bucking to free
himself. Nadia was determined to taste what she could. Huge spurts of
semen propelled by fear and lust, squirted into her waiting mouth. She
caught all but the last spurt; it hitting her top lip as he bounded out the

Nadia fell back grinning, dress up about her waist, Wet, cunt open, and
exposed. Mikhail watched as she groaned and pushed her finger up and down
her slick opening Gasping, then suddenly stopping, frozen in orgasm,
letting it seep through her.

Mikhail had made his decision, he pressed the switch that locked the
doors, keeping Nadia in the garbage building, and keeping everyone else
out. He called the matron to meet him in the garbage building basement. “I
have a new recruit Matron,” “I’m on my way Mikhail” This was a prize better
than expected.

He made his way to the basement tunnel, arriving to find Nadia composed,
and pleading that she had been locked in while bringing the trash. Yes she
was indeed a smart girl. "Of course you did, follow me please" he said

When they arrived in the basement, the Matron was their waiting, slight
grin on her face, "well, well, I should have guessed." Mikhail sat Nadia
down roughly in an armchair, holding her while Matron bound both forearms
to the chair." Shall we get started Mikhail" Matron could not wait to
begin. This was the agreement she and Mikhail worked under. He got what he
wanted, and Matron got first night rights. It worked out so well for all

Matron re-wound the tape of Nadia blowing the soldier in the garbage
building. It began to play back on the screen in front of them; the Matron
stood looking down at the now naked girl. Nadia's eyes went wide as she
watched herself devour the young man, on the TV. Matron reached down and
pinched the girl’s nipples "look her tits are aroused, she gets horny
watching herself suck cock." Nadia began to blush scarlet red. "It’s a
little too late for that you little slut" the Matron chuckled.

Mikhail approached the chair; the Matron unbuttoned his pants. His huge
thick 8" cock sprang forth. Neither the Matron nor Nadia could take their
eyes off it. It was so thick and veined, neither had seen any that would
be called better. Its head like a huge purple plum, his testicles tight,
dark and wrinkled like rhino skin. Matron stroked it slowly back and
forth; her hand not able to encircle it completely, a big drip forming on
the slit of the purple headed monster. With her other hand she wiped the
clear fluid off, catching a large thick drip with her index finger, she
held it up to the light like a jewel for all to see, then brought her hand
down, wiping it expertly across Nadia's upper lip.

Matron was enjoying humiliating this fresh, new slut, Nadia didn't know
what to do, she had never been treated like this before. The salty scent
of this strange mans pre-cum, damp on her lip, filled her nostrils, first
frowning, repulsed, but now causing her to swoon, almost wetting her with
the passion his musky odor awakened.

The matron tapped her finger on the tv screen, it was a side shot,
showing Nadia impaling her self on the soldiers penis, her hand furiously
pushing her finger up his ass, as he squirmed to get away " such passion my
dear, KGB will be very happy to have you." Matron began removing her own
uniform, soon she was naked, A big bear of a women, attractive, large round
breasts, and huge hairy mound, the first Nadia would taste. Matron rubbed
her nipples as she looked down at Nadia's nakedness strapped to the wooden
arms of the chair. She grabbed hold of her by each ear as she thrust her
furry crotch, up against the girl’s face. Nadia was to aroused to fight,
she let herself be drawn into the women, she felt her arms being
unfastened. She was being pushed to the floor, Matron kneeling over her
face, pinning down her head. Mikhail was Licking Nadia, forcing his tongue
deep into her, and flicking her clit forcefully, over and over. She began
to feel the first waves of orgasm. Matron rubbing her engorged clit on
Nadia's slick face, where would it end, she didn't want to think anymore,
just let them use her.

On and on the lovemaking went; she found herself stretched out on
Matron, grinding with her, pussy to pussy, mouth to mouth. Pumping,
rubbing, Matrons tongue searching deep in her mouth. She tried to scream
as Mikhail’s huge sausage like prick entered her ass, but she was Cumming,
each painful burning, stroke in her ass was answered with a wonderful
grinding contraction with Matron. She was completely engulfed with the
pleasure, she felt the warm moist spurts signaling Mikhail’s Cumming, heard
his grunts, mixed with Matrons moans, and her own sobs of delight. “I’m
CUMMING she heard herself scream, every painful thrust up her ass, forced
more words from her mouth, she had never felt like this, abused,
humiliated, but completely ecstatic, huge waves of mind shattering
contractions went through her sensitive body. Her writhing matching, the
undulations, both below and above her. ” I’m Cumming, I’m Cumming, over
and over she screamed it out. Soon she fell back weeping with exhaustion.

As she lay resting on the floor, she heard her voice playing back over
the TV. " I'm CUMMING.... I’M CUMMING" She slowly opened her eyes, they
had taped her, she was screaming out her joy, Mikhail, pounding his huge
meat into her waiting willing ass, Matrons face, contorted in pleasure,
below her. Nadia was ashamed watching herself on the TV., but excited and
wanting it to continue. Matron was dressing, " don't worry Nadia, you will
have more of this than any girl could imagine, You are about to become one
of Mikhail's **spy sluts** Get some sleep my dear, tomorrow you will begin
your , real training.


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