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A Ride in the Country part 2



The usual rules apply.

1) Don’t read this is in your country you are below the permitted age.
Sorry. Write to them about it not me.
2) You can copy this but don’t make money out of it. I wrote it. So I own
3) Very special thanks to Margaret who wads through this stuff spell
checking, tense checking and no doubt tearing her hair out and forever
wondering, “Will she write another one…oh God I hope not!”
4) And comments or suggestions can be sent to me at

I do read all the letters but due to the expense of air time in the UK
I am unable to reply to each one. But thank you all for all the mail
so far. It’s nice to know someone actually reads this stuff.


Xenia and myself had arranged to return to the mansion house two days later.
This time I was dressed for the occasion, wearing a white blouse, short
white skirt, and white stockings, suspenders, bra and pants.

At the hotel I found Xenia waiting for me. She looked great, tall with her
wild flowing black hair; she was wearing a long black backless dress. I
asked what she was wearing under it all. I could already see she wasn’t
wearing any bra.

“Stockings and suspenders” she said.

She made no mention of panties.

We drove through the darkened countryside again until we found the house.
The butler was waiting. Shown into the large room we found Andrew waiting.
He had a long dressing gown on. We had some drinks before he asked us to
follow him upstairs.

We were led into a large bedroom with a massive four poster bed. Andrew
produced four lengths of silk. He told Xenia that her dress would be
removed. At that point the butler and the 16-year-old boy walked in. The
butler was dressed normally, the boy had a pair of underpants on and that
was it, I felt myself getting hot at the sight of him. His skin was so
smooth and soft looking, no hair on his body, I could see the bugle in his
pants where that cock was laying.

They walked up to Xenia, the boy in front, the butler behind. The man told
me to sit next to him on a large double chair. Then the butler and the boy
started to feel Xenia all over, their hands running up and down her dress,
massaging her breasts within her dress, feeling between her legs. Her head
lolled back and her eyes closed as four hands caressed, fondled and rubbed
her all over.

Looking at Andrew’s lap I could see under his gown he was getting a hard on.
Watching Xenia I slid my hand over to his chest and then worked it into the
gown. I moved down along his tummy until his cockhead touched my fingers. I
gripped it gently between my fingers and started to rub it up and down. It
pushed out of the gown, and I could see the head appearing from the skin
like an acorn as I rubbed back and forth. A drop of pre cum started to
emerge from the eye, and with one finger I rubbed it into the head.

Meanwhile Xenia was moaning as the hands were slowly rubbing her dress down,
her full breasts were exposed, partly hidden by her long black shiny hair
that hung around her shoulders. Little by little they urged the dress down,
ensuring they touched and played with her all over. I looked at the boys
pants and saw his lovely cock all hard inside of them straining to get out.
Finally she was standing there in just her stockings and suspender belt. The
boy walked over to us and held out his hand for the pieces of silk. I
couldn’t resist; his crotch was so close to my face. I leaned forward and
started to lick his pants over the outline of that lovely hard cock laying
there, pointing to his left hip. He thrust his waist forward and I clasped
the shaft with my lips, wetting through his pants with my tongue while my
hand rammed back and forth over Andrew’s cock. He let me lick and suck at
his cock through his pants for a minute before walking back to Xenia. She
was laid on the bed and they gently bound her hands and feet to the four
posts. They left her a lot of movement. They wanted her to feel safe and
that she could move, but still be unable to stop the nice things no doubt
they had planned for her.

Then, standing on either side of her the butler and the boy started to
caress her with their tongues. Long licks along her body; sometimes moving
all the way along her leg, another circling her nipple, then moving
elsewhere. Xenia just rolled around, moaning, gasping as the tongues
assaulted her.

Keeping my eyes firmly on her I laid my head on Andrew’s tummy and took the
head of his cock into my mouth. My tongue swirled around the head, licking
and teasing it. My hand dug his balls out of the gown and cupped them,
squeezing and massaging them. One of Andrew’s hands moved to my side and
then started to caress my breasts through my blouse. It felt so natural to
lay here, his cock just in my mouth, not trying to do anything other then
lick and tease it while his hand lazily caressed my breast.

Xenia on the other hand was thrashing around on the bed unable to escape the
two tongues licking and teasing her body. By now the Butler had his head
between her legs and I could guess he was thrusting his tongue in and out of
her pussy. The boy was licking her tummy and breasts, sometimes fondling
them with his hands, but mainly licking and stabbing at them with his
tongue. I could see the butler slide his hands under Xenia’s bottom and then
lift it slightly above the bed. His hands were cupping her cheeks, mauling
and squeezing them. The boy had both hands around one breast, his head glued
to the nipple, pulling it away from her and then letting go, then sinking
back down over it. Xenia’s head was arched all the way back, she was
moaning, her legs were jerking from side to side.

Andrew’s hips begin to move up and down, thrusting his cock slowly into my
mouth, which I left open, just letting him softly fuck my face. His hand was
cupping my breast now, squeezing the nipple between his fingers. Finally he
asked me to stop and told me to sit up. Standing up he walked over to the
bed. The butler pulled away and Andrew then knelt onto the bed between
Xenia’s legs. He lifted her bottom with one hand and slid her on and over
his legs. His other hand held his cock pointing it to her pussy. He slid her
straight on to it. He began to rock himself back and forth, his hands
holding her hips. I walked over and watched. I could see with each backward
stroke that almost all his cock was coming out of her pussy before plunging
in again.

The butler walked around the bed and said, “Excuse me Miss, could you?” and
offered his cock to me. I sat on the edge of the bed and guided him so that
his cock touched my lips. Opening my mouth I engulfed the head of his cock.
I let my tongue swirl around it before I started to move my head back and
forth along the shaft. His hands stroked my breasts as I did so, brushing
the nipples with his finger, sometimes pinching them. I clasped his bottom
tightly with both hands and wanked his cock with my lips. I could hear Xenia
behind me moaning and groaning.

The butler said, “Oh Miss, you don’t mind?”

I looked up and saw his eyes were shut, his head arching back. Suddenly a
shot of cum filled my mouth, all sticky and salty, really thick. I pulled
away and grasped his cock with both hands, aiming at my face. I saw the head
swell and then out fired another long string of cum that hit my nose and
open mouth. I could feel it hanging from my mouth, and rolling over my lips.
I formed my lips into a small ‘O’ and then put them at the tip of his
cockhead just as a third and fourth wad of cum shot out, flooding my mouth,
covering my teeth and tongue. I pulled away and saw some cum hanging off the
end of his cock. I pulled his cock to my face and wiped it against my cheek,
feeling the warm cum smearing over my skin. The cum in my mouth was thick
and gluey. I opened my lips and let it flow out, running over my chin and
dripping on to my breasts and lap. I then pushed my face into his groin and
rubbed it all around his semi hard cock and balls.

When I pulled away he just stared at my cum covered face, all wet and shiny
with smears of cum all over it.

Turning to look at Xenia I saw her getting fucked by Andrew, with the boy
kneeling behind her head, feeding his cock into her mouth. I think she was
deep throating him a bit, he certainty hadn’t looked that small last time. I
could see her throat rise and bugle a little. He didn’t move very much, just
left her to it. Anyway that didn’t last for more then half a minute before
she gestured for him to pull out a bit. He left just the head in her mouth
and I could see her tongue appearing as she licked around it.

I lay back on the bed next to her. The butler copied Andrew and knelt
between my legs; his cock hard again. I felt it brush against my pussy
before he thrust it into me. His hands cupped my bottom, mauling and
squeezing the cheeks as his cock thrust back and forth into me. Oh it was
lovely. I could feel his big hard cock pushing deep into me. The boy knelt
at the back of both our heads, holding his cock up over our faces. I
strained up and sticking my tongue out gave the underside of the head some
little jabs and licks. Xenia tried the same. I couldn’t get over how smooth
and soft his body looked. Yet at 16 I wouldn’t have given him a second
glance. He moved his wet cock all over our faces and we lapped it up.

Suddenly Andrew pulled out of Xenia and crawled up over her tummy. Holding
his cock with one hand he jerked his hips once and then his cum started
gushing out like a shower, not connected in long strings, but drips and
spots of it flying out over her breasts and throat. It landed everywhere,
spotting her entire chest. Her nipples stood hard and upright, I could see
some cum had landed on one, white on brown, it looked good. He started to
wank his cock back and forth draining the last drops out which dribbled on
to the underside of her breasts. By now she had sucked the boy cock into her
mouth and was moaning loudly as the cum splashed all over her. Her mouth
working his cock in a frenzy. Andrew moved one hand behind himself and I
suppose must have pushed it into her pussy. Within seconds she shook to a
trembling halt, unable to even keep that cock in her mouth. She lay still

Andrew sat astride her chest and watched as the butler continued to plunge
his cock in and out of me. I saw the boy’s hands reach over me and clutch at
my small little breasts, mauling and rubbing them. His smooth tummy was
hanging over me and with my tongue I traced a long lick along it. Sadly his
cock was too far behind me and I couldn’t reach that. I felt his mouth suck
hard at one of my breasts, sucking the nipple in between his teeth, his
tongue wildly licking at it.

Then the butler started to grunt. The boy leapt off me to stand beside the
bed watching as the butler pulled his cock from my pussy and kneeling up he
started to wank it quickly. Within seconds cum was flying out of that
massive head and spraying me all over my tummy and titties. I could feel the
warm wet drops landing on my skin. He shot three times before sinking back
down. I raised my head and saw the cum all over my chest and tummy, some of
it running down my sides, some of it gathering together in pools on my
tummy. The rest slipping and sliding around my breasts.

I told the boy to sit astride my breasts. It felt good to feel his skin sink
down, smearing all the cum on to my breasts. With one hand I started to wank
his cock over my face. I wanted to see it cum this time. To help him I stuck
my tongue out, letting it brush the underside of his cock as I rubbed back
and forth. By now he was well gone already and within seconds I felt his
cock twitch and swell in my hand. It was almost slow motion; his cock head
pulled back slightly, swelled up at the same time and suddenly out gushed a
great wad of cum shooting out over my face and landing in my hair and on my
forehead. I raised my head and got my lips around the end just as another
wad shot out. I wasn’t prepared for the force as it hit the back of my mouth
causing me to fall back. I lay there, my mouth open, pushing the thick
creamy cum out with my tongue so it flowed out of the left side of my mouth.
I heard Andrew gasp at the sight. The boy’s hand flew up and down his cock.
A third wad of it, all stringy came out and landed in a line along my cheek
to my hair. I felt it break as it started to slide down. A fourth and fifth
lot shot out, both ending up landing on and around my mouth. I could feel a
thread of it stretching over my lips. I teased it very gently with my tongue
until it broke. The boy settled back, smiling down at the creamy mess that
was my face. Dried cum from the butler, and his wet sticky cum slipping and
sliding around.

Xenia had got one hand free and I felt it reach for mine and grasp it
gently. I turned to her, we smiled together.

The butler then handed me a towel.

Andrew told us we would have some more fun later. He showed us to two
shower rooms and gave us some towels. I guessed we were staying the night

After the showers Xenia and I met up in the bedroom again. We dressed, only
our underclothes, and then decided to go downstairs to see what would happen
next. I was just about to open the door when Xenia said, “Wait!”

I turned and straight away Xenia held me hard against the cold wood door,
her mouth seeking mine, her tongue pushed hard into my mouth. One hand
clutched my breast within my bra; the other slid into my panties and I felt
her finger run along my pussy. I just lay back against the door; my arms out
outstretched above my head. Her tongue was pushing deep into my mouth while
her finger pushed into my moist pussy. It made me stand on tiptoe. As sudden
as she began she pulled away, “I wanted to do that all night.” She said. I
smiled and kissed her cheek.

We went downstairs.

Entering the big room we found Andrew sitting on a chair dressed in his gown
again. He called us over. We walked up to him then he told us to kneel down
in front of his legs. Putting a hand on top of each of our heads he drew us
towards his groin. Xenia parted his gown to reveal his stiff cock there.

We both craned forward, licking and sucking and biting at the cockhead and
the shaft. Sometimes we kissed each other over his cock, or even tried to do
that while sucking at the head. He watched us intently, as was his way. I
pulled back to watch Xenia lick and suck his cock. She looked beautiful,
that long silky black hair hanging down around her shoulders, trailing along
his legs and groin. Her pouting mouth moving gently up and down Andrew’s
shaft. Those large eyes of her, watching his face. Her long slender fingers
wrapped around his shaft. Her full breasts were squashed up against the
inside of his legs. I run a finger along her back, over her suspender belt
and gently caressed her bottom as her head fell up and down on his cock I
then knelt behind her, moving my hands around her sides to cup her breasts,
pinching the nipples between my fingers as she sucked away like a little

Suddenly I was doing something I swore I would never do. I laid down on my
back, pushed her bottom up into the air, slid under her, and then cupping
her cheeks, pulled her pussy down on to my mouth. I had my eyes tightly
closed; somehow it had made it easier to do that way. I opened my mouth and
felt her pussy sink down against my teeth, I just pushed my tongue up and
stuck it into her. I had never done anything like this and had no idea if I
was doing it right, but she seemed to like it. I felt her hips gently
undulate on my face, and her pussy pushed down on to my mouth.

An unseen pair of hands parted my legs and almost instantly I felt a mouth
descend over my pussy, and a tongue push into to the top, touching at my
clit. The tongue moved back and forth over it. I arched my hips back and
with my hands pulled Xenia down hard against my face. I was close to coming
and I knew it. The hands clenched my bottom really hard, squeezing and
mauling at the cheeks. The tongue pushed hard against my clit and I thrust
my tongue back and forth into Xenia’s pussy. It must have got to her too as
we both started to shake at the same time. It was hard to keep going but I
did. My legs wrapped themselves around the unknown head, pulling him hard
into my pussy. I suppose Xenia had stopped sucking Andrew by now. Suddenly
she pulled off me and lay down quickly, her finger jabbing at her pussy as
she pushed herself over the edge. I managed to raise my head before
recognising that slim hairless body of the boy; his head buried deep between
my legs. I thrashed around against his head before pushing him away, the
feelings too intense to continue.

Andrew slid off the chair and knelt sideways onto my face. His cock hovered
there, about eight inches above me. He jerked it once or twice with his hand
and then held it tightly as he let out a long moan. His cum dribbled out the
end, falling in a long half-connected string on to my cheek and mouth, which
I opened wide. I felt the hot wet cum touch my tongue and slide to the back
of my mouth. For a second the thread to his cock was complete then it broke
and fell over my teeth. More came out, a half shot that just missed my face,
and then a load that dripped out, splashing down into my open mouth, coating
my lips and tongue, spotting my chin. I swirled my tongue around in my open
mouth so he could watch it mixing and moving his sticky cum around. He then
leant forward so his cock lowered itself to my mouth. I grasped the end with
my lips just as a third and last load poured out of the end. I let it wash
its way to the back of my mouth before swallowing it. He sat back, then
pulled my bra down below one of my breasts and leaned over and kissed the
nipple before standing up.

“I think the boy needs some attention he said.”

Xenia looked at me and we smiled. Crawling on all fours over to him we
pushed him back and on to the floor. Xenia started to rub her breasts over
his face. I started to lick his legs, from the toes to his hips; I wanted to
eat him alive. I let my tongue wander up along his leg, long hard licks,
trailing along. Then up on the insides of his leg, then back to the knees
again. I still don’t know what it was about him, maybe he looked so pure
and clean, but I could have done anything.

Xenia was kneeling next to him with her breasts being wiped over his face.
He had one hand behind her and was caressing her bottom with it. I knelt on
the other side of his head with my chest over his tummy so I could start to
tease his cock with my tongue. He soon got the hint and his other hand
started to play with my bottom and caressed me between the legs.

With one hand I raised his erect cock up from his tummy a little way. Then I
stuck my tongue out, circling it around and over the head. I could feel it
twitch as I did so. His finger probed into my pussy and then started to
finger fuck me. I guessed he was doing the same to Xenia.

I saw Andrew get up and kneel behind Xenia. His hands joined the boy’s and
he started to caress and touch her hips and bottom. Eventually his cock got
hard again and he knelt up, rubbing his cock against her pussy. At some
point it must have slipped into her, she moaned suddenly and jerked forward
a little, still sensitive from her last cum. But she straightaway went back
to rubbing the boy’s face with her breasts. She told me after it was heaven.
He just kept his mouth open and wagged his tongue about. Her pushing her
breasts down meant they would scrape across his teeth, and sometimes his
tongue would dart out to lick them. Occasionally he’d trap one in his mouth
sucking at it really hard before releasing it.

I kept on licking and teasing his cock while his finger played inside my
pussy, swirling around, thrusting in and out, moving back and forwards. I
could hear the slapping of Andrew’s hips against Xenia’s bottom as he
plunged his cock back and forth into her.

I sat up and then went over to the boy’s waist. There I sat astride him,
holding his cock in my hand, positioning it at the entrance of my pussy. I
pushed the head inside and then simply sunk straight down until his balls
hit my bum. Oh it was wonderful feeling that cock slide in me like that.
Pressing my hands down on his chest I started to rock my hips up and down,
letting his cock almost slide out of me before falling back down on it. His
hands reached up and started to press my breasts to me, mauling and
ravishing them.

By now Xenia had crawled away and was laying on her side with Andrew behind
her, hands on her hips, and no doubt his cock thrusting in and out of her, I
could see his hips move back and forth. I leaned forward and raped the boy’s
mouth with my tongue, pushing deep into his mouth, stroking and caressing
his tongue with mine. He knew what he liked, and didn’t take his hands off
my breasts once. I felt the nipples being squeezed between his fingers. My
hips kept lifting off his groin; his cock kept plunging into me. Suddenly I
felt his legs rise behind me and he started to thrust back and forth. I
lifted my pussy away a bit to give him the room he needed for his thrusting.
With my tongue deep in his mouth his movements told me he was coming. I
heard him moan in his throat and then after a few seconds his legs fell down
and his thrusting stopped. I licked his face before rolling off him to lie
side by side.

Turning my head I looked at Xenia. Andrew was lying on his back with her
next to him. She was kissing his chest and with one hand wanking his cock.
Suddenly he too tensed; his hips jerked and then white thin cum splashed out
of his cock, spraying his tummy and groin. There wasn’t much of it. Xenia
wanked it for a little while longer before it started to go all soft on her.
Then she kissed him on the mouth before announcing she wanted another

We left there shortly afterwards.


SUSAN 081198


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