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A Ride in the Country part 4


The usual things apply

1) I wrote this and so I own it. You can copy, pass along, and show around,
but you cannot make money out of it. You’d be ripping me off if you do.

2) If you live where this kind of thing is illegal then don’t read it.

3) Special thanks to Margaret who once again spell checked this. (Any
mistakes, blame her!!!)

4) You can send me comments but due to the high cost of using the net, not
everyone will get a reply. Don’t take it personal. I do read all the
letters you send, and have even based some of my stories on ideas that you
have provided.


5) Enjoy this

Xenia picked me up at 7pm. This was to be my fourth visit with her to the
Mansion house. Every trip had been amazing for me, involving sexual adventures
that I hadn't imagined. I suppose for some people's fantasy's they were quite
tame, but for real life; they were beyond what I had thought I was capable of.

My name is Susan. I'm 21. I'm slim, with long blonde hair. For those that want
more details I have small breasts and am told I'm very attractive to
beautiful. It depends on who is doing the telling.
Xenia is the opposite of me, in that she is older and with jet-black hair,
long and wild. She’s beautiful too.

The car drove through the darkened countryside; headlights throwing up strange
shadows; much of the fields hidden by the hedgerows. I was wearing a long
white dress, wrapped tightly around me, while Xenia had a similar black dress
on. Apart from that, other then a pair of small panties I had nothing else on.

We arrived at the gates and drove up the drive. The house was ablaze with
lights. On our approach Charles, the butler emerged from the main door and
greeted us at the car. He helped Xenia out first, and then held out an arm for
me. As I climbed out I felt his other hand squeeze my bottom gently. I turned
and smiled, but his face remained the same as if nothing had happened.

We walked through the darkness to the door and entered. Andrew, our host was
there and greeted us. The first thing I noticed was his cock was sticking out
of his trousers. He looked straight at me and simply asked, "Would you mind?"

I smiled and knelt down before him. Reaching out I took hold of his cock in
one hand and then brought my lips to the purple head. Holding it steady I
pushed my lips over the head and let my tongue tease the small eye. At my side
I could see Xenia watching intently while the butler, Charles was standing
behind her, mauling her breasts within her dress.

My lips slid over the rim of Andrew's cockhead. I stayed there for a moment,
rubbing my lips back and forth over the rim before pushing my mouth down along
the shaft, feeling the head push deep into my mouth. He steadied himself by
holding my head gently. I rocked my head back and forth letting my lips touch
the head before plunging back along until the hair around his cock was
touching my face. With one hand I freed his balls from his trousers and
started to squeeze them slowly.

Craning my neck I managed to see that Xenia was now bent partly over
supporting herself with her hands against the wall as the butler stood behind
her. Her panties were around her knees and her dressed hitched over her waist.
The butler was shafting his massive cock in and out of her, taking it nearly
all the way out before plunging it all the way back in. I could see she was
biting her lip and her eyes were tightly closed.

Looking up I could see Andrew watching her. I carried on sucking, letting his
cock slide in and out of my wet mouth. One hand squeezing his shaft, the other
holding his cock steady. For a moment I took it out of my mouth and let my
lips wander along the shaft, licking and biting it gently, teasing the length
with my tongue.

Then I went back to the head and held it gently in my mouth swirling my tongue
around it. Without warning I suddenly plunged forward as far as I could go and
then pulled back as quickly. Andrew gasped. I repeated this several times
until I saw his head loll back. His balls tightened and I felt his cock head
swell slightly within my mouth and then suddenly a great gob of cum shot out
and totally filled my mouth. It tasted warm, salty and thick. Another shot
came out and I had to open my lips around his cock to let it flow out. It ran
over my lips and chin and started to drip on to the floor, hanging off me in
long silver strings. I felt a couple more wads of the stuff spurt out, hitting
the back of my tongue and then running out over my lips. I started to run my
lips back and forth over the head, covering it with cum and teasing it with my
tongue. The thick creamy cum was all around my lips now, and smeared all over
my chin.

Taking Andrew's cock out of my mouth I wiped it around my face, around and
around leaving trails of cum over my cheeks and nose. By now his cock was
nearly dry so I stuffed the softening shaft back into my mouth and pushed it
around with my tongue until it was quite small again.

Turning to look at Xenia I was just in time to see the butler withdraw his
cock. He held it for a second and then sprayed cum all over Xenia's tanned
bottom. Splashes of white thick drops were landing everywhere, spraying her
like a hose. It started to slip and slide down her legs and drip of her bottom

Charles stood back and turning to Andrew simply asked, "Will that be all Sir?"

Andrew told him, 'yes, for now.'

Xenia and I ran upstairs giggling to have a well-deserved shower before
returning down stairs for some drinks and food.

Andrew greeted us as we walked in. We started to eat, drink and chat, lounging
around on the sofa and chairs. Andrew was dressed in just a robe, while we
were still wearing our dresses. After a while he suddenly announced that he
had a surprise for me if I was interested.

"Yes, I think so." I told him.

He called for Charles who brought in a small chest high table covered in
cloth. "Now," said Andrew, "You are to lay down over this on your tummy, your
arms and head hanging over this end, and your legs over the other end…. Naked
if possible."

I stood up to undo my dress when Xenia jumped up next to me; "Can I help?" She
asked. I knew what she had in her mind. "Ok," I nodded.

She stood behind me and wrapped her hands around my waist, moving them slowly
upwards to cup my breasts within the dress. She squeezed and stroked them
before reaching in and popping them out over the top. I felt her warm breath
on my shoulder and then she licked and bit me there and on my neck as her
hands continued to play with my exposed breasts. I didn't have to and normally
wouldn't, but it had happened before so I twisted my head to give her a kiss
full on the mouth. Her soft tongue stroked and caressed mine as it pushed into
my mouth, her hands cupping my breasts tightly, keeping the nipples between
her fingers, and squeezing them.

She pulled back and then with one hand lowered the zipper on the dress until
it started to fall down around my waist. Her hands followed it down my tummy
and pushed into the top of my panties and started to stroke and touch my hair
eventually ending up between my legs. She knelt behind me and pulled my
panties down with her teeth until they were around the tops of my legs.
Finally she stopped and let me step out of them. She returned to Andrew who
was now sitting with a very stiff cock poking out of his robe. She held it
with one hand and gently wanked it slowly.

I walked over to the table and positioned myself on it as requested. Charles
then opened the door and three men walked in! I was shocked, I hadn't expected
this. Andrew could see that on my face. "Ok?" he asked.

The men all looked in their twenties and were well dressed. Two were blonde
and one had black hair. All were very good looking. "Yes." I said wondering
what I was letting myself in for.
"Inspection time boys," Andrew told them. They walked over to me and stood in
front of my face. The one on the left lowered his trousers and pants to reveal
a thick but limp cock hanging there. It was inches from my face.

"What do you think?" Andrew asked.

I smiled and reached out for it. It felt cool and heavy in my hand. I brought
it closer to my face and began to lick the half-hidden head before sucking it
into my mouth. It started to swell straight away growing nice and big, about 7
inches for those who care. His balls hung low and heavy and I cupped them with
one hand as my mouth savoured and licked his cock.

Taking my mouth away I said that 'he would do'.

The middle one then dropped his trousers. His cock was smaller and half-hard
already. I held it and wiped it around my face, feeling my skin against the
soft warm fresh. Finally that went into my mouth and I sucked it till it stood
erect. It was thin and shorter then the first one, but I could move it around
my mouth and play with it with my tongue, so I was happy enough. I nodded my

The third man stood before me then, his cock was very thick, but short. It was
already hard. I opened my mouth and he simply thrust it in. Clamping my lips
around the shaft I licked at the large head with my tongue and then nodded. He
removed his cock.

"Now what will happen is the boys will stand behind you and take it in turn to
make love to you. At the front Xenia will provide any assistance you may need.

With that the boys walked behind me and straight away I felt two hands holding
my waist and one of the cocks start to push in from behind. My eyes closed and
my head lolled upwards as it slowly slid it's way inside me until I could feel
his balls and chest touch me. He then started to thrust slowly. Meanwhile
Xenia had walked over and kneeling up in front of me on a stool pushed her
full breasts into my face. I started to lick and suck straight away, my tongue
slipping and sliding all around them, playing and teasing her nipples, biting
them gently with my teeth, sucking at them. All the time a good hard cock was
sliding in and out of my pussy.

When it stopped it was replaced by another one. Despite what you read it
really is hard to tell which is which when they are inside, especially when
you can't see them and there are two beautiful rounded breasts rubbing against
your cheeks and nose and mouth, besides I didn't care who was there anymore,
it was pure sensation and it was lovely.

Xenia continued to rub and massage my face with her breasts. Sometimes she
leaned forward and kissed me full on the mouth, her tongue seeking mine,
playing and teasing. Behind me the men were taking it in turns to thrust their
cocks into me. One would hold my hips as he thrust his hard cock in and out
fairly slowly; another would hold me by the waist and his thrusts were harder
and faster. The third varied his movements more, one hand would usually hold
the small of my back, the other would slide under my chest so his fingers and
hand could play with my small breasts as his cock slid in and out of me.

Finally Xenia pulled away and went over to Andrew. They spoke quietly for a
moment then she left the room. When she returned she had the young boy with
her. Ever since I had first seen him on previous visits, I had wanted him
badly. Maybe it was his smooth young skin, or his slender body. I didn't know.
But every time I had played with him had been a highlight for me. He was fully
dressed and smiled shyly when he saw me.

Xenia brought him over to where I was and then undid the zip on his trousers.
Fishing inside them with her hand she brought out that lovely cock, half hard
already. She then pulled him gently to my mouth. Allowing him to be just close
enough so that I could get the head of his lovely cock into my mouth she
started to wank and rub his shaft. She never let him to close to me. So I had
to be content with sucking just the swollen head of his cock while she
continued to wank him gently straight into my mouth.

The thrusting behind me continued. Xenia was kneeling down next to the
standing boy, his cock just near her face. I kept the head of his cock in my
mouth, swirling my tongue around and around it, teasing the head, feeling it
swell each time her hand rubbed up along his hard shaft. Andrew came and knelt
behind Xenia, and I could see from her face that he had slipped his cock into
her from behind. His hands found their way around her hips and up across her
chest to cups her breasts and I could see him squeeze them really tight, the
nipples sticking out between his fingers. Behind me the fast man was thrusting
hard and quick into me. Suddenly he withdrew and I could feel strands of hot
sticky cum shoot up along my back and over my bottom cheeks. He shot about
five times before he wiped his cock against the back of my legs. I could feel
his cum running down over my bottom, and dripping off, much of it landing on
my legs and running down in small streams.

One of the others took his place and I felt another cock enter me. Meanwhile I
kept sucking hard at the cock in from of my face. My lips holding the head of
it tightly as Xenia continued to wank him into my warm wet mouth. I kept
thrusting my tongue into the eye of his cockhead, hoping to please him. I
adored this boy, and would have done anything for him.

Xenia's hands jerked rather then wanked the boy now; her eyes were tightly
closed. Behind the second man pulled out and again I could feel wads of cum
hitting my bottom and back, all warm and sticky. Within seconds his cock was
replaced by a harder one as another of the men started to thrust into me.

I was being pushed into heaven it felt so good. I barely had looked at the
boy's face when his head was throw back and his hips thrust suddenly forward
and his cock pushed against the roof of my mouth. Suddenly at the very back of
my throat I could feel a large gob of cum there, I had no choice and swallowed
instantly, there wasn't even a taste. The boy pulled his cock out though just
as it passed my lips a second wad spat out and hit my tongue and teeth, all
thick and sticky, salty and warm. His cock jerked uncontrollably as cum jetted
out hitting me straight on the lips, chin and nose. cum just hung down from my
face in long strings, breaking and falling. I stuck my tongue out to lick at
the head of his cock. He liked that and thrust it back into my cum filled
mouth. It was growing small and I swirled my tongue around it savouring that
special after cum taste. I was barely aware of the third man behind me, other
then realising that he had pulled out of me. Andrew told me later his cum had
hit my bottom so hard that it splashed back at him.

I felt so horny now. I slid off the table and ran around and knelt in front
and under Xenia. Grabbing her bottom, pushing my hands between her and
Andrew's thrusting body, I clamped my mouth on to the front of her pussy,
sticking my tongue out to lick at her and Andrew's cock at the same time. I
was out of control and I would have done anything. This was enough to send
Xenia over the top; she almost screamed and tried to grind her pussy both into
my face and back into Andrew's hips at the same time. Her body shuddered and
shook it's way through as she came. Finally she pulled away from the two of
us. Naturally in my position Andrew's cock just slid straight from her pussy
into my mouth.

Leaning back I put my arms behind me, supporting my body as I sat there, with
Andrew thrusting straight into my mouth as if he was still fucking Xenia. She
meanwhile knelt down beside; swooping her head down she began to take long
licks at my right breast, as it wobbled with each thrust of Andrew. It didn't
take him long. Suddenly he pulled out of my mouth and taking his cock in his
hand aimed it at my small breasts. Xenia barely had time to get out of the way
before spurt after spurt of warm white cum started to jet out and washed my
little quivering titties. I turned my face to Xenia and leant forward
slightly. She got the hint and within seconds we were kissing, our tongue
playing with the others, fencing with each other. Her mouth was warm and wet;
mine must have been a bit salty. Normally Xenia hated the taste of cum, but I
guess she must have really been turned on tonight, and licked my tongue and
mouth for over a minute before breaking away.

Looking down at my self I was covered in cum. It was running down my titties
and over my tummy. My legs were streaked with half dried cum and there was
still stuff on my face from the boy. They all looked at me and started to
clap as if I had just passed some kind of test.

Xenia looked at me and smiled, "I want you upstairs." Was all she said.

I smiled slowly, "Yes…me too."

We went and showered.

After she stepped out of the shower I grabbed her hand and led her naked
through the corridor to the bed room that we usually stayed in. "This is just
between you and me," I told her.

She smiled, "I thought this day would never come." Was all she said.

I led her to the bed, "Now lie down and don't move." I told her, my voice
firm. I knew exactly what I was going to do. Xenia seemed surprised at the
sudden change and looked at me, hesitating for a moment, I smiled. "Do it."

She climbed on to the bed and lay there on her back, watching me. I knelt down
at the bottom of the bed so she could no longer see me. She must have been
wondering at what was going to happen. Putting my arms on the bed I sprung
upwards like a cat, landing just by the side of her legs. She looked shocked,
maybe even a little frightened. I thrust my head forward like a tiger, snarled
at her, fixing my eyes on hers, not looking away for a moment. Her eyes were
wide, but she knew better then to say anything. I swung myself over so I was
straddling her legs. Lowering my neck I thrust my head forward again, baring
my teeth at her, this had the desired effect of letting my small breasts brush
lightly along the top of her legs. She let out an "Aaaaahhh." I kept my chest
low, letting my nipples caress her lower tummy; my chin was low now, nearly
touching just below her breasts. Still my eyes held hers. She didn't dare look

Like a cat I struck my tongue out several times then pulling my head, lolled
it down to her left breast, letting my tongue drag along the side, over the
nipple, and off into space on the other side. I brought my head back straight
away, tongue flicking at the air. I purred, moving my chest very gently
against her, just allowing the tips of my breasts to rub sideways along her

Snarling I dived to her right breast sucked the nipple in and pulled my head
back allowing the nipple to pop out and bounce back at her. She moaned again,
moved her hips slightly. I guess she was beginning to like this.

Keeping my eyes firmly on hers I lowered my head slowly and started to lap at
her skin, just under one breast, my tongue moving quickly, like the cat trying
to drink the milk. I knew she liked her breasts being touched, but I also knew
that to tease her around and near her breasts was almost like torture to her.
So close, yet so far. It drove her wild. There weren't many that knew that
about her, and ever less who had the patient to do it. But I had seen too
much; I knew what she liked.

I snapped my head back up, then lowed my chin to just above her breasts,
letting my skin touch her ever so slightly. I moved my head side ways, all the
time fixing her eyes. She smiled, I bared my teeth and swung my head to her
side, nipping her playfully, letting my teeth skin in just enough to leave a
red mark for several seconds. That made her jump.

Moving my legs so that they now straddled one of hers, I ground my pussy
against her, rubbing it up and down. I lolled my tongue out and lapped at the
side of her left breast.

She looked so pretty then, head lolling back, eyes half closed, tangled long
black hair around her on the pillow, her breasts standing hard and proud. I
kissed her nipple, I couldn't resist.

Flicking my head back up I snarled to get her attention. I then crawled up a
little, bringing my head over hers. Swinging my head down suddenly I ran my
tongue along her lips and pulled up before she had time to respond. Her eyes
were wide and full of anticipation. I knew that by now she had no idea what I
was going to do. She was mine totally. I thrust forward and kissed the tip of
her nose, then lapped at her cheek. For the first time I felt her hands gently
hold my sides, but I shook my body violently, and she let go instantly. To
punish her I shot my head down to her neck, biting it and pulling away,
licking my lips.

She responded by snarling back at me. Her teeth flashing white, The moment she
did I swung my head and licked along them pulling away again. I felt her hand
gently touch my side again, and this time I let it stay there. I had played
enough now. I knew what I was going to do.

I sat up and then leaning forward grabbed her arms and pinned them to the bed.
My head went down to hers, our mouths met, opened, and my tongue thrust it's
way into her mouth, licking and swirling around her tongue, Pushing it as deep
as I could. I felt our teeth touch briefly. I sucked at her mouth, pulling her
tongue deep into mine. Our mouths were wide open now, almost fused together. I
don't think I've ever kissed someone so deeply.

We must have stayed like that for over a minute, drinking each other,
exploring each other's mouths. Finally I pulled away. Releasing her arms I
cupped her breasts and started to suck on one nipple, sucking it into my mouth
as hard as I could. I moved my fingers around her breast as I did. I then
traced my tongue down her breast, her tummy, along her side until I got to her
leg. Where I crossed over and pushed my head between them, licking and gently
biting the soft flesh on the inside of her leg.

Then I moved up, slid my hands under her bottom, lifted her a little off the
bed and plunged my mouth against her pussy; my tongue forcing it's way as deep
as I could. Xenia tensed and shouted then relaxed. That had shocked her, she
hadn't expected that so soon or so passionately.

Squeezing her bottom with both hands I pushed my tongue in deeply and swirled
it around. My feelings were mixed at this point. I never considered my self as
wanting women. I knew Xenia felt that sex was sex and as long as it was
enjoyable it didn't matter, but I was never comfortable with that. Part of me
was desperate to do this and was enjoying it. While another part of me wanted
this to finish without too much thought about what I was doing. But I knew in
my heart this had to happen, and I wanted it to. I also felt something else;
Xenia was good at playing with a woman, she had the experience. It was
important to me that I showed her that even with my very limited experience I
could match her. That I was capable of shocking and pleasing her with my
wanton lust.

I felt her legs draw up and clamp themselves around my head and shoulders. I
clawed at her bottom, dragging her pussy into my face, my lips and tongue
squashed in her, lapping away, swirling my tongue around inside her. By now
her breathing was coming quickly, almost panting, her fingers were clawing at
my head, her legs and feet moving and clutching at me.

Suddenly she started to come, jerking and thrusting at me, one second pushing
me away, the next holding me close, beating my back with her hands as my
tongue restlessly thrust back and forth into her pussy. I wouldn't let go,
just kept right on screwing her pussy with my tongue, thrusting it deep into
her, not letting her get away, not allowing her the release she now needed.
Just her pussy and my tongue, fighting the other. Her hips ground at my face,
Her hands were desperately trying to get me to stop. I couldn't breath anymore
but held on to her until she collapsed back on to the bed, her body quite
limp. I pulled away, my chin; nose and mouth soaking wet. I half laughed as I
started to catch my breath. She lay there like a rag doll, beautiful in her
spent passion, her eyes half closed her lips parted, her top teeth just
showing, and her chest heaving.
I crawled up beside her, resting my head on one breast. Her hand listless
caressed my head.

"Don't ever do that again," she said, "no one should be allowed to do that to

I smiled.

SUSAN 110499


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