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Archived Sex Stories

A Rough Week


Keywords: MF+, FF, anal, bond, voy, cheat
Part: 1 through 6 complete
Author: Knave of Hearts
Title: A Rough Week

A Rough Week
© Knave of Hearts, 2000
(MF anal, cheat, office)

The clock said 6:30 in electric red numbers.
Everyone else had long since abandoned their
desks and offices, leaving me alone in the
dimly lit office building. Alone with my
work and my computer. I sat up in my chair
and stretched. I had until the end of the
week to finish the quarterly review
presentation but since my wife had taken the
kids to her mother's this week I had decided
to go ahead and knock it out now.

Maybe later on the week I would get some
time to spend with Veronica, my wife. I
looked at the picture of us on the boat in
Jamaica. The last vacation we'd had
together. Running my hands over my tired
eyes I realized that we'd been in Jamaica
almost ten years ago. Ten years. It was
time to rejuvenate some spark. We'd done
everything we could imagine during that two
week stay. Fine food. Good wine. Sex
until dawn. It had been the perfect

But that was B.C. Before Children. And now
we were both so busy that we only ate dinner
together once a week, in between scout
meetings, gymnastics classes, and my work
schedule. I had my career and she was
usually helping with some community project
or attending some social committee meeting
or other. Ten years ago it had been a
bottle of wine, a loaf of bread, and her
warm body. Now it was leftovers and a cold
bed to go home to.

The phone rang, breaking into my moment of

"Mr. Williams? This is Ava. Are you going
to be in your office for a few minutes? Mr.
Bland left some files that need to go
upstairs and I'd like to put them in the
file room before I leave."

I assured her that I would be around. Since
I was the last one in the office, I told her
that I would lock up as we left. I hung up
the phone, idly wondering what the boss's
secretary, Ava, was wearing today. Ava
Langtry was famous for being extremely
efficient and very easy on the eyes. I used
to stop at her desk while waiting for my
boss, Mr. Bland, to finish with a phone call
and found that she was easy to talk to as

Shaking my head to clear away to schoolboy
fantasies, I got back to work. A few
minutes later I heard a high heels coming up
the hall to my office. Anticipating Ava's
entrance, I started saving my work and
closing down my computer. A soft knock on
my office door announced her.

"Come in Ava."

"Thanks for helping out Mr. Williams, I was
hoping to get these taken care of before
tomorrow. I won't be long." "Not a
problem. Let me unlock the door for you and
we'll be out of here in a flash."

We walked to the file room and I unlocked
it. I took the walk down the hallway as an
opportunity to notice the suit she was
wearing. She had a dark, double breasted
suit jacket-like top, cut to show an
enticing but professional amount of
cleavage, and a short matching skirt. Her
trim legs were sheathed in sheer black
stockings that made a soft swishing sound as
she walked ahead of me. I enjoyed watching
her hips roll under her suit.

Not for the first time did I wonder what she
looked like under her professional exterior.
I smiled to myself as I realized what I was
thinking. My wife always tells me that I
have a endearing fantasy that somewhere in
the depths of every woman's soul is a cock-
sucking, nymphomaniac slut just waiting for
the right time to pop out. Where were those
people when you really need them, I asked

Unlocking the door, I held it open for Ava
as she turned on the lights and went to the
end of the line of filing cabinets. I stood
in the doorway making small talk, a cheap
excuse for watching her move. Ava bent over
to pull out the lowest file drawer. Her
skirt rode up on her thigh, exposing tan
flesh at the tops of her stockings. I
stopped for a second when I realized that
Ava wasn't wearing regular pantyhose but had
old-fashioned stockings on. I felt my cock
stir at the mental image of Ava's tan body
in her stockings but tried to look away
before she caught me staring. I was too

Ava had turned around and saw what I was
looking at. A coy smile fluttered across
her lips as she also noticed the slight
bulge in my trousers. She stood, smoothing
her skirt back into place, and reached for
the next file. I was thinking of a polite
way to go somewhere else and wait for her to
call me but before I could move she asked me
if I could help her pull out the top file

"Can you give me a hand? It's stuck."

I couldn't think of an excuse so, like a
lamb being led to slaughter, I moved into
the corner with her and the offending file
drawer. Rather than step out of the corner
Ava stepped against the wall, staying
between the file cabinet and me. Rather
than say something, I reached around her and
tugged on the drawer handle. Seeing that I
wasn't getting anywhere Ava clasped her hand
on top of mine and counted to three. We
pulled together several times before we got
the drawer open. Our bodies pressed against
each other with every heave. Her bottom had
pushed against my bulging groin with every
pull. I wondered if I were making more out
of this than I should or was she trying to
come on to me?

With the drawer finally open I tried to step
back and give her some room but Ava pulled
the drawer all the way out, pressing me into
the corner. I was stuck between her soft,
sweet smelling body and the wall. In a
trice my mind raced from the physical
excitement of the moment to the consequences
if we should be caught. Ava took her time
placing the file into its correct place in
the drawer, every so often standing on her
tiptoes to check a file label. This caused
her to press her hips against mine,
increasing the friction between my rapidly
swelling crotch and her delightfully firm
rear end.

Worried about the compromising position that
I found myself in, I cleared my throat. I
made some lame excuse about getting my
jacket and placed my hands on her hips to
help maneuver myself out of the corner. No
sooner had my hands touched her than she
turned to face me. In the enclosed space
between the drawer and the wall, our bodies
touched in some of the most intimate places.
Her breasts pressed against my ribs while my
still growing cock rubbed against her skirt.
She looked up at me with a strange glimmer
in her light brown eyes.

I opened my mouth to say something and she
stopped me with a kiss. Not a quick peck on
the cheek "thanks for helping" kind of
endearment. This was a slow, smoldering,
tongues fencing kind of kiss that makes your
toes tingle and your ears sweat. The taste
of her mouth and the smell of her perfume
overwhelmed my senses. I couldn't have
moved if I had wanted to. Just when I
thought that my fantasy had played itself
out, I felt Ava's hand rub against my
swollen cock. She kneaded my package
softly, moaning slightly as she traced its
length through my pants. If she'd had any
question about the size of my cock, she'd
answered it first hand. Giving my johnson a
quick squeeze, we came up for air.

Before I could protest she said, "Come with
me. I've got something to show you."

Taking my hand, she led me back down the
hall to my office. "Sit down, please." I
sat on the small couch. She seemed as
business like as usual as she walked across
the room to shut the door. I prepared
myself for a lecture on sexual harassment
and the precarious nature of my situation.
Five seconds ago she was giving me every
signal of her inclination to do the lambada
against the file room wall, now she was the
picture of a professional office assistant.

Turning around to face me, I realized that
she'd undone the buttons on her jacket. I
froze. I'd been shocked in the file room.
Now I was astounded. Ava removed her jacket
and hung it on the coat tree by the door.

She had light brown skin with a faint tan
line outlining her pale breasts. I didn't
move a muscle. Her tits jiggled slightly as
she walked toward me. Her tits were
wonderful. About grapefruit size with a
scattering of freckles. I could barely see
the shadow of her areolas beneath the black
lacy bra she wore. Her nipples stood erect,
poking through her bra.

She stopped in the middle of the room.
Reaching behind her back she unzipped her
skirt. My eyes followed her creamy white
tits, provocatively contrasting with her
black underwear, as she bent over to step
out of her skirt.. Standing, she neatly
folded her skirt and placed it on my desk.
Her black stocking highlighted her slender,
well-formed legs. She wasn't rail thin like
the fashion models, but she looked like an
active swimmer or hiker.

I noted the little pink ribbon on the front
of her panties. A thin shadow showed the
outline of her vulva through the sheer black
underwear. She obviously wore a bikini when
she sunbathed. I hoped that it meant that
she had shaved her twat. From the way this
scenario seemed to be headed, I wanted to
taste that pie and I didn't want to be
picking hair out of my teeth afterward.

"Don't say a word." She didn't need to ask
me. I wouldn't have known what to say. I
let out a sigh, realizing that I'd been
holding my breath. "I'm afraid if you
spoke, I might get cold feet."

She closed the space between us and sank to
her knees in front of me. Ava leaned toward
me, offering her mouth for another kiss. We
kissed deeply, slower than in the file room
but with more intensity. Her hand caressed
my hard-on. I returned the attention by
cupping her breasts in my hands.

Our lips parted. I made a trail of soft
kisses down her neck. At the same time, I
hooked my thumbs in the straps of her bra
and eased them off her shoulders. Lifting
her breasts, I took her left nipple in my
mouth. Ava arched her back, offering me her
tits. My tongue swirled over her swollen
nubs, making her moan and sway as she her
excitement increased. Letting go of one
nipple, I shifted slightly to give the other
the same attention. sucking the swollen pap
into my mouth I ran its sensitive nipple
along the rough edges of my teeth with my

"Ohhh. Stop. Wait." Ava gently pulled my
mouth off her breast. She pushed me back
and started unbuckling my pants. She fished
my trouser snake out of my boxers and held
its throbbing shaft in front of her face.
"I've wondered what this would be like.
I've seen you watching me. Undressing me
with your eyes. I always wanted to know if
you had the equipment to do the job right."

She stuck her tongue out and ran it around
the head of my dick like an ice cream cone.
I held her hair way from her face. I wanted
to watch her suck my cock. She was right.
I'd wondered what she looked like underneath
her pressed business suits and no-nonsense
exterior. Right now I wanted to see her
hot, sweaty, and leaking my cum out of her
swollen, well-fucked pussy. Ava licked the
seam along the underside of my erection,
working her way down from its enlarged
purple helmet to my balls. I shivered as
her warm mouth kissed and fondled my

Running the length of my penis against her
smooth cheek, she took my cock into her
mouth. Her head bobbed in short fluid
motions, taking more and more of my eight
inch cock into her mouth with every stroke.
I raised my hips to meet her hot sweet
mouth, feeling my cock hit the back of her

"Slow down, Mr. Williams. I've got other
plans for you."

"Why don't you call me Adam? After all,
you're half naked on your knees sucking my
cock. I think we can afford to drop the

She smiled and then licked a tiny drop of
pre-cum off the tip of my cock. She sat
back on her heels and unhooked her bra,
tossing it on top of her skirt.

"Now that you mention it Ava, what exactly
are your plans for this evening?"

She smiled in a self satisfied way, licking
her lips as she ran her palms across her
tits. "I'm not sure. I am leaving the firm
for a new job and I think that this might be
my chance to have a farewell party with

I raised my eyebrow in question. She looked
around the room, idly massaging the firm
mounds on her chest as if in deep thought.
Not willing to lose the moment, I stood up
and took charge. My cock bobbed obscenely
in front of me, a purple tipped rod pointing
at Ava's sweet snatch. Placing my hands on
her waist, I maneuvered her towards my desk.
"Then let's have a farewell you won't

I sat her on my desk, her legs spread wide.
Her panties were wet and I could smell the
musky sweet aroma of her excitement. I
dropped my pants on the floor along with my
boxers. Stepping closer to the desk I
lifted her knees up, forcing her to lay
back. I quickly pulled off her panties and
tossed them behind me.

Her cunt lay bare before me. She'd shaved
her lips bare, leaving only a small triangle
of dark curls at the top of her slit, like
an arrow pointing the way to her love
tunnel. Holding her legs wide, I leaned
forward and kissed the swollen nub of her
clit. She tasted like sweet brandy. I
parted her labia with my tongue, licking her
entire slit. She moaned and tilted her
hips to give me access to her deepest
recesses. I teased her by licking the
outside of her pussy lips lightly before
running my tongue around the rim of her hot
wet twat.

Ava held my head tight against her cunt,
wordless moaning. She wanted more. I
played a quick staccato rhythm against her
clit with my tongue. I could feel the
muscles in her vagina tremble. Watching a
lover approach climax is the most powerful,
intoxicating feeling in the world. Cruelly,
I denied her the release she wanted so
badly. She cried out when I lifted my face,
damp and slick from her love juices, from
her cunt.

"More. Please. Let me cum." "You'll cum
all right baby. You'll cum with my cock
deep inside you."

I pulled her hips to the edge of the desk
and placed the head of my cock against her
love tunnel. She was so wet my cock entered
her easily, gliding to half its length in
the first thrust. I pulled back,
luxuriating in the feel of my cock against
her velvety smooth insides. I pushed
forward again, repeating the process of
slowly driving my cock into Ava's cunt. It
only took three strokes to plant my shaft
inside her. I stopped for a moment,
enjoying the feel of my smooth shaven balls
in contact with her smooth lips.

Ava's eyes stared up at me with a strange
hungry look. My wife might not think that
there was a slut in every woman, but I'd
sure unlocked the whore in Ava.

"Fuck me hard." Her voice was hoarse with

I didn't need any more encouragement. I
drove my cock in and out of her body,
relishing the wet sound my balls made when
they slapped against her ass. The harder I
fucked her, the more she begged for me to
give her more.

"Fuck me till I explode" She ranted in
between hoarse gasping breaths.

I plowed into her savagely, fucking her like
an animal. Within moments, I felt her cunt
spasm, clutching and milking my cock as she
climaxed. Ava thrashed around, bucking
against my hips as her orgasm washed through

I might have let her rest with the one
orgasm for her scrap book, but I didn't.
"Time to roll over," I told her. My voice
sounded cruel and nasty. I rolled her over
and put her feet back on the floor. She was
bent over my desk, her hot sweaty breasts
pressed against the varnished wood desktop.

I drove my cock into her gaping hole without
any preliminaries. Pulling her hips back to
meet mine, I picked up where we'd left off.
My thrusts made her grunt as my cock hit her
cervix. I could feel my balls shift and
tighten but my own climax was still too far
away. I parked my cock deep inside her
while I caught my breath.

"I want you to cum in my ass." The blatant
statement made my cock twitch. She reached
behind her a spread her ass cheeks, showing
me the slick rosebud of her anus.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw the clock.
7:30. The Ava that lay on my desk wasn't
the same woman that had walked into my
office an hour earlier. The first woman had
looked professional and focused; she had
come to my office asking for my help as a
colleague. The sweaty whore that lay face
down on my desk was asking me to sodomize
her. My how time can change people, I

I rubbed my cunt-slickened cock around her
ass, lubing her with her own juices. I
pressed the large, round head of my cock
against her puckered rosette.

"Unnhh. Go slow baby. I want you to fill
me with your cock." She lay still and
relaxed, inviting me deeper inside her.

I slowly worked my cock inside her tight
nether passage, pausing often to let her
adjust to accommodate my thick shaft. I
could feel her loosen up, her muscles
gripping my cock as I pressed it into her.
Finally I worked the entire length of my
pole into her ass. Ava, impatient for more,
thrust her hips upwards.

I slowly built up a rhythmic pace, thrusting
slow and deep. I held her hips and drove
myself into her depths. The feeling was
completely different from fucking her cunt.
Her pussy was slick and hot, expanding to
allow my cock entrance. Her ass on the
other hand, was tight, grasping my cock.
The increased friction drove me wild. I was
getting closer and closer to my own climax.

Ava must have felt it as well. In between
grunts, she chanted filthy words, urging me
to cum in her ass. "fuck, fuck, fuck. God
I want to feel your hot cum inside my ass.
Give it to me. cum inside me now."

She had loosed up to the point of being able
to push her hips back to meet my thrusts.
My balls slapped against her slick, swollen
cunt lips as our bodies met. I couldn't
hold out any longer. My balls tightened,
sending a spray of hot, thick cum into her
ass. We groaned in unison, the release we'd
sought finally at hand.

Still spinning from the force of my orgasm,
I ran my hands across her back. I trailed
my fingertips along the base of her spine.
I could feel her heartbeat through my cock,
still buried in her ass. She propped
herself up on one arm and looked back at me
with a smile.

I stepped back to allow her to get up. My
shrinking member slid from her with a pop. I
pulled her to her feet and kissed her. Our
sweaty bodies stuck together. Pushing a wet
strand of hair out of her face, I tried to
think of an appropriate thing to say. She
must have been thinking the same thing
because we ended up laughing at each other.
After all, what do you say to an almost
total stranger that you've just had raw,
animalistic sex with?

"Thanks for the farewell party," I managed
at last. Tilting her chin up, I gave her a
last, light kiss. "Good luck wherever you

"Oh I don't leave until Saturday. I'm sure
I'll see you before then."

(MFF, cheat, office)

I showed for work scared of the fallout of
my office tryst with Ava. Dreams of her tan
skin and the sound of her voice begging me
to fuck her ass had haunted me all night
long. Settling behind my desk, I forced
myself to concentrate on performing my
routine tasks. Get coffee. Check schedule.
Scan email.

I made it through about half the morning
without incident. Then I had to leave my
office to run an errand. Every time I
passed through the "bullpen" office where
the secretaries sit, I thought that one of
them, a cute petite blonde named Brenda,
seemed to be flashing me. The first time I
passed, she leaned forward to give me a good
look at the tops of her tanned tits. As I
returned, it was a quick glimpse of the tops
of her stockings, a pale white against her
tanned thighs. I could feel my cock start
to get ideas of its own, shifting
uncomfortably under my boxers.

I retreated to the safety of my office. I
had fucked the boss' secretary across my
desk last night. All I needed was to be
walking around the secretary's pool with a
hard-on. Why not just walk into Mr. Bland's
office and report myself for sexual
harassment? I could just have easily cut my
cock off and mailed it to my wife. Maybe
Veronica would have it stuffed and mounted
like a prize winning fish.

I tried to relax and focus on my work. I
was senior enough that I could work from my
office, rather than running up and down the
halls. All I had to do was stay in my
office until the end of the day. I wouldn't
take any calls or go to any meetings. That
would do it. I was safe.

And then the phone rang. Before my brain
could take control, my arm shot out and
picked it up.

"Oh good, you're there. I was hoping that
you hadn't left for lunch." It was Ava.
The sound of her calm professional voice was
even sexier now than it had been last night.
I mumbled something and she continued. "I
need to send Brenda to your office. She has
a file that needs you special attention
immediately. Will you be in your office for
a few minutes?"

I made some more muttering noises, which she
took as an affirmative, and hung up the
phone. Within moments, there was a light
knocking on my door and Brenda's face peeked
in. I was too afraid to speak, so I waved
her in.

I watched her walk towards me. Brenda wore
a nice business suit of white wool, setting
off her tan skin and blue eyes admirably.
Outwardly, she looked like what she was, a
professional administrative assistant that
had brought me a file that needed my
attention. Inwardly, I remembered the
change that had come over Ava last night. I
sat behind my desk like a cornered animal.

She walked around behind my desk and laid
the file folder in the middle of the
desktop. She was close enough that her
perfume, sweet without being cloying, seemed
to reach out to me. As Brenda leaned over
to open the file, I shot a glance toward her
and was rewarded with an excellent view of
her bra-less tits. I realized in a flash
that, not only was she not wearing a bra,
she didn't have any tan lines!

I tore my eyes away. But it was too late.
I looked up at Brenda's face and saw her
smiling in a smug way. I followed her gaze
down to my lap. To my horror I saw that,
while I had been peering down her cleavage,
she had been checking out the rising bulge
in my trousers. Before I could move, Brenda
reached down into my lap and lightly
squeezed my swollen crotch.

Dropping to her knees, she turned my chair
toward her. Her charming smile had taken on
a more predatory look. Licking her lips she
said, "I think the file can wait. We need
to take care of this first."

I gripped the arms of my desk chair as she
undid my belt and fished my stiffening
member out of my underwear. Brenda held my
cock lightly between her thumb and first two
fingers and looked me straight in the eye as
she ran her tongue the length of my shaft.

Brenda expertly used her tongue and suction
to make my cock swell to iron hard
stiffness. I watched my cock swell and
stretch her lips. She tried taking my
entire cock into her throat, but I was too
long. Rather than have her gag, I guided
her mouth to my shaven scrotum.

"Suck my balls." No sooner had I said it
than Brenda's warm mouth engulfed my
sensitive balls. I gasped sharply as she
sucked one of my testicles into her mouth
and twirled it around with her tongue.

Seeing that she had caught on to what I
wanted, I moved my hands from her head and
ran my palm down her back, trying to reach
her ass. She sifted her position obligingly
and started jacking me off, running her
tongue up the seam of my cock to keep my
shaft slick for her hand.

The feeling of her lips on my rod, her
cheeks sucking in as she applied pressure to
my cock head, chased any worry I might have
had out of my mind. I started to relax and
look forward to fucking Brenda on my desktop
in a replay of last night's action. I slid
my hand under her panties and caressed the
inside of the cleft of her ass with my
fingertips. I teased the little place
between her ass and her pussy and felt her
squirm with pleasure. I knew she'd be ready
in few more minutes, but I was more than
willing to postpone fucking her while she
sucked my cock.

I was ready to suggest we move on to the
next step when I heard the doorknob turn.
Frantically I tried to pull my hand out of
Brenda's bottom and push her off my cock but
she wouldn't let go. I looked at the door
in a panic and saw Ava standing against the
door, smiling like a cat that just ate the
pet canary.

Brenda pushed me back into my chair and
resumed her activities with my cock. Ava
crossed the room, telling me that she's glad
that Brenda and I got along so well.
Standing behind me, she removed my tie and
unbuttoned my shirt. Brenda helped out by
unbuckling my belt and tugging my pants down
past my hips.

Ava hiked up her skirt and sat on my desk.
Her naked pussy glistened wetly under her
short woolen skirt. Propping her legs on
either side of my head, she invited me to
eat her. Bending so that I don't disturb
Brenda's enthusiastic sucking, I tongued
Ava's cunt. Ava spread her pussy lips with
her fingers, helping me zero in on her erect
clit while keeping her skirt out of the way.

After only a few minutes, however, the
awkward angle made my neck stiff. Raising
my head from Ava's swollen pussy, I told
them that we needed to take this to a more
comfortable venue. The three of us stood
and moved to my office couch. I finished
stripping; trying to fold my clothes so that
I would close to normal after this was all
over. Ava followed suit, taking her smart,
professional outfit off and placing her
things in a neat pile on my desk.

I walked over to them my cock pointing the
way, bobbing with every step. I stood
behind Brenda and started helping Ava
undress the petite blonde. I had her bra
clasp undone and was shifting the lacy cups
when I gasped with surprise. My hands,
gliding over her pert breasts, had
encountered nipple rings in each tit. The
warm metal felt odd against her stiffly
swollen nipple but Brenda obviously enjoyed
the sensation as I flicked them with my
fingers. Seeing where my attention was, Ava
lightly tugged on one of the rings, making
Brenda catch her breath and grind her hips
against mine.

Once we had her clothes off, I led Brenda
over to the overstuffed couch. Laying
Brenda down, I ate her pussy while Ava
played with my hard cock. It was another
awkward position as I stretched my neck to
reach Brenda's pussy while, at the same
time, lifted my hips to make sure Ava could
get at my cock.

Once I'd gotten Brenda's cunt good and wet
with my tongue. I rolled her over and
positioned myself behind her, aiming my hard
cock at her wet, waiting pussy. Ava sat on
the couch arm opposite me, her open legs
showing her dripping twat to Brenda.
Grasping Brenda's hips, I slid my cock into
her buttery depths, pushing her face toward
Ava's cunt. Brenda quickly took the hint
and used her tongue on Ava as skillfully as
she had done on me.

I slowly rocked Brenda's body back and
forth, alternately pushing my cock into her
and letting her tongue taste Ava's sweet
cunt. Brenda's cunt was extremely tight.
The friction against her slick cunt walls
was intense. I felt as if she was squeezing
my cock with each stroke. I felt my shaft
swell and my balls tingle. I couldn't hold
back and I let my cum explode into Brenda's
snug twat. My last strokes drove her face
into Ava's hips.

Despite having blown my load, I was still
stiff. Watching the two women kissing at
the end of the couch, I decided that I
wanted to revisit Ava's sweet cunt. Brenda
helped Ava sit on the couch seat and
maneuvered herself on to Ava's face. Brenda
supported herself on the back of the couch,
her ass almost in my face, giving me a front
row seat as I watched Ava hungrily lap and
suck my seed out of Brenda's cunt. Brenda,
still woozy from cumming, arched her back
and tugged and twisted her nipple rings.

Pushing Ava's legs up to her chest, I put
myself on the floor and dragged her hips
toward mine. With Ava's ass hanging off the
edge of the couch, I entered her roughly and
slammed my dick into her cunt with each
stroke. Ava's hands tightened their grasp
on Brenda's ass and I redoubled my efforts
to make her cum. Suddenly, I saw Ava's
stomach muscles jerk in short, quick spasms.
From underneath Brenda's hips, I heard a
strangled moan.

I was nowhere close to cumming, so I
selfishly continued to pound my cock into
her cunt, ignoring her orgasm. Brenda slid
off Ava's face and started massaging Ava's
clit. I fucked her even more energetically.

Ava became vocal again. "Fuck me 'til I
explode." I responded by driving my cock as
deep into her as I could. "I'm . . . I'm .
. . cummmminnnggg."

She seemed to convulse, thrashing around on
the couch as her orgasm tore through her.
My cock responded as well, blowing my second
load into her. I felt as if my soul had
been sucked out the tip of my cock. My head
spun and I had to lean against the couch for
support. I was breathing as if I'd just run
a race, my body as limp as a dishrag.

As my cock slid out of Ava's steaming cunt,
I seemed to return to the real world. This
wasn't an after-hours tryst, alone in the
office with no one else around. This was
the middle of the day! There were people
sitting just outside my door, for Christ's
sake! I must have had a panic-stricken look
on my face because Brenda leaned down and
kissed me, thrusting her tongue, still
tasting of Ava's juices, into my mouth.

Ava gathered herself and also gave me a kiss
and a smile. The two women then stood and
began dressing, as calmly as can be
imagined, as I sat on my office floor with
my cock still dripping cum.

Ava took charge of the situation. "You'd
better get yourself together. The doors are
soundproof but I can't stop anyone from
knocking." With that, she and Brenda
retired to my private bathroom to freshen
their makeup.

I used my handkerchief to wipe the goo off
my shrinking disk and then threw my clothes
on in a flurry of buttons and cuff links.
Seeing that I was moving once again, Ava
smiled and blew me a kiss from the door.
Setting her "professional look" on her face
once more, she opened the door and led
Brenda back out into the office.

My tie still askew, my shoes untied, my hair
mussed, I sank into my chair and put my head
in my hands. What had I let my dick lead me

(MF, FF, voy, cheat, office)
8 AM. I walked into the elevator looking
and feeling like shit. I hadn't been able
to sleep for the second night in a row.
Dreams of nubile, tan, nymphos had me
tossing and turning all night long. To make
matters worse my cock was always throbbing
and twitching, making a bulge in my trousers
like the bow of a ship. I tried to hide my
uncomfortable condition with my coat,
awkwardly held in front of me, as the
elevator crawled up from the parking garage
and people got on and off.

We passed the ground floor and Brenda got
on. Excusing her way past other passengers,
she worked her way back in the car until she
stood directly in front of me. She didn't
say anything to me, just shot a quick glance
at the way I held my coat before turning
around to face the elevator door. When the
doors opened at the next floor, she scooted
back about half a step. It looked like she
was moving out of the way to let others exit
the car, but I felt her firm ass press
slightly against my coat.

I started to sweat. My hand, inside of my
folded coat, pressed against the curve of
her ass. She must have felt it because she
managed to shift slightly and wiggle her
butt against my caress. Somewhere around
the fourth floor, she slipped her hand
behind her and groped my swollen crotch
through the intervening coat. I coughed to
hide my groan of pleasure as Brenda lightly
squeezed my cock.

By the time we reached the tenth floor, she
knew I was ready. I left the elevator
flushed and with my coat held tightly across
my obviously swollen groin. I threw my
things onto the corner of my desk and
reached inside my pants to rearrange my cock
and balls to a more comfortable position. I
sat down, squirming in my chair as my
underwear cut into my thick shaft. Trying
to ignore my dick, I tried to focus my
concentration on other things.

Brenda apparently had other ideas, however.
I hadn't even logged into my computer when
she appeared at my door with a pile of
distribution in her arms.

"We shouldn't do this before lunch, I'll be
leaking all day," she said as she walked
around my desk.

Her hands smoothed her skirt across her
thighs. She swiftly knelt behind my desk and
reached for my belt. The already stiff
condition of my cock made it hard for her to
free it from the confines of my shorts.
Rather than prolong my discomfort, I stood
and lifted her back to her feet. Our bodies
crushed together as we kissed, our tongues
fencing. I imagined that I could feel her
nipple rings pressing against my chest
through her sheer silk blouse.

When we came up for air, Brenda had a smug
smirk on her face. Before she could react
with a smart remark, I spun her around, bent
her over the desk, and flipped up her skirt.
Looking down at her tan ass, covered in
white cotton bikini panties, I felt the
fatigue and tension rise inside me like a
tidal wave. This wasn't going to be gentle.

Without a word or a second thought, I
grabbed the waistband and savagely pulled.
The thin cotton tore with a ripping sound
that seemed to reverberate around my office.
I dropped the shreds of her underwear to the
floor and pressed her down on the desktop
with my left hand. With my right, I undid
my belt and tugged down my pants and boxers.

My cock sprung from its confinement, hard
and already weeping pre-cum from its tip.
Pointing my prick at her pussy, I spread her
legs apart and then cupped my hand around
the mound of her sex. She looked back at me
over her shoulder, her lips parted as she
struggled to catch her breath. I gave her a
cruel smile as I licked her juices off my

"Glad to see that you're as ready as I am."
My voice had an edge to it that sounded
nasty. I guided my glans to the gates of her
twat and then pulled her hips back toward
me, impaling her slowly on my aching pole.
I threw made head back and groaned in
ecstasy as I felt her slick tunnel part to
swallow my rigid cock.

I started Brenda off slowly, rhythmically
rocking her against my hips as I penetrated
deeper and deeper into her sex. Her breath
came in gasps as she felt me fill her inner
recesses and it only took a few strokes for
her to let all nine inches of my cock into

I paused for a moment to savor the feel of
my balls resting against her smoothly shaven
labia. Pressing my scrotum against her I
rotated my hips, stirring her cunt with my

"Unnnnggggghhhh. God I love that."

I grabbed a handful of her firm ass and used
it to steady her for a few fast deep
strokes. I was rewarded by another deep

"Yes. . . Yes. . . Faster. Hardeeeeerrrr."

Her words came as punctuation to the bottom
of each stroke. She grunted as my cock
hammered against her cervix. I had filled
every inch of her tight cunt. Grabbing her
ass with both hands, I pulled the entire
length of my cock out before jamming it back
in. I picked up the pace with each stroke,
slamming my hips against her taut ass, as
she moaned and muttered incomprehensible

I fucked her like an animal, pounding her
sweet tight cunt like a dog mounting its
bitch. My world narrowed to the feeling of
the length of my prick driving deep inside
her. Each stroke ended with the wet slap of
my balls against her twat. That and the
sound of her moaning filled my ears.

I felt her cunt muscles shudder, grabbing my
cock in their silken grip. A sound from
deep in her throat came from Brenda, only
slightly muffled from being pressed against
my desktop. The sensation of her cunt
milking my cock sent me over the edge. I
cried out and drove my cock into her,
pinning her between the mahogany desktop and
me. I felt my cum erupt from my balls into
her hot, sweet sex.

My orgasm left me light headed. I leaned
forward, now careful not to hurt Brenda, and
tried to catch my breath. We both gasped
and panted for air. I felt her hand push
against my thigh and I stood back. My cock
slid from her with a wet popping sound.

Pushing herself up off the desk, Brenda
turned and looked at me, her face flushed
and her eyes glazed. "I don't know what got
into you, but next time I'm bringing

"Go get yourself cleaned up," I said as I
wiped my cock with a handkerchief,
"someone's liable to come looking for one of
us any minute."

The rest of the morning was much more
tranquil. I told myself that I should start
"exercising" more in the morning. It was a
great joke.


Ava caught me in the hallway after lunch.
Dragging me into an empty niche, she told me
the bad news. "I knew it was too good to
last," I groaned.

Someone must have seen Brenda leave my
office this morning and suspected something.
I'm sure that Brenda's flushed look and
rumpled clothes had been seen by anyone
who'd been in the secretary's office this
morning. As if that wasn't bad enough, that
someone had been gossiping about it in the
cafeteria. I felt bad for Brenda. Rumors
like this were always worse for the women
then they were for the men. I asked Ava
what I could do to help Brenda out.

"Before you could start worrying about her,
you need to take care of yourself." Ava
looked around conspiratorially. "Meet me in
the atrium in ten minutes."

I sat listening to the building noise as
people returned from lunch. I must have sat
there for a few seconds before I realized
that she'd gone. Carefully standing and
straightening my suit jacket, I tried to get
a handle on what she'd just told me.
Through the spinning thoughts in my head,
one blazed brightly against the front of my

Taking a deep breath, I walked toward the
elevator. I went back to my office and
gathered a few papers, settling on the
excuse that I was going down to the mailbox.
I walked through the secretarial pool
without looking at anyone. I was too afraid
to make eye contact with any of the ladies
there. Any one of them could be the one –
my accuser.

I dawdled along the way to the atrium, not
wanting to be seen pacing around waiting.
My plan worked and Ava got there only
seconds before I did. Without speaking to
each other, we walked out onto the terrace.
The company coffee shop was there, a place
where lots of people went to gather their
thoughts or take a break, so I wasn't
worried about being seen with anyone else.
I bought some coffee from the counter and
returned to the table that Ava had selected.
The place was empty, since most of the
employees were just returning from their
lunch hour.

"Drink your coffee and relax," Ava saw that
I was on the verge of a total collapse. I
took a healthy pull from my cup and she
continued. "Someone saw Brenda enter your
office early this morning and leave a few
minutes later with that 'fresh fucked'

"Who told you this?" I don't know why I
wanted to know. It wouldn't have made any

"Don't worry about that. I'll take care of
the gossip. The problem is that HRO got
wind of it and is sniffing around."

HRO. Human Resources Office. They hire you
and they fire you. Their special charge was
office discipline and the latest crusade was
the prevention of sexual harassment. I knew
all about their program, we'd all just had a
mandatory class a few weeks ago.

"So what do we do?" I felt dazed and off
centered, like a punch drunk boxer.

"I am already working on it." I looked into
her eyes. I'm glad she was on my side, she
made a formidable enemy. "I'll call you for
a meeting about 'the Johnson project' when
things are ready." I nodded and she
continued. "Then I want you to meet me in
Room 425."

"What's there?"

"Conference Room services. You'll see."
She gathered her coffee and gave me a sly,
sexy grin. "I think you'll even enjoy

I looked at the lukewarm sludge that lay in
the bottom of my coffee cup. So much for
getting any work done this afternoon.


I stumbled through the afternoon. I played
solitaire and shuffled papers, anything that
would keep me from thinking about the fix I
was in. I chased my problems around my
mind, blaming myself, my wife, the women I'd
had sex with. Nothing seemed to give me any
reassurance. In short, I stewed.

When the phone rang, I jumped. Trying to
sound calmer than I felt, I answered, "Mr.

"Mr. Williams, this is Ava from Mr. Bland's
office. Do you have a moment to meet with
him about the Johnson project?" Her voice
was smooth and confident.

Playing my part, I answered, "Sure."

"Great. He'll meet with you in Conference
room B on the fourth floor." <click>

I gathered myself before standing up. I had
no idea what plan Ava had going on the
fourth floor. Head erect, shoulders back, I
left my office looking like a man ready to
face his firing squad. I found the room
easily enough and let myself in.

Room 425 was the size of a broom closet and
was crammed from floor to ceiling with
electronic equipment. tv monitors and
recording devices hummed and blinked from
their places on the shelves. Ava joined me
within minutes. Without a word, she sat
down at the console and started pushing
buttons and flicking switches.

"I think that this should do it." She
sounded pleased with herself as she pointed
to one of the monitors.

A tall, well made blonde sat on a low couch
that sat against one wall. She wore a red
dress that looked about a size too small;
emphasizing the size of her bosom whenever
she took a breath. Her skirt crept up her
thigh, showing a great deal of her long
legs. I imagined that I could almost see
her garters when she sifted in her seat to
face the other woman. I recognized the
place as one of the interview rooms on this
floor. Ava told me that the blonde's name
was Carrie.

The other woman was no slouch in the looks
department either. Dressed in a
conservative white pant suit, her red hair
swept up in a graceful pile on her head, she
introduced her self as Dorothea Forman.

"Ms. Forman, I don't know where to start."
Carrie sounded embarrassed, almost

"Please call me Dot. How can I help you,
Carrie?" Dot leaned forward and patted
Carrie's bare knee. Sitting back into her
chair, Dot, arranged a clipboard on her leg
and looked ready to take notes.

Carrie started telling Dot about how hard it
is to work in Shipping. "Well, I'm sure you
know how it is," she said. "The guys look
at your tits while they talk to you. And
you can feel their eyes glued to your ass as
you walk down the hallway."

Dot made sympathetic noises and encouraged
Carrie to continue.

"I could live with it, if that was all there
was." Carrie was warming to the topic,
leaning forward in her chair. Perched like
that, her dress billowed to allow a great
view of her lovely cleavage. My eyes zeroed
in on the inviting valley between her large

"What else have they done to you?"

"Well, some of the guys think it's a laugh
to drop things in front of me, just so they
can watch me bend over." I can see why, I
thought to myself.

Dot seemed to check her notes. Looking up,
she asked Carrie another question. My heart
skipped a beat. Dot was asking Carrie about
the Information Management department. My
department. Carrie answered that she
hadn't. Shipping was in another part of the
large office complex our company occupied.

Shifting her legs, Carrie shot Dot a quick
look up her skirt. I had been right. She
was wearing garters! Leaning forward and
flashing a charming smile, Carrie asked why
Dot had asked about IM. Was there something
going on? The tone of the meeting changed
from an interview to a girl-chat.

I watched as Carrie started seducing Dot.
The conclusion was foregone. Dot had no
more chance of ignoring either Carrie's
charm or intent as I would have. Carrie
leaned closer to Dot, her tits almost
falling out of the tight dress. Without a
word, Carrie placed her hand behind Dot's
head and pulled her face in for a kiss.

Dot titled her face upward; her lips parted
from the kiss while Carrie silently
unbuttoned her suit jacket. Folding the
cups of Dot's lacy bra out of the way,
Carrie ran her tongue around the redhead's
large nipples before sucking one of the
erect nubs into her mouth. Dot groaned with
pleasure, pressing Carrie's face tighter
against her firm, pale breast.

While Carrie's lips switched from one breast
to the other, Dot started to unbutton the
blonde's dress. I murmured appreciatively
as I saw that Carrie was as well endowed as
her dress had led me to believe. Her tan
lines accentuated her large, almost
cantaloupe sized, tits. Pushing Carrie back
gently, Dot cupped the blonde's mounds,
lifting them to let her suck on their huge
swollen nipples.

Dot sucked and nibbled Carrie's nipples,
making the blonde squirm. At the same time,
Dot's hand traced the seam of Carrie's
stockings from the back of her knee up under
her tight dress. She must have found what
she was looking for because Carrie started
moaning breathlessly and rotating her hips.

Unsatisfied with the one sidedness of the
situation, Dot stood and pressed her body
against Carrie's. Pushing the blonde down
in to the chair, Dot sank to her knees
between Carrie's legs. Ava pushed some
buttons and another monitor came to life,
this one showing another angle. She zoomed
in until I could see Dot's small pink tongue
playing against Carrie's coral pussy lips.

Carrie spread her labia, stretching her cunt
hole wide for Dot's questing tongue. Dot
sucked Carrie's clit into her mouth and then
licked around the hole without touching it.
She teased Carrie like this for several
seconds before giving into Carrie's cries
and thrusting her tongue deep inside the
blonde's wet, gaping hole.

Both women seemed to be warming up quickly.
Carrie pulled Dot's face away from her lap.
I could see the juices glistening on Dot's
face before Carrie kissed her deeply. My
cock swelled as I watched Dot's pale body
lay on top of Carrie's tan limbs. Dot stood
once again and pulled Carrie over to the

Dot lay across the couch and, showing a
great deal of suppleness, spread her legs
wide. Her pussy didn't look shaved like
Carrie's but it was sparsely covered with
auburn curls. Her vulva was red and swollen
with lust. Dot watched hungrily as Carrie
disrobe and knelt on the couch.

Just as Dot had teased her, now Carrie
tantalized the redhead's pussy. She licked
and played her tongue across the sensitive
spots of Dot's body without giving her the
release she desired. Carrie spread Dot's
cunt lips and inserted a finger. After
wiggling the finger around, much to Dot's
delight, she pulled it back out and made a
great show of tasting the redhead's juices.

"God, you're so hot and sweet," Carrie said.
I realized that it was the first words
either of them had spoken since Carrie had
started the seduction.

The foreplay over, she climbed over Dot,
arranging herself in a 69 with the ready and
willing redhead. They started slowly, more
gentle with each other than a man would have
been. They stroked and caressed their
partner's twat; cooing and murmuring
endearments as they tasted each other.
Carrie started finger fucking Dot, sliding
one, then two, and finally three fingers
into the strawberry pie. Dot's hips
churned and pushed against Carrie's hand.

Dot's mouth was just as busy. Having licked
and sucked her way across Carrie's pussy, I
watched, eyes riveted to the monitor, as
Dot's tongue traveled up towards Carrie's
puckered asshole. First she only flicked
her tongue across the tight rosebud, teasing
the blonde with quick wet kisses. I thought
that she would soon return to Carrie's
dripping snatch but I was wrong. Dot's
tongue circled around Carrie's puckered
rosette, outlining it in shining saliva.
Finally she poked her tongue into Carrie's

Carrie rewarded her with a moan. Arching
her back, she allowed Dot to continue
rimming her. Dot licked some more, making
sure that Carrie's back door was ready
before inserting her fingers into the
blonde's anus. With her fingers knuckle
deep in Carrie's ass, Dot returned to eating
the blonde's shaven twat.

I didn't know how much longer they could
last. I was ready to blow my wad all over
the control panel and I was just watching.
Carrie was the first to climax, squeezing
her legs together to intensify the
sensations that washed through her body.
Dot's mouth, still trapped between Carrie's
thighs, continued its work but it wasn't too
much longer before Dot's body threw itself
upward, her back arched in a spasm of

I looked over at Ava. She was fingering
herself, cumming along with the two girls on
the monitor. The show ended with a tonsil
cleaning kiss, Ava punched another set of
buttons and ejected a video tape. I asked
her how she knew about this place and she
explained how all of the conference and
interview rooms had recorders that could be
used to record interviews and meetings.
Tapping the cassette against her palm, she
told me that the tape would definitely
convince Dot to suspend any investigation
she might be working on.

Leaning back in the little office chair, I
thought that the tape was all. We'd send an
anonymous note to Dot Forman with a threat
of exposure and that would be it. But Ava
had other ideas. Putting the tape in a blank
box, she laid out her idea. As I listened
to her plan I knew that I was in over my

(MFF, bond, nc, cheat)

I was early for work this morning. Another
sleepless night. Too much caffeine. My
stomach had an acid, sour feeling. Hyped up
in anticipation of my showdown with Dot

Ava's plan was to get Dot to a secluded
place. Ava would do the talking. I would be
there in dark glasses trying to play the
strong, sinister type. We would show her
the tape we'd made of her and Carrie. Then
we'd threaten to expose her as a sexual
harassing lesbian who used her position to
force young women to have sex with her. I
thought that the plan was rather extreme but
Ava assured me that it had to be a little
theatrical in order to scare Dot. Ava told
me that she had entered a meeting with some
new clients into the corporate calendar as
an excuse for me to leave work for the day.

Ava called my office at 9:30, giving me just
enough time to establish my alibi with the
secretarial pool. I left for the parking
garage and went to my car according to the
plan. Ava was hiding under some blankets
behind the front seat of my car. She didn't
want to be seen leaving with me, she had
said. She stayed back there until we were
on the interstate, heading into the suburbs.
Once she crawled up into the passenger's
seat, I asked her where we were going to
meet Dot. Ava smiled and said that she was
taking me to the company's apartment; a
small, furnished place that the company kept
for visiting VIPs.

As I drove up to the place, a smart looking
townhouse that sat above a garage, Ava
produced the garage door opener and let us
in. She used it again to close the garage
door before she let me out of the car. She
had started putting on her costume.

Seeing me sitting there, she said, "Put on
your glasses and hat." I thought that we
were taking this cloak and dagger bit a
little too far. Annoyed, I asked her when
Dot would arrive.

With one of her trademark smiles Ava
replied, "Dot's already here with us."

She laughed at my puzzled look and told me
to open the trunk. When I did I saw Dot
Forman there, dressed for work, bound with
white cord and gagged with a piece of shiny
duct tape.

"Holy shit! You've kidnapped her! We were
just supposed to scare her, not this!" I
was near hysterics.

"Calm down and help me get her out of the
trunk. We've got work to do. And don't
think about backing out." She looked me
right in the eye. "You're the one that is
the reason we had to do this." That brought
me up short. Between the guilt and
confusion, I surrendered.

From then on I followed Ava's orders. I got
Dot out of the trunk, slung her over my
shoulder as carefully as I could, and
carried her up the stairs into the
apartment. Ava steered me into the small
dining area. A pull-up bar with extra eye-
bolts was set high across the doorway that
connected the dining area with the living

Ava instructed me to secure Dot's wrists to
the bar and shackle her feet to the bolts
that were in the doorframe at ankle level.
Dot started to struggle when she heard this
but there wasn't much she could do since her
hands were tied behind her back. I put some
bulky leather manacles on her wrists and
ankles, holding Dot securely while Ava
locked them to the bar and the eye-bolts.

Dot thrashed around as much as she could,
her sounds of protests came through the tape
across her mouth as squeals and moans. Ava,
still in her dark glasses, stood in front of
Dot and inspected her. Reaching into a
knapsack that lay against the wall she
pulled out a pair of surgical scissors, like
the ones in a first aid kit. Handing them
to me, she retrieved a second, identical

"Cut the bitch's clothes off." Her voice
sounded cold. Not at all like either the
professional secretary or the cock hungry
slut that I'd seen her be.

Ava started on Dot's suit jacket. The
scissors' keen edges parted the suit's seams
easily. Watching her throw the pieces of
tan material into the corner, I started
disassembling Dot's skirt. I tossed the now
useless material into the corner along with
what was left of Dot's jacket and blouse. I
reached for her garter belt and Ava stopped

"No. Cut off her bra and panties but leave
the garter."

She stepped back to admire her handiwork. I
snipped through the bra straps, adding them
to the pile in the corner. Rather than use
the scissors, I put my hand into the
waistband of her panties. I gave them a
clean jerk, ripping the white cotton away

I had to walk around the kitchen divider to
join Ava, but the sight was spectacular. I
had some idea of what Dot looked like in the
buff, but the video monitor hadn't prepared
me for the real thing. She was fair to the
point that I could see her blood vessels
through her pale skin. She was also trim,
her breasts standing proudly on her chest.

"Look at her," Ava sounded nasty again, "the
slut is getting wet." She was right, I
could see Dot's pussy start to get damp.

In my best tough guy voice I decided to
start the show. "Let's get started." I
could feel my cock twitch. I wondered if
Ava's plan would let me sample some of Dot's
'strawberry pie.'

Ava started talking, telling Dot about the
video of her and Carrie in the interview
room. She sounded like a bitch goddess,
calling Ava a whore and a slut. Ava keeps
telling Dot that the only option that she
has is to cooperate with us, but Dot keeps
shaking her head.

"Fine, you want to play games." Ava grabbed
Dot's crotch, covering her mound with her
petite hand. "We'll show you what we have.
It'll make you wetter than you are already."

At her signal, I turned on the VCR. Dot
tried to turn her face away, but Ava held
her head still. Stepping through the
doorway, Ava stood behind Dot. Whenever the
redhead tried to look away, Ava would strike
her ass with a loud smack. I sat in the
living room, watching as Dot become more and
more aroused. I had never watched a woman
get turned on like this and the sight of her
cunt, engorged by lust, swelling and
lubricating mesmerized me.

When the movie showed Carrie and Dot on the
couch, Ava increased her punishment,
pinching and slapping the redhead's nude
body. At the end of the video Ava demanded
that Dot sign a "confession", an admission
that she used her position to exploit other
women. Dot refused with a sharp shake of
her head.

Stepping back from our captive, Ava sharply
gestured to me. "Use the whore."

Dumping the contents of the knapsack onto
the dining room table, Ava sorted through a
variety of dildos and vibrators. I moved
from my seat toward our captive. I had
stopped thinking about her as Dot, a woman.
Now she was a piece of meat, a cunt that I
was going to fuck while Ava watched me.

Standing a few inches in front of her I
cupped her left breast, gently feeling its
firm shape and soft skin. I leaned forward
and took the nipple into my mouth, sucking
it slightly and teasing it with my tongue.
Dot responded by closing her eyes and
moaning softly. Once I had gotten her
nipple erect, I switched back to caressing
it, lightly taking the nipple between my
thumb and forefinger. Without warning, I
squeezed as hard as I could, pinching the
nipple in a vise like trap.

Dot's body stiffened, her limbs pulling
sharply against their bonds. I kept my face
blank as she looked into the dark sunglasses
with tears welling up in her eyes. I eased
my grip on her tit without releasing it, but
she stiffened again as I traced my left hand
across her stomach to her snatch. Gently
winding her auburn pubic curls around my
fingertips, I massaged her clit before
dipping my fingers into her wet slit. Ava
was right. Dot was wet already.

Selecting a long dildo and a slender 'anal
penetrator', Ava told me to get Dot ready.
Running my hand along her pussy, I spread
her juices around her ass with my fingers to
lube her for the vibrator. Inserting it, I
secured it with a piece of duct tape while
Ava set up a camera to record Dot's torture.

The vibrator hummed in her ass, sending its
ticklish sensations throughout Dot's body.
I gave her a moment to get used to the
feeling before I knelt in front of her cunt.
Pressing my face into her red snatch, I had
to agree with Carrie. Dot was definitely
sweet and hot. I allowed myself only a few
seconds of muff diving before getting back
to the bondage scene.

Making sure that the vibrator was in as far
as it would go, I bent my legs slightly,
held her hips so that she couldn't move, and
pressed my cock into Dot's wet pussy. She
was so wet my cock slid all the way in on
the first stroke. I plowed her depths as
she moaned and thrashed, hanging from her
restraints like a marionette from its

Reaching around her I fingered her erect
clit, making quick circles on her clitoral
mound and sliding my fingers across her
slit. That did the trick. Within seconds I
felt her cunt flutter, milking my cock with
her vaginal muscles. I threw my head back
and came with a roar, shooting my jism deep
inside her.

Ava, who had been filming all of this, told
me to bring Dot into the living room. I
pulled my still turgid cock from her pussy,
my thighs covered in our juices. While Ava
undressed in the living room, I took Dot's
wrist manacles off the bar, shackling them
behind her back. I released her ankles as
well, leaving them unattached so that she
could walk. Around her neck I fastened a
large leather dog collar. Clipping a chain
leash to it, I led Dot into the living room
and handed Ava the leash.

Ava spread her legs, resting each calf on an
arm of the chair she was sitting in. She
wound the leash around her fist, reeling Dot
in closer to her. Finally Dot's face rested
against Ava's sheer stockings. Dot
whimpered, like a dog that had been
punished, and kissed Ava's tan thigh.
Straining against her leash, Dot tried to
kiss Ava's spread cunt but couldn't quite
reach it.

"Eat me whore." Ava hooked her fingers into
Dot's collar, and held the redhead firmly
against her pussy. I picked up the camera
and took some shots of Dot frantically
lapping Ava's shaven pussy. Ava, her eyes
closed in ecstasy, held tightly to the
collar and moaned. Before she could come,
however, she wrenched Dot's mouth away from
her wet snatch and kissed her. I watched
their tongues duel, as Ava tasted herself on
Dot's tongue and lips.

"Sign the paper and we'll be friends." Ava
rubbed her cheek against Dot's whispering
sotto voce in her ear.

"Noooooooo." Dot groaned. She twisted as
if to escape Ava's grip on the dog collar.
Ava looked up at me. I put the camera down,
ready for her command.

"She needs some more convincing." I nodded.
Dot, scared of what I might do, pulled
against the collar, trying to look over her
shoulder to watch me.

Without saying another word, I knelt behind
the now struggling redhead, between her
legs. Pushing her face back towards Ava's
pussy with my left hand, I cocked my right
behind my ear. <<SMACK>> My open hand
landed on Dot's pale ass cheek. My red
handprint remained as I drew back for
another. <<SMACK>>

Dot struggled harder, forcing Ava to get on
the floor to control her. She pressed Dot's
head to the floor, holding her still while I
spanked her with slow, measured blows. Dot
tried to close her legs or move out of the
way, but I held her shackled wrists and kept
her from crawling away. I had landed six or
seven solid whacks on her right cheek before
I switched to her left. By the time I had
reached 10, tears were flowing down her face
and her ass was as read as a cherry. My
hand stung by this time, so I stopped to
flex my hand and look around for something
else to flog Dot with. Grabbing my wrist,
Ava stopped me for going after my belt.

"Fuck her in the ass."

I looked down at the red abused ass but I
was so intoxicated with the feeling of
domination that I just nodded. Feeling
between her legs, once again I used her
pussy juices to lubricate her. Ava held
Dot's torso while I rubbed the large, plum
shaped head of my cock against her puckered
asshole. I massaged her anus with my
fingers, slowly working my middle finger
past her tight sphincter. Once it was all
the way inside her I pulled it out bit by
bit and added another digit, gradually
stretching her to allow my cock inside.

After I'd put three fingers inside her, I
heard Dot moan and rock back against my
hand. I knew that she was ready for my
cock. I smeared some more pussy juice on my
cock and pressed my cock head against her
rosette. I pressed slightly and felt her
stiffen. Despite the preparation, I knew
that my cock was a lot bigger than my
fingers, so I held still and let her relax.
After a few more breaths, I pressed again
and slid my cock inside her tight ass. Inch
by inch I worked my long thick cock inside
her back passage, holding her still and
rocking my cock in and out despite her
muffled protests.

When I finally had the entire length of my
cock inside her, I paused to let her feel
the fullness of it. Then I started to pull
out until only my cock head remained inside
before reversing course. I started slow,
letting her get used to the feeling, but as
my orgasm grew nearer I picked up the pace
until I was fucking her ass with long hard
deep strokes. I roared as I blew my load,
holding her hips so that my cock was planted
as deep inside her as I could be. Dot
thrashed and convulsed, impaled by my dick.
She screamed as she came, her auburn hair
flying as she collapsed against me.

I took a whore's bath with a washcloth as
Ava chained Dot to a dog bed that she'd set
in the corner of the bedroom. I watched Dot
curl up on the large cushion, my cum leaking
from both her pussy and ass. Her ass was
still bright red from the spanking I'd given

"What about the paper?" I asked. I hadn't
paid much attention to what Ava was doing
after I'd finished fucking Dot in the ass,
but I didn't see any sign of the paper we'd
been asking Dot to sign.

"Don't worry about it. With the pictures we
got today and the tape, she won't be telling
anyone about anything we're doing."

Ava and I dressed quickly; leaving the town
house after Ava dropped the manacle keys
within arm's reach of the sleeping Dot. We
drove away from the apartment in silence. I
dropped Ava off near a mall, so that she
could catch a bus home, and drove myself

As I returned to my own, empty house, I was
surprised that I didn't feel elated or hyped
after that incredible sexual experience. I
was dazed. Numb. I took a shower, poured
myself a drink, and slumped into a chair.
Sitting in the living room I discovered that
I wasn't at all proud of what we'd done,
regardless of why we did it.

Taking a healthy pull on my whiskey, I told
myself that I needed to find a way to stop
having sex with my secretaries, keep my job,
and think of a good story to tell my wife
when she returned on Sunday.
(MMF, FF, wife, cheat, office)

I was amazed out how this week had turned
out. Only one more day and I could hide at
home and try to recover my once sane,
boring, and suburban life. But it wasn't
going to be easy. The morning was a series
of sexual frustrations. Brenda kept walking
in and out of my office with suggestive
looks and "casual" brushes up against me.

Around 10 o'clock, I got a call from Ava.
Mr. Bland wanted to see me immediately. I
arrived for the meeting and got ushered in
by the very professional looking Ava. No
sign of the slut that fucked me in the file
room, shared Brenda with me, or even played
the dominatrix with Dot. Mr. Bland welcomed
me and invited me to sit in one of his
overstuffed leather chairs. I was polite,
waiting for the small talk to end and the
work to start.

I expected the conversation to turn to the
quarterly review presentation that I'd been
working on all week. Instead, Mr. Bland
("call me Hank") made a rather risqué
comment about Ava's ass as she walked into
the office. Rather than stop there, he
reached over to her and hugged her hip as
she stepped behind his desk. Every sense of
self-preservation I had sent signal rockets
to my brain. Danger!!

I squirmed in my chair, holding my breath to
see where this line of conversation was
going. I really got uncomfortable when Hank
asked me if I'd ever had one of Ava's
"special knobjobs."

Inside I thought to myself, are there
regular ones? Outside I tried to be calm
and maintain my professional demeanor.
Before I could think of a neutral answer,
Ava proudly told him that she'd already
given me several blow jobs and that I had a
nice long cock.

My jaw hit the floor. My life flashed
proverbially before my eyes. I thought I was

Then the miracle occurred.

Instead of firing me on the spot, Hank
patted Ava;s hip and said, "Well darling,
ya' think I could talk you into a knobjob

"I was wondering when you were going to

Smiling, Ava unbuttoned her dress and
carefully folded it across a chair. She was
wearing nothing but a push-up bra and a
garter and stocking set. She walked around
the desk, posing for me in front of the
desk. She bent over the corner of Hank's
desk and took his cock into her mouth.
Figuring that I had nothing to lose, I knelt
between her spread legs and tasted her sweet
pussy. The grin on Hank Bland's face looked
like it might actually split his face in two
as he fed his cock into Ava's throat.

I took off my jacket and fished my cock out
of my trousers, ready to get into the
action. I stroked my cock hard and steadied
her hips for my entry. Taking my cock in my
hand I decided to tease her a bit, tracing
my cock around her hole without trying to
enter her. I rubbed my cock head against
her sensitive clit. Ava moaned and wiggled
her hips, silently asking me to put my cock
inside her.

I decided to oblige her and placed the head
of my cock against the mouth of her love
tunnel. Pushing my hips forward I parted
her cunt with my cock head and then stopped.
I entered her slowly, feeding my cock into
her hungry cunt inch by inch. Ava removed
Hank's cock from her mouth and sucked his
balls. Rocking forward as I pushed my cock
into her, I wanted to let Hank take the

He did just that asking me to switch places
moments later. Ava took him by the hand and
moved from the desk over to the area rug in
the middle of the room. The pair of them
positioned themselves with Ava on top,
riding Hank. Ava mounted him quickly,
setting a much faster pace than I had. The
wet slap of their thighs came fast and hard.

Ava tried to suck my cock but the motion
made it hard for her to keep my cock in her
mouth. I looked for some place to put my
hard cock and, once again, Hank showed me
the way to go. He grabbed Ava's ass cheeks,
using them to push his cock deep inside her.
His grasp spread them wide and displayed her
tight brown rosette.

Grinning evilly, I used my middle finger to
massage her anus. Picking up lubrication
from her cunt, I inserted my finger. My
cock twitched as my finger rubbed against
Hank's cock through the thin wall of Ava's
skin. I rotated my finger while I slowly
stroked it in and out of her ass. Satisfied
that she was ready, I inserted a second
finger and continued finger fucking her back

Ava looked over her shoulder and begged me
to fuck her. "Put it in me. Put you cock
in my ass."

"How can I refuse you?" My joke was lost on
Hank who had stopped bouncing under Ava. He
held her hips tightly to steady her ass and
I placed my cock against her asshole. Ava
exhaled slowly as I pressed my cock into her
ass. After my cock head had entered her I
stopped and let Ava adjust to the throbbing
piece of meat that I was inserting.

Hank shifted and I groaned as my cock felt
his inside Ava's tunnel. I pressed forward
again, sliding my cock past her tight
sphincter. Ava grimaced, the size of two
cocks stretching her painfully.

She dropped her head against Hanks shoulder.
Through the curtain of her hair, I heard her
murmur. "More. Give me more."

Taking her hips in my hands, I picked up the
pace. My cock slid all the way in, resting
against Hank's. At first we tried
alternating thrusts, see sawing our cocks
into Ava, but the physics of our bodies made
it difficult to get the depth we wanted.
Instead, we switched to pulling Ava onto
both cocks at the same time. We took the
first few strokes slowly, trying to keep
from hurting Ava, but picked up the pace as
the friction inside her body led us closer
and closer to cumming.

Ava moaned uncontrollably, hoarse
animalistic sounds as our cocks stretched
her insides. At first, I had been
uncomfortable when my balls touched Hank's
cock but the feeling of my impending orgasm
soon drove any other thoughts from my mind.
Seconds later my balls tightened and my cum
spurted into Ava's ass.

Hank's body stiffened as he too dumped his
load inside Ava. I slowed my strokes but
kept my cock moving, trying to help Ava gain
her release. Finally she gave a strangled
cry. I felt her body shudder strongly
before she collapsed completely on top of

I gently pulled my still turgid cock out of
her ass and helped Hank roll her on to her
side on the rug. She lay still, her ribcage
heaving as she tried to catch her breath.

Retrieving some warm wash cloths from Hank's
bathroom I passed them out for the others to
refresh themselves. We knelt on the rug,
wiping the cum and sweat off our bodies.
His knees spread wide as he wiped spooge
from his deflating cock, Hank wished Ava
well in her new job, remarking at how hard
she would be to replace.

That was when Ava, still nude and with a
thin trickle of my cum leaking down her
thighs, told me the best news of all. Hank
had decided to give me the promotion that
I'd been hoping for. I walked back to my
office in a daze. This week had been such a
roller coaster I would need to take some
vacation just to recover.

My weekend had finally arrived. I had
escaped from the office exhausted but, with
my promotion secure and my boss happy, I
devoted myself to getting the house ready
for my wife and kids to return. Veronica,
my wife, was due home the next day with the
kids. With all my extracurricular activity
this last week I hadn't done much

I had started early so I'd cleaned most of
the house and was about to start running
errands around town when the phone rang. It
was Ava calling from the company apartment.
She was on her way out of town and needed
some help packing. Figuring I'd be a nice
guy and, perhaps get a farewell spin around
the sheets, I dropped what I was doing and
headed over to the apartment.

I walked in the garage door, like Ava told
me, and got the surprise of my life. There,
laying on the living room couch, was
Veronica getting her pussy eaten by Ava!.
Veronica watched my approach, her eyes half
closed as she sank into ecstasy brought on
my Ava's eager mouth. I stood, mouth wide
open and eyes wide, as Ava raised her head
from my wife's pussy.

Ava spoke briefly. "Stop staring and get
naked." I noticed that her hand continued
to massage Veronica's clit.

I couldn't help myself, I had known that my
wife was curious about experiencing another
woman, but the sight of her lying naked in
bed stunned me. Her breath whistled through
her clenched teeth as Ava's stimulation
threatened to overwhelm her senses. She
lifted her legs, spreading them wider to
give me a better view of Ava's fingers as
they played across her labia and clit.

I stripped off my clothes in a daze. My
cock didn't have the same problems my brain
had, however, springing to life from my
trousers and bouncing along with my pulse.

Ava's tanned body made an erotic contrast to
Veronica's fair skin. Ava knelt between
Veronica's legs, carefully licking and
fingering my wife. I crept up on the couch,
maneuvering myself to suckle at Veronica's
small, pink nipples. Taking an erect nub in
my mouth, I rolled it around with tongue,
adding to Veronica's excitement. Shifting
my head, I watched Ava as she spread
Veronica's labia and used her tongue to
tease her clit. Ava didn't need Veronica's
hand on the back of her head to remind how
my wife was enjoying the pussy licking.

When Ava finally came up for air, she asked
Veronica to return the favor. Rather than
waste words answering, Veronica helped Ava
climb onto the back of the couch to gain
access to the blonde's shaven pussy. I saw
my chance and moved myself down to the floor
to replace Ava in between Veronica's legs.

I inhaled deeply, smelling my wife's
excitement, before bending forward to taste
her rich nectar. I kept my tongue broad,
plowing Veronica's twat like a furrow from
her hole to her clit. Seeing how she was
already dripping from Ava's attentive
tongue, I picked up Veronica's legs and
spread her thighs to get better access to
her love nest.

Feeling me shift her around, Veronica lifted
her mouth from Ava's cunt. "I want your
cock inside me," she panted.

Ava moved once again, this time into a 69,
holding Veronica's legs as I positioned
myself to fuck her. She was so wet that
there was no need for preliminaries. I
lunged forward and impaled her on my long
cock. I was enflamed with lust. The force
of my thrusts kept knocking Veronica off
Ava's pussy, so she was forced to hold on to
Ava's hips to keep from being pushed along
the couch.

While I pounded Veronica's pussy, Ava made
herself busy by frigging her clit. The
combination of penetration and clitoral
stimulation had Veronica screaming as she
came, spurting clear, sweet liquor over my
cock and Ava's hand. The feeling of her
spasming cunt pushed me to the edge of my
own climax. I redoubled my efforts to blow
my load, slamming my hips against
Veronica's. Ava stared at my cock,
mesmerized as it appeared and disappeared
into my wife's cunt.

Just as I was ready to shoot my wad, Ava
gazed up at me with a hungry, pleading look.
"Cum in my face. Please. I want to taste
your cum."

I drew my cock out of Veronica just in time
to spurt my thick white cream over Ava's
outstretched tongue, face, and tits in a
classic porn movie "money shot." Ava
quickly lapped up my seed, swallowing my
cock to clean off any that might be
remaining. She sat back on the couch and
allowed Veronica to climb out from
underneath the blonde. Reaching up Veronica
pulled Ava's face down to hers. They sank
back into a long deep kiss, their tongues
fencing as they exchanged the taste of my

On the way home, Veronica told me that Ava
had been in contact with her all week. She
explained that, as pat of Ava's farewell, he
had been loaned out to help fulfill some of
the other girls' fantasies. I was amazed.
Everything – the lunch hour orgy with
Brenda, the bondage scene with Dot, and the
double team with Hank –had been set up by

"How did you know that I would go along with
it?" I asked innocently.

Veronica scoffed. "That was the easy part,"
she replied with a cynical laugh, "The hard
part was making sure that no one else caught
on to what was going on."

We returned home exhausted from our farewell
tumble with Ava. Veronica and I collapsed
into each other's arms and slept like the
dead. The next morning Mildred, Veronica's
mother, showed up with our 2 kids.
Everything was hugs and smiles as the kids
chattered on and on about their week with

That night, after everyone else was asleep,
Veronica and I lay in bed talking. I had
been waiting for her to say something about
my extramarital activities. Finally I
decided to broach the subject myself. I
explained how bad I felt, how guilt gnawed
away at my gut, and how badly I needed her
reassurance that everything was all right.

"Well how do I answer this?" In the dark, I
couldn't tell if she was teasing me or not.

I felt, rather than saw, her move closer.
My hands reflexively moved to caress her
through her thin nightgown. I pulled her
close and waited for her to say she forgave
me. Hoping she would say that she forgave
me. My heart stopped. I might have even
held my breath as I waited for my wife to
speak three simple words. Four syllables.

Finally she took a careful breath. "Yes, I
forgive you."

She confessed that she had volunteered my
cock to Ava. But she was disappointed that
I'd been so eager to join in to Ava's sexual
Olympics. In part, she knew that I'd been
stressed out and she had been busy with
volunteer activities. Another part was that
she'd felt a strange sense of pride that the
other women had been anxious to test drive
my dick.

She had forgiven me. But there were
conditions, she said. First, I was never to
repeat my escapades – even with girls like
Brenda and Dot that still worked at the
company. Unless I talked with her first.
Second, I had to do penance. I felt a
twinge in my gut when I heard that. I must
have stiffened but Veronica just patted my
arm and told me not to worry, the trial she
had in mind was far less than I'd already
gone through.

We made love that night in a familiar,
unhurried way that long-time lovers have. I
fell asleep easily for the first time all


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