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A Security Guards Dream Mf nc

By Fatherodelli (fatherodelli@yahoo.com)
This story is totally fiction, but it probably could
happen. What do you think? This story is totally for
the mind to play with and should never be acted out.

I work as a security guard for a local firm. We have
a contract to cover entertainment events in a large
venue in Portland, Oregon. Most of the time it is a
fairly mundane existence. I show up, try to look
official, straighten out a few hooligans, collect my
paycheck and go home. But, I have found there is a
certain kind of large event where I can have lots of
fun! It is when nationally known rock groups put on
one of their huge shows. It literally puts me in
contact with thousands of delirious, screaming girls.
And, I've found it is the perfect setting for my new

Let me describe the first night I did more than just
casually touch the teenage girls. I had planned this
for some time, after having observed major rock
concerts many times in my security guard position. I
had failed to successfully execute my plan because of
numerous reasons in the past. But, on this particular
night, I finally got to anonymously penetrate one of
the hot little dollies that attend these shows en

Before I left for work that night, I made sure I was
physically ready. For one thing, I wore black cargo
shorts figuring the black color would help hide any
wet area that might develop on the front of my shorts.
I also knew this would be a quick "in and out" so I
bought a very small plastic tube of oil at a local
sewing machine store. It could be easily opened by
just popping off the top and would supply the needed
lubrication, since there would be no time for

Then, I assumed my position watching the thousands of
kids (mostly girls) streaming into the venue for a
huge Backstreet boys concert. It was a very warm July
evening and this event was a sell-out. The Backstreet
Boys especially appealed to the very girls that turned
me on the most and that I felt would be my best chance
for success, young teenage girls. They traveled in
packs. Most of them were giggly and over-sexed about
the Backstreet Boys. The one I would eventually
select for my little activity needed to have several
prerequisites. First, she had to be one that looked
hot, yet fairly innocent. I figured a načve girl
would be more likely to feel enough peer pressure to
stay with the flow of the evening and not overreact.
A slutty, experienced chick might cause too many
problems for my plan to work. (Of course, the most
important issue was not to get caught!) She needed to
be at least a little taller than average so the angle
would be right. Also, she had to be wearing a fairly
short skirt, one that would easily flip up as I
entered her from behind. There could be no panty
hose. And, she needed to be wearing thong panties so
I could just move the floss part to the side making it
possible to enter her. The panties situation would be
the most difficult to ascertain but, as a girl watcher
for many years, I could usually tell what kind of
panties a girl was wearing.

This particular show was billed "teenagers only", so
we checked ID's at the door. I guess they felt that
kids older than 19 were more likely to be drinking and
those younger than 13 were just too young to be at a
huge show like this one. I kept watching for a good
prospect. For a long time, no one fit all of my

Then, she appeared! She was the girl of my dreams and
I knew she was the one in an instant! As I saw her
approaching with her group, I made sure that I was the
most convenient guard for her to pass by to check her
ID so I could get a closer look. She was probably
about 5' 7" tall, slender, nice butt and legs, with
firm, lemon-sized tits standing out proudly on her
chest. She had a very pretty face, long dark-blonde
wavy hair, extremely smooth skin and braces on her
teeth. She was wearing a rather short "flippy" black
skirt, a light blue tank top and sandals. When she
handed me her ID, she smiled so innocently, absent
that snotty attitude lots of these precocious chicks
have. As I listened to the other girls talk in her
group, I could tell the others were telling her and
one other girl the details of attending a major
concert. They were saying "you have to show them your
ID" and "get in line or we'll never get in", the kind
of things you tell someone who hasn't been there
before. Interestingly, when she handed me her ID, she
failed to take it back, so I was able to keep it. It
was a picture ID and her photo was very pretty! I
studied her statistics. Her name was Emily. She was
5' 7", 120 pounds. Her hometown was about a 15-minute
drive southwest of Portland. Her birthday was about
two weeks ago and she had just turned 14 years old.
She would be in the eighth-grade at a middle school in
the coming school year.

As she walked into the venue with her friends, I made
sure I was in position somewhat behind them, so I
would be able to move forward at just the right time
to complete my plan. Obviously, luck had to enter
this scenario, too. That is what had been missing on
my previous attempts to fuck one of these girls. On
this particular night, everything just seemed to fall
in line. It almost seemed like destiny. For one
thing, they walked nearly to the front of the hall
where the crowd was always the most out of control and
the music would be the loudest. Secondly, even though
that was not my assigned area, I was able to trade
places with someone else that usually worked that

So, the stage was set and I could feel the
anticipation literally swelling up inside of me! The
Backstreet boys hit the stage with the usual roar of
the crowd. As is usually the case when they play,
teeny girls get oblivious to anything going on around
them. Few people have really experienced the
incredible aura that is going on in that mass of
humanity. It's sheer bedlam, with thousands of
frenzied girls and a few boys. The smell of sweat and
perfume is intoxicating and the deafening noise is
nearly maddening.

I knew from the Backstreet Boys' past performances
when the crowd would be its frenzied peak. During one
of the final songs, the crowd began to push forward
with virtually everyone getting smashed from behind,
including me. The music was loud, the girls were
delirious and crying and the noise was so deafening
you couldn't hear anything, except the roaring music
from the stage and the high-pitched screams from the
little girls who had gone over the edge into total
hysteria at that point. That was my cue! I had taken
a position directly behind my Emily and when the kids
began pushing hard from behind, I just let myself get
smashed into her tight, little virginal butt. She had
no knowledge of who I was or who was bumping her from
behind. Physical contact was just such a part of
being at one of these concerts. Everyone expected it
and everyone knew nothing could be done to prevent it.

Standing directly behind her and using my left hand, I
gently grabbed the hem of her little black skirt and
discreetly slid it up her soft thigh a bit. I could
see the side of her face and tried to notice if she
suspected anything. All I could see were tears
streaming down her cheeks as she waved her arms above
her head and sang along with the group. The last
thing on this little chick's mind was "improper
touching". At this point, the crush of the crowd was
so intense that no one was standing straight up
anymore. The sheer mass of humanity pushing forward
overwhelms everyone. As a security guard, I'm one of
the officials that's supposed to prevent this from
happening and protect the kids, but in reality,
there's nothing much anyone can do. We were all bent
over a little at the waist just to maintain enough
balance not to be trampled by the crowd. It was just
a necessity for survival in this out-of-control
environment. I knew that was the trajectory these
kids would assume during the fever-pitched grand
finale of the Backstreet boys and I also knew it was a
better position for fucking, too.

Seeing that I still had the green light, I gently slid
my fingers around to her little ass to determine what
type of panties she was wearing. I was in luck! She
had on the tiniest little thong with only a thin
string between her ass cheeks. It would not be a
factor. At the same time, I couldn't help but be
turned on by the incredible softness of the skin on
the side of her adolescent little butt. Glancing at
the side of her face again, I could still see that she
had no idea that anything was amiss. Little did she
know that she was about to feel a strange cock up her
little cunt!

Again, I couldn't believe everything was working so
well on that night. Usually, something went wrong.
Either the target girl would be inaccessible because
of too many clothes or the wrong kind of clothes or
because I couldn't get into position behind her
because of the huge, unruly crowd. But, maybe the law
of averages was catching up with me, since I had tried
and failed at this so many times before. Needless to
say, my cock was rock hard! I reached down and took
my cock out of my fly, reached into my cargo pocket
for the oil, squeezed a little on the end of my cock
and pushed it up against her; the kids from behind
helping me in my quest. It was so dark and the
spotlights were panning the crowd making it impossible
for anyone to see what I was doing. There was a
psychedelic, blue haze from the lighting, with the
blinding spotlights making it impossible to see with
any clarity. And, who would pay attention to a
security guard anyway with everything else that was
going on?

The time had finally come! She was even about the
right height. My plan was working so well! I grabbed
my cock and put it between her ass cheeks in the
vicinity of her cunt and began sliding it up and down
her crack. NOW, she knew something was wrong, but she
couldn't move. She was totally pinned to her position
from the right, the left, the front and, of course,
from the back. She started to swing her arms in
panic, but really could do nothing with them since
virtually EVERYONE was moving their arms to the music.
She started to scream and cry out, but no one noticed
because everyone else was screaming, singing and
crying, too. She tried to turn her head to see my
face, but it was so dark with the spotlights panning
the crowd that it was impossible to recognize facial
features. She tried to completely turn around, but
the tightness of the crowd and the fact that my hands
were now firmly holding her hips in place made that
impossible. All of her friends were each lost in
their own little world. There was no one to help her.

I decided that I had to finish this in about the next
minute or so and make my getaway. So, I pointed the
tip of my cock between her pussy lips, just in back of
her pubic bone and pushed. The combination of the
sewing machine oil and her own juices that she had
secreted from the sexually charged energy of this
raucous concert made it fairly easy to slip into her
cunt. Of course I couldn't hear anything, but my cock
felt like it literally popped into her tight, little
sleeve. I pushed hard, very hard! I knew I had hit
home when the extreme warmth of her little cunt
radiated through my cock. I wasn't going to be gentle
now! Emily was unbelievably tight! Can you even
start to imagine what must have been going on in this
little chick's mind? She had so innocently joined her
friends to go to see her favorite heart throb singers
and now there was a stranger fucking her from behind
with his adult cock! Can you even start to imagine
the incredible high for me? Here I was with my man-
sized cock fucking the wheels off this pubescent girl,
while being surrounded by thousands of hot, juicy,
little pussies all sexed up by the boy act on the
stage. Because the kids were pushing me from behind,
I really wasn't able to pump her in and out as I had
envisioned in my plans and my dreams. Instead, I had
to be satisfied to grind around and around, with my
seven-inch dick totally reaming her hot, little hole.
After I became firmly entrenched in her pussy, I slid
my hands around from gripping the front of her hips to
grab the firm little cheeks of her ass, pulling them
apart so she could feel the full extension of my cock.
With my pubic bone grinding her anal area, I erupted,
spraying into her cunt, shooting what felt like
massive globs of cum deep within her soft little body.
I pushed extra hard as the last drops oozed out of my
invading rod, giving her one last memory of the fuck
she got at the concert. Probably only two minutes had
elapsed since I first rammed into her pussy.

As my crescendo abated, so did the Backstreet boys
music. They were saying their good-byes and the crowd
was starting to ease up a bit. I knew that was my
time to escape. So, before she could fully turn
around to see who was behind her and before the main
lights started to come up, I put my cock in my pants
and slithered through the crowd, beyond her sight.

I hustled through the lobby area and ducked into the
bathroom to check myself. Putting my hands on the
countertop in front of the sinks, I looked into the
mirror. My heart was still beating fast, my face was
flushed and I found myself smiling back at myself as I
remembered what had just happened. I pulled out my
cock. It was still covered with a little oil, lots of
pussy juice and traces of blood and cum. Looking at
the rest of me, I was pleased to see that there was
barely any evidence of anything on the front of my
shorts. What was there wiped off easily. All in all,
I still looked pretty professional. Following a
splash of cold water on my face, I hurried back into
the lobby to try to get one last look at my unwilling
little lover as she left the building.

I was careful to get close to her most likely exit,
yet not so close for her to see me as the first
security guard on her way out. I didn't think she
would recognize me, but I didn't want to take any
chances. At the same time, it was VERY important for
me to see her. I wanted to see her reaction so much!

Before long, here came Emily, surrounded by her
friends. Of course I couldn't hear what they were
saying, but I could tell that something seemed wrong
within their group. They were walking slowly and all
of their attention was on my little lover. She
appeared to be crying a little, but there were lots of
girls crying as they always do for these boy bands, so
that didn't necessarily mean anything. Remember that
girls this age are so impressionable and emotional and
they had just witnessed the power of a major boy band
concert! But, judging from her body English, she did
appear to be distraught. Her friends seemed to be
concerned about her and were saying things like,
"what's wrong, Emily?" I was glad to see that they
accompanied her to a restroom. For one thing, there
was not enough cloth in her little thong panties to
catch all the cum I had shot deep inside her little
body. It had to be running out at this point, some 5-
10 minutes after fucking her, and probably sliding
down the insides of her soft thighs. I'm sure she was
self-conscious of that happening and at least needed
to clean herself up.

When she came out of the restroom with her friends,
she looked somewhat more composed, but still shaken
from what had just happened to her. But, why
shouldn't she be shaken after what she had just
experienced? I'm sure this night would affect her for
some time to come; you just don't expect to lose your
virginity to a total stranger that you will never
meet. I was standing probably about 30 feet away as
she passed. She looked my way and our eyes met for
just a brief second or two. I think she suspected
that I was the culprit, but I've concluded since then
that she didn't know for sure. As she moved through
the exit door, I knew I was safe! She would never
tell a soul. Who would believe her anyway? It would
all seem too preposterous!

Wow! What a night! I think there are some important
lessons in this for everyone. First, most parents are
worried when their daughters go to major shows with
their friends about violence or boys groping their
tits or drug use. How many parents would worry that
the biggest threat to their little girl might be a
security guard, the very person that is supposed to
protect them? So, parents should take note! For the
girls who attend, it does make a difference what you
wear. If your pussy is easy to get to, you may get
fucked. If you wear jeans, long pants or shorts or
even panty hose or full-cut panties, it would be
impossible to do what I did to this girl.

And, for me, it taught me that I could do it! Some
guys golf, some guys play basketball, some guys fix up
old cars. We all need a hobby. I've certainly found
mine! Just think, I get paid for performing my hobby!
I knew I would do it again. Practice makes perfect!

I welcome your thoughts. Send an email to

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