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A Sex Dream

Keywords: MFF, wife, rom
Part: 1 of 1
Author: Knave of Hearts
Title: Sex Dream

A Sex Dream
1993 2000 Knave of Hearts

The same dream keeps coming to me these last few nights. The
dream starts with my wife and I making love. Not calm, quiet,
respectable, married people in bed kind of love - but knees-back,
deep thrusting, power sex. the dream seems to start in the

My wife's on her back. Her shaven pussy is wet and swollen, her
eyes begging me to drive my hard cock inside her. She's so wet my
cock slides in up to the balls like its on rails. With each
thrust she closes her eyes, grunting in time to the rhythm of our

That's when I notice a third person in the room. A naked woman is
standing in the doorway, her eyes riveted to the sight of my cock
pistoning in and out of my wife. Our spectator is young and tan
with the firm tits and thin hips of a teenager. She's been
watching us from the door and now she meets my eyes with a look
of pure lust.

I never heard anyone enter the house, much less open my door and
take off their clothes but there she is. I've never seen her
before, but now she's here and her intention to join us is
unmistakable. I must have skipped a stroke, because my wife,
Lisa, has noticed her as well. As if the appearance of another
woman in our room isn't enough of a surprise, Lisa motions the
girl to come over to our bed.

The mystery girl walks over to our bed. Without missing a thrust,
I reach out and caress her full breast. She takes this as an
invitation, leaning forward to kiss and nuzzle my wife's pussy.
The unknown brunette sends her tongue dancing around Lisa's clit.

The feeling is incredible! Her moist tongue is cool against my
rigid shaft as I pull my cock out of my wife's searing hot pussy.
This extra attention on her clit is having its effects on my wife
as well, her body starts thrashing as she holds the girl's head
tightly against her pussy.

The swelling in my balls grows and the pace of my thrusts
increase. I can feel my orgasm build. The sight of this beautiful
woman vigorously licking my wife's clit is making me hot. Lisa is
getting close as well, her breathing is quick and shallow. She's
raised her head up so she can watch my cock slide in and out of
her pussy. Our guest has moved her mouth to my wife's tits,
frigging my wife's clit with her fingers. the only sounds in the
room are our hoarse breathing and the slap of my balls against my
wife's ass.

When I come, it feels like a tidal wave has rolled from the
bottom of my toes and is squeezing out the tip of my cock. I feel
Lisa's twat spasm around my cock is quick convulsions. Her body
massaging and milking me of my bounty. Looking down, I see that
the brunette now busily thumbing her own clit, trying to reach
the climax as we had.

The sight of another woman masturbating inches from her face
revives Lisa. She leans forward with my dick still inside her and
takes the girl's breast in her mouth. This is exactly what the
girls wants. She cries out "Yesss!" and holds my wife's face
close, urging her on. Looking between the girl's legs, I see my
wife frantically finger fucking her. The girl looks like she's
ready to come, her eyes rolling back, grunting and humping my
wife's hand. Lisa continues her pressure but she wants more.

Sliding my spent cock out of her dripping pussy, Lisa pushes the
girl on to her back. They kiss, tongues dueling. The girl pushes
my wife's head to her pussy. The sight of the woman I've been
married to for nine years lapping at another woman's pussy
revives my cock instantly. I'd often fantasized about my wife and
another woman, but had figured that she would never go along with
the real thing. She looks up from the girl's swollen twat, pussy
juice dripping from her chin. She is the living image of a sex-
crazed nymph.

By this time my wife is thoroughly in charge. She pushes the
guest down on to my stiff pole, spreading the girl's legs so that
she can taste my cock as it drills into our guest's pussy.

"Fuck her hard." Lisa's voice is hoarse with lust. "I want to
taste her come."

Lisa moves so that she is level with the girl's cunt. Her fingers
lightly tickle the underside of my balls as I use the girl's hips
to impale her on to my cock. The girl is bouncing on my hips as
if she were riding a horse. Lisa can feel my balls tighten,
there's nothing I can do to slow my impending orgasm. One hand
still cradling my balls, she uses the other to spread the girl's
pussy lips. Running her tongue up and down the brunette's slit
makes the girl jerk and jump.

It's over quickly. The girl's body stiffens and she cries out. I
can feel the velvety tightness of her cunt milking my cock. I
hold the girl's hips and jam my dick inside her, feeling the fire
of my come shoot deep inside her. From the satisfied sounds at
the end of the bed, Lisa has gotten what she wanted. I can feel
her wet tongue lapping up the combination of my come and the
girl's juices. All three of us collapse, the mystery girl and my
wife on either side of me. I kiss both of them, each exciting in
their own way. First the taste of my wife's pussy on the lips of
a stranger. Then the erotic mixture of my come and the juice of a
woman on my wife's lips. She is coated with our sex, the girl's
juices running between her breasts.

When I wake up, everything's normal. Everything except my
throbbing hard-on that is.

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