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A Special Anal versary


A Special Anal-versary
by Couture

(MF, Strapon, rom)

Please do not read if under 18 years of age or
offended by sexually explicit stories and situations.

(c) 2002 Couture


"You do remember our anniversary is next week, don't
you?" Amy asked.

"Of course I do, honey," I replied, trying to keep
from raising my voice, which would let her know for
sure I was lying.

"Well, have you got me anything yet?"

"You know I can't tell you that."

"Why not?" she said, putting her arm around me and
stroking my love handle.

"Because of that," I said. "You won't stop at
anything to find out what I'm getting you."

"Well, just in case you haven't gotten me anything
yet, I wanted to ask for something special." She
said, fluttering her eyelashes at me. "Do I still
have time to make special requests?"

"Yes," I said dubiously, wondering if this was a new
ploy, or if she honestly wanted something special.
You could never tell. "What do you want?"

She didn't say anything, but actually blushed. I
hadn't seen her blush in years.

"Well?" I asked.

"Come here," she said, wiggling her finger at me.
"Closer. I can't say it, but I'll whisper it in your

I leaned in close. She whispered the words I never
thought I would hear her say.

"Anal sex."

I was instantly hard.

"What?" There had to be some mistake. I could have
sworn she said anal sex. This from a woman who pulled
away from me every time I tried to experience this
pleasure before. Her answer was always, wrong hole or

She blushed. "I won't say it again. Will you are
won't you."

"Will I?" I said, but trying not to sound overyly
excited. "Oh, I will indeed." I was the luckiest man
in the world and I had the best wife in the world.

Later that night, Amy came to bed wearing a sexy
negligee. I caressed her breasts and my hands
drifted lower, only for her to stop me. "No way
buster. You're gonna have to wait for anniversary

"I can't wait that long."

"Sure you can. Just think happy thoughts."

I actually needed to think unhappy thoughts for my
cock to grow less eager enough for me to go to sleep.
It didn't help matters any with Amy's soft body
spooning behind me.

It was the longest week of my life. We've been
without sex for over a week before during her period.
But somehow, knowing that I was going to get a chance
to experience something I had wanted to since I was a
teenager, made it feel like an eternity.

On the day of our anniversary, I couldn't even
function at work. I thought about the coming night
and found myself with sporting an erection during a
meeting. I felt like I was in eighth grade, and
having to go to the chalkboard hunched over in
embarrassment after looking at the pretty girls.

As soon as I got out of the meeting, I went home an
hour early feigning sickness. It gave me a chance to
set the mood for our special night. Besides, I wasn't
getting any work done anyway.

I picked up French take-out on the way. I got home,
showered, changed into some nicer clothes, lit
candles, and placed the food on the nice china. Once
the Marvin Gaye CD was playing, everything was
perfect, so I settled in to wait for Anne to arrive.

She arrived about twenty minutes early, carrying
several shopping bags and take-out as well. She
looked around appraising the set-up. "Nice," she
said. "I was thinking of doing the same thing, but
you beat me to it."

"You better get off a little earlier next time. I've
been slaving away for hours," I lied.

She put the take-out bag in the refrigerator and held
up one of the discarded containers from the French
restaurant. "Hours and hours," she smirked. "Let me
put these bags up and I'll be back in a minute."

I sat down at the table and popped open the champagne.
When she returned I poured two glasses.

"To us," I toasted.

"To you," she said. "You really outdid yourself this

We began to eat dinner and I hadn't taken more than
two bites before her foot was sliding up my pants leg.
Higher and higher it went, until her stocking covered
toes caressed my cock through my pants.

She looked at me with smoldering eyes. "I mean you
*really* outdid yourself this time."

Images of her, on her hands and knees in front of me,
groaning, as I slid into her tight ass, leapt into my
mind. She took a bite of chicken and made an erotic
show of eating it, while watching my reaction the
whole time.

"Eat later?" I asked groaned, setting my fork down.

"Much later."

We both got up, and she slapped my playfully on the
ass. "Why don't you get everything ready, while I go
get a little more comfortable?"

She didn't need to ask me twice. I picked up the
champagne, ice bucket, and glasses on my way, setting
them on the bedroom dresser. Next, I fluffed the
pillows, and turned down the sheets. The candles were
lit. I took the bottle of lube out of the nightstand
and set it on top of it. I thought maybe that was too
obvious, so I moved it by the lamp. Easy to get to
but not blatantly so.

I undressed, got into bed, and sat there with my back
against a pillow and my arms crossed behind my head.
Everything was perfect.

"Honey, are you ready for me," my wife said from
behind the door.

"You bet your sweet ass I am." I was more than ready;
I was impatient after waiting fifteen minutes for her

With only her hand now visible, she traced her bright
red fingernails up and down the door frame. She
withdrew it and replaced it her foot, arched high from
her black heels.

"Are you really ready?"

More of her leg became visible. It was covered with
fishnet stockings. Oh God, and garters too.

"I am really ready," I said.

She made a sexy show with only her leg, sliding it up
and down the door frame as if she were making love to
it. Then she withdrew it and replaced it with her
ass. My dick surged in response. Her shapely ass was
framed with leather straps around her waist and
thighs, leaving her smooth cheeks uncovered. I would
be able to fuck her while she wore them. An amazingly
kinky idea.

"Are you really really ready?"

"Baby, I'm more ready than I've ever been in my life."

That was when she walked out from behind the door and
my heart dropped. There, sticking out obscenely from
her crotch was a black dildo. The straps that I
thought were panties, where to hold the device to her
crotch. I had assumed when she asked for anal sex,
that I would be the one giving, while she'd be the one
receiving, not the other way around.

I was shocked and speechless, while she smiled sexily,
crawled over top of my as if she were some sort of
lioness, and kissed my deeply. She withdrew her mouth
only inches from my face. "You don't know how much
this means to me honey," she said.

What was I to say? What could I say?

"Sit down here a minute honey," I said, patting the
bed next to me. "I've got to tell you something."

She did. Still in the mood, she caressed my cock
through the sheet, making what I had to say even more

"You know I love you honey, right?" I asked. She
nodded her head. "But, I'll be honest. When you said
anal sex, I was expecting something else."

She turned away from me, curled up on the other side
of the bed with her back to me. I heard a sniff.

"I mean," I said, caressing her shoulder and sliding
next to her. "It was just unexpected is all."

"Take, take, take, that is all you do. My mouth, my
pussy, and when I ask for anal sex, you assumed it was
*my* ass, right?" she said. Her voice was angrier
than I expected.

"Honey, I just didn't - never did think that-"

"Never thought you'd give yourself to me, you mean?"
Not very nice, but the anger had left her voice.

"You're being mean."

"You're right honey, I'm mean," she said, slipping
down the bed between my legs, jerking the sheet out of
my lap. She sucked my cock into her mouth, went all
the way down, and withdrew with a loud smack. She
cradled my balls and repeated until I was hard again.
"This is all I'm good for, right?"

I was hard, throbbing, desperate, but guilty as hell.
"You know it isn't like that."

She swallowed it again, moving up and down my shaft.
There was no one better.

"This is what I used to do for Billy Martin.
Remember? I dumped him for you."


"He would take me out and he was kinda pushy," she
said. "This is what I would do so that I could stay a

She sucked me again, really working it, and then
licking around the head of my dick. I was going

"You know after each date, when I got home, I
fantasized about him being the one bent over in the
seat . . . sucking me, swallowing my cum, and the him
having to go home to take care of his own needs." She
inhaled my cock again, this time I felt her small
finger probing at my ass. I didn't stop her.

"They've always just been fantasies. I never dreamed
it would be possible until I happened to be surfing
the internet one night and came across this." She
stood up, grabbing the dildo at the base, modeling it
and giving me both a frontal view and a profile. I
thought it was solid black at first but it was
actually marbled in appearance.

She walked over to the dresser and topped off the
glasses of champagne, handing me one and keeping the
bottle for herself. She sat down on the bed, her left
leg across my lap, the dildo pointing disturbingly at
me. I drained the glass, and she refilled it before

"It's called a Nexus," she said, fondling the dildo,
making me wish it was my cock. "The thing that's
special about it is that the end you see here, well,
there's another one the same size inside me right
now." She pushed down on the dildo and gave a small

I had never seen this side of my wife before. I
quickly drained the next glass of champagne, feeling
the buzz kick in. She took a swallow from the bottle
and filled the glass up again. She reached down, I
thought for her cock at first, but pleasantly
surprised when she grabbed my own.

She pinched the head lightly, not painful, just enough
to get my erection to throb.

"Does this make me a freak?" she asked.

I kissed her and hugged her tightly. "No, honey, not
at all," I said, kissing her again. "I still love

She giggled, sliding down between my legs again.
Taking a mouthful of champagne, she slowly forced her
mouth on my cock. To my surprise, her mouth was still
full of the cold champagne. I could feel tiny bubbles
tickling me. It was delightful. Even more so, as she
swallowed the bubbly, while keeping my cock in her

A rivulet of the cold liquid leaked down my balls to
my ass. Her finger pushed in, this time not teasing
me, but sliding all the way in.

"Ugh," I gasped, feeling the cum surge in my balls and
my ass clench around her finger. The buzz, the
blowjob, the finger, I was delirious.

"Can I ask you for something?" she asked quietly.


"Will you roll over so I can see what you look like,"
she said. Seeing my hesitation. "Don't worry, I
won't try anything on you."

"I don't know," I said hesitantly.

"Please," she said. "Jut let me have this moment."

I tried to turn over, stumbling and realizing how
drunk I really was. "Your finger," I said. It was
still in my ass, and I had a difficult time keeping my
legs from getting tangled up in her arms.

"Leave it," she said. "I like the way it feels inside
of you with your ass trying to push it out and suck it
up as you move."

Me now on my hands and knees feeling suddenly much
more vulnerable. Her cheek resting on my bottom.
Her fingers tickling the hair around my asshole.

"You've always had a sexy ass, did you know that?" she
said. "And your little hair down here is so cute."

Me feeling suddenly vulnerable, even with the buzz.
"Honey, I don't feel comfortable about this." I tried
to pull away, but she reached between my legs,
grabbing my dick.

"And so hard too," she said. "This little man seems
to be feeling pretty comfortable, doesn't he?"

"Yes," I admitted. Her finger sped up, in and out,
she was fucking me now. I couldn't help but spread my
legs a little more. I hoped she wouldn't take it the
wrong way and think that I was actually enjoying it.

"Do you know how long I've waited for something like
this?" she said, withdrawing her finger.

"No-oh!" I groaned, feeling a sudden new penetration.
Much larger than the finger. It hurt.

I tried to pull away, but it seemed like every
movement brought me more pain. "Goddamnit Amy, you
said you wouldn't!"

"I'm sorry-I'm sorry-I couldn't help myself," she
said. "Hold still and I'll take it out."

I did. She worked it around at different angles, but
it wouldn't come out.

"Ouch," I cried. "You're hurting me."

She stopped. "Do you want me to try it some more or
call the rescue squad?"

My heart started to race and my head was spinning.
No, I couldn't go to the hospital for this. Never.

"No. No rescue squad. No hospital. God damn it Amy,
how could you?"

"Here, why don't you try to lay your head down and see
if that helps?"

Me thinking why don't you kneel down behind me,
instead of crouching over top of me. But, the pain
immediately went away when I put my head down, so I
held my words.

"Here, I'm going to work it around and try to loosen
it up now. Okay?"

Me thinking, that sounds like something Billy Martin
would say.

"Just do what you gotta do," I grunted, not wanting to
talk for fear of grunting and groaning lest she think
I was enjoying myself.

She moved it in and out, until it was moving fairly
easily. "That's it, just loosen up. Isn't that
feeling better?"


I was feeling overly full and my asshole stretched
tight like a banjo string, but except for a slight
burning from my opening the pain was gone.

"Just let me know when you want me to try to pull it
out again," she said. She was moving in and out of my
about an inch each way and very slowly. Each time she
pressed in, it pushed my cock against the pillow. It
felt good. Real good. Too good. I could feel the
cum boiling in my balls and I didn't want to cum this
way. Not like this. Not like a girl.

"Enough," I grunted, struggling to get my cock off the
pillow before I came. "Try to take it out."

"Baby, I'm real close," she breathed, and slowly
stopped her motion. "Are you sure?"

"Yes, I'm sure." Fuck her. If she wanted to cum, she
would do it with her legs wrapped around my back.

"Okay sweetie," she said. "I'm going to count to
three and then I'm going to pull out, okay?"


"One," she counted. Me feeling sure the dildo would
go out this time.

"Two," she counted. Me worrying what would happen if
it wouldn't.

"Now relax real good for me, okay sweetie." Me
relaxing my ass around the dildo, as it still slid
back and forth about and inch.

"Three . . . I'm sorry honey." Me wondering what she
was sorry for, all the while thinking it's going out,
but then feeling fuller and more penetrated than ever

"Ah." I gasped, at a total loss for words. Knowing I
should be cussing and indignant. She had stuck it all
the way in instead of pulling out.

"Please," she begged, now withdrawing and then sliding
in slowly again. "Don't make me stop."

My dick pressed firmly into the pillow. I should tell
her to stop. Especially after she lied to me, but I
couldn't make myself. It felt too good.

"Just go easy," I said.

She sped a little faster, grabbing me by my shoulders.
"How's that?"

"Okay," I answered. Still feeling very vulnerable and
not willing to say, good-great-fucking awesome.

"Still okay?" she asked, moving just a little faster,
but her strokes much longer. Then on one of her
strokes she hit a spot that felt better than good. It
was awesome.

"Oh God."

"I knew you would like it. I've made it good for you
haven't I?"

"Yes," I admitted, turning around and kissing her hand
on my shoulder. I was wishing she would hit the spot
inside me again.

"I'm fucking you now. You know that?" Amy said. Her
hands moved down to my ass cheeks and spread them
wide. I knew she was looking at me opened for her,
just like I looked at her, when I fucked her from

"Shhh," she said. "Listen."

I realized I was moaning and closed my mouth. The
only sounds in the room were Marvin Gaye and the
squeaking of the bedsprings. Then I heard it.
Another sound. The wet sound of the dildo sliding in
and out of my ass.

"Can you hear it?" she asked.


"That's the sound of me fucking you."

I heard her spit and felt the extra lubrication on my
asshole. The sound of her fucking me grew louder.
Her pace increased and the sounds from my ass grew
embarrassingly loud.

"Please," she begged. "Tell me what I'm doing."

"You're fucking me," I said, groaning as she bottomed
out in me. "You're fucking my ass."

"I've dreamed about this moment, baby. I've dreamed
of it for so long. Oh baby, I'm getting ready to
cum," she gasped, her hips pumping faster.

She hit the spot deep inside me again. The one that
felt like it was connected straight to my balls. It
made me want to pee, but it also sent shockwaves of
pleasure through my cock.

"There!" I said. She hit it again. "That's the spot.
Oh God - fuck me right there. Faster - harder."

She hit it again and again with short rapid strokes.
I humped my hips back to open myself to her thrust.

"I'm cumming," she cried and I was too.

Toes curling, I felt a wave of pleasure descend
through my body. I couldn't answer her, except to put
my face against the mattress and grunt repeatedly in
time with my spasms. My ass contracted around the
dildo with each pump of my balls. I didn't think I
would ever stop cumming and was oblivious to
everything but my pleasure.

When I came down from my climax, she was lying on my
back, kissing my back. She had removed the dildo from
my ass and it was pressing against my thigh. My ass
hurt, but I knew I would do this again if I had the

I heard her sniff again. She was crying.

"That was the best thing anyone has ever done for me,"
she said, her voice thick with emotion. I could feel
her chin trembling against my shoulder blade.

I was struck by a sudden funny thought and chuckled.

"What's so damned funny," she said, sniffing. "Can't
you see I'm trying to have a moment here?"

"Happy anal-versary!" I laughed, sharing my joke.

Amy giggled, snorted, then wiped her nose on my back.
Yuck! "I love you, you know that, you big lunk," she
said, rolling to the side.

"I love you too," I said, turning over and sharing a


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