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A Spurned Boss


A Spurned Boss {John Jabbin} {MF NC roofies sleep}
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A Spurned Boss
by John Jabbin

Allison was a pretty girl, a young newlywed enjoying
herself at my party with her uncouth husband. I had
hired her as a receptionist just two months before. She
was a natural: a woman with a pleasant phone voice, a
good personality that worked well with others and who
was always bright and cheerful.

Sure, she was just a tad bit overweight, but not
unattractive at all since she carried it well. Her hips
were just a little wider than a classic beauty, her
breasts a bit bigger. In other words, to my way of
thinking she was just perfect.

I had discreetly let her know on her second week with
the company that I found her attractive and would
appreciate her companionship. A bit more crudely she
had let me know that she was very much in love with her
new husband and wouldn't even consider being unfaithful
to him. Oh well, one can't have everything, can one?

I enjoy throwing parties like this for my employees in
my home. I have a big house all to myself and plenty of
money to entertain. Caterers make preparations easy.
What little else that needs to be done can be handled
by the employees themselves. People that want to please
the boss don't generally leave a mess to clean up.
There's always some brown-noser who stays late to clean

But the best thing about the parties is the video
recordings of what goes on in the supposedly empty
bedrooms. I have tapes ranging from the innocent grope
and tickle to the fairly frequent oral sex. Often I can
count on the same couple, or rather, non-couples, time
and again to sneak off for a quick tryst. Once in a
while I'll find a new pairing of unexpected lovers. On
a rarity, some happy workers will show initiative and
actually perform full-fledged intercourse in the boss'
spare bedroom. Such initiative is especially refreshing
and often rewarded.

It was just such a recording of Allison and her husband
that rekindled my interest in her. About a month after
she had been with us, I threw an anniversary party for
one of our senior executives. After the party I had
discovered a gem. In beautifully recorded footage with
surround sound authenticity was my gorgeous
receptionist being boinked by hubby. Her curvaceous
rear was thrust up into the air as he pumped his
minuscule penis into her wildly, slapping her bottom
and calling her rather vulgar names. All the while she
moaned and groaned as though she loved such treatment.
Hubby was over and done within moments, leaving Allison
in every way that I could see completely unfulfilled.

Amazingly, she clung to her devotion of this lout.
Sometimes women amaze me.

Still, the image of her curvaceous bottom thrust into
the air, her legs spread and ready to be penetrated,
stayed with me. It burned itself into my brain, so that
every time I saw her, I saw her with her gorgeous
bottom high in the air, ready to be taken. Every time I
heard her voice, I heard her moaning for dick.

So I threw this party with special plans for Allison in
mind. It was already getting late in the evening. A few
people had left early. Allison's husband was staying on
though. He would be here as long as the free booze and
food held out.

I got him a beer and slipped a few roofies in it and
allowed them to dissolve. Rohypnol is such an easy drug
to obtain. It's still sold over the counter in Mexico.
A wonderful country, Mexico. I travel there for
business reasons quite frequently.

So I shared a beer with Harold. (Yes, hubby's name was
really Harold. I couldn't believe it myself.) We got to
be close buddies, as only drinking pals can be.
Eventually I led him to one of the back rooms to show
him some sports memorabilia. Oddly enough, he started
feeling woozy, so I had him stretch out on the bed
until he felt better, which ought to have been in about
twelve hours or so.

I left Harold sleeping soundly in the locked bedroom.
Allison herself was only mildly more troublesome to
take care of. After mixing up a special drink for her,
she was reluctant to join me in a toast. She had been
looking around for her husband. I distracted her for a
moment and as I sipped my drink repeatedly in front of
her, she eventually joined me like any decent guest and
employee. After she drank enough to have the desired
effect, I led her to hubby.

"He's right in here, Allison," I said surreptitiously
unlocking the door and leading her in. "It seems he
drank too much and wandered in here to sleep it off a
little. But don't worry, dear, he's not the first to
overindulge at one of these affairs."

"Oh my, Mr. Johnson," she fretted. "What will I do now?
Maybe I can wake him up and get him to the car."

"I don't know, Allison," I sympathized, giving Harold a
few gentle slaps to the side of his face. "He seems
pretty far gone. Can I offer another suggestion?"

"Sure, Mr. J., any suggestion would be helpful."

"Why not just let him sleep it off a while? I have
plenty of room and the party is winding down. You can
rest here with him. There's plenty of extra everything
in the guest bathroom -- toothpaste, toothbrushes,
everything you need to be comfortable. Stay for as long
as it takes. It's the weekend and I intend to be home
the whole time. You're not putting me out."

"Well," Allison yawned. "I am felling drowsy myself.
Maybe I will rest here for a while if it's no trouble."

"None at all, dear. I'll lock the door so you can have
your privacy. Lie down and take as long as you need."

And then it was just a matter of ending the party. But
that really was no problem. When the boss cuts off the
booze and tells everyone it's time to go home, people
start to scatter. In fifteen minutes, everyone was
gone. In twenty minutes, I had finished a nice cup of
coffee, invigorating me for the long night ahead.

Allison really was a pretty girl, so lovely in her
voluptuousness. But it did make her a little harder to
move to the other bedroom. Once there, I reset the
video with a fresh tape. I wanted my night with the
little tramp that had spurned me to be well documented.

I looked at her pupils. They were fixed and dilated. I
ran my hands through her thick, naturally blonde hair.
Yes, such a pretty girl. I began to slowly remove her

Removing the clothing of a sleeping girl is about like
playing with a huge doll. She was a doll, in a sense --
a beautiful, life-size playtoy -- and a doll I was
eager to play with, too. The more I unwrapped her,
taking off each layer of packaging from my new toy, the
more eager I became. It was just like Christmas all
over again!

Finally she was naked on the bed. As I removed my
clothes, I inspected her visually.

She was actually not as plump as I had imagined, which
was a bit of a disappointment. Her tits were still
young, so even though they were full, they didn't sag
too terribly. She did have a bit of a rounded belly,
but not much of one. It was mostly in that pretty ass
that she carried her extra pounds. At least her ass had
not disappointed when I had first seen it.

Not that I was at all disappointed with naked Allison.
She was still a lovely catch. It's just that so rarely
does real life measure up to fantasy.

After I was naked too, I crawled up on the bed with
her. She was a lovely mountain of flesh that I would
climb for the next several hours. I began my ascent at
the hillocks of her breasts.

From beside her, I took each of Allison's breasts in my
hands. I have large hands with long fingers. Even so, I
couldn't wrap a hand completely around the base of her
tits. Even squeezing them very firmly until they
pointed high into the air, they still overflowed my

I bent down and took a nipple into my mouth, kissing it
gently and then sucking it hard. The nipple began as a
pale pink. My playtoy had such fair skin. As I sucked
and chewed and as the nipple became erect and turgid,
it changed to a brighter pink, then to a dusky red
until finally a hint of purplish color rose in them.
The last color took a while to come out. I had to
really gnaw on her areola to achieve that
transformation, but I was quite proud that it wasn't a
bruise at all. It was a natural coloration of her
admittedly much-abused nipple.

I liked it so much I took the time to make the other
just like it. I imagined she'd have quite sensitive
breasts in the morning. And it wasn't just the nipples
I appreciated. I chewed the undersides and the tops. I
gummed her delicious flesh until I was well satisfied
and quite hard.

Propping Alison's head up on a pillow, I decided to
take full advantage of her mouth. I kissed her first,
thoroughly and roughly, getting a taste of her sweet
mouth. The words that came from that mouth were always
so nice and pleasant. It was as though I had kissed
away all her words. Her lips tasted adorable too. They
swelled a little when I bit them. Licking her swollen
lips was an incredible sensation. They were so full and

Then I crawled up over her head and angled my cock into
her mouth. It was hard to find a good angle that didn't
scrape her teeth. In fact, it proved impossible though
I tried for quite some time, enamored as I was by the
sight of it. Eventually I contented myself with pumping
my cock in her face. When I climaxed, I was able to aim
most of my spunk in her mouth. What little didn't make
it there looked very nice as my cockhead smeared it
around her face.

I lay my head on Allison's stomach and relaxed, feeling
the warm heat of her soft skin. I listened to the
steady beat of her heart and imagined sleeping with her
every night. She would be a lovely bundle of flesh to
enjoy all the time.

Now that I was more relaxed, I could take my time with
my real prize. I lifted Allison's hips and put pillows
under them, propping them up for better access. Then I
crawled between her legs until my own feet hung off the
big bed and I looked deep into Allison's lovely snatch.

Her pussy was covered with soft blonde curls. My
Allison obviously didn't believe in keeping her puss
trimmed. I seriously considered giving the silly bitch
a full shave, but that was such a bother. I grabbed a
handful of pubic hair and yanked it. There was not even
a moan, she was so well medicated.

So I used a handful of that hair to guide her slit
along my tongue, enjoying the musky taste of sleeping
Allison. Up and down my tongue slid in her cleft. When
I got tired of using her cunt hair, I lifted her heavy
legs and pressed her thighs against her chest to fully
expose her pussy to me.

I sucked her entire outer labia into my mouth, rolling
the fat, puffy lips with my tongue. By chewing and
sucking on them tenderly, I was able to make them even
fatter, even puffier. I stretched them, pulling my head
backward and tossing it from side to side. Yumm, such
lovely elastic cunt lips she had!

Then I spread Allison's folds out with my thumbs and
looked deep into my girl's puss. She was a deep, rich
red inside. I spread her wide with one hand and watched
my fingers of the other play within her cavity. As I
stroked her interior, she began to get gooey. I pulled
out a finger and tasted the thick, cuntal moisture.

Allison tasted delicious on my finger. She tasted even
more delicious when I struck my tongue deep inside her,
and more so again when I swirled it around the insides
of her velvety lips. Oh, yes, she was very delicious!

Having lubed her up a bit with my manipulations. I
decided to take possession of her dear vagina
completely. My erection was full and proud again. Her
cunt was wet and gaping. I could see no reason not to
wrap my arms about her and to invite sweet Allison to

Putting both hands under Allison's knees, I pushed them
up to her chest, raising her hips with them. There I
lined up my cock to her hole and surged into her.

She was a snug fit. I used her legs to rock into her.
Backwards and forwards we rocked, my sleeping
receptionist and I. There was no need to hurry, I
reveled in her warm cunt. I didn't have to worry about
getting her off or whether she liked it. All I had to
think about was how good my cock felt in her cunt.
Rocking back and forth, slowly back and forth, watching
Allison's fat, swollen pussy lips swallowing my cock
over and over.

But alas, she started to be too dry and I was so
looking forward to taking Allison's sweet ass, anyway.
So I pulled out of her and rolled my little chubby
playtoy over, sliding pillows under her stomach to prop
her up.

There, looking at me, was Allison's plump ass, her best
feature! I slapped the soft, pale cheeks and squeezed
them. They were like two warm loaves of bread. I put my
face down and smelled the earthy richness of her ass.
She was thoroughly gorgeous and all mine to do with as
I chose.

And what I chose to do was to generously lube up her
anus and my thick penis. There is something marvelous
about sliding your greased fingers into a hot ass,
knowing that you're just about to take it! There's
something even more wonderful when there's absolutely
no resistance.

When I raised up and slid my cock into Allison's
greased ass, it was the ultimate in sensation. She was
just at the right angle for a good, hard fuck. Every
time I slammed into her, her ass quivered. Other than
the thrill of watching my cock slowly sink into her,
there was no reason not to give it to her hard and
fast. So that's what I did.

What I loved best was taking great handfuls of her soft
ass flesh and using it to pull her back into me harder.
She had a wonderfully fleshy ass that offered many
handholds. Gripping her hard, I jabbed into her ass
with increasing forcefulness. I felt the soft head of
my cock balloon inside her. It felt huge, filling her

I closed my eyes and pumped into the heaven of her hot
hole. There was no resistance at all, only the warm
acceptance of my cock in her ass. This was all that I
had ever wanted from Allison. I had only wanted her to
take me inside her.

And she had denied me that. The thought of her refusing
me made me fuck her harder. I punished her for that
refusal. I brutalized her with hard jabs. If she didn't
give me what I wanted, I would take it. With great,
long strokes I took it. I took and I took and I took

I climaxed, spewing a great font of semen into her
rectum. It felt glorious to shoot off in her, to coat
the inside of her ass with my cum. Over and over I
pumped into her, filling her up, filling her full.

What a mess she was. What a wonderfully gooey mess! I
leaned heavily against her, my plump, lovely, well-
fucked girl. I yawned. Screwing Allison sure took the
wind out of my sails. Maybe I'd just go to sleep
holding her for a little bit. She was like a big, soft
pillow. I lay against her and wrapped my arms around my
big soft pillow and dozed contentedly.

But I never sleep for more than a couple of hours at a
time. Power naps, really, that's all they were. Long
before the morning I was struggling to drag Allison
back to her hubby's room. I had carried all of her
clothes over too and tucked her naked into bed. I even
removed all of Harold's clothes, a most distasteful
job. Even so, Harold was a necessary piece of the
puzzle. A necessary piece.

It was after nine in the morning when I heard Harold
stumbling down the hallway. I steered him to the
kitchen table and put a cup of coffee under his face to
wake him up.

"Man, Harold, you and the missus really tied one on
last night. You two sure know how to enjoy yourselves."

"What happened? I don't remember anything. How did we
end up staying here?" Harold asked confused.

"Well, I think you passed out first and Allison wasn't
in any shape to drive, so I put you both up for the
night. Hey, you're not the first ones to have to spend
the night after a little too much to drink."

"Wow, I don't remember any of that," Harold moaned.

"I know what you mean, Harold. Last night got a little
fuzzy for me, too. Everyone sure seemed to be enjoying
themselves. Well, maybe not enjoying themselves as much
as you two last night, if you know what I mean?"

"No, what do you mean?" asked clueless Harold.

"Well, I wasn't trying to eavesdrop on you and the
wife, Harold, but after you two got settled in, it
sounded like you both were really going after one
another in there. You newlyweds sure know how to have a
good time, eh buddy?"

"Uh, sure," Harold mumbled, sipping his coffee.

By the time that we were done with our conversation,
poor Harold had convinced himself that he was quite the
Casanova. Later on in the day, I even watched the video
tape of how he woke up his blushing bride, giving her
his tiny pork sausage for breakfast, ridding her from
behind and calling her rather vulgar names.

Technology is a wonderful thing, but even more, it's
good to be the boss.


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