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A VISIT hurt very much first



By Sahebji

Dear Readers my name is Sahebji. This incident took place over a decade

I received a letter from my friend Raju insisting that I visit him. He
further added that I would not be disappointed. I did not understand what
he meant. Raju was my fellow student while we were studying for our
undergraduate degree. We had come to know each other well but our
association was cut short as Raju left college to join the armed forces.

Raju was handsome and intelligent. He did well in the forces and
reached a high rank at a young age. Raju was married and had a daughter Seema. When she was only 14 years old her mother died and a year later
Raju married a 26 year old girl named Saroj.

From what I gathered from Raju's regular correspondence was that both
Seema and Saroj got along well with each other. When Seema was 18 years
old she married a young up coming officer in the forces.

As I could not visit Raju on any of the above occasions I decided to
visit him. Another reason was that I needed to spend 4 to 6 weeks away
from the stifling atmosphere of the city.

One fine morning I found myself disembarking from the train at Raju's
town. Raju was there to receive me. After exchanging greetings, we set
off towards his home. On reaching the house I was introduced to Saroj, a
beautiful, sensuous and sexy looking woman with a nice figure and large
firm boobs.

I was surprised to find Seema there. She explained that her husband had
been posted to a non-family station and she had come to spend some months
with her parents. She further revealed that she was 6 weeks pregnant.
Seema was also very beautiful in her own way. She had a lovely figure and
nice tits. Seema was also very forthright and determined and she usually
got what she wanted.

After all round congratulations we went in. Raju's house was quite
large. On the ground floor there were the family rooms with a courtyard in
the center. The first floor was only covered to the extent of 50 percent.
There were two other members of the household, namely Kiran, a maid who
helped Saroj in the kitchen and did all other odd jobs in the house. In
other words her 'girl Friday'. She also lived with the family. Kiran was
fair, slim with long black hair and nice large tits.

The other girl was Lakshmi, also around the same age as Kiran. She came
on duty in the mornings and left in the evening. Her job was sweeping,
dusting and generally keeping the house clean. She was not fair but had a
radiant smile. She had flashing black eyes, long black hair and her boobs were firm but not as large as Kiran's. My lund would have loved to meet
their virgin choots. I was given a room on the first floor. After
chatting for an hour or so I went up to my room to have a bath, shave and
freshen up.

During lunch I noticed that Seema was looking strangely at me and
blushed at times. After lunch, when we were alone I asked her if something
was worrying her and could I be of any help. She looked me straight in the
eye and said that nothing was the matter and would I really help her if she
needed help. I told her I would do anything within my power to help her.

She laughed and said, "I will disclose it when the right time comes" and
went away.

After dinner Saroj asked me at what time in the morning I would like to
have bed tea. I told her, as it was convenient to all. She said "I will
ask Kiran to bring you your bed tea at 8 a.m.".

"That would be just fine" I replied. Kiran had the type of kori choot
(virgin cunt) my lund (cock) liked to make friends with. Well, I thought
tomorrow morning I would have an opportunity to get acquainted with Kiran
and with this pleasant thought I fell asleep.

Next morning at sharp 8 a.m. I heard a knock on the door. I thought
Kiran had come with my morning tea. I was quite surprised to see Seema
walking in with a big smile and a cheerful 'good morning' on her lips,
carrying a steaming cup of tea. I sat up in my bed, took the cup from
Seema, and started sipping it.

Seema was in the mood to chat and sat down next to me on the bed. We
chatted for some time and as I finished my tea she put her hand between my
legs, caught hold of my cock, and started to feel it up and down. The
touch of her hand put my cock instantaneously in the erection mode.

I was shocked and surprised and exclaimed, "Seema yeh kya kar rahi ho?
(Seema what are you doing?)".

She laughed and said, "Main dekh rahi hoon ki apka laurda uttna hee
barda hai jitna dekhne main lag raha tha. Hai, yeh tau uss se bhi barda
hai (I am checking whether your cock is as big as it looked. Whew, it is
even bigger)".

Little confused I asked, "Tune kab aur kahan mera laurda dekha hai?
(Where and when did you see my cock?)

She said, "Kal jab aap nahan rahe the (Yesterday, when you were having a

Seeing the bewildered look on my face she elaborated, "Yesterday when
you were having your bath in the open bathroom (the first floor bathroom
did not have a roof). At that time, I was on the roof spreading out the
daily wash to dry and by chance looked down and saw your laurda (cock) in
full erection. Since then my choot (cunt) is thirsting to feel it inside
it and fuck it."

"Seema tu kya keh rahi hai? (Seema, what are you saying?) You know it
is not right. You are my friend's daughter".

"How does that matter. I know what I am saying and I also know what I
want. You remember what you said yesterday, that you would do anything
within your power to help me. Well this is the help I want and it is in
your power".

I could not say anything; her touch was making my lund feel nice and it
was urging me to accept her proposition, so I agreed. With a big smile of
victory she said, "Abhi nahin main ek ghante main phir aauingi. Tab hum
aaraam se chudai kar sakte hain (Not just now but I will come back in an
hour or so and then we can fuck at leisure)" and went away singing "I have
over come...." her version of the famous song 'We shall overcome...'.

An hour later she was back. She quickly opened the string of my pajamas
and took my erect lund in her hands and kissed it and said, "Tu aur meri
choot saath mil kar bahut hee mazaa karenge (You and my choot will have
many a good times together)".

Then she took off her clothes, lay down on the bed, and commanded me in
army style to 'mount operation fucking'.

Well dear reader, everyone knows that a standing cock has no conscience,
so I did what was bidden. I felt between her clean-shaven choot and found
it was already wet and dripping. I mounted Seema and slowly inserted my
lund in her choot. Seema exclaimed, "Owww! Dheere dheere (Owww! Slowly)"
and then gave a loud sigh of satisfaction as I filled her fully.

Her choot, as if to welcome my cock immediately released its love
juices. I started to move my lund in and out slowly, her hips started to
move in rhythm of my strokes and her breath came in gasps. With a loud
'AAHHH' she gave out her love juices every few minutes or so. Her cunt was
a virtual fountain of love juice.

Soon I felt my spunk rising and with a loud sigh I shot my elixir of
life in her waiting choot.

As my lund lost it's hardness, I started to withdraw it. Seema stopped
me and said, "Chacha abhi mat nikalo, mujhe ek baar aur chodo, please,
bahut mazaa aa raha hai (Chacha [uncle, term used for addressing the
younger brother of one's father] don't take it out yet, please fuck me one
more time, I am enjoying it very much)".

The tone and in the manner she said it made my cock hard again and I
fucked her once again. Amid loud sighs and words like 'fuck me more'
'harder' 'yes' 'yes like this' 'still harder' she came again and again.

After the fuck while wearing her clothes, she thanked me and announced
that at the next opportunity she will be back for more. As promised, she
came back in the afternoon and said there isn't enough time for a fuck but
she could not wait to have another peek at her pet. She took out my cock
and gave me a quick but an excellent blow job and disappeared, with a
promise to be back again.

The next three days went by in which we fucked, sixty-nined and I also
fucked her in her ass hole. On the third day when she was dressing she
asked, "Chacha have you seen the hungry look in my mother's eyes when you
are around? I am certain that she also wants to be fucked by you".

"Don't be foolish. You are imagining things" I told her. As a matter
of fact, I had also noticed the look of unsatisfied lust in Saroj's eyes.
Her eyes followed me every where, whenever I was in her presence but I
thought a small white lie here was in order.

As fate would have it Raju received a telegram from his unit asking him
to rejoin duty immediately. When leaving, he requested me, rather ordered
me not to cut short my holiday and said, "You will be comfortable and Saroj
will ensure that you are happy." Saroj and Seema also joined him in this
request and I had to agree.

The same morning Seema said, "Chacha mother wants to screw you badly and
will make her play tonight".

I said, "It was all nonsense" and just for my information added, "would
you be jealous?"

"Nahin bilkul nahin. Usse jitna dil chaahe chodo lakin meri choot ko
mat bhool jaana (No, not at all, fuck her as much as you want but don't
forget my choot in the bargain" was her reply.

As predicted by Seema, after dinner Saroj said, "Sahebji now that my
husband has left there is no man on the ground floor. I think it might be
advisable if you slept here". Then as an after thought added, "From
security point of view".

Seema gave a big knowing smile. I also sensed what was going to happen,
so I agreed. Saroj was nice looking and young, I did not mind fucking her
also, if she so desired. When Seema and Kiran had gone to sleep, Saroj
called me to her room and without much ado said, "Sahebji aaj raat ko aap
mujhe chodo (Sahebji fuck me tonight).

I said, "Raju aaj hee tau gaya hai. Ussne pichale dinau main teri choot
ki sab jarooratain poori kar dee hongi (Raju has only left today and he
must have surely looked after the needs of your choot in all these days he
was here)".

She said, "Aap ko nahin maloom? Aap ko Raju ne kuch nahin bataaya?
(You don't know? Raju did not tell you anything?)".

Bewildered I asked, "Kya hua? Mujh se Raju ne kuch bhi nahi kaha (What
happened? Raju has said nothing to me)".

Saroj explained, "Few months back Raju was involved in a freak accident.
No bodily harm came to him but due to unexplained reasons, maybe shock, he
cannot have an erection. He is under treatment The doctors have promised
that he will be all right with time. You know I had been waiting since
many months for Raju to come home and fuck me, day in and day out, till I
could take it no more but alas due to his affliction he could not do
anything and I was very disappointed. Raju promised me that he would make
amends for his failure".

Many things now became clear to me, like his insistence that I visit
him, his sudden telegraphic call, his insistence that I stay on and his
repeated use of the words 'Saroj would see that I am happy'. It only
seemed that at the last moment he chickened out of not telling me all this
or may be he thought that I may not agree and decided to let nature take
it's course. What a man Raju was. I told all this to Saroj and she tended
to agree with me.

My desire to fuck Saroj was gone and I told her so. She was very
disappointed and said, "Sahebji main mar jaoongi agar koyi jaldi hee meri
chudai nahin karega (Sahebji I will die if someone does not fuck me soon)."
Then suddenly she asked, "Sahebji aapko kori choot chodna achcha lagta
hai? (Sahebji do you like to fuck young virgin choots?)"

Apparently she had seen me eyeing Kiran.

"I love them" I replied. She promised to get me one to deflower but for
that I was to do justice to her choot in return.

The lure of young 'kori choot' was too much for me to resist and I told
her, "I am your slave to command."

She gave a pleased laugh and said, "Gulaam mujhe itna chodo, ki main
chal nahin paoon (Slave, fuck me so much that I can't walk)".

That night we fucked five times and we both really enjoyed ourselves.
Saroj was an expert at this game. The pleasure she gave me was like I had
seldom felt before.

Next morning Seema with a big grin on her face asked me, "Did you sleep
well, if at all?"

In confidence I told her all that had happened last night.

After hearing me, she stopped grinning and said, "Poor papa, poor

Thereafter during the day, I fucked Seema on the quiet and at night, I
rammed my cock up Saroj's cunt, ass hole or in her mouth as per my mood.
This all went on in secrecy.

One morning Seema said, "Chacha agar hum teenau mil kar chudai karain
tau bahut hee mazaa aayega (Uncle, it would be fun if we all three of us
could fuck together". I agreed with her, "Yes then there would be no need
to do things on the quiet. How can we achieve this?"

She said, "Fikar mat karo main sab sambhal loongi (Don't worry, I will
manage everything)" and left it at that.

Two days later, when I had finished giving Saroj her first shot of the
night she asked, "Would you do me a favor and please don't refuse me".

"I will not refuse" I replied.

She got up and went out and returned with Seema in tow and said,
"Sahebji, Seema ki choot ko bhi ek laurde ki sakht zaroorat hai iss ko bhi
please chodo (Sahebji Seema's cunt also requires a cock very badly please
fuck her also)".

Seema kept protesting and saying no but Saroj did not pay any heed to
her. Soon undressing her, pushed her towards the bed and said, "Sahebji
iss ki choot main jo aag jal rahi hai usse thanda kar do (Sahebji
extinguish the fire of passion burning in her cunt)".

I laid Seema down on the bed and fucked her. Thereafter we fucked
together. I fucked them in all conceivable ways and positions. I also
persuaded them to lick/suck each other's choots. This went on for many

One day I reminded Saroj of her promise of 'a kori choot' for my lund to
deflower. She laughed and said, "Whom do you prefer Kiran or Lakshmi?

"I would like to pluck the cherry of both of them" I replied grinning.

"Saroj laughed and said, "I thought as much. We will start with Lakshmi
first as I can get Kiran anytime".

"Why do you say that?" I asked.

She said, "Kiran is an orphan and had come with me when I got married.
She will obey me."

Seema asked, "How will we convince Lakshmi to get her virgin choot
fucked by chacha?

Saroj said, "Saheb will not have to do anything but to fuck her. She
will surrender her cherry all on her own".

We both wanted to know how. Saroj was silent for some time and then
said, "Under normal circumstances I would not tell this to anyone, let
alone my daughter but these are special circumstances. By relation we may
be mother and daughter but we are also 'fuck sisters'.

Seema said, "First you tell whatever you have to tell and then I also
have a confession to make".

Saroj started her narration; "I am the only child of my parents. My
father traveled a lot on business. My unmarried chacha (uncle, father's
younger brother) lived with us and as he was still studying, he was mostly
at home.

One day, I heard some peculiar noises coming from my mother's room. The
door was locked, so I went to the window and peeped in. I was shocked to
see my chacha fucking my mother. I could not move and kept watching them.
I did not know then but apparently my mother had spotted me at the window.
I think I will tell you things in the right order, as I found out later.
it will make things clearer. While I was watching, I felt a strange
feeling come over my choot and it became wet. My hand crept between my
legs and I started rubbing my slit.

Mother, having seen me whispered to my chacha, "Saroj is watching us we
must do something about it otherwise she will tell everything to her father and we both will be in big trouble".

They debated many ideas but rejected them. My mother then suggested
that the best course would be if he (chacha) would also fuck me. Then she
would be in the same boat as us and would be forced to keep their
relationship a secret. Agreeing on a plan as to how to achieve their goal
they dressed and chacha went to his room.

After about half an hour, my mother told me to go and call chacha for
lunch. I entered chacha's room and started to give him mother's message.
The sight I was confronted with held me spellbound. Chacha was standing in
the center of the room absolutely naked with his lund in full erection.

I had never seen an erect cock before and could not take my eyes off it.
I just stood there as if in a trance. Chacha slowly moved towards me and
put one hand on my tits pressing them tenderly and the other arm around my
shoulders. He slowly led me towards the bed. As we approached the bed he
undid the string of my salwar and removed it completely.

He pushed me on the bed and got between my legs and rubbed his lund
between my cunt lips. I sighed loudly with pleasure and opened my legs
wider. He put his laurda (cock) on my choot entrance and pushed. His lund
entered my choot destroying my virginity once and for all and buried it
self inside me. I screamed with pain and it was only then that I realized
where I was and the situation I was in.

I kept protesting and requesting my chacha to stop and leave me alone
but he ignored me and kept moving his cock in and out of my cunt. My
screams brought my mother on the scene. Seeing me being fucked said in a
jovial tone, "Jab tere Papa ko patta chalega ki tu apne chacha se chudwati
hai tau Papa kya kahenge? (When Papa finds out that you are fucking your
uncle then what will he say?)".

Her remark annoyed me. Instead of helping me, she was making fun of me
(at that time I did not know that they had planned the death of my
virginity together).

I replied sharply, "Papa wohi kahenge jab unhain patta chalega ki unki
bibi bhi unke chotte bhai se chudwati hai (Papa will say the same thing
when he finds out that his wife is also fucking his younger brother)".

My mother laughed and remarked that this girl is very sharp and then
turning to my chacha said, "Isse jor jor se chodo jaisse isse isski paheli
chudai zindagi bhar yaad rahe (Fuck her hard so that she remembers her
first fuck all her life)".

Well friends after the initial pain and discomfort I started to enjoy
the fuck. My eyes closed and I started to moan with pleasure and soon came
with a long loud sigh. My chacha also came and withdrew his blood stained
lund from my choot. It was then my mother and chacha related every thing
to me. I told them that I would keep their secret provided I would get my
fair share of chacha's cock. They both laughed and agreed. Thereafter we
three fucked together till I got married."

"What happened on your wedding night, didn't Babuji (Daddy-father) find
out that you were not a virgin?" Seema inquired.

"Sure, your father is too experienced not to have noticed. He found out
as soon as he pushed his cock into my choot. I told him that when I was
sixteen I had fallen in love with a boy and we were to be married. We
started to fuck but unfortunately he died in an accident a year later. I
thought this would be better than telling him that my mother fucked my
chacha and they both connived to deflower me so they could continue to fuck

Raju then called Kiran, who was still quite young, and said to her,
"Kiran tu apni choot ko sambhaal ke rakhna. Jab tu bardi ho jayegi tau
main usse phardoonga (Kiran look after you choot. I will pop your cherry
when you are older then)".

Having finished her tale Saroj asked, "Seema what did you want to tell

Seema said, "My story is not so interesting but here it is."

"When I was quite young, by chance I discovered masturbating. One day
when bathing, I applied soap on my choot and rubbed it. That day I happen
to rub it a little longer and harder than usual. I suddenly felt nice all
over my body. I also discovered a hard lump between my legs.

At first I was scared but when I pressed the lump the good feeling
became more intense and I continued to rub and pinch the hard lump. Soon I
started to pant and gasp and I felt as if something was flowing out of my
cunt. This was accompanied by the most heavenly feeling.

After that day I started to masturbate twice or thrice a day. When I
learned about choot, lund and chudai (fucking) I also heard that chudai was
heavenly but it hurt very much at first. I wanted to feel how it felt but
could never bring up enough courage to take the ultimate step.

Many boys tried to fuck me, some reached the stage of fondling my
breasts and two even touched my choot from outside my salwar but I stopped
them, as I said I always backed out. This is the reason when I lay in bed
on my wedding night I was a very scared but still a virgin.

My husband came and took me in his arms and while kissing me he, despite
my protests, undressed me and started to play with my clit. He then
separated my legs and placing his raging hard on at the entrance of my
choot, gave a mighty push. His cock entered and tearing my hymen was fully
buried inside my choot.

I screamed loudly and begged him to let me go. My husband told me the
worst is over and now I would feel only pleasure but I kept begging him to
take his cock out of my choot. He ignored me at first, then said in two
minutes and then again two minutes. Soon I felt the pain subsiding and a
good feeling coming over me. I closed my eyes and started to enjoy my
'paheli chudai' (first fuck).

He fucked me four times that night. The last time early in the morning,
saying his cock wants to say 'good morning' to my choot. I found that
chudai was far more pleasure some than masturbating.

Thereafter we fucked daily. About five weeks back I discovered I was
pregnant and on the same day my husband told me of his posting. I decided
to come here".

Then Seema narrated how she had snared me into fucking her and later
humbugged Saroj in thinking that she was cock starved and was introduced to
my cock again. Seema also apologized to Saroj for her play-acting, saying,
"I wanted to fuck with you two together and this was the only way I could
think off".

Saroj forgave her and said, "Ab hummain Lakshmi ki kunwaari choot ko
phardwane ki sochni chaahiye (We should now concentrate on relieving
Lakshmi of her cherry)".

The plan was that I should fuck Seema in the morning and Saroj would
send Lakshmi to watch. Judging from her reaction, we would know whether
our plan would succeed or not. If it works, then Lakshmi would go home
that evening minus her virginity and her bleeding choot would be full of my

Well the next morning when Lakhmi came to work, Seema and I were
waiting. Seeing her coming upstairs, we started to fuck as per plan. Seema
saw her watching us very intently. When we finished, she went down and did
not say a word to Saroj about what she had seen.

Saroj was now confidant that Lakshmi had taken the bait asked her
whether she had finished cleaning my room. Lakshmi told her that she was
just going to. When I saw her coming towards the stairs, I went to my room
and waited for her with my cock standing in its full glory. She entered.

Seeing me naked dropped the broom and stood staring at my stiff cock
with her mouth half-open. I went to her and slowly led her towards the
bed, undressing her on the way. I laid her down on the bed and licked her
cunt briefly just to get it wet so that the entry of my lund did not hurt her too much. Spreading her legs I rammed my cock into her virgin cunt.

She screamed with pain AAAYYYYIIIEEEE but I started fucking her. She
opened her eyes and started to beg me to stop. Hearing her scream Saroj
and Seema came in and seeing what was going on reprimanded Lakshmi,
"Lakshmi tujhe sharam nahin aati. Abhi tau teri shadi bhi nahin hui hai
aur tu apne ko chudwa rahi hai (Lakshmi you should be ashamed. You are not
even married and you are getting yourself fucked)".

Lakshmi who was already in tears started to cry and said, "Bibiji mujhe
nahin maloom meri chudai kaisse hui. Main tau Sahebji ka kamra saaf karne
aayi thi phir mujhe nahin maloom kya hua. Phir achanak mujhe bahut dard
hui aur dekha Sahebji mujhe chod rahe hain. Agar mere maa baap ko pata
chal gaya tau kya hoga? (Bibiji (mistress), I don't know how I got fucked.
I came to clean Sahebji's room then I don't know what happened. I suddenly
felt pain and found that Sahebji was fucking me. What will happen if my
parents find out?)".

Saroj told her, "Fikar mat kar. Unhain pata nahin chalega. Ab jab teri
choot phat hee gayi hai tau tu chudai ka mazaa le (Do not worry. They will
not find out but now that you have already lost your cherry you might as
well enjoy the fuck)".

The girl was not satisfied and repeated her fears about her parents finding out. Saroj said, "We won't tell them, you won't tell them and your
cunt can't speak, then how will they know, so enjoy".

"Agar mere bachcha ho gaya tau kya hoga (What would happen if I get
pregnant)?" she wanted to know.

"When are your periods due next?" Seema asked. "In about four days"
Lakshmi said.

"Then nothing will happen" Seema assured her.

The girl relaxed visibly and started enjoying herself. I fucked her two
times while Saroj and Seema watched. Lakshmi told them that she found
fucking very nice. Saroj told her that every day when she came on duty in
the morning she should go straight to Sahebji's room, undress and get into
bed with him. Then give him a 'Good morning fuck'. Thereafter the girl spent more time in my room getting fucked than doing her work. In the
coming days she learnt to suck my cock and also lost her ass hole cherry.

After a week or so I told Saroj it was time to pluck Kiran's cherry.
She immediately called Kiran and told her to undress and get into bed, as I
wanted to take her virginity. Kiran hesitated and said, "Aap ko yaad hai
Bibiji aapki suhaagraat ke baad Babuji ne kaha tha Kiran, tu apni choot
sambhal ke rakhna, tu jab bardi ho jayegi tau main teri kori choot ko
phardoonga (Bibiji, you remember what Babuji had said after your wedding
night? He had said I should keep my cunt safe and when I am older, he
would pluck my cherry)".

Saroj got a little annoyed and said, "Jo main keh rahin hoon wohi kar
(Do what I am telling you)". Kiran then slowly undressed and laid herself
next to me. I kissed her, sucked her pretty tits, and licked her cunt.
Then placing my cock on her choot hole gave a mighty push. My cock entered
her virgin choot tearing through her hymen.

The girl shrieked with pain. Although Kiran was slightly older than
Lakshmi her choot was just as tight. Soon after fucking her for a few
minutes, the pain abated and she started to enjoy herself. I fucked her
three times that night. There after I fucked all four of them by turns.
Kiran learnt to suck my cock and I also took her ass hole cherry. This
went on till it was time for me to return home. The girls were sorry to
see me go but it had to be.

A year later, I received a letter from Saroj giving me the latest news
but with the request that I destroy it after I had read it. As I have
already destroyed the letter I am giving below its contents from my best

Dear Sahebji,

Just a small note to give you the latest news at our end. Lakshmi is
married and is happy. Her husband, a young man, who fucks her often enough
to keep her happy but she still, says she misses you. I think what she
really misses is your big lund. Seema had a baby boy and she is happy.
Whenever she comes for a visit we talk about the good times we all had
together. I am also happy. Your friend Raju is home, on long leave. Raju
never asked me if anything happened between us and I have not said a word
about it. I think it is better this way for all concerned. He has
completely recovered from his affliction and fucks me day and night as if
to make up for all the lost time. I am now 4 weeks pregnant and when I
told Raju the good news he was overjoyed. To celebrate it, he decided to
pop Kiran's cherry.

He called her into our room and told her to undress, as he wanted to
relieve her of her virginity. The girl naturally hesitated and Raju got
annoyed and tore off her clothes and laid her on the bed and rammed his
lund in her choot. As soon as he entered her he realized that there was no
cherry to take.

Angrily he asked her, "Haramzaadi, kiss gali ke kutte se tu apni choot
phardwa ke aayi hai? (You bitch, which street dog has taken your

Kiran kept quite. This made him angrier and he slapped her a couple of
times. Here I intervened and advised Kiran to tell the truth. Raju asked
her again menacingly. Kiran said softly, "Sahebji ne mere choot phardi thi
(Sahebji took my virginity)".

This reply made my husband even angrier. He said, "Haramzadi apni choot
kissi gali ke kutte se chudwayi hai aur mere dost ka naam laga rahi hai
(You bitch, you got yourself fucked by some urchin from the neighborhood
and now you are blaming my friend)" and raised his hand to slap her again.

I stopped him and said that what she is saying is correct. Raju was
really angry now, he shouted at me and said, "How do you know? Were you
there when it happened?"

I replied, "Yes, in way you can say that I was present. One afternoon I
heard Kiran scream loudly and went looking for her, I found her in
Sahebji's room. He had just finished fucking her. I was just in time to
see him withdrawing his blood stained cock from her cunt".

Later Kiran came crying to me. She told me that Sahebji had plucked her
cherry, which she was saving for you and what should she do. I told her
what has happened has happened and she should enjoy herself. This is what
she did and I saw him fucking her many times thereafter.

Raju calmed down and said it was all right. If my friend has done it
then it is like I have done it. "How did all this happen?" Raju asked

I was now on tender hooks as I did not know what she would say but Kiran
was clever and said, "One afternoon I had gone to Sahebji's room to give
him tea and saw that he was naked and standing with an erection. I don't
remember what happened but the next thing I remember is a sharp pain in my
choot and found Sahebji's lund was in my choot fucking me. I struggled and
requested him to stop but he kept fucking me".

All this conversation took place with Raju's cock still in the choot of
the hapless girl. Raju said, "Kya Sahebji ne teri gaand bhi maari? (Did
Sahebji fuck your ass hole also?"

Kiran had the presence of mind to say no. "Fine" he said, "I will now
take your ass hole cherry" and turned her over and shoved his lund into her
ass hole. Kiran remembered to scream loudly and behaved as she had done
when you took her butt cherry. Kiran did not say a word about Seema or me.
The next day I thanked her for not mentioning our names and asked how
she came about her story. She was quite relaxed about it and explained
that the morning Sahebji had fucked Lakshmi for the first time she was
watching from the window and saw all that took place. She also said that
since that day she was dying to be fucked by you but when I asked her to do
so she pretended to be reluctant as she had promised her virginity to Raju.
But when I insisted she gladly obeyed my orders. Well, now Raju fucks her
daily and is happy and so is Kiran. Sahebji please come and visit us again
soon. Love.

Yours Saroj

P.S. Please destroy this letter after reading.


Dear Readers, I hope you guys enjoyed this story. I look forward to
your feedback, good, bad or indifferent.. Please send your comments to I am waiting. Take care. Sahebji



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