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Archived Sex Stories

A Warlock's Toys by JR Parz


Disclaimer: The usual... Under 18 - scram.

Special Note: This is a slightly darker tale than my usual stories... I
trust you take it for the FICTION that it is.

"A Warlock's Toys" by JR Parz


"I'm such a 'hottie'." Linda thought with a grin. She glanced down at
her watch and then back to the mirror...she still had a few minutes. Linda
was dressed in her skintight, powder blue, spandex 'jogger'...which did an
obscenely great job of accentuating every curve of her luscious body.

Linda was starting to feel aroused...and brought her hands up to cup her
breasts. Even with them encased in a sports bra, they still jutted out
provocatively. Linda used her thumbs and forefingers to pinch her
nipples... this elicited a rush of pleasure down under. She loved her
breasts...but then again she ought to...they cost $6,000.00!'

Linda's hands then moved down her tight stomach... over the curve of
her lovely hips and then let them rest on her ass cheeks. She gave them a
loving squeeze, blew herself a kiss, and headed off towards the kitchen.

Just then there was a knock at the door, so Linda detoured through the
living room to see who it was. Her roommate had left a note saying that
she was spending the weekend with a 'friend in need'. She thought maybe it
was one of her other friends... the last thing she expected was to see a
rather cute guy, appearing to be in his mid twenties, standing there with a

"Can I help you?" Linda asked...not sure if this man was a salesman of
some sort.

" can. My name is Derek Warlock and if you don't mind I'd like
a few words with you."

"Well... you caught me at a bad time." Linda replied. 'Too bad' she
thought to herself...this might have been interesting.

"I can see... it looks like you're getting ready to take advantage of
this beautiful morning... but what I have really can't wait."

Linda was taken aback at the man's persistence and thought that it
bordered on rude. "Look... I'm sorry, but I'm late and I really need to
get going."

Then Linda watched the man look down at her breasts. She was used to
men gawking at her but this guy was blatantly lewd and it made her
uncomfortable. "Look Mister... I'm out of here and I suggest you leave

"I just got why don't you move aside and invite me in." The
man responded.

Linda was about to tell this guy off but instead she stepped back and in
a soft pleasant voice said. "Please sir... Please come in."

"Thank you Linda." the man replied and then walked past her inside.
"I'm thirsty... can you be a doll and go get me a cold one."

Linda was shocked but right now it was more important for her to get him
'a cold one'. Then she wondered exactly what he meant. "What?"

"A beer." the man replied. "You'll find them on the bottom shelf."

Linda immediately headed off to the kitchen while the man went towards
the living room. 'What the hell am I doing?' Linda asked herself. She
couldn't believe she had just asked a complete stranger into her apartment
and now here she was getting him a beer, knowing damn well that neither she
nor her roommate drank beer! Linda opened up the refrigerator, kneeled
down to look on the bottom shelf and "What the..." She couldn't believe it!
There was three beers left from a six pack of Budweiser! Linda grabbed a
beer and stood up. "Do you want a glass?" she yelled.

"No." the man yelled back.

Linda then went to join him in the living room. Why was she doing this?
What was compelling her to be so damn...cooperative? Why was she bringing
him a beer? Why was the beer in the refrigerator in the first place?!?
Did Jillian buy beer yesterday?

Linda entered her living room and saw the man sitting comfortably on the
couch... she walked over to him and handed him the beer. "Look... I
don't know why I asked you in but I'm afraid you are going to have to
leave. You can take the beer with you."

"Do you really have to meet someone or were you just trying to get rid
of me?" the man asked.

"Yes...I'm meeting my sister at the park. We jog every Sunday morning
and I'm already late." Linda replied.

"Oh really... Come sit down." The man stated.

Linda again found herself doing as she was told and as she was about to
take a seat at the far end of the couch, the man patted the cushion beside
him and she responded by scooting her butt over to him.

"You know Linda... you look incredibly sexy in that spandex
outfit...but I bet you know that, don't you?"

"Yes." Linda replied...wishing she didn't sound so smug.

"There is one thing though...and it bothers me. Can you guess what it

The only thing that Linda didn't like about the way she looked at this
moment was having her hair tied in a ponytail. "My hair?" Linda replied.

"Yes...your hair. You have long beautiful hair and it was meant to hang
loose down your back."

"I need it tied when I go jogging." Linda responded.

"Untie it." The man said with a smile.

Linda found her hands going up to undo the tie and then she shook her
head to allow her hair to fall free.

"Now isn't that much better?"

"Yes." Linda replied, agreeing that it did make her look sexier. She
wasn't going to argue that it was necessary to tie it when she jogged...
She'd simply retie it when she got to the park.

"And I don't want you depriving the rest of the world of your beautiful
hair no more tying it when you jog."

"Okay." Linda replied...somehow knowing she had no choice.

"How old are you Linda?"


"And your sister?"

"22... We're twins."

"Twins! No fucking way! How come Jillian didn't tell me this?"

"Jillian? You know Jillian?" Linda asked...wondering how he knew her

"Yeah... you could say that. Back to you and your sister... Are you

"Yes...but you wouldn't know it to look at us." Linda replied. Why did
she elaborate?

"What do you mean?"

"Well... first our hair is different. This is our natural hair color."
Linda responded... pointing to her own head of hair. "Up until two years
ago my sister wore her hair the same style and length, but then she had it
cut and dyed black."

"Really...I can't imagine someone cutting their hair when it looks that
nice... What else is different?"

"Our breasts." Linda stated...and then blushed. "I got myself a boob
job last year."

"You mean those beauties aren't real?" the man asked, while reaching
over to cup them. Linda couldn't believe how casual he was about touching
her like this and wondered why she just sat there allowing it!?!

"What size are they?" the man asked while he continued to play with

"I'm a '34' C-cup." Linda stated...wishing it didn't feel so good.

"And your sister... what size is she?"

"Either an 'A' or a B-cup... depending on the bra." Linda replied.

"Do you like the way they turned out?"

"Yes." Linda replied and then felt a mixture of relief and
disappointment when the man pulled his hands away.

"Well...I must admit they look terrific on you... I'm surprised that
your sister didn't want them after seeing what they do for you."

"She's always downplaying her looks."

"Unlike you." the man smirked.

Linda blushed and nodded her head. "How are you doing this?" she
managed to ask.

"You mean control you like this?"

"Yes." Linda answered.

"I'm a warlock."

"A warlock? But I... I didn't think that stuff was real." Linda

"I guess you were mistaken."

"How do you know Jillian?"

"Oh...that. Well, actually I met the both of you a couple of nights
ago. It was at the mall and to be honest I wanted to fuck you the second I
set eyes on you...but I had this young Puerto Rican babe hanging all over

Linda didn't remember meeting him. "I...I don't understand."

The man then waved his hand and quite suddenly, a flood of memories came
crashing down on her. Linda eyes lit up as she now remembered everything.
She remembered how it was the girl that actually caught her attention first
because she was acting very sluttish. She also remembered thinking Derek
was cute...and Jillian giving him their phone number and address.

"Would you believe that hot babe is only seventeen years old? She's
still a fucking senior! She certainly didn't act like any high school girl I remember! Anyway, I was over here yesterday but you weren't home... so
I ended up fucking Jillian instead."

This was too crazy for Linda to absorb.

"Now, I get to fuck you... and thanks to our little talk here, I'm
going to be fucking your twin, too!"

"Please... you can't do this."

"Certainly I can...but don't worry that pretty little head of yours.
I'll make sure you enjoy every stroke...and that goes for your sister, too.
Now, I'll hang out here while you go jogging."

Linda was confused... was he letting her go? The first thing she
needed to do was warn her sister. But just as she was about to open the
door she heard him ask. "How long is this jog going to take?"

Linda turned around. "About two hours...we always cool down with a long
walk afterwards."

"How long is just the jog?"

"About 45 minutes." Linda responded.

"Be back in an hour."

Linda nodded her head.

"And one more thing... Unless the person is already under my control,
you cannot discuss or communicate in any way what has happened to you."

"Okay." Linda responded.

"Are you afraid?"

"No." Linda replied...and then it just dawned on her that she wasn't.

The man smiled. "When I saw you the other night, I eliminated that
emotion from the both of you. Jillian isn't afraid of me either...but that
doesn't mean you can't get nervous...and I bet right about now you are real
nervous, aren't you?"

"Yes." Linda admitted.

"Well, its time I adjust that too... so until I say otherwise, every
time that you would normally feel nervous... you're going to feel horny

Like a light switch, suddenly Linda felt herself turn on, and now when
she looked at Derek she did so with hunger... sexual hunger.

"I bet I know what you would like, huh?"

Linda blushed...unable to mask her growing arousal.

"Soon dear...soon. Soon I'm going to fuck you... then your sister...
then the both of you at the same time. Now go... and bring your sister back with you."

Linda turned around to leave again but just as she put her hand on the
door she heard him ask. "Not that it matters any, but is your sister married?"

"No...ah...she...she has a girlfriend." Linda replied...kicking herself
for disclosing this.


"She has a female lover."

"Are you telling me your sister's a lesbian?"

"She prefers bi."

"Are you gay too?"

"No." Linda responded.

"How do you feel about your sister being bisexual?"

"I love my sister and who she has sex with is her business."

"Now that isn't necessarily true anymore, is it?"

"It isn't?" Linda asked...confused.

"No. It's MY business."

"Oh." Linda understanding.

"I forgot to mention... until I tell you otherwise, no touching
yourself. The last thing I need is for your sister to catch you rubbing
your pussy while you're jogging."

Linda blushed again...opened the door...and left.

"What the hell is happening to me?" Linda asked herself out loud. Here
she was, feeling more aroused for sex than at anytime ever in her life
before and she couldn't even touch herself! She could feel her arousal
lick at her and she squeezed her vaginal muscles and thighs hoping to
elicit an orgasm...but instead it only made her feel hornier. This whole
thing defied logic and the only rationale for it was that he must have
somehow hypnotized her. Linda started to sprint.


Derek grinned like a Cheshire cat. It had been quite awhile since he'd
toyed with fact, almost a year. When Linda disclosed she had a
twin he immediately thought about Audra and Amber.

He had spotted Linda and her friend Jillian the other night in the mall
and he knew after seeing Linda that he couldn't let her get away. Jillian
was merely an added bonus. At the time, Maria was hanging all over him.
He remembered how close he was to dumping Maria in favor of Linda but when
the young hot Latin beauty began rubbing herself up and down his cock, he
couldn't resist. Maria ended up charging a hotel room on her father's
credit card and then they fucked all night. She proved insatiable and
Derek was more than willing. Later the next morning, after another intense
session, he made sure to obtain all Maria's vitals and then sent her on her

He had planned on fucking Linda yesterday but she wasn't in... so he
settled with Jillian. Jillian was attractive but paled in comparison to
Linda. Sure, he had the ability to alter looks...and did...but there was
always something more alluring in natural beauty.

Derek loved foreplay but only after he filled the girls with
uncontrollable lust. Watching a girl squirm around with sexual tension
before he touched them was a sight to behold. Within seconds of entering
the apartment, he had Jillian begging him to fuck her and after helping
each other strip they were doing it right there on the living room couch!
By the time he shot his load into Jillian, she was screaming out with her
third orgasm...and she ended up passed out in a sex-induced stupor. Derek
so loved to play with his toys.

Derek decided before leaving he would bestow Jillian a makeover, and
started by focusing on her hair. In seconds, it began to grow...down over
her shoulders, the small of her back and finally it stopped when it reached
her ass. Derek then changed her bleach blonde color to a natural
blonde...and changed her pubic hair to match.

Derek then began to reshape Jillian's slim athletic build by adding more
flesh and within seconds the girl's slender figure turned to a more
vivacious shape. Then Derek concentrated on her face, and after a touch
here and there, Jillian's cute pretty face transformed into a stunningly
beautiful one.

Derek finished her up by enlarging her breasts and slowly they began to
grow... larger and larger... and didn't stop until they were the size of
nicely rounded cantaloupes! Now she was perfect!

He didn't want Linda seeing Jillian until after he had time to do his
thing, so he planted some last minute instructions into Jillian's
subconscious and when she woke, she would seek out a friend to spend the
rest of the weekend with. In addition, she would not be alarmed at her new
body and absolutely love it.

Derek browsed the apartment and stumbled upon a photo album. He found
that Linda's twin sister was as every bit the doll Linda was and the
picture of the two of them posing together, reminded him again of Audra and


Lisa was surprised that Linda was late...but even more surprised when
she saw her sprinting towards her. When Linda reached her, she was trying
to catch her breath and her long hair was in complete disarray. "You're
late." Lisa her a long look.

"I'm sorry Lisa...I overslept this morning."

"Overslept? You're kidding...right? And what's with your hair?"

"Oh...I forgot my tie but it'll be all right."

Lisa thought this was very much unlike her. "Is there anything wrong?"

"I had a rough night last night."


"Yeah... a dream."

"Do you remember it?"

"Well... only that...well... that it made me real...horny." Linda
replied, blushing.

"Are you telling me you had a sex dream?" Lisa asked with a smile.

Linda blushed...then nodded her head.

Lisa looked closer at Linda and could see now how she wasn't only
flushed and red in the face but around her neck area too. Lisa got this
way herself when she was horny...or just had sex. Was Linda late because
she was getting laid?

During their jog, Linda was abnormally quiet and kept on glancing down
at her watch. Lisa wondered if she had some guy back at her apartment
waiting for her? When they finished jogging, Linda turned to her.
"Lisa...ah...I... I was wondering if you could come back to my apartment
with me. I... I need to show you something."

"Sure Linda...of course I can." Lisa replied...wondering what was
troubling her sister.


Linda was so fucking horny by the time she got back to her apartment
that she wished to god that Derek would simply bend her over and fuck her!
Lisa could watch for all she cared! She desperately looked around for him
in the living room... in the kitchen and then she heard Lisa scream. Lisa
must have found him.

Linda ran into her bedroom and saw the look of utter shock on her
sister's face... then she saw why... Derek, stark naked, was leaning up
against the backboard of her bed with a huge grin on his face... and it
wasn't the only thing that was huge!

"Linda... who the hell is this?" Lisa asked.

Before Linda had a chance to say something, Derek spoke. "Oh... I'm
sorry I embarrassing your sister?"

"Yes... I think so." Linda replied very matter of fact like.

Derek turned to Lisa. "My name is Derek and its not who I am but who
Linda is...and who you are."

"What?" Lisa replied.

"Linda here is one of my new sex toys...just like you."

"Look mister... I don't know who the hell you are...or why Linda is
associating herself with you...but you can go fuck yourself!" Lisa angrily

"On the contrary Lisa...and thank you for the idea.

"Fuck off." Lisa stated and turned to head out of the room.

"Lisa... you need to cool down... go take a shower." Derek replied
before Lisa reached the door. Linda watched as her sister turned left
instead of turning right and knew her sister was heading towards the
bathroom. Then Linda turned back to Derek and again found herself
mesmerized with his thick, long, cock. She wished to God she could strip
and mount him.

"Your sister sure is a feisty one, isn't she?"

"Yes... she is." Linda replied as she licked her lips.

"Well...she'll be sweet and docile soon enough." Derek stated...then
noticed the way she was looking at him. "I'm sorry Linda... if you
weren't so sweaty right now I'd let you climb aboard but I need you to join
your sister in the shower."

Linda put her head down in shame and nodded her head.

Derek added. "I want you both smelling nice and fresh for what I have
in store for you...but before you go, I need to make a slight
adjustment...there we go... all set now."

Linda didn't know what he had just done to her but she was feeling too
embarrassed at having been rejected to ask him. Linda headed down to the
bathroom and without knocking, opened the door. Lisa, already naked, was
just stepping into the shower. Linda quickly stripped herself and just as
she opened the curtain, Lisa snapped. "I'm taking a shower

"Sorry 'sis'... he wants me to join you." Linda responded...feeling
slightly sad for her sister. Linda accidentally brushed up against Lisa's
body as she was stepping in and that was when she felt it... raw sexual
desire. It hit her with such intensity that her knees buckled and she
gasped. Lisa was too wrapped up in her own fear to even realize what
touching her had done. Linda knew she wasn't gay and knew that what she
was feeling was artificial but there was no denying it. "Lisa... I'm...
I'm so fucking horny right now. I... I need to get off. I need to get
off real bad."

"Who is this guy Linda? Wha... what's going on here?" Lisa asked.

"His name is Derek and he says he's a warlock. I wanted to warn you but
the words just wouldn't come."

"I must be having a nightmare... this can't be happening." Lisa
responded, visibly shaken at everything that was going on.

Linda was getting pissed that Lisa was ignoring her growing arousal.
"Look Lisa...I'm not gay, but Derek has done something to me that I can't
control...and given you are gay, I thought you could help me."

Lisa's eyes lit up. "Don't go there Linda... don't even go there."

"Don't you understand! I...I really need to cum bad. Could
could you finger me?"

"Linda! You're my sister!"

"Please Lisa! I know what I'm asking is a little bent and believe me,
it's embarrassing for me to have to ask...but better you than some

"It would be incest!" Lisa cried out.

"Lisa! I'm not asking you to make love to me...just get me off!" Linda
exclaimed... although the idea of making love to her sister did suddenly
appeal to her. "He's done something to me where instead of getting
nervousness, I get horny...and he made it where I can't even relieve

"I don't believe this is happening." Lisa responded.

Linda looked into Lisa's eyes and saw her struggle. It was strange to
see her strong willed sister suddenly lose control like this but Linda
desperately needed her. Then, much to Linda's surprise, Lisa brought her
hand down and touched her. Linda gasped...and when Lisa slipped past her
folds with three of her fingers, Linda exploded and cried out. Her sister knew exactly where to touch her...easily finding her 'g' spot...and Linda
screamed out with several more orgasms.

"Why... look at the two of you." a deep voice stated. "Here I go and
leave you alone for a few minutes and what do I suddenly hear... cries of
passion. And what do I find when I come in to investigate... a little
twin loving."

Linda's eyes went straight to Derek's erection...and she wished more
than any thing that he would join them. Lisa, on the other hand, was
downright petrified...and looked a little ridiculous trying to cover
herself with her hands.

"Well, you've been in there long get out and dry each other
off. I want you both in the bedroom in five minutes."

Both of them climbed out of the shower... Linda dried her sister off
and Lisa did the same for her and just as they were about to leave the
bathroom, Linda noticed her robe hanging on the door. She grabbed it and
offered it to her sister, who gladly accepted it and put it on. Linda then
hugged her and whispered. "Thank you for getting me off." Lisa blushed in


Lisa was trying desperately to be strong but this was all so crazy. She
felt humiliated, afraid, and God forbid...horny. She still couldn't
believe that she just finger fucked Linda...and was horrified that her body
reacted the way it did. 'Linda's my sister!' her mind screamed, but yet
here she was checking out her naked ass.

As like before, Derek was completely naked and leaning up against the
backboard of the bed... and just like before, he was sporting an erection.
Linda must have been under some sort of spell because without a word from
Derek she immediately climbed on the bed and began servicing him orally.
Lisa just stood there like a statue, turning her head in embarrassment.

"Lisa, I've set up a chair over there so you can sit down and watch."
Derek stated.

Lisa quickly took a seat on the chair.

"Don't be shy Lisa...take off the robe."

Lisa didn't want to do what Derek had commanded, but she had little
choice in the matter and raised her ass off the chair to take the robe off
and let it drop to the floor.

"Now straddle the chair with your legs... that's right, let your legs
curl around the sides and move that pretty pussy of yours up to the edge."

Lisa blushed at the word 'pussy' but that was nothing compared to how
she felt knowing Derek had a clear view of her.

Derek turned back to Linda...and patted the top of her head like he was
patting his dog. Linda was too busy sucking his cock to notice but she
must have been listening, because when Derek told her to feel free to slip
her hand down to her pussy, she immediately began fingering herself...
Lisa again turned away in embarrassment.

"No Lisa... I want you to watch."

Lisa reluctantly turned back to her sister and watched as her twin moved
her mouth up and down Derek's shaft...her other hand continued to play with
her pussy. Lisa was appalled at how her body responded to this incredibly
perverse act and could feel herself getting wet.

"Okay Lisa... question and answer feel free to ask
questions while you continue watching your sister."

"Why?" Lisa asked. "Why are you doing this?"

"Call me an unscrupulous warlock... when I get bored I want to play...
and I found you females to be the most delectable toys."

"You're pathetic... you're a monster." Lisa countered while at the same
time bringing her right hand down to cover herself. She hoped that Derek
didn't notice. In the meantime, Linda was getting louder and louder.

"I will admit that my toys tend to share your views in the early stages
of their transformation, but I'm quite sure you'll change your mind...
they all do."

"Yeah... maybe with mind control you sick fuck." Lisa snapped.

"It is true I could easily change your mind to believe anything I
want...but I prefer you changing your own mind. The only thing I do is
'prod' your body and emotions."

Lisa was ready to snap back...but then blushed when she realized what
her hand was doing. Instead of discreetly covering her groin from Derek's
eyes, she was playing with herself...and he was watching! Lisa tried to
stop but couldn't and when she slipped another finger inside of
herself...she groaned. "You're ah...ah...unggghhhh...ahhh pervertttt."

"And you have yourself to thank for the idea!" Derek exclaimed.

Lisa continuing to finger fuck herself until she screamed out in orgasm,
then slumped back in exhaustion. Linda and Derek must have cum too because
they just lay there silent with a smile on their face. No one spoke for a
few minutes before Derek broke the silence. "You see Lisa, I'm not a cruel
warlock. I bet that was the best orgasm you ever experienced...and it came
from your own hand."

Lisa just stared at him...feeling embarrassed and confused.

"Now, how long has it been since you had a cock up that pussy of yours?"

"Almost three years." Lisa answered automatically...not because she
wanted to... but because she had no choice.

"That long, huh... evidently your female lover has been keeping you

"Yes." Lisa answered...blushing.

"Does she strap one on for you?"

"No. I don't like toys." Lisa snapped.

"I do...and after I give you and Linda your very own toy to play with...
I'm betting that you'll be changing your mind."

Lisa continued to feel unwanted pleasure and couldn't help it as her
fingers found their way back to her soaked pussy. "What...what are you
going to do to us?"

"I figured we'd indulge in a little menage a trois... what do you

"Fuck you!"

"You certainly will be." Derek replied.

"Please don't make us do each other... she's my sister." Lisa pleaded
as she realized that she was being forced to have an incestuous experience
with Linda.

"Oh stop it... you know that you want to."

"No I don't!"

"Okay...maybe not your mind...but your body certainly does."

Lisa blushed...knowing it was true.

Derek turned to look at Linda. "Linda, would you like me to fuck you?"

"Pleeeasssseeeee." Linda moaned.

"Would you like Lisa to join us?"


Derek turned back to Lisa. "I already adjusted Linda's sexual
orientation regarding female-female sex... that was why she wanted you so
desperately in the shower... I also dampened her sexual
inhibitions...which makes it easier for her to enjoy herself. You, on the
other hand, are a different case and I'm having way too much fun keeping
your inhibitions intact. Now my pretty toy...come join us."

It took a few moments for Lisa to work the circulation back in her legs
and then on wobbly legs she climbed on top of the bed.

"Lisa... why don't you start by making love to Linda here and then I'll
join in when I see an opening." Derek stated...and then burst out laughing
at his own pun.

Lisa looked into Linda's eyes and could see nothing but lust. She moved
her head down to her lips and kissed her. Linda kissed back with a hungry
passion. Lisa then moved her lips down and spent a little time on each tit
before descending down to her pussy. Lisa entered Linda's folds with her
tongue and could feel her sister shudder. Lisa hungrily lapped at her full


Both girls were sleeping and sprawled out naked on top of the bed. For
twins they did look different. Amazing what some breast implants on one
and a hair cut on the other could do. Derek had ended up fucking Linda
first and then Lisa...both girls were scorching 'red hot' and cried out
with several orgasms. They were both addicted to each other's cum now...
it was that simple.

Derek willed Lisa and Linda to get up off the bed and stand at attention
before him. The twins did as instructed but were still very much asleep.
Derek waved his arm in front of Linda and suddenly her breast implants
disappeared and her tits returned to normal size. Then Derek pointed at
their small tits and immediately they began to grow. Larger and larger...
until they looked incredibly full and would fill a 'D' cup. Their tits looked incredibly beautiful on their slim bodies. Derek finished them up
by making them supernaturally firm. They would never need a bra.

Derek then pointed down at their dark patch of pubic hair and suddenly
the hair disappeared...leaving them with a clean-shaven look. Derek
pointed at Lisa's head and watched as her hair grew...matching Linda's in
length and then it changed back to its natural color. Now they looked
identical and would find that they couldn't change their appearance even if
they tried. Derek left the best for last and put a hand on each
pussy...then closed his eyes. Within seconds the girls began to moan
eliciting a smile from all three of them.


Lisa stood in stunned silence as she gazed at her reflection. Her tits were incredibly huge... her hair came all the way down to her ass and she
was shaven completely bare around her pussy! She looked incredible! Lisa
brought her hands up and cupped her tits. They felt firm and her nipples
were as hard as spikes! Lisa grinned when she pinched them, feeling a
flash of wet heat... Linda yelled out from the other room. Lisa giggled.
From now on when either of them felt aroused... so would the other. If
one had an orgasm... so would the other.

"Do you like what you see Lisa?"

"Yes." Lisa beamed...unable to lie. Just then Linda came back into the

"How about you Linda... do you like Lisa's new look?"

"How could I not?" Linda giggled.

"Now for my parting gifts."

"Our toys?" Lisa asked...remembering what Derek had said about how she
would change her mind about liking toys.

"Yes Lisa... your new toys."

"I'm confused." Linda complained.

"You see, Linda, in about an hour Jillian will be home and she's all

"What do you mean?" Linda asked.

"Jillian has been programmed to be your very own sex toy."


"Jillian is yours Linda and you're going to need her every time Lisa
gets off without you." Derek then turned to Lisa. "And I didn't forget
about you, Lisa. When you get back to your place, your little minx Jessica
will be primed and ready for you."

"You mean you turned Jess into a sex toy too!?!"

"Not yet but I'm going over there right now." Derek said with a
chuckle... then walked to the door. "One last thing before I leave...
I've made it where one of you is the more dominant in your new intimate

"Who?!?" Lisa asked... having always been the more dominant in her
lesbian relationships.

"Lets just say that you'll find out the next time you two make love."
Derek replied... then turned and left.


Lisa found out quick that she was the 'sub'... Never before had she
felt so incredibly docile and passive during lovemaking and her sister giggled because of it. Later on they were in the living room commenting on
how delicious they tasted when Jillian appeared. "Oh my god!" She

"What the!?!" Linda replied in alarm...then realized it was Jillian
standing before her.

"You're fucking identical!" Jillian responded.

"Speaking of changes Jillian... look at you... I didn't even know who
you were! You're fucking hot!"

"Looks like Derek has been making his rounds." Jillian stated with a

"Yep... he did something else, too."

"What?" Jillian replied.

Linda turned to Lisa. "Lisa, tell Jillian to strip out of her clothes."

Lisa giggled, knowing what her sister was up to. "Jillian honey...

Jillian giggled. "Sorry Lisa... at least now I know who's who. I'm
not a lesbian."

Lisa giggled again and then turned to Linda. Linda smiled back and then
turned to Jillian. "Jillian sweetie... strip."

Jillian looked confused for a second and then downright shocked as her
hands started to strip out of her clothes. She wasn't wearing a bra and
Lisa giggled when she saw that Jillian was as big in the bust as they were.
When Jillian was completely naked, she tried covering herself with her
hands. "Why? How? Why did I just do that?" she cried.

"Because Jillian... you're my new sex toy."

Lisa wasn't sure if it was Linda or her own body's reaction...or maybe
the both of them combined...but she found herself getting really turned on.
Lisa could tell that Linda wanted to make love to her new toy. "Linda...
unless you want me joining you two, I need for you to refrain for about
fifteen minutes. I need to get home before you start doing it."

"I don't know Lisa... Jillian sure looks hot."

"Then let me join you." Lisa stated.

"Nope...not this time...and besides, you have your own toy waiting for
you back home." Linda replied.

"How are you doing this! I'm not into girls... please stop!" Jillian
struggled... obviously shocked at what was going on.

"Oh be quiet Jillian... in fact, I want you to start fantasizing about
us together and I say you are into start getting horny." Linda

"Have her go take a shower...or something. I need time to get back to
my apartment." Lisa complained.

"Okay 'sis'... but hurry, I don't know how long I can hold out."

Lisa took one last glance at Jillian's new body and wondered if Derek
had changed Jessica. Jillian sure looked hot standing there...and she
could smell her arousal. It was obvious that Linda's words worked.

Lisa quickly went home and just as she entered her apartment she had to
grab the wall as she exploded with an orgasm. "Linda!" Lisa screamed as
she soaked her panties... and then mere second later she was floored with
another one! Lisa slid down the wall with a groan.

"Linda? What happened?" Jessica asked in confusion.

"I'm Lisa." Lisa answered with a lopsided grin. She could see that
Jessica hadn't changed much...except that maybe her ass and tits seemed
rounder and fuller. "Was Derek here?"

" can't be... Who's Derek? Why are you on the floor?" Jessica
asked, completely confused.

"Never mind... I... oh... oh... ungghhhhhhh...hurry Jessica! I need

Jessica still looked confused but didn't hesitate in getting down on her
knees in front of her. Lisa smiled at Jessica. "Help me strip...quick."

"I shouldn't be doing this." Jessica murmured as she helped her out of
her shorts and very wet panties. "Lisa's going to be upset."

Lisa was too hot to explain and cried out. "Lick me Jess...lick me
until I cum!"


Jessica's eyes blazed with new desire and licking Linda's pussy suddenly
became the most important thing in her life. She quickly moved down
between Linda's legs and began lapping, which elicited moans and groans
from her lover's twin. Jessica tried to stop and tell Linda this wasn't
right but she found she couldn' didn't...and then Linda cried out
with an intense orgasm that soaked her face.

When they managed to compose themselves, Jessica couldn't believe what
she had just done. "Oh Linda...please don't tell Lisa. She'd never

"Jess... I am Lisa and you believe me."

Then Jessica suddenly did believe and knew now that the girl looking
identical to Linda was actually Lisa. "Thank God." she cried out,
relieved...and then moved her body up to hug her. Lisa giggled. "Pay back
'sis'... now your turn to change your panties."

The End.

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Audra and Amber are the very same twins from the story called; "Twins
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