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Archived Sex Stories

A Wife in Venice California PartTwo



This text file contains sexually explicit material. If you do not wish
to read this type of literature, or you are under age, PLEASE EXIT. IF YOU
ARE UNDER THE AGE OF 18, or otherwise forbidden by law to read
electronically transmitted erotic material, please EXIT.NOW!!!!

All characters in this story are the creation of the author, and any
resemblances to real persons, alive or dead, are purely coincidental.

This material is Copyright. © AnnabelleandJay 2002.All Rights Reserved.

A wife in Venice California – Part Two

Written by AnnabelleandJay

Chapter 5 Randy ran back to the house, pausing only to throw the
videocassette into the trashcan, before going in. He sat down on the sofa
in the darkened living room, devastated and depressed and soon he started
to drink. Drinking would help him cope, he thought. Drinking would help
him forget. After two bottles of vodka and two hours of sulking in the
dark, Randy was still unable to forget. He sat sprawled on the hardwood
floor, drunk, besotted, and unable to stand up. Erotic, fantastic images
danced on the walls of the darkened room. Huge penises swirled around the
room, images of breasts pierced through the nipples. He saw his wife's
face, her eyes, and her lips. He saw her lips open and a massive cock
plunge deep into her throat.

From outside, he could hear it calling. "I'm here. I'm here," he could
make out the sounds. A whisper. An invitation. A call. "Come get me."

It was the damned videotape Suzanne had handed to him. Despite throwing
it in the trashcan, he had spent the last hour thinking about it.
Somewhere in the blurred recesses of his brain, he wondered what more it
would reveal about his wife. He couldn't take it any longer. Randy
struggled to his feet and staggered out of the front door, and started down
the stairs, only to fall, face first on the lawn. He tried to stand again,
but fell twice more in the process and now had resorted to crawling. He
pulled his knees up under him and crawled around the side of the house to
the trashcans, stopping only twice, both times to vomit.

Digging around in the trashcan, Randy knew he had reached the depth of
his misery. Overtaken by the smell of the garbage, he vomited again.
Then, once more, he dove back into the trash, until, at last, he retrieved
the discarded videocassette. His drunken mind was now captive, held
hostage to the obsession of watching the tape, seeing Suzanne, his
beautiful wife Suzanne, on the television screen.

Back inside the house, Randy pushed the cassette into the player and the
screen brightened. There was Suzanne, standing in front of the camera.
Her long brown hair fell loosely around her face. She was wearing the same
gold evening dress that Arlene had worn earlier that very night. Randy
could see that Suzanne, like Arlene, wore a gold garter belt and the
outrageous front slit of the dress separated it all the way up to her
waist, revealing that she was panty less. Her vagina glistened with her
trimmed mat of dark pubic hair. The dress hid no more of Suzanne's breasts than it had of Arlene's earlier. Her swollen mounds were totally exposed,
except for the narrow swath of fabric running up over her nipples and
closing around behind her neck. Her makeup was heavy, almost whorish,
Randy thought.

Randy could tell from the hard look on her face that this would not be
pleasant as Suzanne spoke directly to the camera.

"Randy, now that I know the kind of woman you like, it will make it a
lot easier for me to pay off our debt to Phil and Arlene."

Suzanne lifted up a pair of scissors and whacked off several lengths of
her long brown hair and continued until she had cut it all to shoulder
length. She reached over and pulled on a blonde wig, the same wig he had
seen her wear in the video as Suzy Q. She adjusted the wig onto her head
and spoke again to the camera.

"You see, Randy, I know all about you and Denise," she said holding
several of the photos up to the camera. "So, if you like fucking bimbos, I
thought I'd give it a try and spend some of this month taking bimbo
lessons. That's among other things I'll be doing for Phil and Arlene."

Randy was dumbstruck. He looked at Suzanne on the screen and thought
that if she'd triple the size of her tits, she would look exactly like
Denise. The wig was amazing in creating the resemblance.

"So, enjoy the show," she said with a pregnant smile and blew him a
kiss. The screen went to black, stayed that way for several seconds and the
image flickered up. The camera was in a hotel room, the large king size
bed dominating the picture. Randy could hear the door of the room open and
voices as people entered. The Suzanne was being pulled, violently dragged
in front of the camera. She was dressed as she had appeared earlier,
blonde wig, gold evening dress, no panties, and gold high heels. Except
Randy could see that Suzanne's pubic hair was now shaved completely off as
she stood in front of the camera. A tall, black man stood next to her, his
arm wrapped tightly around her waist, and was firmly holding her.
Immediately, two more black men came on screen as all four of them walked
over to the bed.

"So, fellas," one of the black men said, "I think it's time this white
slut had her first taste of big, black cock, don't you?"

"I heard that," one answered quickly. Within seconds, all three of the
men had pulled their clothes off and were naked. Large, dangling black
cocks filled the screen as Randy watched his wife try and struggle to get
away. One of the naked men grabbed her and laughed.

Suzanne was pulled next to the bed and one of the men reached behind her
neck, unsnapping the dress's halter top, allowing the top to fall and drape
down around her ankles. She struggled slightly as the man next to her
tightened his grip. He pulled roughly on the dress and it all tore away
from her body and onto the floor. She was wearing only the gold garterbelt
and stockings now. Her firm, round tits protruded out, her nipples aroused
and erect, as she threw back her shoulders in defiance.

"This is one crazy bitch. She must be looking for the fucking of a
lifetime. And I think we can deliver it," said the black man who had
stripped her.

The three black men laughed simultaneously as another said, "Bitch, you
are one hot slut. You ain't never gonna forget the fucking you gonna get
tonight. We knew that's what you wanted when you come into a black man's
club dressed like this. Then you get out on the floor and start dancin'
around, shakin' that fine ass of yours. You looking to get fucked really

"I'm sorry. I just like to dance. I didn't mean anything. Please,
just let me go," she said.

With that, large hands reached out and grabbed Suzanne, roughly dragging
her down onto the bed. She instantly was set upon by one of the men who
began kissing her, while a second began rubbing and sucking her aroused
nipples. The third man forced his body between her legs and spread her
wide apart. He was stroking his huge cock with one hand while he held one
of Suzanne's leg up with the other.

"Ooooo," she said, breaking the kiss with a feigned struggle to talk to
the man between her legs, "look at the size of that black monster. Please
don't. I can't get all that in my little cunt."

"Suzie Q, by the time we get through with you tonight, there won't be
nothin' little about your cunt," one said.

Randy watched the screen as the black man stroked what appeared to be
twelve inches of hard, black cock just before he slammed it into Suzanne's
pouting cunt lips. Her muffled screams were lost, covered by the other
man's mouth pressing tightly onto hers. The black man between her legs
started slowly pumping, the entire length of his giant erection glistening
as it slid easily into her and out again. She tried to squirm, but large
hands held her tight.

"That's right, slut," he said. "You gonna take all of this and then beg
us for more."

Suzanne's squirming died down as the man thrust his cock deep into her
opening. Randy could see that she was clearly beginning to respond to the
enormous cock impaled inside her cunt. She began to work her hips, pumping
them faster now, meeting the man's thrusts with equal passion. Randy
watched as his wife soon began bucking wildly, as the giant black cock
plowed in and out of Suzanne's dripping cunt.

"Yeah, that's right, bitch," the man with his cock in her said. "You
love that big black cock, don't ya, whore? Don't ya?"

But Suzanne couldn't answer. The man, who had been kissing her, had her
head pressed back, flat onto the bed, and his hips thrusting into her face.
Randy could see that the guy was literally fucking Suzanne's mouth, driving
roughly against her face with each thrust. He smashed against her, burying
her nose into his black pubic hair, as he shoved his long cock deep down
her throat.

Randy sat in front of the television, totally hypnotized by the scene in
front of him. Three black men were fucking his wife and she was on the
verge of a massive orgasm. Thinking about it, he had never seen his wife come before. He always closed his eyes, lost in his own climax. Now, for
the first time he was watching his wife have an orgasm. The black man who
earlier had his cock stuffed deep into Suzanne's mouth, now held his long
cock in his hand and was ejaculating on her face. Streams of sticky, white
semen spewed from the bulbous head of his cock and fell into the her open
mouth. cum strands coated her mouth and face as she licked and swallowed,
working to devour as much of the torrent as she could catch.

"Ummmmm, that's sooo good!" Suzanne moaned. "Sooooooo GOOOOOOOODD!
shrieked, and started shaking and jerking, as her first orgasm overtook

Randy could see Suzanne's mouth fall open and her eyes roll back and
close as the waves of ecstasy washed over her. The black man between her
legs was straining and grunting as she thrashed beneath him, his ass cheeks
hard and clenched as he pumped his juice deep into her.

"Yeah, you really like black cock, don't ya bitch?" the man said,
pulling his throbbing cock out of Suzanne's now gaping hole. He grabbed
his still rigid cock and slapped it several times against Suzanne's cunt,
causing several gleaming droplets to cum to fly from the head of his cock.

"Don't ya, slut!" he demanded.

"Yes," Suzanne answered, still gasping for air and lapping at the
covering of semen dripping from her mouth. "Yes, I'm just a blonde slut,
who loves black cock. Please, I want more," she begged.

The man who had been kissing and mauling her tender tits, drug her body
up off of the bed and pulled Suzanne back down on top of him, as he now lay
on his back.

"You never been lipped fucked by a black man, have you bitch? Well you
about to be. All you white bitches love it. Now turn around!" he ordered.

Randy was in pain as he watched the screen. He felt guilty about the
incredible erection in his pants as he had watched this pseudo-rape of his
wife. Making it worse was that fact that she was obviously loving it,
coming like some cheap whore as she orgasmed from the black cock in her.
He quickly stripped his pants and shirt off and now stood naked in the dark
room, in front of the glowing television, stroking his stiff member and
watching his wife on the screen.

Suzanne shifted herself and was now sitting backwards on top the man,
straddling his hips and facing directly into the camera. Randy could see
the first man's cum beginning to drip and run from Suzanne's swollen, pink

"Now take my cock, bitch, and press it between your fat cunt lips," he

Suzanne did as she was told and pushed the rigid giant black rod deep
between her vaginal folds. As she wedged the massive penis into her sex
folds, her swollen cunt lips spread apart and wrapped around the black

"Okay, slut, you gonna fuck up and down on my dick and rub it against
that hot clit of yours. See, you ain't never done this cause you never had
a big, black dick to do it with. Little, tiny white dicks ain't never
gonna do no good lip fuckin'," he said. " Now get bouncin', bitch."

Randy watched as Suzanne did as told. Suzanne begin to push and grind
her hips up and down, pressing the 14 inch cock hard against her cunt lips,
spreading them wide as she began to ride. While the giant black cock never
went inside her, she rode it's entire length, pressing it firmly between
her spread pussy lips, the cum inside her providing even more juice to the
slippery pit between her legs. Soon it was obvious that the grinding
friction of the rigid black cock against her clit was leading her to yet
another orgasm. Suzanne's tit's bounced and jiggled as she violently began
to rock her body.

"That's it bitch! Fuck that cock," the black man exhorted, now gripped
by the frenzy of the beautiful blonde sliding on his pole.

"AHHHHHHHH!!!" they both seemed to scream at the same time, as the huge
dick that pressed deep between Suzanne's spread slit exploded, sending jets
of milky cum up into the air and falling onto her sweating stomach.

Randy stared at the screen and deep into his wife's passion contorted
face, as her body shook from the pleasure. He watched his wife's abdomen
muscles shake and contract in spasms, her body jolted by shock after shock
from her over stimulated clit. Randy stroked his hard penis and watched
with fascination as the other two black men lifted his limp wife off of the
bed and onto her feet, directly in front of the camera.

"All right, hold her," one of them ordered. "I want to do this before
the others get here."

At that, one man slipped behind the exhausted Suzanne, forced his
massive arms over hers and pulled her arms back behind her back. With her
arms pinned behind her back, Suzanne's firm breasts stuck erotically
straight out towards the camera.

"I told you slut that you'd never forget this night. So now we gonna
mark you so there won't be no doubt. Cause I can tell, you gonna be
getting a lot of black cock after tonight," one of the men said, grabbing
one of her breasts and pinching hard on her nipple.

"You scream and I'll make it really hurt. Now shut the fuck up!" he

He produced a shiny object that Randy first thought to be a gun, but
soon realized it was a tool for piercing. He watched as the black man pierced first one of his squirming wife's beautiful nipples and then the
other. He saw the man open a brown envelope with a large heart drawn on it
and take out two heavy stainless steel rings and roughly insert them into
Suzanne's newly pierced nipples. Randy shook his head, trying the clear
the alcohol from his brain. Those hoops! He'd seen them before. Those
were the nipple rings Suzanne was wearing tonight in the maid outfit. What
else? What else? There was something else in the picture, he thought!
But his clouded brain couldn't grasp it. It was lost in the tv screen's
swirling image as new motion filled the picture.

The three black men stripped Suzanne's stockings off and lifted her,
sobbing and moaning, onto the bed. They then tied the stockings around
each of her knees, pulled her legs back and apart, and tied the other end
off to the hotel bed headboard. Then her hands were also tied above her
head. Suzanne was now firmly tied to the bed, her legs hoisted up and
apart, her hips were raised in the air as one on the men stuffed a pillow
beneath her. The video image zoomed in and focused on Suzanne's swollen
cunt lips as they filled the screen, dripping with cum. Suzanne was
whimpering desperately now, but Randy couldn't tell if it was from the
piercing or the impending new sexual assault, as four more blacks came into
the hotel room and onto the tv screen.

"Damn, man!" one of the newcomers shouted. "Look at that hot, white
bitch. Looks like you boys already had some fun with that."

Oh, yeah," the one who had pierced Suzanne replied. "This one is a hot
slut for black cock, no doubt about it. You boys just jump right in."

And Randy watched, as a procession of black men crawled between his
wife's legs and savagely fucked her, while she remained tied to the bed.
Soon the men tired of the process and one said, "Damn boys, we don't need
to tie her. Jus' look at her. She wants us to fuck her."

It was true, Randy could tell just looking at the screen. Suzanne was
writhing on the bed, ankles in the air, moaning and lewdly thrusting her
hips against some invisible cock. Flowing rivulets of semen now freely
dripped from the stretched and gaping slit between her legs and spilled
onto the bed.

"Oh, yes, please fuck me, all of you!" she groaned, and within seconds
she was untied and on her knees in the bed, her ass sticking straight up in
the air. Reaching back and pulling her ass cheeks apart, Suzanne offered
invitingly, "Want to fuck me in my ass?"

Randy could see his wife's pink, puckered anal bud shining between her
spread ass mounds as she slipped first one finger into her tight elastic
ring and then another. "Well?" she said, now beginning to tilt her hips
forward and back, working her two fingers deeper into her expanding
asshole. "How about some of that black cock in my ass?"

Randy stroked his cock faster as a black man moved quickly up onto the
bed, dipped his gigantic member into her sopping cunt and gathered some of
the slippery juices onto his cock. Randy watched on the screen as the man pressed the swollen knob of the enormous ebony prick against his wife's
puckered opening and jammed his cock deep into her ass. One thrust, two,
and by the third time, the man's massive dick was buried to the hilt in
Suzanne's ass.

"Yeeeeesssss, fuck my hot ass!! Pump your black cock deep in me!" she

Suzanne and the man bucked and pumped together as the bed was soon
filled with the other men. Several black cocks soon began working in and
out of Suzanne's mouth, one at a time, or occasionally both, filling her
cheeks and causing her blonde head to snap abruptly to and fro. Another
man had wriggled beneath Suzanne and with amazing ease, slipped a huge cock
into her dripping cunt and soon was in a synchronous dance with the man above, double penetrating the hot white slut between them. The blonde was
now brimming with black cock, one in her asshole, one in her cunt and two
in her mouth.

The sight of blonde Suzanne, slut Suzanne, his wife Suzanne, stuffed
with black cocks and moaning with pleasure was too much for Randy. He
furiously pounded his rod into his fist as his seed shot forward and
splattered onto the television screen. Streams of white, slippery goo dripped down the screen and onto the floor as Randy turned the tape off,
unable to watch any more.

Chapter 6

The two weeks that followed were days and nights filled with misery for
Randy. He no longer made the slightest effort to get the electronics
company started. He simply gave up on the business. He either sat by the
phone, hoping that Phil or Arlene would call and invite him over to see
Suzanne again, or made a weak attempt at running, usually passing numerous
times in front of his neighbor's drive. He was hoping to catch a glimpse
of Suzanne. And he often did. He could see flashes of the blonde hair
outside the house and around the pool. She had that damn blonde wig on, he
thought, continually trying to remind him of his affair with Denise.

Randy's decline into his drunken hell had all started that wretched
night two weeks ago - that night of seeing his wife first as a French maid
and then watching her in the videos. Those wretched videos, he thought to
himself – those wretched…, no, those incredible videos, that were designed
to punish him for cheating on Suzanne. And Suzanne's payback had been
venomous. What would she do if she found out about all of the other women
he'd cheated on her with, he wondered?

He remembered the first tape and the vision of his wife in that damn
blonde wig fucking a group of men in Phil and Arlene's living room. And
there was the second tape that Suzanne gave to him showing a staged rape of
the bimbo Suzie Q by the black men in a hotel. That first night he had
been unable to watch that tape all the way through. Since then he'd
watched it hundreds of times, memorizing every expression of pleasure on
his wife's face, every moan of passion she made, every thrust of black cock
into her soft openings.

Now, with only three days left before Suzanne was to return home, he was
reduced to glimpses of her in that damn blonde wig, and drinking until he
passed out on the floor, the video playing over and over again. So when
the phone rang, his heart skipped! Phil's voice boomed on the other end of
the phone.

"Come on over for a drink," Randy heard the voice on the other end say.
Randy's stomach began to churn perhaps from the alcohol, but he knew it was
more in anticipation and fear.

He arrived at Phil and Arlene's and soon found himself in the
entertainment room alone with Phil.

"Well, buddy, only three more days and you get your wife back. Bet
you're excited about that. Hell of a month, huh?" Phil said, handing Randy
a drink.

"Yeah, hell of a month" Randy said, his words slurred from the booze.
"So where is Suzanne? Can I see her?"

"Oh, didn't I tell you? The girls are out working tonight. Said they'd
be back late," Phil said.

"No, you didn't tell me," Randy said, his feelings sinking.

He wasn't sure what he'd expected tonight. Another glimpse of Suzanne?
Another exotic costume? Another video depicting another wild sexual
escapade? He wasn't sure, but he only knew that he had been hoping for
something from Suzanne – maybe a slight touch of forgiveness on the brink
of her nearing return. Filled with disappointment, Randy's eyes drifted to
the shelf where Suzanne had pulled the video of her and the black men.
She'd taken it from a stack of four tapes. Randy had remembered how Phil
said they were planning to sell the tapes to recoup the lost loan money.

Randy's eyes floated up from the floor to the video shelf and froze at
what he saw. At first he thought that his drunkenness was creating a
blurred image. He shook his head vigorously, trying to clear his eyes.
But no, it was real. There were eleven tapes sitting on the shelf!

Randy rose to his feet, and while in the back of his mind could he hear
Phil blabbering on about something or other, he staggered across the room
toward the shelf.

"Say, let me freshen your drink," Phil said, moving quickly to him and
lifting his glass from his hand. In a second, Phil was back across the
room and behind the bar, the sound of ice cubes ringing in Randy's ears.
Randy reached out, grabbed a tape from the top of the stack of videos and
crammed it down the front of his jeans, concealing the theft from Phil.

"Listen, Phil, I'm not feeling too hot, tonight. I'm gonna head back to
the house. I'll see you tomorrow," Randy said, already quickly on his way
out of the door with the video.

The drunken trip up the stairs and through the neighbor's house quickly
became a painful one for Randy. His cock had grown rock hard, and was
crushing itself painfully against the tape in his pants. Halfway between
his house and theirs, Randy pulled the pilfered tape out of his jeans and
started to run.

In the house, Randy stripped naked, turned off all the lights and
prepared himself for God knew what. The only thing that he did know was
that he his cock had never been harder in his life. Thoughts of his
beautiful wife in another pile of men filled his mind. He pushed the play
button on the machine and the television screen danced to life in the
darkened room.

The image on the screen was blurred, a little out of focus it seemed to
his drunken mind. The scene was in a bedroom, the large bed familiar to
him. Yes, it was Phil and Arlene's bedroom! He'd seen it on several trips
through the house. He'd even fantasized about fucking Arlene on that very
bed, once. Then he saw Suzanne enter the room, blonde wig and all. Randy
watched her come into the room in a tight, short pink dress and move around
the room, taking special care to bend over several times for the camera,
sticking her ass out toward the camera. It was obvious as she bent over,
that she wore no panties, her tight asshole winking at the camera. Then
she stood again and continued her exotic dance around the room.

"Wait, a minute!" Randy screeched, as he looked at the screen. Her
tits, they were huge! Randy could see the massive breasts swelling and
bouncing under the thin, tight knit pink dress.

"She's had a boob job!" he shouted. "My God, the bastards made her get
bigger tits!!"

At that moment, he saw another woman enter the room. She had identical
blonde hair and wore an identical pink knit dress. With his mind reeling
from the fact that his wife had just had her breasts enlarged, Randy
couldn't determine who the second woman was. He watched as the two blondes
pressed their bodies together, as slippery tongues flicked back and forth
between the two beauties. Randy watched as both of them simultaneously
reached down and pulled the tight body hugging dresses up over their round
hips. Beautiful long legs and bare ass cheeks filled the screen.

Moving fingers began sliding between parted legs. In his state of
drunkenness, Randy thought that perhaps he was seeing a video trick, that
Suzanne was fondling herself in a mirror. Or maybe it was some other weird
video special effect. This was California, after all. Except for the fact
that one of the women had huge breasts, they were identical, like twins, he
thought. But Suzanne had no twin, or even sister for that matter.

Still confused, Randy looked on as the scene heated up and Suzanne and
the other woman started to undress each other. With their mouths and
breasts pressed together, each grabbed the stretchy pink materials bunched
at their waists and pulled the dresses the remainder of the way up over
their heads. As the tight dress was pulled off over one woman's head, a
blonde wig came off, revealing a tousle of short, black hair – Suzanne's
hair. But Randy was unable to understand what he was seeing. The woman
with the giant tits was not his wife, Suzanne. But she was certainly a
real blonde. As the image came into crisp focus, it was clear that Suzanne
had not had a boob job after all. So then, who was this other woman, Randy
wondered? He felt sure that knew her. Had Arlene dyed her hair blonde for
this lesbian video they were doing?

Naked, Suzanne began rubbing and kissing the giant breasts jiggling in
front of her as the camera zoomed in tighter on the women's passion. Yes,
she was familiar, Randy thought. Those tits, that face, they were all…

"Oh, shit!" Randy cried. "It's Denise!"

Yes, as he starred at the screen, his wife, Suzanne, licked and sucked on the huge, erect nipples of Denise, his former secretary, and the woman
he'd cheated on Suzanne with. He himself had licked and sucked those
lovely tits hundreds of times before, but here was his wife now pulling his
former mistress down onto the bed and burying her face into Denise's cunt.

"No, no," he heard Denise whispered. "I want to eat that hot cunt of
yours, at the same time."

These were the first words spoken in the video, but that voice told him
that it was indeed Denise, who was now crawling into a 69 position with his
wife. He watched as the two beautiful bodies mingled, and wet tongues
dipped between parted legs. Denise had pushed several fingers deep into
Suzanne's gaping vagina and was pumping her hand rapidly in and out as she
sucked on Suzanne's clit.

"Ummmm, oh yes," Suzanne moaned, lifting her mouth from Denise's
inviting slit. "Suck me! Lick my clit! Ohhhh, that's so gooooood…" she
said, and then pushed her face back between Denise's legs, working her
tongue deep between the puffy pussy lips.

Both women continued thrusting, bucking their hips wildly, as they
pushed their mounds hard against the other's eager mouth for several
minutes. As hands wormed furiously into each other's openings, the tinny
sound of the video recording picked up the wet squishing noises of the
fingers moving rapidly around in the dripping passages. The sounds of wet
bodies rubbing against each other, filled the room, as the two women sensed
the impending orgasm of the other. It was only a matter of moments before
both of them climaxed at the same time, each desperately clutching the hips
and ass cheeks of the other, pulling as hard as possible to bury their
faces into the gushing flowers presented before them.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!Ohhhhhhhhhh, I'mmmmmm cuuuummmmmiiinnnnggg!!!!" screamed
one, as the other cried,

They both lapped wildly at the other's cunt, devouring the sweet juices
flowing freely between their legs. Soon the licking subsided, and Randy
watched as the two beauties shifted about on the bed and resumed kissing.

"That was incredible," Denise softly said, kissing Suzanne between
words. "I've never felt anything like that in my life. Too bad you didn't
teach your husband how to eat pussy."

"He's horrible at it, isn't he," Suzanne said, returning Denise's
kisses. "He wouldn't know how to make a girl come if his life depended on

They both erupted in laughter.

"While I had my tongue in your beautiful hole, I couldn't help think
about all that big, black cock you had up there in that video you showed
me. I can hardly wait to get lip fucked by them." Denise said smiling.
"And I liked the other video, the one with the two teenage boys. That
looked like so much fun."

Randy groaned. They had shown Denise the videos. He had only seen
three of them, but now it was clear that Denise had seen all of them.

"You know, ever since I saw a picture of that sweet asshole of yours,
I've wanted to do something," Suzanne said with a mischievous grin.

"What photo? Oh, you mean the one I sent Randy? The one of me with his
cock sticking in my ass?" Denise said, returning the playful tone.

"Yes, my husband's cock, you slut," Suzanne laughed, now tickling Denise
and playfully wrestling with her, trying to force her to turn over.

"Oh, you mean the self-centered prick who lied to me for three years?
And lied to you for seven?" Denise giggled. "Is that who you mean, you

The two women were laughing and tickling each other as they rolled
around on the bed, with Suzanne finally working herself around behind

"What you need, tart, is a good spanking," Suzanne said and began
slapping Denise's upturned ass hard with her hand. The blonde's body shook
and her soft buttock mounds rippled with each blow that came down.

"Oh, yes, that's just what I need," Denise said, responding to each of
the smacks on her naked ass with a sexy groan.

Soon Suzanne had spanked the blonde's ass so hard that both of Denise's
round butt cheeks were glowing a bright red.

"That's what I call a good spanking," Suzanne said, still panting hard
from the sex play. "But now comes the good part," she said, slipping her
hand between the woman's spread ass cheeks and gently massaging her cunt for the camera. As she spoke, she slowly spread Denise's wet vaginal lips
wide apart, opening her wide so the camera could zoom in.

"Ohhh, look how wet you are," Suzanne said. "You really did need a
spanking, didn't you?"

"Yesss," Denise groaned, as Suzanne, her hand delving deep into the
inviting opening, slid four fingers easily into the aroused blonde.
Suzanne then began massaging the tight pink bud of Denise's asshole with
her thumb, making tiny circles around the pink, clenched ring. Suzanne
gently kept pushing harder and harder until the relaxed anal muscles gave
way and Suzanne's thumb popped into the tight opening.

"Ohhhhhh," responded the blonde, her ass wriggling under the other
woman's touch.

Randy stroked his erect cock and watched as the picture on the screen
pulled back and showed his wife kneeling behind the buxom blonde, with her
hand steadily moving in and out of the blonde's cunt and ass. As Denise
rocked to the rhythm of the penetrating fingers, her large hanging tits swayed deliciously beneath her. Denise's pendulous tits bounced and shook
below her as she pushed her two holes desperately against Suzanne's hand.

"Yes, fuck me! Fuck me hard! I want it in my ass," Denise begged as
she rapidly pumped her body, responding to Suzanne's fingers. "Make me
come again!"

Why, he asked himself, when he'd been fucking her, had he never realized
what breathtaking a sight she was down on all fours? Had he fucked her for
three years with his eyes closed, never really seeing what a sensuous
delight she was, just as he'd done with Suzanne? And his realization had
come from watching Suzanne share her treasures with others. How stupid he
had been, he told himself.

Randy was snapped out of his moment of self-loathing when Suzanne pulled
her hand out of Denise's vagina. His wife's fingers popped out, leaving
Denise's slit stretched and open, revealing a cavernous tunnel. Suzanne
slowly eased her head down between the kneeling woman's upturned ass, stuck
out her tongue, and pushed it into the blonde's puckered asshole. Denise
squirmed madly, trying to push her stretched asshole deeper onto the
invading tongue.

Randy gasped aloud at the sight on the screen. His lovely wife was
tongue fucking the ass of his former mistress. Suzanne was relentless as
she pushed harder and harder, forcing her pink, slick tongue deeper and
deeper into the yielding brown rosebud of the other woman. Randy couldn't
take any more. The cock in his hand was aching and raw from his stroking,
but the sight of his wife rimming another woman's asshole drove him over
the brink. Normally, he would have closed his eyes and welcomed his climax
in the safe darkness of his mind. But not now. Now, he couldn't take his
eyes off of the vision of Suzanne's lust.

He rocketed his load across the room, grunting and straining, as he
emptied himself. Globs of cum settled in small pools on the wooden floor
as Randy collapsed, sinking into a heap on the cool surface. His eyes
returned upward to the screen as he watched the two women pleasure
themselves. Suzanne was frantically rubbing Denise's clit as she lapped at
her anus, pushing Denise to another orgasm. Soon, they had switched
positions and Denise was rimming Suzanne's ass with her tongue.

Randy lay quiently on the floor, strands of semen dripping from his
flaccid cock and rolling down his inner thigh, as his mind spun. Why was
Denise here? What was she doing at Phil and Arlene's? Why was she fucking
Suzanne? How much had she told Suzanne? All of these questions and many
more spun around in his mind, all wrapped around a refrain from an old Eagles song, "Hotel California." Strains of the lyrics "…you can check out
anytime you want, but you can never leave," thumped in his brain as he
passed out on the floor.

Continue in A wife in Venice California: Part Three


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