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A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing


A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing (The story of Gabrielle Vasquez)
A young girl is turned into a superhuman killer.

(If you enjoy this story and would like to find out how to be
put on a list to receive stories by regular mail or e-mail; or if
you would like to tell me what you thought of this story, e-mail
me at .The following story contains graphic
violent and sexual content. It should not be viewed by anyone
under 18 years of age. Commercial use of this story either all
or in part is prohibited without the express written consent of
the author.)

(Also please bear with me for the first two chapters. They may
seem unnecessary but are crucial to the plot of the story.)

Chapter One: The Abduction

Gabrielle was your average child living in Suburbia, U.S.A.
At five, she was cute as a button with her dark hair and
beautiful face that accentuated her Hispanic ethnicity. She was
tall for her age but not in a bad way. She lived in a middle
class family in a middle class house on a middle class street
that no one ever heard of. Life was good. Her parents loved her
and she loved them and her brothers and sister too of which she
was the youngest.
But this story really starts the day that all of that
changed. She was playing in a nearby park one winter day as
children often do when school is out for the weekend. Since the
local crime rate was so low and her house was only a block away,
her mother had let her go play on the swings by herself while her
mother prepared dinner. She got to the park and proceeded to
play for a few minutes or so. She soon noticed a black truck
pull up next to the park. She had never seen it before but the
windows were too dark to see inside. She continued to play
without giving it a second thought. Inside the vehicle, three
white men in dark suits with white shirts and black ties and dark
sunglasses were watching her. "That's her," said the man in the
front passenger seat, a heavily muscled man in his late thirties
with dark slicked back hair in a gangster style. Ash was his
name. He looked at a small photograph of Gabrielle in his hand.
"Yes, that's definitely her." He appeared to be the leader. The
other two men nodded in agreement. He turned toward the driver,
"Well, what are you waiting for?" The driver, his name was
Louis, rolled down his window and pulled a tranquilizer gun out
of a holster underneath his coat. He looked around to see if
anyone was watching and once he was sure that there was no one
around, he took aim at the young girl and fired. The dart hit
her in the back, square between the shoulders. Before she could
scream from the pain and shock, the tranquilizing agent rendered
her unconscious. She fell forward of the swing, landing with a
thud in the dirt. The third man, his name was Carl, was in the
back seat. He humped out of the truck and retrieved the girl,
returned to the vehicle at which point Louis floored it and the
truck sped away. The whole abduction took less then twenty
They drove to an old abandoned milk factory in the main
city's industrialized area, which the residents called The
Orphanage. The truck disappeared inside an underground parking
structure on the premises. Gabrielle was carried by Carl to a
white, well lit room with a high ceiling (probably about twenty
feet or more) and only one door, which was very heavy and made
out of six inches of reinforced steel. There were only windows
at the top of the room all around the perimeter of the ceiling.
The glass was the one way kind so from inside the room they
looked like mirrors. Inside the room there was no furniture
except for a large sturdy bed with brown leather leg and arm
restraints that looked like it was made for a psychiatric ward.
Carl placed her on the bed, tied her down, left the room and
locked the door.
He joined Ash and Louis in a very well furnished office on
the floor above. Ash was talking to a tall slender black man in
a white lab coat that covered a dark expensive business suit who
was sitting behind a large oak desk. "You have done well, Ash,
and the money will be delivered to you at the usual place and
time. Seventy five thousand was the agreed upon price was it
not?" the black man asked. "Yes" said Ash," and I don't mind
saying it was a piece of cake. Just let us know if you need any
more test subjects, Doc." "I shall, but if her neurotransmitter
count is as high as her pediatrician claims I shouldn't need any
more" said Dr. Franklin Ezekiel Williams, head of Project:
Chronus. "Well you know where to find us if things don't go as
planned" replied Ash and the three of them headed out the door of
the office. "Oh, one more thing," said Franklin, "the
pediatrician, get rid of him permanently. Don't be gentle with
him either. The idea of a doctor who will sell out a child for
money just bothers me even if he was useful for awhile."
"There's an extra five grand in it for you." "He'll be begging
for death long before it finally comes. Thanks for the business,
Doc" said Ash as he left with a spring in his step and a smile on
his face. He didn't like that asshole Dr. Bud Thomas either.
His outlook brightened as he visualized crushing his head into
mush between his strong hands and hearing the impotent screams of
his victim just before the brains would start coming out of his
ears. Yes, he was going to have a good day.
Back inside a laboratory within the confines of the factory,
Franklin was studying tissue samples some of his people had just
collected from Gabrielle. She was still under the effects of the
tranquilizer so this was the perfect time to get this done. As
he examined a glass slide with some of her spinal fluid on it
under an electron microscope he thought to himself, "Dr. Bud is a
bigger idiot than I realized. This girl has twice the
neurotransmitter count that he claimed. Well so much the
better." He rubbed his eyes and yawned. Better go home and
sleep. Tomorrow they would begin to prepare her for the

Chapter Two: The Experiment

Slowly Gabrielle started to come around. At first she was
very confused but that was quickly overcome with fear. What
happened? Where was she? What was this place? How did she get
here and where was her mommy? The restraints were tight and they
hurt. She began to cry and kept it up for an hour or so though
it felt like forever to her. Then she heard the sounds of the
bolts being unlocked and the door slowly opened. A tall black
man was there and he came toward her. "Hello child, my name is
Dr. Williams. What is your name?" he asked softly with a smile
on his face. "Gabrielle Vasquez," she replied while looking at
him with tear stained eyes. "Where's my mommy, I want my mommy!"
and she cried some more.
"Your mommy and daddy are gone, everyone you knew is gone.
You live here now. We here are your new family, understand?" He
picked her three foot, eleven inch, fifty nine-pound body up and
carried her out of the room. "Where are you taking me?" she
asked sheepishly. "To prep you for surgery " he replied. They
entered what looked like a hospital operating room. Another man
in a lab coat walked over to them and injected something that was
in a hypodermic needle into her arm. He was a middle aged
balding white man with brown hair. The tag on his coat read Dr.
Emil Laskey. He took her from Williams and laid her on an
operating table and strapped her down. Within thirty more
seconds she was unconscious.
Laskey proceeded to shave her scalp as an attractive nurse
in her mid twenties entered the room. She had short fiery red
hair and was wearing O.R. scrubs that were so baggy that they hid
most of her body's shape. She was short, about five ft. five in.
She was holding a small plastic box with rounded edges in her
hand. She put the box on an operating tray, a little too roughly
than Dr. Williams liked because he cautioned her "Be careful with
that tracking device, Ms. Sparza. It cost more money than you
make in a year. "Yes Doctor," said the nurse, "you're scrubs and
Dr Laskey's are laid out in the locker room." "Thank you,
Claudia" said Laskey who had just finished shaving Gabrielle and
was headed for the locker room with Williams.
"So Frank, do you think it'll work this time?" "You know
what they say Emil, nineteenth time is the charm" Williams joked
"but seriously, if anyone has a chance of surviving the
chronolisis treatment, she does." They changed, washed up and
headed back to the operating room. The three of them spent the
next four hours putting the tracking device inside her skull.
After they had closed her up they gave her a special injection
that was designed to speed up her healing process. "She should
be as good as new in three weeks" Williams said "then we can
begin the experiment." Gabrielle was kept sedated for the entire
time she was healing. When she awoke finally her hair had grown
back slightly and there was no trace of a scar. She lay there
strapped to the bed until the door opened and a beautiful young
woman in a white nurse's outfit came in. She had a nice slender
athletic build like a fitness competitor and nice perky breasts
that looked like they were just the right size for her body.
"How are you, sweetie?" she asked. "Hungry" replied Gabrielle
while looking at an IV needle in her arm. "Well we have just one
more thing to do with you and then you can orally consume food
again." She removed the IV from her arm and unstrapped her from
the bed. "Come with me, little one," Claudia said. She took her
hand and led her took a large room filled with many people. They
were almost all-wearing white lab coats and were scurrying all
over the place rapidly. Claudia removed Gabrielle's hospital
smock and placed her naked in a chrome plated chamber, all the
while assuring an increasingly fearful Gabrielle that it would be
all right in a soft voice.
Her wrists, ankles, waist and neck were held in place by painful
metal clamps. The door to the chamber closed making it pitch
black inside.
Outside the chamber, Dr. Williams was barking orders to his
staff. "Bring the reactor up to full power. Set temporal
dilation coordinates. Do we have a green board?" "Yes sir,"
said an underling who was sitting at a control panel that looked
like it belonged on the bridge of the U.S.S. Enterprise. "Begin
chronolisis now!" shouted Williams. The room filled with light
as the chamber glowed brightly for a split second and then dimmed
like the flash of a camera bulb. A man with thick lead lined
gloves approached the chamber with a Geiger counter measuring if
there was any radiation. The needle showed there wasn't any so
he proceeded to open the chamber, which was now covered with ice,
breaking off large chunks of ice as he did so. Inside, Gabrielle
was covered from head to toe with what looked like gray soot.
All of her hair was gone and she stood there propped up by the
clamps, shivering and crying from the pain and the cold. Dr.
Williams pressed a button, which unlocked her restraints at which
point she collapsed to the floor and passed out. The man with
the gloves quickly proceeded to give her a quick examination,
checking her vital signs, ET all. Once he was reasonably sure
that she was in no danger of death anytime soon, he snapped his
fingers and five huge men in white coats came over. They placed
her on a gurney, and wheeled her back to her room where they
cleaned her up and attached her to some medical machines to
monitor her vitals for the next few days. The man with the
gloves gave Dr. Williams a thumbs up signal at which point
Williams turned to the rest of his staff and said, "ladies and
gentlemen, the drinks are on me. This subject is the one to
survive the chronolisis treatment. But before we head to the
nearest bar, we have so see if it worked. You have your
assignments so get to it." He turned to Claudia and said, "How
long until she recovers fully?" "About seven days, sir", she
replied. "Good, if there are no adverse effects she will begin
training immediately after", stated Williams. "I have to go to
D.C. to give my superiors a progress report. At least this time
I will be bringing good news. Honestly, if this one didn't work
there would be many on the committee who would want to cut my
balls off and shove them down my throat, literally. You're in
charge until I get back tomorrow since you're also head of
security for this project." With that he collected all the data
they had received on subject #PC19-1091, A.K.A Gabrielle Vasquez,
and left.
He was driven to the airport in his personal limousine,
where he boarded his private jet that took him to the capital.
Being the head of a multi-billion dollar project had its perks,
after all. He was driven in another limousine to a large office
building in the heart of downtown D.C. On the twenty-first floor
he emerged from an elevator and proceeded to pass through several
security checkpoints on his way to an office near the rear of the
building. He entered a large conference in which were several
middle aged to elderly men in expensive business suits sitting at
an immense polished oak table in the center of the room. Each
man had a copy of the file on the project and it's latest test
Williams spoke, "Gentlemen, it's so good of you to assemble
here on such short notice. I see that each of you has received a
copy of the file I faxed to you from the plane. For those of you
who are less informed about our current status I will summarize
up to this point. Project: Chronus is the work to which I have
devoted the last twenty years of my life. The goal in the
beginning was simple. Create a physically superior human being
by utilizing the theory that if you could halt the effect of
entropy on a human for a time, even a short time, such a person
would have a sub-atomic density which would render he/she far
stronger and more resistant to injury than the average person."
"The idea had two major flaws as we were to soon learn. The
first had to do with the nature of entropy
(Second Law of Thermodynamics) itself. Entropy is a universal
constant so that means in order to stop its effects for any
length of time on any bit of matter, that matter would have to
leave this universe for the before mentioned length of time.
This problem was solved by the creation of the chrono chamber
which "shunts" matter into a separate temporal field momentarily.
In layman's terms, the matter time travels a short distance into
the future, say a millionth of a nanosecond. Any longer and the
matter would be lost forever in another dimension. The second
problem we discovered, after we had solved the first one
obviously, was that on nerve tissue this process was such a jolt
to the central nervous system that most of the neurotransmitters
in the body would be ionized and the subject would end up brain
dead. This was the result with our previous eighteen attempts.
There simply weren't enough neurotransmitters in the cells to
keep the brain working long enough for the body to produce new
viable neurotransmitters. This problem was solved by the
discovery of subject #PC19-1091 in whom we discovered twice the
neurotransmitter count of anyone ever examined by us. She is
currently alive and in stable condition at the factory. We
estimate that only one in ten million people have this abnormally
high neurotransmitter count. She lost considerable volume in the
procedure. Before the procedure she was measured three ft.,
eleven in. tall and with a body weight of fifty-nine pounds.
After the procedure she measures two ft., eleven and one half in.
tall with the same body weight. Our computer projections
estimate that she will continue to increase in density until
maturity although she will not have an increase in size greater
than what she would normally grow to naturally. Since we are in
uncharted waters we don't know exactly how strong or durable she
will be, but a rough estimate is that she will have the strength
of several dozen men and be resistant to virtually all small arms
fire (weapons that can be held and fired by a user as opposed to
weapons that are so heavy that they have to be mounted on the
ground or a vehicle). Now I know what you're going to say. Why
a female instead of a male and why such a young one at that?
Aren't we trying to create the perfect soldier/agent to use in
situations that ordinary people couldn't hope to survive and
missions they couldn't hope to accomplish? We considered this
and decided that the danger was too great. A male would be at
least twice as strong as her and therefore that much more
difficult to control. Even a female should work adequately
having undergone this treatment. Also we chose her so young so
as to program her mind with as little interference from her
former life as possible. In closing I should say that our goals
should be to push her to her limits both mental and physical. We
should also work on a way to increase in ordinary people their
neurotransmitter count through artificial means so that we can
produce these subjects in greater quantity. Any questions?" The
man in the center of the table, who was the assumed leader, rose
and spoke. "No, you have explained the situation well enough for
us. Thank you Dr. Williams." Williams headed back to the

Chapter Three: The Training

Gabrielle awoke startled. She was feeling nauseous and sore
all over. Worse than anything she had felt in her short life.
Claudia was there sitting beside her on the bed, smiling. "How
are you feeling child?"she asked. "Bad, very bad." Gabrielle
replied. "I'm hungry. Please nice lady, can I have some food
please?" and she started to cry. "Darling of course you can have
some food." Claudia pressed a button on a radio hooked to her
belt. Soon the door opened and in came the largest man Gabrielle
had ever seen carrying a tray of hot food. Roast beef with
mashed potatoes and buttered rolls more than even a grown man
could eat at one sitting. Gabrielle ate with such ravenousness
that Claudia thought she would eat the plates as well. Inside of
five minutes she consumed it all and when she was done she still
didn't feel completely full nor did she look it. Once she was
done she turned to Claudia and thanked her. "How long have I
been here?" she asked. " Four weeks" replied Claudia. "What's
your name?" Gabrielle asked. "Claudia Sparza, but you may call
me Claudia. I am your new nurse and teacher as well." "Where
are my parents and my brother and my sister, Claudia?" "The
house was robbed and the burglar burned it to the ground while
everyone was still inside. They all died." Claudia lied.
Gabrielle started to cry again. Claudia placed Gabrielle on her
lap, hugged her and said " It's o.k. Gabrielle, you're in an
orphanage now and I will take care of you and love you always."
After about an hour or so of crying Gabrielle looked up at
Claudia with tears in her eyes and said "What happened to me"
taking notice that all her hair was gone. "We made you special
Gabrielle. You're more special than anyone else in the world is
now. You can do things that no one else can do and I am going to
teach you everything you need to know to use your abilities to
make yourself and the people that care about you happy".
Over the next few months and years Claudia trained Gabrielle
in basic academic activities (E.g. reading, writing, and math) at
which she was very good. But where she really excelled was in
her physical training. Both Claudia and Gabrielle never ceased
to be amazed at Gabrielle's abilities. From the day she started
when she was five, she had the strength of a world champion male
heavyweight bodybuilder. She could bench 550 lb. twice in a row
and could curl 300 lb. once. She also could leg press 1100 lb.
for one rep. Her skin could not be pierced with any needle or
other sharp object. She could walk away from a twelve-gauge shot
gun blast fired at her heart from three feet away with as little
pain or damage as an ant bite. Her hair grew back and was long
and silky yet strong as steel. She was only taught rudimentary
fighting skills due to her size. It was decided that they would
wait a few years until she grew some more so she could learn the
really cool fighting stuff.
One day a couple of years later when Gabrielle was seven and
had grown to about tree and a half feet tall and weighed an
amazing one hundred and two pounds Claudia took her to the
workout room, telling her that she had a surprise there. Inside
was a large mean looking man with tattoos on his arms, tied up,
gagged and sitting in the corner. Claudia said,"This is the man
who killed your family and burned down your home." Gabrielle was
stunned. She had nearly forgotten about that over the past two
years. She stood quietly thinking to herself for several
minutes. She was wearing a tight black T-shirt and tight white
denim shorts that showed off her solid, well defined, though not
large, arms and legs. After all she was only seven. She had her
silky raven hair done up in a ponytail since she had been
expecting to work out.
Claudia, who was wearing a pair a black spandex gym pants
and a blue sports bra and unzipped gray sweater jacket that
showed off her nice cleavage, walked over to the man, who was
wearing a dirty white T-shirt and blue jeans, and whispered in
his ear, "Listen fucker, do you see that little girl standing
over there? Well the reason we got you off death row was to kill
her or try to kill her at any rate. If you kill her you're a
free man. If you lose, you die; either by her hand or mine. And
if it is I who have to do it, I'm going to take you out to the
back of this place, where we have a tree mulcher, and put you in
feet first, do you understand?" The man nodded yes quickly while
trying to keep from wetting his pants. His name was Rico
Stosinni, and he was on death row for brutally murdering a FBI
informant and two agents for a local crime boss. He didn't have
anything to do with Gabrielle's family, especially since they
weren't really dead. It was all just a lie. What this really
was was a test for Gabrielle. Something they could videotape and
send along to the higher ups. Any way, Rico was about six ft.
five in. tall and about two hundred and fifty pounds of Mafia
muscle. He was a cold-blooded killer, and just because Gabrielle
was a cute little girl, wouldn't stop him from killing her in the
Claudia pulled out a silenced Glock nine millimeter and
pointed it straight at his head with her left hand while she cut
his ropes with a knife in her right. Once his hands were free
she stepped back as he removed his gag and freed his legs.
Walking back to Gabrielle and putting the gun down, Claudia told
her "so what are you going to do? He wants to kill us both now."
Slowly a fire started to burn deep in the pit of Gabrielle's
mind, and the fire grew, and grew, and grew until she was totally
pissed off. She wasn't afraid of him. She'd been sparring with
guys his size for a couple of months by now and hadn't received
so much as a bruise. "So he killed my family and now he wants to
kill us! Well He's gonna be the one who gets killed! I will
protect my new home and my new family no matter what!"
She walked toward Rico and he approached her, sneering at
the idea of a serious fight between himself and a seven-year-old
girl, one-third his size. They stood facing each other. She
only came up to his belly button and with out knowing any better
this match up would look totally ridiculous. Rico was the first
to speak, "I'm gonna tear you to pieces, to dumb little spic
bitch and feed those pieces to my dog!" "Shut up, jerk! Before
I'm done with you, you'll beg me for a quick death which you
ain't gonna get" she replied, that last part from a movie she had
seen somewhere. She knew she was at least four times stronger
than him and immensely more durable so she reasoned that she
could take her time. The man laughed and swung his large right
fist straight at her jaw in an effort to knock her head clean off
with one punch. She made no move to dodge it but allowed it to
land squarely on her jaw. Her head was forced back a centimeter
or two while his fist glanced off like a bullet off an armored
tank. Rico screamed as it felt like he was hitting a marble
statue. It felt like he might have broken a knucklebone with
that punch. He threw several mighty body blows to no avail. All
he managed to do is bruise his fists. I t felt like he really
was hitting a marble statue, one that was covered in a thin layer
of velvety rubber. Hiss body blows only forced her about half a
foot back and that was only because she wasn't trying to be the
immovable object heard about in popular lore. "What the fuck?"
was all he could mutter, trying to comprehend this. "Now it's my
turn!" Gabrielle said as she pushed him to the ground real hard
with one hand. He landed with a thud on his back and looked up
at her as she was standing over him with a crazed look in her
"Please," he said, "I was just kidding little girl." "I
wasn't," she said as she grabbed his right hand and ripped his
fingers off one by one, bone and all. He screamed in pain such,
as he had never felt before as blood gushed from his now
digitless right hand onto the floor. "You fucking bitch! Look
what you did to me!" he screamed as he lay there writhing in
agony. "You haven't seen anything yet, Mister!" she said as she
grabbed his right arm, ignoring the blows he was giving her with
his left, and slowly began to fold his arm in half the wrong way
at the elbow. The blows ceased as he screamed to high heaven
again, which was followed by a sickening snap as the bone broke
and started to protrude through the skin.
His body was rolling with the pain. "That's what you get
when you speak so rudely to little girls," she shouted over his
screams. The carpet was now thickly stained with blood from both
his hand and his elbow wounds. She grabbed him around the neck
in a grip of iron and pulled him up to her face. "You should
save some screams for later cause I'm just getting warmed up,"
she spat in his face. Her shorts and shirt were heavily stained
with his blood already, as was her hair. She grabbed the front
of his shirt and yanked his two hundred and fifty-pound body into
the air as if he only weighed twenty pounds. She held him there
for a few seconds to demonstrate to him her strength and then
tossed him over her shoulder ten ft. into a nearby wall.
He hit the wall with such force that he dislocated his left
shoulder. He slumped to the ground, dazed and in tremendous
pain. She slowly walked toward him, taunting him as she came
nearer, saying, "Did the great big bad killer man get hurt by the
iddy, biddy little girl, huh?" He was sobbing and crying
profusely, "Please, please, no more! No more I beg of you!" "No
sale, buster!" she replied and she grabbed him by the crotch
painfully with her left hand, as she began to lift him off the
ground with his back braced against the wall. "My teacher
Claudia says that what's down here is the main thing that makes
men and women different," she said squeezing his groin area a
little tighter, "so get ready to be a woman, you bad, bad man!"
And with that she squeezed as tightly as she could. He went
stiff as a board, as they both heard an audible splat that
sounded like a water balloon popping inside his jeans. The pain
was so great that he couldn't scream as he passed out from the
pain and shock. His pants turned blood red at the crotch and
blood started pouring down his pant legs and pooling on the
carpet. She tossed his unconscious form aside like a sack of
potatoes and went to fetch some water to revive him.
She came back with a bucket of ice water and threw it in
his face. He started to come around slowly and when he saw her
he gave out the most girlish scream of his life. Claudia, who
was standing in the corner watching the whole episode, started to
laugh to herself. Rico tried to push himself away from her as
much as he could despite his arms being useless and the pain in
his groin sending shock waves down his legs. Tears in his eyes,
he begged her to kill him, realizing that he wouldn't be able to
get away and even if he did he would rather die than spend the
rest of his life as a crippled eunuch. "I told you that you
would beg me to kill you, and I also told you that when you did I
wouldn't be anywhere near done yet." She grabbed a one inch
thick chain off a table and wrapped it around his body just under
his armpits and threw the free end around a beam on the ceiling
and pulled his body up with one arm until his knees where
dangling just a couple of inches off the floor. He was now more
at her height. "Now you're my punching bag," she said as she
started peppering his mid section with viscous punches.
Viscous it seemed to him, but she was really pulling her
punches as much as she could. She wanted this to last, not be
over in one or two punches, which it would be if she were using
her full strength. She slowly began to break bones and rupture
internal organs as she felt her fists travelling deeper into his
gut. She broke both of his upper legs and then smashed his knees
into oblivion. She shattered his pelvis with one punch and then
proceeded to break his ribs and whatever was still intact in his
arms. He had long before been crying and then screaming, which
eventually turned into a small whimpering sound. After ten
minutes of this, ninety percent of the bones in his body below
the shoulders were broken, crushed, or pulverized with the
exception of his spinal column. She didn't want him paralyzed
and unable to feel the pain she was putting his body through. By
this time he was barely conscious and, wishing to be rid of him,
at last she punched him as hard as she could in the head. Her
fist went through his face straight to the other side of his
skull, shattering bone and mutilating brain tissue as it went.
She removed her bloody hand and released the chain, letting his
smashed corpse fall to the floor in a bloody heap.
She noticed a peculiar feeling near her groin area that she
had never felt before. She didn't know what it was but it felt
pretty good. She decided to ask Claudia about it later. She
turned toward a full-length wall mirror and was horrified by what
she saw. There in the mirror she saw herself covered in blood
from head to toe and looking like that strange girl in that
Stephen King movie, Carrie. She began to panic, but as soon as
that started to happen, the feeling between her legs came on
strong and her whole body spasmed, causing her to loose
consciousness and falling to the floor.
She awoke in her room, newly bathed and naked. Claudia was
sitting on the bed next to her, smiling down at her. "Claudia,
what happened? I remember this great feeling between my legs
that kept getting stronger and stronger until I woke up here.
What was that?" Gabrielle asked. "It's what we call an orgasm
and it's extremely unusual for someone so young to experience it.
Usually you don't begin to get those feeling until you're at
least fourteen years old. It may have something to do with your
abnormal nervous system but I don't know for sure." Claudia
replied. "I want to know more about this," Gabrielle stated.
"Get some rest and we'll discuss it in the morning, child,"
Claudia said as she left the room and turned out the light.
Gabrielle stuck a pillow between her legs and drifted off to
sleep thinking of that wonderful feeling.


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