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A Woolly Story (MF Rom)


WARNING: This story is an act of fiction that contains graphic sexual
descriptions and language. If you are a minor or if you are offended by
this kind of material then you should stop reading now. Any resemblance
between this story and a real event is coincidental. The participants are
imaginary; their actions have no negative consequences other than those
portrayed in the story. The story is intended for entertainment and should
not be emulated in the real world outside of a healthy relationship.

A Woolly story (MF Rom)

by Christopher Andrew ( )

The nights were already cold. It was the time of year you started to
look out your winter wardrobe. You know, the woolly pants and pull overs
which are so warm and attract the big warm hugs.

It was also one of those days I had been out of town for work. While
the daytime maximum was still warm, the nights were already in the low
single digits. Because of this I had pulled out an old favourite for the
trip, woolly grey flecked pants with a black wool shirt. Warm and toasty
all over. I sometimes avoid this combination as I feel like I'm wearing

Riding back from the airport I thought about her waiting at home for me.
I had only been away one night, but I had missed her none the less. She
should have eaten a while back and would likely be curled up on the couch

I paid the driver and let my self in the front door of our building,
making my way up the stairs to our apartment. Inserting the key into the
lock so to make as little noise as possible, I opened the door and quietly
stepped through the door.

Inside it was warm and dimly lit. I quickly shed my jacket and baggage
and stepped quietly into the lounge room so not to wake her if she was

I found her there, lying curled up with her book fallen to the floor.
She was so beautiful. She had fallen asleep wearing a stretchy knee length
black skirt, which now rode up revealing more of her wonderful legs, and a
tight, stripy turtle neck sweater.

She stirred as I stepped closer, an arm snaking out to meet a pull me
down to her. I bent down to kiss her forehead as her hand reached around
my back and pulled me down for a hug. While we hugged I gently planted
many small kisses on her cheek and lips. As she hugged me with one arm her
other traced the outside of my thigh, then the inside finally resting
stoking the fabric between my legs.

I moved my kisses to her neck and shoulders as her head arched back.
Her hand still gently stroking my cock through the woolly fabric. Taking
her head in one hand and her ass in the other I intensified my kisses
around her shoulders and neck, working my way up under her chin until I
finally reached her mouth, which eagerly welcomed me. Kissing her long and
hard I began to feel her stroking of my cock taking greater and greater
effect, my growing penis now pushing against the fabric of my under ware.

Kissing her deeper and longer I squeezed her wonderful ass, moving my
hand from the top of her thigh to the small of her back, occasionally
running it up her side to stroke the side of her breasts, but never
straying for long.

Her hand feeling the hardness it had created started working with the
zipper on my trousers. Sliding it down she reached inside an expertly
found her target, pulling my cock from my pants and into full view.
Released of it's constriction and with the help of her hand wrapped tightly
around the shaft my cock grew longer and harder by the second.

After half a minute more of this I knew what I wanted. Stepping back, I
grabbed her ass and pulled her up onto all fours, then moving her forward
so her breasts rested on the high arm of the couch with her arms over the
top, I lifted her skirt up over her hips revealing the wonderful rounded
ass I had been feeling.

Standing next to her, with my cock raging hard, I placed one hand at the
small of her back, and began to gently rub her ass with the other.
Starting on the left side, in small circles, I gently warmed her buttocks
with my hand, slowly working my way from the beautiful curve above her
thigh, to the cute little dimples at the apex, and then down the other

Sliding my hand between her thighs I felt a warmth I could not resist.
Parting her legs slightly I cupped her pussy in my hand and slowly slid my
hand back up around her ass, trailing my middle finger along her slit the
whole way. Reaching the top, I put my hand back between her thighs and
stroked her again, this time parting her pussy lips just a little more.
The next time I pushed my middle finger between her lips, feeling the
slight bump of her clit and the hot wet of her cunt - by now she was more
than a little warmed up. I trailed my finger through her delicious juices
and trailed them up over her ass hole.

Running my hand back down again, I slipped three fingers between her
lips and slid the moisture from her around and over her clit. The gentle
moans, and slow, ever so slight grinding of her hips let me know she was
well with me. After massaging her clit and cunt for some time I slip my
wet hand up between her ass cheeks, and back down between her pussy lips to
her throbbing clit. I started a slow rhythm of strokes starting from the
top of her pussy, around and over her clit, parting her cunt, sliding up
and pushing on her ass hole to the top of her ass and then back through.

I kept this up - standing beside her, one hand on the small of her back,
my cock standing hard between us, the other hand sliding between her
increasingly wet pussy and ass, her moans and gentle rocking keeping pace
with me - until I felt the first shivers along her spine.

By this stage she was very wet, her ass glistening with her own glorious
juices. I changed the position of my hand a little and led with my middle
finger. I stroked her pussy a few more times and then pushed my finger as
far as it would go in to her tight cunt, which immediately grabbed tighter
hold on my finger and threatened not to let go. As she relaxed again I
continued to stroke her with the full length of my middle finger inside
her, my two other fingers stroking either side of her clit and my thumb
circling her ass hole.

Building her orgasm faster and faster I continued to stroke her pussy.
Her regular rocking became more and more intense as she worked her self
harder and harder against my hand. All at once her orgasm hit, throwing
her forward into the arm of the chair, but I did not relent as she cried
out to the city in front of her - stroking her harder and faster as she
continued to cum and shake.

Then, just as she started to slow, I forced my thumb into her ass and
fucked her with my hand. Her body held between my thumb and finger as I
squeezed and pumped her ass and cunt at the same time. Too much for her
she came again, the strength of this orgasm so tight on my fingers that I
could barely keep up the action.

Pulling my hand from her as she slid down the other side, I moved behind
her on the couch and massaged her ass with both hands, spreading her now
rampant juices all over her delicious ass.

Taking her in both hands I pushed my rock hard cock between her ass
cheeks and began to stroke it up and down. The heat from her was
unbelievable as I slid my cock over her moist ass hole, occasionally
teasing it with a little more pressure from the head of my cock.

It wasn't long before I could feel the cum building in my cock ready to
spurt out hot jism wherever it was needed. By this stage she was back with
me again, grinding back into me.

Leaning back I took my cock in one hand and her ass in the other.
Parting her cheeks I tested the entrance to her ass hole with the head of
my cock. I circled her ass hole, adding my own juices to her own, and
slowly pushed my head inside. The ring of her ass strangling the head of
my cock, I fucked her ass with the first inch of my cock. After a few
strokes I took hold of her ass with both hands and pulled her all the way
onto my shaft, and began to fuck her harder with short sharp strokes.

Feeling her body begin to quiver between my hands I slowed a little and
fucked her ass using the whole length of my cock, almost letting the head
pop out and then sliding all the way into the hilt. After a little more of
this I took my cock in my hand, slid out of her ass and pushed deep into
her cunt.

The warmth and softness of her pussy took me over and taking a firm hold
of her hips I fucked her hard and fast, using the full length of my cock.
In no time her body began to shake and her pussy grabbed hard at my cock as
her orgasm took over. Continuing for only a few more strokes before my own
orgasm slammed my cock deep into her and sprayed her insides with my cum.
Our own orgasm's prolonged by that of the other, her cunt continued milked
my cock for what seemed like an eternity.

Totally spent we stayed in that position for some time before collapsing
on each other and falling asleep on the couch - a mess of flesh, cum, and

The End.

Comments to (c) 2001 Christopher Andrew.


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