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A different perspective


A different perspective; JC

Well I am not a young or old stud, just in that middle aged
transition but I have had the pleasure of doing a HW over a
considerable period of time. While at a party I mentioned to a
friend I would like to get some of a leggy, well shaped woman
that was in our circle of friends. This women was modest but
flirtatious, dressed revealing but tasteful, and made lots of eye
contact that made you think something was going on. My friend,
not her husband, told me I could have some of that if I wanted.
While laughing at his overture, he insisted I could have it if I
wanted, he would share!

The laughing stopped and the enquires began, "what do you mean
share?." My gawd, he wasn't kidding, he told me he was doing her
once a week or so and had been for a long time, with her
husband's blessing.

He was telling me she was a sub, only a vague notion of what that
was occurred to me. Since my work allowed me much freedom he
suggested we go over to her house on Monday and he would get me
laid. For the next couple of days it alternatively excitement
and disbelief. On the appointed day I was ready to cop out, how
could we just go over and say I wanted some pussy? Mick insisted
we go and told me she was expecting us, sure enough she didn't
seem surprised when we arrived and offered us some coffee. Mick
finished his coffee and got up to leave, kissing J on the cheek,
saying to call for a ride home when I was done.

Well I knew it was true now, she was asking me what Mick had told
me. Since she opened that door I asked a few questions myself,
like why, what does your husband think and so on. She told me
her husband enjoyed her doing other guys, she enjoyed herself,
they had told Mick to invite me after noticing my interest in her
and a host of other things about what I now know to be Hot
Wifing. We didn't make it to the bedroom, her lovely breasts,
thin waist and all that stuff had my interest now and I wanted
some before the dream ended. Sometimes we out do ourselves and
this was the case for me here, I lovingly ate her pussy, sucked breasts, stroked her thighs and gave her my best for the next
hour. The penetration part was slow and easy, mostly because
fast would have sent me over too quickly! My having been blessed
with a thick 8" tool has lent me considerable confidence in the
love making department and it was evident she had enjoyed
herself. After an exchange of pleasantries I made my call to
Mick and he picked me up. What a grin he had on his face as he
asked how it was. Both Mick and I were married so there wasn't
going to be much talking about it outside of between us. It was
great, she looks even better naked, very responsive, and all that
kind of talk went on.

It was days later and the little head had began to start talking
to me, I wanted some more, so another call to Mick about how
often we were allowed to go over and the like. Mick told me that
was between them and me now, but she had told him it was nice
with me. Nice? Jezz, I had given her my very best stuff,
insecurity creeping in my voice. Mick was laughing, telling me I
would learn, she is a sub, not a flower. A little less love and
a little more fucking would do the trick, tell her to fuck back,
ask her how she likes your cock and see what happens he said.

The next phone call was to J, telling
her I wanted to come over and see her, "Okay, how about 12:15?"
Some things just won't wait and as the door bell rang I noticed
that it was only 11:00, who could blame me, she was so damn
delectable. She greeted me with a knowing smile and said I was
early, she wanted to wait until her husband got home for lunch.
"How about I do you twice, once now and later as well?."

"Okay" was her answer and we wasted no time going straight to the
couch, she was half naked by the time we got there. It should be
mentioned that my conditioning would never allow me to be a full
fledged Dom, but I was determined to be more assertive if that
was what she liked. Taking a seat on the couch I instructed her
to suck my cock, and was it ever good, enough to have to be
stopped. She was visibly more excited than last time, so I told
her sit on the couch lay back, spread her legs and play with
herself for me. She complied and it was a sight to watch her
finger herself wantonly. My cock was dribbling pre-cum as I
moved her hands under her legs to have her hold them apart for
me. For a few moments I just looked at the site of her holding
her lovely legs apart for me.

"Do you want my cock?" I asked her. She moaned please and
urgently guided me into her. This time it was more composed for
me and I took the time to watch my tool spread her lips and ease
into her, watch her lips pull and tug at my cock as I slowly
pulled out, she was very wet and the blonde pubic hairs were
starting to matt with moisture already. This was great, she was
holding her legs behind her knees and wide spread as I watched
her juicy pussy suckle my cock and she climaxed.

It was just after this that I heard the door open and I was a
little freaked by it, her husband was home and I wasn't sure how
I would deal with it. He was home early, he couldn't wait
either. He approached with a smile on his face that alleviated
some of my concern. Going around us to the back of the couch he
started playing with her breasts and talking to her. My cock was
in her all the way, not moving as I took it all in. He was
asking her if she liked my big cock in her and if I had cum in
her, then he reached down to her pussy and started playing with
it even as it was full of my cock. While I am not into the
male/male thing it didn't feel bad as he spread her pussy lips
and managed to insert a couple of fingers in her along side my
dick. Boom, she was having another orgasm, telling us she "liked
it." That was all she wrote for me, we all just watched as my
cock swelled and started pumping my cum into her. He keep her
legs supported and spread wide as I eased myself from her, as I
exited her pussy the lips remained partly open and I could see a
large pool of my cum in her. Telling her to hold her legs up he
quickly went around the couch kicking his pants off as he went.
He sank to his knees before her spread legs and immediately stuck
his dick into her, saying he could feel my cum. Boom, she was
Cumming again and he was hardly moving in her at all. Then no
sooner than she had come down some his cock was twitching and he
was empting into her as well. Everybody was quite for awhile and
then as he pulled out of her, she stood up, and a big streak of
cum raced down the inside of one of her thighs. This was the
hottest thing I had ever experienced.

When J came back from the bathroom she asked what we wanted for
lunch like nothing special had happened.

Time to wrap this up, it has been fun reminiscing. Over the next
few years I made love, had sex and fucked J countless times. Her
husband had told me to fuck her good when he left for work that
first time together and I did, most of the afternoon. As the
novelty wore off I began to explore how much the envelope could
be pushed. There were times when I called and told her I had
only a few minutes to come by during a work errand and to be
ready, bent over the couch so I could deposit a load of cum in
her. Other times we would spent a whole afternoon enjoying all
the delights. When questioned about anal she told me, no, I was
too big for that, but she would do me and her husband or Mick
double if I liked. When her husband heard about it he wanted to
go first, then Mick and I could do her another time if we wanted.

Cutting to the chase, the next week found J on the couch sitting
on my cock facing away from me with her husband working his cock
into her with mine. With the both of us in her pussy it was
pretty smug and soon after he had stroked himself fully into her
I could feel his cock pressed against mine start pumping his cum.
J was moaning, grunting and having a huge climax. Her husband
pulled out and I started humping her, shortly pausing to have her
turn around. She was so juicy her cum and his cum were running
out of her and down my balls to the couch. J was wild, grinding
out several climaxes and finally collapsing on my shoulder. Her
husband started massaging the very base of my cock while I was
still in her until he felt me start pumping into his wife.
Everyone had cum so hard that was it for that session.

Within a week Mick called to tell me he had heard about our
little tryst and wanted to do one with her himself. By now I was
up for any of it, my horizons had been expanded. Also, I was to
get a new view of J, Mick and her husband. It tuned out that
Mick had a long skinny dick and had been afforded the pleasure of
J's ass many times in the past. On the appointed day I arrived
to find Mick already enjoying J in the bedroom. It was as I
undressed and observed them that I saw the real nature of the
their relationship. Mick was not so inhibited as I when it came
to talking trash, using and enjoying J. He was telling her it
felt good to be in her pussy again, squeeze my cock baby, sit all
the way down on what you like and cum for me baby, which she
promptly did. It was interesting to hold back and just watch and
listen for a time.

It may have been for my benefit, but he elicited much verbal
erotica from her, the submissive side clearly in the open. "Do
you like my cock," and "How much do like my cock", then "When
are you mine to fuck."

"Yes" and "I love your cock" and "whenever you want to fuck me"
were her answers. He told her she was a slut for his cock and
she replied "I Know it." It may have been a game, but she was
cumming big time. Mick looked up at me and my huge aching woody
and motioned for me to get on the bed, instructing J to sit on my
cock. He must have cum in her as she was dripping wet and cum gushed out around my dick as she slid down on me. She started a
slow grind on me groaning as she went. Mick was lubricating his
cock with the excess juices and promptly entered her ass, this
tightening up her loose pussy and I could feel him thought the
separation. In no time at all he was pounding away at her ass,
causing her flesh to jiggle each time he slammed into her. She
had her head down on my shoulder and was continuously grunting
and telling him how good it felt. For my part, all I could do
was keep my cock pressed in to her and feel the pounding and
squeezing she was getting, not much stroking was possible for me.
Mick kept telling her how good it was fucking her ass and she
would reply between grunts "uhuh." J was yelling now, telling
Mick how good he was making her feel and Mick had stopped, shoved
deep in her, giving her what she wanted. Mick pulled off saying
that was great, leaving a panting J like dead weight on top of
me. It was my turn now, so I rolled her over and got between her
legs telling Mick to hold them over her head for me. Slowly at
first, until she started to respond, I stroked in and out of her.
Her hips were turned up high and I was bottoming out in her,
fucking her deeply and now hard and she was loving it, rolling
from one climax to the next. Mick all the while telling her she
was really getting a fucking. It didn't last much longer as I
was blowing my load in her as I pounded her pussy harder than
ever before.

After a much needed break we went at it again, doing a double in
her pussy and my having cum a record four times in an afternoon.
As I was getting dressed J was telling Mick he could have some
more ass or pussy if he wanted, I guess he wanted because as I
left she was sitting with his cock in her ass.

Mick and I did her a number of more times together, as well as
her husband and I, also there were some other guys in the circle,
but I think Mick and I were her main lovers during that time. J
provided much relief for me during my later divorce but I had to
quit having sex with her when I starting seeing a woman I was to
later marry, about a year after that J's husband retired and they
moved to the sun belt. In an ironic turn of fate I learned some
time after my divorce that Mick had spent many a time in my ex's
pussy and ass a well. It was something of a friendship buster,
but I often wondered later, if he had been dominate with my ex.
Oh well. J and her husband come back to the state in the summer
from time to time and when I see her, it is hard (pardon the pun)
not want to take another ride. From the eye contact I know it is
there if I want. Bless you J.



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