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Archived Sex Stories

A husbands mistake A wifes nightmare Chapters 1 through 10


A Husbands Mistake, A Wife's Nightmare

This story is presented with thanks to NotMyStory (
) who allowed me to contribute to his original story.

************ WARNING: This story is fiction, and should be treated as such.
The following story is for the entertainment of ADULTS ONLY, and contains
descriptions of explicit sex. If you are not an adult, or reading sex
stories upset you, DO NOT read any further. If it is illegal in your
location, DO NOT read it.

This is a copyrighted work. Copyright by . Reposting or any other use
of it is strictly prohibited without the express, written permission of the
author, except that it may be posted as part of a review or posted to a
free-access, noncommercial archive sites.

DISCLAIMER: All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to anyone,
either alive or dead, is purely coincidental.

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Chapter 1

My wife and I had been married for about seven years. Our first and
only child was just about four years old now. When I made unmistakably the
worst mistake of our lives and destroyed our marriage. I had known
Jennifer since I was fifteen and we had dated since I was 17 she was three
years older than I and already in college.

Jennifer was about 5 foot 4 inches tall and weighed only about 100 lbs.
She had long brown hair with blond highlights that went down about to her
mid back. She was small and petite very attractive I must say. Her breast had grown to 34b's after the birth of our daughter and her hips were round
and sexy. I felt lucky to be married to such a fine looking women
especially since I thought of myself as less than the best looking guy. My
insecurities about why she was with me would doom us both.

She was a virgin when we started dating although we did have pre-marital
sex she was very shy. She always dressed very conservatively and was
bothered when I would tell her how sexy she was. She managed a restaurant
and had few friends. After a year of begging I had finally gotten her to
get her navel pierced. It was incredibly sexy, but I could never get her
to wear any clothing to show it off.

I work on computers for a living and we had four in our house. Jennifer
hardly ever used one but I had one I told her was hers. I hadn't really
noticed her begin to use it but I had woke up several times at night and
she had been in the computer room the tv on. The computers being on did
not seem out of place since I leave them on almost all the time. She said
she had gone in there to watch tv so she wouldn't disturb me. It seemed
reasonable enough except she was always closing something on the computer
screen. On a few occasions I would lay and wait to see haw long she would
be in there sometimes five hours a night. I decided I needed to know if
she was doing something or not. I installed some spy software and waited.

Jennifer would sign into a chat room each night. I began to review some
of her chat logs and most of the conversations where innocent enough but
several were not. I found where she had even had cyber sex with several
"men" on line one in particular seemed very friendly with her. She chatted
with this Nate every day for hours and every night they confessed their
love for one another. She had told him she was single with a child but
other than changing her and our daughter's names every thing else she told
him was true. Except she told him she was single her daughters father had
run out on her. I was enraged by this how could she, I felt betrayed like
she was cheating on me.

I confronted her and asked her what she was doing each night when she
would crawl out of bed. She said just watching tv trying to get sleepy. I
asked her what about on the computer at first she said nothing after I
continued to pry she finally admitted she had gone into a chat room but
when I asked her what she chatted about she claimed just stuff and swore
she never did anything wrong, I got angry and made her promise she would
never chat again. Never letting her know I knew she had cheated on me in a
Cyber affair. I monitored the computer she was back and chatting the next
night and the next.

Even though she had promised to stop she hadn't even slowed down. She
had stopped having Cyber sex with other chat room visitors but not this
Nate person. She continued to profess her love to him and "cyber" with
him. I let it go on for another week before I confronted her.

She finally admitted to having continued to chat after she promised me
she would stop, but insisted that she had done nothing wrong and it was no
big deal. She told me I had no right to ask her to stop chatting in the
first place. I expressed my concern that she would get tangled up with the
some seedy character on the net. She insisted I was being stupid and she
would never do anything so stupid and claimed she had never engaged in any
inappropriate behavior. She claimed innocence right up to the point I
through her printed chat logs in her face.

She finally admitted her wrong doing and I told her it had to stop or
else. She reluctantly agreed. Not trusting her I blocked the chat site
from my computers and two weeks later she came to me begging me to allow
her to chat. I told her NO! She begged for days I told her no every time.
She told me she would do anything I wanted if she could just chat again. I
gave it some thought and finally after a great deal of thought I had an

I had been reading sex stories off the a.s.s. newsgroup for years.
Some of my favorites where those dealing with wives being double and triple
teamed caught cheating on their husbands. I knew it was a safe request she
would never go for it. So I told her the rules she could only chat if I
was home and if I was allowed to watch at anytime. No more cyber sex. No
more telling anyone she loved them. No more telling anyone she was single.
And finally if she wanted to chat she had to be willing to have a

To my shock she agreed I was stunned. I couldn't go through with it but
made her promise she would if I ever worked up the nerve. She agreed and I
allowed her to begin chatting again under my watchful eye. I had to go out
of town the next week and while stuck in my motel room I decided to check
on my wife. While I had talked to her on the phone she seemed distracted.
I had ask her if she was chatting and she told me no. No longer able to
trust her I got online and checked. Sure enough she was once again online
chatting with this Nate person. The two professed their love for one
another and cybered several times each night. At that point a plan began
to form in my mind.

I started a chat of my own with this Nate person. Between what he told
me and the information I was able to gather about him from the net I found
out he lived about 4 hours from where my wife and I did and was
approximately our age. Over that week we chatted each night finally I had
built up what I thought was a trust with him. I finally told him of my
true relationship with his online lover. With his promise not to tell her
I provided him some pictures of my wife naked via E-mail.

Impressed with her photos I began to explain my plan to him. He was
very agreeable to all of my requests and we set my plan into motion to
happen the next weekend. I arranged to have my in-laws take our daughter out of town that weekend. I told Jennifer of some property I wanted to
look at out of town.

That weekend Jennifer and I traveled to a small town about 3 1/2 hours
from our house it was next to a lake. On that Friday night I met "Nate"
whose real name was Nick in the lobby of the motel Jennifer and I was
staying at. He gave me his blood test dated that day. He checked out drug
and STD free. I gave him a key to our room and told him to be there at
9:00 P.M. that evening.

When I went back to get Jennifer who was still in our room I got
incredibly excited knowing what she was about to do. When we went to
dinner that night I asked her if she had chatted anymore. She of course
denied she had. We went back to our hotel room it was 8:35 P.M. I begged
her to put on a very sexy black teddy and garter belt I had brought for
her. When she came out of the rest room I took her over to the bed and tied
her to it.

Once I had tied Jennifer spread eagle to the bed, I placed a blindfold
over her eyes. Now tied and blinded on the bed I began setting up my
camcorder. Jennifer begged me to hurry complaining her arms hurt.

At 8:55 Nick walked into our hotel room but Jennifer was unable to her
him over the television I had turned on earlier. Motioning for Nick to
remain silent I began to talk to Jennifer. "So you never chatted with this
Nate guy when I was out of town huh?" I asked her. "No I didn't hon." she
replied pulling on her bonds. "You remember what you promised me you'd do
if I let you chat again?" I asked her next. "Yes." She replied testily.
"Well what was it? Tell me." I pried. "A threesome." she huffed. "So who
do you want to have this threesome with Dear?" I questioned her. "No one!
But you already know that. I only said I would do it so you'd let me chat
again." She said. "So I'm the only man you've ever fucked?" I asked.
"Yes" she replied.

I looked at Nick who was greedily taking in the sight of my bound wife's
beautiful body. She looked sexy beyond words, her small pert breast sticking up from out of the tight black teddy. Her legs spread wide apart
and tied to the bed allowed full view to her neatly trimmed bush. Her
tanned and slender legs encased in the black hose being held by the garter
belt accenting her treasures. The teddy rode up just enough to show the
ring in her navel showcasing her flat belly.

And so I continued "I know you chatted with Nate every night I was out
of town. I know you had Cyber sex with him every night as well. So I
guess you have fucked another man!" "It's not the same thing, it's not real
it's just make believe." She replied. "I disagree. I think it's exactly
the same thing. You had an affair with some guy online behind my back
telling him how much you loved him and everything." I scolded her. "It was
just pretend. It didn't mean anything I was just having some fun." She

I looked back over at Nick grinning knowing now was the time. I then
focused the camera on Jennifer's face. "So did you have enough fun to go
through with the threesome you promised me?" I asked her. "You know I
don't want to do that, but I would if you made Me." she said. "I just
don't know why you would want something so sick..." She began saying when I
cut her off. "Well I can't understand how you find having a cyber affair
any fun, but you keep doing it. Maybe we could get your cyber lover Nate
to do this threesome with you. I bet you would really like that wouldn't
you?" "Don't say that you know..." She started again. "Shut up! Open your
mouth." I ordered her. Knowing how much I enjoyed making love to her while
she was tied up and gagged Jennifer had no reason to be worried until after
buckling the ball gag in place I pulled her blindfold off.

When she looked up and saw the strange man standing over her nearly nude
body she began to fight and pull at her bonds. As Nick reached out and
cupped one of her breast in his hands I spoke. "This is Nate from the chat
room. You see it turns out he doesn't live on the other side of the
country after all. I figured after you lied to me I'd help you out. If
you want to screw him so bad I'll let you but I get to watch." I said
standing behind the camcorder. "Okay Nick she's all yours." I said.

Nick began rubbing her body up and down. Groping her breast and running
his hand across her tight stomach. After spending twenty minutes
manipulating her breast and nipples he moved his attentions lower. As Nick
rubbed Jennifer's bound body she continued to fight and struggle against
her bonds crying under the gag, tears streaming down her face. Watching
her struggles I began to second guess my little scheme. Now knowing I had
let my hurt feelings and sense of betrayal get the better part of my

Nick had now taken off his clothes and lying naked on the bed with
Jennifer was licking her pussy. Knowing I had made a terrible mistake I
knew I needed to stop it now before it went any further. "Hey Nick I think
this might have been a bad idea. She's really upset." I said. "Give me a
minute." He said as he drove his fingers into her pussy. Seeing Jennifer
arch her back at the sudden intrusion I spoke again "Look she's really
upset you've had some fun now..." I was interrupted by a knock on the door.
Looking down at Nick he just shrugged his shoulders I heard the movement as
I turned to walk to the door but I was taken totally by surprise by the hit
to my head. I heard Nick walk over me and as I looked up through the blood
dripping in my eyes I saw the door open and two more set of legs enter the

As I began to pull my self to my knees I heard Nick say "Take care of
him." Suddenly I was kicked in the stomach and then pulled up only to be
punched in the stomach again. I felt some one grab my hair on the back of
my head and pull my head back. As I started to scream something was shoved
in my mouth and duct tape was used to secure it in place. Next I was tied
to a chair in front of the bed where Jennifer was bound.

Finally getting my baring back after being assaulted I looked up trying
to access the situation. Two more men had come into the hotel room
carrying large duffle bags. Nick was pulling something from one of the
bags as the two strange men began setting up lights and camera equipment. I
saw what Nick was getting out a small brown glass bottle and a syringe. I
renewed my struggles to break free as Nick filled the syringe with the drug
from the bottle. Taking the syringe over to the bed he injected the drug
into Jennifer's bound arm. Jennifer lay looking up in terror as Nick
returned to the bed sporting a large hard-on smiling at her as he stroked
his monster.

Still struggling at my bonds I took note of the two men now filming my
wife's rape with large professional looking cameras. Nick now climbed on
the bed and spoke to Jennifer. "Don't worry Jennifer or would you prefer I
call you Nikki (her online chat name) I think you'll really enjoy the
weekend I have planned for you. I'm always looking to lure some fresh meat
up to party with me and planned on tricking you up here myself but imagine
my surprise when your old man volunteered to deliver you gift wrapped.
Hahahaa" he laughed.

I looked into Jennifer's eyes and I saw her sense of betrayal and could
see her being consumed in fear. Then she winced as Nick drove his hard
dick deep into her open pussy. He began thrusting into her furiously and
talking what I hoped was trash. He told Jennifer of how many men he had
lined up to use her this weekend and how much she would love it.

I was furious with him no one talked to my wife that way. Even though I
had brought her here to have sex with Nick watching it happen in front of
me was not happening the way I had planned it. His thrust into my wife where deep and deliberate and her struggles under him and begun to weaken.
I saw a haze come over her eyes as the drug he had given her took hold of
her. He had pulled her breast free from the teddy she was wearing and been
sucking each nipple to erection as he impaled her on his prick.

Nick's staying power was impressive to say the least. He rammed his
member into my wife for almost forty minutes before he pulled out of her
and positioning himself at her head he pulled her ball gag from her mouth.
Jennifer now to drugged to scream for help lay looking up at him in a daze.
Nick stroked his cock once before shooting stream after stream onto
Jennifer's beautiful face. He stood over my defiled wife and Looked over
his shoulder at me "Well I hope that's what you had in mind." He stood and
began to dress. "But you know I was thinking if you already wanted to see
her have a threesome then why no go for the gusto and have her do a thirty
some." He said looking down at his watch. "Well we better get ready." He
said looking at one of the two men.

Chapter 2

I sat bound to the chair, gagged and horrified as I watched one of the
two men who had entered earlier begin to untie my wife Jennifer. She was
totally out of it an effect of the drugs Nick had injected in her earlier.
Now free she just lay on the bed Nick's cum still pooled on her face. Nick
now finished dressing went to the restroom while the other man opened the
door to the hotel room.

There I sat helpless in our hotel room door wide open the broken remains
of the rooms phone still lying on the floor from where Nick had broken it
across my skull. My beautiful wife lying half naked on the bed drugged for
the world to see and the whole despicable scene being filmed by these two
thugs. Nick returned from the restroom and reaching into one of the duffle
bags pulled out a brown paper sack, dumping the sacks contents on the
table. There must have been 50 condoms of all types on the table. Then to
my horror four more men walked into the quickly filling room. Three of the
men where large and very black the other was a young and stringy white kid.
Nick talked with them for several minutes on the other side of the room. I
was unable to hear what was said but I could see Nick wave his hand at
Jennifer, then me then the rubbers. They all began to laugh and even
glanced my way to laugh some more.

The hotel room door was pushed mostly closed giving the men a small
amount of privacy. The men moved into position around Jennifer The largest
of the black men stood at her head the others just stood as if waiting for
a signal. The large black man reached out and began to grope her breast.
He mauled her breast so viscously that even in her drugged state she
screamed in pain. Hearing her scream he gripped her teddy and ripped it
from her body, using it he wiped Nick's cum from her face.

They others took this as some type of signal and began groping her body
also. The leader of this little group then began lightly slapping
Jennifer's face from one side to the other before he dropped his trousers.
He wore no underwear and sported a huge cock it was easily twice the size
of my member and at least twice as long. Jennifer's mouth now open in
protest to his slapping her, he thrust his prick deep into her mouth. In
his first thrust he had sunk his prick all the way in. He had Jennifer's
nose buried in his pubic hair. I knew he wouldn't enjoy the BJ Jennifer
gave lousy head it was terrible. As I watched him thrust his dick deep
into her throat I realized he wasn't after a blow job he was raping her
throat. Her actions in the process where of no importance to him, only the
warmth of her throat mattered.

Nick had taken a seat next to me as he decided the action in front of me
needed play by play analysis. "I was really hoping those where real
pictures of your wife you sent me. boy are you lucky they where. The last
bitch I had up here had sent me some photos she must have found on the net
or something. Any way I lined up my guys like I did for your wife here.
$200.00 bucks a piece to screw her and when she gets her she's a total dog.
Well needless to say the fella's where pissed. Hell I don't think that
bitch is walking upright to this day" He said with a laugh. "But you don't
have to worry about that your wife's all that and a little more. The guys really like her. Hell look at Tony over there giving her a throat fucking
she'll never forget. I'm telling you know she's going home with some
bruises though, the guy's just can't keep there hands of that hot little
body of hers.

I sat and watched as the one Nick had called Tony had pulled from
Jennifer's mouth and now positioned at her open pussy he rammed his dick
home. As Jennifer began to lift up from this new invasion of her body
another black man rammed his dick into her now empty mouth. "Now there's a
sight for you, your wife getting it from both ends. I bet she's loving
every minute of it." He said. I began trying to protest, tell him he's
wrong but all that came through the gag in mouth was a muffled noise. Nick
just looked at me and laughed.

As I watched my wife the women I loved getting pounded by two complete
strangers. men neither of us had ever met before this night, using her as
only I had ever used her before. Myself unable to help her and Jennifer
drugged and unable to defend herself from their brutal attack. She looked
so beautiful lying in only her garter belt and hose, hose no stretched and
filled with holes. I found my self erect and aroused; it was both
frightening and erotic all at the same time.

Tony moaned loudly announcing to the room as he shot his black seed into
her womanhood. He made several more thrust into her before withdrawing
from her now well filled pussy. Tony leaned over to me and said. "Wow!
Look at that cum dripping out of your wife. boy I sure hope that bitch is
on the pill. I offered the guy's condoms and told them it was up to them
doesn't look like well have many takers does it."

I watched in amazement as the next man inserted his now hard dick into
Jennifer's dripping pussy. Tony now exhausted dressed and gave Nick a high
five on the way out the door. The second black man who had taken Tony's
place at Jennifer's mouth finally erupted down her throat. Jennifer never
having swallowed any cum before and not expecting it began to choke and
gargle on the liquid shot down her throat. As she convulsed and gagged the
man in her pussy began to blow his load in her pussy. The two healthy
loads of cum that had filled her pussy now dripping from her legs the
skinny white guy leaned down between her legs and began eating the cum from
her now stretched pussy.

Just as the sick little freak had finished he being the last of the four
original attackers four more men entered the room. Once again Nick went
over to the other side of the room and spoke to them as he had the first
group. He returned to his seat next to me just as the last of the original
four men left the room. "I schedule four guys an hour that gives um
fifteen minutes a piece. It works out best that's about the most a girl can handle." Nick told me.

The men wasted no time and Jennifer put up no fight as they ravished her
body. All the men in this group used her only for a screw each one using
her mouth and pussy for their gratification. They finished right on time
and where replaced by another four. The procedure was the same as before
Nick spoke with them for a few minutes and motioned at Jennifer, then me to
a laugh from the men and then the condoms on the table. At least one of
this group used a condom but when he finished he dumped its contents down
her throat. One of this group had also blew his load giving Jennifer's
breast a titty fuck as Nick put it. This went on with the next group of
men then the next and next.

The worst part of the evening for me was definitely listening to Nick's
commentary as he described each despicable act in great detail to my
captive ears. Jennifer never seemed to come out of her drugged stupor as
the evening drug on. I had watched my young and innocent wife be raped by
over thirty men in a six hour period that night. The only time she was not
being raped was when the men needed to change video tapes in the cameras.
When it appeared to end Nick got up and talked with his film crew they all
laughed and congratulated each other. Nick returned to me as the men began
to pack up their equipment.

"I just want to thank you for the best present anyone's ever given me
before. God you're a stupid mother fucker. But I hope you understand what
I'm about to tell you. You're wife's going to do some more business for me
and if you both cooperate with me I'll have her home safe and sound by
Monday morning. You know just a little worse for wear." He laughed at his
horrible joke thinking he was funny. `But if you call the cops or anyone
else about this I can promise you you'll never see the bitch again. I'll
turn her into a crack whore and have her working a corner in some city
where you'll never find her."

As he spoke the men behind him began to wrap Jennifer up in a blanket.
"Just remember if you think about calling the cops. I'll kill her and make
sure everyone knows you sold her of to some pimp. Imagine having to raise
your daughter alone after you have her mother killed." I watched as one man threw Jennifer over his shoulder and the other grabbed their duffle bags
and walked unceremoniously out of the room.

Watching Jennifer being carried out I renewed my struggles trying to
free myself and save her. Nick Just laughed and said. "Just remember NO
COPS! Thanks." Then he pulled something from behind his back and hit me
square in the jaw.

I woke up about 2:00 P.M. Saturday afternoon. I found my self still
gagged but no longer tied in the chair, but lying on the cum stained floor
of the room. As I got to my feet I removed the tape from my head slowly
trying futilely to reduce the pain as the taped pulled my hair out. When I
had finally gotten the tape off my head I found I had been gagged with
Nick's underwear. I immediately went for the phone finding it still broken
in two and stained with my blood. I then began to remember what Nick had
warned me. I fell to my knees and cried for hours what had I done.

Finally I got up and tried to clean myself, the blood had dried on my
face and I had bruises on my chest. The cut on my head could have taken a
couple of stitches but it was to late now. I showered for over an hour
trying to come up with some plan of action. I could think of nothing to do
I was without a hope. In a vain attempt I spent most of the evening
driving around the small little town hoping to find my wife. I returned to
the motel room early Sunday morning and cried myself to sleep. I was woken
on Sunday by house keeping telling me it was checkout time. I loaded the
car checked out and drove around the little town some more hoping to spot
Jennifer. Finally out of time I headed back to our town to pick up our

When I picked up our daughter I made some lame excuse to Jennifer's
parents that Jennifer had stopped by her store to take care of some problem
that had come up. They questioned me about the cut on my head and I made
some equally lame excuse. After gathering our daughter and her things I
was relieved to get away from her parents afraid they would find out what I
had done to their daughter.

Not knowing what else to do I drove our daughter home. Upon entering
the house everything seemed in order. I immediately took our daughter to
her room and put her to bed not wanting to face her questions. When I
finally entered our bedroom I turned on the light. To my shock there was
Jennifer lying totally nude balled up on our disheveled bed, laying next to
her a pile of vhs tapes and an envelope.

I spent five minutes trying to wake Jennifer up but I had no luck. I
checked her breathing and pulse both where fine. I almost got her awake
once but she just mumbled something and passed out again. Not knowing what
else I could do for her I pulled a sheet over her and gathered the pile of
tapes and the envelope not sure I wanted to know what I would see on them.
I carried them into the living room not sure I was ready to see what was on
those tapes.

Chapter 3

I sat in the living room and having inserted the first video cassette
which was conveniently marked with the label Volume One written on it. I
hit play on the remote and began to open the envelope. The television
screen was pitch black but I heard a familiar voice as Nick began to speak.
"Well I know you wanted to have a video of your wife's first threesome so I
decided to leave you a video record of all her activities this weekend."

As he spoke I began pulling the photos from the large brown envelope.
The photos of course where obviously all of Jennifer, in various poses and
in different states of dress, and undress. I found them exciting and
disgusting all at the same time to my surprise in several of the photo's
she appeared to be awake and vibrant while in others she sported that dazed
looked she had that night.

The tape then went to that Friday night of Nick raping Jennifer. Having
already seen this first hand I fast forwarded through the rest of the tape
it played out just as I remembered it except one thing. The scene where
Jennifer was drugged had been edited out. As I watched the endless line of
men who used her I again knew just how seriously I had screwed up.

After getting to the end of the first tape I inserted the next one
labeled Volume 2. As this tape began I noticed the date and time stamp in
the corner it was 10:00 A.M. Saturday morning not even eight hours had
passed since she had been taken from our hotel room. I watched as Jennifer
now conscious walked into a large and lavish room hanging off Nick's arm.
She was wearing a lovely sun dress one I knew I had never seen before.
Jennifer seemed fine she sat Next to Nick on the couch and said nothing as
Nick began talking to men in suits who had entered the room. The sound on
the tape was very low and I was unable to make out anything that was said.
Nick and the businessmen spoke for several minutes before shaking hands.

Nick stood and walked off camera this video was taken from a static
position my guess was from a wall mounted or hidden camera. Once Nick had
walked out of the picture the businessmen began to move in around Jennifer.
They sat next to her and began a conversation with her. After only a few
minutes the volume was boosted up and I could hear what was being said.

"So Jennifer does your husband know you're here?" one of the men asked
her. "Yeah, what?" she replied. "So have you done this a lot?" another
asked "Done what?" she questioned. "Screwed a bunch of men you just met."
He said. "No never. I would never do anything like that." She said. "But
will you let us screw you?" he said "Who?" she replied as he put his hand
on her upper thigh and slid it under the small dress.

Without answering her last question he leaned over and began to kiss her
on the lips. The other two men in the room just looked at on another and
then the couple in front of them. Nothing was said by anyone as the man worked his hand under her dress and began working the panties off of
Jennifer never stopping his kiss. Once he finally pulled her panties off
his hand disappeared under her dress again. Jennifer eyes now closed made
no effort to stop him.

After several minutes of his kissing and groping he pulled away and took
of his pants. Jennifer her mouth now free of the intrusion began mumbling
incoherently. Several times she said "no" and "I'm married" but no one
seemed to notice. Jennifer opened her eyes as he approached her face
holding his penis in his hand. She turned away and closed her mouth

"Come on Jennifer open up, I've got a treat for you." he said turning
her head towards his dick. As he pressed his dick against her lips she
opened her mouth. He slid his member into her mouth he was gentle and to
my surprise Jennifer didn't resist the invasion. After a few minutes she
began to move her head back and forth bobbing her head up and down on his
cock. I could see her lips sucking in on his dick she was really giving
him a blow job. How could she, Jennifer had never gotten so into oral sex
with me, head from Jennifer was no more than an open mouth. The man on the
video played with her tits while she sucked his dick. The two pleasured
each other Jennifer looked to be enjoying herself as mush as he did. While
this went on the other two men sat and watched enjoying the show with
smiles on the faces.

After what seemed like an eternity he pulled his raging hard-on from her
mouth and grabbing the bottom of her sundress pulled it from her body.
Jennifer now lay under him wearing only a pair of high heeled shows. He
grabbed her ankles lifting them up and pulling them apart. He slid his
saliva slickened cock into my wife then gave the other two men high fives.
He began to brag to his friends about how hot she was and how good she
felt. I watched as the man on the screen screwed my wife and bragged about
it to his co-workers. As he pumped in and out of her Jennifer simply
moaned in pleasure with each thrust.

He used Jennifer for all she was worth and as he drew to orgasm he
quickened the pace of his thrust. Finally ending his use of my wife by
emptying his seed into her stretched pussy. As her lover pulled away
Jennifer laid panting from her exertions. Lying spent on the couch he
urged on of the others to give her a try. And so he did much as the first
man had. The third followed suit and when he finished I thought she had
vanquished their desires but that was not the case. Two of the men used
her for a second time before exiting the room now exhausted but very happy.
The tape ended it was over four hours long.

I inserted the third of the seven tapes left on our bed and hit play.
It began as the first had a black screen and Nick's voice. "This is the
video of Jennifer's photo shot. I always have a photo shot with my new
girls so I have some good still's to show my clients. Enjoy." The video then went to Jennifer lying on the bed in a teddy. I had seen this pose in
one of the photos from the envelope. Jennifer lay on the bed in a sexy
manner just like you would see in playboy. Legs crossed, elbow down on the
bed holding up her head, smiling and happy. I heard as someone directed
her into other poses, telling her to toss her hair this way or that. I
could see the flashes from a still camera every few seconds, and heard the
talk from people off camera.

"Her breasts are too small." Said someone. "That's okay we can fix
that. Look at that face though." Said another. "She really sealed that
deal this morning?" said someone else. "She's so young and fresh, she'll
be the hottest we've ever had." Was tossed out into the off screen chat.
"She well but it well take a while to train her. She's got no experience."
Was said. "Sure but that's the fun part. Besides we've already given her
a hell of a lesson." I heard said also.

What in the hell where they talking about. By now on the video Jennifer
had changed outfits about a dozen times and posed nude after each outfit.
She had seemed happy and cooperative with her off screen handlers, always
doing as she was told. The video cut out and came back on showing Jennifer
holding her arm saying "What was that?" she must have been given another

Jennifer was instructed to do a few more poses before a masked man appeared and tied her to the bed. She put up no fight and cooperated
fully. After posing with her he went off screen and returned with a strait
razor and some shaving crème. He applied the crème to Jennifer's already
well trimmed bush and shaved her clean. Her pussy now clean shaven he
began to tie her into different bondage positions. This continued for the
next several hours as time passed the drugged haze look I had seen on her
face Friday night returned. She was tied over saw horses, chained from the
ceiling, and every other conceivable position.

The bondage shoot lasted for hours as she was left tied in different
positions to squirm and wiggle in pain. I fell asleep exhausted from the
ordeals of the weekend. I woke up to the sounds of our four year old telling me she was hungry Monday morning. Thankfully I had placed the
photos back in the envelope and the tape had ended.

I fixed her some breakfast and called in sick to work for both myself
and Jennifer. I checked on Jennifer she was still sleeping soundly where I
had left her. I lifted the sheet and looked at her pussy; sure enough it
was shaved clean. I showered and dressed, next I hid the tapes and the
envelope not sure how Jennifer would react to seeing them again. I got our
daughter ready and took her to preschool. Returning home I worked to wake
up Jennifer, groggily she awoke. I began crying and telling her how sorry
I was. She said nothing and simply got up and took a shower. She returned
and I continued to offer my apologies to her. Finally she said "How could
you? You should have told me. You let that man use me. You knew I would
never do a threesome." I was surprised I thought she would be angrier than
that. But as she continued to talk it became obvious she had no memory of
anything after Nate had raped her.

We sat and cried for hours I told her how sorry I was. She told me she
was sorry for continuing her online affair. As tactfully as possible I
tried to find out what she did remember from the weekend. She continued to
tell me she remembered nothing past Friday and Nick's rape of her.

Make no mistakes she was seriously pissed at me and angry at me for my
mistake. But over the next three weeks things had returned to almost some
since of normalcy. I had hidden the videos and photos deciding it was for
the best that if Jennifer didn't know what happened to her that weekend
then I should know no more than I already did. Although we hadn't had sex
since then I had convinced Jennifer to let me sleep in the bed with her.

After three weeks it seemed like our marriage might be okay. Jennifer
had been tested and was free of any STD's. Fortunately for me her period
had started and I was able to breathe a large sigh of relief.

On that third week Jennifer came home as excited and happy as I had ever
seen her. She had been offered a job as an executive assistant to some
large company I had never heard of. She explained that somehow someone who
she used to work with had recommended her to someone else. It was
confusing to me but it sounded legit. She explained how this job could
lead to her getting a marketing job which is what she had gone to college for.

Then she hit me with the bad news. The new job would require her to
travel, a lot. They wanted her to start on that coming Monday and her
first out of town trip would be in just two weeks and would involve her
being gone for three weeks straight. At this point I knew my answer.
There was no way I was going for this I valued our time together as a
family and didn't want to be separated from my wife for that long. Sensing
I was about to tell her no way she told me how much it paid. My mouth
dropped it was almost twice what are combined income was. She told me of
the benefits and of how much she could make if she got this marketing job.
She told me she had already talked to her mother and she would help me with
our daughter when Jennifer was out of town.

Knowing what this job could do for us finically and that my support
could get me out of the dog house, I told her she should do it if she
wanted. That night Jennifer and I had sex again for the first time since
we had met Nick. Monday morning she started her new job.

Chapter 4

Monday evening when Jennifer got home I asked her about her day. She
was still incredibly excited about her new job. She told me about how the
first day had been filled with filling out paper work and learning about
the company. I asked her exactly what this company did and she began
telling me about it. Apparently it was a multinational conglomerate having
its fingers in about everything. They held company's in everything from
shipping and waste disposal to electronics, food processing, and

Jennifer would be working for one of the manager's in their
entertainment division which was also there marketing arm. Jennifer's
excitement about the opportunities was obvious. At dinner she told me
about all the corny company videos she had to watch on the first day. The
seventies safety videos, the eighties sexual harassment video, the nineties
overly optimistic marketing video.

We laughed and joked throughout the evening just enjoying one another's
company. That evening, and that week for that matter, we had some great
sex. I don't know if it was because I couldn't get the images of Nick and
the others having sex with Jennifer out of my mind or because of I
perceived she had lost some of her inhibitions.

Jennifer came home Tuesday saying she had made friends with a woman in
her office named Jenna. The two looked almost like sisters except for
Jenna's massive chest. Jenna sported what she bragged where 38DD breast she said it was the best thing anyone ever bought her. She was quite
outgoing and very free spirited she had gone shopping with Jennifer and
helped her pick out some new clothes for her new job. Although Jennifer
had always dressed pretty conservatively before Jenna had talked her into
several sexy business suits I'm sure she wouldn't have picked out on her
own. Although they had only known each other for a few days Jenna had been
over to our house from Wednesday on, every night including the weekend.
She stayed for dinner on Thursday night and spent most of the evening
trying to convince Jennifer she should get a boob job also. Jenna asked my
opinion as to what I would like to see? Reluctantly I told her I was happy
with Jennifer's 34B's. Jenna didn't except this and finally Jennifer asked
me what I would like honestly I admitted it would be nice if her breast where 36C's or D's I told the women anything larger would look freakish on

Jenna had finally talked Jennifer into "Thinking about it" on the third
day the women had known each other that was only Jennifer's fourth day at
her new job. By the second week Jenna was at our house every night. I was
glad to see Jennifer had found a friend at the new job but something
bothered me about it.

When it was time for Jennifer to leave on Sunday evening our daughter and I drove her to the airport. As we said our goodbyes I asked Jennifer
to call me as often as she could telling her I would miss her.

Jennifer boarded the small cooperate jet having said goodbye to her
family. She was accompanied by her boss and several other men whom she had
not met. Jennifer had only flown a few times and was overwhelmed by the
luxury of the small Jet. Leather seats lined one side of the jet while a
couch and mini-bar was on the other. Jennifer was the only women onboard
and found herself alone with the four men as the plane took off.

Jennifer sat and listened as the men discussed business and the closing
of various deals. Their conversation was too cryptic for Jennifer to know
what deals they spoke of. Talk of long term contracts after the initial
investment and returns on the investment. When one of the men asked
Jennifer her thoughts on "it." She replied it all sounded good to her.
Having not been in on the conversation to know just what the men where
talking about. Then the men laughed and told her they where glad she
approved, before moving on to talk of sports and family.

Jennifer sat quietly throughout the flight not joining in the men's
conversation. As they approached LA they Pilot announced they would be
landing shortly. The men talked of going and getting a drink since it was
only 10:00 P.M. in LA. They invited Jennifer but she said she thought she
would simply go the Hotel since she was feeling a little tired. Her Boss
then asked her to reconsider telling her it may be necessary for her to
take some notes while they discussed some business.

Not wanting to displease her boss she agreed to join them. Once the
plane landed they got in a Limousine and proceeded to a private club one of
them frequented. When they arrived they sat around a table and began
talking they where met by another company colleague who was sent to get
drinks for the table.

The new man returned shortly handing out drinks to the men and placing
one in front of Jennifer even though she had said she was fine. After
several minutes her boss looked at her and seeing she had not taken a drink
asked if she didn't like it. She replied that she just didn't drink but
thanked him for it anyway. He looked at her disapprovingly and said "Well
that's too bad." Sensing he was displeased she took the drink and had a
sip. Looking at her boss she said "It's not bad." Thinking what could one
drink hurt? He looked at her and smiled approvingly, happy to have pleased
him she took a larger drink of the liquid. The drink was sweet and not
hard she thought as she sipped it.

Jennifer nursing her drink had finished it in half an hour. The men had
already drunk two. Seeing she had finally finished it someone got her a
fresh drink. Not sure what it was Jennifer drank this one more quickly as
the conversation had gotten more lively the men now sat around laughing and
joking, ignoring her for the most part.

The two drinks laced with the drug made Jennifer feel light headed and
out of sorts. Soon she found herself drawn into the men's conversation as
they turned their attention toward her. They began telling her how
beautiful she was and what a promising future she had with the company.

As the night went on Jennifer found herself unable to control her mouth
or her body. She laughed at everything the men said and found her self
agreeing with everything they said. To her amazement she found herself
agreeing to go back to the newcomer's house for some drinks privately for
with the men. She found herself wedged between the men as the limo took
them to the man's house. Finding it hard to keep her head up she leaned
against on of the men to her right as the man on her left put his hand on
her thigh. She closed her eyes and began to doze off. She thought she
felt someone fondling her breast as she sat there. Opening her eyes she
saw all eyes looking at her.

Jennifer looked around the Limo at the men staring at her then
instinctively down at herself. Her blouse lay open and her breast had been
pushed up and out of her bra. Her nipples stood erect and bright red at
full attention after being manhandled. Jennifer found herself laughing at
her predicament which drew a round of laughter from the men.

As she sat there wondering why she was allowing this to happen she took
notice of the men around her. Jim Willis her boss was a younger man and
already halfway up the corporate later, Manger in Charge of Entertainment
Specials for the independent film group of the Company's media group. John
and Christopher said they where from accounting for the company's
investment group. Ron Charles was a middle manager for will she wasn't
sure, and as far as to whom house she was now on her way to she couldn't
even remember his name.

As the Limo pulled into the driveway of the plush house two more men stood outside waiting. Opening the door the drugged Jennifer found herself
scooted over the men's lap to the two waiting outside. As she was pulled
across the men she found her ass being pinched through her business slacks
and her shirt and bra removed. She found herself standing half naked in
front of the large home giggling as she heard the comments from the men.

Once inside she was seated on the couch three men on either side of her.
She was handed a drink as someone put some music on. The conversation now
centered on Jennifer, as one man after another would reach out and touch
her exposed breast. Jennifer saw the men filming her conversation and knew
something was terribly wrong but found herself laughing and giggling as the
men continued. A pinch to her nipple caused Jennifer to spill her drink on
herself. Someone suggested she take her slacks off so they could wash them
before the stain sat in.

Jennifer knew it was wrong but she found herself standing up and
removing her slacks handing them to someone. Mr. Willis stood and asked
Jennifer to dance before she was able to sit back down. Finding herself
unable to refuse him she began to dance now wearing only a pair of panties and her belly ring. As the song ended Mr. Willis was replaced with
someone else. This went on for three or four more songs. In the process
she found herself being kissed and touched by each of her dance partners.

As a slow song began she found her current partner replaced by Mr.
Willis again. This time as the couple danced Mr. Willis's hands made
there way down to her panties and meticulously began edging them down her
legs until they finally fell to the ground. Now nude in a room full of men Jennifer found her self guided through the song over to the side of the
couch. As he moved around behind her she heard a rustling sound just
before she was pushed over the arm of the couch gently edged forward as her
legs where pushed wide apart causing her to fall slightly. Her face
landing in someone's lap she felt a presence behind her. She felt the head
of the cock as it pressed against her pussy. Biting her lower lip as she
felt him press into her she closed her eyes her mind racing with a thousand
mixed thoughts all telling her she must put a stop to this.

As she wondered what was wrong with her she heard the moan escape her
own lips. A moan of pleasure as the man behind her began a steady pace of
thrust into her pussy. She opened her eyes to make sure she wasn't
dreaming when she saw the erect cock only an inch from her face. Disgusted
by the sight she found herself drawn to it a hand pushing her head down.
Unbelievable to her was the fact she opened her mouth and took the prick
into her mouth as she again moaned in pleasure from the dick in her pussy.

She found herself rocked back and forth between the two cocks as they
found a rhythm. Just as she got used to the feeling of the cock inside her
pussy she felt it drive in hard and hold himself in her. She seemed to be
able to sense every twitch as if her pussy was super sensitive to the
touch, as his dick began to erupt its seed into her.

A sense of relief washed over her as he withdrew his dick from her
pussy. It was short lived as another took its place almost instantly. This
new person was rougher than the first as he grabbed her waist and
forcefully drove every thrust into her with long hard strokes. His violent
thrust making it harder for Jennifer to service the man still stuffed in
her mouth.

She lay there between the two now knowing she would be expected to
service all the men in the room. As her thoughts drifted again two strong
hands forced her head down and held it in place over the cock in her mouth
as he began to shoot his cum down her throat. Watching Jennifer gag on the
dick in her mouth the man behind her climaxed filling her with his load as
well. As both men pulled away from her she felt empty and alone. Waiting
for who would be next to use her as they saw fit.

Seconds passed then minutes still no one approached her. Wondering if
it was over she rolled over looking around dazed at the men. She saw their
hungry eyes looking her over and she felt her now empty pussy it was like
an itch and it needed scratched. "Well isn't someone going to fuck me?"
she asked. No one responded they just stood or sat watching her as her
hands roamed down to her now empty pussy. She began rubbing herself but it
did no good still she felt that itch it was driving her crazy. She tried
frantically to fulfill the need she now felt but it only drove her wilder.

Now a sense of frenzied desperation came over her she could no longer
stand it. "Please help me!" she called out to no one in particular.
"Please fuck me! Please!" she begged for release. Finally her pleas where
answered as a large and muscled Blackman who she had not seen earlier this
evening approached her and pulling her legs up rammed his member into her.
She felt him in her and the itch was being scratched but not enough as she
found herself begging "Harder! Harder! Come on harder! Put that thing in

She couldn't believe herself but she had to have some relief and so she
begged as one man finished she begged for the next. She was insatiable
none of the eleven men in the room could satisfy the itch in her groan.
They could only minimize its effect momentarily. She no longer cared about
anything or anyone as the flashes from the cameras went off she begged for
more reaching out for more when one finished. She could feel the cum running down her thighs and drying on her body. Late in the night she
collapsed exhausted from her exertions and still needing release
unconsciousness took her as the group of men dispersed.

Jennifer awoke from the dream feeling dirty and disturbed, confusion
clouding her mind as she lay looking around at the unfamiliar room.

Chapter 5

Jennifer's head ached an effect of the alcohol and drugs giving her a
horrendous hangover. As she began looking around the room to get her
bearings she began to notice her condition. She was sore and tired, her
skin covered in the dried fluids of her lovers. As she looked down she
could see cum covering her inner thighs.

Her head dropped back to the pillow as she remembered the events of the
following evening. She remembered it all clearly, the drinks the
conversation, the men, and the sex. The sex, the men, she had had sex with
almost a dozen men that evening. She had begged for it, she had needed it.
She thought back with shame at her actions feeling like a slut. Then a
feeling of horror and fear came over her as she remembered the cameras.
She realized with terror that there was a video and photos of her, a video of her acting like a slut.

Tears began rolling down her face as she began thinking of all the bad
things she had done. She then began to worry about the consequences of her
actions. Would she be fired, what if Mike found out, he'd demand a
divorce. What if her parent's or daughter saw those pictures? What had she
done, she laid and cried for over an hour.

Not knowing what to do or even what time it was she finally got up and
took a shower. She scrubbed the disgusting remains from her body. Then
she showered for as long as the water remained hot, then she brushed her
teeth. As she brushed her teeth she realized that she was using the items
she had brought with her. Someone had unpacked her things and it wasn't

Now feeling as clean as she could she went out wrapped in a towel and
began to search for her clothes. She looked in the closet and found only
high heeled shoes noting they where her size. She then looked in the
dresser and chest of drawers but found no clothes. Not knowing where her
clothes where she decided to call and ask her friend Jenna for some advice.
She just needed to talk to a friendly and reassuring voice to comfort her.
She knew she wasn't ready to talk to her husband yet, not sure what to tell

Jennifer picked up the phone and as she brought it to her ear to dial
she heard a voice "So your finally awake slut. Good, get your sweet ass
out here." she heard. "What. I don't have any clothes." Jennifer said
timidly. "I know now get out her now damn-it!" The voice told her angrily.
Not wanting to anger the voice on the phone, unsure of her circumstances
she obeyed.

Nervously she walked out of the room wearing only her towel. As she
walked out she saw two men seated at a round table sipping drinks. She
remembered the room from the previous evening and having been taken from
behind bent over that table. In front of the table was a television and
she saw in horror as the men where watching the video from the previous
evening. She saw her self on the screen hungrily sucking a cock in her
mouth as she rammed her hips against someone screwing her pussy from
behind. Crying from the sight on the screen one of the men ordered her to
sit down.

The men watched for several minutes ignoring her. Jennifer too
disgusted by what she saw on the screen sat with her head down. Turning to
her one of the men said "You're quite the slut, Honey. Just look at you
go." "That's not me. I don't know what happened last night I've never done
anything like that before." Jennifer said bawling now. Laughing at her the
man replied "Really will isn't that you?" he said pointing to the
television. As Jennifer looked up she saw a different scene in a lavish
bedroom, on the screen was the picture of a girl a dick in her throat and
one screwing her pussy from behind again. Jennifer watched in speechless
horror as the camera zoomed in on her face, then her wedding ring on her
finger, before focusing on the navel ring she wore. There was no doubt the
image on the screen was her. She then took note that her pussy had been
freshly shaved and knew it had to have happened in the three days she was
now unable to remember.

Jennifer had tried hard not to think of what she could remember from
that night. The fear she felt when she saw Nate or Nick or who ever he
really was. The sense of helplessness she felt as he began to rub her body
and touch her. The horror that struck her as Nick knocked Mike to the
floor and let the two men in. The shock of watching her husband being tied
to the chair, now as helpless as her, the sensation of the drug running
through her veins. Her lose of control as Nick began to rape her, the
feeling of pleasure she derived from his penetration.

Her attention was brought back to the present as one of them slapped her
across the face knocking her to the floor. "Pay attention slut! I said
lose the towel." He said. "No. Please!" she began to plead. Instantly he
stood reached out and ripped the towel from her body. "Stop it! Just stop
it. This isn't right what do you think your doing." She started to
protest. The other man now standing as well grabbed one of her arms as the
man who had slapped her grabbed the other. She continued to protest as the
men effortlessly sat her in the chair and producing a pair of medal
handcuffs secured her arms behind the chair.

"You better get a grip slut! From now on you do as your told nobody
gives a crap what you think is right or wrong or what you want. You will
do as your told or else." He said. "You're crazy! You can't just tell me
to do anything I'm a human being and there are laws against..." Jennifer
began to protest. For her troubles she was once again slapped across her
beautiful face. The force of this second blow enough to crack her lip
open, causing her to bleed. Her head down, she got a glimpse of herself in
the mirror on the wall.

There she was secured to the chair her body on display for all to see
two strange men she didn't know standing over her, threatening her. The
pain and humiliation she feared was only equaled by her fear. She watched
as another tear ran down her cheek, knowing just as that fateful Friday
night there would be no one to save her. How had it gone from a simple
online chat to this? Mike had made a terrible mistake the day he setup his
little planned threesome, but how had it turned into this nightmare, and
would it ever end?

"Look bitch you've got two choices you can start doing as your told
right know and save you and your family a lot of pain." He told her letting
it sink in for a minute or two "Or you can fight us, we drug you, screw
you, and then screw you up until you do as you're told. Now if you chose
to go that route, your daughters a freaking orphan. Who knows if your
parents will take her after they see the tapes we've already gotten of
you." Jennifer no longer sobbing hysterically listened as he continued.
"After we off your limp dick husband, and burn your house to the ground I
bet you'll start to cooperate so we don't do the same to your folks and

The man stood back and let it sink in for several minutes before he
asked her. "Well slut what's it going to be; do as we say or not." "What
choice do I have? What does it matter you've already killed me, just leave
my family alone please!" She said blubbering through her tears. "We will
if you do everything you're told without question." She was told. "Fine,
just leave my family alone. What do I have to? She began to ask. "Well
I'm glad you asked." Cutting her off. "First we'll record some messages
for hubby. He is expecting you back in three weeks we'll be just about
done with your training by then." He said.

The other man still unidentified placed a tape recorder with a
microphone and a pad of paper in front of her. "Okay slut just read what's
on the paper there are 35 different messages for hubby there. You better
read them all in a regular tone of voice and make them convincing." He
ordered her as he held the pad in front of her as the other man held the
microphone to her lips.

And so she began "Hi honey. Well I just got back in to the hotel, we're
driving up the coast tonight to look at some property and I just wanted you
to know every things okay. Please don't let Lisa stay up to late you know
she gets cranky at day care if you do. Tell her mommy loves her and misses
her. I love you I'll try to call you later tomorrow so we can talk, Love
you, Bye." She finished the first. They seemed pleased at her efforts and
moved onto the next. The next twenty are so where all about the same.
Some lame reason why she hadn't called earlier or later and trying to
reassure him everything was fine. She found the next one troubling it was
her explaining to Mike why she would need to stay out of town a few more
weeks. As she tried to finish what was written she found herself crying
from the news her ordeal would last longer.

This angered the talker, as her pinched her nipple and told her to nock
it off and do it right or else. Jennifer fought to regain her composure so
she could finish without angering him more. She finished this one, then
another, and another. Then she recorded about five meant for her parents.
Once she had finished the men nodded at each other in approval as the
silent one walked into the other room carrying off the recording. He
returned moments later with a stack of papers.

Jennifer found her hands un-cuffed as she was told to sign each document
where indicated. Looking at the first paper she read something about
medical treatment or release or something. As she started to read it the
talker grabbed her nipple and said. "Slut I don't recall telling you to
read shit. I said sign the freakin paper." Pain running through her breast she signed and moved on to the next. She got a glance every now and again,
some seemed to be film and copyright releases while others where powers of
attorney and medical release forms. Jennifer didn't want to sign any of
them especially the ones that hadn't even been filled in yet, but did out
of fear.

Jennifer sat silently as they shuffled the papers the silent one leaving
with them and returning with a small outfit. "Blow us and you can get
dressed." The talker said. "What?" Jennifer said shocked by his bluntness;
not yet used to her situation. Her question got her slapped across the
face again. "Now" was all he said.

Jennifer now on her hands and knees crawled over to the talker and
waited for him to take his thing out. He looked down at her and said "Now
Slut!" she knew she would have to do it all. She started to reach for his
trousers and he stopped her saying. "No I don't think so slut use your
teeth and mouth to get it out." Jennifer leaned down and tried to use her
tongue to lift up the handle on his zipper. She had a lot of trouble with
the whole process which got her rewarded with another nipple pinch causing
her to yelp and cry again. Finally getting his zipper down she used her
nose to open his trousers she found he wore no under wear thankfully.
Using her tongue she guided his dick into her mouth and began to move her
lips across it. She did nothing more than move lips across his member.
Angered by her poor job he pinched her again telling her to suck it in and
roll her tongue over it.

Jennifer had never liked oral sex and always tried to make sure Mike
wouldn't enjoy it hoping he would stop asking for it. She began to suck on
the dick in her mouth. She slobbered on his slacks unable to keep her
saliva in her mouth. She tried to suck the juice out of him hoping to
avoid any further punishment. "That's a little better slut now take it all
the way in your mouth I want to feel you tonsils on my dick." He ordered.

Jennifer tried to take it in further but every time she tried she began
to gag and cough unable to relax her throat. "Let me help." The talker
said. He grabbed Jennifer's hair on her next attempt and forced her mouth
down over his prick. She gagged and tried to break free but he had an iron
grip and wouldn't let go. He held her there for several minutes, finally
she relaxed enough that he began to move her head back and forth over his
cock. Jennifer was unaware he had released his grip on her as she
concentrated on her breathing as her head moved up and down over his cock.
She found that with a little effort she was able to suppress her natural
gag reflex and take his cock in her throat. She continued on her own for
the next ten minutes her job now good enough to get him off. He grabbed
her hair again and held her as he shot his load down her throat.

Jennifer almost puked as the man shot load after load of his hot sticky
cum down her throat. It felt like a warm slime and as she coughed some up.
She was sickened by the taste of the awful liquid. As she felt him release
her hair she fell over on the floor trying to prevent herself from

"Hey, slut you're not done. Now go practice some more on Tony. We got
places to go so hurry." Jennifer slowly crawled over to him and began the
process over again. She was much better this time and able to take him in
her throat with a little effort he lasted as long as the talker but
unloaded more of his seed than his cohort.

The outfit thrown to Jennifer as she lay on the ground she looked it
over it was a one piece black Lycra dress. "Put it on Slut." She was told.
"I need some under..." she started to say looking up at him she stopped.
She slipped the dress on without another word and began to stand pulling it
down. The dress hug firmly over hips but was a little loss around the
chest. They escorted her out to a SUV and had her sit in the back.

Jennifer watched through the darkened windows as they drove through the
streets of LA not knowing where she was being taken. They pulled into a
small office building the placard outside labeled it the Southern LA
Plastic Surgery Clinic. The parking lot was mostly empty and Jennifer saw
the time on the clock at the bank across the street it was just after 6:00

As they walked into the office she was escorted to the back. Tony the
silent man finally speaking to the doctor as he walked out from an office.
She heard them speaking of the enhancement and what they where looking for.
Jennifer was escorted into a room labeled pre-op. The talker reaching down
began to lift her dress up and off her body. Jennifer made no move to stop
him as she was too scared to put up any resistance.

The doctor and Tony walked in and the doctor began looking at a folder;
he then walked up and began cupping Jennifer's breast. They spoke of the
operation some more and the placement of the implants. Jennifer found
herself excluded from the talk all together. The preparations took about
an hour and a half. Jennifer had seen in the doctor's folder noting he
already had a photo of her bare chest labeled before he used as he made
marks on her breast. Through all the preparations none of the men or even
the nurses who had since come in even spoke to Jennifer.

Jennifer found herself lying on the table she heard them talk of the
type of implant. She would be getting expandable implants whatever that
meant. She heard them talk as the gas mask was placed over her face she
hadn't said a word or been spoken to, only about since she had been here.
She heard the doctor say "We'll put her under I think it'll be for the
best." Jennifer lay unconscious on the table only moments later.

Chapter 6

Jennifer awoke to find herself lying nude on the bed back at the house.
She felt light headed and in pain looking down at herself she could see
why. Jennifer's once natural and perky breast had been enlarged too much
larger melons.

There was pain and discomfort in her breast but also in her groan. She
touched her breast as she lifted up to look at her groan. She guessed her
bra size was now at least a D or maybe a DD. Moving her hand she ran it
across her groan her skin was smooth above her crotch. As Jennifer gazed
down at her privates her mouth dropped open in shocked silence. Her clit
was now visible for all to see as it was exposed between her now engorged
pussy lips. Her skin was smooth and felt strange to her as she ran her
hand across it the lack of hair or stubbles told her something else had
been done, but she was unsure what.

Knowing she had been changed, transformed as she had been Jennifer felt
a deep shame. These men she didn't know had somehow convinced her to allow
them to do this to her. She was appalled by her appearance and disgusted
by her actions as she began to wonder what would come next. She worried
that she would never see her parents or her daughter again. Then she
started to wonder if she would be able to face them or anyone else after
the things she had done and that had been done to her.

She collected herself the best she could and headed for the restroom, as
she walked she felt the lips of her pussy rubbing her now exposed clit the
sensation was unlike any she could remember. It was a perverse experience
feeling herself rub her sex as she walked. Jennifer was tired and weak as
she entered the spacious restroom. She tried to figure out what time of
day it was, but looking out the small bathroom window gave her no clue.

Taking in the sight that greeted her in the mirror Jennifer was amazed
at how she looked. The large breast now on her chest looked out of place.
Even if she wasn't feeling the pain in her chest she would still feel
unnatural with the large orbs now poking from her body. Her skin felt
stretched by the enlargement of her breast. To her shame she did thank the
looked good, properly shaped and very bouncy. She felt each breast finding
a small incision underneath each one. The cuts where much smaller than she
had thought and were already beginning to heal nicely.

Jennifer then took special notice to her sex looking in the mirror the
incisions made to her sex where easier for her to see. They too had begun
to heal nicely. Jennifer ran her hand across her now exposed clit a
sensation ran through her a mixture of pain and pleasure just from a gentle
touch. She took notice that her pussy lips where now apparently
permanently enlarged and just as sensitive as her clit. Her shame
increased as she felt the sensations run through her body from her own

Jennifer taking note of the instructions on the counter labeled "Care
and maintenance of you slut." Read how she was to bath for the next two
weeks. Following the instructions she gave herself a sponge bath making
sure not to get her incisions wet. She gazed in the mirror one last time
before wrapping herself in the towel.

Crying and distraught by what had been done to her Jennifer walked out
of the bathroom and headed for the bed. Then she heard that voice again
the one from her nightmares.

"Hey, Slut the fella's tell me they taught you how to give a blow job.
Get over here and prove it." he said sitting in a chair on the side of the

Jennifer looked at him in shock sitting there gazing lewdly at her was
the man her husband claimed was Nate. Jennifer found it hard to believe
that the person she had spent so many long hours chatting with would have
done the things to her this man had. In their online chats he had been
charming and romantic, telling her he was a teacher and coach. She had
found him to be sweet and funny. The two had chatted about every thing.
This man knew more about her than anyone else ever had. She had told him
things she could never have told another living soul. She felt good
telling him what she had; telling herself she was just pretending and it
was all make believe. She thought no one would ever know it was her she
hadn't even used her real name.

Now here he was demanding a blow job of her. Jennifer knew she had no
choice so she quietly walked over to him and dropped to her knees.

"Lose the fucking towel Slut." He ordered her next.

Without hesitation Jennifer pulled the towel free from her body and let
it drop to the floor beside her. She pulled his cock free of his pants
using only her mouth as she had learned to do. As she took his cock in her
mouth and began to suck it he took out his cell phone and made a call.

Jennifer paid no attention to his phone conversation as she concentrated
her efforts at giving him a blow job. He ran his hands through her hair as
he spoke on the phone. Occasionally he would give her directions on how to
make it better. Although Jennifer wanted to tell him to do it himself she
followed his instructions without saying a word.

She sucked on his cock for what seemed like hours. She felt ill knowing
she was taking this stranger's cock into her throat. Finally after what
seemed like hours Nate fired his sperm deep into her mouth she swallowed as
best she could gagging on the thick globs of the goo sliding down her

Standing and putting his member away after Jennifer had cleaned him
adequately he ordered her to follow him as he walked out of the room.
Jennifer picking up the towel started to follow this monster who led to her
defilement. Turning to her he told her to leave the towel and do as she
was told.

Nude as she was Jennifer followed him back to the table in the other
room. Nate ordered her to sit down and shut up as he walked into the
adjoining room. She heard the muffled conversation from the other room but
was unable to hear what was said. In front of her the television was on to
CNN news. While reading the headline ticker Jennifer saw it was now just
after 2:00 PM Thursday afternoon. Jennifer had been out of it since
Monday. After several minutes Nate walked back in the room and took a seat
across the table from the tortured young bride.

"So Slut how do you like what we've done with you?" Nate asked her.

"I hate it and I hate you! Why don't you just kill me and be done with
it you bastard!" Jennifer shot back at him angrily, no longer worried what
might happen to her.

"Well that's what I expected. As to killing you there's no money in it
however as to what I have planned for you well I'm hoping to make a mint on
that. But rest assured if it becomes more profitable to just kill you I
want hesitate to kill you and your family you little slut!" He fired back
at her.

"Why? Why are you doing this to me? You seemed so nice and now you're
doing this to me, why?" Jennifer cried.

"Simple Slut, in my business I need a special kind of women and fresh
face's. I've used the chat rooms to find all kinds of women and to judge
what I can get out of them. It's all about the Benjamin's; it's always
about the money. It makes the world go round you know." He said laughing
at her.

"If you follow my instructions and do as you're told you'll make it out
of this alive. I'll let you go back to your husband and your normal life.
If he won't take you back I'm sure with your new training you'll be able to
make some other man very happy. You fight me on this and you might live to
regret it, but I doubt it Slut." He said in the most serious of tones.

Jennifer dropped her head in defeat. She wondered what else was in
store for her. She looked up to see one of the men, Tony it was bringing
in two plates full of food. At that moment Jennifer came to realize just
how hungry she really was having not eaten since Sunday evening.

Tony placed the plate full of pasta in front of her and one in front of
Nate. Looking at her Nate told her to eat and she dug in greedily. After
finishing her food and having seconds Nate had her follow him into another
room. It was a gym and inside was another man she did not recognize. She
was ordered to blow him to wash down her meal.

Doing as she was told Jennifer sucked the man off. Thankfully he lost
his load quickly in her mouth. After she cleaned him up he instructed her
on different exercises she was told to do in order to "tighten" up her
almost perfect body. Jennifer spent two hours in the gym exercising as she
was told. She was then taken into the kitchen where she was told to blow
Tony and the talker.
Jennifer had been gone for five days when I answered my front door.
Jena stood in the doorway and asked if she could come in. Looking at the
blonde standing at my door way my jaw dropped, Jena was wearing a tight
tube top that was skin tight around her huge breast. The skirt she wore
left nothing to the imagination and showed all of her treasures. I stepped
back out of the way allowing her in. Jenna sauntered into the roam
seductively she sat on the couch and crossed her legs erotically. I sat
across from her and asked her what I owed the pleasure of her visit to.
She explained Jennifer had called and asked her to stop by and check on our
daughter and I and drop off her paycheck.

I sat shocked as I looked at Jennifer's paycheck it was almost double
what we had expected. Before I could say a word Jenna began to tell me how
good I was looking and continued to shift her legs trying to give me a
show. I was shocked as we talked for almost an hour she keep making subtle
suggestions about how lonely it must be for me and how she would like to
help. I laughed at her jokes and told her I would have to be going as I
was taking our daughter to my parents for dinner.

When I got home from dinner I put our daughter to bed and got out the
tapes of Jennifer's weekend. Jenna's earlier visit had made me incredibly
horny. I placed the fourth of Jennifer's tapes in the VCR and lay down on
couch. Moments after I had hit play on the remote the screen came to life.
There on the screen I watched as Jennifer sat at a table in what looked
like a bar. She sat between six large black men who where all drinking
heavily. Jennifer sat not drinking; in fact she never said a word as the
men talked amongst themselves. She sat smiling and looking quite content.
Finally the camera angled down giving a view of what was happening under
the table.

Jennifer was dressed in a halter top and a red leather mini-skirt as the
camera showed panning under the table. Three pair of hands groped her
between her thighs and explored her womanhood. Jennifer's face was one of
distant pleasure as she distorted her brow obviously affected by the men's
explorations. The camera showed as fingers entered her pussy while others
rubbed across her mound she was at their mercy as she sat on her hands.

The men changed seats several times allowing the others a chance to feel
her up. After several minutes she was helped up onto the table by several
of the men. One of the men whispered something in her ear and then slapped
her roughly on the ass. Jennifer stood and slowly began to move back and
forth on top of the table. As the men hollered their encouragement and
directions to her she gyrated her hips more seductively.

Jennifer now into it began to put on a spectacular show for the men at
her table and the others in the bar. As the camera zoomed around the room
and then back to Jennifer I noticed that other than Jennifer I saw only
four other women in the topless bar three of witch looked to be waitresses.
The men probably twenty or more began to yell for her to take it off.

Finally doing as the men requested Jennifer slowly began to pull up her
top revealing the lower globes of her chest. Then obviously thinking
better of it she stopped and pulled it down. She then started to get down
from the table apparently ashamed and scared. She had a scared look on her
face a realization of what she had almost done, when one of the black men at the table slapped her ass roughly and demanded she continue her dance.
She refused and tried to climb down the other side she found a slap there
from someone else. Having no place else to go she stood back up on the
table and as she was ordered she began to gyrate slowly for the men.

Her performance now looked taxed and did not meet with the men's
approval as she had before. They began booing her and chanting for her to
take it off. Jennifer looked around the room as if looking for some escape
from the horde of now angry and horny men. As Jennifer's gyrations slowed
the men's anger grew. Suddenly a hand reached around grabbed her arm she
was pulled down from the top of the table.

I watched as Jennifer was carried atop an ocean of arms to come to rest
atop a pool table she struggled against the men but the held her arms and
legs securely. Arms began running across her body white arms, black arms
mixed together in the mix.

I watched as her clothes where ripped from her body by the men.
Jennifer's screams for help drowned out by the chairs of the women in just
moments one of the black men had shoved his cock deep into Jennifer's wide
spread pussy. He pounded her for several minutes before he gave a grunt
and pulled out. He was quickly followed by another man who was much
rougher on her. He pounded into her with such force he seemed like he was
trying to split her in half. Jennifer's screams of pain could be heard
only briefly over the groups howls.

I watched in disbelief as tears ran down her face as the savage rammed
his weapon into Jennifer. I was afraid for her and aroused at the same
time. The man between her legs was yelling profanities at her and spit
dripped from his lips onto her body. He was possessed as he ravished her.
He finally pulled away from her slapping her thigh roughly before letting
the next man in. After this brute the rest seemed tame as one after
another they mounted my wife and raped her. To her credit Jennifer never
stopped trying to escape she fought back and had to be held down even as
the last man raped her.

Released by the men now that she had satisfied every man in the room
Jennifer rolled off the table and fell to the floor as the tape ended. I
went to bed having enjoyed my wife's movie greatly.

Two weeks had passed since Jennifer had awakened to find herself
modified and transformed. She had gotten into a routine she started her
day giving Nick or Nate whoever he really was a long blow job. Then onto
the Gym and another BJ before her workout she exercised for two hours in
the morning before her breakfast and two more hours after dinner. She
would blow every man in the house and all those who stopped by during the
day. On the average day she gave a dozen blowjobs and on some as many as
eighteen. She had become an expert at getting a man to shot his load in
her mouth. Although she still hated it and found it disgusting she had
overcome her gag reflex to the feeling of a mans cock in her throat. The
taste of a mans cum still mad her want to vomit although she had learned to
accept it.

Exercising was surprisingly the most difficult part of her day, the
sensations of her clit being rubbed by her engorged pussy lips drove her
wild and humiliated her. She wondered how long this routine would

Chapter 7

With the two weeks since she had woke in the bedroom plus the week that
had apparently lapsed while she was unconscious, meant that she had been
gone for just over three weeks. She thought of her husband, Mike, maybe he
would get worried and call the police. Then she remembered the messages
she had to recorded, about extending her "business trip". Knowing that
somehow the message she recorded had gotten to Mike, and that he wouldn't
be calling the police, Jennifer broke down and cried, when would this end?
When would she see her family again?

It was another day, her routine started the same, giving Nick or
whatever his name was a blow job. This time he stopped her before he came
in her throat, telling her to stand up. He cupped her breasts, lifting
them up, and looked at the incisions, "Looks like they healed nicely."
moving his hands and eyes lower, he checked the incisions in her sex.
"These have healed nicely also, I can't see any scaring, and I know where
to look. You'll have to give the doctor a nice thank you, next time you
see him." Nick said. His hands lingered, staying on her sex, and starting
to fondle her clit and pussy lips.

After two weeks of being driven crazy by just moving around, after her
"modifications", his touch sent tremors through her body. She started to
pull away, but he quickly grabbed her nipple with one hand while continuing
to play with her with the other. A moment later, she couldn't help
herself, a moan escaped her lips. He grinned, and quickened his hand
movements, slipping a finger into her, he said. "Yep, everything seems to
be working. He moved his now wet finger from her sex to her lips.
Jennifer closed her mouth and turned her head. He twisted the nipple he
had never let go of, as Jennifer opened her mouth to moan in pain, he put
his finger in. He kept his finger in her mouth as he slowly released the
pressure on her nipple. Jennifer closed her mouth and started sucking his
finger. He removed his finger and reinserted it and another into
Jennifer's pussy. A minute later he pulled his fingers out and held them
to her lips. Jennifer hesitated, as he started squeezing the nipple again,
she opened her mouth. Nick, spend the next 10 or 15 minutes moving his
hand from playing in and with her sex to in her mouth. Jennifer learned
quickly to take his fingers and suck her juices off them. He grinned at
her and said. "You should get used to the taste of pussy and dick, as you
will be getting a lot of it."

Leading her by the nipple to the back of the couch. He said, "I believe
you're familiar with this position." Stepping behind her and pushing her
over the back of the couch, he rammed his dick in to the hilt with one
thrust. Just a few thrust and Jennifer felt herself starting to respond.
After one final twist he let go of her nipple, only to move his hand down
to her clit. In spite of this being the man who had raped her, and trapped
her, Jennifer felt her orgasm building. His thrusting, and playing with
her clit was just too much, after the weeks of self stimulation by just
walking. Jennifer's orgasm sweep over her like a wave. She was pushing
back, trying to get more of him inside her. Nick didn't let up, after her
first orgasm, he just keep thrusting and playing with her clit. He
continued for what must have been 30 minutes. By then Jennifer was just
laying there, moaning and occasionally moving her hips. He thrust one last
time in to the hilt, and groaned. After filling her pussy with his cum, he
stood there for several minutes until Jennifer started to move around. He
pulled out, and reaching around grabbed the nipple again. Pulling Jennifer
up and around by it, he said "Clean me". Jennifer, still coming down from
the fuck, just looked at him with glazed eyes. Grabbing the other nipple,
so he held both, he cruelly pinched and twisted them, extracting a cry of
pain from Jennifer. "You're not finished until the man tells you are."
"Now get down and clean me off." Jennifer looked around, as if looking for
a towel. Nick, twisted her nipples again, and said "No, you stupid slut,
use your mouth." Jennifer dropped to her knees and took him in her mouth.
Because of the pain in her nipples and the time that had pasted Jennifer
was starting to come down from her orgasms. As she worked her mouth around
his dick, she couldn't believe it, he was getting hard again. She was
exhausted from the fuck, but the ache in her nipples keep her from
stopping. After what seemed like forever to her, he grabbed the back of her
head, and buried his dick in her throat. She swallowed his seed, then
licked him clean. Nick pulled out and pulled her to her feet by a nipple
again. He said, "Your body is coming along nicely, but I can see we need
to work on your stamina." Leading her to the work out room, he met the man there, "We need to work on her stamina, she is to have at least two orgasms
before and then at least two more during each work out. You or the other
guys can give them to her, or have her do them to herself. I don't care."
The man responded with a simple, "OK". "And make sure she gets a good work
out also. We wouldn't want our investment getting flabby", Nick, said with
a laugh. "Oh, and she's already had her first one today," as he walked
out. The man said, "Well. I see we've entered the next stage of training."
Jennifer stood there, her pussy still throbbing from the last orgasm, and
wondered how she would ever get through two hours of exercise with four
orgasms thrown in. The work out guy, as she had come to call him, said
"Ok, slut start playing with yourself while I make some changes." Jennifer
didn't know what to do. She had rarely, if ever played with herself, and
never in front of anybody else. The work out guy had moved over to one of
the pieces of gym equipment. When he saw Jennifer was just standing there,
he moved quickly back to her. Grabbing her nipples and pulling them, he
said "Slut, I told you to do something, and if you want to keep these,
pulling even harder on her nipples, and keep your family safe, you had
better get those hands working!" Jennifer moved her hands to her sex and
started rubbing her clit, and the lips of her pussy. The work out guy held
onto her nipples, until he started to see some reaction from Jennifer.
Jennifer couldn't believe it. In spite of this guy trying to pull her
nipples off, her clit and pussy were so sensitive that she was feeling the
start of an orgasm building. The work out guy grinned, and giving the
nipples one final additional twist, said "Good, don't stop." Jennifer stood
there, one hand playing with her clit, while putting the other in her
pussy, and playing with her pussy lips, while the work out guy went back to
doing something with the machines. Jennifer soon lost track of what he was
doing, with all her attention becoming focused on her clit and pussy. It
wasn't long before Jennifer felt another orgasm wash over her. She was
brought back to reality rudely, by a nipple being used to pull her up from
the floor, where she had fallen after her orgasm and a dick in her face.
The work outs guy said, "Come on slut, you know what to do." Afterwards he
pulled her by her nipples to a stationary bike. At least it looked like a
bike for the most part Jennifer saw. Except for one notable part, the seat
had been replaced by a large dick like object that also had some wires and
a thin hose running from it. Jennifer's attention was brought back to what
the work out guy was saying by a twist to her nipple. "I see you noticed
the new seat. Well, you see, stamina equals endurance, and endurance is
built by continuous exercise such as running, biking, or aerobics. So you
are going to start some distance bike riding, as well as some other new
exercises. Well, what are you waiting for? Get on the bike, slut!"
Jennifer gingerly stepped up on the pedals and foot straps. With one at
the top of the stroke, she was just barely able to get her pussy high
enough to get the dildo inside her. By the time she got her other foot
onto the pedal, into the foot strap, and the pedals in the middle of their
stoke, she had a good 6 inches of the dildo inside her. The work out guy
bent down and tighten the foot straps, "We wouldn't want you to slip off
and hurt anything" he said with a grin.

"Don't move." he said, walking over to a closet Jennifer had not see
open before. He returned pushing a small cart with a TV, VCR and some
other things on it. From it he took a pair of handcuffs and locked one
wrist to the handle bars, another pair for the other wrist, and Jennifer
was locked to the bike, hands to handle bars, and feet strapped to the
pedals. Picking up what looked like the wires you see on an EEG machine,
he moisten the patch end and taped one on each nipple. The other end he
plugged into what looked like a combination watch, and speedometer. "I
think, 30 minutes, and 10 miles per hour is good for a start. I suggest
you start pedaling, slut."

Jennifer, started pedaling, easily getting over 10 mph, she didn't know
why, but it seemed like a good idea. She was moving up and down on the
dildo 3 or 4 inches with each pedal. After just a few minutes, she felt
the heat start to build in her pussy, and knew that 30 minutes would drive
her nuts, but didn't think that riding the dildo would make her cum.

The work out guy, bend and turned on two switches, one connected to the
watch/speedometer thing, and one connected to the dildo. The dildo
immediately started vibrating and pulsing, catching Jennifer completely by
surprise. It so surprised her that she stopped pedaling, and the
speedometer dropped below 10 mph, she was hit by a shock to the nipples.
The work out guy grinned and said, "You see if you drop below the speed I
set your nipples, and maybe elsewhere later on, get a shock. This way you
get some endurance exercise, and to cum at the same time. Don't worry
about your pussy drying out; the dildo has a supply of baby oil that keeps
it lubed up." While he talked she worked on getting the bike back above
10mhp, but between the shocks to the nipples, and the thing in her pussy,
she was having trouble. The up and down of pedaling, plus the vibrating
and pulse dildo was making her legs weak, the shocks to the nipples keep
the dildo from pushing her over the edge.

"Oh yeah, one more thing, the longer you stay below the set speed the
stronger and more often the shocks hit. A couple of other minor additions
and you will be set." He said. He pulled the cart to in front on her and
turned on the tv and VCR, it was a tape of her from the other night, she
was on her hands and knees with a cock in her pussy, and one in her mouth.
The work out man picked up a set of headphones and put them on her ears.
"Wouldn't you to miss any of the dialog," he said laughing...

Reaching down he reset the watch to 30 minutes, saying "You wasted time
trying to figure out what to do. Have a good ride"

After a few more shocks, Jennifer was finally able to get the bike back
to above 10mhp. Now that her nipples weren't being tortured by the shocks;
it was like her pussy was super sensitive she began to feel every movement
of the dildo. She knew it wouldn't take long for this to drive her over
the edge and that she would orgasm, and not be able to pedal. She tried to
find some way to distract herself, the tv didn't help, it was running a
series of scenes, all with her getting fucked in the mouth, pussy, or both.
The headsets didn't help, all she could hear was her moaning, and begging
someone to fuck her some more. Looking around the room didn't help, the
walls were mirrored, and all she saw was herself on the bike. She also
noticed that several of the other pieces of work out equipment had been
modified; almost all of them had a dildo sticking up that would be inside
her during any exercise on them.

Try as she might, she just couldn't ignore the orgasm building in her
pussy. When it came, she felt her legs get rubbery, and sagged on the
bike. She just couldn't pedal, within moments the speed had dropped below
10mhp, and her tits paid the price. She struggled to start pedaling again
even as she was still cuming. After several more shocks she was back up to
speed. It was worse then before, her pussy was even more sensitive. A few
more minutes riding with out the shocks and she came again. More shocks,
stronger this time as it took her longer to start pedaling again. Another
orgasm, more shocks. She lost track of the number of times she came or how
long she had been riding. After one last orgasm, she sagged on the bike,
and noticed there were no shocks. She started to look around and saw the
work out guy, leering at her "Enjoy your ride?" he asked as he started
unlocking the handcuffs, and removing the foot straps. He unplugged the
wire leading to her tits from the speedometer, and told her to get off the

Jennifer worked her way off the bike and collapsed to her knees on the
floor. The work out guy said "Well, since you're down there, you know what
to do." Jennifer looked up at him in disbelief. She could barely hold her
head up, and he wanted another blow job. Since he couldn't get to her
nipples because of the wire leads and tape, he grabbed her by the hair and
said "Get started, slut". Jennifer took his dick into her mouth and
started sucking. She was so tired, that she just sort of bobbed her head
up and down on him. He yanked her hair and said "Do it right or else!" She
forced herself to concentrate on his dick, and soon made him cum in her
mouth again.

He handed her a bottle of water, saying, "Drink it, we have to keep you
hydrated, don't want you to dry out." He lead her over to the next exercise
bench he had modified, it used to be a simple elevated leg sit-up bench.
Now it required her to spread her legs almost as far open as she could, and
with a dildo inserted into her pussy, with an attachment that laid directly
on her clit.

The work out guy, plugged the wires into a box that was connected to the
mat she was laying on. He set a counter on the box to 25, and told her to
get started, that she had 25 sit-ups to do. She had been doing more then
that anyway and knew she could do that number easily, if she wasn't already
exhausted from the bike. As he hit the on switch, he told her that the
machine would keep count and if she spent too long on her back she would be
shocked again, the switch also started the dildo and the attachment
vibrating in her pussy, and on her clit.

She came almost immediately, falling back on the mat. Shocks hit her
nipples again. She didn't know how she could do this. The sit-up movement
moved the vibrator around her clit and pushed her over the edge quickly.
The exercise quickly became a blur, a few sit-ups, orgasm, shocks, a few
more sit-ups, orgasm, shocks, over and over again. She finally completed
25, and just collapsed onto the mat.

The work out guy came over and yanked the tape and the leads off her
nipples. It hurt, but less then the shocks had she noted. He grabbed her
nipples and used them to pull her off the bench and its dildos. The rest
of her workout was more or less normal. The work out guy used her nipples
and at one point a paddle he picked off the cart to keep her moving. When
she was finally done, "Nice workout, we'll see you again this evening.
Don't forget to drink lots of fluids to replace those you lost this
morning, and the ones you will lose this evening." he said with a laugh.

She walked on weak legs into the dining room to get her breakfast.
There was one of the other men, so of course she had to give him a blow job
before she could eat. This guy let her get him hard, then pulled her up,
and bent her over the table to ram his dick in her pussy from the rear. In
spite of the "work out" she had just finished, she felt her pussy respond
to the invader, and was soon pushing back against him. He quickly came, he
pulled out, and again, she was told to "Clean me". The guy said "You
better get used to cleaning up any mess your pussy makes on anything. You
shouldn't have to be told, just do it." Jennifer dropped to her knees and
started licking and sucking to clean him off, she was thankful, that he
didn't get hard again.

Jennifer's routine had changed. Now many of the men used not only her
mouth but her pussy as well. She would be required to suck them hard, then
get it rammed up her pussy, then clean them off. Most of the men seemed to
enjoy watch her play with herself, and would have her bring herself to
orgasm after their blow job or fuck. Jennifer found herself having so many
orgasms that she couldn't keep track, each one seemed to make her pussy and
clit more sensitive. By the end of the day, she wasn't sure she could make
it though another work out. She hesitated, and didn't go the gym room
promptly after dinner.

Nick, found her, and grabbing her nipple, asked "Where are you supposed
to be?" "In the gym", Jennifer replied. "Then get there" he said with a
cruel twist to her nipple. As Jennifer walked away, she heard Nick comment
to one of the other men that she was coming along nicely.

Jennifer entered the gym room, and started what had been her normal work
out. The work out guy let her do a few exercise, then stopped her, and
told her he had a new one for her. He led her by her nipple over to a
dildo that was sticking up from a low bench. He told her to straddle it
like she was riding a man. He pulled her hands behind her, and handcuffed
them together, out came the wire leads and tape. There were three of them
this time. One to each breast, then to her horror, one to her clit. He
had her sit down on the dildo, the raise herself up a couple of times while
he made some adjustment as to how deep it was going in her. He told her
that near the top of the dildo was a light sensor; if it was keep in the
light or the dark too long the shocks would start.

He set the timer for 20 minutes. Jennifer knew she was in trouble, she
could already feel her legs starting to tremble. He told her to get
started riding up and down on the dildo and hit the on switch. Like those
in the morning, this one started vibrating, and pulsing. After the day of
making herself cum, and being fucked until she came it didn't take long for
another orgasm to hit her. She stopped bouncing on the dildo as she came.
A shock hit her, the tits had been bad enough, but the one on her clit
caused her to scream. Jennifer started moving on the dildo as soon as the
shock stopped and let her breath. Just as in the morning, the exercise
became a blur, bounce, orgasm, shock, scream, breath, start again.
Jennifer some how made it though the 20 minutes.

The work out guy, had her complete the rest of her work out, and give
him another blow job, before telling her she could go.

Jennifer staggered back to the bedroom. She was thankful that none of
the other men wanted a blow job or another fuck. She made it to the bed
and fell into it. She was so tired, she'd take a shower in the morning was
her last thought before falling asleep.

Jennifer woke the next morning, and made it to the bathroom. She
started her shower, and looking at herself in the mirror couldn't believe
the changes that had happened to her. Her breast larger then she ever
imaged, her sex still baby smooth, with her clit exposed and very sensitive
to the least little touch, her pussy lips enlarged and also sensitive to a
touch, the rest of her body had tightened up, her belly was flat and firm,
her ass firm and well shaped, nothing had been done to her hair, so it was
still down to her mid back. The tanning bed she had been forced to use
daily had given her a nice golden tan all over, there were no tan lines
because she hadn't put any clothes on in three weeks. She stepped into the
shower and washed herself. She couldn't help herself, as she washed her
sex she let her hand linger and fondled herself some. STOP IT! She said
to herself. Your acting like a slut get control of yourself. Stepping out
of the shower and drying off she walked out of the bedroom.

There was Nick again, she immediately went over to him, and knelt down.
He said "No, just bend over the table and spread your legs Slut." She did
as she was told; Nick moved his chair around some and started fingering her
pussy, and clit. His cell phone rang, and as he answered it, he never
stopped playing with her. Soon Jennifer was wiggling around trying to get
more out of Nick's hand. He continued his cell phone conversation, as he
stood up and pulled his dick out. He thrust into her in one motion.
Jennifer came from just his entering her, after being played with. He
continued to thrust into her, and she pushed back onto him. He never
missed a word of his phone conversation. He finished the phone call, and
grabbed her hips ramming himself all the way in, he fucked her brutally
this way for a few minutes then with one last thrust, she felt him shoot
his sperm into her pussy, as she had another orgasm of her own. He let go
of her hips, and backed away, Jennifer turned and dropping to her knees
took his dick into her mouth to clean him. Nick smiled and said, "Told
you, that you might enjoy some of the things we would have you do. Now go
on and do your exercise."

Thus began another day in the fourth week of Jennifer's new life. This
day and the rest of the week were the same, sucking, and fucking every man in sight. Being made to play with herself to repeated orgasms, the new
exercise routine with its pleasure, and pain. She learned to pleasure a
man with her sex just as she had with her mouth she could get him off and
let him know she enjoyed every minute of it. Jennifer found herself lost
in confusion, the pleasure and the pain all mixing together. Her behavior,
becoming more and more pliable to the men's desires, now playing with
herself not when they told her to, or because they told her to, but because
she needed another orgasm.

Nick noticed all this, and thought to himself; "This slut is going to
make me a mint. A few more weeks, and she will do anything and everything
for a dick in her pussy." At the end of the week Nick talked to the guys about moving Jennifer's training up to the next stage. He thought she was
progressing well. The guys agreed and it was decided it was time for her
to do her next film.


Jenna had come to see me two weeks later; it was the day before Jennifer
was to return home. I hadn't even had a chance to check the answering
machine when she rang the doorbell. Jenna stood in my doorway again
dressed as seductively as before her advances began immediately as she gave
me a warm hello kiss. I was shocked by her forwardness as she took my hand
and led me to my couch.

Sitting next to her on the couch she swung her leg over and draped it
across my own. Next she leaned in and gave me a more passionate kiss. Not
prepared for this aggressiveness and knowing our daughter could walk in and
see me. I pulled away from her and jumped off the couch telling her this
was "wrong".

She looked disappointed and told me she thought I could use the
attention and she came over to help me vent after I had heard the bad news.
I looked at her surprised and asked what bad news. She then told me
Jennifer had called her today asking her to bring me Jennifer's check and
make sure I wasn't to angry.

I was confused why would Jennifer have her bring it to me she would be
here tomorrow what would I have to be angry about? That's when Jenna laid
the bombshell on me telling me Jennifer was doing a great job for the
company but another big job contract had come up and Jennifer left earlier
this afternoon to go to asia for contract negotiations. Hadn't I heard
Jennifer's message?

I immediately headed for the answering machine sure enough Jennifer had
left me a message telling me the same story Jenna had. I was furious I
asked Jenna to leave after thinking her for stopping by. Reluctantly and
acting disappointed she finally got up and left I was angry beyond words.

Jennifer had been gone for almost three full weeks now and I hadn't
spoken to her even once. She had called and left several messages on the
machine but never called back to talk to me. I had gotten several emails
from her also I had responded asking her to call so we could talk but she
hadn't. This had been the longest we had ever gone since our first date
without talking and no she was off the other side of the globe literally
without ever discussing it with me.

I settled down hours later and began to be angry at my self for how I
had treated Jenna earlier. Maybe I had read too much into her actions
maybe she was just trying to comfort me. I continued to think of my
interaction with her as I slipped in the fifth of Jennifer's tapes and sat
down to watch.

Chapter 8

That Saturday morning, after his morning fuck, Nick told Jennifer he had
some plans for the day, and gave her a bag. He told her to put on
everything she found in the bag. As Jennifer turned toward the bedroom,
Nick added "Don't forget the make-up and lipstick, slut."

Jennifer dumped the contents of the bag onto the bed. Wasn't much, a
short button down dress, thigh high stockings, 5 inch high heels, and some
make-up items. She sat on the bed, and put on the stockings, and heels.
When she stood it was on unsteady feet. She hadn't had shoes or anything
else on for that matter for three or four weeks, she wasn't exactly sure
how long anymore, and these heels were much higher then what she normally
wore. She picked up the make-up and walked carefully to the bathroom. She
put on the make-up, did what she could to her hair, and finally the bright
red lip stick. Back to the bedroom and the dress, she picked it up and
noticed that several buttons were missing. Sighing, she slipped the dress
on. The top of the dress wasn't too bad, she found buttons missing to just
below her nipples. She was surprised at the cleavage the dress showed off.
Anyone who looked would have a great view. She knew her breast had been
enlarged, but didn't realize just what her cleavage would look like.
Hating what these men had done to her, she found herself liking the
cleavage, and the way her breast looked in a dress. The bottom of the
dress was a different story, the buttons ended just below her pussy. She
knew that with every step she took she was going to be flashing a lot of
leg, and if she wasn't careful her stocking tops as well. Sitting was
going to be a challenge, she would have to be very careful or she would put
her pussy on display to the world. One last trip to the bath room to check
her make-up and lip stick, she didn't want to take the chance of pissing Nick off, she was still very much afraid on him.

Walking out of the bedroom, she made quite an entrance. Several of the
men had gathered in the living room waiting for her, they applauded and
whistled. They made her model the outfit for them. Out came the still and
video cameras. She was put throw a photography session. Turn this way,
look there, turn that way, stop go back into the bedroom and come out
again. "You better be smiling, and enjoying yourself she was told." by
Nick. After a fairly tame photography session she was made to do things
like bend over, with her back to the camera, and her legs locked, giving
the camera a great shot of her pussy, and ass. She was made to bend and
reach in all position, causing her breast to pop out of the dress, and her
pussy and ass to be easily seen. She sat at the glass dinner table and
made to spread her legs and pretend to eat, while the camera shot from
above the table and below. If there was a pose that exposed her, the guys had her do it, shooting everything with the still and video cameras.
Finally Nick called it to an end. "Come on slut, we have some things to
do. Just to remind you if you don't fully cooperate with everything we tell
you to do, your family will pay the price. Don't even think about
attracting some cop's attention; it will only get your family killed."
Jennifer just nodded what else could she do.

Nick led the way out to the car. It was the same limo she had arrived
in. Nick climbed in first, then Jennifer. Just as Jennifer feared, when
she sat down the dress was open above her pussy, and she was exposed for
anyone to see. She started to straighten out the dress and pull it down as
much as she could, when Nick stopped her. "Don't touch your dress when you
sit down or walk. Just leave everything the way it lays" he said.
Jennifer nodded.

She sobbed, she knew now that the things Nick wanted to do today were to
embarrass and humiliate her. Nick told her "To knock it off, don't you
dare ruin your make-up. Smile, you're here for our pleasure, and
enjoyment. Believe me, if you piss me off, I'll rip that dress off you and
you will go around today completely naked."

By now the car was moving, she wasn't sure where she had been and had no
clue where they were going. After a reasonably short drive, the car pulled
into one of the fancier shopping areas in LA. Nick got out, and acting as
a gentleman, offering his hand to help Jennifer out. She ignored it,
earning a hard stare from Nick, and slid out. Getting out the way she had,
had pulled her dress completely up over her ass. She stopped short of
stepping out of the car door, and did a hip shake to try and get the dress
down as much as she could. "See" Nick said, "I could have helped you with
that if you had taken my hand, as it is you had better hope you can get the
dress down that way. No matter what happens, you had better keep a smile
on your face and don't touch your dress."

Nick started walking towards the entrance, all Jennifer could do was to
follow and hope her dress was covering everything. This was the first time
she had been outside since her modifications, she found the short dress,
and the cool breezed titillated her clit and pussy. She couldn't help
herself, within steps she found her pussy getting wet and the now familiar
tingling first stages of an orgasm building. She couldn't believe it, how
was she to do anything, when even walking made her come near an orgasm.
Nick stopped at the door, holding it open for her, looking at her face,
then glancing down he smiled. He knows, she thought. Of course he does
stupid, was her next thought, he did this to you, he knew what would
happen. She gave him a brief timid smile in return. As she stepped past
him, she felt his hand run down her back and trace the outline of her ass.

Nick left his hand on her ass as he started talking to her; "We're going
shopping today. You need a new wardrobe to go with your hot new body, and
look. We will get some shoes, heels or course, some lingerie, not that you
will need it much but something you can wear when appropriate, maybe a bra
or two, although your new tits don't need much support, stockings, garter
belts of course, some nice blouses, skirts, and dresses. No panties, panty hose, or pants; nothing that covers that wonderful pussy of yours ever
again. Of course we will probably find you a couple of nice string
bikinis, for the beach and pool. Oh, and before we go home tonight we will
pick up a couple pieces of special jewelry for you." She was excited, she
had never been able to do anything like he suggested before, it sounded
like fun.

Nick continued; "There are a few rules for your new life: One, you will
never say no to a man, no matter what he may ask for.

Two, you will remember that your job is to act sweet, and please any man you may meet either socially or professionally. You are to always act
interested in, and flirt with every man you meet. Make sure that when
flirting you shows the man some skin, preferably your nipples and pussy whenever possible.

Three, you will always address males by "Sir", and answer any questions
with "Yes Sir, No Sir". This applies no matter how young the male may be.

Four, you will never wear panties, pants or any clothes that prevent
easy access to your pussy.

Five, when you sit will you not cross your legs; in fact you will keep
your knees at least 6 inches apart.

Do you understand these rules?" Nick stopped walking and held onto
Jennifer's ass.

Jennifer stopped, and nodded her head. Nick said "I didn't hear you!"
"Yes" Jennifer replied. "Yes WHAT!" Nick asked as he squeezed her ass.
"Yes Sir" Jennifer replied. Nick nodded and said "Great, now put a smile
on your face it's time to go shopping." as he started moving again.
Jennifer put on a somewhat forced smile, to which Nick said "You can do
better then that slut, or you will regret it, pulling on the lower hem of
her dress." Jennifer took a deep breath and came up with a better smile.
Nick smiled and said, "Ok, here is the first stop."

Jennifer had been walking with her head down, confused about her
excitement at going shopping, and apprehension over what the rules Nick had
laid out meant. She hadn't realized how far into the mall they had walked.
She looked up at the store Nick was steering her into. She gave a quick
gasp, it was a shoe store. She knew that Nick was going to use this to
enforce his rules, and to embarrass and humiliate her. As they entered the
store Jennifer noticed that it seemed empty except for a young male clerk.

Nick guided her, by his hand on her ass towards the back of the store.
The young clerk came over, and asked if he could help them, his eyes taking
a long sweep of Jennifer from top to bottom. As his eyes returned to look
at her breast, Nick gave her ass a squeeze. Jennifer, remembered her
rules, and flashed the young man a smile, and turned to give him a better
look at her breast. Nick told the clerk; "They were in to buy this girl some nice shoes. Nothing less then 4 inch heels, and the clerk should
measure her foot to make sure he had the right size." Jennifer looked up at
Nick in shock; she knew Nick knew her size, why... Then she realized why;
to make her show herself to this young man, humiliate her, and to enforce
his rules. Nick, saw her look, and returned it with a hard stare; "Why
don't you sit down, girl, so this young man can measure your foot, as he
indicated a chair that faced the back of the store."

At least he was not making me face the front of the store she thought.
Jennifer gently sat on the edge of the seat and scooted back. She managed
to keep her dress down as much as possible. With one more look at
Jennifer, the clerk stepped away to get the shoe sizer, Jennifer started to
cross her legs, only to receive a sharp slap across her leg. She
remembered the rule, no crossed legs. She put her legs down and spread her
leg a little bit. Nick sighed, reached down and spread her legs some more.
"At least that far" he said, "If you close them up again I'll make you
spread them as wide as you can."

The clerk returned, and knelt at Jennifer's feet. Jennifer took a sharp
breath; with him in that position there was no way he was not going to see
her bare pussy under the dress. Her sharp breath caused the clerk to do
exactly what she feared, he looked up, his eyes went first to her face,
then to her tits, and then farther down, he saw under her dress. His eyes
stopped moving and grew wide. Nick had sat down next to Jennifer and
wrapped his arm behind her, appearing to just be putting his arm around
her; he was actually gripping the back of her neck. When he saw the
clerk's eyes go wide, he gave Jennifer's neck a brief squeeze. Jennifer
took the hint, and had a big smile on her face and actually leaned forward
a bit to give the clerk a better view of her tits when he looked back up.
The clerk looked at Jennifer's face, and seeing the smile, returned it.
His eyes again moved down to her breast, this time she knew that he could
see her nipples also. His eyes lingered there for a few moments, and were
then drawn back to below her dress.

As the clerk stared at her pussy, he kind of stuttered out; "Please lift
your foot ma'am". "Of course sir" Jennifer responded. Jennifer moved her
foot to the shoe sizer the young man held. He made no attempt to move the
shoe sizer, and where he was holding it, forced Jennifer to open her legs
even wider. The young man managed to tear his eyes way from the view, and
took her leg in one hand help her put it in the sizer. As his hand held
her leg, Nick spoke up; "So how do you like the feel of the leg there, and
I suppose the view isn't bad either." The clerk cleared his throat and said
"Her leg feels very soft sir, and the view is pretty nice" with a grin.
"Well you're just touching the stockings there, why don't you move your
hand higher and actually touch her skin" Nick said.

Jennifer felt the heat of embarrassment creep into her face. She knew
this young man was going to end up touching her sex. She was already moist
from the self stimulation of just walking. She wasn't sure how her body
would react to his touch.

The clerk took a deep breath, and started moving his hand up her leg.
As he did, Nick again squeezed Jennifer's neck. Jennifer put a big smile
on as the clerk look over at Nick then at her. Seeing the smile on
Jennifer's face and a slight nod from Nick, he moved his hand up her leg.
Soon he was lightly tracing his hand across her thigh; Jennifer felt little
chill bumps come up on her legs. After a few minutes of touching her
thigh, he moved his hand to the elastic holding the stockings up, and over
it to the bare skin above it. Jennifer felt her pussy twitch as the young man played his fingers across her upper thigh, and across her sex. His
fingers brushed her clit, causing Jennifer to take a sharp breath. Nick
again squeezed Jennifer's neck. Jennifer put on a sexy smile just as the
young man look up at the sharp breath. Seeing the smile, the young man smiled, and continued playing his fingers across her sex. Nick let this
continue for 10 minutes or so, he gauged how long by watching Jennifer's
breathing, when she started to pant a little bit, he put a stop to it by
saying "Well we really need to get some shoes. Please bring whatever you
have in her size with 5 inch or higher heels"

The clerk, said "Of course sir", and with one last caress of Jennifer's
clit, went to get the shoes. Jennifer took a deep breath, trying to get
her body under control. She wasn't sure how much more of that she could
have taken without cumming. That would have been her ultimate
embarrassment, fingered to an orgasm by a young shoe store clerk.

The clerk soon returned with an arm load of about 10 boxes. He knelt
and as he opened the first box, he again looked at Jennifer's pussy again.
The first box held what must have been 6 inch heels. Nick said "Yes, those
look great, let's see how her legs look when she has them on." The young man nodded, and taking Jennifer's foot removed her old shoe, and put the
new one on, he did the other foot, and then sat back so Jennifer could
stand up. Jennifer slowly stood up; she was very unsteady on heels this
high. Nick said; "Don't worry you'll get used to walking in them. Go
ahead walk around the store some." Jennifer took her first steps in heels
this high. She managed to slowly walk around the store, and not fall. "So
what do you think of her legs now, don't the heels give her legs a nice
shape?" Nick asked the young man. "Yes sir, most definitely." Jennifer
returned to her chair and stood in front of the clerk. He couldn't resist,
and quickly ran his hands run her legs to her pussy, this time he inserted
a finger into her pussy. Jennifer gave a quick gasp. Nick said "Easy
there young man, I promise you, you will have your chance to play some more
shortly." "Yes sir, huh, sorry" replied the clerk.

He opened the next box as Jennifer sat down, this time she wasn't as
careful, she was thinking about what Nick had just said and wondering what
he meant. Jennifer found that her dress had hiked up, and she was
completely exposed. She looked over at Nick, and he just grinned. The
young man grinned as her took her leg, and put another pair of shoes on
her. Again Nick told her to move around the store some. Jennifer got up,
and slowly walked around the store. These heels were also 6 inch, and the
color just happened to match her dress. Nick told the clerk "Like your
choices, we'll take all of them. Can she wear those out?" "Of course sir"
the clerk replied. "So as to the price, what kind of discount do you think
you could give me if I gave you 15 minutes with this slut in the back
room?" "Well sir" the young clerk said, "we can probably do a 50% discount
in that case." "Sounds good, I'll take these out to the car, while you take
her to the back room, I'll settle up the rest of the bill when I get back."
"Of course sir" the clerk replied. Nick leaned over to Jennifer and
quietly whispered in her ear, "Don't forget your rules and your job, slut."
Nick picked up the boxes, and told the clerk "I'll be back in 15, enjoy."

The clerk watched Nick leave, then turned to Jennifer and said "Follow
me, slut." Leading Jennifer into the back room, he turned her to face him
and just stood there with a grin on his face. Jennifer reached up and
undid the few buttons the dress had. "Wow!" the young man said. She
stepped up to him, and after a passionate kiss, she slide her body down his
until she was on her knees. Using her tongue and teeth she opened his
zipper as she had been taught. This boy had on underwear forcing her to
use her tongue and teeth work them open and get his dick out. He had an
average dick she supposed, not as big as some of those at the house. She
slid his dick into her mouth, and began to work her lips and tongue over
it. Pressing forward she took the whole thing into her mouth, and began
moving up and down on it. The clerk didn't last long, and grabbed her hair
forcing her face into his groin while he came deep in her throat. When he
let go, she pulled back and slowly cleaned his dick. She then looked up at
the young man, and he motioned her to her feet. Getting up on the 6 inch
heels was difficult, but she made it. He immediately started running one
hand over the tits and nipples, while the other went to her sex. He
started to finger fuck her, and soon moved his other hand down to play with
her clit. He was close to making Jennifer cum, when Nick walked in and
said; "Times up sport. Did she take care of you?" Oh, yes, the best blow
job I've ever had sir." the clerk replied. Nick told Jennifer to button up
her dress and took the clerk out to settle the bill. Jennifer took a
moment to collect herself, that boy had teased her unmercifully. He
probably didn't even realize it, but every time she got close, he would
change rhyme and she would start up the road to an orgasm again. Jennifer
buttoned up her dress, and made sure her stockings hadn't been run, she
smoothed the dress out as much as possible then walked out into the store.

Nick was waiting on her when she came out; "Come on slut, we got some
more shopping to do." Jennifer followed him into the mall, trying to keep
her balance and not fall, while keeping up with him. She was unsteady on
the heels, and the tingling in her pussy didn't help. These new heels
caused her to walk differently, and she found that her dress opened more
with each step then it had with the other shoes. She had to try to take
smaller steps, but increase her pace to keep up with Nick, without exposing
herself in the middle of the mall. This increased pace, added to the self
stimulation she suffered from just walking. Nick, looked over his shoulder
and told her to keep up, she was already ten or fifteen feet behind him.
She sighed and lengthened her stride. Nick watched as the dress opened
with each step, he could easily see the elastic top of her stockings. He
grinned to himself, and lengthened his own stride. Soon he was even
farther ahead of her. He turned and gave her a hard stare. She knew she
had no choice, and again lengthened her stride and moved to him as fast as
she could. This time Nick grinned as he could see flashes of skin above
the stocking tops. Jennifer saw his grin, and knew what it meant.
Nevertheless she continued her pace until she caught up to him.

Nick said nothing as he glanced down her dress to her legs, as she stood
there, with one leg bent, there was a very nice expanse of leg showing. He
nodded, and continued into the store that he had been heading for.
Jennifer looked up, this time it was a lingerie store. At least there
wouldn't be any boys in this one to take care of she thought. Nick walked
up to the clerk, and said "I need some lingerie, stockings, and garter
belts for this girl." "Of course" she replied, "what size does she need."
"Well that's the tricky part, I don't know for sure, is there any way you
can measure her and figure it out?" Of course, I have a tape measure right
here, I'll just do..." Nick interrupted "I would really like to make sure
the measurements are right, would you take her to a dressing room. That
way she can remove her dress, and I can be sure the sizes are right." "The
young lady clerk responded, "Well, I guess so, it's a little unusual
though." "I'd appreciate it" Nick replied, giving her a big smile.

"If you would come with me ma'am." the clerk asked Jennifer as she
headed for the dressing room. Nick followed seemingly picking up some
items off the display racks at random. Jennifer followed the young clerk
into a dressing room, having heard Nick's statements to the girl; she knew
he expected her to remove her dress. As Jennifer started undoing the
buttons the girl turned to her, Jennifer's dress fell open, and she
shrugged it from her shoulders. Jennifer saw the girls eyes roam over her
body, lingering on her tits, and then on her sex. Jennifer turned a bright
red knowing what the girl was thinking. The girl moved around Jennifer
with her tape measure and started measuring. This left Jennifer in the
front and closest to the door. Nick stood outside for a few minutes. When
he thought the time was right; he pushed the door wide open, asking loudly,
"Well what do you think of these?" His loud voice had done exactly what he
wanted and pulled almost every eye in the store towards the dressing room
door that was wide open. Jennifer stood there in shock, she was exposed to
the whole store, her hands quickly flew to cover her sex, and breast as
best she should. In an authoritative voice Nick told her to drop her
hands. Reluctantly, she did so. "I agree I'll find some others." Nick
said, again in a loud voice, virtually guaranteeing all eyes would look in
his direction. Nick stepped away, as if to find some other items, he left
the door wide open. Jennifer had no choice but to step forward and close
the door. The sales clerk had been frozen behind Jennifer... She stepped
around Jennifer to continue her measurements. Jennifer saw it in the girls eyes; "What a slut!" they said. The sales girl finished her measurements
without any more interruptions from Nick. Once finished, the sales girl opened the door, and stepped out, she looked around for a minute, then
spotting Nick walked over to him, she didn't pull the door close, and in
fact actually pushed it all the way open, she pushed the door open so hard
it slammed against the wall. Once again Jennifer found herself standing in
front of an open dressing room with the whole store looking to see what was
going on. Without thinking she stepped forward again and grabbed the door,
only to find that she was closing the door behind her, instead of in front
of her. She stopped, and stepped back in, then closed the door. She
couldn't believe it, she was so embarrassed, she had been twice exposed to
the whole store, and knew the people in the store were thinking the same
thing the sales girl had.

As the sales girl approached Nick, he motioned his head towards the
dressing room door, and said "Thank you." Before he had a chance to say
anything else, the sales girl replied "It was my pleasure, sir" with a
large grin. "You know, if you like I'm sure we can arrange a couple more
"accidental" exposures for her." she continued. "Not this time, we have
too much to do today, but we'll be back. What size is she? She needs some
lingerie that says ''fuck me", stockings, garter belts, and maybe a push up
bra or two." Nick replied. "Yes sir, we have some very nice panty and bra
sets" the girl said. "Oh no, no panties, she is not allowed to wear
anything that covers her wonderful pussy. By the way what did you think of
what you saw?" Nick asked. "Oh it looked quite interesting, what did you
do to her?" said the girl. "Tell you what, we'll talk later about that"
Nick said, as he though to himself, another candidate? "Let's get to
finding the things she needs" he said. For the next several minutes Nick
and the sales girl walked around the store picking out things for Jennifer.
Jennifer had finally composed herself, and worked up the courage to come
out of the dressing room and face those who had seen her. She stepped out
of the dressing room and pretended not to notice the stares directed her
direction. She looked around for Nick, and quickly went over to him. Nick
said nothing, and the young sales girl looked her up and down, with a big
grin on her face. Jennifer felt herself blushing again.

Nick started to hand her a pile of lingerie, and told her to take it to
the register. Jennifer saw him look over at the sales girl, and thought
she saw him wink at her. Nick dropped some of the lingerie on the floor,
and in that authoritative voice told her to bend over and pick it up, and
that she couldn't bend her knees. Jennifer balked; she was facing Nick,
which put her back to the front of the store. If she bent over as Nick
told her she would flash the whole store and the mall in front of the store
with her pussy and ass. Nick saw her hesitation, and said, don't even
think about not doing as you're told.

Jennifer took a deep breath, spread her legs a little and bent at the
waist to pick up the stuff on the floor. She felt a breeze across her ass,
and pussy, and knew she was exposed for everyone to see. The sales girl made like she was going to help Jennifer, she 'accidentally' kicked one of
the items over a few feet, and then somehow managed to bump Jennifer
knocking even more items from her arms. Jennifer ended up spending several
minutes bent over, and even had to move and bend over again to get all the
items. Finally Jennifer had all them items, she steeled herself and walked
towards the counter. She saw several men, and even a few women looking in
her direction and talking. She saw a group of teenage boys, and could even
hear one of them say "Did you see that?" She knew what they were talking
about. Even the sale girl at the counter looked at her and said something
to the girl next to her. Jennifer stood quietly at the counter until Nick
came up to pay. He turned to the first sales girl, and said "Thank you so
much for your help."

Nick told Jennifer "Since you don't have anything else to do, help me
carry the packages to the car. And be sure you keep up with me." He
grabbed several of the packages, leaving one small package for Jennifer,
and took off at what Jennifer first thought was a run. She almost had to
run to keep up with his long and fast strides. With each step Jennifer
felt the dress move and the air blow across her sex. She was sure that she
was flashing the top of her stockings, and didn't want to think if she was
showing anything else. Nick out distanced her, in spite of her efforts.
He stopped at the door and turned to watch her almost running to catch up.
Yep, he saw flashes of skin well above the stocking tops. They went out to
the car, and put the packages in the trunk. He opened the back door and
motioned Jennifer in. "Slut, that was quite a show, actually turned me on.
Get that mouth of yours to work and take care of this for me as he pulled
out his dick. Jennifer obediently took his member in her mouth. When he
finished he told her to straighten up and fix her make-up and lip stick.
She spent a few minutes using the mirror in the limo and made herself
presentable for him again. This time when he offered her his hand to help
her out of the car, she took it. Grinning Nick ran his hand down her back
of her dress smoothing it down and pulling it down over her ass.

Nick said "Damn look at the time, its lunch time. Let's go get
something to eat." Jennifer replied "Yes Sir" knowing that he would find
another way to humiliate and embarrass her again. Nick set off at a very
easy pace allowing Jennifer to keep up with out having to run. He headed
for a restaurant in the mall. "Two please" Nick told the hostess, "Smoking
if possible" "Yes sir, smoking in the bar, take any seat you like." the
hostess said. Nick headed for the bar, he paused at the door assessing the
seating, there were several empty booths, a couple of regular tables, and
one high table. He knew that the high table would put Jennifer in a
position that nothing she could do would help her to cover her assets. To
the high table they went. Jennifer had been just behind him and shuttered
when she saw the table he choose. Nick pointed Jennifer to a seat that put
her facing the front of the bar. Jennifer slid up on the chair trying to
keep her dress as low as possible. She didn't have much luck; the dress
was just to short and to open. Once seated she took a deep breath and
spread her legs as she had been told. Nick had stood back and watched her
get seated, he almost jumped her, but then she spread her legs. From where
Nick stood you could see up her dress, not quite making out her sex, but
giving you a great shadow of it. He pulled up the chair and sat down. A
waiter came up and asked for their order. Nick order for both. He ordered
two double rum cokes, a salad for her, and a burger for himself. The
waiter smiled at Jennifer, and Nick noticed she didn't respond. After the
waiter left, he leaned over and told Jennifer to recite her rules.
Jennifer kind of paraphrased them, which Nick seemed to accept. He then
said "You seem to have a problem with number two, if you don't start
flirting with every male you meet regardless of the circumstances. I will
cut a button off that dress for each male you miss. I want to see you
flirting, and showing them as much skin as you can. For this and this
alone you can touch your dress to open it up to show your assets." Jennifer
said "Yes Sir, I will try harder, sir" "Not try, do" Nick ordered.

The waiter returned with the drinks, Jennifer leaned forward and brushed
his hand with her breast when he put the drinks down. He looked over at
her and saw her most seductive smile. "Thank you very much sir" she said
to him. She moved her arm and 'accidentally' dropped her napkin. "Would
you mind getting that for me." she asked the waiter. She had dropped her
napkin between her legs, so as the waiter bent down, she was able to spread
her legs a little farther and give him quite a show. The waiter slowly
straightened up, and held the napkin out to her. She said "I'm so klutzy
today, could you put it in my lap." Nick watched her move her hand and
slowly move one side of her dress. She moved the dress so that the waiter
would have a view of her clit as he put the napkin in her lap. The waiter
couldn't believe this. He had gotten a look at her pussy when he picked up
the napkin, and now she was showing him her clit. He move slowly and made
sure to brush his hand against her clit several times while arranging the
napkin on her lap. The waiter told her; "If there is anything else you
need, just ask." Jennifer responded, "Yes sir, thank you so much for
helping me, sir."

Nick had watched the whole show, looking around the restaurant he saw
that several other men had also. Turning to Jennifer he told her; "That
was good, I expect you to do something like that with every male you meet."
All Jennifer could say was "Yes Sir." She felt flushed with embarrassment,
and at the same time she had felt her pussy twitch in response to the
waiters touch. What is happening to me she asked herself. I have shown
myself to complete strangers, and let them touch me. I hate it, but it is
starting to turn me on at the same time.

Nick saw the confusion in her eyes. He told "Go with it, you know that
it turns you on. You are a great looking slut. Continue doing as you are
told, and we will both enjoy it."

The waiter returned with their lunches. He asked Jennifer "If she
needed anything." Jennifer responded "My napkin seems to have slipped, can
you help me sir." The waiter moved over and again took several minutes
arranging her napkin just so; of course he made sure that moving the napkin
around caused his hand to move around on her clit. "Thank you so much sir"
Jennifer breathed. She couldn't believe it; just that little stimulation
on her clit had almost made her orgasm. Nick asked the waiter for two more
drinks, then turned to Jennifer and told her to drink hers. She hadn't
even touched it. She drank her drink quickly, and had an empty glass when
the waiter returned. He placed the new drinks on the table and asking
Jennifer "Ma'am" Jennifer responded; "Yes sir, my napkin seems to have
slipped again." Once again the waiter move over to her, this time he was
more blatant, just plain manipulating her clit, not even bothering with the
napkin. Jennifer sat there watching his hand play with her clit in the
middle of the restaurant. It wasn't but a moment before his manipulation
had her biting her lip. "Sir, thank you very much sir" she breathed again.
A couple more seconds of play, and the waiter moved away from the table.

Nick told her "To eat up, looks like you might need your energy this
afternoon." "Yes sir, thank you sir" Jennifer said. She was glad for the
distraction of eating, and hoped the waiter would stay away long enough for
her to calm down some. It wasn't to be, she had taken no more the two or
three bites when the waiter returned. "Ma'am" he asked with a serious grin
on his face. "Oh dear me, yes sir my napkin seems to have moved again"
Jennifer said. She had gotten no more then the "Oh dear" out before he was
next to her and again working her clit as fast as he could. She was so
close; she was biting her lip to keep from moaning. Nick saw this, and
told the waiter "I appreciate your service, and I am sure that if you were
to follow her to the restroom she would show you her appreciation also."
The waiter's eyes lit up, and his hand stopped. Jennifer looked over at
Nick who just grinned and shrugged his shoulders. Jennifer slid out of her
chair, and ask the waiter; "Where are the restrooms sir?" He responded
"Please follow me, ma'am" Jennifer followed him to the restrooms, into to
the male restroom then into a stall, she dropped to her knees and using her
tongue and teeth pull his dick out. sucking it in, she worked her mouth
all around his dick. He didn't last long, and she swallowed his load, the
licked him clean. Standing up, she told him "Thank you for all your help
sir". She turned and walked out of the restroom, luckily she didn't bump
into any men on the way out. She returned to her seat, where Nick asked
her; "Is he satisfied" "Yes sir, I believe he is, sir" Jennifer responded.
"Good, sit down and finish your lunch" Nick ordered. Again Jennifer worked
her way into the chair trying to show as little as possible, once seated
she spread her legs. Nick just grinned and nodded his head at her.

Jennifer dug in, realizing that if Nick keep up this torment, that she
would indeed need all her energy. She was almost done before the waiter
showed up again. Nick grinned, when he saw the look on Jennifer's face at
the waiter showing up. "Just wanted to make sure you didn't need anything
else ma'am." the waiter said. "Well, it does seem my napkin has slipped
again sir, can you please help me sir." Jennifer said. "Of course" the
waiter replied as he moved to her side. Again he didn't pretend to adjust
the napkin; he just started playing with her clit. The waiter asked Nick
"If everything was to his satisfaction." "Yes" Nick replied with a grin,
"don't make her cum, she hasn't earned it yet." "Yes sir" the waiter
responded, looking at Jennifer and seeing her biting her lip, he continued
for another minute, and stopped. "I hope you enjoyed your visit, I know I
did, ma'am" he said to Jennifer. "Yes sir, thank you sir" Jennifer managed
to get out. She had been so close and was trying to control her breathing.
The waiter left the bill and walked away. Nick pulled out some cash, and
told Jennifer to get up, it was time to go.

Jennifer stood up, between her weak legs after the torment she had just
endured, and the high heels she almost fell. Nick just stood up and
started walking away. Jennifer got her legs under her, and had to move
quickly again to catch Nick. Damn, after what she had just endured,
running to catch Nick was going to drive her over the edge, she thought.
She just managed to catch Nick and slow down before she climaxed. She
continued to walk beside him, knowing that the next time someone touched
her clit she was going to explode.

Nick, said hello to several men during their trip to the next store.
Each time Jennifer smiled, and tried to find some way to show the man some
skin. Most of the times Nick had just keep moving, simply acknowledging
the men. Jennifer had it easy for those, a quick smile, was all she had to
do. For a couple of the guys Nick had stopped to talk. Those were tougher
on Jennifer, she would smile sweetly, and strike a pose with one leg pushed
out to her front and side, this would open her dress, and allowed the guys to see the tops of her stocking, she would lean forward to allow the guy to
look down her top if they appeared to want a good look at them. Most guys were satisfied with her legs, and the top of her stockings. One guy seem
especially enterprising, he used his leg to move her leg, so she was even
more exposed. She felt sure that he had actually been able to see her
pussy. Nick told the guy to stop by later, that he could get a much better
look then. Laughing the guy said he would.

Nick continued through the mall into one of the stores that a corporate
professional would go to, to buy her clothes. Nick told the sale associate
that he need to buy several nice business suits for Jennifer, and would
appreciate it, if the sales associate would take her to the dressing room
to measure her, so he could be sure of getting the right size. Jennifer
expected Nick to do the same thing he had done at the lingerie store. She
braced herself as much as she could. She was surprised when the sales
associate was able to take all her measurements undisturbed. Jennifer put
her dress back on, and she and the sales associate left the dressing room.
Nick had already picked out several business suits. They were all skirts,
and jackets. He handed several to Jennifer and told her to try them on.
Jennifer returned to the dressing room, as Nick and the sales person
continued looking for some more suits. Nick had handed her a couple of
suits with skirts, and jackets, no blouses. Jennifer knew that she
couldn't keep her dress on, underneath the outfits Nick had picked out.
She took off her dress, and stepped into one of the skirts; she picked up
the jacket and put it on. She was able to button the jacket and contain
her breast. Both the jacket and the skirt fit very well and the material
felt great. She stepped out and walked over to where Nick was, he paused
from picking outfits, and had her model the one she had on. He commented
that it looked great, but that something would have to be done about the
skirt, it was much too long. Jennifer had though it was just the right
length, she should have known that Nick would think it was too long. The
sales associate told Nick that they would be happy to do any tailoring he
wanted to the outfits. He said great, and asked the sales associate to get
him a chalk so he could mark the length he wanted. As the sales associate
stepped away, Nick stepped closer to Jennifer and undid the buttons on the
jacket. "Yes, very nice" he said as he played with her nipples. The sales
associate returned with the chalk, Nick took it and started marking the
skirt. Jennifer stood there with the jacket unbuttoned while the sales
associated watched Nick mark the skirt. Jennifer felt where Nick was
marking the skirt. Oh god, she thought, another outfit that she wouldn't
be able to sit in. Nick finished and told her to put on the other outfit.
Jennifer started to reach for the jacket buttons, Nick just shook his head.
Jennifer turned slowly and walked even slower tying to limit her movement
so the jacket would keep her tits covered. On with the new outfit, and
back out to Nick, the first thing he did was to again unbutton the jacket,
"Take the hint" he said. Marking the skirt, this one he marked a little
longer. Nick handed her another suit, she changed again, this time leaving
the jacket unbuttoned. Nick seemed to have moved farther from the dressing
rooms this time. She started across to him, and felt the jacket open and a
breeze across her nipple, she started to reach down and move the jacket to
cover the nipple, she caught Nick's eye and he shook his head, Jennifer
dropped her hands to her sides and continued across the store.

She got to Nick, he reached out and twisted the exposed nipple, then he
pulled the jacket over the nipple. This skirt was almost floor length, and
Jennifer wondered how short he was going to make it. He didn't make it
short, he started just below her pussy and ass and drew what would be slits
both front and back. Another outfit with a long skirt, he put side slits
on this one, they started at the top of her stockings. During the course
of the afternoon her nipples were twisted several times from the jackets
falling open. Somewhere in Nick's search he had found a fairly short
skirt. He handed it and a blouse to Jennifer. When Jennifer came back to
him, he rolled the waist of the skirt up, so it was very short, just barely
covering the tops of her stocking when she was standing still. Walking in
it flashed her stocking tops with every step. He went through numerous
blouses while she kept that skirt on. He was very picky with the blouses.
The blouses couldn't be too thick or heavy, he wanted to be able to see her
nipples thru the blouse most of the time, he was even picker about the cut.
He wanted blouses that could be open to below her nipples and that would
show off her cleavage. Several hours and numerous changes later, Nick said
that is enough.

Put your dress back on, we have one more stop to make. Some very
special jewelry that I'm sure you will love. He paid for the outfits and
arranged for them to be delivered to the house.

Walking back through the mall, Nick made sure she had several chances to
flirt and show herself to men, as he would stop often. Sometimes he would
stop and ask the guy if he knew where some specific store was, he was just
doing it to make Jennifer flirt, and show herself. On the way to the car,
Nick made a call, and by the time they got to the limo the driver was

Nick opened the back door and Jennifer entered the car. Nick told the
driver "You know where". To Jennifer he said; "That was a nice day of
shopping wasn't it?" "Yes sir" Jennifer replied. "Did you like the outfits
I picked out" he asked. "Of course, sir" she answered. "Well we have a
little drive, get over here and put that mouth of yours to work. Take your
time, I'll let you know when you can speed up." he told her. Jennifer
moved over and again using her tongue, and teeth to get his dick out. She
started sucking and swallowing his dick. "I said slowly, you have a while"
Nick said sharply. Jennifer didn't know how to slow down; she had always
worked to get the guy to come as quickly as possible to get it over with.
She slowed down and started using her mouth and tongue to kiss and caress
Nick's dick. She must have been doing something right, Nick sighed and
seemed to relax. Jennifer didn't know how long she had been sucking on his
dick, only that her jaw was beginning to hurt, when he said "Ok, finish me
off" Jennifer speed up, and managed to get him to cum in just a few
minutes, She held him in her mouth while he came, then cleaned him off.

"Pretty good timing I would say" said Nick as the car stopped. Nick
opened the door and climbed out, this time he didn't offer his hand to
Jennifer. She slid out as best she could, trying to keep her dress down.
She was moderately successful, and was able to get the dress to drop below
her ass with a couple of hip gyrations. Jennifer followed Nick into the
building, it look like the same place that she was brought for her
modifications. Nick walked in and over to one of the offices, Jennifer
followed. "Remember I told you, that you should thank the doctor for the
incision that didn't scar" Nick asked Jennifer. "Yes sir", she responded.
"Well thank him, here he is" he said. Jennifer looked at Nick and then the
other man in the office; she walked over to the doctor, and asked "May I
thank you sir". "Of course" the doctor said. Jennifer sank to her knees;
she got the doctor's dick out without using her hands, and tried to give
him a good blow job. She knew that if Nick thought she wasn't doing a good
job he would find some way to punish her. She swallowed his load, and
cleaned him off, before she was able to stand and back away the doctor had
reached down and opened her dress. "Get those last buttons, and take the
dress off" he told her, she did as she was told. Kneeling there in nothing
but her stockings, and heels the doctor started examining her breast; he
lifted them up and looked at the incisions. "Yes they did heal nicely" he
commented aloud. Dropping her breast, he took her nipples and start
rolling and stretching them between his fingers. "I don't believe there
will be any problems with what you asked Nick." "That's good" Nick
responded, "What about the other one?" The doctor told Jennifer to stand
up, and spread her legs some. Jennifer did so, and the doctor starting
examining her pussy lips. "You right Nick these incisions healed quite
nicely, I can see no scaring". After a little further examination, of her
pussy, he moved up to her clit. "I can't believe how well this healed; you
can't see where the incisions were made at all." He moved his hand around
her clit, and pretty soon had it fully erect. Jennifer was starting to
feel his manipulations, and was biting her lip. The doctor used his
fingers and pinched her clit, pulling it out. Jennifer moaned in pain.
The doctor held onto her clit for several minutes while he rolled it around
and squeezed it. "I don't believe there will be any problems here either."
Jennifer was hurting from his manipulation, and wondered what he meant.
"Can we do it now" Nick asked. "Don't see why not" replied the doctor.

The doctor and Nick both stood up, Nick grabbed one of Jennifer's
nipples and pulled her along behind him and the doctor. They walked down
the hall to exam room 2. Nick pulled a pair of handcuffs from some where
and cuffed her hands behind her. He also pulled a small box out of one of
his pockets. Opening it he showed the contents to Jennifer. It contained
three nickel size rings, with a diamond hanging from each. Two of the
rings were connected by a gold chain. The chain had a small ring in the
center that also has a diamond on it. "There is a total of 5 carats with
21 carat gold" Nick told her. "These two, holding the pair connected by
the chain have one carat in each ring, this chain is pretty special itself,
it is actually a very strong thin aircraft cable gold coated. This chain
and the ring will rip out before they break. This one is a 2 carat diamond
picking up the single ring." Jennifer just looked at him, she wouldn't
imagine how she could wear them, the rings weren't big enough to fit on her

She hadn't noticed what the doctor was doing. When she look over at
him, he was there setting up several large needles, and something that
looked like a small torch on a small cart. "Ok ready" the doctor said. He
pulled the table over to Jennifer, and picked up some alcohol swabs, and
washed down one of Jennifer's nipples. He picked up the big needle, and
pulling the nipple out some, he thrust the needle through the nipple,
Jennifer screamed. The doctor picked up the rings connected by the chain.
He opened the ring, and pushed the end through as he pulled the needle out.
Jennifer continued to moan not even noticing that Nick had grabbed her to
keep her from moving. The doctor moved quickly to the other nipple and
repeated the process. He then picked up the torch and some gold wire. He
quickly moved flame to the rings and welded the end together. "There these
will have to be ripped or cut off, for them to come lose. Jennifer felt
herself being laid back on the table by Nick. He got a strap from some
where and put it across her chest below her tits; another went across her
belly, and then one just above her clit. The doctor had produced a set of
stirrups and connected them to the table; he then picked her feet up and
strapped them to the stirrups. Nick reached down and started playing with
Jennifer's clit. "No, not there please" Jennifer cried. "What have I told
you about saying no to any man" Nick shouted at her. He grabbed a roll of
gauze from the counter and shoved it in her mouth.

Nick continued to manipulate Jennifer's clit. In spite of her knowing
what was going to happen her clit grew. The doctor used a set of forceps
to grab her clit this time. Stretching her clit some, the doctor swabbed
it with alcohol, and then plunged the needle through it. Jennifer passed
out. When she woke, she heard the doctor giving Nick some care
instructions. "Mainly keep the areas clean, and don't put any tension on
them for a week or so." "Thanks, doc" Nick replied, "You sure she couldn't
thank you again" "No" the doctor laughed, but maybe later. "Sure you know
how to find her. Come on slut get up" Nick grabbed her by her still cuffed
arms, and started pulling her towards the door. "Wait" the doctor said.
He ducked into the office and returned with the dress. "Oh yeah, thanks,
not that she needs it right now. Nick said.

Nick led Jennifer outside to the car. Jennifer realized all she had on
was her stockings and heels, she had been trying all day to keep herself
covered, and here Nick leads her outside completely exposed. She was glad
it was dark; at least the night hid her some. Nick pushed her into the
car. "You see if you hadn't told us no, you could have gotten dressed
tonight and I would have allowed you to put some of your new clothes on
tomorrow. Since you broke rule number one, no clothes for another week. I
Told you I would make you regret breaking any rules" he sneered.

Jennifer just moaned from the pain in her nipples and clit. Jennifer
lay in the floor of the limo until Nick pulled her out at the house. He
took the cuffs off her and swatted her on the ass. "Well you better get
inside; I imagine the guys have missed you today." Jennifer knew instantly
what he meant. Sure enough almost before she got inside the door, one of
the guys, called her "Slut, get over here I have something for you" For the
next three or four hours she didn't get a break, she had a dick in either
her pussy, mouth or frequently both places at the same time. She was on
her hands and knees with a dick in the mouth, and pussy when she heard Nick
say "Guys take it easy with her nipples and clit, no playing with them, and
leave the rings alone. They need at least a week to heal. I'll let you
know when you can use the rings." The guys finally finished with her.
"Give me those shoes, and throw the stockings away you've ruined them" Nick
said. Jennifer sat on the floor, and removed the shoes, and stockings, yep
she had ruined them they were badly run.

Nick told her "Good night, and in the morning don't forget to wash your
nipple and clit rings with a little alcohol". Jennifer said "Yes Sir" as
she turned and walked to the bedroom. She crawled into bed careful to lie
on her back to not hurt her nipples.

The next morning, she got up and walked to the bathroom. Her nipples
and clit were still sore from the piercing, but they didn't hurt that much.
She couldn't believe that sensations caused by the clit ring. It seemed to
amplify every movement, she reached down and touched it; it was like
someone had sent a pleasure shock through her system. She almost climaxed
from one simple touch. She hoped the sensitivity was caused by it being a
new piercing. She would just have to wait and see. She finished up in the
bathroom, and went to the living room. There was Nick, well back to the
same routine she thought, as she got to her knees between his legs.

Chapter 9

It was Friday a week after she had been pierced. She had just finished
giving Nick his morning fuck, when he stopped her from leaving. "Let me
see those rings" he told her. Jennifer turned and spread her legs and
presented her tits and clit to him. He was surprisingly gently she though
as he inspected each of the rings. This especially surprised her because
several times this week he had been quite brutal to her during his morning
fuck. "Yes these have healed, I'm so glad, it would have made tonight
difficult if we couldn't play with your nipples or clit. You see we're
having a party tonight, I want you to put on the things in this bag, we
need to go have your hair, facial, and a manicure and pedicure done" Nick

Jennifer took the bag to the bedroom, it contained another button down
dress, this one was full length, instead of the short one last time. She
looked closely at it. She though that it probably had fewer buttons left
then the short one had. The rest of the bag contents were the stockings,
high heels and the make-up she expected. Another pair of the 6 inch heels,
well she had made it the other day with out falling. She put on the
stockings and heels, and went to the bathroom for to apply the make-up, she
didn't do much to her hair, as Nick had said that's why she was going out.
Back to the bed and slipping on the dress. Yes, she was right this long
dress had fewer buttons left then the short one had. The only button above
her waist was at her belly button, below the waist line wasn't any better,
the bottom button was above the top of her stockings. She buttoned what
buttons there were and went to the bathroom for the full length mirror.
Her entire cleavage was open, she could clearly see the chain between her
nipples with its diamond centered almost perfectly in the opening of the
dress, her nipples were covered but not much else, almost the entire inside
of each breast from the areola over was exposed. As she moved the tops of
her stockings were visible with every step. She would have to take baby
steps not to show them. She sat down, and as she feared the dress fell off
both legs leaving her no modesty. If she could put her legs together, she
could prevent someone from seeing her pussy, but having to keep her legs
apart, the only thing the dress and stockings did were to frame her sex,
and point the way for anyone who wanted to look. Worse yet, she noticed
that the light from the bathroom window reflected off her diamond clit ring
and caused it to shine and sparkle. Great, she though, not only does the
dress cover nothing, now I have a sparkle there to attract attention.

She fingered the ring in her clit. The sensitivity hadn't gone away as
the piercing healed. If anything it was more sensitive now. She could
make herself cum from just two or three minutes of playing with the ring.
Her nipples were the same way, it was almost like the rings were all
connected together, she could almost make herself come from just playing
with her nipples now. She knew that even walking would bring her to an
orgasm, as she discovered one afternoon; most of the men that were normally
around the house were gone. She actually grew board and just started
walking around the house. She was actually able to walk from one end of
the house to the other without stopping; normally she got stopped at least
once in every room. In her mind she was out for an afternoon stroll,
walking from one end of the house to the other and back, it was her third
or fourth trip when the orgasm sweep over her. She found herself on the
floor with her clit and pussy throbbing. She had managed to day dream her
way out of the house but her body still responded to the stimulation.

Because of her new exercise routine, she was able to keep going even
through an orgasm. It wasn't easy nor did it distract from the pleasure of
the orgasm, she had just learned, the hard way, how to keep going. She
could only hope that Nick didn't walk her all over the mall like he did
last time.

She checked her make-up and lip stick one more time and went to the
living room where Nick waited. He watched her as she walked up to him;
"Very Nice" he said. She followed Nick out to a town car this time. Back
to the same mall, Nick complained that there was no parking on the side of
the mall near where he wanted to go. Finally finding a parking space Nick
got out and started walking towards the mall. Jennifer quickly caught up
with him, and followed him through the mall. Nick told her what boutique
he was taking her to. She remembered seeing it, it was as she feared, it
was on the other side of the mall. She knew she would never be able to
walk all that way nonstop with out cumming at least once. Nick didn't seem
in a big hurry for which Jennifer was thankful, walking fast in this dress
would cause it to fly open like a sail. Nick appeared to be walking
directly to the boutique, not stopping or even slowing down. Jennifer
stayed at his side until the first orgasm hit her. She slowed her pace
just a little. Nick noticed, and raised his eyebrows; Jennifer recovered
and moved back to his side. A little farther on, she climaxed again. Nick
stopped, and turned to her; "Slut what the hell are you doing?" he asked.
"Sir, this clit ring is driving me nuts, just walking will cause me to cum,
I have cum twice since we entered the mall, Sir I'm sorry for slowing you
down" Jennifer replied. "Really" he asked appearing surprised. "Yes Sir"
Jennifer nodded, "I have never seen that strong of s reaction from a clit
ring, a time or two a slut will become a little more sensitive, we even had
one, where the clit ring killed all sensitivity there." Nick said "Anyway
come on, we don't want you late for your appointment." He led Jennifer on
to the boutique; she came twice more before she was able to stop walking in
the boutique. Nick led her up to the counter and told the guy there that
Jennifer was here for her appointment. Jennifer saw it was a guy at the
counter and she immediately turned on her sexist smile and shifted her legs
to show off the top off her stockings. Nick thought to himself; this slut
has come along way, the guy hadn't even looked at her, and she had already
started flirting and showing some skin. The guy said "Hello Jennifer, if
you would follow me we'll get you started" "Yes sir of course sir" Jennifer
responded. "Right this way" the guy said as he positioned himself just
behind her and guided her with his hand on her back. "Yes sir" from
Jennifer and Nick noticed that she shifted her shoulders to try and give
the guy a view of her nipples. Nick followed them both. The guy led
Jennifer to a small changing room, and told her "There are robes for you to
wear, please put your dress in one of the lockers" "Wait a minute, this is
a private establishment I believe, with private rooms for each appointment
isn't it?" asked Nick. "Yes of course" replied the guy. "Then she'll stay
in the dress she has on" Nick replied. Jennifer had actually gotten her
hopes up, she knew at most boutiques of this class provided robes, and had
hoped she could change into one. Nick crushed that hope with his

"Yes sir, whatever you want sir" replied the guy. To Jennifer he said
"You're in room 3, just this way" Jennifer smiled sweetly at him, and
allowed him to guide her to room three, as she did her best to give him a
view of the end of the chain he was so obviously looking for. The guy led
her to room three and told her "She could have a seat in the chair." "Thank
you sir" Jennifer said. She knew that there was no way to sit in that
reclining chair and not give him a show, so she didn't even try. She just
sat down and made herself comfortable in the chair as her dress fell to the
sides leaving nothing to the imagination. She saw that one of the spot
lights caught her clit ring diamond just right, and she had a sparkly
between her legs. She heard the guy take a deep breath. He hesitated a
few minutes while he took in the view then said "Your beautician will be
right in." She hoped it would be a male beautician, she could handle that,
she was still trying to figure out how to respond to a female, while acting
the way Nick required. Nick had made it appear to Jennifer that he had
never been to this boutique before, actually he has used it many time, it
was just the guy at the counter was new. Nick had lined some beauticians
with a twist to take care of Jennifer this morning. The first beautician
came in, Jennifer didn't turn her head, she didn't want to see the first
look on the girls face. She should have turned her head; she would have
seen the look of pure lust on the beautician's face if she had. The girl walked over to face Jennifer, and introduced herself; "Hello Jennifer, I'm
Carol; I'll be doing your hair this morning." Jennifer responded "Hello
ma'am", as soon as she said it, she asked herself why she responded that
way, and not call Carol by her name. She couldn't come up with a reason,
other then it just seemed right to say ma'am. Carol nodded and moving
closer placed her hand on Jennifer's thigh just below the top of the
stocking saying "Just relax, we'll take care of your hair and any other
needs you may have." Jennifer tensed at the touch of Carol's hand, but she
responded "Yes ma'am, thank you ma'am." Carol was standing there gentle
rubbing Jennifer's leg when there was a knock on the door. "It's me Cindy;
I'm here to do your facial. Jennifer heard as the door opened. Again
Jennifer didn't turn her head, and missed the look of lust. Cindy came
around and immediately started rubbing Jennifer's other leg this time on
the bare skin above the stocking. "Hello Jennifer" Cindy said. "Hello
ma'am" Jennifer responded.

Jennifer was totally confused now, her pussy was still sensitive from
the orgasms she had walking to the boutique, and now these women were
rubbing her thighs, and she could feel their hands getting higher. Her
pussy wanted to be touched, but she didn't know how to react to the women's
touch. The two girls stood there and soon had both their hands in and on
her sex. Jennifer tensed, looked over at Nick who just smiled. Jennifer
just closed her eyes, and began to lose herself in the sensations coming
from her pussy. One hand was finger fucking her, another playing with one
pussy lip, another the other pussy lip and the fourth hand working on her
clit and the ring there. She heard Nick say "Careful, apparently she is
super sensitive with the clit ring." "Wonderful" one of the girls replied.

Jennifer felt the hands move and then her dress fell completely open.
They had undone the few buttons. One of the girls told Nick "You always
give your girls such nice things;" as Jennifer felt a hand playing with her
nipples and gently pulling on the chain. Jennifer felt one of the girls pushing her legs wider, her legs slipped off the sides of the chair.
Jennifer's legs were as wide apart as they could get in this position and
chair, she felt the chair move. It seemed to be flattening out, she
thought, through her closed eyes.

She felt movement between her legs, and a breath and a tongue across her
clit. She jerked. A female voice told her to "Just relax, and enjoy, you
slut. You're going to experience a few new things today." "Yes ma'am"
Jennifer grasped as the tongue licked across her clit again. Jennifer felt
the tongue move across her clit, each of her pussy lips were sucked on and
teased by the mouth and tongue, a finger slowly explored the insides of her
pussy. Soon Jennifer was moaning and starting to thrust her hips against
the mouth at her sex. Just as Jennifer was getting ready to climax the
mouth and finger left her sex, she moaned in frustration.

Jennifer felt something moving around her head. She opened her eyes to
find herself look straight up at a pussy just inches above. As the pussy lowered itself to her mouth, she heard a female voice say "Get the mouth
and tongue busy, slut." Jennifer hesitated; she had never even considered
having sex with another woman. She felt someone grab the chain between her
nipples and give it a yank, pain shot through both nipples. "I said get
that tongue busy" the female voice repeated.

Slowly Jennifer stuck her tongue out and touched the pussy above her, as
her tongue touched that pussy, she felt one touch her own. Gingerly at
first Jennifer used her tongue to touch, then her mouth to suck on the
pussy. She soon found herself thrusting her hips towards the mouth playing
with her sex, while she used her to tongue to furiously lap and suck the
pussy over her mouth. She could hear herself moan around the pussy covering her mouth, then heard it echoed by the girl sitting on her face.
Soon the girl on Jennifer's face has thrusting her hips into it. Jennifer
felt the pussy covering her face convulse, and knew the girl was cumming;
she lapped the girl's juices up, and found she liked the taste better than
the taste of the men shooting down her throat. Jennifer had been so close
to cumming, the girl at her pussy had worked her like a pro, getting her to
the edge, and keeping her there.

Jennifer said "No please" as she felt the person move from between her
legs, and then the girl move off her face. The girls changed positions and
soon Jennifer had another pussy sitting on her face and someone else eating
on her pussy. Jennifer immediately starting working on the girl on her
face, she was quickly able to extract several moans and then felt the pussy twitch. She continued to lap and suck the girl's juices until the girl came. If anything the girl between Jennifer's was better then the other
one, she had worked Jennifer right to the edge of a climax, and wouldn't
let her go over the edge or calm down.

The pussy on Jennifer's face got up, and the tongue on her pussy pulled
way, Jennifer opened her eyes, and looking at both women, moaned "Please
ma'am" Getting no response from them she move her hands toward her pussy.
The women stopped her, and pulled both arms to the sides of the chair,
where they used some ready straps to tie them. One of the girls then bent
down and used some more straps to tie Jennifer's legs where they were.
Turning to Nick, one of the women said, "She will be here for at least 3
hours, you can get a drink or something and come back." Nick responded with
a grin "Sure, you will take good care of her while I'm gone won't you." "Of
course" one of the girls replied, she reaching down and strumming
Jennifer's clit. Jennifer shuttered, and almost came; the girl seemed to
know that and again stopped before the orgasm.

For the next three hours the girls worked on Jennifer's hair, face,
nails, and pussy. They were pros, both professionally and sexually. They
keep Jennifer right at the edge of an orgasm for the whole three hours,
while they did wonderful jobs on her hair, make-up and nails.

Nick returned just as the girls finished applying nail polish to
Jennifer. "Done" one replied to Nick's unasked question. "Great, let her
up so I can see." One of the girls took Jennifer's face in both hands, and
looking her in the eyes, said "Don't you dare touch that pussy of yours you
slut". They then untied Jennifer's wrist and feet, and helped her to her

Jennifer stood on shaky knees; her pussy and clit were throbbing. One
of the girls reached out and led Jennifer around the chair to Nick by the
nipple chain. Nick looked her over closely, and said "Wonderful, one of
your best jobs ever." His hand moved to her clit. "Careful, one of the
girls said, "She's right at the edge." Nick just grinned and thumped the
clit ring. The orgasm that hit Jennifer was like none she had every
experienced, she passed out and collapsed to the floor.

Jennifer came to lying in a ball on the floor. Nick noticed she was
moving, and grabbed the nipple chain, "Get up" he said using it to pull
Jennifer to her feet. "Sorry she can't thank you properly for the
wonderful job. We don't want to mess up her face or hair yet. Perhaps you
can stop by this evening." Nick said. "We would love to." one of the girls said moving her hand across Jennifer's clit for just a moment. "We will
see you later slut, and you can thank us for your make over." the girl told
Jennifer. "Yes ma'am, of course, thank you ma'am' Jennifer replied.

Nick headed for the door, with Jennifer following him. "You might want
to button your dress slut, I know you love showing your body, but you don't
want to get arrested" Nick said laughingly. Jennifer still in a daze from
the massive orgasm hadn't realized her dress was still undone. She gasped
and quickly started buttoning. She heard the girls laughing as she ran out
of the room to catch up with Nick, who hadn't even slowed down. She caught
up with Nick just outside the boutique. He had stopped and turned, "Great
view" he said as she stopped beside him. Jennifer knew that the bottom of
her dress had been completely open and she had shown everyone in the
boutique her clit ring, and pussy, as she ran to catch him. The dress sort
of fell into place, and she had to do several hip gyrations to get it to
close in the front. As she stood there and shook her hips a small group of
older teenage boys had stopped to watch her, she saw. She turned red and
hung her head in humiliation Nick made sure to guide Jennifer through the
middle of the boys. She saw where Nick was headed and forced her best
smile. Seeing a great opportunity to humiliate and dominate Jennifer some
more Nick stopped in the middle of the 5 or 6 boys. Jennifer moved to his
side and pushed her leg forward and to the side opening her dress, and
exposing her stocking top for the boys to see. He said "Like the show,
boys?" Several responded "Yes" enthusiastically. One of the older boys asked "What is that chain connected to?" "Jennifer why don't you open your
top and show him" Nick said, turning to face her.

Jennifer let her shoulders sag as she reached for the top of her dress.
"Stand up straight, and shoulders back" Nick ordered. Jennifer
straightened up as she pulled the top off the dress open, showing the boys the chain connected to the rings through her nipples. "Wow" the young man said. Nick knew this mall like the back of his hand and knew just the
place to take Jennifer for what he had planned next. "Listen up, guys, how
would you like some of this beautiful slut." Nick asked. "Yeah" several of
the boys yelled. "Quiet!" Nick said, "Tell you what, you guys follow us,
don't make a scene; just quietly follow. Ok?" "Oh, yeah" the oldest boy responded. "Slut, let go of the top of your dress, and come on." Jennifer
realized she had been standing during that whole conversation holding her
dress open. One side of the dress fell back and covered the nipple, the
other side didn't, she went to reach for it and move it. Nick shook his
head and said "I didn't say you could touch your dress again slut, did I"
"No sir" Jennifer responded, dropping her hand back to her side, she
sighed, and then shook her breast trying to get the nipple covered. After
a few seconds where she wasn't sure if she was going to get it covered, or
if the other one was going to pop out, the dress slipped over the nipple.

Nick headed off with Jennifer following. Jennifer struggled to keep up
with him as he turned several corners, and led her back to a service area,
just as she walked through the service door Nick was holding open, another
orgasm hit her, a moan escaped from her lips, and Nick laughed. "Can't
wait to get to those young hard cocks, can you slut? Nick said. "No sir,
I mean yes sir, I want those hard cocks." Jennifer, hoping she had covered
for the no word. The boys followed them into the service closet. Nick
turned to the boys and asked "Who's first for a blow job? Don't touch her
hair, I just had it done and don't what it messed up" Jennifer hearing what
Nick had said dropped to her knees, as one of the older boys stepped up,
pulling his dick out, and said "I am".

Jennifer took the cock into her mouth and thrust all the way down on it
until her nose touched the boy's jeans. She couldn't believe what she was
doing as she started moving her head up and down the boy's shaft; on her
knees, in the mall, giving a bunch of teenage boys blow jobs, a single tear
rolled down her face. The boy didn't last long. He pulled out and was
immediately replaced by another. It was the boy who had asked about the
chain. As she sucked him, he reached down, and pulled on the chain until
he had pulled both nipples from under her dress. Jennifer moaned from the
pain in her nipples, luckily he didn't last long either; he pulled out,
giving one last hard tug on the chain. The next boy stepped up. Jennifer
stayed on her knees with a cock in the mouth until she had taken care of
all the boys.

Nick said "Hoped you boys, like that, maybe we'll see you around later."
"Sure, man, thanks" several of the boys replied. "Come on slut" Nick said
pulling Jennifer to her feet by the chain, he reached over and after
twisting each nipple tucked it back in her dress.

Nick set out at a leisurely pace. He stopped several times to talk to
or ask directions from several men. Each time Jennifer posed and smiled
seductively at the man. His frequent stopping had prevented the constant
stimulation from walking with the clit ring that caused Jennifer to cum.
She wasn't sure what was worse, walking through an orgasm, or having to
stop just before she came.

They finally made it to the car. Nick made one stop one the way to the
house, a jewelry store. At the house, she started to get out. Nick
stopped her before they entered, saying "I promised the guys a surprise
today, lose the dress." Jennifer shrugged the dress off her shoulders and
stepped out of it was Nick opened the jewelry box. He pulled out a bell on
a gold chain; the bell was about 4 inches around at the bell end. He shook
the bell, Jennifer though it actually made a very pleasing ring, but she
was afraid of what he was going to do with it. Nick took the end of the
chain and starting by going though the clit ring ran it up the center ring
of the nipple chain. He pulled out a small gold plated lock from the box,
and used it to lock the end of the bell chain to the center ring. He then
dropped the bell. It rang several times as it swung between her legs. It
hung down to just above her knees Jennifer noted. Jennifer definitely felt
the added weight on her nipples, and the motion of the bell swinging back
and forth was causing the clit ring to move around and torment her.

Nick, opened the door, and gently pushed Jennifer ahead of him. Each
step caused the bell to swing, bounce off her leg, and ring. It was like a
children's ice cream truck, bell ringing, here come the goodies Jennifer
though. Jennifer walked towards the living room, very well aware of
sensations to her nipples caused by the added weight of the bell and its
movement. Not to mention what the chain moving around the clit ring was
doing to her down there.

Jennifer led Nick into the living room, most of the guys who hung around
the house were there watching some movie Jennifer saw. "Wow, I wondered
how an ice cream truck was coming down the hall. Very nice, where did you
get that idea from?" one of the guys asked. Nick just grinned and said
"You guys need to leave the slut alone until later, I don't want her hair
or make-up messed up." Nick said. Several of the guys groaned. "Ah, quite
your bitching" Nick laughed, "You'll get some later". "Slut you left your
dress outside, go get it, and bring it here. You can keep the stockings and shoes on, since you didn't ruin them today." Jennifer replied "Yes
sir", as she headed for the front door, getting her dress she returned to
Nick. "We have a couple of hours to kill, give yourself an orgasm, and
then you can go to your room." "Yes sir" she said moving her hands to her
pussy and clit ring. It only took a minute or so before she climaxed.
"Thank you sir" Jennifer said as she turned towards her room. Nick just
laughed at the sound of the ringing bell moving away.

Chapter 10

Jennifer lay on the bed, with tears of humiliation rolling down her face
as she thought about everything that had already happened that day, and
wondered what was to come. She must have fallen asleep, she woke to a
sharp sting in her arm, no, it was Nick pulling up on the bell, stretching
her clit and pulling on the nipples at the same time. "Time to get up
slut, there are some clothes in the closet for you to put on. You have
about an hour to get ready." he said ringing the bell a couple of times.
He never said what she was getting ready for. Jennifer walked to the
closet; she found one of the business suits Nick had bought. It was one of
the long skirt suits, Jennifer looked at the skirt, it was slit up both
front and back, she knew that the skirt would muffle the bell, but was sure
it would still be hearable as she walked. There was also one of the
lightest, thinnest blouses Nick had found that day; Jennifer remembered it
was one of the few blouses Nick had marked for modification, a new pair of
stockings and of course another pair of 6 inch heels, these matched the
suit she noticed, and a small make-up bag containing the colors that the
boutique had used this morning.

She took the make-up bag and went to the bathroom, her bell ringing with
every step. She looked in the fully length mirror and saw herself. All
the exercise had toned her body up nicely, she had a great tan. The gold
chains and the diamonds sparkling against her skin actually looked great on
her. The fact they were on nipple rings, a chain and a clit ring, actually
didn't change that, just made it sort of perverted. Her movement towards
the make-up mirror caused the bell to sound. She tried to find any
movement she could make that wouldn't ring the bell. The only thing she
could move with out ringing it was her head; it seemed that even turning
her body to look around caused enough movement to ring the bell. She
sighed, and started to fix her make-up, luckily she hadn't messed it or her
hair up beyond repair by lying down. Even moving her arms to apply the
make-up or brush her hair caused the bell to chime. Jennifer returned to
the closet, taking everything but the jacket to the bed, she sat down.
Sitting, with the bell muffled by resting on the covers the movements
caused by her changing stockings and shoes caused it to chime.

Jennifer stood up, and put on the blouse, as she buttoned it, she saw
the modifications Nick had made. He had the blouse cut down so that it was
open to just below her breast, it had a wide opening neck line that curved
around her breast, just barely covering her nipples to the bottom of her
cleavage. Her nipple rings were easily seen through the thin material, the
chain and its center ring diamond were again almost perfectly centered in
the opening. Next the skirt, moving towards the closet, and looking down
she saw that with every step the tops of her stockings and even some of her
tanned thigh above the elastic was clearly visible. The bell was muffled
as she thought, but still easily heard. The waist of the skirt reduced the
pulling by the bell on her nipples, but also caused it to move her clit
ring around a bit more with each step. Putting on the jacket, she went to
the full length mirror for one last check. Jennifer practiced several
poses that would satisfy Nick's flirting requirement. Just as with the
long dress in the mall the other day she found that pushing her leg out to
the front and side would open the dress, and show a pretty leg. As she
practiced, she noticed that several times the dress would open wide enough
to show her stocking tops. She didn't realize that as she practiced the
move was looking quite natural and not at all forced. She didn't sit down,
she knew the dress would just fall to the sides and along with her
stockings frame her clit and pussy. As she walked past the mirror again,
she saw an occasional glimmer of the gold bell.

With each step she took the bell swayed between her legs, pulling and
moving the clit ring it was threaded through as it chimed. She felt the
beginnings of an orgasm, and something new, there was an itch building in
her pussy. Oh god, she thought, this was the same ache she had felt her
first night her, when she had become a wanton slut, and begged to be
fucked. What was happening to her? She barely made it to where Nick was
sitting without cumming. She stopped in front of him, and assumed the pose
she had practiced in front of the mirror. Nick reached out and thumped the
bell several times; "It has a nice tone, doesn't it?" Nick asked. "Yes
sir" Jennifer responded.

"A bunch of guys are coming over to play some poker, and watch some
movies; you are going to be the hostess tonight. My guests will be
arriving soon; you are to meet each one at the door. You will give each
guest a nice kiss, and an opportunity for them to feel your body, before
you escort them to the living room. When not at the door, you will
circulate around the room, making sure each guest doesn't want anything,
and I do mean anything. Remember to smile and show as much skin as you
can." Nick told her. "Yes sir" Jennifer responded, just as the door bell
rang. Nick just nodded in the direction of the front door. Jennifer
noticed a couple guys setting up several professional looking video cameras
as she went to the door. Out of the corner of her eye she saw one of the
camera men follow her to the door. She opened the door and quickly did the
move she practiced in front of the mirror "Good evening sir" she said
smiling seductively at the man. She vaguely remembered him from her first
night in LA. She stepped forward and wrapping her arms around the man's
neck, and started to kiss him. The man responded enthusiastically; he
forced his tongue into her mouth, and roaming his hands over her ass. She
held the kiss for a few minutes; then broke away and said "Please follow me
sir" leading him to the living room, she got a good look at the camera she
saw that it had its own microphone, and she knew it was recording the bell
chiming with every step she took, and every word she said. Turning to the
man she saw the question on his face; where was the bell? Before he had a
chance to ask. Jennifer said "Please be seated sir"; and hearing the
doorbell again; "I'll be back in just a moment." Turning she saw that there
was another camera, it recording also

The next 20 minutes passed quickly, with 10 men arriving, the scene at
the door repeated itself each time. It was getting harder and harder for
Jennifer to break the kiss, she was pressing her body against the men more
and more as the itch building in her pussy became stronger. The cameras
recorded everything, from the front, the back, inside, and outside. Once
the door bell rang, Jennifer posed and opened the door to find just the
camera filming her. When what turned out to be the last time the door bell
rang. Jennifer went to the door and striking the pose once again; opening
the door, she paused just a moment; it was the two girls from the boutique
this morning "Good evening ladies" Jennifer stepped to the closest girl;
with just the briefest of hesitation she put her arms around the girls neck
and kissed her. The girl returned the kiss and forced her tongue into
Jennifer's mouth. The girl's tongue chased Jennifer's around her mouth,
while the girl's hands roamed Jennifer's ass and tits. "Hum, what is
this?" Cindy said grinning evilly as she began playing with the bell chain
causing it to chime. She passed Jennifer over to Carol by the bell chain.
Carol moved her hand up to the chain connecting Jennifer's nipples. Carol
twisted her hand around, trying to pull Jennifer's nipples from under her
blouse; she succeeded, her actions also caused the bell to chime several
times. Jennifer was moaning from the pain in her nipples around Carol's
probing tongue

When Carol released Jennifer, Jennifer said "Please follow me." The
camera men had made sure they had several good angles off the scene in the
doorway, and continued to film Jennifer walking the ladies down the hall.
Jennifer was sure the camera had caught her now exposed nipples, and also
Cindy's, and Carol's hands on her ass as she led them to the living room.
Cindy and Carol left Jennifer at the door way to the living room, and
joined the men in the living room.

Jennifer walked into the living room; her bell chiming with every step.
She heard someone call her name; "Jennifer, that is a delightful chime,
where is it coming from?" Jennifer turned in the direction of the voice,
although she didn't know who had asked the question. She reached down with
both hands and opened the skirt pulling each side apart. She opened the
dress just enough to show the bell and some of the chain, without exposing
her pussy. She heard someone behind her say "Turn around we want to see
also." Holding the skirt Jennifer did a slow 360 turn making sure everyone
could see the bell. "How cute" a female voice said. Someone else said
"We'll have to see what it is attached to later."

Nick called her over to where he and several others were setting up a
card table; "There are some appetizers in the kitchen, get them and offer
some to our guest." One the guys helping Nick stopped her, he ran his hand
between the slits of the skirt, he found the bell chain and pulled it up
and down several times causing the bell to chime, and slightly stretching
her nipples. Jennifer bit her lip at the sensations moving through the
clit because of his actions. He let go of the bell chain, and slapped her
on her ass to send her on her way.

Returning from the kitchen with the trays of appetizers, she offered
them to the guest, they would frequently play with her body, playing their
hands across her exposed nipples, tweaking them, playing with the nipple
rings, and chain; running their hands under her skirt, fingering her pussy,
playing with her clit and its ring, or playing with the bell chain in
addition to taking an appetizer or two. Several had a great laugh as they
tried to play a song with the bell, Jennifer would end up biting her lip as
her orgasm built from the sensations caused by the bell chain, and the clit
ring. None of the songs lasted long enough to send Jennifer over the edge,
into the bliss of an orgasm. The two women took particular delight in
giving her long kisses while fondling her. All this teasing was having its
effect on her, she could feel the itch building in her pussy. She was
given several drinks of what looked like juice by Nick; who had said "We
don't want to get you drunk yet." Nick had made sure all her drinks had
been poured from a special pitcher that no one else used, one he had made.

He knew that fairly soon Jennifer would ask someone to fuck her. That's
when the real show would start. He walked over to the camera men, to check
on their film situation. They both told him they had plenty, and that they
had gotten some great stuff already.

It happened; Jennifer was backed up against the card table with her legs
spread while one of the guys played with her pussy and clit ring. He
stopped when the dealer gave him his cards. Jennifer moaned as his hand
moved away, then said "Please fuck me sir, I need your dick in me." The guy
looked up at her and grinned; "Hear that guys, the winner of this hand gets
the first fuck." "About time" one of the card players said. Looking over
at Jennifer the guy said; "Don't move slut, we'll get to you in just a
minute." A couple of minutes later one of the guys threw his cards down and
said "Oh, yeah! Get over here slut"

Nick knew what was coming; he had primed all the guys with what he
wanted tonight.

Jennifer move over to the winner, his hand immediately went under her
skirt. She was soon moving her hips against his hand. "You know slut from
what we have seen you have a great body. But I want to see it all before I
fuck you." he said. Jennifer unbuttoned and discarded both the blouse and
skirt. The party had moved around the card table when they heard what this
games pot was, the cameras had moved and made sure they were in position to
get some great shots. The whole party could see Jennifer standing there in
nothing but her stockings and heels, the winner's fingers in her pussy while his thumb worked her clit. Everyone could see her nipple rings, the
chain between them, and the chain hanging down through the clit ring to the
bell on the bottom. "So that's where it's attached" someone laughed. "You
know guys she has a great body, a really nice ass," said the winner, "Yeah
a really nice ass, I think I want some of it".

The guy pulled the bell chain, stretching her nipples. Jennifer
couldn't kneel because he had never moved his hand from her pussy, she
starting bending over to try and relieve the pain. He kept pulling until
Jennifer's face was level with his. "So you want a dick in you." he said.
"Oh yes please, anywhere just put it in me," Jennifer moaned. "Guys you
won't mind if I borrow the table for a few would you." the winner said as
he stood up and pushed Jennifer so she was standing against the table
facing it. "Of course not," several of the players laughed. The winner
moved behind Jennifer, he was pulling his dick out and pushing on
Jennifer's upper back to bend her over the table.

One thrust is all it took for him to be buried up to the hilt in her
pussy. Jennifer's whole body shook from her first orgasm. Several strokes
later the guy pulled out. He nodded to a couple of guys standing on the
other side of the table and to each side of Jennifer. They reached forward
and grabbed her wrist just as she moaned "Please, put it back, put it in
me, please" He said "Just a minute" using his hand he scooped some of her
juices from her pussy, and put them on her asshole. He was going to butt
fuck her. He positioned his dick ready to push into her ass. She again
moaned "Please, put it in me." Nick knew she didn't have a clue what was
coming, she was asking for it in her pussy, but was going to get it in her

He thrust past her anal ring with one mighty thrust. Jennifer tried to
straighten at the intrusion in her ass. The two guys holding her wrist
prevented that. The guy remained buried in her ass, as Jennifer groaned
several times, the pain to the penetration bringing her back to reality.
He slowly started pumping in and out; almost all the way out, then all the
way back in. Someone handed him a bottle of baby oil (Nick had several in
strategic places around the room), he poured some on his dick as he pushed
back in. For the next several minutes he slowly moved his dick in and out,
pouring oil almost every time. Jennifer had stopped trying to pull herself
free, and lay there moaning. Slowly Jennifer's moans of pain stopped. She
was beginning to feel the dick in her ass somehow scratch the itch in her
pussy. It took a little longer but soon Jennifer was thrusting back
against the guy. Everyone could clearly hear the bell chime faster and
faster as she moved, Nick and several others smiled. The two men who held
her wrists released them. He continued to fuck her ass while she thrust
back against him more and more vigorously, he grabbed her hips and held her
as he pumped his seed into her ass. "Man what a tight ass" he said as he
pulled out. Jennifer slowly straightened up, her eyes glazed by lust. She
looked around the room "Please I need a dick" she said.

"I think I can take care of that" one of the guys sitting near the table
said. Jennifer moved over to him, her bell chiming all the way. "On your
hands and knees slut, I want a blow job" he said, as he pulled his dick
out. Jennifer dropped to her knees and crawled up to take his dick in her
mouth, even on her knees her movement caused the bell to chime. Nick
grinned, damn he had gotten the length of that chain just right he thought.
She had just barely gotten the dick in her mouth before someone moved in
behind her and thrust into to her ass. Jennifer started rocking back and
forth on the dicks in her mouth and ass; this motion caused the bell to
swing like a pendulum, chiming at each end of its swing. Its motion was
really working on Jennifer's clit and she came quickly. Her workouts paid
off, she was able to continue moving through her orgasm. The guys came
almost simultaneously in her mouth and ass; they came just as she had
another orgasm wash over her.

The cameras caught it all, Jennifer's body shuttering from orgasms as
she was fucked in the mouth and ass, they recorded the clear crisp chime of
the bell.

For the next four hours or more Jennifer was ass fucked repeatedly.
Nick had made it clear to the guys, other then a few thrust into her pussy very early in the evening every dick was to be buried in her ass. The two
girls were and added bonus for the movie Nick would make out of tonight's

The shots of Jennifer on her knees, her face buried in one of the girls'
pussy, a dick pounded into her ass; her body shaking from her orgasms were
great! He wasn't sure which were better, those or the ones of Jennifer on
her back, a girl sitting on her face and holding Jennifer's legs up so a
man could drive his dick into her ass. After seeing that, Nick had checked
with the camera men, "You got that!?!" "Oh yeah!" they both replied. It
was such a great scene Nick was prepared to stage it again, he didn't want
any "staged" scenes in this movie; you could always tell when the scene was
staged, so far everything that had been taped tonight had happened ad-hoc;
but that scene was so good, he would have to do it again.

In a lust induced daze Jennifer tried to think about what was happening.
She had never thought of taking a dick in her ass, but she had, and she had
cum, god, how had she cum, she had no clue how many times....

The evening drew to a close, the last guy had pulled out of Jennifer's
ass Nick saw; it was the third time for him Nick recalled, and Jennifer
collapsed onto the couch he had bent her over. All the guys had used
Jennifer's ass and mouth to their satisfaction; even the two ladies were
satiated, having had Jennifer eat them to several orgasms each. Nick was
kind of glad; the camera men had actually run out of film about 45 minutes
ago. First time that had ever happened, Nick thought.

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