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A husbands mistake A wifes nightmare Part 11


Husband’s Mistake, Wife’s Nightmare – Chapter 11

* WARNING: This story is fiction, and should be treated as such. The
following story is for the entertainment of ADULTS ONLY, and contains
descriptions of explicit sex. If you are not an adult, or reading sex
stories upset you, DO NOT read any further. If it is illegal in your
location, DO NOT read it.

This is a copyrighted work. Copyright by ShadowWriter .

Reposting or any other use of it is strictly prohibited without the
express, written permission of the author, except that it may be posted as
part of a review or posted to a free-access, noncommercial archive sites.

DISCLAIMER: All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to anyone,
either alive or dead, is purely coincidental.

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Jennifer woke the next morning from the sun hitting her in the eyes as
it came up. She was sore, her ass hurt. Oh! What had she done? She
wondered as she remembered the previous night. I begged for it again, just
like the first night here. Jennifer couldn't understand it.

Jennifer got up and started towards her room, the bell chimed a couple
of times real quick as it fell off the couch, then started ringing in
rhythm with her steps. Nick came around the corner just after Jennifer had
taken four or five steps; “What a nice alarm clock, don't you think so
Jennifer?” he stated. “Good morning sir, yes sir, very nice” Jennifer
replied. “You really need to clean yourself up slut, your make-up is
ruined, and your hair is a mess. Get in there and take a shower. You can
put on stockings and pick out another pair of heels, I really like that
look.” Nick said. “Yes sir” Jennifer responded, lowering her head in
humiliation, she knew she was a mess in more places then her face and hair.
She made her way to her bathroom with the bell chiming between her legs.
Nick laughed, her looks and that bell chiming between her legs was unique
to say the least.

Jennifer stepped into the shower, even the water in the shower caused
the bell to chime gently. Soon tears joined the shower water, as she
thought of the past? How long? She couldn't remember! She realized that
for the last two or three weeks she hadn't even thought about Mike or her
daughter! She fell back against the shower wall and slid to the floor.
Nick heard her crying, and knew what was going on. Nick hurried to his
office to pick up Jennifer's folder. Placing it on the table, Nick went
get Jennifer he wanted to get her before she settled down.

Nick walked into the bathroom and ripped the shower curtain down. He
yelled at Jennifer, “Slut, I told you to do something, and here you are
ignoring what I told you.” He didn't give her time to respond; he grabbed
the nipple chain, and started walking away. He led her to the table and
pushed her into a seat.

“Look, I'm tired of this shit.” Nick yelled “You know we have you. We
have tapes of all the fun you have had, if you don't get it together, and
start fully cooperating, we will send the tapes to you family, and friends,
we will send them to your church, to the local TV, or maybe we'll just
start hurting people you love daughter, husband, mother, or who knows. You
will start cooperating, doing everything with a smile on your face, and at
least acting like you're having the time of your life. Your life has
changed, accept it; believe me; we could make it much, much worse.”

“Why, why?” Jennifer asked.

“Doesn't matter. You will knock this shit off and start cooperating or
else. Next time you think of you family, remember that only your
cooperation is keeping them alive.”

“Ok. Please, just don't hurt my family” she said.

“You cooperate and not only will we not hurt your family, but we will
probably help them. Let me tell you about the company you joined.”

“Company! Yeah right!” Jennifer said sarcastically

“Yes, company. You joined a division, admittedly not a well known
division; but still a division of multi-national company. You see our
executives found that it's easier to provide, and control the entertainment
the people they were working with, was asking for. That way they could
ensure they got discrete entertainment, and also provide leverage if
needed. You have been recruited into the Special Functions Group of the
Marketing Department. You knew about the marketing, just not the special
function part.”

“Oh, I think I've figured out the special functions part” Jennifer said.

“You're starting to; we'll talk more about that later. The company will
pay you a salary, and in fact it has been.” Nick said as he showed her pay
stubs, and copies of the checks her husband had cashed.

“Ooooohhhh, more ..... “Jennifer started.

“Yes, more then your base salary. Do you remember some mention of a
performance bonus? Well, you can see those performance bonus's add up
quickly. Not everything you've enjoyed here has been for free. You didn't
know it at the time, but you were entertaining several clients also. Some
of those papers you signed were for some of the best benefits possible.
You and your family are now covered by the best health insurance possible,
no deductible, no limitations. The company recognized that the goodwill,
and other benefits resulting from the special functions employees, would
more the cover the cost of benefits, wardrobes, and any other minor cost.
In fact here, Nick reached into the folder in front of him and pulled out
an American Express platinum card, and a packet full of all the insurance
information she expected to get after getting the job.”

Jennifer slowly reached out and pulled it towards her. She started to
read the forms, then stopped, and put her hands down, looking at Nick

“It's ok” Nick said

Jennifer spent the next several minutes going through the papers. They
looked genuine, were they? How could she find out?

Nick handed her a local phone book and his cell phone, saying “I've
marked the page with insurance company's phone number.”

Jennifer couldn't resist, she quickly found the number and called it.
After a few minutes of talking to the customer service rep, she handed the
phone back to Nick. He was telling the truth! She slowly looked thru more
of the forms in the packet. 401K, fully vested, 100% matching; stock
options, membership in an exclusive health club/spa at home, even something
about a full college grant; she gathered all the papers together and closed
the packet. She picked up the credit card it was in her name. She sat
there in stunned silence, thinking about....

“You see, we can make your life hell, or you can make it much better.
Your choice!” Nick said as he sat back and just looked at her. He made
sure she saw his eyes travel the full length of her body. Nick let the
silence go on for about 10 minutes. “Well I'll know your choice by your
actions. Get up we have some things to take care of.” Nick unlocked the
bell and pulled it through the clit ring. Jennifer couldn't help herself,
she shuttered at the sensations. Slapping her on the ass, “I'll bring what
you are to wear, go fix your make-up and hair.”

Jennifer went to her bathroom; she paused and looked at herself in the
full length mirror. What was she thinking, she wasn't sure, she stunned by
what Nick had shown her. She turned to the sink and started applying her
make-up. By the time she had brushed her hair out, a smile was starting on
her face. She realized it was her first unforced smile, since her first
night here. She went to the bedroom, on the bed was a short skirt, an
almost completely transparent blouse, and of course the stockings and high
heels. She lifted the blouse; under it was the packet of papers from the
table, with the credit card laying on top. She slipped the blouse on,
buttoned it up without realizing what she was doing as she stared at the
packet. She picked the packet and credit card up and put them into the
night stand drawer. She finished getting dressed, double checked her
appearance and went to where Nick was. As she approached, she dropped to
her knees, and using her mouth to pull Nick's dick out, gave him a, what he
thought to himself the best yet; blow job.

Grinning Nick said, “Go fix your lipstick.” When she returned he led her
out to the town car. When the car pulled into the doctor's office again,
Jennifer groaned. “Not to worry.” Nick said, as he led her into the
building and straight into the doctor's office, right past the receptionist
who had tried to stop them. They didn't wait long, for the doctor. “She's
ready for the last work, doc.” Nick said. He saw that Jennifer had stood
up and was walking towards the doctor.

“Sir, I haven't thanked you for the last visit, do you have time?”
Jennifer asked as she pressed her body against him.

“Of course” turning to Nick “You're real luck Nick, I just had an
appointment cancel, she can't breath with a cold. So I can fit her in.”
the doctor said. Jennifer had dropped to her knees and was sucking him
dry. She put him back in his pants and stood up.

He led Nick and Jennifer right to an operating room. Telling a nurse to
bring him a full color kit, and get the other people her. “On the bed
Jennifer,” as he picked up the gas mask.

Jennifer woke still laying on the same bed. She noticed that her lips,
eye lashes, eye brows, were what? Not really sore just tender and
different. One of the nurses handed her a mirror, saying “You look

Jennifer took the mirror and examined her face. Her lips were
different, better defined, fuller, and a very noticeable red. She touched
them, tender but not sore. Her eye lashes were fuller, darker; eye brows
better defined and shaped. She realized that this was the permanent
make-up she had read about.

Nick and the doctor came in. The doctor said “They will be tender the
rest of today, and by tomorrow you shouldn't feel anything unusual.” “Let's
go,” Nick said.

As they drove to the mall Nick saw her check herself in the mirror and
lick her lips several times. “Looks good, doesn't it?” He said

“Yes sir, they do. Thank you”

They pulled into another high end shopping area. “Today is a short
shopping day; you need two business outfits, shoes, and perhaps some
lingerie if we can find something suitable.” Nick said getting out of the

Nick first led her to another high end dress store. Again he asked the
sales girl to take her to the dressing room for exact measurements. Nick
thought about it for a moment, then picked up a single item as he waited.

Seeing the dressing rooms, Jennifer led the way, stepping into the
dressing room and hearing the door close, she removed the blouse, unzipped
and pushed her skirt down stepping out of it. Jennifer had, had her back
to the girl when she removed her clothes. She turned to face the girl and
the door. She hadn’t though about what the girl might think or say.

“Oh” the girl said when she saw the rings and chain. “Do they hurt” she

“A lot when they were put in, but now no.” she replied. Of course some
of the guys can make them hurt, she though

The girl let her hand brush against one of the nipple rings as she held
the tape up and stepped behind Jennifer to the get the measurements.

“Here try this.” Nick practically yelled, as he throwing the door open.

Once again Jennifer found herself standing in the open door of a
dressing room completely exposed. She tried to cover up with her hands,
only to be told by Nick “Drop your hands.” Nick stood to the side of the
open door for several minutes before stepping away. Jennifer closed the

“Wow! I enjoy flirting and teasing by showing a little skin every now
and then, but I don’t have the courage to do that!” said the young sales

“Oh my” Jennifer though, “she thinks I enjoyed that!”

The girl finished her measurements and allowed Jennifer time to get
dressed before opening the door. She and Jennifer went to where Nick was.
He had already picked out one business suit Jennifer saw. “Go try just
this on.” he said handing the suit to Jennifer.

The suit was very nice, silky soft fabric, with a modest skirt that had
a short slit in the back, and a short tailored jacket that ended with an
elastic band at the waist of the skirt. Jennifer returned from the
dressing room with nothing but the jacket and skirt on. Buttoned up and
with Jennifer walking the jacket rode up a bit showing her flat belly and
the belly button ring she had.

While Jennifer was changing Nick had sent the sales associate after some
tailoring chalk. She and Jennifer returned about the same time. Taking
the chalk, he turned to Jennifer, and started marking the skirt.

Jennifer felt him marking the skirt, not real short as she had expected.
I could wear this to an office. She even though. It would be short, but
ok. That is until she felt Nick mark the slit in the back of the skirt.
It had been fairly short, now with the changes Nick made she knew anyone
behind her when she walked would definitely be able to see her stocking tops, and maybe higher then that. She waited while Nick picked out another
suit. She changed, and returned. Once again Nick shortened the skirt
somewhat, and modified the slit which was on the side of this skirt.

Jennifer changed back to her clothes and found Nick in the lingerie
section. He looked around for a few minutes then finding a floor length
gown in black silk. “Perfect, go try this on”.

Jennifer returned from the dressing room wearing the long gown. She was
more conscious of her appearance now then when she was walking around with
the suit jackets unbuttoned. She knew that sometimes it wasn’t what you
showed, but the way you showed it. She was certain that this long gown
with its slit up the side was hugging every curve she had. It certainly
felt like it was with it silken material caressing her body with every

As she stood in from of Nick he reached out to tease her already erect
nipples. He then put a small chalk mark on each nipple. His hands moved
lower and finding her clit put another chalk mark. Turing to the sales
associate he said “I want three ‘button holes’ where I marked. I want to
be able to pull the rings that I’m sure you noticed early through and
display them. Please tell your tailors what I’m looking for.”

After picking up several more pairs for thigh high stockings and some
heels that matched the suits, Nick was a little pissed they had only 4”
heels. Nick allowed Jennifer to pick out a couple purses, a nice leather
coat and even a wallet. Nick paid for everything plus a rush charge to
have everything done by next day. One more stop picking up some luggage
they ended the shopping trip and returned to the house.

As soon as she walked in the door, one of the guys called her over.
“No, she just had her lips done, use her pussy.” Nick told him.

“Sure thing she’s got a hot pussy too.” Said the guy as he bent her over
and shoved his dick into her pussy. After a few pumps, he pulled out until
the head of his dick was just touching her pussy lips. He slapped Jennifer
on the ass and told her “Get it moving, slut.”

Jennifer started thrusting her pussy back on his dick. Soon he was
shooting his sperm into her. Finishing he pulled out and walked away,
leaving her bent over the couch. Before she had a chance to straighten up,
Nick walked over and placed one hand on her back, and a couple of fingers
from the other in her pussy. He probed her pussy for a few minutes then
moved his hand from her pussy and shoved the fingers covered with her
juices into her ass.

Jennifer moaned at the sensation of the intruding fingers. “Hum.” was
all he said as he removed his fingers and allowed Jennifer to stand up.
Handing her a tube of lubricate he told her “You should keep this with you
and keep that lovely ass lubed; you never know when someone will want to
use it.”

Slapping her on the ass "You missed your workout this morning, go do it
now. “We don't want our investment getting flabby”

The rest of the day passed as the others had, with Jennifer being used
for the pleasure of men around the house. u The only exception being that
it was her ass being used not her mouth. Most of the men fucked her ass
that afternoon.

The next morning Jennifer checked the night stand drawer, the credit
card and packet of papers were still there. Did that mean it was all true?
After giving Nick his morning blow job he had Jennifer sit at the table.

“Well slut its time to start earning your keep. There is an executive
coming in this afternoon that the company wants you to take care of. You
will meet him at the airport, take him to his hotel, accompany him to
dinner, and then spent the night in his bed. You will do EVERYTHING he
asks or else. You know the potential cost of non-cooperation. You WILL
make sure he enjoys himself. You will be watched whenever you are in
public, so don't even think about doing anything stupid like making a phone
call or talking to a policeman. You will be charming and sexy, remember
your rules, and flirt with every man you see, and show him as much skin as
possible. The company has already the hotel, and a dinner reservation for
9PM at Mr. Monroe's favorite restaurant, the limo driver knows when and
where to be. It is the company's practice to survey each client to make
sure they enjoyed themselves, so we will know how you did. Go get dressed;
we have an appointment at the boutique.”

Getting to the private room at the boutique, Cindy and Carol walked in
and told Jennifer to strip and sit down. “You don't mind do you?” they
asked Nick.

“No of course not, 3 hours or so? Oh, and don't wear her out, she has
to work tonight.” he replied.

“At least” Cindy said as she joined Carol in tying Jennifer's arms and
legs to the chair. Jennifer was in the same position as the other day, her
legs tied as far apart as possible in the position she was in. The chair
was adjusted and Carol was lowering her pussy to Jennifer's face as she
heard the door close. Jennifer felt a tongue flick across her clit, and
she started licking and sucking the pussy on her face. “Do a good job on
us, and we might just let you cum this time.” one of the girls said.

With the tongue on her pussy and clit driving her to distraction
Jennifer tried to concentrate on the pussy over her mouth. Swirling her
tongue around and inside the pussy, flicking it across the clit, sucking each pussy lip, and the girl's clit into her mouth; Jennifer soon heard the
girl moan. Feeling the girl starting to thrust into her face, Jennifer
worked her tongue into the girl's pussy and started to suck the juices from
the girl's pussy as she came.

Jennifer had been trying to push her pussy into the face of the girl working on her pussy with such exquisite torture. Carol had played
Jennifer like an orchestra. Working Jennifer towards the grand finally,
but never quite getting there.

The two girls switched places, Carol on Jennifer's face and Cindy
between her legs. Again Jennifer worked her tongue and mouth on the pussy over it. She wanted to get this one to cum so maybe they would let her!
After several minutes she felt the pussy over her face twitch. She started
lapping the girl's juices.

Cindy seeing her friend Carol cum moved her head up and nipped
Jennifer's clit with her teeth as she drove three fingers into Jennifer's

Jennifer arched her back and moaned loudly into the pussy over her mouth
as she came. She looked around as Carol climbed off her face, she saw.
She had been here a half hour. Cindy picked up a couple of moderately
sized vibrators. Pushing the first into Jennifer's pussy she moved it
around for a few minutes before removing it, and shoving it into Jennifer's
ass. She replaced it in Jennifer's pussy with the other one, turning both
on, she said “Just so you don't get lonely down there. The girls spent the
next two hours doing Jennifer's face, hair, and nails. Stopping
occasionally to play with the vibrators, or Jennifer's clit ring. Nick
said not to wear you out, but nothing about making sure you were good and
ready." one of the girl's said as she worked the vibrator in Jennifer's ass
in and out.

By the time Nick returned Jennifer was wishing that one of the girls would play just a little too long and allow her the orgasm that had been
building. It was not to be. Nick had brought one of the business suits
they had purchased yesterday. “Wonderful job as usual girls.” Nick said,
“Please let her up, we're running a little late.”

Released Jennifer started to put on the clothes Nick had brought. The
blouse was thin and translucent, cut to display all her cleavage, just
barely covering her nipples, the skirt was about 8 inches above her knees,
and was slit on the side to the bottom of the elastic of her stockings.
The jacket was the teaser part of the outfit; it covered her, allowing the
translucent blouse to flash her nipples and cleavage as she walked.

Nick led Jennifer to the car. “We will be dropping you at the airport a
little early so you can make sure you know the way from the gate to the
luggage carousels. Here is a cell phone you will call the limo after he
gets his bags. The number is already programmed. Here is a placard with
his name; be waiting at the gate for him in an hour. We'll pick you up in
the morning from the hotel. Oh, by the way, he knows that a Nikki, will be
meeting him. You see, we protect your identity some. There is a suitcase
for you in the trunk. Have fun, and make sure he does!”

Jennifer and the limo arrived early; the limo dropped her at the
departure gate. Following the instructions Nick had given her, she first
found where she would meet this business man, then made her way to the
luggage carousel. Back to the gate area, she was sure she wouldn't have
any trouble getting to the luggage area; Nick had told her to walk it until
she was sure she knew the way. She had over almost an hour to kill,
stepping into one of the airport bars; she was almost instantly offered
three or four chairs. Taking one in a corner, she tried to hide. She sat
in the corner, pulled her skirt down and crossed her legs, trying to ignore
the men who had clustered around her. Several of the men offered to get
her drinks, she ignored them; until she heard one say “Jennifer, have a

She gulped and looked around trying to find the voice. Too many men,
she couldn't tell who might have said her name, but she knew it belonged to
someone working for Nick. She had to play the part, or her family would
pay. She sat up, and uncrossing her legs smiled at the men, “Yes, I would
love a drink.” she said to the last guy to offer, smiling sensuously at
him. Jennifer slowly opened her legs, trying to do it in such a way that
wouldn't draw too much attention. It wasn't possible; several of the men noticed what she was doing and just stared. Jennifer spent the next 45
minutes acting like she enjoyed all the attention and pretending she didn't
know that the tops of her stockings were showing.

Jennifer stood at the gate with the small placard “James Monroe”. She
could feel the stares of the other men, wishing the card had their name.

“I'm James Monroe and you must be Nikki.”

“Yes sir” Nikki/Jennifer replied, “would you please come with me.”

“Lead the way, my lovely.”

Jennifer led him to the luggage carousel then, as she had been told
called the limo driver. Seeing James with his bags, Jennifer said “The car
is this way sir.”

As the car pulled away from the airport. Jennifer said, “Sir we have a
fully stocked bar, is there anything you would like?”

“Scotch rocks”

Handing him his drink, and putting the small plate of appetizers next to
him, she put her hand on his trousers over his dick. Running her hand back
and forth, she knelt down and using her mouth unzipped him, pulled his dick
out and sucked him into her mouth.

She would plunge her head down until his dick was in her throat, use her
tongue to tease the underside of it. Pull up until only the head was
behind her lips, her tongue would swirl the head, probe into the slit at
the end. Up and down she continued until she felt him twitch, all the way
down, taking him in her throat, she swallowed his load. Not quite all,
some leaked onto her lips. Sitting back on her heels she used her finger
to scoop up what was on her lips, then slowly, sensuously she sucked her
finger into her mouth. Lowering her head back to his dick she sucked him
clean and held him in her mouth until he shrank. With one last kiss, she
tucked him back into his pants. Sitting back on her heels she sat there
with a small smile on her face.

“WOW!” was all he said.

“Nikki, I have got to see where that chain goes” James said.

Nikki/Jennifer slowly unbuttoned the blouse and pulled it apart.

“Hum” as he reached forward, he pulled her closer and started playing
with her. He would play with the nipple, the ring, first one tit then the
other. He started playing with the chain pulling it straight out until
Jennifer moaned. Pull it to the left, to the right, up, twist it to pull
her nipples together. For the remainder of the drive he tormented her
nipples. As the limo pulled into the hotel he released her and told her to
“Button the blouse.”

The company had already taken care of the room, he picked the key. The
bell boy led them to a penthouse suite. “Sir, we have a dinner reservation
at...” naming a restaurant Nick assured her he would like.

“Great, I have time for a shower, before dinner.” he said heading for
the shower. “Why you don't make yourself a drink and get comfortable.
I'll be out in a minute.”

Jennifer walked to the bar and got herself a soda, it was early and she
didn't want to start with any alcohol yet. Jennifer looked at the phone,
as much as she wanted to she knew she couldn't call home; she knew that
somehow Nick would find out and she didn't know what he might do. Deciding
she was hungry she went ahead and ordered some light appetizers for herself
and Mr. Monroe to hold them to dinner. She walked to the bedroom and
opened her suitcase. It contained the other business suit from yesterday,
and another long skirt with a blouse, several pairs of stockings and of
course shoes, inevitability the 6 inch heels. She also found the black
silk night gown, it had a note attached, 'If you have the chance to wear
this make sure the diamonds and their rings are pulled through the
appropriate button holes and displayed on the black silk. By the way, he
likes stockings, so we included several for you to wear.'

Hearing him exit the bathroom, she walked to the bar and poured him
another scotch and water. “Though you were going to change into something
more comfortable dear.” He said.

“Oh, I’m sorry sir, all I have is a long gown.” Jennifer replied.

“Well why don’t you just take off what you have on. It looks like you
have a nice body and I would like to get a good look at it.” He said.
Jennifer removed her blouse, then unzipped and stepped out of the skirt.
She stepped to him on his hand motion. He fingered the nipple rings and
chain, saying “Saw these earlier, but what is this?” as he started playing
with the clit ring. “Oh I see, it gets your attention so to speak” as he
saw Jennifer biting her lip from his manipulations.

There was a knock on the door. “What” he said.

“Oh, I ordered some appetizers, sir” Jennifer said.

“Well then go open the door, dear.” He said.

Jennifer glanced at her clothes on the floor, and then stepped to the
door, as she saw him shake his head. Opening the door she tried to stay
behind it as the waiter pushed the cart in.

“Oh, damn. I don’t have my wallet. Jennifer why don ‘t you take care
of the tip for me.” He said.

Jennifer closed the door, and stepped up to the waiter. She saw he
wasn’t much more then a boy. “Sir, may I give you a tip?” she asked.

The waiter sort’a gulped and nodded.

Jennifer dropped to her knees, and using her tongue, and teeth open the
waiter’s zipper, then nuzzling his underwear open with her nose, looped her
tongue around his dick and pulled it out. She sucked it into her mouth,
she sucked until her lips pressed up against his pants. She started a slow
up and down on his dick, using her tongue to tease the underside, around
the head and the tip. He waiter didn’t have much chance to enjoy it, just
too much too fast for him. It wasn’t the first time he had delivered room
service to a room to find a woman in some state of undress. It was the
first time to walk in and find a very fine looking woman completely bare,
then have her ask if she can give him a blow job. He grabbed her head and
pushed her down on his dick as he filled her mouth with his cum.

Jennifer swallowed it all, then held his dick in her mouth until it
softened. With one last kiss on the head, she tucked it back into his

“I assume that was a satisfactory tip.” Mr. Monroe asked.

“Yyyyes sir” stammered the waiter.

“Bring the tray over here,” Mr. Monroe said pointing to the coffee
table. “And I need another drink”

Jennifer put the tray on the table and refilled his drink. As she
handed him his drink, he grabbed her clit ring and pulled her to the couch.
For the next hour or so, he would play with the nipple rings, and chain, or
the clit ring. He would pull and twist on each on the rings until Jennifer
moaned, then move to the next, nipple, clit, nipple, clit, occasionally he
would move his hand to her pussy, and probe into her with his fingers.

Not soon enough, for her tortured clit and nipples, Jennifer noticed a
bulge start to form in the towel Mr. Monroe had wrapped around himself.
He threw off the towel and using the clit ring, pulled Jennifer to him.
Straddling him, Jennifer lowered her pussy onto his dick. In spite of the
pain in her clit, it was so sensitive to any manipulation that she sighed
and had a small orgasm from his dick just entering her pussy. He never
released the clit ring as she bounced up and down on him.

This was worse then the bouncing exercise, with the electrodes attached
to her. Her clit was being stretch up and down with each movement. The
pain was constant, but so was the pleasure of his dick in her pussy. After
what seem like forever to Jennifer’s clit, he used the ring to force her
all the way down onto his dick as he shot his cum into her. He held her
there for several minutes before finally releasing his hold on the clit
ring. Jennifer slid off his lap, and sucked his dick into her mouth,
licking, and cleaning him.

Reaching down, and taking the chain her led Jennifer to the bedroom
saying “Let’s see what you have to wear.” Picking out the long skirt, he
said “Let’s get dressed and go to dinner.”

Jennifer changed her stockings, put on the long skirt, and blouse. The
skirt was the one Nick had modified by slitting to the top of her stockings in the front. Jennifer knew she was in for another evening an
embarrassment and humiliation.

The limo was waiting for them downstairs. ........

To Be Continued

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