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Archived Sex Stories

A03 WHYT extreme jealousy their mate has


Why men Enjoy Having Their wife (Girl Friend) Experience Sex With Other men
Compiled by Joan in Colorado.

The following is a constantly growing compilation of thoughts, sent to
me by men... as a reflection of the reasons they enjoy
allowing/encouraging "their woman" to experience additional lovers.

A. December, 1997 - from Tony in West Virginia Dear Joan...

My name is Tony. I enjoy the stories you have in your "Library,"
particularly since most of them were written by women. It gives me a good
opportunity to better understand multiple-partner sex from the woman's

However, I thought you might want to hear from a husband about why I
enjoy sharing my wife with other guys. By the way, I am 38 and my wife Jan
is 33.

Many women think guys want to involve their wives in MFM threesomes just
so the guy can have an excuse to "get some on the side." In my case... and
I think this is true for many guys... I enjoy treating my wife to MFM
threesomes simply for the pleasures related to such experiences... not
because I have any other agenda.

Before Jan and I were married, I had numerous opportunities to have sex
with other women. There was lots of one-on-one stuff, and occasionally my
dates and I would get invited to swinging parties. There I could "sample"
lots of gals, and my dates could enjoy experiencing lots of guys.

During those days, I occasionally found myself being invited by swinging
couples to visit them alone at their home or at a motel. I always
enthusiastically accepted. In the early days I found myself wondering if I
was going to have to submit to sexual attention by the other guy. That
never happened.

Often the guy would take me aside and let me know what his wife liked...
how we could work together to "enhance" HER pleasure. These sessions were
usually quite different than the "fuck and move-on" sessions at swing

I came to enjoy being the "extra guy" with a number of couples.
Naturally there are a great number of ways two guys can provide pleasure
for one lady... but more importantly, it became obvious to me that the
woman involved usually gained great satisfaction by being the center of two
guys' attention.

I learned that many of the women who opened themselves to MFM fun had
the capability (or developed the capability) to experience prolonged,
intense and multiple orgasms. Where one guy would often tire out before
the woman had really reached and enjoyed her potential... two of us guys working together could keep her going for an hour or more. When that
happened, the woman was ALWAYS quite appreciative.

Jan knew of my various sexual activities prior to our marriage. When we
got married, I restricted my sex life to her and to her alone. However, I
often told her about the MFM threesomes where I had been the extra guy...
and how the women really seemed to enjoy being given doubled attention.

After numerous pillow chats, Jan finally agreed to TRY a threesome
experience with another guy. I got hold of one of the couples I had been
with earlier. The other woman agreed to volunteer her husband to join me
in introducing my wife to the pleasures she had often enjoyed.

The three of us had dinner at our house. Jan made a really special
dinner. After dinner, the other guy and I cleared the table while Jan
showered and "dressed-down" to some slinky lingerie. When she returned,
the other guy and I whistled and then each gave her a kiss.

From there we ended up on the living room floor in front of the
fireplace. Without getting into all the details, the three of us ended up
naked, and the other guy and I spent nearly 30 minutes just showering Jan's
body with kisses, caresses, andtongue-licking her pussy. Over the next two
hours, the two of us guys kept Jan at elevated levels of sexual pleasure as
we took turns screwing her, nibbling on her breasts and sandwiching her
between us. Several times that night I got to hold Jan in my arms and
watch her face and eyes while the other guy filled her and took her from
peak to peak of pleasure.

Since that night several years ago, we have invited a variety of guys to
join us. While there were some jerks that surfaced along the way, most of
the extra guys were gentlemen who assisted me in making Jan our Queen For
The Night.

There is a very special pleasure that I GET by these MFM experiences. I
enjoy being the one who sets up most of these special evenings... the
erotic planning, the occasional surprise for Jan... the elevated hours of
sensuality for both of us. Further, I always seem to have a sense of
satisfaction in knowing that I... as Jan's husband... have been the one
to make possible her special experiences. Also, I know that often Jan
enjoys higher levels of personal fulfillment when there are two of us guys.
She doesn't have to wait for me to recover, to be taken on to additional
levels of pleasure.

In those cases, I can watch my wife from across the room... from the
other side of the bed... or while holding her in my arms... and enjoy
knowing that she is continuing to enjoy all that her female body is capable
of. I find myself more sensitive to her responses when I am not humping
away myself. I can enjoy feeling her body quiver and quake, tremble and
shiver as sensations... induced by the other guy... pass through her.

Often she whispers in my ear while the other guy is eating or screwing
her... telling me how it feels, how her body is responding. Our necking
at those times is incredible.

Fortunately, I have never experienced a feeling of jealousy when Jan is
enjoying another guy. Jealousy just never occurs to me. This is something
we are sharing... something that I am giving her as a gift... a token of
my love for her.

Long ago I realized that the female body is capable of much higher
levels of sensual pleasure than is a man's. I also learned that it often
takes more than one lover... working in concert... to play a woman's body
(like a fine musical instrument) to its peak of fulfillment. Seeing Jan
experience higher levels of pleasure GIVES GREAT PLEASURE TO ME!

She has the only pussy and the only set of full breasts in the family.
Through MFM experiences, I get to vicariously enjoy the feelings she has in
and through these unique sex organs that I don't have.

Often Jan will lay in the middle while the other guy and I "suckle" on
her breasts... her arms wrapped around both of our heads as she just lays
back with her eyes closed. Her body usually starts in a relaxed state, and
as our four hands caress her, and explore her clit and pussy... her
breathing often increases and her hips squirm until she asks that one of us
suck her pussy or enter her.

When Jan decides to "go down" on our guest, and simultaneously raises
onto her knees near the end of the bed, I know that she is inviting me to
fill her pussy or ass with my dick. I really enjoy being buried deep
inside my wife... holding her hips and stroking slowly... as I watch her
pretty mouth engulf another man's cock. I enjoy watching his face contort
as she takes him over the top.

Oh yes... and the pleasure we both get when I am buried inside her...
and the other guy joins me inside her body. We will often invite the other
guy to fill her backside while I am stuffed to the hilt inside her pussy.
She enjoys it when we get a gentle alternating rhythm going within her. I
enjoy it too! The other guy and I can feel the heat and motion of each
other's cock. She feels extra full. She loves to neck with me during
those times... and tell me how good it feels. I can feel his cock expand
just before he showers my wife's rectum with his load. I can feel her
contract around both of us. Indescribably delicious!

Sometimes women can understand how a woman will enjoy having the
undivided sexual attention of two men... but they don't understand how a
husband can gain pleasure from such MFM experiences. I hope this brief
letter helps both women and men understand why Jan and I thoroughly enjoy
our periodic ventures into MFM fun and games.

I truly love my wife's femininity... her sexiness. Together, we enjoy
the variety we have added to our marriage bed in this special way. We
encourage others to give it a try.

Sincerely, Tony in West Virginia

B. June, 1998 - from Joe in Michigan

Joan... my wife asked me to write to you and to express in letter form
how I feel about her having sex with other guys. Well here goes.

Ten years ago my wife and I opened our marriage to add spice to our sex
life. Sometimes we visit an adult motel where we can each experience
different partners. Sometimes I invite a buddy to spend the night with my
wife and me, so we can both give her pleasure.

A few times my wife has invited her sister to join us on vacation trips.
On those occasions, we always get one room with a king-sized bed... and we
all three always sleep in the nude. My wife loves to have me screw her
while her sister watches. Then she has me shower, climb into bed between
them, and they both play with me until I am hard again. My wife likes for
me to crawl on top of her sister so she can wrap her hand around my cock
and aim it into her sister's pussy to get us started.

On a couple of these trips, my wife has told her sister and me to enjoy
ourselves while she goes out to pick up a guy. On several occasions she
has returned to our room in the middle of the night or early in the
morning. Then she likes to have me screw her while she relates to her
sister and me all the details of her night's adventures. Sometimes her
sister does the same thing.

I really enjoy hearing every detail. Sometimes my wife has mid-day
"quickies" back home with guys from her work. I will come home at the end
of my work day and find the bed rumpled... and a smile on her face. She
always tells me who she has been with, and what they did to her. Once it
was a big black dude from the station where our car is serviced. I ALWAYS
enjoy hearing each detail. It turns me on!

I never feel jealous, and I never feel that some other guy has stolen
something from me. I feel that these other guys are helping me keep my
wife as sexy as ever. I always get lots of loving while my wife is telling
me about what she did, and how it felt. We always have our best sex after
one of her ventures. I love her for her being so open with her sexuality.

Sure, I enjoy playing with her sister every once and a while, and I
enjoy our twice-annual visits to the adult motel and it's enclosed
swimwear-optional pool where we can meet new people to play with. But most
of all, I enjoy knowing that my woman is being kept happy and complete by
her sex with me... AND by her additional sex with other guys.

Joe in Michigan

C. From Sam W. ... right after the first MFM experience he set up for
his wife...

Steve (my buddy who had been the extra guy in our just-completed first
threesome) asked me what it felt like watching another man make my wife scream and cream. I thought about it for a minute and realized that was a
difficult question to answer.

It was A FEELING OF PURE SEXUAL EXCITEMENT! I felt no jealousy because
my wife was fucking another man. In fact, I'm not sure if I understand why
many people do feel extreme jealousy if their mate has sex with someone
else. I suppose if my wife would have let some man fuck her without my
knowledge, I would have been upset. But, I don't think I would have been
mad because somebody fucked her, I would have been pissed because I didn't
get the chance to share it with her. When my wife was laying there on that
sofa humping her pussy up onto Steve's thrusting cock, I was actually
pleased that she was obviously enjoying it.

And, gentlemen, if you've never slid your fingers up into your lady's
hot little pussy immediately after some man has pumped a good load deep
into her, you've definitely missed a special treat. Let her enjoy the feel
of having a load of hot cum pumped deep into her pussy, and then you can
experience the pleasure of that hot wetness in her freshly-fucked pussy immediately after he pulls out.

Gentlemen, some of you may have enjoyed the rare pleasure of watching
your wife or girlfriend get thoroughly sucked and fucked by someone other
than you. But, ladies, I hope you understand it is difficult for a man to
with another man. While you were laying there letting some man suck and
fuck you, the pleasure you felt was largely physical. The pleasure we guys get is more emotional.

in your face while you were enjoying a good orgasm is LITERALLY
INDESCRIBABLE! The more intense your orgasm, the more your man enjoys it.
I know because I felt it, too.

When I really looked at my wife laying there on that sofa with her arms
wrapped around Steve and humping her little pussy up onto his thrusting
I knew my wife's pussy was feeling better than it had probably ever felt
before, and I was so happy for her I could barely contain myself. And,
when Steve made her cum, all I could do was look into her eyes and savor
her pleasure.

There is the visual aspect and the non-visual aspect of a wife or
girlfriend having sex with another man. By that I mean there is certainly
a particular pleasure for a man in watching another man make his lady
scream and cream. That's the visual aspect. There is also a special
pleasure for a man just knowing his wife or girlfriend is getting her pussy played with, sucked or fucked... without actually being able to see it
happen. That's especially true if the man can hear it happening, but can't
see it.

Sam's advice... As you first begin watching some guy lick and kiss your
wife's lips, neck, breasts, and stomach, chances are you could immediately
be filled with jealousy. I mean if you came home and caught your wife doing exactly what she is doing right now in front of you, you'd probably
shoot both of them. Especially if she was responding to his teasing.

You simply have to accept the fact that the guy playing with your wife WILL make her feel very good... maybe better than you do. This has
absolutely nothing to do with your ability as a lover. It's a simple fact
of nature. Something new and different will often feel better than
something she is used to.

So, when you see your wife scream with what appears to be incredible
pleasure as she has her first orgasm with another man, don't fear that she
will now not be satisfied by you again. In fact, she no doubt will enjoy
higher levels of sexual pleasure with you simply because you are the one
who has provided the opportunity for her to experience this variety... and
these special pleasures.

D. Excerpts from letters from other husbands...

D-1 September, 1996... eight years after his wife had played a
"switch-roles game" with her single girl friend... and she ended up
spending the night with a previously-unknown guy she had been dancing

"I knew Angie had now lost her "husband-only" virginity, and the thought
of another guy inside her was so thrilling to me!"

"Angie was a very loud moaner when I fucked her, and I could tell by her
moans that Mitch was fucking her... and making her very happy! The
excitement was very intense for me."

D-2 Before their first MFM experience..

From him: "I have often thought how neat it would be to hold my wife in
my arms while some other guy plowed her pussy from behind. But, I didn't
mention it to her because I was afraid she would be annoyed at my fantasy

From her, about her husband: "Susan, I would love to see another guy's
cock plummet your pussy while I neck with you and fondle your breasts,"
Norm quietly whispered into one of my ears as he continued his slow, deep

From her: "Let's expand our bedroom pleasures by doubling YOUR
pleasure," he told me. "Double MY pleasure?" I asked. "Yes," he grinned,
"I think if I can make it possible to double your pleasure... to watch it
happen... to share in making it happen... then MY pleasure will be MORE

After their first MFM experience...

From her: "Norm still assures me that he gets a real 'high' from
watching other guys give me pleasure."

D-3 From Brad about his wife...

Julie is, and always will be, my true love. I feel a tremendous rush,
and my love for her grows, when I see her make love with another man. As
Julie gets hot and breathes in gasps while making love, I become turned-on
just seeing her become so aroused.

She is tight and has no sag in her beautiful breasts. When Julie has an
orgasm, I feel so close to her... whether it is while with another man or
with me. She has an open mind on sex, as evidenced by her willingness to
try a double-penetration in her love hole.

D-4 January, 2000 from Ben and Samantha in Australia (their story is
#3-011A & B)

As we lay there, our conversation turned to the previous night's events
with Lawrence, and I asked my husband, "Was it what you wanted?"

"Yes!" he replied. "It was such a great turn-on watching you and
Lawrence together. I don't think I could have handled it if you had just
fucked Lawrence without my knowledge."

I told him, "I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. I was not
prepared to cheat on you behind your back and risk our marriage, but with
your consent I was prepared to try MFM with Lawrence. I hope you realize I
was a little reluctant at first, but your love for me convinced me to give
it a try. It certainly worked out well."

My husband said, "It was very erotic for me. I loved seeing you and
Lawrence. The first time his penis entered you I thought I would pass out
with lust."

From Ben, Samantha’s husband:

My interest in MFM was just not for my own pleasure but also for what
the experience could do for both of us. I am sure Samantha has told you
about our wonderful sex life since that first MFM.

I admit that when Lawrence first pushed his penis into Samantha's vagina for the first time, I was a little jealous. I was concerned that perhaps
he was a better lover than me, or that his penis was bigger than mine, but
I soon got over that emotion as our experience progressed. It was
certainly reassuring though when Samantha told me that while she had
enjoyed fucking Lawrence, she still loved me and always would.

She told me that Lawrence was not a better lover, just a different one.
This made me feel good, and I must say I really did enjoy the whole

I hope this information is what you are looking for from me, and I am
also pleased that you want to edit and carry our story in your files. Any
questions please ask.


D-5 February, 2000 - from Bob in Florida (their story is #3-108)

"The arousal that would occur in all of us when we all got together was
really something. And for Carol and Jim, they were new partners sexually.
And that is always very stimulationg if the sex is good... and it was."

"Jim and I have spoken many times over the years about the overwhelming
sex the night the three of us got together near the Astrodome in Houston.
That was the most stimulating for me and for him. For Carol the experience
was also the high point of her sexual life... as it was for me."

"No other single night has been anything remotely like that experience.
We put the truth down, not to brag, but to show how unbelievable it was."

D-6 From Rudy... about when he and his girlfriend invited his best
friend to join them in bed.

"When he (my friend) saw it was all OK, he jumped right back onto my
girlfriend, and redoubled his effort! I loved it when he came in her...
and she tightened around him."

"She loved us one at a time... all night long. One after the other...
so wet... so warm... and so slick!! We also had some very fine campouts
with her. No sleep, but a lot of fun!! All in all, she introduced us to
the "most sensual show on Earth!!!!"

D-7 From Sandra... wife of Dave, both recently new to MFM fun.

"Dave says the writing (of their personal story... written by him, from
her perspective) kind of transformed him into me, in his mind, and he
wonders if this isn't the final explanation of why men are aroused by their
wive’s fucking other men.

"It's not, he says, that they can give vent to their own latent,
repressed homosexuality, as some have posited; it's that they can
vicariously realize their own deep-seated desire to be, or at least to
experience, what it's like to be female. Interesting, no? Deep down I
think, we all wonder what it would be like to be the other gender."

D-8 From Ron, husband of Kathy, while describing their first MFM

While talking with the male friend who would eventually be his wife’s
first MFM extra guy: "Bill allowed as how threesomes were great but that
while two females and one male sounded exciting, they functioned better in
fantasy than in fact. He said, and I had to agree, that one man has
trouble enough keeping up with one women sexually. He just doesn't stand a
chance with two. On the other hand one woman can easily take care of two
men... and the men, in that erotic voyeuristic setting, tend to perform at
a higher level."

A few nights later: "When Bill's finger reached its objective and
started pressing its way inside her, Kathy let out a small ‘Oh.’ I looked
up at her and saw that she had closed her eyes, and had leaned her head
back against the back of the couch."

"... Bill went back to kissing Kathy while he let his finger do its
work. Not wanting to miss anything, I placed my hands on Kathy's knees and
pushed them apart. There was no resistance, and Kathy spread her legs
wide-apart giving me a breath-taking view. She later told me that that was
one of the most erotic moments. She could feel what Bill was doing with
his finger, and she knew that I was watching every bit of it."

"With the two of us playing with her, Kathy was getting a little out of
control, she was thrashing about and asking us to do various things to her.
Wow she was wild!"

"Kathy reached out for his cock and very tenderly stroked it."

Finally in bed... "Bill was pressing himself into my wife. Kathy’s
breath intake was repeated again with another kind exclamation that I'm not
able to put in words. Finally there was a third intake but this time it
ended with, "Mmmmm ahhh." I figured penetration was complete."

"This was, and probably will forever be, the most erotic moment of my
life. I was standing there on the verge of blowing my cookies, knowing
that if a fly landed on my cock it was all over. I couldn't see Bill's
cock sliding into my wife's pussy, but I could see the rhythmic pumping of
Bill's butt driving his cock into my wife."

"... then she slammed her feet down on the bed, sort of rotated her
hips, opened her mouth in a grimace and started a kind of whimpering noise.
I know from experience that that is what my wife sounds like when she is
climaxing, but that was the first time I had ever seen it."

"Bill's body sort of stiffened, he began grunting and snorting and his
rhythmic pumping turned into a spasmodic stabbing. It didn't take a rocket
scientist to figure out that the deed was being done."

"Seeing the two of them lying there like that was a very erotic sight,
and my excitement began to rebuild."

A few minutes later... "Kathy released my cock, moved into a better
position, leaned over and started giving Bill a blowjob. I suspect that
Bill responded almost immediately by getting a pretty solid hard-on. I
know I did, just watching my wife working magic with her mouth."

"Now I have seen "X" rated movies, and the most boring part for me is
the close-up of some dick sliding in and out of a pussy, over and over.
Not so with this display. I was completely mesmerized. Maybe it was
because it was happening in real time, or maybe it was just because it was
my friend screwing my wife."

"At one point the three of us were sitting naked and cross-legged on the
bed, talking quietly. It was probably then that I think it must have
dawned on us that we were at the beginning of a very close friendship. It
seemed that we felt that we could trust each other with our most closely
guarded secrets. It was a very warm and pleasant time."

After Bill left... "Kathy and I slept like logs, and the next day we
couldn't help grinning like fools every time we looked at one another. Oh
yes, the relationship did develop into a very warm, affectionate and
long-lasting friendship. And yes, Bill, Kathy and I did indeed do it
(there's that word "it" again) many more times."

D-9 From 3-102Sue, during their first MFM Sandwich - "Gawd! What a

I reached down between her body and mine... and could feel his shaft as
it slowly slid in and out of my wife's delightful pussy. Just above her
pussy lips, my hand could feel each thrust of Denny's cock as it pressed
firmly against the inner front walls of her sensitive love channel. She
wrapped her arms around me and drew me to her as Denny continued to slowly
stroke the inside of her pussy with his cock. She again whispered into my
ear that she loved me... as her hand kept working my cock back to full
erection. "I have to admit," she quietly whispered into my ear, "this is a
fantastic feeling... having two guys give me so much attention at once!" I
kissed her gently on her ear... then drew her mouth into a deep French
kiss as I could feel Denny probing the inside of her body down below.

When she had me hard, she pressed my cock down so the tip of it pressed
against her clit, between the upper folds of her pussy lips. I could
actually feel Denny's dick rub over the tip of my cock as he slid in and
out of her pussy. At one point he pulled back slightly... leaving room
for my cock to dip into Sue's sweet pussy. For a while, we sort of
informally took turns dipping in for a few strokes... and then pulling
back so the other guy could dip back in for a few strokes.

Pretty quickly this got Sue very hot... and she began grinding back and
forth on the two of us... first pushing back on his cock so she could
swallow all of it within her pussy for a few strokes... then pushing
forward against my groin to gobble the entirety of my cock within her warm
pussy walls. Meanwhile, Denny had reached around each side of her body and
was squeezing one of her breasts in each of his hands... and I continued
to French kiss her and probe her throat with my tongue.

As the three of us began to increase the tempo of our thrusts, I found
myself still buried deep within her when Denny pushed forward... and
suddenly both of us were in her at once. The uniqueness of the situation
hit both of us at the same time... and we both stopped pumping for a
moment... both buried as deep as possible within Sue's now-very-tight

Sue's eyes popped open, and she giggled briefly as she realized that we
were both filling her pussy at the same time. I grinned at her... and at
Denny who was peaking over her shoulder... just before Sue started her own
rhythm of pressing forward and then back... causing Denny and me to
alternately go deeper within her and then come partly out... in opposing

Within moments Denny and I could feel Sue's cunt muscles tighten around
our two cocks while her body quivered in a gigantic orgasm that seemed to
go on and on as she bit into my shoulder. We could hardly move within her.

As her pussy began to relax slightly, Denny pounded his cock into her
pussy... sliding by my cock in a fast staccato rhythm that left my cock
hot from the friction. Sue shook in another involuntary orgasm. Suddenly
I could feel his cock expand next to mine... and I could feel his cum washing back over my cock as it exploded against the back wall of her
pussy. Gawd! What a feeling! As he began to whither, I started
pounding... thus knocking his cock out of her love box. In just a few
strokes I added my own load to his coating within Sue's special female

D-10 Mike from 3-104Fran -

I never fail to thoroughly enjoy watching another guy give pleasure to
my wife in his unique ways... and then join that guy in increasing the
intensity of Fran’s sexual pleasure while she enjoys both of us at the same

D-11 From 3-106Susan -

Norm still assures me that he gets a real "high" from watching other
guys give me pleasure. I must admit... I have come to enjoy the variety
of these "extra guys," and the intense orgasmic experiences I enjoy when my
body is simultaneously being pleasured by two guys. In every case, Norm
and I enjoy weeks of really great sex after these MFM threesomes. Norm
loves to paint me word pictures of what he saw me experience. This renews
the flow of my juices.

D-12 From 3-403Dallas -

"He's in me!" she said. "His prick is inside me! And you're watching!"
It was the hottest moment of my life.


If you have experienced sharing 'your woman' with another guy, write to
me and tell me how you reacted to the experience. I will add your comments
to this on-going piece. Write to me at JJJ3313260@AOL.COM.

Love, Joan


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