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A4ALAY thick accent I thought you


Rose Noire Copyright 1997


"Oh, no!" Bethany sighed to herself.

Bethany, a beautiful mulatto with butt-length, dark, curly hair, deep
green eyes, and cafe-au-lait colored skin, was reviewing the exam her
instructor had just returned to her. Her full bosom heaved in
disappointment, while waves of guilt washed over her.

It was all for nothing, she thought to herself. He's sacrificed so much
for me and all for nothing! She felt a need to be snuggled securely in her
husband's arms for comfort, but she felt shame for the need.

She fought to control the tears which welled up in her eyes. In her
grief, she didn't notice the occassional glance from her instructor as he
presented the lecture for that evening. After an interminable period of
time, the class ended and, gratefully, she prepared to leave.

"Mrs. Chatelaine. Can I speak with you for a few minutes?" Mr.
Stanchion, her instructor, had been speaking. Numbly, she nodded and
continued to put her things away as the students trickled out.

"Yes, Mr. Stanchion. I can only stay for a few minutes. My husband
will be here to pick me up soon." Her voice trembled.

"You seem to be having trouble with the material. Is there something I
can do to help? I couldn't help notice how upset you were when you saw
your test."

"I hope no one else noticed. I don't know why I don't get it. It's not
required for my major, thankfully. But, I sit here and understand it, and
then when I get home I don't get it. It makes no sense to me."

"Well, perhaps I can help. Let's meet for a couple hours. What day
will be good to meet with me after 6:30 p.m., Mrs. Chatelaine?" He smiled
at her.

"Fridays. My husband works late on Fridays, and we'll be able to spend
time working on the class material then. Uhm, call me Beth." She smiled
back at him shyly.

"Okay, Fridays it is. I'll see you at 6:30 p.m. sharp tomorrow
evening." He grabbed her hands in his and rubbed them briefly. She wasn't
aware, after she'd turned and walked out of the room, that her teacher's
gaze followed those long shapely legs until the door closed.

All the way out to the car she wrestled with the guilt and shame she
felt. Her husband, Franscois, had taken on more hours at work to help put
her through her remaining courses. She had vowed to herself to get
straight A's in all of her classes in return for his sacrifice. A black
Ford Escort was waiting for her outside when she exited the front doors.
She smiled, waved, and dashed over to the car. A tall, handsome blonde was
standing there holding the door open for her.

"Bethany." He said in his very thick accent. "I thought of you today,

As he bent down to place her bags in the back seat of the car, he
allowed his free hand to follow her leg up to her crotch. He kissed her
gently, then closed the door. The drive home was quiet, he looked at her
from time to time, but said nothing.

"Come, let's have dinner out tonight. I have been saving my pennies."
He allowed his right hand to reach around and rub her neck. Then he
followed her shoulder down then allowed his hand to drop to her, oh, so
lovely breast.

She smiled, then nodded. She took his hand in hers and kissed each
finger individually as she looked into his eyes from beneath her long

They had dinner at Michelle's, during which time they sat in their
favorite booth in the back of the dimly lit restaurant. They sat next to
each other and talked in low tones. The waiter failed to notice that
Francois' hand was buried deep in Beth's crotch. He was also unable to see
the look of sheer bliss on her face, since her head was turned towards the
source of her pleasure. Knowing her as well as he did, he stopped at just
the right time to ensure she literally ripped his clothes off of him when
they returned to their small apartment.

"Oh, love, I will be staying after on Fridays for a little extra
tutoring. Will that be okay with you?" She asked as they were leaving the

“Of course. You know I have to work late that night anyway.” She
noticed what seemed like a shadow of relief pass over his face.

Then, as a way to assuage her guilt, she gave him a blow job which made
him come twice and left him hot on the brink for a third time. He groaned
not only in agony, but anticipation. She had a gifted tongue, but that's
not why he had married her.

When they got home that night, just as he had known she would, the door
had barely closed behind them, when she began to rip his clothes off of
him. She wouldn't let him touch her, but she pushed him towards the couch
as each garment -- jacket, shirt, tee, belt, and pants -- was strewn
carelessly about the room. He loved this and she knew he did. She pushed
him gently back on the couch and then lifted her skirt. After hooking her
thumb in her panty hose, she pulled them down slowly, then turned around so
her ass was facing him when she bent over to remove them. When she turned
back around there was an appreciative lear on his face. She sat astride
his lap and as she slowly slid down his erect pole, she unbuttoned each
button of her blouse laboriously. She untucked the blouse from her skirt
and allowed it to fall open. After placing first one then the other of his
hands on her taut nipples, she rode him up and down slowly. She controlled
his excitement and kept hers in check until she was ready for them both to
come. Her cunt muscles were well-toned and provided endless hours of
pleasure for both of them, but that's not why he'd married her.

So, after many, many orgasms, she finally packed her hubby off to bed
and broke out the books and began studying. She was barely aware when he
had gently picked her up from the table and carried her into bed with him.
When the alarm wakened her the next morning, there was a note on her

"Love. I've taken the bus so you can have the car. You can pick me up
when you get done with school."

Beth's classes flew by that day and soon she was on her way to her
appointment with Mr. Stanchion. The building seemed empty and her
footsteps echoed down the hall. The door was closed to his office.

"Mr. Stanchion?" She called as she knocked. She heard a chair move on
the floor and then the door opened.

"Beth, hello! You can call me Paul. Come in." The door closed after
her when she'd entered the office.

"Now Beth. Let's take a look at the material. Come stand over here at
the table and let's work at the white board. They spent an hour reviewing
and then, Beth was surprised to find she really did know the stuff. She
was baffled then by her poor grades.

"Well, I don't understand. I seem to know it now." She said quietly.

"Maybe it's your study habits. Tell me what a normal study night is
like for you."

"Well, my husband usually picks me up after school. We then go home,
have dinner and spend some time together. We've only been married six
months now, so every minute is precious to us. It's usually quite late
when I finally tuck him in. Then I do my homework."

He smiled with understanding.

"I think I can help you then. A weekly review will go a long way to
solving your problems, I think. But, of course, my time is precious, too.
What will I gain in return?" He looked at her directly.

"What do you mean? I have lilttle money to give."

"Well, perhaps another means..." she took his meaning immediately when
his left hand cupped her breast.

She drew back horrified. Then packed her things and walked determinedly
over to the door. But, something stopped her. It was the guilt which had
overwhelmed her yesterday and was yet with her today.

"I can't. I love my husband." Her voice was very quiet and very shakey.

"Of course you do, but you must think of the bigger picture here. What
happens if you don't pass the class. I think that between your tutoring
sessions with me and your studies at home, your grades in the class will

"But, I can't meet you anywhere to ... to... do that. I mean, what
would I tell my husband?"

"Well, we could do it right here. I think we can work it all in. But,
it's up to you."

In response, she walked over to the chair and put her things down. Then
she sidled up to Paul and looked demurly into his eyes. A look that made
men go weak in the knees. That's why Francois had married Bethany.

"Is this better?" She asked quietly. She figured the greater sin would
be her failing her husband than complying with Paul's demands.

"Much." He grabbed her and pulled her towards him. "We do things my
way. Your pleasure only comes when I say it does."

Already Beth was feeling a tinge of regret. Her husband was always
tender and gentle. He was the only man she'd known, until now. But, deep
inside, she felt a twinge of excitement. She wasn't ready to admit that

"Well, first things first. Let's just see how tight you really are." He
guided her over to the table they'd just been working on and bent her over,
telling her to rest on her elbows. He reached around her and unbuttoned
her pants. Before pulling them down around her knees, where he promply
rebuttoned them, he rubbed the bulge in his pants across her silk clad
fanny. She could feel the heat and hardness. It made her tremble.

"Now, I'm gonna play with you to make you nice and wet, but you are not
to move a muscle." He reached under her shirt and pinched her nipples hard
with one hand while he fingered her twat beneath the silk of her panties with the other. He was glad to see she was moist. He found her button and
pressed on it. She jumped.

"I said, don't move!"

He then swatted her bottom. His fingers continued their play. She, all
the while, resisted making any motion. This was hard for her because she
and her husband gave vent freely to their sexuality. They didn't hold
back. The sensations pulsing through her threatened to overwhelm her, but
she held fast. There was a finger at the entrance to her cunt and then it
entered. The pleasure she felt was different than when her and Francois
were together. This had a certain thrill to it. Paul pumped his finger in
and out feeling how tight she really was. It was as though she were a
virgin. As the liquids became more free flowing, he added first one, then
another finger. Then suddenly his playing stopped. She could hear the
sound of his fly being opened then he was rubbing himself against her ass.
First slowly, then more intensely. His dick felt much thicker than her
husband's, but not much longer. He was engaging in a sawing motion up and
down through the crack of her ass. Then she felt the knob of his baton at
the gate. He didn't stand on ceremony. He probed the entrance then thrust
all the way in. She gasped. At first it hurt, then it gave way to a
feeling unlike what she experienced with Francois, in fact it made it
harder for her not to actively repond to Paul's ministrations. He grabbed
a globe of her nice, round fanny in each hand then began to thrust. The
tempo was erratic. First he went slow, then fast, then slow. He'd go all
the way in the pull out and rub the knob down her slit, then he'd ram it
back in. Gradually his breathing became heavier. He leaned over her and
breathed in her ear. His hot steamy breath raked her ear. He moved his
hands to her breasts to cup them and squeezed as though he were trying to
pop two balloons. She used her muscles to massage him from inside. He
began to groan and she could tell he was doing his best to not make any
noise. She felt herself starting to come and then remembered his
instructions. Her efforts to bring him to a head ceased and she just stood
there. His thrusts became longer and harder, she could feel him begin to
quiver and shake, suddenly his full weight was upon him and she was pinned
to the table while she felt his load squirt deep within her.

"Aaargh." He said as he lay there.

She started to get up, but he pushed her down with one hand. He stood
and pulled on his pants. Then he kneeled before her ass and began licking
up every drop of come. He undid her pants and let them fall completely to
the ground. Gently he picked up first one foot and then the other and
removed the pants from around her ankles. Then he spread her legs and went
back to licking. He licked from front to back and then rimmed her ass with
his tongue. He poked at the little sphincter then went back to licking her

"Stand up." He commanded and she did. He turned her around and pushed
her back on the table. He then spread her legs. Putting a palm on each
thigh up close to her snatch, he pushed each leg apart and then began
again. He sucked and licked and nibbled her knob. She leaned back and
tried not to enjoy, but couldn't resist. Occassionally he'd lick her twat
and then scoop the juices up with his tongue and then redistribute them on
his knob. He played mercilessly with her untill he could fill the tension
build up in her thighs. Then he stopped.

"I think that's all for tonight. I've prepared a sample test for you to
study with at home." He reached for a tissue to wipe the cum off of his
face and then handed her a couple sheets of paper. She pulled up her pants
and adjusted the rest of her clothing then walked over to the door.

"I'll see you next week then?" She said with a question in her voice.

"Yes. We'll start where we left off. I think you'll have no problems
with your grades if things continue to go this well." He sat at his desk
and became interested with the open book which lay there.

She walked out to the car. Her body throbbed and she felt an
unsatisfied need within her. Her husband could take care of that for her.
On the way home to shower, she changed her mind and made a stop over. She
wouldn't make it home without doing herself. She pulled into the back
parking lot of a hotel. She didn't care which one, she just pulled in to
the rear of the parking lot of the one she finally decided on. She scooted
the chair way back and then undid her pants. Pulling them down slightly,
she shoved her hand in. The gooey moistness aided her pursuit. She rubbed
and fondled her clit, using the juices which still flowed from her cunt for
lubrication. She reached under her shirt and rubbed her nipples. Soon her
body was racked with a shudder and she tightened every muscle as it coursed
through her. After what seemed like an eternity, she pulled up her pants
and headed for home.

Beth allowed the warm shower to flow over her, hoping that any residual
guilt over what she'd done and planned to do again would be washed away.
It wasn't. She'd prepared a douche before entering the shower. Now she
slowly squeezed the warm liquid into her vagina and she leaned back
recalling the feel of Paul's squirt inside of her. It amused her that she
was thinking of a man other than her husband in the most lascivious of
ways. Her breasts were still tender from their rough treatment, but she was
relieved there was no bruising. Deciding not to prepare another douche,
she pulled the shower head down from the wall and set the stream to pulse
and then allowed the pressure of the water on her clit to bring her to
another quick orgasm. She needed Fracois.

Her shower over, she dressed and headed out the door. The feel of the
cool night air under her skirt on her unclad privates stimulated her. Even
after her shower she was still particularly aroused. The feel of her
clothing against her skin was a continual turn on. She couldn’t wait to
get her husband in the car.

When she drove up to the front of the office building, Francois was
standing outside talking with his boss, Maxine. Maxine waved to her then
walked over to her BMW in the parking lot, got in, and drove off.

“Francois, hello, love.” Beth said as she hugged her husband and threw
her arms around his neck. “How was work?”

“Okay. I guess. Maxine was a real bitch today. Fridays are becoming
more tiring. But, I thought of you today and my day improved.” He kissed
her gently on the forehead.

“Yes? Well, perhaps we should make a few more memories for you to think
about while we’re at work.” She hugged him tightly, then kissed him hotly
and deeply. She placed his hand under her very short skirt so he'd know
she was wearing absolutely nothing underneath.

Reluctantly they broke their embrace then got into the car. With her at
the wheel, Francois was able to get his hand up her skirt and bring her to
the brink of orgasm. Other than that, the trip home was a quiet one.
Francois was obviously very tired, and Beth’s thoughts kept returning to
her study session earlier that day with Paul. They were quickly sated that
nightt, neither having the energy to indulge their desires. Bethe found
getting homework done to be much easier. When she climbed into bed beside
Francois, she dropped off to sleep immediately and dreamed of Paul.

******************* The next segment reveals what is really going on at
work with Francois. Beth is assuaged of any guilt at the revelation.


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