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ADDAMS movies rose from the crypt featuring


PORNO TV: The Classic Pornographic Television Network Presents:
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| Original Material Copyright (C) 1996 All Rights Reserved |


The early sixties saw a lot of "fantasy" sitcoms, like "I Dream of
Jeannie", "Bewitched" and "My Favorite Martian". Two popular series
that featured a "horror" theme were "The Addams Family" on ABC, and
"The Munsters" on CBS.

"The Addams Family" appeared on ABC, beginning in 1964 and ending in
1966 -- the same time period as "The Munsters".

The series was based on cartoons by Charles Addams for the New Yorker
magazine, and Addams named them for the first time when the series was

Gomez, the enthusiastic head of the family, was played by John Astin.
His somber, sophisticated wife Morticia was played by Carolyn Jones.
Uncle Fester -- whatever he was -- was played by former child star
Jackie Coogan. Lurch, the seven-foot butler, was Ted Cassidy (who
also provided the disembodied hand for "Thing").

This series, like "The Munsters", refused to die when the network
attempted to kill it. It was revived in a tv movie, and an animated
version of the show appeared on Saturday morning cartoons. Recently,
a pair of theatrical movies rose from the crypt, featuring Raul Julia
as Gomez and Angelica Huston as Morticia.

A personal note. When this show originally aired, the only television
our family owned would only receive VHF signals, and the ABC station
in the area was UHF. The Addamses were only a distant rumor to me at
the time.

The theme music was a catchy little tune. I'm sure you'll all sing

They're creepy and they're kooky,
Mysterious and spooky,
They're altogether ookie,
The Addams Family.

Their home is a museum
When people come to see 'em,
It really is a scream,
The Addams Family.


So put a witch's shawl on,
A broomstick you can crawl on,
We're going to pay a call on
The Addams Family.

(snap snap)

This particular story is a "crossover" with the last story in the PTV
series, "The Munsters" and ... well, you'll see.

The Addams Family: "Eddie Comes to Visit"
Wednesday Addams looked out the window, waiting for her brother to
arrive. The length of cording in her hand was starting to make her
hand cramp.

She smiled to herself. She _liked_ cramps.

A movement at the end of the walk... yes! It was Pugsley. She
watched as he bounced along the walkway between the hedgework. Almost
time... almost...

Pugsley glanced down, and saw a small "x" chalked on the walkway ahead
of him. He paused, glancing up without moving his head. Yes,
there... behind that window....

A mischievous grin spread over his face. He stepped over the mark.

Wednesday released her cord.


The huge blade swung past Pugsley, just brushing the seat of his pants
as he hurried forward at a pace slightly faster than normal. He
turned and watched the razor-sharp battle-ax swing back and forth on
the end of a slender cable over the walkway until it stopped.

He glanced up at the window; Wednesday had disappeared.

He felt a cool breeze, and felt the back of his pants. The ax had
neatly sliced a three-inch piece of his pants.

"Very close, Wednesday," he muttered, a sly grin on his face. "Very

He went on into the house and upstairs to change his pants. He had a
guest coming to stay the night. After all, it wouldn't be proper to
greet him with holed pants.

On his way to his room, he stopped outside the door to Wednesday's
room. "Better bring in your ax, Sis," he said to the closed door.

The door opened a crack. Wednesday's somber face peeked out. "What

Pugsley giggled. "Come on, let's set it up for Papa."

The two children dashed over to the window. Pugsley reached up and
pulled down the cord, raising the ax. Wednesday pushed a wire out the
window and caught the cable, and pulled it back, resetting the catch.

Once it was set, Pugsley tied off the cable, ready for the next try.

Wednesday walked around behind her brother, and noticed the hole in
his trousers. She stopped, looked at the opening in the fabric, and
the cleft in the white flesh behind it.

Quickly, she formed a fist, with her thumb sticking out, she jammed it
between the exposed cheeks.

"Whoop!" Pugsley jumped, almost falling through the window. He
whipped around, his hands reaching back to cover himself.

"That's called a goose," Wednesday said, almost smiling.

Pugsley grinned, and looked lustfully at his sister. "Can I try it?"

"Why not?" Wednesday sneered. "It's your ass." She turned and
walked away.

Pugsley, covering his bare spot, headed toward his room.


The door chimes rang hollowly. The smallish boy stood on the front
porch of the great house, looking around himself. "Looks a lot like
home," he thought.

The great door swung open slowly. The tall man looked down at him.
"You rang?" he groaned.

"I'm Eddie Munster," the boy grinned up at him. "Pugsley invited me
over to spend the night."

The tall butler moaned and nodded slowly. He stepped inside and
motioned toward the staircase.

Eddie picked up his gym bag and dashed up the stairs.
Morticia Addams called from her peacock chair in the sitting room.
"Lurch, is that Pugsley's little friend?"

The butler groaned assent as he entered the room.

"Very good. I hope they have a good time." She held out her teacup.

Lurch took the cup and saucer and headed to the table where a teapot
sat steaming. He poured a cup and took it back to Mrs. Addams.

"Gomez is due home soon," she smiled up at him. "Do check to make
sure the children have not set up anything too deadly."

The butler nodded, turned, and headed toward the hall.

At that moment, there was a metallic clash outdoors, accompanied by a
shout of triumph.

The front door swung open. Gomez stood at the door, twirling the
battle-ax like a drum-major's baton.

"I must congratulate the children," he said, gleefully. "Very
ingenious, but a tad slow." He removed the stub of a cigar from
between his teeth. "Still, it did ruin a fine cigar."

He handed the ax to Lurch as he entered the house, and followed
Morticia back into the sitting room. He stepped over to a small
end-table. A box on the table opened, and a hand appeared, holding a
new cigar.

"Why, thank you, Thing," Gomez grinned, taking the cigar. The hand
disappeared, and came back with a lighted match.

Gomez leaned forward, puffing the cigar as he lit it with Thing's
match. As Gomez straightened back up, Thing pulled the lid down on
the box.

"Where are the children?" Gomez asked.

"They're upstairs," Morticia said. "Pugsley has a young friend over

"Is tonight that night?" Gomez smiled. "The Munster boy, right?"

Morticia nodded.

"Have you met him yet?" he asked.

"No, I expect Pugsley to bring him down soon for a rendezvous."

"Rendezvous!" Gomez gasped. "Tish! That's French!"

He grabbed Morticia's hand, and kissed her fingers, then the back of
her hand, moving up her arm. When he reached her shoulder, she pushed
him back.

"Save some for later," she said, mischievously.


"Eddie," Pugsley grinned, "I'd like you to meet my sister, Wednesday."

"Wednesday? Why not tonight?" Eddie asked, puzzled.

"Wednesday is my name, silly," Wednesday said, almost smiling.

"Oh. Sorry."

"It's all right," she said, touching his arm. "Everybody does the
same thing. It's Pugsley's little joke."

"What do you want to play?" Pugsley said, jumping up and down. "How
about 'Electric Chair'? I LIKE that one."

Wednesday shook her head. "How about 'Dungeon'?"

"That's a good one too," Pugsley said, clapping his hands.

"Let's go downstairs, then." Wednesday took Eddie's hand. "I'm so
glad you came along to spend the night."

Eddie looked at her, a small expression of puzzlement on his face.
Wednesday's face showed no expression at all. The three youngsters
headed downstairs.


Uncle Fester closed the cover on the listening-pipe. "'Dungeon', eh?"
he muttered. "That's one of MY favorites, too!"

He slithered out of his chair, and slipped into the secret passageway
that led to the basement.


The three children bounced down the stairs. As they reached the
doorway to the sitting room, Gomez sprang through the door,
brandishing his fencing foil. The tip of the blade quivered a few
inches in front of Pugsley's nose.

"What, ho!" Gomez shouted.

"Hi, Pop!" Pugsley grinned.

"Aren't you going to introduce us?" Gomez smiled.

"Pop, this is my friend Eddie. Eddie Munster."

The young man extended his hand. Gomez put the foil under his left
arm and shook Eddie's hand solemnly.

"Pleased to meet you. Do you fence?"

"Only when there's a full moon," Eddie said.

"Eh?" Gomez scratched his head.

"Yeah, I fence all over the neighborhood." Eddie smiled, charmingly.

"He means sword-fighting," Pugsley whispered.

"Oh." Eddie looked chagrined. "I don't do that. I thought he meant
marking territory."

Gomez shook his head, puzzled. "You should introduce Eddie to your
mother," he told Pugsley.

Pugsley nodded. He ushered the others into the sitting room.

Lurch stepped up behind Gomez, as the smaller man watched the children
introduce Eddie to Morticia.

"There's something about that boy," Gomez mused. "I wonder what he
meant about territory."

Lurch moaned deeply, looking equally puzzled.


Fester reached the lower levels of the house, and opened a small trap
door that looked into the play-chamber with its equipment. He made
sure that he was hidden completely in the shadows, and settled onto a

He twisted a few times on the stool to make sure it was still silent.
"All ready," he muttered. "Let's bring on the show."

He watched the stairway expectantly.


Introductions made, the children dashed to the stairs leading to the

Gomez called after them, "Be careful, children. Don't make too big a

"We won't," Wednesday called back.

At the foot of the first staircase, Wednesday turned on the lights for
the second stairwell.

"Watch your step, Eddie," she whispered. "The third step is a bit
longer than the others."

Eddie nodded. "Just like home," he grinned.

The three children bounced down the stairs and entered the playroom.
Eddie looked around at the equipment and smiled.

"I've always wanted a room like this," he said.

"I'm first!" Pugsley shouted. The sound was muffled by the walls,
which were covered with ancient Persian carpeting.

Wednesday nodded. "Then I get to choose the game." She pointed at an
upright post with chains and manacles.

"The Post!" Pugsley grinned. "Good choice."

"Take off your shirt," Wednesday instructed.

Pugsley eagerly complied.
Wednesday latched the manacles around Pugsley's wrists, and pulled the
chains through a loop, tugging Pugsley's arms up over his head.

Pugsley faced the post, his naked back toward the other two.
Wednesday chose a cat-of-nine-tails from a rack, and swung it

"Ready?" she asked.

Pugsley nodded.

Wednesday swung the whip. The lashes slapped Pugley's back with a
nice snap. Eddie could see red welts forming.

"Oh, yes," Pugsley gasped. "That's good. Again!"

Wednesday was happy to comply.

"YES! Again!"

Uncle Fester, on the other side of his wall, leaned forward, watching
intently. His hand went to his lap, where he rubbed at a growing lump
under his robe.

Wednesday handed the whip to Eddie. "Your turn," she said.

Eddie swung the whip.

"Here," Wednesday said, as she held Eddie's wrist hand. She stood
behind him, guiding his arm through a proper swing.

Eddie felt her body against his, her breath on his neck, and the
warmth of her hand on his. A stirring began in his groin. It was all
he could do to concentrate on what he was doing.

"Like this," she said, firmly. The whip flew through the air,
cracking sharply against Pugsley's skin.

"Nnnngh!" gasped Pugsley. "One more!"

Wednesday stepped back away from Eddie. He glanced back at her. Was
that a flush on her face, or was she just excited from the activity?

He turned his attention back to the matter at hand. He swung the
whip, and it snapped against Pugsley's bare skin.

"Unngh! Good one!" Pugsley squirmed against the chain. "Now it's
Wednesday's turn."

Wednesday shook her head. "I want to do the wheel." She lowered
Pugsley's arms, and unfastened the manacles.

She walked over to the large wheel. "Eddie, help me..." Pugsley and
Eddie followed her.

Wednesday stepped up onto the foot supports, set about three feet
apart at the bottom of the wheel. Pugsley wrapped a leather band
around her left ankle. Eddie, following suit, fastened down her right

She stretched out her arms, gripping pegs that were set into the
wheel. Pugsley strapped down her left wrist, and Eddie worked on her

"Step back," Pugsley instructed. He reached up and grasped the edge
of the wheel, and pulled down on it. The wheel began to turn,
Wednesday's body turning with it, like a large wheel.

"Faster," Wednesday instructed.

Pugsley pulled on the wheel again, and it began to spin faster. Eddie
watched, fascinated as the girl's body spun in front of him. She
seemed to be flexing herself as she spun, but didn't seem to be in

Then Eddie noticed that her dress was starting to work up her legs.
It was over her knees, revealing her white thighs.

"This is the part I like," Pugsley said, pulling on the wheel again.

Wednesday's dress continued to move up her body. It was almost as if
it had a will of its own. But Eddie noted, it was Wednesday who was
controlling it. When she was right-side-up, she had her body pressed
against the wheel, holding her dress still. But when she was
up-side-down, she pushed away from the wheel, allowing the dress to

Her white panties were visible now. They were tight against her body,
revealing the gentle curves of her body, the split mound between her
legs. Eddie was mesmerized.

The dress moved on, up her body, settling into a mound under her arms.
Her white belly quivered with excitement.

Eddie involuntarily reached for his groin. The pressure down there
was getting rather high.

Pugsley glanced at him and grinned. "Gettin' a boner?" he whispered.
"This gives me one every time!"

He pulled a lever behind the wheel, and it screeched to a halt.
Wednesday was up-side down, her body revealed to Eddie's hungry eyes.

"Why'd you stop?" Wednesday said, crossly.

"Our guest wanted a better look," Pugsley snickered.

Eddie stepped up closer. He reached out and touched Wednesday's mound

"Never seen it before?" Pugsley snickered.

Eddie shook his head. "My cousin always keeps her door closed. I've
tried, though."

Wednesday moaned, "Hey, let me up."

"In a minute, Sis." Pugsley reached over and stroked Wednesday's

"No," Wednesday moaned. "Not like this... Let me up."

Pugsley's hand moved down her thigh to the nexus of her legs. He took
hold of Eddie's hand, and pressed his fingers against Wednesday's
panty-covered pussy.

"It's warm," Eddie mumbled. "And wet."

Pugsley laughed. "It gets better."
Uncle Fester, behind his wall, stood up and pulled up his robe, and
sat back down. He gripped his cock and began to stroke, slowly.
"Let me up," Wednesday pleaded. "I'll give you... I'll give you..."

"Give us what?" Pugsley demanded.

"You know..." Wednesday whimpered.

Pugsley nodded. "Like last time?"

"Yeah. Let me up."

Pugsley rotated the wheel. When she was upright, her dress fell back
down, catching at her hips, hanging just over her crotch.

Pugsley began to unfasten her feet. "Remember your promise," he
chided. Then he unfastened her hand. Eddie mirrored his actions on
her right.

Wednesday rubbed her wrists. Pugsley stepped back, and began to
unfasten his pants.

Wednesday cocked her head at him. "Shouldn't our guest go first?" she

Pugsley glanced over at the blushing Eddie. "I don't think he's ready
yet," he grimaced. "Are you, Eddie?"

Eddie, unsure of quite what was going on, shook his head.

"There, you see?" Pugsley exalted. "I'm first."

"Okay," Wednesday sighed resignedly. She turned to Eddie. "Watch
carefully, Eddie." Her eye sparkled. "'Cause you're next."

Pugsley's pants were around his feet. He kicked out of them, then
pulled down his underwear. Eddie could see his penis, small but hard,
standing straight out from his body. There was a thin curl of dark
hair around its base, but barely any scrotum underneath it.

Eddie thought about his own organs; he was built bigger than Pugsley,
he smiled to himself. And he had a nice pair of balls hanging under
his cock. All he lacked was the curl of hair.

Wednesday stepped up to Pugsley and sat down on the floor in front of
him. She gripped Pugsley's erection with her hand, and began to pump
it slowly.

Uncle Fester, behind his peep-hole, slowed his own stroking to match
the speed of hers.

Pugsley closed his eyes, and tilted his head back. "I can do it
myself," he told Eddie. "But it feels so much better when she does

Wednesday picked up her pace a little, her hand moving back and forth
on Pugsley's penis, until Pugsley took a deep breath and held it.

She leaned forward, placing her lips just on the tip end of his cock,
stroking once more as Pugsley came. He grunted, and Wednesday caught
his semen in her mouth.

Pugsley backed away from her, breathless, until his back was against
the whipping post. He sank to the floor, leaning against the post.
"So good," he finally breathed.

Wednesday scrambled to her feet and stepped over to a small cauldron,
and spat into it. She turned to Eddie. "Are you ready?"

Eddie blinked, blankly. Something inside him turned, and he felt a
little itchy... a familiar feeling... "Oh, no!" he thought, "Not

Wednesday stepped up to him, and placed her hand on the bulge in his
pants. "I think you're ready," she almost-smiled. She pulled gently
on the waistband of his pants. "Take 'em off," she whispered. "I'll
make it feel good."

Eddie hesitated. "I've got to go to the bathroom," he said.

A frown crossed Wednesday's face. "Now?"

Eddie nodded, nervously.

She pointed at the stairs. "Up the stairs -- both sets -- and to the

Eddie ran toward the steps. Wednesday gazed after him, a strange look
in her eyes.
"Nnngh!" Fester grunted quietly, as a glob of greenish-white goo gushed out of his organ, landing on the wall ahead of him. It glowed
in the darkness of his hiding-place. It joined several other splashes
of older stuff on the wall.

He reached up and closed the little door silently. He turned on his
stool and leaned against the side wall, catching his breath.

"Should be time enough to recover before the other one comes back," he
muttered to himself.


Gomez stood beside his wife's peacock chair. He heard footsteps
running up the stone stairs, then the bathroom door slammed shut.

"What do you think of our little guest?" he asked, quietly.

Morticia's eyebrow raised slightly. "My first impression is that he's
quite a mensch."

"Mensch!" Gomez gasped. "Tish, that's French!" He grabbed at her

Morticia pulled it away from his lips. "Yiddish, dear. Or German."

"Close enough," Gomez leered.

"Are you man enough?" Morticia leered back. "Are you truly?"

Gomez roared. A friendly, lusty, happy roar. He reached down and
slipped an arm under Morticia's knees, and the other under her
shoulders. She put her arms around his neck as he lifted her.

"I'll show you who's man enough!" he shouted. He carried her out the
door and up the stairs toward the master bedroom.


Eddie looked in the bathroom mirror. His feeling was right -- he was
growing hair.

"I forgot about the full moon," he whined.

He watched himself in the mirror as his nose turned dark and
lengthened. Fine, dark hair formed on each side of the nose, and
spread quickly across his face.

He looked down at his hands; they too were rapidly covering with fur.

He scrambled out of his clothing; no need to ruin another set of
clothes. He stashed the clothes behind a trash can under the sink,
and before he completely lost the use of his fingers, he opened the
bathroom door a crack.

He put his front paws up on the sink and looked at himself again in
the mirror. He shook his head sadly. "Why now?" he thought, "just as
I was about to get..." The wolf-cub in the mirror didn't offer any

There was a sound in the hallway; someone was roaring.

He nudged the door open with his nose and glanced down the hall. Mr.
Addams was carrying his wife upstairs. Glancing both ways, he slipped
out the door, and headed for the front door.

He jumped up and put a paw on the doorknob. It wouldn't turn under
his pads.

"Eddie?" A voice behind him -- down the hall. He slid over into the
shadows and looked back.

Wednesday had come upstairs looking for him. He looked at her with a
touch of sadness, remembering what was under that long dress of hers.
Involuntarily, he whined.

"Eddie?" Wednesday looked into the open door of the bathroom, then
followed the sound of the canine whine.

Eddie waited until she was very near, then sat up, wagging his tail.

"A puppy!" Wednesday exclaimed. "Where'd you come from?" She patted
his head.

Eddie panted; he enjoyed being scratched behind the ears.

"Where'd you go?" Pugsley's head appeared at the top of the stairs.

"I can't find Eddie," Wednesday called. "He said he had to go to the
bathroom, but he's not in there."

"Maybe Lurch took him somewhere. I'll look for him. He..." His eyes
squinted in the semi-darkness. "What have you got there?"

"It's mine," Wednesday said, firmly.

"Okay," Pugsley said, emerging from the staircase. He was still
shirtless, but he had pulled his pants back on. "What is it?"

"It's a dog." Wednesday squatted down beside Eddie and put an arm
around his neck. "And he's mine."

"Looks like a wolf to me," Pugsley squinted.

Eddie licked the side of Wednesday's face.

"He likes me," Wednesday said, almost-smiling. "I'm going to take him
up to my room."

"Better not let Mama catch you with him up there."

"I know how to handle her," Wednesday said. "You go find Eddie --
he's your guest. I'm going up to bed." She stood up and whistled.
"Come on, boy."

"How do you know it's a boy?" Pugsley said.

"I know. Believe me, I know." Wednesday headed upstairs to her room.


Gomez kicked open the door of the bedroom and charged inside, carrying
Morticia in his arms. He set her down lightly.

Morticia took two steps toward the bed, then turned to face Gomez.

She reached behind her, unfastened a clasp, and her dress literally
slithered down her body into a heap around her feet. She stood still,
looking at Gomez still standing next to the door.

Gomez stared, transfixed at the view of Morticia's bare body, from her
long-haired head, past the firm, round globes of her breasts, past her
flat stomach and wide hips to the dark patch of long straight hair
that poised at the top of her legs.

He reached for the light switch, but Morticia said, "No, leave it on.
But close the door, we have guests."

Gomez grinned, his teeth flashing. "Shall we?" he asked, pointing

Morticia nodded.

Gomez closed the door, and slid home the privacy latch. He stepped
over to the corner, and pulled a cord.

There was the sound of movement above, and he looked up to watch as
the curtains on the ceiling parted to reveal a large, plate-glass
mirror over the bed.

Morticia smiled invitingly, then climbed into the large bed, as Gomez
scrambled out of his striped suit, tossing each piece of clothing into
a pile on the floor.

Naked, he leaped up onto the bed, standing between Morticia's legs,
looking down at his wife -- and his erection, which stood out straight
from his body.

Morticia bent her knees, and tilted her hips, revealing the pink lips
of her labia. "Are you just going to stand there admiring yourself?"

Gomez shook his head. "Aren't you forgetting something?"

Morticia looked puzzled a moment, then a thought occurred and her face
lit up.

"Manger moi. Respondez s'il vous plait," she smiled.

"French!" Gomez shouted, and dropped down between her legs. He
plunged his face into her crotch, his tongue darting forth, stroking
Morticia's clitoris and labia.

Morticia closed her eyes and sighed with pleasure.

Wednesday led Eddie down the hallway and into her room. She closed
the door, and patted Eddie on the head.

"Stay here, boy. I've got to get ready for bed."

Eddie watched as she stepped over to her dresser and pulled out a
nightie. She set it down on the bed, and kicked off her shoes.

With one movement, she pulled her dress off over her head, standing
before the wolf cub in just her white panties.

Eddie gave a little canine 'yip' and panted, his tail wagging

"You like this?" Wednesday said, looking at him.

Eddie gave her his best 'doggie' grin.

Wednesday turned in front of him, her hands gently stroking her body.
"I like it too," she whispered. "Sometimes I go to bed without
wearing anything at all because it feels so good."

She pushed her panties down over her hips and stepped out of them,
then picked them up and dropped them into a hamper.

Again she turned in front of Eddie's watchful eyes. "You like this,
too, don't you?"

Wednesday patted Eddie on the head. He licked at her hand.

She stepped back to the bed, picked up the nightie, and stood a moment

"Naah," she said, finally. She threw the nightie over the head of her
bed. She crawled naked between the sheets, then patted the side of
the bed.

"C'mon, boy," she said softly. "Want to sleep up here?"

Eddie leaped into the bed and snuggled up against her side. Wednesday
stroked his head and neck.

As she stroked his head with one hand, the other slid down her own
body under the sheet.

Eddie turned his head to watch as she slid a hand down to her crotch.
Her fingers slipped between her legs.

Eddie looked up into her face. She had her eyes closed, and she was
biting her lower lip in concentration.

He rested his head on her chest, then realized that his chin was
directly over one of her budding breasts, and the nipple was very

She stopped stroking his head, and pulled her hand under the sheet to
join the other one. She raised her knees, pulling them apart under
the sheet to allow access with both hands. The sheet rode down, and
Eddie raised his head, allowing her pink buds to peek out.

Eddie paused a moment, then extended his tongue, stroking one peaked

Wednesday moaned, and her eyes snapped open.

"What are you doing?" she gasped.

Eddie kept licking her nipple.

Wednesday closed her eyes again. "That feels good..." she moaned
softly. Her hands were busy again.

Pugsley went back down to the dungeon, looking for Eddie. He looked
behind the wheel, and under the rack, and even glanced inside the iron
maiden. No Eddie.

Uncle Fester, behind his hidden wall, heard the steps in the room.
"The show's starting up again," he thought. He leaned forward and
opened the trap door.

"Aaaugh!" he screamed.

Pugsley's face filled the opening.

"Uncle Fester!" the boy cried. "What... What are you doing?"

Fester attempted to compose himself. "Why, I was looking for the fuse
box," he lied.

Pugsley frowned. "The fuse box is on the first landing. What are
you..." A light dawned on him. He turned slowly, looking at Fester's
view of the room.

"Uncle Fester!" he shouted. "You've been peeking on us!"

"Shh-- Shh--" Fester shushed. "Not so loud!"

Pugsley's voice became conspiratorial. "Don't worry. Wednesday's
gone to bed. I'm looking for Eddie. He's disappeared."

Fester frowned. "Disappeared? When?"

"Just a little while ago. I think he was scared of Wednesday."

Fester nodded. "Might be. He might have run home. Where have you

"Just down here," Pugsley shrugged.

"Okay," Fester said. "You look on the first floor, and I'll try the
upstairs. Meet me up in the attic if you find him -- just tell Thing
to pass the word. Otherwise, meet me there in an hour, and we'll
check outside."

Pugsley nodded, and headed up the stairs.

Fester closed the trap door and moved through the darkness toward the
secret passageway.


Gomez slid his tongue the length of Morticia's slit, tasting the
salty-musky flavor of her flowing juices. As he reached the nub of
her clitoris, he rolled it with the tip of his tongue, eliciting a low
moan from Morticia.

Morticia opened her eyes, and gazed into the mirror above her. She
admired the view she had of Gomez, his head buried in her crotch, his
body turned to one side so she could see the magnificent hard-on which
protruded from the curls of Gomez's pubic hair.

She felt the familiar tingling feeling filling her as Gomez expertly
tongued her clit. She reached down and held Gomez's head in the best

She began to quiver as her orgasm began. Gomez continued to caress
her clit with his tongue as her pussy began to spasm. She rocked her
hips, pressing her pubic bone into Gomez's nose, pushing her clit
harder against his mouth.

As her contractions began to subside, Gomez slid up her body, kissing
his way up her lower abdomen to her navel, to her breastbone, then
each full, warm breast, his tongue rolling around each erect nipple.

He slid further up, his protruding organ asking entrance to Morticia's
gaping gate.

Morticia wrapped her arms around Gomez's torso, pulling him up and
close. Gomez's cock slid easily into her pussy, and she wrapped her
legs around his.

They rolled over, still in a tight, intimate embrace.

Gomez looked up into the mirror and admired Morticia's naked back, the
soft globes of white flesh that formed her ass, and his own cock
buried deep between the lips of her vagina.

Morticia released her grip around his legs enough to begin to move.
She rocked her hips slowly, pulling his cock out slightly, then back
in to its full length.

Gomez took a long, ragged breath, breathing through his teeth.

Morticia released her arms, put her hands on Gomez's shoulders and
pushed back, raising herself up to a squatting position, still firmly
impaled on his magnificent cock.

Gomez gazed again at the mirror as he reached up to caress Morticia's
breasts, taking each nipple between the fingers of his hands.
Morticia began to use her legs to piston herself, sliding slowly and
sensually up and down Gomez's firepole.

She tilted her head back and opened her eyes, meeting his in the
mirror. She smiled broadly, and licked her lips.

Morticia began to move in small circles, pistoning with each leg in
turn, until Gomez could hold back no longer. He moved his hands to
her shoulders, holding her still -- but it was too late. He dropped
his hands to her hips, holding them down, as he pushed up from below,
to drive his cock as deeply into her as he could as he climaxed.

Morticia lay forward, draping herself over his body. They lay
together, Gomez's cock still inside her.

Just as Morticia was ready to roll over, there was a scratching noise
behind the wall.

"Shhh--" Gomez hissed. "Listen."

The scratching became a sliding sound, and a panel opened in the wall.

"Minonislilildikoph. Shidililolp. Dididididodissolippp," a small
high-pitched voice spoke.

"Itt!" Gomez gasped. "What's the matter?"

The hairy creature entered the room and spoke again.

"Oh, horny again, eh?" Gomez smiled. He turned his face to
Morticia's. "What do you say, Tish? A little three-way action?"

Morticia smiled. "A menage e'tois?"

Gomez's eyes flashed. "Tish!..."

"I know, I know," she said, grinning. "It's French."

Cousin Itt stepped up close to the bed, and hands emerged from under
the hair. They spread back a patch of hair and revealed a pair of
shapely female breasts.

"Perhaps we should call you Cousin Titt," cracked Gomez.

Morticia rolled off of Gomez's body, as Itt climbed into the bed. Itt
lay back, knees pulled up, and spread her legs.

Gomez tore his eyes from the shapely breasts and peered into Itt's

"Somehow I just knew you were always naked under all that hair," Gomez
grinned. "But I really didn't realize that you were keeping THAT

Morticia raised herself up, and she too looked between Itt's legs.

She glanced up at her husband and smiled. "It looks like we both can
have some fun."

Eddie pushed his nose under the sheets. His heightened sense of smell
in this form revealed much; Wednesday was in a high state of arousal.

She was almost oblivious to Eddie's movements as he crawled under the
sheets, around her leg, and crouched between her feet. Even in the
subdued light, his wolf-sight revealed everything to him. She had two
fingers buried deep in her slit, the fingers on the other hand rolling
her clit.

Her pace was increasing; Eddie watched interestedly until he could
resist no longer. He nudged forward, and slid his canine tongue over
her fingers.

She released the hand caressing her clit, grasping at Eddie's head.
He began to run his tongue over her now-exposed clit.

Wednesday grabbed his ear. Eddie continued to lick.

Suddenly, her body tensed. The fingers in her pussy stopped moving,
and her body shook.

Eddie backed away a little, until she stopped quivering. Then he
eased his forepaws up over her hips, resting his head on her belly.
Her hands on his head were damp from her own fluids, and she was
breathing heavily as she stroked his fur.

She flipped back the topsheet, letting the dog have a little air.
Eddie looked up at her small breasts, the nipples hard and stiff. He
sighed and closed his eyes, comfortable just where he was.

Fester hurried through the hidden corridors, pausing at each room to
peek through his viewing holes, looking for the Munster kid.

He paused a moment before opening the sliding panel that looked into
Wednesday's room, steadying his breath. Then he held his breath and
carefully slid the panel open.

The room was dark, even to Fester's darkness-accustomed eyes. But he
could see a shape in Wednesday's bed. It looked like -- he blinked --
it looked like she was enjoying herself!

Her body was covered with a sheet, but her knees were drawn up,
tenting the sheet. He could see that both her hands were somewhere
down in her crotch, and she was breathing heavily and moaning.

"She's doing better all the time," he thought, grinning.

Her body tensed, and she sighed, letting her knees down. There was a
bulge over her groin -- and it moved. But it was too small to be the
Munster boy...

Fester watched as the bulge moved up onto her body. Wednesday flipped
the top of the sheet back, revealing her small, developing breasts --
and the black shape of a wolf cub's head.

Fester stepped back, unbelieving. He looked back through the
peephole, but she had stopped moving, and the dark shape under the
sheets didn't quite look like a wolf anymore. It could be -- it
probably was -- just a pillow that Wednesday was using to masturbate with.

He shook his head and closed the panel softly. Remembering why he was
here, he continued to search for the young Munster.


Gomez looked again between the spread legs of Cousin Itt. While the
body itself was covered with long hair, the area around the genitalia
was bare. Almost the exact reverse of hair growth on his own body.

But that wasn't the most unusual sight. In addition to a perfectly
formed pair of breasts, and a nice and tight-looking vagina, Itt was
also in possession of a penis the size of Gomez's -- and just as
erect. Itt only lacked a scrotum and balls.

Morticia leaned over and took the tip of Itt's cock into her mouth,
rolling her tongue around its knobbed end.

Gomez slipped his hand down between Itt's legs, and caressed the
bulging labia, which opened under his fingertips. He slid his middle
finger down the slit, then plunged it into the opening, releasing a
flow of lubricating juices over his hand.

Morticia raised her head, but continued to stroke Itt's cock with her

To Gomez, she murmured, "If Itt gets on top of me, then you could..."

Gomez and Itt both nodded.

Morticia rolled over onto her back, and Itt rolled over onto her.
Morticia reached down between her legs and guided Itt's penis until it
slid into her vagina.

Gomez moved around behind Itt, between Morticia's legs. He slid
forward, and slipped his cock into Itt's accommodating vagina.

Itt responded with an enthusiastic jabber, and began to move forward
and back. As Itt moved forward, Morticia was filled, and as Itt moved
back, Itt was filled.
Unseen to the participants in the bed, across the room from the panel
where Itt entered the bedroom, a small panel slid open. Behind the
wall a pair of eyes peered into the room.
Morticia felt the tingling begin again. She rocked her hips with the
rhythm that Itt and Gomez had set up, so that Itt's pubic area pressed
against hers on each stroke.
Behind the wall, Fester reached down and stroked his erection through
his robe.

"Uncle Fester!"

The boy's whisper was harsh in the silence of the secret corridor.
Fester turned toward Pugsley and put his finger to his lips.

Fester reached down and opened another panel, just a little lower down
on the wall. He motioned for Pugsley to look through the hole.

Pugsley got down on all fours, and crawled over to the peep hole.
"Oh, wow," he breathed. "Mom and Pop and Cousin Itt are going at it!"

"Shhh," hissed Fester.

"They won't hear us," Pugsley whispered. "Listen to all the grunting
and groaning!"

Fester turned his attention to the action in the bedroom, but he
became intensely aware that Pugsley's ass was in close contact with
his thighs. Pugsley seemed to be pressing back against him and the
bulge in his robe.


Eddie lifted his head sleepily. Wednesday's body was unmoving under
him, except for her soft breathing. He gazed at her little breasts,
the nipples now softened but still standing up on their own.

He felt -- full -- in his lower body. He thought, "I gotta pee," and
moved slightly, but realized what the pressure was.

His penis was stiff and extended from its hairy sheath. It pressed
against Wednesday's lower body as if it was searching for the opening
on its own.

Eddie looked up at Wednesday's face. She was sleeping peacefully,
unaware of him.

He stirred, moving slowly, and slid upward a bit. The tip of his
penis slipped between her distended labia.

Wednesday's head turned. Eddie froze.

Her even breathing resumed. Eddie moved forward again, and his cock
slid further into her.

Eddie could scarcely believe how good it felt, even with just the tip
of his cock inside her. He paused, smiling a canine smile.

With one more movement, he pushed his hips forward, sliding his penis
deep inside her.

Wednesday's eyes flashed open. "OH!"

She looked down into Eddie's wolf-cub face. "What are you doing?!"

Eddie licked his chops, then began to thrust his hips, pushing deep
inside her, then pulling back out partially, then back in.

"Oh gosh," Wednesday gasped. "Oh, yes... yes!"

Eddie's movements became quicker, and Wednesday wrapped her legs
around his rear end, trying to slow him a little bit.

"It feels so good," she breathed. "It's so naughty fucking a dog, but
it feels so nice!" Her body stiffened a bit. "Oooooh, I think I'm
gonna come..."

She shook. Her cunt squeezed at Eddie's slim canine cock, but he
continued to thrust.

He felt his balls tighten, and a strange sensation built up just
behind his heart. His skin tingled, and a little itch began between
his shoulder blades.

He glanced over at the window.

"Oh, NO!" he thought, "Not now... NOT NOW!"

The full moon was just disappearing behind the horizon.

Eddie scrambled off of Wednesday, leaped out of the bed and dashed
into the closet.

Wednesday quivered on the bed a moment longer, then sat up dazedly.
"Where'd you go, boy? What's wrong?"


Fester reached down and touched Pugsley's back. While the boy was in
this position, crouching down to look through the lower set of
peep-holes, his ass was in such a tempting location.

Pugsley barely moved, but his hands reached back, grasped his
waistband, and pulled his pants down over his hips.

Fester pulled up his robe, releasing his knobbed penis. He slid the
head of his cock down between Pugsley's ass-cheeks until it rested
just at the pucker of the boy's asshole.

Pugsley turned his head away from the peep hole and whispered, "Do

Fester pushed forward. He felt Pugsley's anus open as his knobbed
cock slid slowly into it.

Pugsley breathed slowly, inhaling between clenched teeth.

"It hurts," he whispered. "It hurts so good!"

Fester's pelvis reached the bare skin of Pugsley's asscheeks, his cock
firmly deep inside Pugsley's coal chute.

Fester leaned forward and looked again into Gomez and Morticia's room,
his cock throbbing inside its warm sheath.
Back in the bedroom, Itt was gasping, Morticia was climaxing, and
Gomez was breathless catching up.

Morticia's body shook, her pussy clamping down on Itt's cock, holding
Itt in place. Gomez continued to pump from behind until Itt gave out
a high-pitched whine and pulled away.

Itt scrambled out from between Gomez and Morticia, in a frantic,
ecstatic frenzy, and disappeared into the sliding panel, which closed
behind it.

Gomez groaned in disappointment since he hadn't come, but Morticia
grabbed his cock and pulled it forward into her.

Gomez thrust rapidly a couple of times and grunted, filling Morticia's
cunt once more with his spunk.

He fell forward, covering Morticia, kissing her cheek.

Breathlessly, Morticia said, "Turn out the lights, darling."

Gomez dragged himself out of the bed and over to the light switch. He
watched as Morticia pulled aside the bedcovers and slid under them.
She held up one edge, letting Gomez get one more peek at her naked

Gomez turned out the lights, and leaped toward the bed.


Eddie curled up in the corner of Wednesday's closet. His body
twitched, expanded and itched.

Wednesday stood naked at the door of the closet and peered into the
darkness. "Where are you, Doggie?"

She heard a faint whimper in the back of the closet. She pushed some
clothes aside, and saw the naked form of Eddie Munster crouched in the

"What are you doing in here?" she asked. "And where's my dog?"

Eddie remained crouched but raised his head. "I think I've got some
explaining to do."

As the lights went out in Morticia's room, Fester and Pugsley slid
their peep holes shut.

Pugsley looked up at Fester. "Well," he whispered, "are you going to
fuck me, or just leave that thing up my ass?"

"Sorry," Fester whispered back. "I got distracted."

He pulled back a little, then rammed his cock back into the boy's

Pugsley grunted. "Good... Yeah..."

Fester continued the thrusts, never pulling completely out but leaving
the knobbed head inside, then thrusting its full length inside.

Pugsley grunted with each thrust, until Fester held his breath and
thrust once more.

Pugsley felt his uncle's cock throb inside him as Fester came. He
waited as Fester got his full release and slid back, collapsing to the
floor behind Pugsley.

Pugsley stood up, stretching his legs. He turned to face Fester, who
was leaning up against the back wall of the secret corridor.
Pugsley's cock was at full erection, and pointed directly at the bald
man's nose.

"Now it's your turn, Uncle," Pugsley grinned.


"A werewolf?"

Wednesday's voice was full of disbelief and wonder. She stared at the
naked boy in her closet. A small smile -- perhaps even her first --
crept over her face.

"It was kinky enough fucking a dog," she grinned. "But I fucked a
werewolf! Cool!"

Eddie scrambled to his feet. "Then it's okay?"

"More than that," Wednesday said, stepping closer. "It was great."
She kissed his lips, while one hand reached down to caress his cock.

"But you didn't..." she wrapped her fingers around his stiffening
organ. "You didn't finish, did you?"

Eddie shook his head.

"C'mon," she whispered huskily in his ear, kissing its pointed tip.
She took his hand and led him back to the bed.


Pugsley shook his cock in front of Fester's nose.

"You know what I want," the boy said, firmly.

"Are you sure?" Fester asked, looking up at Pugsley's face.

Pugsley nodded.

Fester leaned forward a bit, and put his lips around the boy's

Pugsley's body quivered. His teeth chattered. A faint blue glow
formed around him, as his balls erupted, splashing Fester's robe as
Pugsley fell backwards against the other wall of the narrow hallway.

Pugsley lay on the floor as Fester stood up. His eyes fluttered as
his eyes appeared to spin like a crazed slot machine.

"You said you wanted the old light bulb trick," Fester said softly.

Wednesday slipped back into the bed, and pulled Eddie up on top of
her. She kissed his lips lightly as she positioned herself under him,
her knees raised slightly, her legs spread wide.

Eddie's hips were below hers, his raging hard-on poised at her wet and
ready opening.

"Do it," Wednesday whispered, pulling him up. "Put it in me. I want
you to feel as good as you made me feel."

Eddie slid up, and his penis slid easily into her, all the way in,
until their bodies were wedged tightly together.

Wednesday closed her eyes. "Good," she breathed softly in Eddie's
ear. "You feel good. Better than before. Bigger."

Eddie began to stroke, slowly at first, then building in speed as he
learned her rhythm.

Wednesday met each stroke with one of her own, her pussy clasping at
his cock as it moved, until Eddie began to breathe heavily.

Eddie felt like he was a balloon, inflated to the point of bursting.
He pushed in as deeply as he could -- and the balloon burst. He felt
like his whole insides had melted and were forcing their way out his

Spurt after spurt exploded from his penis. Eddie held his breath as
he came, and when his cock finally stopped spurting, he collapsed on
top of Wednesday.

Wednesday felt all warm inside as she felt his cock soften inside her.
Eddie finally started breathing again, and she rolled them over onto
their sides when his cock slipped out of her.

A little later, Eddie and Wednesday lay together on the bed,
perspiration evaporating from their naked bodies. Wednesday pulled a
comforter up over them, and they cuddled under it.

"You don't think you'll get pregnant, do you?" Eddie whispered.

"Maybe I'll have puppies!" Wednesday giggled, then seeing the
expression on Eddie's face, she quickly shook her head. "No,
Grandmama took care of that when she found out about the games Pugsley
and I were playing. The spell she cast doesn't end until I get

Eddie breathed a sigh of relief. "Are you doing... what we just
did... with Pugsley?

"Nah. And I won't. Not since I've been with you." She traced the
point on his ear with her fingertip. "You're so much more
interesting. Besides, I think he likes boys."

"Boys? What do you mean?"

Wednesday chuckled, and settled her head on Eddie's shoulder.

"I'll tell you later. Where are your clothes?" she whispered.

"In the bathroom downstairs," Eddie replied.

"I'll go down before breakfast and get them. Let's get a little rest
right now."



Pugsley looked at his guest, puzzled. "I thought you went home. We
couldn't find you anywhere." He dug into a bowl of cornflakes, and
stuffed his mouth with a big spoonful. He crunched noisily.

Eddie shrugged. "You've got a big house. I guess I got lost."

Wednesday walked into the room, brushing her long hair. "I found him
wandering in the hallway last night. I tried to find you, Pugsley,
but I couldn't."

"Where'd you sleep?" Pugsley asked.

"He slept in the chair in my room," Wednesday said, crossly. "What
were you doing all night, anyway? You weren't in your room."

"Never mind."

Wednesday stepped over to a cabinet and took down a box of her brand
of cereal. When she walked toward the refrigerator for milk, Pugsley
leaned forward and whispered.

"Didja see her naked? She never takes off her panties for me."

Eddie smiled, shyly. "I'm not telling."

"You did!" Pugsley grinned. "I know you did."

Eddie blushed as Wednesday returned to the table. She set a bowl full
of her cereal in front of Eddie, and poured another bowl for herself.

"Greetings, children," Gomez chucked happily as he entered the room.
"Well, young Munster, did you have a good time?"

"Yes, sir," Eddie smiled up.

"Very good. You are always welcome here," Gomez grinned, showing his
teeth. "Well, I'm off for my morning constitutional." He pulled out
a long, thin cigar. A box on the counter nearby opened, and Thing
offered a lighted match.

"Thank you, Thing," Gomez said, lighting his cigar. He marched out of
the room.

"He's in a good mood," Wednesday observed.

Pugsley nodded. "And I know why. He had a good time last night,
Wednesday, sitting next to Eddie at the table, slipped a hand over
onto Eddie's thigh and squeezed. He looked over at her, and they
exchanged a secret exchange. Pugsley merrily crunched his cornflakes,
oblivious to the blossoming of love across the table.


MEANWHILE, back at 1313 Mockingbird Lane...

The morning sun glistened wetly off the naked branches of the trees
outside the house.

Lily was in the kitchen, preparing the cauldron to make breakfast.
She jumped when she heard the sound of the huge knockers on the front

"Who could that be at this hour?" she muttered. She wiped her hands
and headed to the front door.
The huge door swung open, revealing a young woman. The young woman's
dark hair hung long around her face. "Hello, Lily," she said, gently.

"Oh, my," Lily gasped. "You told me you wouldn't..."

"Now, now," she murmured. "I'm only here to talk."

Lily said in a loud whisper, "You're not to come here until..."

"Until I learned about my powers," finished the voice behind Lily.

Lily spun around to see Marilyn descending the staircase.

"It's all right, Aunt Lily," Marilyn said, putting a hand on her
shoulder. "I know all about it." She turned to the woman at the
door. "Hello, Serena. Or should I call you 'Mother'?"


to be continued!

NEXT UP: If you haven't guessed by now, I'm not going to give it away!



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