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ADVEN02 sucked hard her tongue lathed



The Adventures of Susan
by Drifter
Chapter 2

Maggie smiled at her beautiful 15 year old daughter, 16 in a few hours, and
thought about the question she had just ask her - had she made love with
another woman? Susan was pushing the edge of her budding sexuality and
Maggie was helping her. Maggie was envious of her daughter, to discover it
all again. Maggie thought back over the sexplay and the orgasms she had
given her daughter with her birthday present earlier and smiled.

"Yes honey... I did, in college. Does that bother you?"

"Oh no.... far from it Mom. I think it sounds sexy. Did you enjoy it? Was it good?"

"It was very good darling. It didn't satisfy me the same as men do but it was very nice."

"I think that would be fantastic, like you say would
you.....could we maybe ... do that sometime?"

"Susan, honey, I'm your Mom... I'm not sure we should do that......get
that involved.....?"

"Why not? Didn't you enjoy what we did today?"

"You know I did, I'm still shaking, remember I didn't get off like you did.
But you are suggesting an on going affair between us, mother and daughter. I
won't lie to you darling, the idea is appealing to me. I miss a woman's touch
and you are certainly becoming a woman fast."

"Think about it please Mom... I think it would be fabulous. You could
teach me so much. I would love to taste you down there."

Susan hugged her mom tight and their breasts pressed together.
Maggie remembered how sexy Susan was as she used the vibrator in her
tight little cunt. Now she found herself wondering how her daughters young pussy would taste. It WAS going to happen... just as she had planned. Her
excitement was hard to contain.

Susan met her Mom's lips and kissed her the way they had kissed
before, with a lot of tongue. It was hot and passionate. Maggie didn't resist
and they held each other tightly and kissed like lovers. Both of them were
breathing hard.... when heard Tony call from the den. They stepped back from
each other to recover. It was clear, for now at least, Tony shouldn't know what
they had done or what they were contemplating. Maggie brushed her hot
daughter's cheek and said,

"I love you baby... let me think about your suggestion. Now you go to bed
so I can fuck your Dad."

Later, at her parents bedroom door, she watched with new interest as
Maggie directed Tony's face to her dripping pussy. Maggie was certain
Susan would be watching and she told Tony exactly what to do with his
tongue. Tony tasted her and she moaned softly... he raised his head and said,

"What have you been doing darlin, you're already wet as hell down
here? I love it."

Without waiting for an answer he buried his face in her pussy again.


The next morning, Susie kissed her Dad goodby slowly as he left for work,
remembering how he had eaten her Mom. She had to go to school and she
walked to Maggie and hugged her tightly, kissing her deeply like lovers again.
Maggie returned the kiss and when it was over she smiled at Susan and said,

"Hurry home this afternoon my sweetheart, I'll be waiting for you."

All day Susan wondered if her mom meant what Susan hoped she meant.
School dragged by so slowly except for the brief time she spent with Tommy.
As they started to part to go to their next class he said,

"Susan.. I remember your folks rule about your dating. Since tomorrow
is your 16th birthday, would you go to the drive-in with me Friday night?"

Susan smiled and forced herself to be calm as she said,

"That would be great Tommy. Pick me up at 7, OK?"


What a fabulous day she thought in her next class. mom is waiting for
me to "hurry" home and Tommy asked me to go to the drive-in. Far out.

When the final period was over she rushed home. Her stomach was
doing flips she was so nervous. It was only a two block walk home but it
seemed to take forever. At her front door Susan realized her panties were so
wet they were squishy. She walked into the house, dropped her books at the
front door and went looking for her Mom... hoping. The house was silent and
Susan called out. The reply thrilled her as she heard her mom say she was in
Susan's bedroom, to come join her.

Susan ran up the stairs and down the hall, then screeched to a stop
and walked slowly into her bedroom. Her mom was lying on her bed nude.
She was propped up on her pillows posed sexily. Posed to best reveal her
ample charms. Susan walked over and sat on the bed beside this sexy looking
woman who happened to be her Mom. She leaned over and kissed her Mom's
lips. Their tongues played and Susan was shortly breathing rapidly as was
Maggie. She pulled back and looked at her Mom.

Their eyes said it all and Susan reached up and cupped one of her Mom's big
bare breasts. Maggie moved her arm out of the way to give Susan open access. As
she expected her mom was going to make love to her. Susan stared at her large
firm breasts and noticed her Mom's nipples hard and swollen with passion.
Susan leaned down and licked one nipple. Maggie gasped... Susan sucked it into her mouth, sucked hard as her tongue lathed over it rapidly. Maggie
groaned, caught her head and pushed her away and smiled saying,

"How are we going to make love darling when you have on all those

Susan stripped in a flash and soon stood nude, her breasts rising and
falling with excitement as her breath seemed to come in large gulps. As her
Mom ran her eyes over her sexy daughters young ripe body, Susan shivered
with anticipation. So did Maggie.

"Susan baby, are you absolutely sure you want to do this?"

"Oh God Mom, I've thought of nothing else all day."

Susan moved up on the bed as Maggie welcomed her daughter into her
arms. Susan thought her mom was the sexiest looking thing she had ever

"What do I do Mom?"

"Just lay back and let me please you baby."

Susan rolled over on her back and spread her legs in eager invitation.
Maggie ran her hands over Susans hot little body. Her nipples her tummy,
over her pussy lightly down to her inner thighs. Susan thrilled at the touch and at the idea her mom was getting ready to make love to her. She had read
about this and now was going to know. Maggie kissed her lips, then her
swollen little nipples, licked her ribs and tummy, french kissed her naval,
then gave little bites on her abdomen as she moved lower and lower.
Susan was about to explode. Her eyes were closed and her head twisted
from side to side as her mom tortured her with pleasures she had never felt

Susan opened her eyes and looked as her mom slid her hand up her
thigh onto her wet pussy. Two fingers eased inside her hot cunt and Susan
came.. before she recovered she felt Maggie's tongue probing her cunt,
licking her clit, felt two fingers in her cunt and another in her ass. She sighed, and began to buck uncontrollably and screamed as a series of orgasms hit
her, each bigger than before. Finally, some 15 minutes later, she cried out,

"No more... oh fuck no more... I can't stand it... "

Maggie raised her face, covered with her daughter's cunt juices, and
watched as Susan continued to have orgasm after orgasm. Maggie pulled her
fingers out of Susan and slipped up and kissed her darling's sweet pouty lips.
Susan caught her in her arms. Maggie was surprised at how strong Susan
was as she hugged her tightly as she started to come down from her orgasmic
high, like none other she had ever known. It was several minutes before
Susan broke the kiss and said softly,

"Holy shit Mom...... that was fucking fabulous!"

Then she realized what she had said and blushed and looked at her mom saying,

"Sorry about the language."

"No baby, don't be. Sometimes only certain words will do. This is one of
them, don't worry, I've said them all in very similar circumstances. I gather
you enjoyed..."

"Enjoyed? No way Mom... I fucking flipped out... soooo goood. Hmmm
thank you, thank you"

And she kissed her mom all over her face, licking her own juices. Then
in a few minutes she stopped and looked at her mom with a mischievous
grin and said,

"My turn Mom... how do I ...."

"It comes very natural baby. Just do what I did and enjoy. Don't worry if I will enjoy what you do, I guarantee I will... just like you did..."

For the next thirty minutes Susan did exactly what her mom had done and
Maggie screamed and moaned and swore and came over and over. When she
finally stopped her, Susan knew how much she had pleasured her hot Mother.
She felt proud to have pleased her so, to have made her cum so many times.
They held each other and petted and caressed each other, until Maggie said,

"Again..this has to be our secret darling. The courts would take you away
from me and put me in prison for what we just did. Not a word to anyone. Do
you understand?"

"I do.. not a word... but we will do this again won't we?"

"Oh yes my sexy daughter... we can do this anytime the circumstances
permit. We just have to be careful. And you will have to be even more careful
now, you have crossed a line and fully enjoyed sex with another person. It will
be harder for you to say no to Tommy or anyone else when they try to get in
your hot little pussy."

"MOM... I haven't even kissed Tommy yet."

"But you will and you will react just like you did today my hot little cunt daughter. You will want him to touch you, do to you what I did, and more, you
will want him to fuck you... other boys too... and men, it is just a problem some of us women have.. You have to control those urges. When it is right you will allow some man to make love to you and you will love it."

"Speaking of Tommy... he asked me to the drive in Friday night... is it OK?"

"Of course.. that was our deal, 16 and you can date. Darling... you know
you can talk to me about anything... I think I might enjoy hearing how Tommy
tries to get into your hot little panties.... and he will."

"And I may let him Momma."

"Oh I expect you will pretty soon now. You know I started you on birth
control a few months ago. You are safe when you decide to have sex."

They laughed and hugged each other. Susan said she doubted if Tommy
would try anything anytime soon, he is pretty shy, but if he did she would share
the story with her. They showered together and Maggie said,

"It is going to be difficult to be both mother and lover to you baby. There will still be times when I have to set rules for you... but fewer and fewer. There will be times when we are making love that there will be no rules. Do you understand?"

"I think so... I know you are still my mom and I need that... when we are
making love though... we have to be equals... right?"

"Right.. pretty bright for a hot little cunt."

Laughing they dried each other playfully and dressed and waited for
Tony to get home.


The next night Tony and Maggie and Susan celebrated her birthday by
going to dinner at a very sophisticated restaurant. Tony wore a dark suit
and tie, He looked very handsome Susan thought. Maggie and Susan
closed Tony out while they dressed. They were close enough to the same
size that Maggie suggested Susan wear one of her formal gowns. Maggie
pulled out a floor length, black, low cut form hugging dress that Tony loved
on Maggie. Maggie pulled out another very similar for herself. She fixed
Susan's hair in an upswept french twist. Made her up and stepped back to

"Holly shit baby... look at yourself... you look like a sexy 21 year old. Your Dad will flip."

Susan looked in the mirror. Maggie had told her to remove her bra, the
dress had a push up built into it. Now Susan saw a very hot looking, very
sophisticated lady whose full breasts were about to overflow the top of the
dress. Maggie looked at her and said,

"Take your panties off too honey, I can see a panty line... tacky. Besides
going without panties feels sooo sexy."

Susan smiled as she lifted her skirt and slid her panties off. Then Susan
looked over at her mom and she looked dynamite as well..... her figure so well
presented in that dress. Susan watched as Maggie removed her own panties,
"Just for fun".

As they walked down the stairs they heard Tony say,

"Oh my God....."

He just stared after that. He kissed both ladies and bowed deeply,

"Never have I had the honor to be with two such gorgeous sexy ladies."
then to Maggie, "are you sure we want her to go out in public like that, I
better get a baseball bat to keep the guys off of her."

Susan hugged her Daddy and said,

"Oh Daddy I love you. You always say the right thing. Too bad mom got
you first."


Dinner was perfect, food, service, ambiance. Everyone kept staring at
both Maggie and Susan. As they sat over coffee the band started playing nice
slow dinner music. A hand full of people were on the dance floor when Tony

"Susan darling, since it is your birthday, may I have this first dance?"

As she stood up to join her Dad her dress fell away and Tony had a clear
view of her delightful young breasts and their pink buds. He knew he should
look away but he simply could not pull his eyes from such delights. Then he
realized he was starting to get an erection as Susan walked to the dance floor.
Maggie hadn't missed a thing, including his rising cock.

By the time they were on the dance floor Tony had things back under
control. He pulled his gorgeous daughter into his arms and moved around
the floor smoothly. Susan loved the way he held her in his arms. She smiled
as she hoped she found herself a man just like her Dad. Then Susan moved
in tighter to her Dad and she felt the large lump against her groin. The same
lump she frequently felt at home when she hugged him. She liked the way it
felt against her. She had seen it hard, in and out of Maggie's pussy a lot of
times. Now she wondered what it felt like....

The song ended and they returned to the table. He pulled his gorgeous
wife to the dance floor next and whispered in her ear,

"Damn you look so fucking good. I can hardly wait to get you home."

"Oh God, me too Tony...want me right here... want to fuck me on the dance
floor the way you did in college? I would love that."

Tony had an instant hard on and he laughed and said,

"Not fair... you tease... you know we can't but you sure made me hard."

"Hmm I know..I can feel it. it always feels good. Did you get hard dancing
with your sexy looking daughter like this?"

"Maggie.... of course not."

"Don't kid me buster, I saw the way you were ogling her cute young tits down her dress."

"OK you got me... I did enjoy that view, hell I'm human. But I managed to
get the damn thing down by the time we got to the floor... wasn't easy."

Maggie kissed him lightly and said,

"It's OK baby... I was teasing. Besides I couldn't blame you if you did get a hard on over Susan. She looks so hot tonight. Anyway I love for you to be hard."

"Can you believe our little girl... she looks like a very high priced hooker."

Maggie knew that was Tony's ultimate complement. She thought for a
moment about sharing what was going on between she and Susan but then
decided to wait. It would be fun to see how long Tony could restrain himself
with Susan. Maggie snuggled in closer to Tony and pressed her loins against
his hard cock enjoying the feel of it so big against her. Then she wondered,
shouldn't Susan enjoy her father's cock too?

end part 2
Comments, constructive criticism, suggestions would be greatly
appreciated .... where would you like to see this
story go...?
The End... for now...


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