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ADVEN06 cum number times she



(orgy time, everything before +, Inc)
The Adventures of Susan
by Drifter
Chapter 6

It was about midnight when Susan got home.. exhausted. Maggie
listened as she got in the shower and then when she got out Maggie waited until
Susan came into her bedroom. Maggie whispered,

"Hi baby... have a good time?"

Susan told her mom every detail and then kissed her and started to go to
bed but Maggie stopped her,

"Honey.. the reason your Dad has the keys to that cabin is we are hosting
our regular party there tomorrow afternoon, night and Sunday. There will be 5
or 6 couples... maybe a couple of single guys... want to go?"

Susan's eyes lit up and she smiled and replied,

"You know I do Mother... I'll tell Tommy we have to go out of town for two


By 1:00 pm the next day Tony drove up at the cabin with Maggie and
Susan. They carried their bags in and Susan was glad they had cleaned the
place before they left last night. Susan asked Maggie,

"What should I wear?"

"Anything or nothing baby... what ever turns you on... from now til we
leave here it is pure sex... fuck anyone you like, as many as you like, anyway
you like. That is what these parties are for.- To fuck and be fucked."


Susan went into the bedroom she had decided would be hers and looked
through her clothes. Finally she decided on a one piece garment. A small
almost nonexistent pair of sheer panties. The were cut in a deep v. Really a
narrow strip from on her hips to between her legs with a thong in back. Covered
little and concealed nothing. Nothing else. Her beautiful firm young tits were
completely exposed, her cute little ass also. Her Dark pussy was only veiled
with the sheer panties. She put her hair up in a pony tail and was ready, or at
least she thought she was.

Maggie and Tony whistled when they saw her and Maggie commented,

"You are going to be the hit of the party sweetheart. The guys will line up
for you. Remember, they will ask but you don't have to do anything unless you
really want to baby. Just do what you want to and it will work out fine. Some
people just like to watch, for a while or all night."

Maggie and Tony had on light Japanese Hoppy Coats, short silk little
robes with a tie at the waist. Lots still showing.... in fact Tonys large limp cock
hung down below the bottom of his robe. Similarly Maggie's pussy peeked out
beneath hers. Susan positioned herself on the stairs, sitting about half way up. A
great position to observe and be observed.

The guests began to arrive. Maggie and Tony greeted each one warmly
as they came in. There was one couple in their mid twenties, two couples in
their thirties, one handsome old guy in his 50's or 60's and his partner in her
early twenties. They were all great looking and Susan started to feel her little
pussy get wet. For some reason the older guy caught her eye, maybe cause he
was different or maybe because his partner was closer to her own age.

Tony or Maggie brought each new couple over and introduced Susan.
They were all warm in their welcome as they looked her hot young body over.
Susan's nipples were so hard they throbbed. But she told each couple she just
wanted to watch for a while... it was so new to her.... Everyone understood and
told her to join them when or if she wanted to.

As she sat their she watched the action start. She thrilled as she
watched her mom and Dad fucking someone new. Everyone but her was very
well occupied. Then after a few minutes the young girl with the old guy came
over and sat beside her and watched with her. Susan spoke,

"Gay, are you dating Otto or what?"

"No.. we are married Susan... you wondering why I would be with a guy in
his 60's?"

"Yeah.. you are a knock out.. He is cute and has a nice cock I noticed but
how come?"

"Cause he is the best lover in the room. He is kind and considerate, fun
and daring. He is a great fuck and eats my pussy better than anyone. He is
patient with me and loves me. I'm with him cause no one else comes close as
he does to making me happy. And I love him a lot. He insists I fuck all the
guys I want, and girls."

"Wow" was all Susan could say.

gay smiled at her and then leaned over and kissed Susan's lips softly.
Susan thrilled and knew she was going to join the group fully. gay kissed her
deeper as her hands fondled Susan's full tits. After a few minutes of heavy
petting gay broke the kiss and reached down to remove Susan's panties.
Susan raised up to let her pull them down and she kicked them to the side. To
Susan's delight gay buried her face in her very wet pussy.

After Susan had cum a number of times she switched places with gay and went down on her pussy. She smiled as she realized it already had a
great deal of cum in it from more than one guy obviously. She loved it and
cleaned her out thoroughly. As she was eating gay she felt a gently hand on
her ass and a deep voice say,

"Susan, are you ready for me?"

She looked around and Otto stood there behind her, his 9 inch cock at full
attention. She smiled and said,

"I would love it Otto, gay was telling me what a wonderful lover you were.
I would be delighted for you to be my first of the group."

Susan returned to eating gay as Otton began to rub the head of his cock
up and down her wet cunt lips. Then slowly he found the small opening and began to
ease his cock into her inch by inch. Susan gasped and ate gay harder. gay spoke,

"Otto honey, she likes it. She is about to suck my clit off."

The ice was broken and Susan joined the group. She had every male
and several of the females. She was in a double and a triple fuck. Several
times Maggie and Tony checked to see if she was doing OK and were pleased
to see she obviously took to the group eagerly. Then she returned to Otto for a
second serving. It went on all night and into the next day. People dropped out
to shower and nap and then returned rested eager to go again.

Too soon it was over. As they left Susan joined Tony and Maggie in the
line and kissed each person goodbye until the next party. When Otto and gay left, gay gave her a business card, hers, and said for her to call them anytime
she wanted to get together. She and Otto had really loved being with her.

The three of them cleaned the place and dressed. They locked up and
headed for home. Susan rode quietly for a moment then said,

"Thank you guys. I really loved it and can hardly wait til next time. But I
think I better bring Tommy into this since we will be married someday. Is that

Tony smiled and told her sure. Obviously discretion was key for everyone
there. Susan laughed softly and said

"So much has happened in the last couple of months. From virgin to
swinger. I can't tell you guys how much I love it... and you. I can imagine so many
things for us to do..... just wait until I tell you...."

thats all folks (for now)


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