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ADVENTURES IN panty SNIFFING: My Sister's Scent
by The Bald clam

It's quite strange actually. My story, that is. I
grew up in a relatively normal home in small town
Northwest America. My parents never divorced and my
older brothers used to beat me up. I lost my
virginity when I was seventeen. Nothing in my life
was too out of the ordinary. But now some things are
definitely quite out of the ordinary.
After graduating from high school with a mediocre GPA,
I embarked on a mediocre college career. Six years
and countless "incompletes" later, a college graduate
was born. Not only that, but a high school French
teacher was born. My interest in learning the French
language came about after I found out Gerard Depardieu
was a "sex symbol" in France. I figured if he could
be desirable to women, why not me? I just needed to
have some knowledge of the language so I could say
sexy French words to sexy French women. How I ended
up with a teaching degree, I am still not sure.

So, as luck or fate or hell would have it, I received
a job offer at my old high school. Now, this was
certainly not my first choice. Nor was it my second,
third, fourth or fifth choice. I had interviewed at
several schools around the state, apparently giving
each one of those schools very poor impressions of
myself. But my father, God curse him, being on the
local school board, was able to secure an interview
for me, after the unexpected resignation of the
previous French teacher left the administration in a
panic. I know I could have declined, but I didn't
have many other options. Well, I had no other options
besides unemployment.

Moving back into my parents' house was my mother's
idea and, as pathetic as it may sound, I didn't really
mind. And so I did just that, about two months before
school was to start. It was a modest home, but I
really dug having my old room back. Everything I
loved from childhood and adolescence was there: comic
books, baseball cards, Star Wars toys and even my old
Dungeons and Dragons books.

The house was also a lot more peaceful than how I
remembered it. Gone were my two older brothers, both
having left the house shortly before I departed for
college. The only ones left were my parents and my
little sister, Holly, who was going to be leaving for
college in a month. At the time, everyone was working
during the day, so I had the house to myself. It was

All of my friends were long gone from this God-
forsaken town, but I did not mind. I didn't have to
work for a while yet, so I would stay up late watching
TV or videos or playing my newly relocated
PlayStation. After sleeping past noon, I would wake
up and read some comic books, take a shower and then
start my routine over again. I got along very well
with my family, but we pretty much left each other
alone when we were together. Pleasantries would be
exchanged and then we would move on to our own

After the first two weeks of my new life, something
happened to me that hadn't happened to me since I was
fourteen. I had a wet dream; and I awoke immediately.
Having been nearly ten years since I experienced that
specific sensation previously, I, of course, thought
that I had pissed myself. My first thoughts centered
on the possibility of a life spent in diapers. I
thought it was the beginning of incontinence
dominating my lifestyle. Then, my hand braved the
long journey to my underwear to survey the extent of
the damage. As I touched my underwear, I knew
immediately what had really happened and thanked God I
wasn't going to be in diapers quite yet.

As I stared at the ceiling, my hand finding its way
from my underwear to the shaft of my penis, I was
trying to figure out how this happened. And it wasn't
too hard to figure out. Since my previous experience,
I bet I had not gone more than three days without
either having sex or jerking off. Unfortunately, it
was mostly the latter, with the occasional girlfriend
filling in for my hand for a few weeks every six
months or so. Since moving back into my parents'
house, I hadn't even thought about sex except for
wondering if Wolverine and Storm might get it on

Now I don't want to give the impression that I was a
compulsive masturbater or anything, but a guy needs to
release himself every once in awhile. All through
college I had roommates, so I usually had to settle
for a quick jerk in the shower or on the toilet.
Sometimes it was almost like a chore, more like upkeep
than anything else. But now, after being awakened
from my two week slumber, I thought I might be able to
enjoy myself like I had not since I was humping my
pillows when I was a teen-ager. After thinking about
the pleasures of masturbation for a while longer, but
not actually doing so, I drifted off to sleep.

The next afternoon, I awoke with an erection. Looking
at the clock next to my bed, I saw the time to be 1:44
P.M. I knew that nobody would be home for at least
four more hours. I pulled the bed sheets away and
slipped my underwear off. As I did, I took time to
admire my admittedly out of shape body. I thought
that it really wasn't that bad, though, considering
the amount of alcohol and pot that I had consumed in
the last six years. At least I wasn't some poor
bastard who couldn't see his dick because of the size
of his belly.

My dick was ready to be serviced, but I thought that I
really needed some visual stimulation. I looked
around my room. I had never been a big collector of
pornography so I didn't have any issues of Hustler or
a copy of Anal Arabs or anything else of that sort.
Finally I decided my best option would be Wonder Woman
#87. That particular issue had done the trick in the
past and I didn't see a reason why she wouldn't be
willing to ride her invisible plane over to my cock
one more time.

So I flipped through my comics and found that special
issue. Then I settled onto my bed. I opened up the
comic and started to stroke my penis. As I progressed
through the issue, my strokes became more rapid. As I
turned to the last page, I let out a grunt and came.
Cum hit my chin and a couple pools of semen formed on
my stomach.

I dropped the comic book on the floor and looked at my
naked body, my cock deflating quickly. In my euphoria
I started to swirl around one of the pools of semen
with my finger. I looked at the tip of my cum-covered
finger and wondered how many babies were swimming
around on there. This lasted about ten seconds. Then
the high went away and I became disgusted at myself
and my actions. As I wiped myself clean with a
tissue, I contemplated the power of an orgasm and the
idiotic things it can make one say and do.

Feeling unsatisfied, I got up to take a shower. As I
walked down the hallway, I happened to glance into my
sister's room. She apparently had been starting to
pack for her trip to college. I stopped in front of
her door, noticing something very intriguing...a pile
of her nicely folded panties lying on her bed. Now,
I've never had any sexual feelings about my sister
whatsoever. She is a pretty girl, don't get me wrong.
Holly stands about 5'8" and is real thin. She never
really had any baby fat and has never put much weight
on her body. Her breasts, a brother does notice some
things, are bigger than grapes, but smaller than
grapefruit (I don't know her bra size) and are simply
delightful. But, I digress...

I walked over to her bed, ignoring the other piles of
clothing, and stopped in front of the panties.
Something was stirring in me that I had never felt
before. I had never been excited about a woman's
undergarments before, giving them about as much
attention as I give my own. But the thought of
touching and smelling something that touches my own
sister's cunt became very exciting to me suddenly.

I picked up the white cotton panties on top. I
unfolded them and looked at the crotch. The slight
yellowish stain of some substance, or multiple
substances, was amazing. I put the panties up against
my face and I inhaled their scent. I know the panties
must have been washed, but I swear I could smell the
intoxicating scent of woman. Five minutes must have
passed before I realized what I was doing.

The erecting of my penis was once again occurring, so
I did what seemed to be perfectly logical. To free up
both hands, I placed Holly's panties over my head,
being careful to make sure the crotch was over my
nose. As I did this, I caught a glance of myself in a
mirror next to her dresser. Even though I was about
to take this depravity further, I could still
appreciate how ridiculous I looked with her panties
over my face.

I then pulled my own underwear down around my feet and
looked for a place to go about my business. Out of
respect for my little sister, I decided I wouldn't
masturbate in her room. I shuffled out her room, and
down the hall towards my original destination, the
bathroom. Tripping over my own feet, I barely escaped
injury as I fell to the ground next to the bathroom
door. Recovering quickly, I leaped up and entered the

Sitting on the toilet, I smothered Holly's panties
into my face with my left hand as I ferociously jerked
myself off with my right hand. I again breathed in
her smell. I felt like an animal. Nothing had ever
turned me on so much before. I started panting,
tiring from the excitement. After a few minutes, I
came. cum splattered on the wall five feet away from
where I was seated on the toilet.

While wiping my cum off the wall with toilet paper, I
realized that this had been the third time I had
ejaculated in the last several hours. And I became
very pleased with myself. After flushing the DNA
evidence down the toilet, I took a shower,
metaphorically washing my sins away.

I got out of the shower and dried myself off. I
picked up my own soiled underwear off of the floor and
opened up the clothes hamper in the corner of the
bathroom. As I tossed my underwear in the hamper, I
caught sight of something else. I saw another pair of
my sister's panties, these apparently being dirty.

My hands shaking with nervous excitement, I reached to
pick up the panties. The panties were cotton and had
a pinkish hue to them. I unfolded them to get a view
of the crotch. The same undeterminable stain (though
I had a pretty decent idea of what it was, and, no, I
wasn't thinking urine or feces), was perfectly placed
on the panties. Delighted at what I saw, I nearly
came right then and there.

As I brought Holly's panties closer to my face, I
could detect her scent two feet away. These were
much, much more pungent than the "clean" panties I had
come across before. As my hands and her panties
reached my face, I stuck the crotch of them in my
mouth. I could detect a faint taste of cunt that I
had tasted before, during the few oral sex liaisons I
had partaken in. I ground my face into my little
sister's tasty undergarments.

Holding the panties in my mouth, I braced myself
against the wall with one hand and began, once again,
to fiercely beat myself off with the other. Nearly
rubbing my cock raw, I came into the clothes hamper a
few minutes later and collapsed on the tiles of the
bathroom floor. I was physically drained, not to
mention drained of semen.

After collecting my thoughts, I returned her dirty
panties to the hamper, picked up her "clean" panties
and returned to her room. I folded the panties nicely
and placed them back on the pile on her bed. I went
to my room, dressed and laid down in my own bed. I
fell asleep for the remainder of the afternoon.

My whole family was home for supper. I worried that I
might feel awkward around my sister, considering my
actions that day, but it was a perfectly normal meal.
We talked about each of our own days, me lying and
leaving out several details, and then we went our
separate ways, like usual.

I fell asleep early that night. I awoke about nine
o'clock the next morning. I got out of bed and
searched around the house to see if anyone else was at
home. Nobody. I went into the bathroom and opened up
the clothes hamper. A new dirty pair of my sister's
panties was calling my name...

For the next two weeks, my routine was exactly the
same. First, I would wake up. Second, I would find
my sister's panties from the previous day. Third,
fourth, fifth, sixth and, sometimes, seventh, I would
masturbate while tasting and smelling and dancing
around with my sister's panties covering my face. It
was a wonderful life. Then my sister left for college
and, likewise, so did her panties.

My dad took a week off from his work and drove Holly
out to her school back East. mom stayed behind as she
was unable to take time off for work. The first
morning my sister was gone, I was calm and collected.
By the afternoon, I was going through some kind of a
panty withdrawal. I knew I didn't have to have
panties to get off, but it did make the experience a
whole lot more pleasurable.

And as I was thinking about my dilemma, it suddenly
became obvious what the solution was. After all, I
thought, my mother wears panties, doesn't she?


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