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ADYTUM2 camera zooms Jake shirtless


Adytum Documentary Project

by Wrestlr

[M/M, MC, hypno, incest]

[Synopsis: David makes a documentary about his hiking trip to a sacred
Native American site with his twin brother, his professor, and two other
students. One year after their disappearance, his footage was found.]

Disclaimer: There's sex, sodomy, and maybe a few other minor perversions
in this. If you don't like that sort of thing, read something else.
Everybody in the story is legal age. Parts of this story may be
autobiographical, or it might be all fiction---who can say?

Copyright - 2001 by Wrestlr. Permission granted to archive if and only
if no fee (including any form of "Adult Verification") is charged to read
the file. If anyone pays a cent to anyone to read your site, you can't use
this without the express permission of (and payment to) the author. This
paragraph must be included as part of any archive.

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Wrestlr's fiction is archived at the following URLs: (MC and general M/M stories)

* * *

Adytum Documentary Project, Part 2

by Wrestlr

Tape 2

(The camera zooms in on Jake, shirtless, standing in front of a tree and
undergrowth. It blurs, then focuses.)

Jake: "Oh-kay. We're standing outside the cave right now. There are
some cave drawings inside that Professor Thrull says probably document some
primitive fertility rituals. They're probably over a thousand years old,
which puts them being made by people who lived here before the tribes we
know as the Native Americans. Professor Thrull, why don't you tell us more
about what we're about to see?"

Thrull: "Yes, well, these drawings were found by a hiker, someone ... a
lot like all of you. He happened on this cave and--well, why don't we just
step inside and let the drawings speak for themselves?"

(The camera follows Professor Thrull closely through an opening, barely
wide enough for a man to pass through. The view jitters, zooming close to
the rough rock walls before righting itself.)

Thrull: "Watch your step."

(The camera's light keeps Professor Thrull's left shoulder and the back
of his head glowing in stark relief to the sudden blackness all around as
the passage widens out into a long room receding in the distance beyond the
ten-foot reach of the light. Thrull turns and squints, trying to see
beyond the camera and its lamp. The camera zooms back, taking a wider
perspective of one wall as Thrull gestures at the stone. Three flashlight
beams converge on the wall, near the center of the camera's view.)

Thrull: "As you can see, some of the marks on the wall are obviously
fairly recent. This set here ... appears to be spray paint. Quite a
shame really. But the drawings--the real artifacts we're here to
see--they're back here a little further. See these lines? This is the
start of them. See back here? Where the lines start coming together? We
don't know much about the people who made them--they probably predate the
nations we call the Native Americans by a thousand years. They appear to
be lines commemorating religious events and icons of fertility and the

Damien: "Professor, how do we know they're that old?"

Thrull: "We don't, conclusively. But the style is reminiscent of the
cave paintings found in France and other parts of the world. See here?
What looks like a patch of discolored rock? See here, these black lines
are the horns, and the discolored area is the body. This was probably a
deer or an elk. Some sort of sacred animal. Painting it here invoked the
spirits to ensure a plentiful hunt. Let's move a little further back. Can
all of you see? They're more obvious back here."

Ted: "Cool! I can see them now. That's ... what? Some kind of cow?"

Thrull: "That's another deer or an antelope of some kind. A little
different from the first--the horns are smaller--but yes, you can see the
body very plainly. And back here ... See here? These are crudely drawn
human figures, probably commemorating a hunt or invoking the spirits to
ensure another good hunt. These here are the hunters, pursuing ... this
may be a bison or a boar or some sort. See their spears and their bows? A
few are holding shorts lines; possibly these are knives. Some of the
drawings--look there on the wall behind you--are more clearly fertility
icons. See here? This figure has breasts and a swollen middle. Obviously
intended to represent a pregnant woman. And over here in the very back is
the real find. See them?"

Damien: "Are they doing what I think they're doing ...?"

(The camera zooms in on black lines, faint, that slowly focus into stick
figures, some with erections, obviously engaged in pantomimes of sex.)

Thrull: "If you think they're procreating, yes, they're indeed doing
what you think they're doing."

Ted: "Professor, these figures over here ..."

Thrull: "Ah, yes--those are the most interesting of all. See here, how
the figure in the back is obviously a man. But the figures here and here,
the ones being fucked, they have no breasts; they are not women. See here?
These lines on the figures being fucked are almost certainly meant to
indicate erect penises. What we've found here are primitive pictures of
men having sex with other men."

Jake: "Ew!"

Thrull: "Jake, remember what I drummed into you in class. Don't impose
your values on people who obviously had a very different value system. We
don't know much about what those values were, but obviously they seemed to
think homosexual intercourse had its place in fertility rituals, perhaps in
their society overall too."

Ted: "Like the two-spirited people? I read about them in an article."

Damien: (Smugly.) "And I did my term paper on them."

Thrull: "Indeed, and quite a fine piece of research it was, Damien. To
answer your question more directly, we don't know enough about them to know
for certain. One thing I think we can say with some certainty--these
drawings suggest a fairly sophisticated spirituality, and probably one
based on a worship of the natural world. Perhaps they saw sexual activity
as somehow invoking favorable attention from the spirit world, a way to ...
inspire the spirits to themselves be fertile and ensure an abundant
harvest. They seem to have viewed what we would today call homosexual intercourse as part of a larger cycle of fertility."

Damien: (Happily.) "You saying the people what did this was all gay?"

Thrull: "Not in the sense that we mean by the word 'gay.' That's a
fairly modern concept. But certainly they seem to have had acts that we
would call homosexual. Perhaps they believed that spirits came in many
types and proclivities. Perhaps they believed that they needed to engage
in many types of sex to inspire many types of spirits. That's all a bit
conjectural on my part, I'm afraid. All I can tell you for sure is that
these drawings are very old, and they appear to have been made by a group
of people who looked to the natural world around them for their
spirituality. The same natural world that's all around us now. And
perhaps too, those spirits are still here, all around us, just waiting to
inspire us."

Jake: "Professor, all this talk about spirits--you're creeping me out."

Thrull: "Am I? I'm sorry. Well, I suppose we've seen just about
everything there is to see here, and we've still got a long hike to make
before we camp for the night. Shall we?"

(The camera follows Professor Thrull's arm as he gestures back toward
the vertical swathe of light that marks the cave entrance. The bit of blue
sunlight visible beyond upsets the camera's aperture, and the view goes
dark, then lightens as the camera automatically adjusts. A
silhouette--Jake--steps between the camera and the light, heading back to
the entrance. The camera follows.)

Damien: "Wow, Professor, I had no idea ... That was pretty cool."

Thrull: "Oh, there's more cool stuff waiting for you when we get to
where we're heading. Just wait and see."

(The tape blips to static for five seconds. It resumes aimed at Ted and
Jake, packs off, sitting in a clearing off to the side of the trail. Jake
is pulling a rolled-up sleeping bag off of his backpack. Damien crosses
between them and the camera, pulling off his backpack and setting it down.)

Jake: "Did anyone but me notice anything kinda weird in that cave?"

Damien: "Uhm, yeah. Kinda. Like I feel kinda horny all of a sudden."

Jake: "Ew."

Damien: "No, seriously. I mean, really horny."

Ted: (Laughing.) "It's the spirits doing it to you."

Damien: "Fuck you! I'm serious."

Jake: "Guys, I gotta go take a pee. I'll be right back."

(The camera zooms in as Jake picks up his backpack and exits to the
camera's right. The view pans back and, under the camera's watchful eye,
Damien and Ted disconnect tents and sleeping bags from their packs.)

Thrull: "Ted, why don't you clear some ground for the campfire? Damien,
you and Jake give me a hand with the tents."

(The camera jolts as David sets it down. It documents their clumsy
efforts to follow Thrull's instructions as they unroll and raise the first
of three small tents, barely large enough for two men.)

David: "Anyone seen Jake?"

Ted: "He said he was gonna take a piss."

(The camera shudders as he picks it up. The lens pans across dirt,
grass, trees, settling on Ted and Damien.)


"This is taking way too long. I'm gonna go find out what's goin' on."

Ted: "Awright."

(The camera turns and advances slowly up a rise into the edge of the
trees, accompanied by the sounds of multiple sets of footsteps in the
leaves. Just over the rise, it settles on a patch of red--Jake's backpack
sitting at the foot of a close group of trees. The camera is carried
around to one side, and Jake's leg and hip come into view.)

David: "Hey, man, you alright? You okay?"

(The camera aims at Jake's back. He is looking down but doesn't answer.
The camera sees his body tremble slightly. As the camera approaches Jake,
a hand moves a branch out of the way. Jake has his shorts pushed down to
mid-thigh. The porn magazine is open on the ground beside him. He is
stroking his erection, ignoring the camera.)

Damien: "Oh, man, that's a good idea."

Ted: "Huh? What's he--oh!"

(They gather around the porn magazine, where the camera captures them
from mid-torso down. The camera points down, taking in Jake's erection in
one half of the frame, picture of a big-breasted brunette woman in the
other half. David's hand enters the edge of the frame and massages his
crotch. He unzips his shorts, unbuttons them, and works them down, freeing
his own hard-on.)

Ted: "I'm really horny."

Damien: "Yeah ... me too."

(On opposite sides of the camera's view, Ted and Damien push their
shorts down and haul out their stiff dicks. They start to stroke. The
camera jumps around as David strokes himself, catching glimpses of all four
of their cocks and the sounds of their gasps and groanings. After a
moment, the camera stops jumping so badly as David holds it steadier.)

Damien: "Can I touch it?"

Ted: "Huh?"

Damien: "Can I touch it?"

(The camera watches Damien reach out and wrap his hand around Ted's

Ted: "I dunno ... That's kinda weird ..."

Damien: "Yeah?"

Ted: (Groans.) "I never did this before.

Damien: "I can't believe how good it feels ..."

Ted: It feels ..."

Damien: "You don't like it?"

Ted: "I dunno ... I--I don't think I can do this. That chick's hot,
but I don't think I can do this. I can't do this."

Damien: "You sure?"

Ted: "Yeah." (Firmly.) "Yeah--I gotta go."

(Ted steps back, pulling his rod out of Damien's grasp. Ted tucks his
erection away and walks off, back toward the camp. The camera watches
Damien reach for Jake's cock, displace Jake's hand, and start stroking it.)

Damien: (Panting.) "You two--are twins. You ever--do this--together?"

Jake: "Fuck, no." (Groaning.) "Oh, fuck--I'm gonna--gonna cum!"

Damien: "That's it."

(Jake turns away from Damien and the magazine, and the camera records
his orgasm as he ejaculates onto the ground. When he finishes, he pushes
Damien's hand away. Damien reaches for David's shaft.)

David: "Nuh-uh. I'm ready to--"

Damien: "Me too!"

(The camera watches them as they cum. Jake bends into the shot and
scoops up the magazine. The camera angle jumps as David pulls his shorts
back up. Jake has put the magazine away and picked up his pack. They
follow Damien back toward the camp, a few paces behind.)

David: "Hey, Jake?"

Jake: "Yeah?"

David: "You know back there with the magazine, when we were jacking

Jake: (Uncertainly.) "Ye-yeah?"

David: "Well, it was weird, but, uh, I wasn't thinking about my
girlfriend." (Pause.) "What were you thinkin' about?"

Jake: "I don't wanna think about it, man. I was thinking about--I was
looking at the magazine, man. What do you think? Will you turn that damn
camera off?"

(The scene cuts to static, then resumes with the camera pointed at a
blazing campfire. Thrull is waving a bundle of sticks--one end is burning,
and it leaves trails of smoke across the camera's view.)

Damien: "Phew! What is that stink?"

Thrull: "Cedar and sage. It was sacred to many of the Native American
tribes. Their shamans used it to create spiritual cleansing. They
believed the scents helped create an atmosphere where the mind opened up
and became receptive to the spirit realm."

Damien: "I don't think that stinky shit is gonna work."

Thrull: "Then maybe you'll get more of a rush from ... this."

Damien: "Weed? Shit, man! That's so cool!"

Ted: "Weed?"

Thrull: "It's okay. We're all adults here. It'll help clear your

Ted: "I dunno ..."

Damien: "You don't smoke a little weed sometimes?"

Ted: "No, never."

Damien: "Never?" (Takes a deep toke and holds it.) "Never? Fuck--this
is good shit!"

Jake: "Pass it around, dude."

Damien: "Hang on--we got us a virgin to initiate. Here ya go, Ted.
Just put it up to your lips and take a deep breath. Try to hold it in as
long as you can."

Ted: (Taking the joint, dubiously.) "I dunno about this."

Damien: "It's cool. You'll like it."

(The camera zooms in as Ted sucks on the joint and immediately starts
coughing. Everyone laughs.)

Ted: "Damn!"

Damien: "Try it again. Inhale a little slower. That's it. Now hold
it. Hold it ... As long as you can."

(Ted holds his breath. The camera pulls back as he starts to cough

Damien: (Laughing.) "Dat's some good shit, huh? Pass it on around,

Thrull: "Gentlemen, the tribal shaman used marijuana--hemp--as part of
his preparations for communicating with the spirit realm. It helped him
clear his mind, let him open his thoughts. He'd stare into the fire, kind
of like you're probably starting to do now, and he'd focus his awareness
until all he could see was the flames as they flickered. He would look
deeper into the flames, deeper, into the heart of the flickering flames,
and he would focus on nothing else. And I wonder if you're starting to
feel the same thing he did? An increasing focus. A deepening sense of
oneness. A deepening calmness coming over you, as you focus on the flames,
feeling yourself relax and become open to whatever the flames have to show
you. He'd stare into the flame for hours, without blinking. It's all
about concentrating. And maybe you're starting to feel that kind of
concentration now. So focused on the flames, without even trying. As you
take a deep breath, you might feel yourself! getting even more focused,
staring even more deeply into the flame. It's okay to let yourself blink
if you have to. Maybe you're feeling a little tired feeling at the corners
of your eyes? Maybe you're feeling like you need to blink? Maybe your
eyelids are starting to feel tired, and maybe kind of heavy. Maybe your
eyelids are starting to feel so very heavy, so tired and so deliciously
heavy, like there's a very heavy weight attached to both of them. Yes.
You can feel it--the longer you stare into the flames, the more tired your
eyelids are growing. So tired, after a long day of hiking with those heavy
packs. So tired, and ready to sleep. So tired, looking deeper and deeper
into the flames. And every time you have to blink, your eyelids feel like
something is pulling them down, as if they're wanting to slowly close, yes,
already starting to close. And maybe you're feeling that tired feeling
spread out from your eyes, spread out though your face, down your neck, in!
to your shoulders. So tired from a long day of hiking. So! tired from
those heavy packs. Shoulders so tired, and starting to sag a little. That
tired feeling spreading down your back and down your chest, spreading
through your arms and legs. So heavy. So tired. So heavy you couldn't
move them even if you tried. So tired, as maybe you're letting your
eyelids slowly close, as you're giving in to that tiredness you're feeling,
letting yourself get drowsier and sleepier, your eyelids already so heavy
you can hardly keep them open anymore. Just listen to my voice. Nothing
distracts you. Other sounds, thoughts, anything that tries to distract
you--just let it slip into the background and help you relax and feel even
sleepier. I wonder if you can so easily imagine what it would feel like,
yes, to be carried gently and peacefully downward, inside your own
thoughts, like a baby bear cub is carried by its strong mother bear, who
would protect you while you sleep. And I wonder how strongly you can
imagine what such a little cub would! feel like, how good it would make
you feel, how protected and safe and warm it would feel, to know that such
a powerful guardian had given you its signal, that all would be well while
you slept, more and more deeply, sleeping more deeply inside yourself with
each relaxing breath, by allowing you to know that your guardian would
stand watch while you slept so deeply, and so peacefully, so oblivious to
the world, and everything that may be going on around you, so that you can
hear nothing now, except the sound of my voice, and you can let yourself
listen carefully, while you sleep so much deeper and deeper now. I'm going
to count down from 20 down to 1; and as I count you may feel your eyelids
grow heavier, drooping, so drowsy and so very, very sleepy. You can let
them close any time you like. By the time I count down to 1, you'll be
able to close them and you'll be able to go deep into sleep. A very deep
sleep. Shall I begin counting? 20 ... 19 ... Eyelids heavy, droopin!
g, feeling very drowsy, very sleepy. 18 ... 17 ... Eyelid! s starting
to close, close. 16 ... 15 ... Imagine, when they finally close, how
good it will feel to finally sleep. 14 ... 13 ... Head starting to nod.
Heavy eyelids feel ready to close. 12 ... 11 ... Feeling very drowsy and
very good, like you're entering a very deep and pleasant state of hypnosis.
10 ... 9 ... The next time you blink, that sleepy feeling is hypnosis
coming over you. 8 ... 7 ... Feeling so good. 6 ... 5 ... Heavy
eyelids closing, slowly closing, tightly closing. 4 ... 3 ... Closing
them, closing tightly, close them, close them tightly ... 2 ... Feeling
yourself drift into an easy, calm, relaxed hypnotic sleep. 1 ... Sleep

(The camera tips and falls from David's grip onto the ground. The
camera lands on its side, with the ground running vertically up the left
side of the shot. The lens is roughly aimed at Thrull, standing
horizontally in the shot. The microphone is against the ground, which
muffles the audio pickup. Thrull's mouth moves, but what he says cannot be
heard. After a few minutes of Thrull talking, a hiking
boot--David's--drops into the shot and bounces aside. A moment later,
David's bare foot and ankle plant themselves in the upper part of the
screen as he stands up. His foot lifts, as he slips his shorts and briefs
down over it. His foot settles back on the ground, and he drops his
clothing in front of the lens, blocking the view. The camera stares at his
discarded shorts for several minutes, until the tape runs out.)


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