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ADYTUM3 camera aimed the tent flap


Adytum Documentary Project

by Wrestlr

[M/M, MC, hypno, incest]

[Synopsis: David makes a documentary about his hiking trip to a sacred
Native American site with his twin brother, his professor, and two other
students. One year after their disappearance, his footage was found.]

Disclaimer: There's sex, sodomy, and maybe a few other minor perversions
in this. If you don't like that sort of thing, read something else.
Everybody in the story is legal age. Parts of this story may be
autobiographical, or it might be all fiction---who can say?

Copyright - 2001 by Wrestlr. Permission granted to archive if and only
if no fee (including any form of "Adult Verification") is charged to read
the file. If anyone pays a cent to anyone to read your site, you can't use
this without the express permission of (and payment to) the author. This
paragraph must be included as part of any archive.

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Wrestlr's fiction is archived at the following URLs: (MC and general M/M stories)

* * *

Adytum Documentary Project, Part 3

by Wrestlr

Tape 3

(The tape begins with the camera aimed at the tent flap, closed, from
the inside.)

Jake: "You ready?"

David: "Yup. Let's do it."

(The camera heads forward and pushes through the tent flap. It pans,
taking in the ashes where the campfire was, the other two tents with their
flaps open, obviously empty.)

David: "So where do you think everyone is?"

Jake: "Dunno. Maybe they went down to that creek?"

David: "Worth a shot."

(The camera, as they walk, aims at tree trunks, underbrush, a trail,
Jake's back and butt. After a few minutes, the view changes to an open
area bordering a creek, some ten yards across. Damien, naked, crotches in
the shallows. The camera zooms in on him. Half of his face is covered
with shaving cream. He holds a small mirror in his left hand, draws a
safety razor over his cheek with his right.)

Jake: "Dude. Where's the professor and that other guy, Ted?"

(The camera zooms in, unsteadily, to an extreme close-up of Damien's
face, looking up as he rinses the razor in the creek.)

Damien: "They went down that way. The professor wanted to talk to him
in private, I guess."


"Man, what's with that Ted dude? He's, like, so fucking shy. What does
it take to get him to open up?"

Damien: "He's all right once you get to know him. Give him a chance,

(The microphone picks up footsteps. The view tilts and turns, picking
up Ted, in denim shorts and hiking boots, preceding Professor Thrull as
they approach from an adjoining trail.)

Thrull: "Ah, David and Jake, so nice of you to join us. I was beginning
to think you were going to sleep all day."

(Ted looks dazed, or half awake, and the camera tracks him as he walks
past. He strips off his boots and shorts--no underwear--then picks up a
bar of soap and wades out into the creek.)

Thrull: "David, why don't you come with me a moment. There's something
I want to show you."

David: "Uhm, okay. Sure, Professor."

(The camera follows Professor Thrull's left shoulder down the trail. In
the view beyond him, the trail opens out into a clearing.)

David: "So what's up, Professor?"

Thrull: "I just wanted to show you something, David. Put the camera down and come over here a second."

David: "Huh?"

Thrull: "Put the camera down. That's right. This will just take a
minute or two, then you can get back to your documentary."

(The camera pans down at the approaching ground. It settles on the
ground, aimed mostly at Professor Thrull, who stands off-center in the
frame. A moment later David, in just a pair of old green gym shorts, walks
into the frame--the camera watches his calves, thighs, butt, back, and head
sequentially enter the view as he walks toward Professor Thrull.)

Thrull: "You remember this? The crystal I show you sometimes? You
know, when we're talking."

(The camera sees Professor Thrull hold something up, but David's
shoulder blocks the camera's view.)

David: "Yeah?"

Thrull: "Here. Take it. Here in the sunlight it sparkles even more
than it does in my office, right? Hold it up into the light."

(The camera sees David hold up something, a faceted crystal dangling
from a black cord.)

Thrull: "That's it. Hold it up a little higher. See how it flashes? I
bed now, in the sunlight, you can see the secret hidden deep inside it.
Remember our talks in my office? Remember how looking into the crystal
always helped you relax and get in touch with your subconscious? I know
you just woke up, so your subconscious, which was in control while you
slept, is probably still aware, still trying to communicate with you. Hold
the crystal up, just a little higher. That's right. Let it dangle in the
light. Maybe you're trying to let it hang steady, but perhaps your
subconscious wants it to see it move, see it sparkle. Just let your
subconscious let it move if that's what it wants. See how it sparkles?"

David: (Distantly.) "I ... I can't stop it ..."

Thrull: "Just let it start to sway if that's what your subconscious
wants. It's all a sign that your subconscious is taking charge again for a
little while. A sign it's okay for your conscious mind to take a step back
and let your subconscious take over for a little while. Let's try a little
test to see how well your subconscious is communicating with your conscious
mind. All you have to do is see if you can follow my words. Just look
into the crystal--deeper--and follow my words. Not just what they
mean--try to pay as little attention to what they mean as you can. Just
follow the sound. Let it help you relax and let your subconscious mind
take charge."

(The camera watches Professor Thrull step closer to David, whose eyelids
are fluttering.)

Thrull: "You may be feeling yourself starting to relax. I know you're
trying to be attentive, but you know how easy it is to just relax and let
yourself drift. So easy to just drift. Let the sound of my words carry
you off. Back to the place where your subconscious mind is in control.
Back to that place where you close your eyes and sleep. Sleep now."

(The camera watches David's head drop forward. Professor Thrull moves
in behind him, standing close, his hands on David's biceps, steadying him.
What he whispers into David's ear is too soft for the camera's microphone
to pick up. David occasionally grunts or makes a sound that might be
agreement. Professor Thrull glances at the lens and the camera catches a
smile at the corner of his mouth, as if he realizes the camera is recording him. Professor turns David in profile as he continues to whisper into
David's ear. The camera watches the Professor's hand slide down the front
of David's torso, easing down the front of his gym shorts, freeing David's
erection. His hand wraps around that erection, pointing it toward the
center of the screen as he begins to stroke. Professor Thrull glances at
the camera again, and then whispers something. The camera records David's
groan and his body quaking as he ejaculates onto the grass. After a few
more strokes, the Professor tucks aw! ay David's cock and slips his shorts
back into position. He whispers into David's ear a little longer, then
snaps his fingers. The camera watches David's head snap up, his eyes open
and blinking.)

David: (Yawning.) "Huh? Sorry. I guess I zoned out?"

Thrull: "Don't worry about it, David. Let's head back to the others."

David: "Sure."

(David grows larger in the frame as he trots over to the camera. He
disappears around the edge of the lens. The view jolts, then shifts as he
picks up the camera, and aims it at Professor Thrull.)

David: "Lead the way."

(The camera follows the back of Professor Thrull's head back to the
previous clearing where the men were bathing. Damien, still naked, is
sitting beside the creek, watching Jake, standing in water to his navel,
rinse the soap from his shoulders.)

Damien: "Hey."

David: "Where'd Ted get off to?"

Damien: "Went back to camp."

(The camera focuses on Jake, who is wading back toward the bank and
wiping water from his eyes.)

Thrull: "Jake, would you come with me for a moment, please?"

Jake: "Huh? Oh, sure--just let me dry off and get dressed."

Thrull: "That's okay--you're fine the way you are. This won't take that

Jake: "Well, okay, I guess."

(The camera swings around to follow Jake following Professor Thrull out
of the clearing.)

Damien: (Off-screen.) "You better get cleaned up if you're going to."

(The camera pans around to Damien's bare shoulder, then veers up to his
face. The lens pulls back, taking in his naked body from knees to crown.)

David: "Huh?"

Damien: "I said, you better get cleaned up if you're going to. Want to
borrow my soap?"

David: "Huh? Uh, no, that's all right."

Damien: "You okay?"

David: "Just a little groggy or something. Guess I'm not woke up good

Damien: "Guess not."

David: "You going to sit there all day?"

Damien: "Me? You're the one just standing there pointing your camera at

David: "I meant, would you mind? I'd like a little privacy."

Damien: (Slightly indignantly.) "You asking me to leave? How come? You
got something I ain't never seen before?"

David: "It's not that."

Damien: "What? You nervous? The big campus jock is afraid to get
undressed in front of me? Is it 'cause I'm gay?"

David: "Uhm, no, I just--"

Damien: "It is, isn't it."

David: "Listen, why don't you just put some clothes on? This ain't some
'reality TV' show. You don't get extra points for hanging out naked, you

Damien: "Maybe I like being naked. Ever think of that? I'm
good-looking. I've got a nice body. Maybe I like showing it off. You
gonna tell me you never like to show off your body, Mr. Shorts So Tight
He's Almost Spilling Out of Them? You afraid I'm gonna watch you get naked
and I'm gonna get all hard and stuff? Or are you afraid you're gonna get
all hard looking at me?"

(In the bottom edge of the view, the camera records Damien's penis
shift, begin to harden. Damien wraps one hand around it, casually, and
begins to stroke. His other hand strokes across his smooth chest.)

Damien: (Softly.) "You afraid of me or something? You afraid you might
like it?"

(The camera aims steadily at Damien as he leans back. His sizeable cock
is hard now, and he strokes it slowly. He stares into the lens and grins

Damien: (Closing his eyes and moaning.) "Oh, yeah!"

(The camera zooms in on Damien's cock. It's large, thick,
uncircumcised. His cock and stroking hand fill the screen.)

Damien: "Oh, yeah! Mmm ... I'm gonna cum!"

(The shot pulls back, taking in Damien from forehead to mid-thigh. His
body spasms and his cock spurts strips of sperm across his chest. It
glistens in the morning sunlight.

Damien: (Opening his eyes and grinning.) "Wow ... So did you enjoy that

David: "Huh? No, man. Dude, you're a dude--that doesn't do anything
for me."

Damien: (Swirling a finger in a puddle of semen on his chest.) "Oh,
yeah? Then why did you just film me jacking off for your documentary?"

David: "No way, dude! Fuck this crap."

(The camera turns away from Damien as David stomps back down the trail
toward camp. The camera angles crazily down, rushing across grass, rocks,
a fallen tree, as David paws at the controls.)

David: (Angrily.) "Fuck this shit!"

(The camera turns off. After a few seconds of static, the signal
resumes. Back at the campsite, the tents have been broken down and
everything packed. The camera pans across Ted, shirtless, as he shoulders
his backpack. Beyond him, Jake, also wearing only a pair of shorts,
adjusts a strap. Though apparently still early in the day, the temperature
must already be hot, as the camera picks up sweat glistening on their

Thrull: "Everybody ready? We're going to have to push it a little
harder today--we're getting started a little later than I'd planned."

(The camera follows Professor Thrull and Jake as they head onto a trail.
As they cross a hilltop, the camera turns, taking in a sweep of mountains,
treetops, blue skies.)

Thrull: "Okay, guys. Five minute break. Who wants water?"

Damien: "Cool. I'll take some."

Jake: "It's gonna be another scorcher."

Damien: "Already is. I'm practically melting."

Ted: (Yawning and shifting his backpack.) "Yeah ... the heat's really
taking it out of me. I'm ... tired already ... Can't hardly ... keep my
eyes open ..."

Thrull: "That' okay. That's your subconscious speaking to you. It's
telling you it's okay to just let go and let your subconscious take charge.
Remember yesterday? Remember how your subconscious stepped in and took
charge and helped you handle the heat and exhaustion? It's letting you
know it can do the same thing again if you want. All you have to do is
relax and let your subconscious step forward. So easy. Just as easy as it
was yesterday. Isn't it?"

Ted: (Yawning again.) "Yeah ... I ..."

(The camera turns toward Ted in time to catch his eyes close and his
head slump forward.)

Thrull: "That's it. See how easy that was? So easy. So easy to open
your eyes again and look at me and still stay in that deeply relaxed state
where your subconscious mind is in control. Open your eyes, Ted. Look at
me. That's good--you're doing fine. Ted, why don't you start the
countdown, just like yesterday, so your friends can join you. You'd like
that, wouldn't you, guys? Making the heat and the exertion so much easier
to bear."

Ted: (Slowly.) "Three hundred ... two ninety-nine ... two ninety-eight

Thrull: "That's it. See how easy?"

Damien: (Joining in.) "Two ninety-seven ... two ninety-six ..."

Jake: (Joining in.) "Two ninety-five ... two ninety-four ..."

Thrull: "David?"

David: (Joining in.) "Two ninety-three, two ninety-two ..."

Thrull: "That's the way. Just let the experience unfold for you the way
it ants to unfold. Don't try to fight it. It's perfectly natural.
Everything happens so naturally and easily. I'm wondering if you've
noticed that you're already counting a little slower. See? Counting a
little slower already as your conscious mind relaxes and lets your
subconscious step forward again. Already feeling it start to happen again.
See? See how much easier it is this time around? Already your arms are
starting to feel heavy again, just like before, only so much heavier, so
much sooner. So very, very heavy. So heavy they just hang there. You
couldn't lift them even if you tried. In fact, they're so heavy you just
can't be bothered to lift them at all. Just let them hang there, so heavy,
so limp and heavy."

(The camera angles downward, hanging from David's dangling arm. After a
moment, it picks up Professor Thrull's legs, moving in closer. The camera jolts as the Professor pulls it from David's grasp. The view rises,
reversing, and the camera eyes David, Jake, Damien, and Ted, all standing
there as if daydreaming, listening.)

Thrull: (From behind the camera.) "See how easy? I know you're so tired
already. I can see it in your eyes. Can you feel it? How tired your eyes
feel? Very tired. Already your eyelids are beginning to feel very heavy
and very tired. You may even start to feel them wanting to close. Yes.
Already wanting to close ..."

(The camera tilts upward, and Professor Thrull's hand pokes at the
controls. After fumbling for a moment, he finds the right one and switches
off the camera.)


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