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ADYTUM4 camera sees nothing but black with


Adytum Documentary Project

by Wrestlr

[M/M, MC, hypno, incest]

[Synopsis: David makes a documentary about his hiking trip to a sacred
Native American site with his twin brother, his professor, and two other
students. One year after their disappearance, his footage was found.]

Disclaimer: There's sex, sodomy, and maybe a few other minor perversions
in this. If you don't like that sort of thing, read something else.
Everybody in the story is legal age. Parts of this story may be
autobiographical, or it might be all fiction---who can say?

Copyright - 2001 by Wrestlr. Permission granted to archive if and only
if no fee (including any form of "Adult Verification") is charged to read
the file. If anyone pays a cent to anyone to read your site, you can't use
this without the express permission of (and payment to) the author. This
paragraph must be included as part of any archive.

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Wrestlr's fiction is archived at the following URLs: (MC and general M/M stories)

* * *

Adytum Documentary Project, Part 4

by Wrestlr

Tape 4

(The camera sees nothing but black with sporadic flicks of light.
Night. The view fumbles and rights itself, panning around a large campfire
and the fire-lit faces of Ted and Jake.)

David: (From behind the camera.) "You know, this fire is, like, really
nice. I wanna say thanks for inviting me along on this trip and letting me
film it. I got some really good footage today, and I'm gonna get some
really great footage tomorrow. Here's to tomorrow." (Hoists a beer into
the camera's view.)

Jake: (Tapping his beer can against David's.) "Here's to tomorrow. I
think I'm gonna finish off this beer and then I'm gonna hit the sack."

Ted: "Yeah, I'm gonna turn in too."

David: "Well, I want to get an early start tomorrow, so ..."

(The camera follows Jake into the tent. It focuses on his ass as he
slides through the flap. When the camera follows him inside, Jake is
flopping down on his back.)

Jake: (Whispering.) "I'm so tired."

(As Jake starts to slide his shorts off, the camera is turned off.
After a second of static--an unknown amount of time in real life, the
signal resumes. The camera's light is off, and the picture is black. At
first, only voices are heard.)

Jake: (Whispering urgently.) "Can you hear that, man?"

(The audio track carries the sound of someone fumbling against the
camera in the dark. In the background are the sounds of a man moaning.
David turns on the camera light, and Jake's face and bare shoulder flare
into the shot. Jake winces and squints against the light.)

Jake: "There it is again."

(The camera pushes forward, through the tent flap and into the dark
night beyond. The fire has burned down to embers.)

David: "You see anything?"

Jake: "It's coming from ... That's Ted and Damien's tent?"

(The camera aims at the small tent. The tent walls jolt from within as
someone inside moves in the close quarters.)

Ted: (From inside the tent.) "Oh, yeah--I always wondered what another
dude's dick would feel like."

David: (Whispering.) "Did he say-- Omigod! Do you know what they're--"

Jake: (Whispering; trying not to laugh.) "They're having sex! Ted and

David: "Fuck, man--I know Damien's a fag, but I didn't know Ted was

Jake: "C'mon back inside, man. I don't think I wanna see this."

(The camera follows Jake's bare butt back into the tent. Jake sprawls
out on his back on top of his sleeping bag.)

David: "Hey, Jake, you remember yesterday, when we were jacking off
together with the porn mag ...?"

Jake: "Yeah ...?"

David: "Why did you tell Damien we never did anything like that together

Jake: "Shit, man, he's a fag. I didn't want him thinking we were fags
too. Besides, that shit we used to do was just kid stuff. Just kids being
curious, y'know?"

David: "I dunno, man. These last couple of days, I been thinking a lot
about what we used to--"

Jake: "Don't, man. Just ... don't, okay? That's over. Just turn off
the camera and let's get some sleep, okay?"

David: (Quiet and uncertain.) "Dude, if that's true, why are you getting

(The camera zooms in on Jake's cock, semi-hard and rising. Jake has his
eyes closed and doesn't respond. The scene jumps as David sets the camera aside. In the cramped quarters, the camera picks up Jake's body from the
chin down. In the center of the shot, David slides up against Jake's legs
and bends over his hips.)

David: "You okay with this?"

(The camera catches Jake close his eyes but give no other response. He
stretches out, and his head moves out of the frame entirely. David takes
hold of Jake's cock and strokes it, looking fascinated. After a moment, he
bends closer. In the scene, his tongue can be seen licking the head of
Jake's cock. He fits his mouth over the head and starts to suck it, using
his hand to stroke the part of the shaft that he can't get into his mouth.
After his head bobs up and down on Jake's shaft a few times, he pulls off.)

David: "I don't know about you, but I got this really huge rush going
over me--I don't know what it is. You should try this, bro."

Jake: "I dunno ... It's been a while."

(As David works his shorts off, he kicks the camera, turning it so that
it catches Jake from the nipples down. David turns his body so that his
legs fall alongside Jake's torso. David bends back over Jake's cock, where
his head blocks the camera's view of his mouth sucking Jake's cock. After
a moment, Jake sighs contentedly and reaches for David's cock. David's
hips are in the way, but the camera captures the motion of Jake's arm
pumping in David's crotch.)

Jake: "Your beard stubble--it feels good on my balls when you suck me."

David: "You like that?"

Jake: "Oh, yeah, dude. Your mouth feels so much better than my
girlfriend. I should say, my ex-girlfriend."

David: "Your dick keeps hitting this place in my mouth that feels really
good. I can't believe how good this feels."

Jake: "I can't believe it's been so long since we did this. You're
making my dick feel great."

David: "Wanna know what would feel even better?"

Jake: "Way ahead of you, bro."

(Jake climbs across the camera's field of view and rummages in a
backpack. He puts something in David's hand.)

David: "Condoms? Lubricant? Dude, why'd you bring these on a trip
where there's no chicks?"

Jake: "I didn't bring them. I just found them in my pack yesterday."

David: "Well, never look a gift horse in the mouth."

Jake: (Grinning.) "Or in the ass?"

David: "I'm gonna fuck your ass."

Jake: "Naw--I'm gonna fuck yours."

(Jake and David wrestle and, in the cramped space of the tent, one of
them accidentally kicks the camera. The angle catches them from the thighs
down. After a few minutes, their wrestling slows, turns into the glide of
horny flesh on flesh. Eventually, one is face down, legs spread. The
other climbs between those legs. Which twin is which cannot be determined
from the thighs down.)

Unknown: (Whispering.) "Oh, yeah--that feels great. Fuck me, bro. Fuck
me now."

(The camera captures the motion of one twin positioning his cock,
slightly off-screen, at the other twin's ass, then pushing forward.)

Both: (In unison.) "Oh, yeah!"

(The camera catches their grunts and groans as they move together.
After a few minutes, the fucking twin's legs tense.)

Unknown: (Whimpering.) "I'm gonna cum.

Other: (Whispering.) "Do it. Shoot it!"

Unknown: "Dude, I'm gonna cum! Ah! Uh!"

Other: "Whoa! Oh, my God! Gonna cum too."

(The twin getting fucked moves his leg, kicking the camera again. The
lens now aims at their ankles. The fucking twin, tensed, suddenly sags,

Unknown: (Whispering.) "Oh, yeah, dude. That was better than my
girlfriend ever was ..."

(Their legs leave the camera's field of vision. The microphone picks a
sound that might be kissing.)

Jake: (Off-screen.) "Holy-- David, you bastard, were you filming us?"

David: (Also off-screen.) "Naw--it's okay. See? It wasn't even aimed
at us. It didn't get anything."

(David's flushed face juts into the camera's line of sight. The screen
tilts as he fumbles with the controls, and the camera goes off. After a
brief burst of static, the picture resumes. The camera jerks, aimed at the
inside of the tent, as someone fumbles with the controls.)

Jake: (Off-screen.) "Shit! Shit! Shit! Where're my shorts?"

David: (Yelling behind the camera.) "Hang on a second."

Damien: (From outside the tent.) Hurry it up. This is important. We've
got an emergency here."

David: "Ready?"

Jake: "Yeah."

Jake pushes past the camera, pushes open the tent flap. Brilliant
sunlight causes the auto-aperture to darken the picture. As the camera follows Jake's ass out trough the tent, the image corrects itself. The
camera pans up Damien' body to his face.

Jake: "So what's the big crisis? And what's this stuff all over the

Damien: "It's the Professor's stuff. He's missing."

David: "No way!"

Jake: "He's probably just gone off to take a crap or something."

Damien: "No, he's not. Ted and me, we already went looking around a
little. He's not anywhere around. We tried yelling and yelling, and he
doesn't answer us."

The camera zooms in on Jake picking through some of the debris strewn
across the camp. In close-up, the camera pans across various personal
effects on the ground--a shirt, a toothbrush, a sock.

Jake: "How come we didn't hear it when all this shit got thrown around?"

Damien: "Now you see what I'm saying? Something's happened to the

(The tape runs out.)

To be continued.


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