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AFTERMATH hurt FOR her well that was


This story contains sexual words, themes, and actions.
If you are under 21, go away. If you don't like this
sort of thing, go away. If you do...keep on reading!

This story is a sequel, of sorts, to my previous story
"The Auction". It doesn't have to be read with the
other one, but you might understand the background of
the characters better. In this story, though, the
characters even get NAMES! Quite an accomplishment
for me. :)

If you like it, please email me. :) I like to hear
from people!

Aftermath by Pami ( (M/F, mdom, bond)

She hesitantly knocked on his door. Her heart was
racing, and her palms were sweaty. She was
frightened. Scared that he was going to cut her out
of his life altogether. And she didn't want that. He
had opened up new worlds for her, worlds that she
wasn't sure she could face if he wasn't there to guide

He heard the knock and took a deep breath. He wiped
his damp palms against his slightly faded blue jeans.
He wasn't sure exactly what was going to happen
tonight, but he didn't want her to see his
uncertainty. That was part of being the dominant...
even if you were nervous, you didn't show the weakness
to your submissive. And she was a glorious
submissive, far superior to any he had the pleasure of
spending time with previously. She was intelligent
and witty, plus, she had the most spankable, curvy ass
and tits that simply cried out to be bound and
clamped. But they had issues to discuss tonight. The
events of last week needed to be dealt with before any
more play could occur.

He opened the door and smiled briefly at her. She
looked pale, he thought, but he thought she looked
wonderful. Her long wavy hair was pulled up into a
high ponytail, a la I Dream of Jeannie, and she had
minimal makeup on, preferring to let the creaminess of
her skin tone show.

When he greeted her, she had a difficult time looking
him in the face. He looked so serious, she thought,
and not a glimmer of a twinkle shone in his vivid
green eyes. She wondered what was going through his
mind. Did he consider her actions a betrayal? Did he
even care? She knew that she had changed over the
course of that night, and the subsequent sleepless
ones. She agonized over her behavior. Still... she
struggled to present a serene front to match his.

She stepped into the living room, and as she passed
him, he noticed that something was different about
her. She was dressed normally, in a button-down
oxford shirt tucked into a plaid miniskirt that ended
about two inches above her knees. She smelled
wonderful, and he inhaled the scent of...vanilla...
as she walked by. What was it that was different?
Ah, he realized as she sat gingerly on the sofa, he
knew what it was, and his heart ached. She somehow
was lacking the pride and the self-assurance that she
normally wore like a badge of honor. Had HE done this
to her?

He sat in a chair opposite her, and watched as she
nervously pulled her skirt down to cover her thighs.
An uncomfortable silence grew as neither one of them
knew where to start.

Finally, she inhaled deeply, and let it out with
almost a shudder. She lifted her deep brown eyes to
his face, and he saw the unshed tears in them. "I am
so sorry, Andrew," she began, as the same moment that
he started his own apology.

They both stopped and each laughed a small, short

"You first," she quipped with the first actual smile
of the night on her face.

"No, you," he grinned back at her.

"No, you."

"No, YOU."

And so they went for a few rounds. Until, both
slightly out of breath, they stopped.

She breathed deeply one more time, and she tried
again. "Seriously, I am so sorry about what happened
last weekend."

He cocked his head slightly to one side and raised a
single eyebrow at her. "It looked to me like you
enjoyed yourself immensely, my sweet. In fact, I
honestly didn't think a human could orgasm that many
times without passing out. I only wish it had been me
that you felt so free with," he finished with his
voice trailing off. A REAL dom wouldn't have shown so
much vulnerability, he mentally kicked himself.

"I... I can't describe to you what it felt like,
Andrew. To be displayed publicly as an object. Bid
upon like a real slave. To have no identity except
what he chose to give me for that evening." She paused
and looked at him, and he saw the anguish in her eyes.
"I can't deny the way my body reacted. Even my
subconscious. Every name he called me, every slap or
pinch or welt that he inflicted on me... it was like
I didn't really exist. There was no 'Caroline'. I
was only 'slut', 'slave', 'whore'. I didn't think...I
just reacted. I thought that was what you wanted. It
was YOUR idea to have me be in the auction, after
all!" she finished passionately, with an almost
accusing tone in her voice.

He winced inwardly. It HAD been his idea. She was
reluctant at first, but he had wanted the rest of the
players in 'the scene' to see how wonderful she was.
How beautiful she was. How her self-assurance
actually added to her value as a sub, rather than
detracting from her, as it seemed so many doms
thought. And yes, he wanted them to envy him for
having her. What he hadn't counted on was exactly how
he was going to feel watching another man possess her.
After the auction had ended, he had felt an inner
queasiness at watching the dom escort her into
playroom #4. The room was well-equipped with crops,
clamps, ropes, dildos, and, of course, a huge bed.
There was also a wall of mirrors. Two-way mirrors,
that enabled him, and any other thrill-seekers, to
observe the play inside. And the things he had
observed! He had watched the other dom completely
deconstruct his Caroline and rebuild her as his
personal plaything. He watched her go from the self-
confident and somewhat sassy subby that he loved to a
spineless pleasure-craving sex slave. The sight of
her glorious body responding to another had hurt him
far more than he had ever thought it could, but it
was when he heard her soul call that other man
'Master' that he thought he had lost her forever.

"Caroline, I never knew that it would go that far.
When I took you home that next morning... well, you
practically didn't even know who I was. What upset me
the most was when I saw you bend down and kiss his
shoe. MY Caroline would never have done that, and I
don't know that I would ever want her to." He looked
into her eyes and allowed her to glimpse his agony.
"I guess what I need to know is if you want to
continue to see me, or if you plan to continue to play
with him. Because I don't think you can have us both.
We both want different parts of you."

His words struck a chord inside her. He was hurt by
her actions, that she had known. But to realize that
he hurt FOR her... well, that was something special.
Because that night she had been drawn to the very
depths of the 'dark side' and she knew... she KNEW
that she did not want to ever go there again. It had
always had a bit of exotic allure to her, but now that
she knew what it was all about... well, she would
always be submissive, but she didn't want to lose the
essence of her being in the process.

"Andrew... I... I..." she stammered, struggling for
the proper words to come out, "I don't want to be
that.. that.. animal that I was that night. It was
an extraordinary experience, and now I know how far I
can go. But it scared me. I just want to be ME. I
want to give the GIFT of my obedience, not have it
wrestled away from me. I don't need to think about
it. I want you. I want you, Andrew. Not him. Not
ever again!" she cried vehemently.

She sat straighter in her chair, and smiled at him. A
real smile. And he smiled back. The decision was

"Except..." she began thoughtfully.

"Except what, my sweet?" he inquired.

She looked him straight in the eyes, serious as she
could be, and finished, "Except, Andrew... I do NOT
want to be given away again. Ever. I can't do it. I
can't go through it anymore."

"Is that what you thought, sweet? You thought that I
had given you away?" At her nod, he continued, not
caring anymore about maintaining that aloof 'dom'
demeanor. "I didn't want to give you away, I just
wanted... I just wanted the others to envy me the
perfection of my most treasured subby. I didn't think
about the consequences, Caroline, and I am truly

He held his hands out to her in a gesture of
supplication, and he was astonished when she
practically launched herself across the space
separating them and wrapped her arms around his waist,
kneeling at his feet.

He hugged her back, and stroked her back, and they
both revelled in the closeness that they had
rediscovered. He marvelled at her resilience, and
thought back over the other submissives he had the
pleasure of playing with over the years. None of them
matched her vibrance, and he knew that he meant the
apology. They had both suffered through his
selfishness and they had both learned from it.

She sighed and snuggled closer to her beloved
Andrew. He had no idea how much she cared for him.
He appreciated her personality and seemed to enjoy her
occasional disobedience as much as she enjoyed pushing
his control sometimes. She thought briefly about her
experiences with other doms, and she knew that she had
finally found the one to whom she could, and would,
give her respect to. She felt honored that he had
admitted his culpability in this debacle, and she knew
that most doms would never allow themselves to
apologize to their sub, and she loved him all the more
for it.

As they hugged, and as the initial glow of warm and
fuzzy feelings faded, he became aware of her full
breasts pressing somewhere against his stomach. And
as his mind recognized that fact, certain other body
parts registered their approval of the sensation.

She smirked to herself as she felt his arms tighten
almost imperceptibly around her. His breathing
increased slowly, and she couldn't resist slipping her
hand underneath the waist of his sweater and lightly
running her fingernails across his back.

"Mmmmm..." he rumbled deep in his throat, as her nails
dug slightly into his skin. She loved to do that to
him, and god, he loved it too. He reached one hand up
to her ponytail, wrapped the long length around his
hand and pulled her head back so that she was looking
into his eyes. Her brown eyes seemed to be darkening
as he gazed into them, briefly glancing at her lips
when she licked them nervously. Good, he thought,
that was always a sign that she was becoming aroused.

She adored it when he pulled her hair like that.
Not really yanking on it, but more of an
immobilization of her head. She felt her nipples
hardening against her bra, and she ached for his touch
there. What she settled for, though, was for the
sight of his head descending to hers, and his lips
hungrily nibbling against her own. It was not a
gentle kiss, rather it was a kiss that was branding
her as his forever. Her mouth opened for him, and she
felt his tongue swirl inside and over the sensitive
roof of her mouth, before withdrawing. He began to
pull away slightly, but her moan of disappointment
turned into a long, low purr as his teeth latched onto
her lower lip and tugged at it.

He felt that purr before he heard it, and he
revelled in it. She might have gasped, moaned, and
screamed that awful night for that other man, but he
knew she hadn't purred with satisfaction. He let her
go and looked into her flushed face. "Upstairs. The
bedroom. Go get ready for me, sweet." As she rose to
her feet to obey, he added, "And use the blindfold,
love. I want you to concentrate on what I am going to
make you feel."

She smiled at him, a sexual hunger building in her
loins, "Yes, sir." She turned and bounced across the
room, wanting to run to get ready for him, but trying
to maintain some composure.

Andrew rose from his chair when she had disappeared up
the stairs to make his own preparations. He wanted to
make this an extra special time for her. In light of
the recent debacle, he wanted to remind her of the
ecstasy that he thought only they could reach

He climbed the stairs to the second floor slowly. The
classical music he had selected on the stereo was
playing on 'repeat', the sound carrying throughout the
house courtesy of the extra speakers he had run
through the ceiling into the bedroom. He was stark
naked, his ruddy skin glowing in the light, his cock
half-hard at the thought of how Caroline was waiting
for him. He entered the bedroom and stopped at the
sight of her.

She had stripped off her clothing and had lain down on
the bed facing the ceiling. Her ankles were bound to
the foot of the bed with the restraints that he kept
there for her use, and her left hand was bound
similarly. Only her right wrist was free, and she had
placed that by the headboard so that it was easy for
him to quickly attach the restraint to that one as
well. She had unbound her wavy hair, and it flowed
down over her shoulders, slightly covering the upper
curves of her generous breasts. Her fair skin glowed
in the candlelight, as she had turned off the harsh
electric lights and lit five or six candles he kept
around the room. In fact, as he inhaled deeply, he
smiled as he realized that the ones she had lit were
scented with vanilla... the ones that she had given

He approached the bed, and she smiled as she thought
about his view. She knew that he was standing between
her spread legs, and that he could see the pinkness of
her inner lips in the candlelight. She wondered if
her excitement was showing yet. She heard him cross
to her right side, and then he quickly attached the
remaining restraint, allowing her the freedom to
wriggle around a bit, but not the ability to move away
from his touch. She strained her ears to hear what he
was doing, but all she could hear were the strains of
the violins and cellos as they played the refrain to
some symphony.

Suddenly she felt a stab of sensation on her left
nipple. It was his fingers, pinching her rather
lightly, although she felt the pressure grow steadily
as he started twisting at the same time. She moaned
as the pain travelled through her, and the touch left
her. She waited to feel the same thing on her right
nipple, and was slightly disappointed when it did not
come. She knew her tits were one of her best
features, and Andrew tended to be a lover who tried to
pleasure each globe equally.

He watched the quizzical look cross her face, and
smiled. "What, little one? Waiting for something, my
greedy girl?"

"Please... don't neglect the other one, Andrew.
Please..." she smirked at him, not sounding submissive
at all. In fact, he reflected, he needed to assert
his position. He grabbed a length of rope off of the
nearby dresser. He sat down on the bed next to her
and ran the end of the rope up and down her cheek.

"Do you know what this is, pet? Hmmmm?" he asked
rhetorically, knowing that she wouldn't answer. "I
think you need to remember just who is in charge here,
sweet." And with that comment, he began to wrap the
rope around her closest breast.

She shivered as she felt him begin to bind her tits.
She wasn't really a fan of rope bondage, but she
didn't mind it, and if she needed to go through it to
please him, she would. She felt the pressure building
in her bosom as he wound the rope around and around
each orb, distending them into more of a watermelon

He finished and he got up off of the bed to admire his
handiwork. Her tits stood practically straight up off
of her chest, the large nipples seeming even larger
because of the blood that was trapped in them. He
reached over to the dresser for another implement, and
smiled at the thought of her reaction to it. He
crossed over to her other side, and then, with the
rapidity of a snake, he struck. Not too
heavily...bondage made the skin more sensitive, but
enough to make her jump.

She flinched as she felt the stinging on her nipple.
It was that small leather flogger. She just knew it
as she felt the tails of several strands bite into her
skin. One was a direct strike on the tip of her
nipple, and she let out a startled shriek.

He shushed her and then lightly dragged the tips of
the leather over her sensitive tit. He knew she felt
it from the way she tried to arch her back into the
whip to gain more sensation. His Caroline was a
sensation slut, and he loved it. He smiled as he
struck her again with the flogger across the exposed
portion of her breast. He saw the redness from the
strands mark her fair skin, not hard enough to leave a
lasting welt, but just enough that she would remember
it. And then he began to flog her tits in earnest,
alternating between them.

"OOOhhhh," she moaned as he struck her again and again
with that devilish little whip. Her tits felt like
they were swelling, and the bondage had made her
already erect nipples almost agonizingly sensitive.
The stinging that she felt sent waves of arousal
through her entire body, and she could feel her pussy
growing moist. Each slap was like a thousand little
pinches all over her areola.

He couldn't stand it any longer as he watched her
squirm on the bed. He had to taste her. Now. He
dropped the flogger and knelt next to her on the bed,
quickly engulfing her entire areola into his mouth.
He sucked hard on it, enjoying the ruched flesh
against his tongue as he worried the nipple back and
forth. Her increasingly loud groans told him that he
was pleasing her, at least almost as much as he was
pleasing himself. She tasted sweet, and slightly
salty...probably from her anxiety earlier.

She gave herself up to the feelings in her body, and
just let herself absorb the response she had to him.
That she was with her adored Andrew made it better
than it ever could have been with that other dom.
With Andrew she knew that she wouldn't lose her
identity forever. He would never ask her to sacrifice
herself or her inner self to satisfy his own need for
domination. He would instead take her to places that
she wouldn't have thought to visit on her own. He
could, and indeed, he WAS, letting her just release
all of her control and leave the driving up to him.

As he drew away from her tits, he looked at them.
Normally dark pink when she was aroused, the bondage
had turned her nipples almost a burgundy color, and he
knew it was time to release them. He slowly unwound
the ropes, massaging her breasts to stimulate the
blood flow back into them. He didn't want her to lose
her edge, though, so as soon as he was finished, he
grabbed for the clamps. He attached the pincers to
each of her teats, adjusting them tightly so they
would not slip off. Indeed, he attached them tighter
than he ever had before, listening to her gasps to
judge when he had pushed as far as he could.

He took one of the pillows from the chair in the
corner, and tapped her on the hip. "Up," he commanded
as he slid the pillow underneath her hips and bottom
as she rose up slightly.

"Ahhhh, perfect, my sweet," he complimented her as he
stood between her legs. Before, he had been able to
get a glance of her inner lips, but with the pillow
raising her up, he could easily see the sweetness of
her juices between her legs. He picked up the next of
his little torture devices and ran it up and down her

She felt the end of something tickling her pussy lips.
Her cunt was bare, shaved as he liked it, and she had
taken great care to make sure that she hadn't missed a
single hair. Truthfully, she preferred it this way
for sex play anyway, since she thought it made her
entire vulva that much more sensitive, but she let him
think she did it solely for his pleasure. Sometimes
the sub needed to let the dom think he was winning,
she smirked to herself.

He slid the dildo deep inside her pussy in one thrust.
"You get so WET, love," he told her with a smile on
his face.

"I can't help it," she wailed. She was always
embarrassed by how easily she was aroused, and how
copious her juices were.

He watched the pink spread on her face, and was
astounded as always that this woman, one of the most
sensual that he had ever met, still BLUSHED! Still,
he concentrated on his task, ignoring his own
throbbing cock, as he withdrew the toy from her depths
and then smoothly reversed course, piercing her anew
with each movement of his wrist. He maintained a slow
but steady pace, not quickening or slowing, intently
observing her hips as she strove to grind into the
instrument of her pleasure.

She groaned with the need building in her. The slow
strokes were only building her tension. She wanted it
fast and furious. That always sent her over the edge
to ecstasy. As she ground her teeth in an effort to
hold back the words she longed to use to beg him to
give her an orgasm, she heard it. It was barely
there, but she heard it.

"Are you LAUGHING at me?" she asked in astonishment,
blindly turning her head from side to side as if doing
so would allow her to see his face.

He smiled broadly. "No, of course not. Would I do
that?" he asked as he slid the toy as far into her as
he could and held it there for a moment.

"Damn it, Andrew, you ARE! What is so funny?" she
asked as she felt a shudder of pleasure go down her
spine causing her to arch her back.

He pulled the dildo out and just held it. In fact, he
didn't move a muscle, he just watched her face.

"Answer me, Andrew. Answer me, NOW!" she finished

He rose off of the bed and sighed, feeling his hard-on
subside into a sort of semi-turgid state as he debated
how to handle this.

He didn't verbally answer her, but instead unfastened
her left ankle and pulled her leg up toward her head.
He did the same with the right, leaving her wrists
attached to the headboard, and then he attached the d-
rings from her ankles to the headboard as well,
thereby binding her in a position that left her bottom
open to his gaze. He thought that perhaps the
position was a bit painful to her, but she was limber
and with the pillow under her hips, she was
essentially lying on her upper back. He thought she
could handle it for a while.

"My dear, sweet, adorable Caroline. I simply will NOT
allow you to speak to me that way. I am in control
here, and you will listen to me, not the other way
around. I think you need a lesson to remind you of
exactly what your position is here," he spoke to her
in a stern voice with no thread of humor.

She quivered inside at the tone in his voice. She
knew that she hadn't been behaving very submissively,
but she was just being HER. Still, she had commanded
him to do something, and that was pretty much against
the unwritten rules. She didn't really mind the
prospect of a punishment very much... she realized
long ago that a little pain simple made the subsequent
pleasure inflicted that much more ecstatic. She knew
Andrew wouldn't push her too hard, not like that other
man had done. She wasn't afraid of subspace with
Andrew, knowing that she could trust him not to push
her too far.

She heard him cross across the room one more time, and
wondered what he was getting. Was it the cane that
she hated so much? The one that left the rather
painful welts from time to time? Was it the crop?
That devilish little item that felt like a line of
fire every time he used it on her bottom? Perhaps it
was the slapper, the flexible little square of leather
with the holes in it that stung so wonderfully. She
tried to move a little bit, but the position she was
in, hands and feet almost together over her head, made
the only movement possible a slight rocking from side
to side. She knew she wouldn't be able to stay like
this for very long, but so far she was ok.

And then, out of nowhere, he struck.

CRACK! The heavy sound of the leather covered paddle
striking her rounded buttocks was easily heard over
the music. "OW!" she shrieked, mostly from being
startled, since the slap was loud, but not very hard.

He smiled to himself at her yell. He knew he hadn't
really hurt her, but he thought that he just might
have to cause her a bit more pain to make her remember
exactly what their relationship was. He used the
paddle to land a smack square on her right cheek, and
quickly raised it to see a faint white imprint from
the paddle fade and a fiery red mark appear in its
place. He waited until the mark reached its full
bloom and then left a corresponding one on her left
buttock. He watched her squirm, knowing that the heat
from the marks was working its magic on her.

She felt the pain from the strokes fade and a glorious
warmth take their place. Just as she would recognize
the relief from the initial sting, he would mark her
again. Over and over it went, and her entire ass felt
like it was on fire. She stopped her little shrieks
from each spank, and instead she let out little oh's
and moans. He was into a rhythm, and she started to
anticipate each stroke, lifting her bottom up to meet
the paddle. She was a bit of a masochist from time to
time, and this spanking was perfectly to her tastes.

Andrew recognized her anticipation of his motions and
knew that she was enjoying this paddling as much as he
was. He loved watching her full bottom go from the
pale creamy moons it normally was it the fiery red of
a harvest moon hanging low on the horizon. He
couldn't explain why he found it such a turn on, but
it was. Whether it was the sensuous motions of her
hips as she arched into the paddle, the erotic moans
that escaped her lips, or the wetness he saw beginning
to glisten on her pussy, he didn't know or care. All
he knew was that his cock was hard again, and he could
feel the pre-come on the tip of it from the lust
building in the room.

Caroline finally reached the point where the pain was
becoming too much. The point where the pain is just
pain, and NOT a gateway to pleasure.
"Please...please...stop..." she started to entreat her
tormentor. As he disregarded her pleas, she began to

Andrew continued the paddling for a few more strokes,
just so that she would remember that it was a
punishment and not for her pleasure, and then he
stopped. He looked down at her blindfolded eyes, and
noted the tears that had streaked out from them and
dripped down the sides of her head and her cheeks.
Outsiders would not understand, but he knew, and she
knew, that the tears were a release. A release of her
guilty feelings and they served as an absolution of
sorts. It wasn't the first time he had disciplined
her to the point of crying, and it probably wouldn't
be the last.

As her slight sobs subsided, she became aware of the
discomfort of her position. Without the sharp smacks
from the paddle to concentrate upon, the other aches
from her legs and hips began to escalate. She moaned
and twisted a bit in an effort to alleviate them, to
no avail.

He watched her move about and he ignored the part of
him that told him to release her now. His baser
instinct won out, and he suddenly knelt on the
mattress at the foot of the bed. He saw her go
completely still as she tried to figure out exactly
what he was doing, and he smiled. She had no idea
what he was about to do.

He couldn't help himself, and he leaned closer,
suddenly taking his tongue and running it from her
clit, across her wet pussy, and ending at a spot right
behind her tightly puckered rosebud.

Caroline's senses immediately centered on the wetness
of his tongue running over her sensitive nether
regions. As soon as he started the motion, though, it
was over and she could have sworn that she imagined
it, especially since there was no other motion for
long moments.

What she couldn't see was Andrew's face, eyes closed
in concentration, as he inhaled deeply right over her
pussy. She smelled wonderful, and although he knew
the last few moments of the paddling had been painful
for her, her cunt was still freely flowing her juices,
enticing him to taste her further. The heat from her
punished ass cheeks glowed against his face... or was
it the heat from inside her? He couldn't restrain
himself any longer, and he silently buried his face in
the pinkness of her delicious pussy.

He nibbled at her clit, poking it back and forth with
his tongue, and then suddenly sucking it as hard as he
could. He right hand was slowly massaging his rock-
hard cock as he concentrated on his task. His chin
was covered with her wetness, and he licked lower,
piercing her small slit with his agile tongue,
slipping it as far into her as he could and wiggling
it back and forth. His ears detected her whimpering
with the pleasure he was giving her, and he revelled
in it. He wanted her to remember that he, Andrew,
knew her body better than that other 'dom', and that
he could drive her to even greater heights of ecstasy.

Caroline was lost in the sensations in her cunt. The
aches and discomfort of her awkward position were
forgotten as he bit one of her inner pussy lips and
pulled on it, stretching it and then letting it snap
back. When he placed his mouth over her passage and
simply sucked, she heard him slurp as he drank her
wetness down. She couldn't control her small groans
and wails as the pleasure engulfed her mind.

He swallowed as he continued to feast on her flesh,
smiling slightly as he did so. She truly did get
wetter than any woman he had ever been with, but he
loved it. He never could convince her that he was
fascinated by it, and that it was sort of an ego
stroke to him that she did lubricate so amazingly. As
he listened to the noises escaping her mouth, he knew
what would send her over the edge. He took the tip of
his tongue and traced a path down to her asshole,
lovingly flicking it over and over.

When he licked her back door, she bucked up at him.
She was incredibly sensitive back there, and she felt
shamed by the fact that it felt so good to be touched
in such a 'dirty' place. As he pressed harder on the
tiny hole, she felt it open and just the end of his
tongue snaked in. She envisioned his face up against
her reddened ass, and his eyes looking at her over the
rounded ridge of her cunt. When he suddenly took his
thumb and forefinger and pulled on her pulsing clit,
she thundered into a climax.

His tongue was forced out of her back passage, but he
continued to lick it, rimming her as he felt the
contractions and spasms rush through her body.
Caroline's screams reverberated through the room, and
he was glad that he had a house on a couple of acres
of land so that there were no neighbors to call the

Finally, her body relaxed and Andrew kneeled back up.
He looked at her lying there, still panted and
occasionally shivering as an aftershock ran through
her. He reached up and released the restraints on her
ankles, bringing them her legs down slowly, to give
her time to get the blood flowing back properly. He
then extended his hand, and took the blindfold off,
allowing her liquid brown eyes to adjust to the light
in the room. He thought to himself that she looked
properly submissive now. He didn't know whether it
was the orgasm or the punishment, but Caroline was
mellowed now into the most irresistible woman he had
ever known. It always happened during a play session.
She just needed someone to control her.

She looked at him, feeling completely at peace for the
moment. Her buttocks still ached, and probably would
for a day or so, but it was a comforting ache. One
that reminded her where she belonged, and who she
belonged with. Her eyes ran over his tall form, and
she saw his still erect prick standing up against his
belly, and she smiled.

"Perhaps you would like me to take care of that for
you, sir?" she asked him, flickering her gaze down so
that he knew what she was talking about.

Andrew chuckled, "Oh? Is my greedy girl hungry?
Would she like a taste?"

Caroline just nodded and deliberately ran her tongue
around her lips, wetting them. "Please...." she

As she lay on her back, hands still restrained to the
headboard, Andrew moved so that he was straddling her
shoulders. He sat back slightly, feeling her tits
against his ass as he waved his cock over her face.

"No hands, my dear...just your mouth this time," he
told her as she stuck her tongue out in an effort to
lick him.

He took his cock and continued to tease her, jacking
off slowly right above her eyes so that she could see
the pulsing of the vein running up the underside of
the throbbing shaft. He loved hearing her moans as
she was frustrated, and he adored watching her eyes
follow his hand up and down the instrument of her
torture. Finally, he squeezed hard and a pearl of
wetness appeared at the tip. He allowed her tongue to
reach up and remove it, laughing inwardly as he
watched her swallow his taste.

He pointed his cock down at her open mouth and then
suddenly changed his target, slapping her across the
right cheek with the head. He repeated it on her left
cheek, and then commanded, "Tongue out..."

She obediently extended her tongue as far as it could
go, and held it there as he slapped her tongue
repeatedly with his rock-solid erection. She opened
her mouth as wide as possible, hoping that he would
take the hint and thrust into her waiting warmth, but
he didn't.

He watched her open wide, and let her wait. He saw
the doubt creep across her face as he ignored her
motion, and then, when that emotion disappeared and
she seemed resigned to moving at his pace, he finally
slipped his cock into her wet mouth. Almost
immediately, he felt her tongue wrap itself over and
around his pole and she began to suck at the same
time. The suction was light at first, but as he felt
the wetness in her mouth grow, she suddenly changed
gears and he saw her cheeks hollow as she sucked as
hard as she could. It felt like a vortex against the
sensitivity of his prick, and he groaned loudly.

His pre-come was flowing pretty freely now, and she
loved the taste of him. He was slightly bitter, but
she didn't care - it was the taste of HIM. She had to
continuously swallow to keep from drowning, and she
did so, raising her head to try to get his entire cock
into her mouth so the head would be in her throat. He
kept teasing her by slightly withdrawing and then
thrusting back into her wet cavern.

He felt her squirming beneath his ass, and glanced
behind him to see her opening and closing her legs in
a worthless effort to get some friction on her pussy.
He could see the puddle that had formed beneath her,
which turned him on even more.

Caroline moaned in disappointment as Andrew withdrew
from her mouth, but she couldn't do anything about it
since her hands were still bound above her head. He
swiftly moved down the bed, between her spread legs
and in one motion, slid deep inside her steaming cunt.

She felt WONDERFUL around him, he thought to himself
as he began to fuck her. She had the most incredible
pussy, and Andrew shivered as he felt her walls
constrict around him, holding his cock tightly. It
was like she was made for him. He always felt like
she was some kind of massaging velvet or silken glove
closing around his hardness.

She let out a moan of ecstasy as his prick thrust into
her wetness. She loved to be fucked. Caroline loved
it in any position, and she had loved it with a few
different partners, but nothing compared to when
Andrew was inside her. He alternately thrust hard and
quick and then would slow down and feed her inch by
inch of his glorious cock. His stamina was amazing;
there were more than a few nights that he had been
known to go for an hour or two of straight fucking,
just changing positions from time to time. He reached
down now and began to rub her clit, and she didn't
know which felt better, the friction inside her or the
motion on her.

He knew this time he was not going to set any records
for stamina. He didn't know why, and he didn't care
to analyse it just now. He only knew that he could
feel his balls about to explode and he wanted them to
come together. He felt her begin to clench more
convulsively around him, and he speeded up his
thrusts. She came hardest when being fucked fast and
hard, and he certainly wasn't one to complain.

Finally, as he felt he could stand no longer, he
reached his other hand down and quickly grabbed the
forgotten dildo, sliding it into her ass.

She squealed as she felt him penetrate her backdoor,
and she lost control over her body. Her climax was
more powerful than the last, and her entire body froze
and then began to shudder with her release. Her
scream was louder than before, and longer, and she
thought she wanted to die, she felt so good.

When Andrew felt her freeze, he knew what was next.
All of a sudden his cock felt like it was grabbed by a
fist and her cunt squeezed him more tightly than he
could remember it doing in a long time. His roar
accompanied the rush of his orgasm, and his come
spurted hard into her channel as he held his prick in
her as far as he could. He thought he was going to
pass out, and he closed his eyes to deal with the
sensations running from the tip of his head down to
his toes and to the end of his spraying cock.

Finally, he opened his eyes and saw her lying beneath
him, looking up at him with tears in her eyes. His
heart stopped as he leaned down, gathered her in his
arms and released her wrists from their confinement.
Her arms went around him, and she cried. He felt an
answering lump in his throat and wondered why they
were both crying. It wasn't very 'dom-ly' of him to
get like this, he thought, and he tried to subtly
swallow and blink back the unshed tears in his own

"I love you so much, Andrew," she managed to get out
as her crying abated. "I didn't think this would ever
happen again. I thought you wouldn't ever want to
touch me again."

He shushed her and caressed her flushed cheeks and
forehead as he kissed her tears. His other hand
reached back and twined itself through her flowing
hair. He pulled on it, tilting her face up to his,
and he smiled tenderly at her.

"You are mine, Caroline. Always." And he reached down
and kissed her with all the love that he felt in his


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