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Archived Sex Stories

AGREEMENT videos and everything Dad told



There is sex in this story, if reading such is illegal because of age or
location, be gone with ye.

Copyright 2001 by Frank Downey. Archiving, reposting, or posting to any
free location is fine. Anything that entails making money, including
"Adult Check" scams, banner farms, and the like, is expressly forbidden.

This is completely fiction, and a figment of the bizarre part of my
imagination at that. Do not try this at home.


I met Jenny when we were freshmen in high school. We were both fifteen.
I had just moved into the city, so didn't know anyone. We both lived close
to the high school, and ended up walking in the same direction for a while,
and she was in a couple of my classes. We became friends quickly.

I was attracted to her almost at once, but was nervous about trying
anything more than friendship. Jenny was beautiful-long blond hair,
sparking blue eyes, and a body to die for. She had little dimples in her
cheeks when she smiled. I was smitten.

However, it took me until after the first of the year to ask her out.
It was late January, and I asked her to go to a movie with me that Friday
night. "I was wondering what you've been waiting for," she said with a
laugh, as she agreed to go.

We had a great time. I held her hand walking to the movie theater, and
she snuggled up to me as we watched the film. We went for a burger
afterwards. It was wonderful. The only weird thing was that she wouldn't
let me walk her all the way home. She said, "You can't come to my house
until I know you better." That made me a bit curious. However, she wrapped
her arms around me and gave me a huge kiss after she said it, so I didn't
much care.

This went on for a little over a month. We went out every weekend,
seeing a movie, or going to a dance at school, or something. We went to
the mall a couple times. Every time ended with her making me stop a couple
blocks from her house, and wrapping me up in a hug and a big kiss.


March fifth was my sixteenth birthday, which was on a Saturday. I had a
party planned, and Jenny was going to be there, but we went out, just the
two of us, that Friday night. After the movie, she told me to walk her

"OK, I want to take you to my house. I have to know that I have your
trust, though."

"You know I do," I told her.

"I have my parents' approval to bring you home, because they want to
meet you. Plus, I like you, a whole lot, so you have to know what you're
getting in to."


"Don't say anything. Listen to me. I need your promise. You're going
to see things at my house that you will find very strange. If you can't
deal with that, I understand--that's why I wanted to find out now, before I
really fell for you. But you have to promise me not to tell a single soul
what you see."

"I promise."

She stopped, and looked at me. "I mean it. This is important. Lots of
people could get into lots of trouble if this gets out."

"OK. I promise, Jenny."

"Good. This is my house." She walked to the front door, and led me in.

I walked in the front foyer, not noticing anything unusual. Then Jenny
led me into the living room. I couldn't help but stare.

There was a woman on the couch, stark naked. Her legs were spread--and
there was a guy with his face buried in between them! She was moaning, and
thrashing around. She had heard the door close, so she opened her eyes.

"Hello, dear! Tommy, stop for a second." The guy between her legs
pulled out, and I recognized Tommy Pelham. He was a guy from school, one
that I didn't particularly like, but he was my age! And this woman looked
old enough to be.........

"David, this is my mother," Jenny said.

"Hi, David! Nice to finally meet you after hearing about you for three

"Uh, nice to meet you too, Mrs. Keltner."

She laughed. She had a very pleasant laugh. "Jenny didn't warn you,
did she?"

"Not about anything specific, no."

"I thought so. You blush wonderfully." That made me blush more. "Don't
worry about it. Jenny will explain. Enjoy yourself." And she pulled Tommy
back between her legs.

"C'mon," Jenny said, taking my hand. She led me to the kitchen. There
we found a man, naked, standing behind a woman, naked, who was bent over
the kitchen table.

"Dad, hold up a minute!" The man stopped his movement towards the woman.
"This is David," Jenny said.

"Nice to meet you." He just waved. "He's sworn to secrecy?" he asked

"Yes," Jenny said.

"People could go to jail if this gets out, David. We've had outsiders
before, but we have to be cautious. Jenny likes you a lot, though, so her
mother and I consented to let you know what her family life was like. This
is all consensual. Jenny will explain more, I'm sure. But this is a
closely guarded secret." His voice was kind but stern, which was rather
incongruous coming from a stark-naked man with an equally stark-naked woman
bent over waiting for him. I understood, though, that this could never get

"I understand, sir. I need Jenny to tell me more about this, but I
don't want to hurt her, ever, for any reason."

He smiled. "Good. Enjoy yourself." And, with that, he gripped his cock
and started to enter the woman.

Jenny smiled at me, then took my hand and led me out of the kitchen.
She went to the staircase, and led me up. We walked past a bedroom, with
the door open, and heard moaning inside. Jenny peeked in, then motioned
me. I saw an older guy and a girl younger than Jenny going at it. The girl was on her back, spread eagled, as the guy pumped in and out of her.

"That's my older brother Eric. He's 22. And that's my little sister Melissa. She's 13."

Brothers and sisters? 13 year olds getting laid? What had I stumbled

Jenny grabbed my hand again, and led me into the next bedroom. "This is
mine." She sat on the bed, and motioned for me to sit on it, too. "So, how
shocked are you?" she asked me with a twinkle in her eye.

"Uh, very."

"It's us and the Pelhams. They live next door, you know. Our families
all have sex together, and with each other. You just saw my brother Eric,
right? He took my virginity when I was 11."

"My God."

"Yeah, most of the world thinks it's wrong, or sick. For us, it's
normal. I've had sex with every male member of my family, and of the
Pelhams." She giggled. "And some of the female ones, too. It's all
voluntary. When we're thirteen, we have to sign The Agreement, but there's
ways to get out of that, and exceptions to it, too. My sister Vicki, she's
twenty, she got out of it for three years."

"The Agreement?" I asked.

"It's sort of a contract. It governs our behavior in the two family unit. For instance, only in certain instances can I turn down sex, with
any member of the two families."

"You have to have sex?"

"Well, some of the instances are pretty broad. My room is my own space.
You have to be invited in here. If I'm in here, I'm not 'fair game.'" She
giggled. "Of course, getting here is sometimes an adventure."

"But, what if there's one person, or a couple, that you just don't want
to go to bed with?"

Her eyes got a little clouded over at that. "I'm not allowed to do
that. We're a collective."

"Oh." I was overwhelmed. "What about sex with people outside of the

"Allowed. Encouraged. Given wide berth when it comes to the
Agreement--nobody was allowed to approach me today, because I was bringing
an outsider in. It has to be done here, though. I have complete privacy
in this room, but, I couldn't, like, go to your house. It has to be done
in this house, or in the Pelham's, but I don't have my own room over

Light suddenly dawned. "You brought me here

She giggled. "Yes, I brought you here because I want you to fuck me


This was completely unexpected. I had never even done more than kiss
her. And now she wanted me

I was a virgin.

"You're blushing!" She noticed. "You're not a virgin, are you?"

"No." I lied. I didn't feel like admitting it to someone that had lost
her virginity at eleven. But I hedged it, because she could tell I was
nervous. "I'm not that experienced, though."

"That's OK." She leaned over to me and kissed me. "I don't mind." She
kissed me again, while rubbing her hands up and down my chest. "I've been
told that, well, I'm rather easy to satisfy." She giggled.

I sat for a minute, to clear my mind. Not only was I a virgin, I was
completely inexperienced. When I took off her shirt, that would be the
first time I ever saw......well, you know. I had to think. I had been
prepared for this, I needed to remember my lessons. If I did, she'd
probably not guess just how inexperienced I really was.

Y'see, my parents are kind of weird. Dad, especially. The sex
education I got at home, most kids would have begged for. I didn't just
get the mechanics, plus all the warnings about diseases and pregnancy. My
Dad made sure I learned what sex was really like. I got instructional
videos and everything. Dad told me that, his first couple of times, he
didn't know how to please a woman and that, because of that, they were
disasters. He had to figure out how to please a woman by himself. He
didn't want that to happen to me. He thought it was important. "If you
decide you're going to have sex, do it right," he said. It was very
tolerant and open--especially considering my younger sister, who was 12,
was starting to get the same kind of thing--but, like I said, a bit weird.

Of course, I was sitting here with a girl who had been to bed with every
member of two families, one of them her own, so who was I to judge weird?

And she was waiting for me. I reached over, and started pulling on the
bottom of her shirt. She helped me. I got the bra off, myself.

She took my breath away. Her tits were....perfect.

I touched them. I gripped one with one hand, while I played with the
nipple on the other one with the other hand, desperately trying to remember
those instructional videos. It seemed to be working, because she was all
red, and gasping.

After a while of this, she reached out for my shirt. I disengaged so
she could slip it off. And then she went for my pants. I helped her get
them off. How I even had the wherewithal to do that I couldn't tell you.
The next thing I knew, her hand was on my dick.

Oh my God.

"Oooh, very nice," she giggled, as she ran her hand up and down it.
Boy, did it feel a lot better than my hand. And if she kept it up, she was
going to find out just how inexperienced I was. Cumming in thirty seconds
from your very first handjob tends to give that away.

I needed something to occupy myself, and in a hurry. That was easy,
once I thought about it--her pants were still on.

"Hold up a minute," I said, as calmly as I was able. Your turn." I
reached for the snap of her pants. She smiled, and raised her ass so I
could slip her jeans and panties over it. She kicked them off, and there
she was, stark naked, smiling at me.

Oh, she was heavenly.

Instructional videos, remember, dummy, I said to myself. I moved my
hand down between her legs--she obligingly spread them for me. She was
sitting facing me. I reached down and rubbed my hand up and down her
pussy. Boy, was she wet. I guess I excited her. That was a nice thought.
I probed where I thought her opening should be, and I found it, right off.
The videos were proving to be a big help. I slipped my finger in her, and
started moving it back and forth. "Oh, David, yes....." she whispered. I
took my other hand and went for her clit, hoping I'd know it when I found
it. Her stiffening and barking "OH!" when I found a little nub let me know
I had hit paydirt.

I rubbed her clit while I slipped my finger in and out of her. "Oh
David, Oh David, oh David!" she cried, and then she went all stiff, and I
felt her pussy clenching on my finger. Her face was all red, her eyes were
closed, and her mouth was wide open, with low moans coming out of it. I
stopped my hands and watched her regain her breath.

"Wow!" she said. "That was great! You're really good at that." Wow, I
thought. My first time, and I was being told I was great by a girl who
definitely had a basis of comparison.

I just looked at her, as she smiled at me, and then I decided there was
something I wanted to try. I pushed her down, so she was lying on the bed.
She looked at me questioningly. I just smiled at her, then crawled down
between her legs. Now that I had figured out where her clit was, I went
right for it with my tongue.

"OH DAVID!" she yelled, and immediately started gasping. "WOW! WOW!
WOW!" It seemed like she was really enjoying this. She wrapped her legs
around my head and yanked me in closer. "YES! YES! YES! YES! OH DAVID
YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!" she screamed, and then she went stiff again.

"Jesus Christ, that was fantastic!" she said.

"Thanks," I said, pleased.

"My turn!" She reached over and engulfed my prick in her mouth.

"OH JESUS!" I yelled. Not to my surprise, I didn't last long--I didn't
even have a chance to warn her, before I started spurting into her mouth.
She didn't seem to mind, and swallowed every drop.

"Sorry," I said.

"For what? I don't mind drinking cum. In fact, I kind of like it. I
didn't expect it quite so soon, though," she giggled.

"Well, that was my first time for that. Lots of girls won't do that,
even if they'll do other things," I said, not exactly lying.

"True." She looked down in between my legs. "Look at that! You're
still hard! Oh, goody!" She lay back down on the bed, and spread her legs.
"Don't worry, David. With all the sex that goes on around here, we get
checked out regularly, and I'm on the pill. I'm as safe as can be. Fuck
me now, please?"

So I did. I climbed on top of her, grabbed my cock, and aimed it at her
pussy. I drove it into her. It felt fantastic. "OH YES!" she yelled, as
I started moving back and forth inside her.

How I didn't cum in her in twenty seconds is completely beyond me--the
blowjob must have made it less urgent, or something--but I managed to fuck
her for a lot longer than I would have expected. It was stupendous. She
wrapped her legs around my hips and grabbed my waist as she thrust up at me
every time I pushed into her. She was groaning and gasping, shouting stuff
like "OH YEAH! FUCK ME! OH GOD FUCK ME!" the whole time. I lasted long
enough for her to cum again--and the feeling of her orgasming pussy clamping down on my cock was all I needed,

"David, you are wonderful," she breathed up at me after we were done.
"Your previous girlfriends were very lucky--how on earth they didn't hold
on to you is beyond me." I didn't say anything, just blushed at her.


She came to my party the next day, and then, afterwards, we slipped back
to her house and went at it again. A couple of afternoons the next week,
and then that Saturday night, found me up in her room fucking her silly.

I was in heaven. I already knew I liked this girl, a lot, before we
ever had sex--but the sex just made it better. At that point, I even liked
the whole Agreement thing--it certainly had made her enthusiastic and
appreciative in bed. What she did when I wasn't there didn't concern me so
much at that point.

That started to change the following week--but, at first, I didn't mind
that either, because there were other benefits. I went over to her house
that Tuesday afternoon; but, before we made it to her room, we were
confronted by Tommy Pelham. He grabbed Jenny. "Come on, you know the

Jenny looked at me and said, "I'm sorry, Dave, they are the rules. I
have to go with him. I'd like you to wait, if you're willing. Oh, and if
anyone approaches you, you don't have to go with them, but you're free to,
if you want."

I was shocked at that. "You mean if someone else here wants me to have

"You can, if you want. In fact, I think my little sister Melissa is
very interested. I told her how good you were." She giggled, and followed
Tommy into a room somewhere.

"She's right," I heard from behind me. It was Melissa. "She told me
you knew your way around a girl better than anyone in this house. I'd like
to see, if you want."

Jesus, what have I stumbled into? I thought, for not the first time.
Here was my girlfriend, going off to have sex with another guy, but her
thirteen-year-old sister was proposing I have sex with her.

What the hell, I thought, and let Melissa lead me to her room. We were
barely in the room before she had all her clothes off, and was working on

I won't lie--it was fun. Melissa was almost as hot as Jenny, and boy was she tight. After licking her to a couple of orgasms, I entered her,
came very quickly, but stayed hard. Melissa wasn't a screamer, like Jenny
was--she was a squeaker. All kinds of little "EEE! EEE! EEE!" sounds
came out of her mouth as I pounded into her. And, when she came--just as I
came the second time--she let out a long "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!"

"Jen was right. You are damn good," she said to me. She reached up and
kissed me. "Thanks, David. Any time you want, you find me, OK?"

When I got out of her room, I heard Jennie call "David?" from her own
room next door. I went in.

"I've been waiting for you. Did Melissa leave me anything?" she

"I think so. Is Tommy........"

"Oh, Tommy's been done with me for quite some time. He's not nearly as
thorough as you. And, don't worry, I'm all cleaned up. C'mere."

Melissa must have left Jennie something, because I was able to fuck her
for a good while before I came again.


The next couple of weeks went rather like that day. Jennie would bring
me home, but get grabbed on her way up the stairs--a couple of times by
Tommy, and then by Tommy's older brother Jack, and then by their father.
Jennie's own brothers and father, strangely enough, seemed to try to leave
her alone to be with me, but the Pelham men were having none of it. If I
wanted Jennie, I had to wait until whichever of them that had grabbed her
was done with her.

Not that I was sitting around waiting for her to be done, mind you.
Melissa grabbed me a couple times, and then Courtney Pelham--who was also
13--decided she had to sample the goods. I'd get done with them, and
Jennie would be waiting for me. I was getting more pussy than any
sixteen-year-old boy should have a right to get. I'm lucky my dick didn't
fall off.

However, I was starting to feel vaguely uneasy with the whole thing. I
liked fucking Melissa and Courtney--they were fun--but they weren't Jennie,
and it wasn't all just sex, either. I'd see her in school, and, in school,
we acted like boyfriend and girlfriend. We'd walk to her house, holding
hands, giggling like two kids in love--and then I'd have to hand her over
to someone else for sex.

This all came to a head a week and a half after my first experience with
Melissa. It was a Friday night, and I had gone over there, only to have
her grabbed by Tommy Pelham. I sighed, sat on the couch, and resigned
myself to another wait. I suppose Melissa or Courtney would be by to grab
me, but I'd still rather be with Jennie.

It wasn't either of them who grabbed me--it was Vicki, Jennie's older sister, home from college for the weekend. "Right," she said, grabbing my
hand. "You're getting rave reviews from my sisters. It's my turn," and
she took me to her room.

Vicki was twenty, and was my first older woman. She was an animal--kind
of gave me a preview of the already-uninhibited Jennie in four years--and I
had a ball. So did she. But, what really struck me, was the conversation
we had after we were done.

"Shit, I can tell that you aren't a Pelham or a Keltner man. You
actually care if the girl cums or not," she began. "Thanks, David. I
don't have a boyfriend at college right now, and it's nice to go to bed
with a guy who's good at it."

"Thanks. The guys in the agreement aren't good at it?"

Vicki snorted. "With one exception--my older brother Eric--they're
pathetic. My other brother Steve and my dad are passable. If you get Dad
early enough in the day, he's better than passable. The Pelham men are

"So, then, why do all the girls in the families continue to sleep with

"Because of the Agreement. We get roped into signing it when we're
thirteen. I think that Dad and Mr. Pelham dreamed this thing up, although
I'm not sure." She snorted in disgust. "You think Tommy Pelham would have
a chance of getting any pussy if it weren't for the agreement? So, we get
roped in early. When I was thirteen, I thought the guys in the agreement
were all that. It took my first boyfriend to show me differently. Yeah, I
knew Eric was good, but even he wasn't as good as my first boyfriend. I
got out of the Agreement from age fifteen to age eighteen. You can claim
an outside exclusive relationship as a reason for getting out."

"Why did you get back in?"

"That relationship broke up, so I almost had to get back in. My reason
for getting out was no longer valid. And, I must admit, with the
relationship broken up---mediocre sex is better than no sex, especially
when you're used to getting it regularly. And I do like sex with Eric--to
get that, I have to put up with the rest of them."

"If you got another steady boyfriend who satisfied you, would you get
out again?"

"In a heartbeat."

"I wonder if Jennie would say the same thing," I mused.

"I don't know. Would you want to do that? I mean, you're getting all
the pussy you want, and we all think you're great."

"No offense to you, Vicki, or to Melissa and Courtney, but sex with you
girls is something to do while I'm waiting for Jennie. Not that it's not
good. Not that I didn't enjoy myself. But it's not Jennie."

Vicki smiled at me. "You're in love with her, aren't you?"

"Yeah, I think I am."

"David. Tell her."

Vicki had given me a lot to think about. I told Jennie that Vicki had
worn me out--Jennie giggled that she understood, she knew her sister well
enough--and went home to think.


I called Jennie the next afternoon. "Hey, can we go out tonight?
Dinner and a movie?"

"That sounds positively delightful," she said.

And, it was. We had a wonderful time. The movie was great, the food
was great, the company was fantastic. We walked to her house with our arms
entwined, laughing and smiling, thoroughly enjoying one another. When we
got to her house, she led me up the stairs. We were accosted by both Mr.
Pelham and Tommy, and Jennie told them both the same thing: "I'm on a date.
My date isn't over. My date and I are going to continue the date in my
room." We did--we went to her room and fucked like bunnies for a couple of

Monday morning, Jennie told me to meet her somewhere at lunch. She said
she needed to talk.

"Look, David, I'm sorry, but I got read the riot act. Tommy Pelham
called an Agreement Council Sunday night, and he and his father railed at
me for refusing them on Saturday night. I can't do that again."

I sighed. "You know, that whole Agreement thing sometimes sounds like
quite a racket."

She giggled. "You don't seem to mind when you're fucking Melissa or
Courtney or Vicki." I did mind. How do I tell her that, though? "Anyhow,
this is my life, this is the way it is, and you've known that for a while.
Listen, I do not want to break up with you. I like you a lot. But I
signed the Agreement, and I'm bound to it, and I can't promise you first
dibs or try to force it ever again."

"I understand," I said, though I didn't.

"Good." She kissed me, and walked away. I walked in the other
direction, turned the corner, and found Tommy Pelham.

"Hey, David, how's it feel?"

"How's what feel?"

"Knowing I can fuck your girlfriend any time I want, and you can't!
Must be great, huh?" he said with a nasty leer on his face. "Good ol'
David, the wonderful lover who everyone praises to the heavens, and he
can't even get in his girlfriend's pants when he wants to. And I can.
How's that feel, David?"

I wanted to hit him, but I curbed the impulse. "You know what? I hope
you thank your lucky stars every night for that agreement, because, if you
didn't have it, there isn't a girl in the universe who would have anything
to do with you." I walked away, with him laughing at my back.

I stewed through my next class. The class after that was study hall,
and I decided that I had to do something. Every time I was with her, I was
afraid to tell her how I really felt, so I decided to write it. I wrote
Jennie a letter.

Dear Jennie,

After I left you today at lunch, I got the pleasure of being taunted by
Tommy Pelham. He drove home a few unpleasant truths--that he can sleep
with my girlfriend any time he wants, and I can't. Any guy saying this to
me would be bad enough, but Tommy Pelham saying it is worse. He's a
scumbag, Jennie. And I know it can't be the sex, because Vicki and Melissa
both told me he's useless in bed. Nope, his hold over you is the

I tried to deal with it. I really did. At first, having a number of
girls offering to sleep with me was fun. But, like I told Vicki, it
quickly became just something to do while I was waiting for you, because
you're the only one I really want.

Because of the way you live, you seem to be able to separate sex and
feelings. I can't. I'm sorry. I've tried. I have to tell you, that I
lied to you--the first time I was with you was my first time. You took my
virginity. It meant a lot to me--and the reason it meant a lot to me, I
realize now, was that I was already crazy about you by that time. And I
know I should have told you this before now, and told you how much it meant
to me, but I was embarrassed.

I love you, Jennie Keltner. And I can't go on this way. I can't bear
the thought of the girl I love in bed with Tommie Keltner, or Jack, or
their father. It turns my stomach. It's not even the sex. It's that you
even give them the time of day--and that you not only do it, but you have
to. And it's not the sex with me, either. I wouldn't mind if we never did
it--just as long as I got to be with you, only me, and only you. Not that
I don't enjoy sex with you--we both know that I do--but just being with you
is more important to me.

And that's not going to happen.

I'm sorry. I love you so much, and it hurts to say this, but it's jut
not going to work.

Love, David

I dropped the letter in her locker, and went to my last class. I dashed
out of school early to avoid her. The walk home alone was interminable.


I had been home for about a half hour. I was watching TV, trying to get
my mind off of Jennie, which was hopeless. Then, my doorbell rang.

It was Jennie. She looked like she had been crying. Before I could say
a word, she had walked through the door and wrapped her arms around me,
bearing down on me with a kiss that made my head spin.

She finally broke the kiss. "Is anyone home besides you?"

"No, my parents don't get home until after six."

"Where's your bedroom?"

"Upstairs. Why?"

"Show me."

"Jennie, I don't think......"

"David. Just show me." I took her up to my room. "Clean, for a guy,"
she giggled.

"I like to know where stuff is."

She walked around, and then sat on the bed. "You were really a virgin?"
she said.


"Amazing. How'd you get so good?" I explained about the instructional
videos. "That's funny," she said.

She pat the bed beside her. I sat down. "Jennie, I don't know

"Shh," she interrupted me, and then kissed me again. "We'll talk
later," she said after she broke the kiss, and then started unbuttoning my

"I thought you weren't allowed to do anything here," I said.

"I'm not." My shirt was off, and she was working on my pants button.
She undid it, and I rose off the bed so she could get them down. She took
my cock in her mouth and started sucking on it. Next thing I knew, she had
it in her throat and was swallowing it. That was the first time she had
ever done that. I came, in a damn hurry.

"Oh my God, Jen," I gasped out.

She sat up, smiling at me. I got up myself, and pulled off her tee
shirt. I undid her bra, and then went for her pants. Quickly, she was as
naked as I was, and we spread out on the bed.

"David, eat me out, please?" She had to ask? I went right down on her.

"OhGodOhGodOhGodYES! YES! YES! Oh SHIT David nobody can do me like
you! Oh YEAH! OH! OH! OH! OH! AYIIEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!" She had barely
come down off of her orgasm, when I climbed up on top of her and entered

"AAAAHHH!!!!!" She howled. "OH YES! DAVID, FUCK ME! OH YEAH!" She
tended to be loud anyway, but this was really loud. I guess being alone in
the house made her even more uninhibited. I wasn't complaining.

She came in a hurry, and I was still going strong. She came again,
howling like a banshee, before I did.

"Oh David. Oh, honey, you're magnificent," she said after I had slipped
off of her and lay down next to her.

"You're pretty damn magnificent yourself. But I must admit I'm a little
confused. I thought I broke up with you today!"

"You know, when I read that letter, I started to cry. You did break up
with me. I couldn't stand it. I couldn't stand not being with you, and
not just for sex. However, I do like sex, and I especially like sex with
you. Now, your parents are gone every afternoon?"

"Pretty much, yeah."

"So you have the house to yourself?"


She propped her head up with her hand, leaning on her elbow, and looked
at me and grinned. "So, do you think you can handle me?"

"Huh? What are you talking about?"

"Well, I am used to a lot of sex. I can cut down, so as I don't wear
you out, but I am going to need it quite a bit, if the only person I'm
getting it from is you."

"Huh?" Did she say what I think she just said?

She did, and confirmed it. "David, I'm getting out of the agreement.
I'm in an exclusive outside relationship. That is, if you want that."

"Are you kidding me? YES!"

"So you think you can handle me?" she grinned.

"Either that or die trying. With a smile on my face." We both laughed.

"David, I love you. Oh boy do I love you."

"I love you, too."


Evidently, the Council that they had the next night where Jennie opted
out of the Agreement was a real doozy, because Jennie's seventeen-year-old
sister Karen also got out that night, for the same reason. Since Vicki
stayed at college most of the time, there was a definite shortage of
females in the Agreement. The death knell was two months later, when I
fixed Melissa up with my next door neighbor Stan, a good guy who was a year
older than she was. They hit it off right away, and Melissa was doing him
within a couple of weeks. Right after that, she got out of the Agreement,
too. I felt bad for poor Courtney Pelham; she was the only girl, outside
of the two mothers, left in the Agreement. However, that was a moot point.
Because of the shortage of girls, the Pelhams and Keltners decided to
cancel the Agreement.

The best part of all of this was watching Tommy Pelham around school,
desperately trying to get into any girl's pants he could, and getting
soundly rejected every time. I would have felt sorry for the guy if he
weren't such an asshole. I mean, he went from getting it any time he want
to not getting any--even Courtney told Melissa and Jennie that she didn't
want anything to do with him, now that she didn't have to. This went on
throughout sophomore year, and then the Pelhams moved.

When the Agreement first collapsed, I worried about my relationship with
Jennie--if she had just gone out with me to get away from the Pelhams, now
she no longer had an excuse. But, that wasn't the case. She really did
love me, and didn't mind that the frequency of her getting laid decreased
by quite a bit. Hey, I am only one guy. She told me, "Quality is more
important than quantity!"

We're seniors now, and still together. Who knows what the future holds,
but, for now, we're happy. We're taking it day by day, but we plan to get
married someday. We don't talk about it much, but we both know we feel
that way--it's sort of an unspoken agreement.



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