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AIRFORC thick purple veins all over it


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Written by DAVE 437



Stan, my husband, and I recently moved to this area and occasionally we
meet some of his old Air Force buddies who get stationed at one of the
air-bases nearby. Stan used to be a pilot in the Air Force before he
became an airline pilot. Recently, we had a really fun experience with one
of Stan's old Air Force buddies, Dave, who was being transferred to this

Dave and Stan used to bet on Who would be the first to pick up a girl at
a bar. They had fucked their way through Europe during their tour of duty,
picking up some of the best looking girls there, playing this game.
According to Stan, however, Dave seldom won because he would get
tongue-tied and flub his 'pick-up lines' when he met a really pretty girl.

Apparently, Dave never got his technique down well enough to get
married, so Stan and I arranged to have my sister, Cindy, come along with
us as a blind date for Dave. But we thought it might be fun to play a game
with him. Stan told Dave he would meet him at a bar near the base where
they might be able to pick up some girls. He didn't tell him about being
married. Stan then showed Cindy and I a picture of Dave so that we could
recognize him. Then we would pretend to be pick-up's but would give Stan
most of the attention while keeping Dave occupied enough so that he
couldn't make a play for anyone else. We thought it would be great fun and
a good practical joke to play on him.

Cindy and I are both attractive girls, so dressing up to get the guys'
attention wouldn't be hard. Cindy is small, about 5'2", but she's got a
beautiful body......firm high tits, a cute little butt and very pretty
legs. We both dressed in sexy outfits; Cindy's was a light brown short
dress, with a low neckline that dipped between her full bra-less breasts,
the material light and tight enough to show the impression of her nipples
against the fabric. The skirt was almost to her knees, but had a slit up
the side almost to her butt. Even I was attracted to her!

Stan was going to meet us at the bar since he was coming in from a
flight from Denver. But as we arrived at the bar the bartender was paging
Cindy for a phone call. She picked up the phone and it was Stan. He was
delayed and wouldn't get there for a few hours yet. He had paged Dave
earlier and told him just to go ahead and have fun, but that Stan would
meet him there tomorrow instead. Stan said we would do the trick on Dave
tomorrow. As Cindy hung up the phone, we spotted Dave sitting alone at the
bar. He was much better looking than he looked in his photo, and his blue
officer's uniform looked so good on him!

Cindy and I looked at each other, and we decided we didn't want to go
home right now.....

Cindy walked right up and sat down on the stool next to him and I sat
next to her. We both ordered drinks and pretended not to notice him, but I
could see him eying Cindy's cleavage hungrily. Cindy got things started by
getting out a cigarette and asking him for a light. Soon we were all three
chatting and I couldn't see any shyness at all in this tall handsome hunk.
He was telling us that it was too bad his friend couldn't make it there
that night, but then again he said he wouldn't have wanted to make a choice
between us. Finally he got enough guts to ask us if we would like to go
somewhere else more comfortable and both Cindy and I had to control
ourselves to keep from jumping up with excitement. He suggested his hotel
room, but Cindy said it would be more pleasant at her apartment. We had
him sit between us as Cindy drove to her place. As we chatted in the car,
his big strong hands caressed both my leg and Cindy's, and I rubbed my hand
over the big bulge in his pants. He really turned me on!

As we walked up to the apartment, he put an arm around each of us and I
slid my hand down the back of his pants to caress his tight butt. Once we
got inside, I grabbed him and kissed him full on the mouth, his tongue and
mine probing our mouths as he slid his hands up inside my top to cup my
breasts. My nipples hardened and my cunt got very wet as I reached down to
find Cindy's hands already inside his pants on his huge cock. His strong
hands massaged my sensitive breasts as I unzipped his pants and pulled them
down along with his jockeys. His long, thick cock sprang straight out at
me and I dropped to my knees to look it over. It was at least 8",
uncircumcised with thick purple veins all over it, and was VERY thick! I
wrapped my lips around the beautiful purple head and tasted his meat under
the foreskin with my tongue.

His cock felt so good in my mouth! I swallowed him down as far as I
could without choking, but he was just too big for me. I can deep-throat
Stan, but Dave was much thicker and longer. Cindy pulled me off him and I
watched in amazement as his huge meat disappeared into her throat. Her
pretty lips wrapped tight around his huge cock and her jaw was spread wide
open as she slid down the length of him. I took off her clothes and mine
while she deep-throated Dave slowly with a look of rapture on her
face.......Cindy always did like to suck cock! I knelt down again next to
her and we shared sucking his balls and cock while he massaged both of our
breasts with his large hands. He grabbed our boobs tightly, squeezing as
he neared his climax and I could feel his balls tighten in my mouth. He
moaned loudly and his cock began jerking in Cindy's mouth as his cum spurted into her. Her eyes went wide as she gulped and almost choked with
the huge quantity of cum he poured into her mouth. His cock was like a
water hose, shooting cum all over both our faces as I grabbed it and yanked
it out of her mouth to put it in mine so I could taste his man-milk too!
The thick cream tasted delicious and I eagerly swallowed the last of his
spurts. He grabbed my head and all of a sudden I found my lips against the
hair at the base of his cock and his cock-head plunged deep inside my
throat. I would have been upset about the sudden plunge down my throat,
but his thick cream was so good and I was enjoying the sensation of his
sweet tasting cock skin against my tongue. My jaw was spread open so wide!
I just closed my eyes and sucked the last drops out of him, savoring the
taste of him and the warmth of his milk rolling down into my belly.

Dave pulled his still rock-hard pole out of my mouth, and then fucked
Cindy doggy-style while I lay under her sucking his heavy balls as he
pounded her tight pussy and Cindy ate my pussy. Soon he climaxed again,
and I eagerly licked up the overflowing cum as it dripped out of her sweet
pussy lips. His cum tasted so good mixed with her juices!

Cindy & I sucked and fucked him all night but we never told Stan about
it and played the joke on him the next night instead of Dave. Stan
couldn't understand why we laughed so hard afterwards.........but now we're
all good friends!

Maybe I'll meet you sometime?.......


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