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Andi & Jo Meet Charity (A story of Walnut Grove)
by Kelly Adams (

It was nearly 6:30 in the evening, and Andi & Jo were putting on the
final touches for their evening out. Andi was sitting on the edge of
the bed, struggling to get into her very tight black denim jeans.
She finally got them pulled up to her waist and fastened, letting
out a gasp of air in relief. "Tomorrow I diet," she swore.

"You say that every time you wear those pants," Jo told her, not
looking away from the mirror where she was putting on her make-up.
"Maybe you just shouldn't wear them anymore."

"But I look so fucking hot in them," Andi explained. She stretched
her arms above her head, causing her black spaghetti strap tank top
to ride up to almost the bottom of her tits.

"Honey, you look fucking hot in just about anything," Jo replied,
still not looking away from her make-up work. Realizing that Jo
wasn't going to be distracted, Andi lowered her arms back down, the
shirt--which was emblazoned across the front with bright turquoise
Japanese Kanji characters (that Jo had no idea what they were
supposed to mean)--fell down to its normal resting place just above
her naval.

Andi watched Jo intently as Jo finished putting on her make-up. Jo
was wearing a light blue and white sleeveless top along with a tight
white skirt that came down just far enough to cover the tops of her
white stockings. Hunched slightly over the mirror, Jo's butt made a
wonderful outline against the skirt, and Andi could tell that she
wasn't wearing any panties underneath.

Jo finished applying a dusty rose lipstick, smacked her lips
together, and then turned around to face Andi. "How do I look?"

"Like a *girl*," Andi told her, somewhat teasingly.

"Shut *up*!" Jo responded, giving Andi a playful slug to the arm.
But it was true. Ever since they had met their new friends Kelly and
Gretchen a couple of months ago while bowling, Andi noticed that Jo
had been trying to look more feminine. Jo was even letting her hair
grow out; her medium brown locks now fell about halfway down her
neck, framing her pretty face.

"'Cmon, we'll be late," Andi told Jo, glancing at the clock by their

"I wonder why Gretchen and Kelly asked us to meet them at the
library?" Jo said as she slipped on her white pumps.

"Dunno," Andi replied. "But it's their turn to plan for this
evening's activities, so who are we to argue?"

Jo and Andi hopped into Andi's Explorer, and within in a few minutes
they had arrived at the Walnut Grove Public Library. It was late
August, and as usual the weather was hot and humid. There were only
a handful of cars in the library parking lot, but even though they
were able to park close to the building, Andi was beginning to wish
that she had opted for a color other than black!

As they entered the library, Jo pointed to the sign indicating that
the library was closing at 7, just a few minutes away. "Well,
whatever they have planned, it obviously won't be here!"

Jo and Andi waited in the lobby for several minutes, but Kelly and
Gretchen never showed up. "They did say 6:45, didn't they?" Jo

"I thought so," Andi confirmed. "Maybe they're off somewhere else in
the library." Andi and Jo split up to search through the stacks, but
it wasn't a particularly large library and five minutes later they
had covered every possible nook and cranny.

Out of options, the girls decided to ask the librarian at the desk.
The librarian, a petite redhead in her mid-twenties, smiled as the
duo approached. "Can I help you?" she asked.

"We were supposed to meet our two friends here, but we can't seem to
find them." Andi told her. "Two women, about our age, 5'7", a blonde and a brunette... You haven't seen them by any chance, have you?"

"Ah," the librarian replied. "You two ladies must be Andi and Jo!"

"Er, yeah, that's us," Andi said. "How did you...?"

"Kelly and Gretchen told me that you might me coming by to look for
them," the librarian explained. "They said to tell you that they're
running a bit late, but that I was to look after you until they
could meet up."

"You know Gretchen and Kelly?" Jo asked.

"Oh yes, we're good friends. Very good friends!" The twinkle in the
redhead's eyes told Andi and Jo exactly how good of friends they all
were. "My name's Charity, by the way," she said, offering her hand
to the two brunettes.

"Jo," Jo said as she shook Charity's hand.

"Which must make you Andi," Charity said as she shook Andi's.
"We've still got about ten minutes until the library closes,"
Charity explained. "Then I'll meet you girls out in the lobby,

"Could you point us to the restroom?" Andi asked.

"Sure. Just head out towards the lobby, the make a left and down the
short hall."


Andi and Jo headed off to the bathroom. Once inside, they started
chatting up a storm.

"Gawd, she's pretty damn cute," Jo said. "When she said that she and
Gretchen and Kelly were 'very good friends' do you think she

"Oh, I'd be pretty sure of that," Andi said. "Those two acted so
innocent when we first met them, but I wouldn't be surprised if
they've fucked half the women in this town!"

"I wonder what it's like to fuck a redhead?" Jo wondered aloud.

"I'd imagine that it's like fucking any other girl."

"Do you think her pussy hair is as red as her other hair?"

"Probably. Her hair color seemed pretty natural to me."

"I hope that she doesn't shave it," Jo said, feeling a warm
sensation simmering down in her loins. "I mean, I loved how Kelly
and Gretchen had theirs shaved, but I'd really like to see a fiery
red pussy!"

"Well, dear, don't get your hopes up too high," Andi said as she
stood behind Jo, rubbing her shoulders. "That might not be in her
plans at all. Maybe she's just going to take us out for ice cream
until Gretchen and Kelly show up."

"Oh pooh!" Jo said, pouting. "Why do you have to go and ruin a
perfectly good fantasy."

"Just trying to keep you from being disappointed, dear."

"THE LIBRARY IS NOW CLOSED," came a voice over a loudspeaker.

"I guess we're about to find out," Andi said.

Jo and Andi headed out to the lobby, where they waited a couple of
more minutes until Charity came out, locking the doors behind her.
Chairty's dress was a light cotton, conservatively lengthed with an
intricate flower print. It flowed in the air as she walked.

A blast of hot air hit the three women square in the face as they
left the air conditioned confines of the library building. "So, what
should we do while we're waiting?" Andi asked Charity.

"I figured we could go for some ice cream," Charity said. "There's a
great ice cream parlour just down the block."

Jo looked at Andi with a frown. Andi shrugged her shoulders.
Apparently they had read the situation wrong. Oh well, they could
still look forward to plenty of fun with Gretchen and Kelly later.

There was a long line at the ice cream parlour, not surprising since
it was so hot out. There were only two workers serving up ice cream,
both teenagers and both obviously overworked.

"So where did you guys meet Gretchen and Kelly?" Charity asked.

"At the bowling alley, during Rusty Bowlers Night," Andi said. "We
were paired up with them on a lane, and hit it off instantly.
They're a couple of fun girls."

Charity smiled. She knew exactly what Andi meant by 'fun', but was
enjoying playing the role of the innocent.

The three girls continued their small talk, and soon they were at
the front of the line. Jo had been staring down at the flavor
choices available, and was startled when she heard a voice ask, "Can
I help you?"

Looking up, Jo found herself looking into the eyes of the girl behind the counter, and was instantly smitten. Even through the
dishevelment of work, the girl was very cute: long brown hair in a
ponytail, tucked under a baseball cap, cool blue eyes, a cute little
nose, and pert breasts pushing out against the t-shirt she wore,
bearing the parlour's logo.

"Can I help you?" the girl asked again.

"Oh, um, yes," Jo said, recovering. "I'd like a single scoop of
Mackinac Island Fudge ice cream in a cone, please."

"Waffle or cake?"


The girl turned to go get Jo's order ready, and Jo felt a soft jab
in her ribs. "God girl, stare much?" Andi jibed.

Jo's face turned beet red; she'd hoped that no one had noticed her
staring. "I can't help it," she said. "It's not my fault that she's
so cute!"

"Yeah, and she looks to be, like, sixteen at the most, so don't go
getting any ideas," Andi chided.

"Here you go, ma'am," the girl behind the counter said, handing Jo
her cone. Jo took the cone from the girl, unconsciously letting
their fingers touch longer than they need to. She paid for her ice
cream, then waited for Andi and Charity to get theirs, before the
three of them found a table near the back to sit around.

Charity, eating strawberry cheesecake ice cream, licked slowly and
enticingly around the frozen dessert. Andi was eating pure
chocolate. The three girls sat around the table making more small
talk. Jo found herself being distracted, alternately by Charity's
licking or watching the counter girl.

However, Jo wasn't so distracted that she didn't notice Andi's hand
reaching under the table towards her thigh. Jo quickly reached out
to grab Andi's wrist before contact could be made. Looking Andi
squarely in the eyes, Jo said: "If you get chocolate ice cream on my
white stockings, I. Will. Kill. You."

Andi looked shocked, then looked down to see that indeed her fingers
did indeed have melted chocolate ice cream on them. "Ooops, sorry
babe," she apologized. Andi wrested her wrist free from Jo's grip,
then brought her fingers up to her lips to lick them clean.

Charity finished her cone first, then excused herself to go to the
ladies room. When she was gone, Jo turned to Andi. "Just what did
you think you were doing?" she asked.

"I wanted to see how Charity would react," Andi explained. "Did you
notice how it didn't faze her at all that I was going to rub your

"That doesn't mean anything," Jo said. "If she's good friends with
Gretchen and Kelly, she probably knows that they're lesbians. It
wouldn't surprise her at all to know that you and I are too."

"Well, with the way you've been staring at women all this time, it's
a wonder the whole city doesn't know!"

"I can't help it!" Jo protested. "I'm feeling so damn horny this

Andi was getting ready to say something back, but then Charity
reappeared, causing Andi's comment to go unsaid.

"I wonder where Kelly and Gretchen are?" Charity wondered aloud as
she sat down and looked at her watch. "They were supposed to be here
by now."

"Should we just walk around downtown here a bit until they show up?"
Andi suggested.

"Well, we could do that, I suppose," Charity said. "But I was kind
of hoping that we three could go to my apartment and fuck for a

Jo and Andi looked at each other, stunned, and then at Charity, who
was wearing a big ol' shit-eating grin. "You were playing with us?"
Andi asked.

"Guilty as charged," Charity said. "I couldn't help it, especially
after Gretchen told me how much fun she and Kelly had acting all
innocent with you two before."

"That girl..."

" such a tease; don't I know it! And believe me, it wasn't easy
holding back. You two girls look so hot with the way you're

"I'm beginning to wish that I hadn't worn tight black jeans," Andi
said. "It's too damn hot out."

"Well then, let's hurry up and get you out of them then!" Charity
said. The three ladies stood at once and made a quick line to the

They were only a few steps down the sidewalk when Charity stopped
suddenly. "Oops, forgot something," she said as she turned to go
back inside the ice cream shop. Andi and Jo looked at each other a
bit confused; the only thing Charity had brought with her was her
purse, and that was slung over her shoulder.

They watched through the window as Charity talked to the girl behind
the counter, scribbled something on a napkin, and then came back
out. "What was that all about?" Jo asked Charity as they walked down
the sidewalk.

"Her name is Hilary," Charity told Jo. "She's seventeen years old,
but will be eighteen in just a couple of weeks..."

"Oh my god, I can't believe that you..."

"...And she would like it very much if you would give her a call,"
Charity finished, handing Jo the napkin with a phone number scrawled
on it.

"How did you..."

"...know that you had the hots for little-miss-ice cream?" Charity
finished. "Like it wasn't so obvious to everyone but you! How could
you miss the way that she made sure that your fingers touched when
she handed you the cone?"

"Jo's a little new at all of this," Andi explained.

"I can see that," Charity said. Jo's face was beet red from
embarrassment. "Don't worry, I like 'em young and naive; they're so
much more fun to fuck!"

Charity had ridden the bus into work, so they took Andi's explorer
out to Charity's apartment. Andi drove and Jo sat up front; Charity
in the back seat, leaning up between the two in front to give Andi
directions. When she wasn't telling Andi which way to turn, Charity
lightly stroked Jo's bare arm.

Jo was a bit nervous. She had been comfortable with spending an
evening with Gretchen and Kelly, but Charity was an unexpected twist
to their plans. Still, she really enjoyed the attentions that
Charity was giving her.

"Jo dear..." Charity began.


Charity moved her hand off Jo's arm and down to her thigh. She
rubbed along the top of Jo's stocking and then slipped a single
finger just under the hem of Jo's skirt. "Are you wearing any
panties under here...?"

Jo gave a bashful smile. "No..."

"Mmmm, I didn't think so." Charity slid the tips of three more of
her fingers up barely under Jo's skirt, and then turned her hand
towards the inside of Jo's thigh. "Are you getting wet?"

Jo could feel her pulse quickening. Charity was leaning so close
that she could smell her sweet perfume, which was now starting to
mix with the gentle odor of her own excitement. "Yes..."

"Good," Charity said. "I love a girl who gets wet when I touch her."
She continued to rub the inside of Jo's thigh, but made no move
towards getting any closer to her pussy.

"Which way?" Andi asked Charity, as they had arrived at another

"Left," Charity said, removing her hand from beneath Jo's skirt as
Andi made the turn. "Then after the curve up here you'll see the
apartment complex on your right."

Andi expertly swung the sport-ute into a parking space and the three
women quickly exited the vehicle and went up the stairs to Charity's
apartment. Charity fumbled a bit in her purse for her keys, and
twenty seconds seemed like an eternity, but soon they were all

Charity's apartment was rather small: a living room, a small
kitchen, and a bathroom and bedroom to the back. "I'm afraid you
can't afford a large place on what they pay librarians these days,"
she explained.

"That's all right," Andi told her. "It's very cozy."

"Thanks," Charity smiled. Nearly every wall in the place was flush
with bookcases, overflowing with books. A couch in the middle of the
living room with end tables on either side faced a television in the

Charity walked over to the refrigerator in the kitchen. "Can I offer
you girls something to drink?"

"Actually," Jo said, "I kind of have to pee..."

"Why didn't you go when we were in the bathroom at the library?"
Andi asked.

"I had other things on my mind."

"Yeah, like Charity's pussy!"

"What about my pussy?"

"Jo was wondering if your pussy hair was bright red..."


Charity grinned. "Well, I guess she'll just have to find out, won't

Jo started to say something, then decided to go into the bathroom
instead. "Y'know," Charity said to Andi, "I think that's the third
time I've seen her blush this evening."

"Yes, but she's sooo cute!" Andi responded.

"Got that right. I can see why you like her so much. Do you want a
wine cooler?"

"Sure, thanks." Charity handed Andi a bottle from the fridge and got
one out for herself as well. They each took a couple of swigs, then
moved over to stand near the couch.

"Do you know what that says on your shirt?" Charity asked, referring
to the Japanese characters on Andi's top.

"Not really," Andi replied. "I just think that it looks good on me."

"That it does," Charity said, tracing her finger along the lettering
and the gentle swell of Andi's breasts. "But while you girls were in
the bathroom at the library, I looked it up."

"Oh? What does it say?"

"Well, idioms are always difficult to translate properly, but
essentially it says 'I like to fuck.'"

"Really?" Andi asked with a smile.

"Yup," Charity said, continuing to rub her hand across Andi's tits.
"Is that true, Andi? Do you like to fuck?"

"Essentially, I suppose I do. Aw hell, who am I kidding, I *love* to

"Good," Charity said. She set her bottle down on the end table, then
pushed Andi's top up above her breasts. Andi's nipples were rock
hard, and Charity wasted no time, rubbing and licking them with
enthusiasm. "God, I've wanted to get at your tits ever since you
walked into the library earlier."

Andi set her own bottle down, then pulled her top the rest of the
way up and off. She let her hands explore Charity's body through the
redhead's light cotton dress, feeling her thin waist as it curved
out into her hips and ass. They heard the toilet flush as Jo exited
the bathroom, but paid it no heed.

"Hey," Jo said as she saw the two ladies starting to go at it.
"What's the idea starting without me?"

"You didn't expect us to wait just because you needed to take a
leak, did you?" Andi replied.

Jo gave her lover a scowl as she headed around to the front of the
couch. On the way past the end table the grabbed Andi's wine cooler
and took a swig from the bottle as she sat down on the armrest on
the far side of the couch.

"Hey!" Andi said. "That's mine!"

"You didn't expect me to go thirsty while you two fuck, did you?"
Now it was Andi's turn to scowl. She stuck her tongue out at Jo, who
returned the sentiment.

Charity moved quickly to diffuse the situation. "There's no need to
argue, girls. There's plenty enough fucking to go around this

"We're sorry," Andi told her. "It's just that we've never tried to
share one girl between the two of us before."

"Well, what say we attend to Jo first, and then I'll take you into
the back and give you the fucking of your life?"

"Sounds like a plan to me," Andi responded.

"Good." Charity gave Andi's right tit one last squeeze and a kiss on
the forehead, then stood and turned around to face Jo. "All right,
girl, you're up first!"

Jo stood back up and handed the wine cooler back to Andi. Charity
stood right in front of her. She placed her hand on Jo's stomach,
then moved it up between her breasts. She could feel Jo's heart
pounding. "Nervous?"

"A bit..."

"Don't worry, we'll take care of that right quick." Charity told
her. With her free hand she reached up under Jo's skirt, moving her
hand up the inside of Jo's thigh to her pussy. "Ooh, you're very
wet," she said to Jo, slipping her finger up inside of Jo's sex.

"Your finger feels good," Jo said.

"Just wait until I get my tongue down there!"

Jo unzipped her skirt and started to wiggle out of it. Charity
pulled her hand away from Jo's crotch so that the skirt could fall
down to the floor. She lifted her finger up to her lips, tasting
Jo's sweet juices. "Your girlfriend tastes real good," she said to

"Don't I know it!" Andi responded. "Sweetest pussy in the county!"

Charity Roamed her hands around Jo's bare hips, back to her ass, and
up around Jo's slim waist. She then moved her hands up under Jo's
shirt, squeezing the brunette's round breasts. "Shirt off, dear,"
she told her.

Jo pulled her top off and tossed it on the couch. She was now naked,
save for her white stockings and pumps. "Now aren't you just the
most darling little thing I've ever had naked in my living room."

Jo blushed at the compliment. "You have to get naked too," she told

"Why's that?"

"I want to see your pussy!" Jo traced her finger down the front of
Charity's dress.

"Andi," Jo addressed the girl watching intently from the couch.
"Would you be a dear and unzip me?"

"Sure," Andi said, standing up from the couch and moving behind
Charity. She pulled the zipper on Charity's dress down, then the
redhead shrugged the dress off her shoulders and let it fall down to
a clump at her feet.

Jo marveled at Charity's naked body, especially her crotch:
Charity's pussy lips were shaved bare, but she left a mat of bright
red curls on her mons. "Do you like it?" Charity asked Jo.

"It's very pretty," Jo replied. She got down on her knees in front
of Charity in order to examine her pussy more closely. She slipped
her finger up inside of Charity's hole and began to lick towards the
top of Charity's slit, enticing her clit to come out and play.

Andi, meanwhile, paid attention to Charity's torso, massaging the
redhead's freckled shoulders and breasts while she pressed her body
against Charity's naked backside.

Charity enjoyed the attention of her new lovers, especially Jo's
tongue gliding across her hard little clit. "She's really good at
that!" Charity exclaimed to Andi.

"Oh yeah," Andi agreed. "She's really gotten good at that in a short
amount of time. She's a natural."

Charity placed her hands around the back of Jo's head, pressing the
brunette's mouth into her crotch. Jo removed her finger and went
full force into Charity's pussy with her tongue, wrapping her arms
around Charity's thighs while she licked the redhead's slit with
gusto. She continued to lick until Charity's knees went weak. Andi
and Jo held Charity's body up as it shuddered with orgasm.

"That was really good, babe," Charity said to Jo after catching her
breath. She pulled Jo's face away from her thighs, lifting Jo's face
up with a finger under her chin. Jo stood up, and Charity met her
lips with a juicy kiss. "Now it's your turn!"

Charity gently pushed back on Jo's shoulders, causing Jo to fall
back onto the couch. Andi sat down next to Jo and started to suck on
her tits while Charity kneeled down on the floor and parted Jo's
legs. She hiked Jo's legs up over her shoulders and moved in towards
the girl's pussy. She gently spread Jo's lips and snaked her tongue
down into Jo's juicy wet hole.

"Oohhh yes, lick me there, right there!" Jo cried out as Charity
licked at her pussy. Jo rocked her hips back and forth, humping her
crotch against Charity's face. Charity raised Jo up by her thighs,
lifting Jo's hips up from the cushions. She continued to dart her
tongue in and out of Jo's pussy until she started to come, digging
her heels into Charity's back while her body convulsed

Finally, Charity set Jo back down on the couch, extracting herself
from Jo's legs. Jo kept her legs spread wide apart, her sex juices
dripping out from her pussy. Charity licked at Jo's slit, lapping up
the sweet fluid. "I could lick this up all night!" Charity said to
Andi, grinning with her face glistening from Jo's sex.

"Take your time," Andi said. "But don't forget, you promised me the
fuck of my life."

"If you're half the fuck your girlfriend here is, it'll be my

"Maybe we should go back into your bedroom?" Andi suggested.

Charity looked over at Jo, seated on the couch with her eyes closed,
gently stroking her own wet and worn pussy. "Will Jo be okay if we
leave her alone for a bit?"

"Oh sure," Andi said. "She just needs a little time to recover, then
she'll be as good as new."

"All right then, let's get to it!" Charity reached her hand out to
Andi, pulling her up from the couch. The two girls then walked back
to the bedroom, hand-in-hand.

"First thing we have to do," Charity told Andi, "is get you out of
those jeans." Charity undid the top button of Andi's pants, then
felt down the seem of the fly. "Ooh, button fly!" Slowly and
deliberately, Charity undid the rest of the buttons, making sure to
press firmly against Andi's pussy while she was doing so.

"You're doing that on purpose!" Andi scolded.

"Yeah, so?" Charity retorted. "You like it, don't you?"

"Well, yeah," Andi admitted with a smile. She hooked her thumbs into
a couple of empty belt loops on either side of her hips and pushed
her jeans down, wiggling her ass as she did so.

"Black lace panties," Charity remarked, seeing Andi in her last
remaining bit of clothing. "Cute."

"Yeah, well, you know, denim is just a bit too rough on a bare

"Oh, you're shaved?"

"Yup, did it just before we left this evening. Kelly really likes it
that way!"

"Well don't be shy, let me see!"

Andi pulled her panties off then sat down on the bed, spreading her
legs apart so that Charity could get a good look. "Oh yeah, that's a
really pretty little slit," Charity said, running her finger along
the outside of Andi's snatch.

"It's even better with something up in it," Andi told her.

"Like a finger?" Charity asked, sliding her middle digit up into
Andi's wetness.

"Mmmm, yeah. Or two..."

Charity inserted her index finger as well and started to move them
slowly in and out. "Like this?"

"Oh yeah. That's good. Real good."

"Maybe you'd like something a little bigger?"

"What do you have in mind."

Charity used her free hand to pull open the drawer of her
nightstand. "Hmmm, let me see what I have..."

"What have you got in there?" Andi asked, craning her neck to try to
peek into the drawer.

"Ah ah, no peeking!" Charity scolded. She fished around in the
drawer a bit before finally pulling out a medium-sized,
flesh-colored, cock-shaped dildo. "How about this?" she asked Andi,
waving it in front of her.

"I think I can handle that."

"Oh, I'm sure you can, dear. But we're just getting started!"
Charity removed her hand from Andi's pussy in order to get a bottle
of oily lubricant from the drawer. She squeezed the bottle around
the dildo, drizzling the lube around the circumference. She then set
the bottle down and used her hand to rub the oil around the dildo
until it was good and slick. Charity took a moment to rub the faux
cock around her tits a few times, then brought it down to the
entrance to Andi's pussy. Slowly, she rubbed the tip of the dildo
along the slit. Andi wiggled her hips with anticipation, but Charity
refused to stick it in.

"Dammit, bitch, are you going to just tease me or are you going to
fuck me?"

"Believe me, babe, I'm going to fuck you good!" Charity grabbed the
base of the dildo with both hands and pushed it up inside of Andi,
burying it inside of her with one big thrust.

"Oh fuck!" Andi cried out, feeling the thick shaft suddenly stretch her inside. Her arms gave out and she fell backwards on the bed,
leaving her knees positioned up and out as Charity began to fuck
her. At first it was a bit slow going, but as Andi's juices began to
flow Charity found that she was able to slide the dildo back and
forth inside of Andi relatively freely.

Using her left hand to continue pumping the dildo inside of Andi's
pussy, Charity used her right to once again dig into the drawer. She
pulled out a small vibrator, two-and-a-half inches long and
three-quarters of an inch in diameter. Expertly giving it a
one-handed top twist, she turned the vibrator on, causing an audible
hum to come to life.

"What's that?" Andi asked, opening her eyes to try to get a look.

"Just a little something to enliven things a bit." Charity brought
the edge of the vibrator to the top of Andi's slit, pressing it
under her hood to get at Andi's hard little clit. Within a second of
contact, Andi began to come, clamping her knees together as her body
shook with pleasure.

"How's that for fucking?" Charity asked as she continued to use the
dildo and vibrator on her companion.

"Keep it coming, babe, keep it coming!" Andi encouraged.

"Here," Charity said, moving Andi's hand to the vibrator. "You hold
this while I do dig something out." Charity pulled the dildo out of
Andi and laid it down at the end of the bed. She went into the
closet and pulled out a wooden toy box painted pink and white.

"What's in there?" Andi asked as she gently pressed the vibrator
into her clit.

"Oh, just a few toys," Charity responded. She lifted the lid, and
Andi saw that it was filled to nearly the brim with assorted sexual

"Jeez, girl, just how many sex toys do you have?!"

Charity turned her head and grinned. "Oh, plenty enough to keep us
occupied for a long, long time!" Charity dug through the box until
she found what she was looking for: a seven-inch-long strap-on. With
a skill that takes many years to develop, she expertly strapped it
on, sliding the vaginal plug up inside her pussy and pulling the
straps snug.

Charity paraded in front of Andi, rubbing lube on the attached dildo
as though she were a guy stoking her cock. "Holy shit, are you going
to fuck me with that?" Andi asked.

"Damn straight, babe!" Charity responded with authority. "Now turn
over and slide that pretty little ass of yours down here so I can
get at your wet little pussy."

Andi did as she was told, turning over on her belly and sliding down
off the bed until her feet touched the floor. She spread her legs
open wide, welcoming Charity to fuck her. Charity rubbed the tip of
the cock along Andi's slit and ass crack, then pressed the thick plastic shaft up inside of her. "Ooohhh, Fuuuuck!" Andi shouted.
"Ooh that's fucking good!"

Charity thrust her hips back and forth, slowly moving the cock in
and out of Andi's pussy. "You like me fucking you, don't you?"
Charity teased. "You're such a good little fuck!" She continued to
fuck Andi with the strap-on through another orgasm, through which
Andi grabbed hold of the sheets and moaned quite loudly with
pleasure. Charity really liked watching Andi's pussy lips grip hold
of the shaft as it moved in and out of her, clinging to the cock and
not wanting to let go.

Charity was pondering her next move when she heard Jo come up to
stand in the doorway. "What's going on in here that you guys are
making so much noise?" Jo asked.

Jo was standing with her weight shifted to her left hip, reaching
her right arm up across the door. Charity couldn't help but notice
how incredibly sexy Jo looked. "I'm sorry dear. Did we wake you?"

"That's okay, it sounds like you're having a lot of fun in here...
Ooh, is that a strap-on?"

"Yeah. Do you like it?"

"Yeah. It looks pretty cool."

"There's another one in the toy box over there."

Jo walked over to the closet and bent over to rummage through the
collection of sex toys. Seeing her ass waving up in the air, Charity
had to fight the urge to walk up behind her and slide the dildo up
inside of her sweet pussy.

Jo found the other strap-on and stood back up, dangling the
apparatus from her fingers by the strap. She looked at it a bit
befuddled. "What's wrong, sweetie?" Charity asked.

"I, um, don't know how to put it on." Jo admitted, a bit

"Andi, haven't you and Jo ever used a strap-on before?"

"We just haven't gotten around to it yet," Andi explained.

Charity motioned for Jo to come over by her. "Come over here, Jo,
and I'll show you how to put it on."

Jo handed the strap-on to Charity. She stood, giddy as a schoolgirl
at the spring dance, while Charity fastened her into the device.
Once attached, Jo spent a few moment handling the dildo that was now
attached to her, moving it back and forth. "this is kinda cool," she
said with a smile. "When the cock moves I can feel it move the thing
in my pussy a bit. It feels kinda neat."

"Hey girl," Andi said, pounding the bed next to her. "Stop playing
with yourself and get over here and fuck me!"

Andi sat up on one arm and spread her legs open wide in invitation.
Jo kneeled in between Andi's legs and rubbed her hand across her
girlfriend's chest and belly. "You're really beautiful, you know

Andi grabbed hold of the shaft sticking out of Jo's pelvis and began
to rub it across her slit. "And you're a sweetheart, babe. Now do me

Jo pressed her hips forward, sliding the dildo up inside of Andi's
slick pussy. Andi moaned with pleasure as Jo fucked her slowly.
"Hey, Andi, this is really cool," Jo said with a smile. "I'm fucking

"I know, babe, you're doing great!"

Charity watched the two girls go at it for a while, then stepped up
behind Jo. "Hey girls, I've got an idea..."

Jo stopped her thrusting and pulled the strap-on out of Andi's slick
pussy. "Hey, why'd you stop?" Andi asked, somewhat annoyed. "I was
really getting into that!"

"Charity here says that she's got an idea," Jo explained.

"Trust me, it'll be a lot of fun," Charity said. She reached down to
her strap-on and fiddled with things for a couple of seconds until
the vaginal plug disengaged. Setting it aside on the nightstand, she
motioned for Andi to scoot aside on the bed and laid down next to
her. Charity spread her legs; with the plug out of the way, the gap
of the straps perfectly framed her long, gorgeous slit. It was a
surreal sight, with Charity's pussy in full bloom and the dildo of
her strap-on sticking up into the air.

"Now, Jo honey," Charity instructed, "I want you to come here and
fuck me with that hard little cock of yours..." Jo wasted no time at
all, quickly moving between Charity's legs and sliding the attached
dildo up into Charity's wet pussy. "Oooohh, yes girl, that's right!
Now Andi, I want you to mount my cock and fuck yourself silly on

Andi did as she was told, straddling Charity's hips and lowering
herself onto the dildo. The three girls began to move and writhe
together, a quivering mass of feminine sex.

"Jo, help me play with Andi's tits," Charity said. Jo reached her
hands up around the front of her girlfriend, her hands joining
Charity's as they both squeezed and rubbed Andi's sensitive breasts.
Charity was thrusting her hips back and forth against Jo's dildo,
causing her own to seesaw back and forth within Andi's pussy. Jo
continued to fuck Charity while she kissed Andi's neck and

As Charity began to come, her hips began to thrust violently,
causing the dildo in Andi's pussy to move rapidly. This in turn led
to Andi's own orgasm. For fear of getting hurt by a flying body
part, Jo pulled out and stood back and Andi & Charity flailed about
with sexual abandon.

"Holy shit!" Jo exclaimed as the other two girls finished. "I don't
think I've ever seen anyone come as hard as you two did just now."

Andi sat up on the bed, her body covered with the sweat of good hard
sex. "That was something else!" she said. Turning to Charity, she
asked, "Do you have any more good ideas?"

"Actually," Charity said with a wicked grin, "I was just thinking
about the fact that our sweet little Jo hasn't had her own pussy fucked yet..."

"That's okay," Jo said as she unfastened and removed the strap-on.
"I've been having fun!"

Charity took the strap-on from Jo and handed it to Andi, who was
making her way over to the toy box. She took Jo's hands and guided
her to sit next to her on the bed. "Well sure, sweetie," she said,
slowly brushing Jo's bangs from her forehead. "But won't it feel
good to get that sweet pussy of yours well and truly fucked?"

"What should we use?" Andi asked as she rummaged through Charity's
collection of sex toys.

"Why don't you check under the bed..." Charity said cryptically.

Andi crawled over and looked under the bed; what she found nearly
shocked her. "Holy shit!"

"What? What is it?" Jo asked, her curiosity aroused.

From under the bed, Jo pulled out what had to be the largest dildo
anyone had ever seen: made of clear rubber, it was at least a yard
long, and wide enough so that Andi couldn't wrap a hand completely
around it. It was double headed, with enough give so that it bent
but not so much that it flopped. "I call it 'The Monster,'" Charity
informed her two guests.

Jo looked a little scared. "No way," she said, shaking her head. "No
way is that thing going up inside of me."

Andi hugged The Monster up tight against her, between her tits, so
that the top head was just under her chin and the lower head dangled
teasingly below her pussy. "Why not, sweetie? It looks like fun to

"Look at it; it's huge!" Jo explained. "No way is that thing going
to fit up inside of me. It'll rip me in two!"

Charity chuckled. "Jo dear, the female vagina is a wonderful organ.
You'd be amazed at how much it can stretch and accommodate. Don't
worry, it'll fit up inside of you, and trust me, it'll feel good!"
She kissed Jo sweetly on the lips. "Now you spread your legs, lean
back, and let Andi and I give you a good, solid fucking!"

Jo was somewhat reassured by Charity, but still a bit nervous as she
scooted up to the edge of the bed and tentatively spread her legs.
Leaning back on her elbows, she watched as Charity joined Andi on
the floor.

"Do you want me to help you with that?" Charity asked Andi.

"Oh yes," Andi replied, gently rubbing a finger along Jo's wet slit.
"Help me fuck my girl with this big long cock!"

The two girls applied lube judiciously to the huge dildo, then got
into position. Charity grasped The Monster with both hands, spaced
about eight inches apart, holding it steady, while Andi positioned
the head at the entrance to Jo's pussy. "Are you ready, dear?" Andi
asked Jo as she rubbed the lubed head along Jo's slit. "Are you
ready for a monster fuck?" Jo said nothing in reply, but nodded her
head 'yes', biting her lower lip in anticipation.

"Here it comes!" Andi warned, feeding the head into the folds of
Jo's pussy. Jo let out a little gasp and braced herself. She took in
air as Charity began to slowly push The Monster up inside of her
with Andi's guidance.

"Breathe," Andi reminded Jo. Jo exhaled a long breath, and along
with it the tension that had been building inside of her.

"Oh god!" Jo exclaimed as she got her breath back.

"Do you like it, sweetie?" Andi asked.

"Oh yeah!" Jo said. "I can really feel it up inside of me, and it
feels great!"

"Just like I told you," Charity said. "But man, girl, you are

"Jo's never had anything remotely this big up inside of her," Andi

"Hey," Jo admonished. "Are you two going to just sit there
jabbering, or are you going to fuck me?"

"Impatient, isn't she?" Charity remarked. "Don't worry, Jo, we're
going to fuck you but good! Andi, come here and help me push this
fucker up into your tight, pretty little slut."

Andi intertwined her hands with Charity's, and the two of them
pushed The Monster up further into Jo's pussy. Jo moaned and groaned
and whimpered with pleasure, as each new inch was a new adventure.
The girls continued pushing until they could go no further, then
began to pull it back out. Slowly, Andi and Charity fucked Jo with
the big dildo, using long strokes.

"Look at her," Charity said to Jo. "Doesn't she look great with this
thing up inside of her?"

"Oh yes," Andi agreed. "I love how it's stretching her tiny pussy,
her lips grasping along the edges as we fuck her!"

Jo couldn't hear the girls' comments, as by this point she was
coming almost constantly. She was getting the fuck of her life, and
she loved it!

Andi slid her tongue up along the girth of The Monster, following it
up to Jo's spread pussy and engorged clit. She started to flick her
tongue across Jo's clit, causing the girl to shudder ever harder.
"Oh shit!" Jo cried out. "Oh fuck, girl, that's so fucking good!"

"You're having so much fun, I'm getting a little jealous," Andi

"There's no reason you can't join in," Charity told Andi. "After
all, it is a two-headed monster!"

"Oh yeah..." Andi said, smiling.

"Get down on your hands and knees here, and I'll fuck you both,"
Charity said. Andi got into position on the floor in front of Jo,
wiggling her ass in the air with anticipation. Charity rubbed the
second head along Andi's dripping slit. "Are you ready?" she asked.

"Bring it on, girl!" Andi exclaimed.

"Here it comes!" Charity pushed the other end into Andi's pussy,
much faster than they had inserted it into Jo.

"Fuck!" Andi cried out as The Monster pressed wide against the walls
of her pussy.

"Doesn't it feel good, Andi?" Jo asked.

"Oh my god, I've never felt so fucking full in my life!"

Charity soon got to work fucking the two girls in earnest. Holding
The Monster firmly with two hands in the middle, she worked it back
and forth, pushing into one girl while pulling from the other. With
each long motion, Jo and Andi cried out in unison, and symphony of
sexual pleasure with Charity as the conductor.

"Enough!" Jo finally said, catching her breath. "I can't take

"Are you sure?" Charity asked.

"Yes, I'm sure. As it is, I don't know if I'll be able to walk for a

"You silly girl!" Charity said, pulling The Monster out of Jo's
well-fucked pussy. "You can come down here and help me finish off
Andi with this fucker."

Jo joined Charity on the floor, and with four hands now they plunged
The Monster deep and hard inside of Andi. "Unnh! Oohh! Unnh! Oohh!
Unnh! Oohh!" Andi cried out, each thrust a new experience in
pleasure. Jo crawled beneath Andi and started to lick her clit,
sending Andi into a long, final climax that lasted for nearly a

Sensing that her two new friends had had enough for the night,
Charity invited Andi and Jo up onto the bed with her to cuddle for a
bit. "Did you two have a good time tonight?" she asked.

"Oh yeah," Andi said. "You have, like, the *best* toys!"

"Can we come over and play again sometime?" Jo asked.

"Sure," Charity said. "And I hope it's real soon!"

Exhausted, the three girls soon drifted off to sleep, comfortable in
the arms of good friends.



"Rise and shine, girls!"

Jo, Andi and Charity were roused suddenly the next morning. The
voice belonged to Gretchen, the beautiful blonde who was standing in
the doorway of the bedroom while Kelly, her brunette girlfriend,
opened the drapes, letting sunlight pour into the room and across
the bed.

The three girls sat up in the bed, rubbing their eyes and
stretching, a sight that Gretchen and Kelly definitely enjoyed.

"How did you two get in here?" Charity asked as consciousness
returned to her.

Gretchen dangled a key out in front of her. "Under the mat? Really,
Charity, you should think of a better hiding place than that!"

"Hey, what happened to you guys last night?" Andi asked. "You were
supposed to meet up with us!"

"Gretchen took me shopping for lingerie," Kelly explained, "and we
got a little sidetracked..."

"Sidetracked how?" Jo asked.

"Gloria?" wondered Charity.

"Yup!" Gretchen said, smiling.

"My god, now there is one hot chick!" Charity said.

"Who's Gloria?" Andi asked.

"She runs the new lingerie store down at the mall," Charity
explained. "If Gretchen and Kelly managed to get into her pants, I
can certainly understand why they didn't make it here last night!"

"We really did mean to come over eventually," Kelly said, "but time
just kind of, well, slipped away."

"Time wasn't the only thing slipping..." Gretchen said slyly.

"Anyway, we weren't worried," Kelly said. "We knew that Charity
would take good care of you."

"That she did," Jo said. "She took real good care of us!"

"Anyway, we felt a bit guilty about leaving you in the lurch,"
Gretchen said. "So we made up a picnic basket and hope that you
girls can join us for the day."

"And the night?" Jo asked.

Kelly smiled. "That depends on how good you are during the day..."

[the end]


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