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ALC1 sucking making him living


This is a story about a man in his 40's that falls in love with an
adolescent girl. If this kind of story bothers you, please leave now!

This story may be posted to free sites as long as the name of the author
are not removed. Any feedback can be sent to

Notice! I do not condone child abuse or sex with minors. Keep fantasy
where it belongs!

Alice Part 1

The cool gentle breeze of this October evening made the waves bounce.
It was a beautiful evening here on the coast and I was enjoying the picture perfect scene before me. "Got a cigarette mister?" I heard a soft little
voice ask. I looked behind me and there stood a very beautiful young blonde girl!

"You're kind of young to be smoking aren't you kid?" I asked her as I
slipped a smoke from my pack.

"I ain't too young for anything mister!" she said, giving me a hard
glare. I looked at the little girl. She was a lovely little thing, about
4 ½ feet tall and I would guess her weight to be about 90 pounds. Her long
blonde hair bounced in the breeze and glistened in the evening sun. I
immediately looked at this young girl and decided that there were indeed
some things that she was too young for.

"Thanks mister," she said as I took my lighter and lit it for her. She
held the cigarette up between her slender little fingers, took a deep drag
then exhaled a large puff of blue-gray smoke. "Mmmmmmm. Nice," she said
smiling up at me.

"Do your parents know you smoke little one?" I asked her as she sat down
on the bench next to me.

"Ain't got no parents mister," she replied.

"Everybody's got parents kid," I told her.

"Well I don't," she said. "Anyway, I haven't seen them for a couple of
years so as far as I'm concerned I don't have any!"

"A couple of years? That's kind of hard to believe girl." The youngster
looked at me with suspicious eyes. "You ain't a cop or anything are you
mister?" she asked. I laughed at the thought of me being a cop. "Hell no
I ain't no cop." I told her, grinning a big grin.

"Let me see your wallet then mister," she said, eyeing me like I was
from another planet.

I reached into my shorts and pulled my wallet out and handed it to her.
She opened it and looked through it and when she was satisfied that I was
indeed not a cop, she handed it back to me. "Nice to meet you Ronnie," she
said smiling at me, obviously a little more comfortable with me.

"Nice to meet you kid. It would be nice to know your name now that you
know mine little one."

"My name's Alice," she said extending her precious little hand to me.

"Well then, nice to meet you Alice," I said as I touched her hand and
pulled it to my face, planting a gentle kiss on her soft skin.

Alice giggled and pulled her hand away, blushing like most girls her age
would. "So what are you doing sitting here at the beach by yourself?" she

"Nothing really. Not much to do at home so I come down here and watch
the waves."

"Yeah, I like to do that too Ronnie," she said.

"So what's the deal with your parents Alice," I asked her.

"Well, it's a long story, but the main point is that the man my mother is shacking up with just didn't want me around," she told me with a sad
little girl look on her face.

"Well, what about your daddy?" I asked her, looking to that face to see
if the truth would come out.

"Hell, the old man don't want nothing to do with me. He'd rather have
his bottle than a family. In fact, he told my mother that he didn't want
to have anything to do with any little bitch that came from her womb."

"I find it hard to believe that a man wouldn't want a pretty girl like
you around Alice," I told her in a disbelieving voice.

"It's too fucking true mister. I was 10 years old when my mom and the
asshole she lives with got together and as far as he was concerned, if a
woman isn't there for fucking, sucking or making him a living then she's
just in the way." Now it was my turn to blush as the girl cursed like a
sailor. I was more than just a little shocked at the girl's choice of
words. She had a demeanor about her of a girl much past her actual years.
"How old are you Alice?"

"I'm 16 mister," she said. I could tell by the girl's physical build
that she was not anywhere close to 16. "How old Alice?" I asked her once
again. "Ok Ron, I'm 14," she lied to me once again. I gave her that "I'm
not buying that shit" look and she started to giggle and finally admitted
to being only 12.

"I thought so," I told her laughing with her. "So if you don't live
with your parents, where do you live?"

She got a serious look on her face and glanced over her shoulder to make
sure there was nobody else around. "Just kind of here and there. I guess
I really don't live anywhere Ronnie," she said. Turning her head toward
the water she got a serious look on her face. "I was staying at an
orphanage but I'll tell you, life is better on the street than living in
that hell hole!" I handed the girl another cigarette and she nodded her

"The orphanage couldn't be that bad could it Alice?"

"It's the fucking pits mister!" she said. "I'd rather live under the
bridge over there than to go back to that fucking place! So I decided to
get the hell out of Dodge!" I was amazed at this little 12-year-old girl that seemed to be so mature. "But……" she trailed off, her voice becoming

"But what?" I asked her.

"But, at least I had 3 meals a day and god I miss eating regular."

"Are you hungry now Alice?" I asked her and watched her face for her
reaction. She sat there stone-faced and didn't answer my question, so I
asked her another one. "How long has it been since you had a meal Alice?"

"You mean something to eat or a meal Ronnie?"

"I mean a meal Alice. How long has it been?"

"It's been about a week or so," she told me. I tried not to let my
surprise show but I was shocked to think of it being that long. I thought
about how hungry I got from meal to meal and tried to imagine how I would
feel if it had been a week!

"Well then, do you want to go get something to eat Alice?"

She shook her head no. "I ain't got no money mister," she said looking
down at the ground. I could feel my heart break for this little girl.

"Look here Alice, I didn't ask you if you had any money, I asked if you
wanted something to eat?"

Alice's eyes lost their sad look. "I sure am fucking hungry Ronnie!"

"Well follow me then," I said standing to my feet. "I'll get you

Alice gave me that glare again. "What's the catch mister?" she asked,
eyeing me suspiciously.

"There is no catch Alice. I just want to make sure you have a hot meal
tonight. So what'll it be, Chinese, a burger, what? You name the game."
Alice got a gleam in here eyes. "You know what I would love right now

"No Alice, what would you like?"

"I'd, I'd love a Big Mac right now!"

"A Big Mac it is then Alice!" I said as I turned toward her and took her
by the hand. There was a McDonalds just down the road and we started
walking toward it.

I have to admit that right now, Alice made me feel terrific! Even
though I am in my 40's, this was the first contact I've had with a young person in a long time. I just couldn't get over how intelligent and witty
she seemed to be. We walked through the doors of the golden arches and I
ordered us a couple of burgers, large fries and the largest soft drinks
they had. I paid the girl at the counter and picked up our tray. We
walked to a table and sat down. Alice had no more got her butt planted in
the seat than she started to eat like she had never had a meal in her life!
I nibbled at my fries and sipped my drink. I had forgotten how fast a
child could eat, no less one that hadn't eaten in a while. The girl was
obviously hungrier than I thought. She had her entire meal eaten in less
than 5 minutes. "That was excellent Ronnie," she told me smiling.

"Damn girl, what did you do, inhale it?" I asked her. I smiled at the
street urchin sitting in front of me and pushed my burger to her side of
the table. "Go ahead," I told her. She didn't wait for me to say it the
second time till she was devouring it! This little girl had one tremendous
appetite for sure.

"So Alice," I said not quite knowing how I would pose my proposition or
how she would take it.

"So what?" Alice asked, wiping the special sauce from her lips.

"So. I live alone and have a lot of room in my house. How would you
like to come and live with me?"

Alice put her napkin down. Shaking her head she said. "No, I don't
think so."

"It would be on the up and up Alice. I promise you that I wouldn't try
anything." I assured her.

"I've heard that one before Ronnie," she said with a look that was way
beyond her 12 years. I could tell that she didn't believe a word I was
saying. I shrugged my shoulders and stood up. "Your choice," I said as I
pulled out my wallet and placed a 20-dollar bill on the table.

"What's that for," she asked?

"For whatever you want Alice," I told her patting her on the head as I
walked by the young girl. I paused at the door and turned back toward the
table and gave her a wink and raised my hand in a wave to the young lady.
Alice watched me as I walked out the door.

The evening air hit me hard as I walked down the street. It seemed so
much cooler now than it had been earlier. I had gotten about a block down
the street when I heard someone yell, "RONNIE!!!! RONNIE!!!!" I turned
around and was pleasantly surprised when I saw Alice running toward me, her
long blonde hair bouncing in the breeze. She slowed down a bit as she
neared me and then when she was close enough, she almost leaped into my
arms. "Thank you Ronnie," she said, tears welling up in her eyes. "I
really had a good time. It's nice to meet someone who isn't nice to me
just so they can stick their dick in my pussy!" Once again I was shocked at
her gutter language, but I chalked it up to the lack of proper parenting.
She wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around my hips. Squeezing
me tightly, she kissed me on the cheek. I had my hands on her butt cheeks
and I have to admit that the affection I was getting from this young girl made it all worth while.

"You are welcome Alice. And I want you to know that the offer to come
live with me still stands."

Alice squeezed me tight and then kissed my cheek again. "I'm sorry
Ronnie, I can't. But I really am happy that I met you." I released her and
she slid down my torso and her tight young body made me tingle. Alice
wrapped her arms around my waist and I could feel her hot breath against my
chest and her nubbin breasts press against my stomach. She released me and
turned to walk away. I stood there watching as this young girl bounced out
of sight. I turned around and walked the short distance to my beach house,
trying to get the thought of young Alice living out on the street all by
herself out of my mind.

I took out my easel and palette of paints when I got home and put my
unfinished work on it. The sun was starting to set, so I decided that it
was too late to work on my painting. I draped a cloth over it and got
ready for bed, smiling when I thought of the young girl that had become my
new friend.

Life went on pretty much as normal and over the next couple of years and
I worked hard on my art. When I felt the need to get away from it all, I
would go down to the beach to enjoy the view, but in the back of my mind, I
hoped to see Alice again. Every time I walked back to my house, I would
make a run by the McDonalds and look inside, hoping to see her. She never
was there, but that was ok because it gave me something to hope for and
something to look forward to when life got out of focus.

I guess it was about the middle of September, when the wind shifts from
the south to the north and the temperature starts falling. By that time I
had pretty much forgotten about Alice, only thinking of her occasionally
when I got my credit card bill. I smiled when I thought about the young girl slipping it out of my wallet. I had the credit limit dropped to one
hundred dollars. I know it was a sappy thing to do but I couldn't stand
the thought of the young girl doing without a meal. Besides, it gave me an
idea if the where the young lady was. I had been out of town for a couple
of weeks and I was glad to get home. Opening the door to my house, I went
inside, shutting the door and locking it. The house was a welcome sight to
me. I felt like a part of the ocean and I couldn't wait to get a chance to
look at the sunset once again. I walked to the bedroom and sat my
suitcases on the bed. I started to unpack them and then decided against
that and went to the kitchen to fix a cup of hot chocolate. While the
teapot filled, I walked to the pantry and got a package of cocoa mix and
miniature marshmallows out and put it in a cup. I put the pot on the stove
and watched the elements in the electric stove as they started as a small
glow to a bright red color. It only took a couple of minutes and the
teapot began to whistle so I took it off the stove and poured the hot water
on the instant cocoa and stirred it. I watched as the white lumps in my
cocoa melted, giving it a smoother texture.

The clock on the wall said 7 PM and I walked into the living room and
sat down in my easy chair. Setting the cocoa on the end table, I reclined
back and picked up the remote and turned on the tube. I smiled as the
picture came on. It was my favorite cartoon. Buggs Bunny was making a
fool out of Elmer again and I laughed out loud as I watched their antics.
The cares of the world drifted slowly away as I watched the silly cartoons and laughed like a little kid. I drifted in and out of sleep, watching the
television and then I finally gave it up and the next thing I knew it was
11 PM.

I moaned, my body starting to feel its age as I wiggled myself out of
the easy chair. I went into the bathroom and quickly took a shower. After
my shower, I put a pair of boxer shorts on. I walked out of the bathroom,
turning off the lights and started to go to bed when the security lights by
my swimming pool came on. "Damn," I said out loud. I picked up the
portable phone and walked to the patio doors. I started to dial 911 but
decided I had better make sure a stray dog hadn't turned the lights on.
Picking up a ball bat I quietly slid the patio door open and made my way
onto the deck. My heart was beating ninety miles an hour as I made my way
across my deck, I knelt down and silently stalked toward the unwelcome
intruder. The darkness gave me cover as I crouched behind the hedge and
then I paused momentarily as I saw that it wasn't an animal after all. I
looked at the intruder standing there on the edge of my pool. It was a
young blonde girl. I punched the numbers to call the police and then
paused before I completed the call. I couldn't believe my eyes! It was
Alice! My heart raced as I started to call out to her but I decided not to
because she would probably just run away anyway.

It had been a couple of years since I had seen her, but I have to say
that time had only improved her beauty! She was a good 6 inches taller
than the last time I had seen her. I watched as she stood by the pool and
kicked her shoes off. My heart raced a little faster if that were possible
as she pulled her t-shirt off. "My God!" I thought, my breathing
increasing. My cock raised as I watched Alice standing there along the
edge of my pool. Her beauty had gone from that of a little girl to a young woman. Her hips still had that slender little girl look but her body had
definitely matured over the past couple of years. I felt my cock rise as I
watched this young girl standing there beside my pool, her white bra
shining under security lights.

I put the phone down on the table and sat down in a chair and watched
the young blonde girl. My cock was beginning to rise as I watched her. It
had been such a long time since I had seen a sight as beautiful as this
teenage girl! I put my hand into my pants and pulled my cock out of my
shorts. Within a few minutes it was so hard the even I was impressed with
it. "My god," I thought as I looked at Alice. Here I was, a man in his
40's, looking at a teenage girl and rubbing my cock!

I know what you are thinking. You are thinking that it is a damn shame
for a man my age to feel that way about a girl in her early teens. All I
can say is a man can't help but feel what he feels inside. What mattered
was the self-control. If I had any shame about me, it was overcome by the
sight of this beautiful young girl unknowingly doing a striptease for me.

My cock was burning as I sat there stroking it and I watched her as she
removed her tattered jeans. When she bent over to pull them off, my cock
jumped as I watched her thin little girl hips exposing her panty covered
ass. She stood up straight and walked toward the diving board. I watched
as she climbed the ladder and I could see that her breasts were a little
bigger than what I had imagined them. My cock yearned for release. Alice
raised her hands above her head and then she dove oh so gracefully into the
water. I could feel my testicles yearn to expel its fluid onto the deck
but I wanted it to last as long as possible.

Alice made a couple of laps around the pool and then swam toward the
edge. She got out of the pool and I could see her young body through the
thin material of her wet under clothes. She walked back to the diving
board and once again raised her hands above her head and it seemed like
slow motion as I watched her move gracefully into the water. My hormones
went into overdrive as I imagined this young girl laid across my bed, her
legs around my neck taking in the aroma of her young womanhood just inches
from my face. Oh how glorious it would be as I would let my tongue snake
out and touch the sweet opening of her nectar filled flower. I couldn't
help but imagine my cock moving gracefully between her legs, her arms
wrapped tightly around my neck as we rocketed to sexual fulfillment. I so
wished that she were lying in front of me with her tight pussy spasming
around my spurting dick!

I pumped my cock a little faster now and I could feel my nutsack start
to tremble and the muscles in my groin contract. A slight gasp escaped my
lips and that was when my testicles gave up their fluid. I moaned her name
softly as the first shot of sperm hit somewhere on the deck. My testicles
rocked with delight as I continued to splatter into the air, my cock
pumping semen like the water from old Faithful! I continued to stroke my
dick until it went down, the sticky gooey fluid all over my hand and every
muscle in my body felt like it had been through a thorough workout! I
watched Alice dive a few more times. I stood up, ready to walk down to the
pool and take her into my arms and make mad passionate love to her, but I
had promised that I would be a gentleman and I am a man of my word! I sat
there and watched until Alice tired of working out in my pool and walked
over to her clothes and slipped them on. "Good night Alice," I said as she
walked off into the night, leaving me there standing on my deck with a
loneliness in my heart. After she was gone, I went into the house and
washed up and headed to bed.


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