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ALEPH thick load they need shoot



by Wrestlr

[MC, hypno]

Disclaimer: There's sex and maybe a few other minor perversions in this.
If you don't like that sort of thing, read something else. Everybody in
the story is legal age. Parts of this story may be autobiographical, or it
might be all fiction---who can say?

Copyright - 1999 by Wrestlr. Permission granted to archive if and only
if no fee (including any form of "Adult Verification") is charged to read
the file. If anyone pays a cent to anyone to read your site, you can't use
this without the express permission of (and payment to) the author. This
paragraph must be included as part of any archive.

For Mike R.

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o (MC and general M/M




* * *


If I were to write you a pornographic story--knowing that the hypnotist
you work with has told you that, whenever you read a porn story, you will
relax and feel as if the events in the story are really happening to
you--knowing that it's already happening to you now, already relaxing,
already feeling yourself begin to fall--if I were to write a story for you,
I'd start with your cock. I'd start by describing how hard it's already
beginning to get, even now, just reading about it. I'd start by describing
how your balls are getting that familiar tingling as your body begins to
relax. I'd describe how, even now, you're getting that familiar tired
feeling at the corners of your eyes. How that comfortable, relaxed feeling
is coming over you again, the feeling you know and love so well, as your
cock rises and your eyelids begin to droop just a little, just a little,
not closing all the way though, because it's so easy for you to keep
reading and keep feeling what my words describe happening in your head,
because that's the way hypnosis works: my suggestions turning into your

I'd tell you how hard your cock is now. So very hard and needy. It
feels good to be hard, so relaxed there in your chair or on your bed, so
hard and so relaxed and so focused on my words. If you're wearing pants or
underwear, it's so easy to take them off. Just help them slip off as if of
their own volition. Yes, that's so much better, isn't it? It's okay to
let your hand wrap around your cock, familiar as an old friend, and start
stroking it slowly. Slowly and gently--yes, just the way you're stroking
it now.

And soon, right about now, you might start to feel something on your
neck. Those would be my lips, kissing your neck, nibbling gently at your
earlobe, my tongue licking a line up and down your neck, flicking along the
underside of your jaw.

Gay, straight; top, bottom--those labels don't matter right now. Now,
there's just you and I. Your body so relaxed, cock so hard. These
words--so easy to just relax and let them jump into your head--are my gift
to you, and I know you're feeling my lips touching yours as we begin to
kiss, slowly, then more eagerly. My tongue teases its way into your mouth.
I know you're smiling because I'm kissing you the way you love to be
kissed, the way you need to be kissed.

I know you're starting to feel my hands on your chest now, stroking your
chest. If you're wearing a shirt, help it glide off of your body now. I
know how you love the feel of my hands massaging your shoulders, caressing
your arms, stroking your pectorals.

Yes, you're finding it so easy to relax and feel everything I'm
describing as if it were actually happening to you. Because it is
happening. You're feeling my fingers find your nipples and tease them in
slow, concentric circles. You're feeling my tongue and lips--one final
kiss on your chin--start their trek down your neck, pausing at the hollow
of your throat, then making their march down along your collar-bone,
detouring sharply down your chest. My fingers can read the Braille of your
nipples, and my tongue joins in on one, running wet circles around the
areola, then my teeth gently grazing over the nub, and the feel of my mouth
sucking at it tenderly. Your nipples are hardwired to your cock, I know,
and every time I do this you're feeling a spasm of pleasure in your hard,
hard dick. My mouth glides across your chest to your other nipple, and the
feeling hits your cock like a soft electric shock, making you need to cum even more, making you relax, settle back, and let my words lead you on
toward your climax.

I know how easy it is for you to feel my hands around your ribs, holding
you securely, making you feel safe and able to relax even more, these
feelings becoming even more real, as my mouth eases its way, teases its
way, down along your stomach. I feel you tense up a little as my tongue
skirts the edge of your navel--are you a little ticklish here?--but I also
know how easily you can relax again, just like you're relaxing now. Yes,
that's the way. Just let me take care of you. I love you, and you deserve
to be taken care of.

My tongue circles your navel, leaving a wet, warm trail around it. My
hands stroke down your sides, baby, and anchor themselves temporarily on
your hips. I'm in front of your cock right now, baby, but I'm not touching
it. Instead, my hands continue down, parting your thighs. My hands
massage the muscles there, helping you relax even more. I put my mouth
between your legs and kiss and lick and tease the sensitive skin of your
inner thighs. First on one, then turning to repeat the very same action on
the other. I know your cock is there, baby--just a couple of inches
away--but I'm ignoring it for now. Your hand is still stroking it slowly,
and I can tell from how your balls are riding up that you need to cum badly, but we have plenty of time. Just relax. There's no need to rush.

In my story, I'd reach out my tongue to touch your balls. Tentatively
at first, then firmer. We've danced this dance before, baby, and I know
how you like to feel my tongue lapping at your balls, my fingers tugging
them gently, just the way you're feeling me do it to you now. My lips
engulf one of your balls and suck it into my mouth, where my tongue swabs
over the sensitive skin of your scrotum. I know you love this feeling, the
way it both relaxes you and excites you at the same time. I don't want
your other testicle to feel left out, so I do the same thing to it. By
now, I'm seeing the hunger in your half-closed eyes. You need this, baby,
and you want it badly.

Those aren't your fingers on your cock, are they? No, they're my
tongue, as I lick a line up the underside of your shaft. I know you love
the way I run the tip of my tongue around the outside edge of your cock
head, and that's what I'm doing now, just the way you love it. I'm kissing
the sensitive web underneath the head, right behind the piss slit, where
all the nerves gather; maybe I'm nibbling it just a bit--gently, because I
know how sensitive you are there. I know how a sensation this intense just
makes you relax more, relax deeper into that pleasant place where
everything I do becomes part of the blur of pleasure you're feeling.

My lips widen, slide over the head--just the head for now--and you feel
my tongue swirl across the surface of your cock head. It hits every nerve,
sending little slivers of pleasure up your spine to explode like Roman
candles in your head. My lips are relentless, marching further down your
shaft, but slowly--so slowly. More of your cock falls prey to my tongue,
bathing it, caressing it, teasing it.

There. My lips are all the way down in your pubes, baby, and your cock
feels like it's finally found a home in my mouth. I know you love the way
my throat grips your cock like a warm, wet velvet sheath. Just relax and
enjoy this feeling. That's right--just relax the way you're doing now.

I'm starting to slide my mouth back up along your shaft, and I know how
the tremors of bliss are rippling through your body now. I've got the most
sensitive part of your whole body in my mouth right now, and all you need
to do is relax and let me help you feel great.

Your cock is already lonesome, wanting to be buried back in my mouth
again, and I'm not even halfway off your shaft yet. I continue until
there's just my lips kissing the tip of your prick, then I slide my opening
mouth over the head and back down, securing your cock where it belongs,
baby. Right where it belongs.

It can't last, baby. I have to let my mouth slide up along your cock
again. Faster this time, and picking up speed. There's no other way. As
much as you want to stay as buried in me as possible, I have to start this
familiar up and down motion. There's no other way for me to make you feel
this good, as good as you're feeling now, this deeply relaxed and needful
way you're feeling now. I know you need to cum, baby, and I want to help
you cum. Just relax, and let me help you, baby.

Those are my fingers you feel, rolling your balls in their sack, tugging
on them gently. Your balls are riding up tight against the base of your
cock. They're telling me they have a thick load they need to shoot out.
They're telling me how ready you are, how badly you need to cum. They're
telling me how well my words are doing their job, leaping right into your
head and helping you feel my mouth as it makes you feel good.

I know you can't hold out much longer. I'm blowing you just the way you
love to be blown. It helps you relax and feel the sensations even more
strongly as that familiar feeling begins to flood through you. You can't
hold out much longer. You need to cum, and I'm helping you get there.
Your body is tensing up, which just helps you relax more deeply--just
relax--and your balls feel like your cum inside them is boiling. Your cock
feels white-hot, like every orgasm you've ever had is racing up and down
the nerves of your shaft simultaneously, waiting for me so set them free to
howl their way up through your body and into your head.

No one else has ever made you feel this good. I don't care about the
other men in your life, baby, and right now neither do you--only I can make
you feel this good, this intense pleasure. I know you're feeling it, baby,
your dick stretched out like a high-tension wire in my mouth, charged up
and ready to fire your cum out in one direction and your climax up through
you in the other. Hold on as long as you can, baby. Feel it building.
Feel it. Need it. Feel it.

Yes, baby. Now. Feel your orgasm explode over you. Every orgasm
you've ever had, set free by my mouth and raging up along every nerve in
your body, turning the inside of your head into the inside of the sun,
white-hot and shining, as your balls pump your load out, out, out, hurling
it into my mouth, and I swallow it, baby; I swallow a part of you that I'll
carry inside me forever, just like you'll keep the memory of this climax
and remember it always after this story is over and you wake up: my gift to

That's it, baby. Ride it out. I know it's beginning to fade a little.
You're starting to come down, returning to normal. Nothing that intense
can last forever, baby. Already, your body is relaxing even more, leaving
you limp, totally spent. I love you, baby, and even as you read these
words, even as you feel them becoming real in your head, you know you love
me. Always have. Always will.

This has been my gift to you, baby. I know how you always love to sleep
after you cum, and I know you're feeling so deeply sleepy already. I know
your eyes are beginning to close the rest of the way as you drop into a
deep sleep. If I was to write you a pornographic story, knowing that as
you read it you'd also feel as if you were living through it right then, it
would be a love story, baby. I'd want you to know I'll always love you,
baby, and I know you'll always love me. It's okay to let your eyes close
now. Sleep now, and dream of me.


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