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ALICE video camera and Alice would plant


This story is copyrighted and may not be reproduced in any form for
profit, but may otherwise be distributed freely. If you do, please
leave it intact. If you post it somewhere, I'd like to know. Thanks!

This is an erotic story. It includes explicit descriptions of sexual
acts. None of the things described in this story actually happened
(big surprise). If it's illegal for you to read stuff like this, then
you shouldn't.

ALICE TURNS ON THE HEADMASTER (Mf ff Mfff spank nc fdom)
Written by Douglas Ossified
Editing support provided by Daibhidh
Comments welcome to

Chapter 1
Fourteen-year-old Alice hated her parents for sending her to boarding
school. She could see how they felt they had to do something, what
with her getting pregnant and having an abortion at thirteen and all.
It was just that they seemed way too happy when she left. Alice had
never been an easy child, always getting into trouble and making a
nuisance of herself, yet she had not expected to see happy grins on
her parents faces when she waved goodbye through the train window. She
felt unloved and betrayed by both her family and her 'boyfriend' Tony,
the twenty-four-year-old who almost became the father of her child.
She had refused to tell her parents who the father was, hoping Tony
would still love her, but he had not spoken to her since she called
him to tell about the pregnancy. No-one was more pleased to see Alice
shipped away than he was.

The only thing Alice hated more than Tony and her own family, was St.
Mary's School for Girls. She just loathed the place. The dress code
was strict; school uniform at all times. Food was awful and she had to
share a room with two other girls. The girls were okay, a great
comfort even, but the rooms were terrible and Alice was used to far
better accommodation. The worst thing about St. Mary's, however, was
the discipline. The headmaster Mr. Adams distributed corporal
punishment swiftly and liberally in the form of spankings.

Alice seemed to get spanked a lot. In the beginning she thought there
were some secret rules of behavior at St. Mary's. Rules they had
forgotten to tell her about and that made her get into trouble. Then
she thought Mr. Adams just had it in for her. Slowly she realized it
wasn't any of those things. There were no secret rules of conduct, and
Mr. Adams didn't have it in for her at all. In fact, Mr. Adams had a
thing for her, and Alice soon understood that he would jump at any
opportunity, however small, just to get her squirming little behind
over his knees. It wasn't so strange really. Alice was a pretty girl
and lots of boys found her attractive. At least they had when she was
around boys. Now she had arrived at St. Mary's and was just around
girls and older men. Her slender figure and taut little bum had been
an asset before. Now they just served to entice Mr. Adams and led to
more spankings. No wonder she hated boarding school.

Alice had tried to call her parents about this, using the one phone-
call she was allowed a week to call her mother and tell her about Mr.
Adams. Of course her mother didn't believe her at all. Alice had told
her about the frequent spankings and how she could always feel Mr.
Adams hard 'thingy' press against her when she was on his lap. She
told her about his fondling and how he'd never stop spanking before
his hard-on was replaced by a wet stain on his trousers. All this led
to Alice's mother screaming at her over the phone, telling her she was
a depraved, lying little tramp with dirty thoughts. Just for that she
was denied coming home for summer holiday and had to stay at St.
Mary's. Alice soon learned not to complain again.

Alice would get spanked about once a week, usually with Mr. Adams bare
hand smacking her panty-clad butt while he humped his cock against her
squirming body until he came in his pants. He'd always start out by
feeling her up, stroking her bum and playing with her panties, feeling
her pussy through the cotton fabric. She was never allowed to look at
him or protest during all this, and doing so would immediately
sentence her to another spanking the next day. When Alice's mother
called the school informing them of Alice's outrageous accusations and
that she had been denied summer holidays, Mr. Adams knew he could get
away with anything. Alice's parents just didn't care, and Mr. Adams
decided he could go further.

On Thursday Alice had taken special care to dress according to school
regulations. She took no chances after last weeks spanking for having
a ruffled skirt. Her white blouse was immaculate and the gray V-neck
jumper was spotless. She had spent almost an hour ironing the pleats
in her short plaid skirt and the turned-down edge of her white socks
was just below the knee as rules determined. Her shoes were so shiny
you could see the reflection of her panties beneath her skirt in them
if you looked hard enough. If you followed her long thin legs all the
way up under her skirt you would indeed find plain white cotton
panties, just the kind Mr. Adams liked and therefore had made all the
young girls wear. Her long blonde hair was in a ponytail, held by a
simple red elastic. Alice didn't know it yet, but that was a mistake.

As usual, Mr. Adams spent the morning walking from classroom to
classroom, pretending to take an interest in the young students
education. What he really took an interest in was the young students
delicate little bodies. He never let them catch him looking up their
skirts or down their blouses, he had ample opportunity to do that
whenever he called one of them to his office to 'correct their
behavior'. He usually picked the prettiest, but had the sense to
sometimes pick on the plain ones too, just to avoid being too obvious.
This morning he had plans for Alice and all he needed was an excuse.
At first he couldn't find one. She was sitting straight, following the
lesson and even raising her hand to answer a question or two from the
teacher. Her clothing seemed immaculate, and Mr. Adams felt his heart
sink at the thought of the planned spanking session with Alice
slipping away. He had to find something. Then he noticed the red
elastic band in Alice's hair. According to school regulations it
should have been black, but it was red. It wasn't much, and he had
never reacted to anything as insignificant as this before, but it
would have to do. The unjustness of it was clear, seeing as many of
the other girls wore colourful ribbons or bows, but that just couldn't
be helped. Mr. Adams leaned forward and whispered into Alice's ear:

"You will come and see me immediately after class, Miss Edwards. I
can't believe your insolence!"

Alice's heart sank as she heard those familiar words. What had she
done now? What excuse could he possibly have found this time? A couple
of the girls in class smirked at Mr. Adams behind his back. They
understood full well what he was up to, proving he was in reality a
lot less discreet than he thought himself to be. Many of them had been
through the same ordeal as Alice, although none as often as her. They
felt for her, but would not dare speak up. Everyone at school had
heard the story about Heather, a young girl who claimed to have been
abused by Mr. Adams. She had been promised such a severe punishment
that she had run away, and school myth had it that she was now a
prostitute in London.

After classes, Alice walked over to the administration building with a
heavy heart. She knew what was in store for her, she just didn't know
why. She felt her panties riding up her butt and stopped to pull them
out of the crack of her ass, pausing momentarily to distractedly feel
the firm globes of her butt soon to be red and sore. She knew she
would have to sleep on her tummy tonight if she couldn't get Mr. Adams
off quickly. After the last few spankings she had resigned herself to
her fate in the hands of her headmaster, and had developed a grinding
squirm designed to make Mr. Adams cum before her ass was too sore.
Entering the building, Alice nodded to Mr. Adams secretary a pretty,
but quiet woman who was a former student at St. Mary's. The secretary
gave Alice a sympathetic look and motioned her to knock on the
headmasters door. She was expected.

Mr. Adams dimly lit office was spacious, the walls lined with
bookcases full of leather-bound books. In one end of the room, a group
of deep leather armchairs circled a table. On top was a silver tray
with a decanter filled with whisky. A sandalwood box of Mr. Adams
favorite cigars stood on the large oak desk facing the door. The room
smelled of dust and the aromatic smoke of fine cigars. A row of
yellowed certificates on the wall bore witness to Mr. Adams own
educational career. He had shown great promise as a young researcher,
and surprised everyone by dropping a promising academic career to
become headmaster at St. Mary's School for Girls. As many of his young
female students had experienced, the last word in the school name was
the real reason for his decision.

The headmaster himself sat behind his desk pretending to read some
papers, motioning Alice to close the door without looking up. He let
Alice wait for a few minutes, an unsubtle act designed to make her
uncomfortable and self-conscious. It was unnecessary. Alice was
uncomfortable enough just being here.

"Well Miss. It seems you are back here again. Is there really no end
to your stubbornness?"

"I'm sorry sir?"

"Are you familiar with the dress-code here at St. Mary's, Miss

"Yes Sir. I think so Sir." Alice was confused. She had done everything
right this time. She was sure of it.

"I really don't think you are, Miss Edwards. Did I not have to call
you here just last week on account of your appalling disregard for
proper attire?" Mr. Adams was enjoying this. The confused look on
Alice's face made her look vulnerable, and he liked that. She was
staring firmly at the ground, as if the plush carpeting of his office
held the answer to why she was here.

"Yes, you did Sir. I'm sorry."

"Well then, it seems that just didn't help, did it?"

"Excuse me Sir?"

"That elastic band in your hair. What colour is it?"

Alice had to stop and think for a second.

"It's... red, Sir."

"Yes it is, Miss Edwards. And, as you know, the school regulations
clearly state that all jewellery is forbidden, and that all necessary
accessories must be black. Is that not correct?"

Alice could not believe her ears. Was that it? Was that the reason she
was called to the headmasters office to endure yet another spanking?
What kind of stupid regulations were these anyway? 'All accessories
must be black'. She'd never heard that one before. With a sinking
heart she understood that there was just no way to avoid this man's
cruel games. He would always find something, and if he didn't he would
make something up.

"I suppose it is, Sir."

"So, you 'suppose it is'! And yet you claim to be familiar with this
schools dress code. I take it that means you wore that plainly
sluttish red thing in your hair to defy me."

"Yes Sir. I mean... No Sir. I didn't..."

"Enough! Come here young lady. I'll teach a lesson about challenging
my authority."

The headmaster watched the fourteen-year-old schoolgirl walk demurely
towards him with downcast eyes. She looked fabulous. The perfect
swelling of her firm young breasts under her jumper made him
breathless. Stifling a gasp he noticed the white strap of her bra,
visible in the opening of her blouse, defining the sharp contours of
her collar bone. Her long, thin, girlish legs walked as slow as they
possibly could towards him, her knobby knees and smooth, thin thighs
an almost shocking show of skin from her knee-socks to her bobbing
plaid skirt. Unconsciously, Alice was fidgeting with the hem of her
skirt, ruining her previous hard work with the iron by creasing it.
Still looking down at the floor, she brushed a stray strand of blonde
hair behind her right ear, calling Mr. Adams attention to her soft,
rosy cheek.

Actually, Alice's cheeks were flushed with rage. She was seriously
pissed off and determined to come up with a plan to stop him from
abusing his position in this way. The headmaster mistook her blushing
cheeks for embarrassment, and licked his lips with anticipation of
having this young schoolgirl in his lap. His cock was already hard,
making a tent in his trousers. Right now he loved his job. Who wanted
to be a researcher anyway? If forced to choose between Alice and a lab
rat, he knew whom he'd prefer.

"Stop fidgeting with your skirt. You know what to do."

Alice lay down in the headmasters lap feeling his erection poking her
in the tummy. It felt weird and although she had experienced it many
times before, Alice never got used to its insistent, throbbing
hardness. She especially disliked it poking into her sensitive belly-
button. It always gave her a queasy feeling, so she squirmed on Mr.
Adams lap to adjust her position.

Mr. Adams stared at her taut bum as she wriggled into place, the
vision enticingly obscured by her pleated skirt. The position she was
in caused the hem of her skirt to ride up, and it now stopped just
below the firm globes of her butt, revealing more of the smooth back
of Alice's thighs. He saw a small birthmark just behind her knee. He'd
never noticed that before. The headmaster could almost catch a glimpse
her panty-covered cunt between those thin thighs, and he savored this
tense moment before the unveiling of her perfect little behind. He
unashamedly traced his chubby finger from her knee-joint to her skirt,
feeling a deep shiver down his spine as he practically devoured this
pretty little schoolgirl with his eyes.

Becoming more eager, Mr. Adams' warm, sweaty hands traced her thighs
upwards and flipped her plaid skirt up to reveal Alice's taut little
panty-clad bum. He loved that bum. With a finger he slowly stroked the
crotch panel seam, tracing his finger from one ass cheek to another
before lightly poking the dent between the cheeks. As he did, Mr.
Adams felt the lower part of her ass crack, and moving down slightly,
the soft, tender folds of Alice's cunt against the cotton fabric of
her panties.

Closing her eyes in helpless rage, Alice felt him stroke her butt
slowly, pressing his index finger into the crack between the globes of
her ass and stroking her sensitive anus through the cotton fabric of
her panties. Mr. Adams let out a deep sigh of contentment, while Alice
seethed in helpless rage.

"You *will* learn to obey the regulations of this school, Miss
Edwards. Even if it means that you will have to come here every day
for the rest of the term. I will *not* have you flaunt that body of
yours and enticing the poor teachers of this school. I will smack your
little ass until you learn your place, Miss Edwards."

The headmaster was getting more and more worked up at the sight of
Alice's panties and wriggling little butt, feeling between her legs
and rubbing her panties against the swelling of her pussy. He loved
the springy feeling of her sparse pubic hairs against the loose cotton
fabric, unbashedly tracing the crack of her pussy through the material
as he felt her up. Involuntarily he began slow humping motions against
her tight teen body, pressing his drooling prick against her. As
enraged as Alice was, she still had the presence of mind to discreetly
wriggle against him in an effort to get him off faster.

Mr. Adams had never had his hand down the panties of any of the girls
before, knowing it would remove all doubt in the girls mind as to what
he was up to. Spanking was one thing, a headmaster was expected to do
that from time to time. Shoving his hand down their panties was a
different matter all together, and very hard to explain in the context
of being a responsible headmaster at an all-girls school. However, he
now knew that Alice's parents just didn't care what happened to her,
so he took the chance.

With a beating heart he slipped his hand under the simple elastic of
Alice's panties and roughly rubbed her ass-crack before poking none
too gently at her wrinkled asshole with the tip of his finger. He
thought about trying to slip a finger into her ass, but Alice was way
too tense for that. Moving down, he was disappointed to find her
unaroused. He had always dreamed of finding a girl who got excited by
his spankings, and hoped it would be this beautiful little teenaged
girl. He had no such luck. Alice bit her lip to suppress her rage at
the fondling of this hateful man.

Raising his hand, the sweating headmaster began spanking Alice; his
palm smacking hard against her panty-clad butt, the cotton material
sliding against the smooth cheeks of her ass as he swatted her. Alice
flinched as his hand struck her upturned ass, the stinging pain
bringing tears to her eyes. The globes of her butt turned red and
jiggled with every smack on her panties, and her ass soon began to
feel very hot. After every stroke he would pause to feel her up,
sometimes slipping his hand back into her panties to feel the warmth
of her sore, red behind. All the time Alice kept up her excessive
squirming against his cock, feeling it quiver and throb through the
material of his trousers.

Mr. Adams was not going to be content with his usual routine of
spanking and groping. This time he had decided he would go further
than ever before, and that made him even more excited than usual. The
headmaster wanted to grind his cock directly against Alice's panty-
covered crotch instead of her tummy, so he gripped her slim waist and
pulled her across his lap, aligning her pussy with the tent in his
trousers. Knowing all that separated his dick from her twat was a
couple of layers of clothing made him hump her even more frantically,
jiggling Alice around in his lap.

Alice had problems. This new position Mr. Adams had placed her in
meant she had to steady herself with her hands on the floor, or fall
off his lap entirely. She knew the headmaster would not appreciate
that. Hanging with her head so low made her even redder in the face
than her rage alone had, and all she really wanted to do was scream at
him and hammer him with her little fists.

Reaching down between her legs, the headmaster opened his zipper and
pulled his hot, drooling hard-on out of his trousers and positioned it
up between her thighs. Alice was shocked. Mr. Adams had never been
this open about the sexual gratification he got from spanking the
girls before. Feeling her up was one thing, but exposing himself to a
young schoolgirl while spanking her was a much larger risk to take.
The feeling of his warm erection against the sensitive insides of her
thighs scared Alice. It felt so large and angry, and she didn't really
know what he would do next... Not that there was much she could do
about it at present.

Pressing his cock against her crotch, Mr. Adams stared down at the
obscene sight before him. The squirming little fourteen-year-old
schoolgirl in his lap had his thick, hard cock poking up between her
thighs, drooling pre-cum on her panty-covered ass and crotch. In an
effort to finish him off, Alice clamped her thin thighs on his cock,
discreetly jacking him off with them as he humped her. The muscles of
her thighs and tummy ached with the strain, but she just had to get
this over with in case Mr. Adams had even worse plans for her.

Mr. Adams was too turned on to notice Alice's attempts to get it over
with quickly. He just felt incredibly aroused and knew he was ready to
blow his load any second. He tried to keep up the pretense of a
regular punishment by distractedly landing uneven smacks on her bum,
but he had lost all interest in his spanking game now. The sensation
of her warm thighs and cotton panties sliding against his dick was
just too much. He could feel the swelling of her cunt against his
cock, the soft crack of her pussy rubbing against his shaft as he
humped against her.

Using his own hand, Mr. Adams pressed his dick hard against Alice's
pussy-crack. As the folds of her outer lips parted slightly beneath
the pressure, Mr. Adams knew his cock-head was rubbing the entrance to
her pussy and the only thing between him and Alice's fourteen-year-old
cunt was the cotton fabric of her panties. With a strained movement
that almost pushed Alice's panties and the tip of his cock into her
twat, Mr. Adams realized he was cumming, and that there was no turning

"You-will-show-me-the-proper-respect-Miss-Edwards," Mr. Adams bellowed
as he felt himself cum, weakly smacking Alice's ass with a shaking
left hand.

Grinding his cock against her panties, he groaned hoarsely and watched
as his cum spurted out like a fountain between her thighs, spattering
heavily over her upturned ass and panties. thick spunk shot out,
splashing over Alice's squirming little butt, drenching her white
cotton panties in his slimy cum as he humped against her lithe little
teen body. Gliding his cock against her crotch in the slickness of his
own cum, the headmaster ejaculated all over his sweet young
schoolgirl. Alice was tossed around in his lap, laying passive and
angry, clenching her teeth as she felt his hot semen splatter her and
soak her knickers. Finally spent, Mr. Adams reached down with his hand
and rubbed his cock against her sopping panties, feeling her pussy
through the soaked cotton.

"Let that be a lesson to you," he mumbled, reaching for the box of
tissues on his desk and wiping her thighs, panties and skirt to remove
the traces of his cum. He didn't succeed very well. As Mr. Adams
tossed the gooey tissues into his wastepaper basket, Alice got up and
walked straight to the door without looking back. With a haughty sneer
and flip of her ponytail, Alice left the headmaster panting in his
chair. Mr. Adams thankfully noted that her skirt had covered the
sticky remains of his ejaculation, although the semen had made the
skirt stick to her bum in an odd way.

As she walked out of Mr. Adams' office, Alice heard him shout after
her: "And if you can't learn to behave I'll have you back in my office

Through her tear-filled eyes, Alice didn't see Mr. Adams secretary
shake her head sadly as she noticed Alice's skirt cling wetly to her
swaying little bubblebutt on the way out. She knew well enough what
went on in Mr. Adams office, but was too intimidated by him to do
anything about it. After all, she was a former student of St. Mary's.
In Alice's head, however, a plan was taking form.

Chapter 2

Alice shared rooms with two classmates, Sarah and Joan. While Sarah
was outgoing and fun, always smiling despite the drudgery of being a
student at St. Mary's, Joan was more shy and withdrawn. While both
were cute girls, their looks were as different as their demeanor. The
difference in appearance was a constant source of teasing and envy
between the girls, since, like most fourteen-year-olds, they
themselves were unaware of how attractive they were. Instead, they
always focused on how much prettier they felt their friends were. Joan
envied Sarah her dimples, while Sarah would have traded in her own
strawberry-blonde curls for Joan's straight, black hair any time.
Being the most experienced, Alice was the more self-confident of the
three. All three got along very well despite the differences in
personality. Each knew what to expect of the others, and they trusted
each other blindly.

Joan and Sarah rushed to comfort her as Alice returned to their room
from the headmasters office. She flopped face down on the bed, hiding
her face in the pillow. Crying, she told them about what had happened.

"...and then he... came! He shot his spunk all over my knickers.

Alice peeled her sticky skirt up, revealing her spunked-up panties.

"He's such a pig," Joan exclaimed, stroking Alice's hair and drying
her salty tears with the back of her hand.

"I can't stand it any more. There's just no end to it. He'll keep on
doing it 'till I'm finished here, and then he'll just turn on whoever
else takes his fancy. We've got to do something. He can't do this to
us. It's just not fair."

Composing herself, Alice outlined a plan to her friends. Unlike most
of the girls, Joan actually had parents who cared about her, and she
always went home for the weekend. The girls decided that Joan would
bring back her fathers video camera, and Alice would plant it in Mr.
Adams office at night. Concealing the remote in her clothes, she would
film Mr. Adams as he abused her and send copies of the tape home with
Joan the following weekend.

At first they thought about going to the papers and having Mr. Adams
publicly humiliated, but as they talked they changed their minds.
Alice didn't like the thought of being plastered across the front page
of every newspaper in the country, and the other students probably
wouldn't like that much either. Having been a student at St. Mary's
would always carry a taint after something like that. There was no
knowing who would become the next headmaster if Mr. Adams disappeared
either. The new one could be just as bad and possibly even worse.
Maybe it would be better to keep the threat of exposure hanging over
Mr. Adams' head and use it to make life better at school? They soon
decided this was the best option. Alice couldn't wait to confront and
humiliate Mr. Adams. revenge would be sweet.

As they talked, Sarah went to get a bottle of lotion to soothe Alice's
sore backside. Looking at her panties, the girls commented on the
amount of sperm Mr. Adams had sprayed over Alice's ass and thighs.
Being only fourteen they were curious and knew little about sex. None
of them had ever seen a boy ejaculate before, though all of them had
witnessed Mr. Adams stained trousers after a spanking. Of course,
Alice had been with Tony and knew more about sex than Sarah and Joan.
Maybe not that much more really, but she liked to seem experienced and
worldly. She had actually been unlucky enough to get knocked-up the
first time she was with Tony, and she couldn't really remember
anything from that incident besides the pain of loosing her cherry and
her frantic attempts to push him away as he ejaculated almost
immediately after entering her. Alice hadn't seen anything of Mr.
Adams orgasm either, and all she could do was describe the feeling of
his sperm splattering all over her ass. They giggled at the thought of
Mr. Adams and how turned-on he had been at the sight of Alice's
knickers, and discussed the amount of fluid that would lead to such
badly stained underwear.

Peeling down Alice's sticky panties, Sarah gently rubbed the cooling
lotion on her bright red ass and thighs. Alice enjoyed being cared
for, feeling dozy and warm as she relaxed to Sarah's careful touch.
Sarah stroked her while whispering comforting words in her ear. The
warmth of her breath tingled Alice, and she was glad Sarah kept on
caressing her much longer than strictly necessary. She thoroughly
enjoyed the attention and comfort of a friend after Mr. Adams abusive
behavior. As Sarah applied even more lotion to her hands and stroked
her butt slowly, Alice purred and unconsciously spread her legs
slightly. She felt a tingling sensation in her pussy and knew she was
getting wet between her legs. Sarah stroked the inside of her thighs,
and as she came closer to Alice's pussy both she and Joan could smell
the musky scent of her arousal. Looking at Sarah, Joan could see she
was excited too. Joan blushed and looked away as Sarah caught her eye.

"You guys are crazy!" Joan exclaimed. "I'm going to bed. Try to keep
it down, will you. We don't want teacher popping his head in right
now, do we?"

She turned off the lights, undressed and went to bed, trying in vain
to shut out the heavy breathing from Alice as Sarah began carefully
stroking her tight little pussy now that the dark covered them.
Moaning into the cushion, Alice bucked her hot, still tingling ass
against Sarah's inexperienced fingers as they found her clit, gently
rubbing the slick wetness of her warm, tight cunt. The heat of her
sore, spanked ass burned against Sarah's arm, and she stooped down to
kiss it better. The lotion she had applied to Alice's butt tasted
bitter, but she still enjoyed the burning feeling of Alice's skin
against her sensitive lips, kissing it all over while drinking inn the
scent of Alice's cunt and ass. Alice felt giddy and short of breath as
she spread her legs for her friend. The feeling of shamelessly
exposing herself to another girl made her almost faint with desire,
and the thought of Sarah's lips so close to her cunt that she could
smell her clearly felt deliciously naughty. Sarah undressed, flinging
her schoolgirl uniform on the floor with frantic haste. As Sarah
rejoined Alice in bed she tenderly kissed and licked her neck. She
felt strange being naked in bed, making love to her almost fully
dressed girlfriend. The material of Alice's jumper tickled her
breasts, so Sarah pulled it off, giggling as it caught in Alice's
ponytail. She tossed it hastily on the floor on top of her own rumpled
clothing. Sarah slipped a hand under Alice's white school blouse and
fondled her breasts through her bra. Pressing up against her to feel
the swelling of Alice's small tits against her own, she purred like a
contented little kitten.

Slipping her hand between her legs, Sarah played with Alice's clit,
picking up her pace as Alice's moaning increased, her little hand
tracing small circles on and around her most sensitive spot. Sarah had
been too shy to remove her own panties, but when Alice's hand searched
for her pussy, Sarah quickly peeled them down. The warm, sweet smell
of arousal filled her senses as the hot, musky air escaped from under
the sheets as the girls shifted. Holding each other tightly, the two
friends explored another girl's pussy for the very first time. They
stimulated each other with eager fingers, grinding their hips against
each other's exploring hands, each excited by the others arousal and
the forbidden act they were committing. There was no telling what the
consequences would be if they were discovered now.

Alice came first, burying her face in Sarah's shoulder and shuddering
in her climax. She felt as if she would faint, clamping her thighs
together, mouthing a silent cry as Sarah slowly pushed a finger into
her while rubbing her clit with her thumb. To Alice it seemed to go on
for ever, but finally she floated down to reality again. She softly
licked the little droplets of salty sweat running down Sarah's neck,
whispering a soft 'thank you' in her ear.

Alice wanted to reciprocate, and she wanted to do something that was
unheard of between these three fourteen-year-old girls. She wanted to
go down on her. She wanted to taste Sarah, to get closer to that
wonderful, intoxicating scent and slide her tongue through the slick
moistness of her cunt. Flinging away the sheets and getting on all
fours, Alice slowly moved down Sarah's body, kissing and licking her
firm little breasts and soft, flat tummy, giving her goose bumps and
making her shudder with anticipation. If a teacher had been on patrol
right now and stuck his head in, he would have seen the beautiful
sight of Alice's taut bottom and tight wet pussy peeking out from
under her short pleated skirt, wiggling as she went down on Sarah.
Lucky for the girls no teachers stopped by tonight. As usual Mr. Worth
had drunk himself to sleep to avoid thinking of his sexy little
students and what he really wanted to do to them. He might be sixty,
but the schoolgirls charms were not lost on him although he had too
strict morals to do anything about it except drink himself into a

Sarah bit the back of her own hand as Alice gently spread the lips of
her pussy and tentatively licked her with the tip of her pink tongue.
Breathing in the heady scent of her pussy, Alice sought out Sarah's
hard little clit and lapped at it with her tongue, gliding a finger
slowly in and out of her tight little virgin cunt. Reaching between
her own legs under her skirt she masturbated, and as Sarah gave a
little squeal and came, Alice came too, more quietly this time. Alice
lay on top of Sarah, hugging her tight as their breathing returned to
normal. The two girls kissed deeply, and Sarah tasted the sweetness of
her own cunt on Alice's tongue. A noise in the corridor startled them,
and with a peck on the Alice's cheek Sarah quickly retreated to her
own bed so as not to get caught.

"We should have though of this earlier," Alice whispered to Sarah as
she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and removed the rest of
her clothes under the sheets.

"I know. So much wasted time!" Sarah giggled.

Alone in her bed, Joan was masturbating too. Both hands were playing
with her own sopping wet cunt as she drove herself closer to climax.
She had been so turned on by the sound of her friends lovemaking that
she imagined being sandwiched between their writhing, sticky bodies
and forgot to be quiet. Sarah and Alice burst out laughing at the
telling sound of her squeaking bed and the quivering, drawn-out moan
as she came.

"Had a good one, did you Joan?" Sarah whispered. Joan blushed in the
dark and giggled in embarrassment, sniffing her own sticky fingers
before sucking them into her mouth and tasting her own pussy. She
sighed contently.

Chapter 3

The weekend was uneventful; Mr. Adams not being able to mess with the
girls since he was away on a conference. When Joan came back on Sunday
evening the three girls eagerly studied her fathers small video
camera, learning the ins and outs of how to use it. Alice had stolen a
book from the library, removing the pages and making room for the
camera inside its leather-bound covers. They made a hole in the spine
for the lens and tried the set-up in their room. The video camera and
tiny remote worked perfectly. It wasn't impossible to spot, but
stacked along with others in a bookcase it seemed innocent enough not
to attract undue attention.

That night Alice snuck out of her room and made her way over to the
headmasters office. Since Mr. Adams smoked so many cigars he usually
left his window ajar, and tonight was no exception. Quietly Alice
climbed into the dark room through the window. With only a glance at
the chair where she received her hated spankings, Alice walked over to
the bookcase. She found a spot where the camera would line up with the
parts of the office occupied by Mr. Adams desk and chair. Swiftly she
placed the concealed camera between other books. It looked
inconspicuous. Slipping out of the window again, Alice ran back across
the lawn and returned to her bed unnoticed. Now all she could do was
wait, and knowing Mr. Adams, she would soon be summoned to his office
again. This time she was ready. He would have his way with her one
more time... but that would be the last. Alice smiled as she drifted
off to sleep.


On Monday Mr. Adams was all worked up. He had spent the weekend
thinking about Alice's squirming butt and little white panties.
Thinking closer, he felt sure she had pressed herself against him as
he humped her. Hadn't she even clamped her thighs around his cock as
he came? The naive, lust-crazed Mr. Adams felt sure Alice would be the
first girl to respond to his sexual 'attentions'. He was positive she
wanted him, and that she looked forward to the next spanking session
as much as he did. It had to be today. He mustn't let that horny
little girl wait for her gratification. Mr. Adams felt his dick stir
at the thought. Maybe she would admit her willingness today? Maybe she
would spread her legs and beg him to shove his cock up her twat? Maybe
today would be the day when Alice came in a sweaty, writhing orgasm as
he shot his spunk up her tight little cunt? Maybe she would beg to
take his cock in her little schoolgirl mouth and suck him off? He
would have to pull out and cum on her face so she didn't have to
swallow the first time... Mr. Adams was worked up alright, his
feverish mind unable to think straight as his lust for Alice
suppressed all rational thought. He would fuck her today. Whether she
wanted it or not, he would fuck her tight teen pussy until she

Finding a reason to reprimand Alice was not hard, since she actually
wanted to get called to his office as quickly as possible to secretly
film his abuse. This time, the reason for a spanking was her blouse.
Three open buttons was one too many and that could not go unpunished.
After class Alice walked over the lawn towards Mr. Adams office with
mixed emotions. The thought of exposing the headmaster made her giddy
and happy, but the possibility of getting caught trying to do it
scared her too. After last time, she was also wary of what he wanted
to do to her next. He had clearly decided to go further with Alice,
she just hoped she could put a stop to it before he got around to
actually shagging her. At worst she might have to suck him off, she
thought. She hadn't done anything like that before, but if that was
what it took to bring him down she was prepared to do it. The worse he
treated her, the stronger the hold over him would be, she
rationalized. With a nod to his secretary, Alice knocked on the
headmasters door, awaiting her spanking for what she hoped would be
the last time.

Seeing his cute little sex toy in her schoolgirl uniform, Mr. Adams
even forgot his usual pathetic little mind game of making her wait.
His lust-crazed eyes roamed her lithe little-girl body as she closed
the door and slowly walked towards his desk. Seeing his piercing look,
Alice felt herself blush with fear. Had he spotted the camera in his
bookcase already, and called her here just to toy with her? Could he
see the tiny camera remote, carefully sewn into the hem on the side of
her jumper? He was certainly looking at her intently enough.

Mr. Adams, however, was far from suspicious. He was horny as hell, and
his lust would have blinded him to anything suspicious even if he had
had the presence of mind to believe Alice would turn on him. He didn't
suspect a thing. In fact, he thought Alice's blushing was a sign of

"So, Miss Edwards. You're back already. Seems you were in here just
the other day. Your disregard for proper attire gets you into trouble
again and again, doesn't it?"

"Yes Sir. I'm sorry, Sir. It won't happen again, Sir." Alice almost
smiled when she said that, realizing that Mr. Adams knew nothing of
her little camera set-up. This *wouldn't* happen again. The traces of
a smile were not lost on the headmaster, who immediately thought Alice
was tuning in to his power-trip and playing along to please them both.
In his head she wanted this as much as he did himself. Registering the
headmasters red face and heavy breathing, Alice suppressed an excited
giggle. As he momentarily glanced towards the door to make sure it was
closed, Alice pressed the remote and brought the hidden camera to
life. She had him now! All she had to do was passively accept Mr.
Adams groping while demonstrating for the camera that this was not
what she wanted. That wouldn't be hard at all. She hated him so much
it hurt. She couldn't wait to make him suffer.

"Come here, Miss Edwards, and lay that tight little body of yours in
my lap like a good girl. I want to see your panties and that hot
little ass of yours. And get a move on, or I'll spank you so hard you
can't sit down for a week."

Alice hesitated, and not just for the benefit of the camera. Mr. Adams
was even more crude than usual.

"Come, come Miss Edwards. Don't be shy. You've been here often enough.
I know what your is bum like by now. Even the sight of your tight cunt
in your pretty little panties is becoming familiar, you know."

Mr. Adams thought he was turning her on with his talk, but Alice
didn't like this at all. He never talked dirty to her except a few
times last Thursday, and this didn't bode well for what was to come.
He'd want her to suck his dick this time, she thought. Or maybe he
wanted to fuck her? Alice didn't know, but she was prepared for
whatever came. This would be the last time, and revenge would be so
very, very sweet.

"Please don't spank me again, Mr. Adams, Sir. I didn't mean to annoy
you. Please leave me alone."

Alice whimpered; mostly for the sake of the camera. She didn't usually
whine like this, and Mr. Adams took it as a sure sign of her
acceptance of the 'game' they were about to play. He was so aroused by
this, he had to stop rubbing his own crotch or he'd shoot off in his
pants before they had even started.

"Silence child. The open buttons of your blouse just prove what an
unbelievable little tramp you are. If I'm not mistaken you were sent
to this school because you put out to your boyfriend and got knocked-
up. Isn't that right, Miss Edwards?"

Alice bowed her head in feigned shame and nodded.

"I suppose you just loved it when he fucked your cunt, didn't you?
Couldn't wait to feel him spunk up your twat? Well, I'll teach you to
behave, you little slut. Now get over here this instance!"

Alice walked over to the headmaster and dutifully lay down across his
knees, feeling his hard-on poke her tummy like so many times before.
There was a big difference this time, though. Pointing directly at her
little panty-clad butt was the running video camera she had hidden in
Mr. Adams bookcase.

Drooling, Mr. Adams fondled her ass, stroking those pretty little
panties and savoring the feel of the white cotton fabric sliding
against the smooth cheeks of her behind. Lifting his hand high above
his head, the horny headmaster started smacking Alice's panty-clad
butt. Every slap against her squirming little ass jiggled her buttocks
and made Alice howl in shame and pain. He had never spanked her this
hard before, and the humping of his cock against her tummy was more
frantic than ever. Mr. Adams knew he had to pull himself together and
slow down, or else it would all be over before he got to fuck her. He
refrained from his humping and alternated between spanking Alice and
sliding his hand into her panties to feel her ass and pussy.

Alice wasn't aroused. No matter how much Mr. Adams fondled her,
Alice's pussy just didn't get wet. He couldn't understand it. Surely
he wasn't mistaken - she wanted this as much as he did? Glancing down
at her, he saw the rage in Alice's face, her clenched teeth and tight
little fists. Slowly it dawned on him that she didn't want this at
all. It had all been in his own mind. Damn that little tease for
tricking him like this! He'd show this prissy little prick-tease who
was in charge! Pushing Alice down on the floor, Mr. Adams opened his
fly and fished out his throbbing erection. Pointing it at the little
schoolgirl's face, he growled:

"Suck on this, you little twat! I'm going to fuck your mouth 'till you
gag, and then I'll shove it up your cunt and make you squirm on my
cock, you damned prick-tease." Mr. Adams was so angry and disappointed
in Alice's lack of cooperation that he lost all sense of decency.
Grabbing Alice by her ponytail, he jerked her tearstained face up and
started rubbing it against his crotch.

"Oh God! Please stop. Please... Let me go! Mmmpff..."

Alice's sniveling was cut short as Mr. Adams mashed her head to his
crotch, rubbing her pretty face against his swollen cock and hairy
balls. She wasn't really all that scared, though, she had expected he
wanted to do something like this. Alice knew the headmaster was a
brutal man, and after all, she supposed this was marginally better
than getting spanked. Still, there was comfort in crying a bit and not
having to be strong all the time. There was the camera to consider as
well. This film would screw Mr. Adams good.

Rubbing his cock all over Alice's face almost made Mr. Adams shoot his
spunk into her hair; her warm, flushed cheeks felt so good against
him. He rubbed the tip of his cock against her cute little face,
leaving a shiny trail over the bridge and tip of her nose as he rubbed
his dick on her. He tried to write the word 'cunt' in her face with
his glistening pre-cum, but had to give up or loose his load in her
face. Alice spat one of his pubic hairs on the floor.

"Open your mouth, you little tease! I'm going to fuck that prissy
little rosebud of a mouth you have. That way I'll think of your lips
on my dick every time you open them to say something in class."

"Nooo... Not that... Please! Not in my mouth! Please... Mmppff..."
Alice was cut short again, this time by her headmaster shoving his
cock into the warm, moist cavity of her mouth. Holding her head in
both hands he started fucking her face, shoving his dick between her
lips. The salty, slimy taste of him made Alice gag as he moved her
face on his dick.

Looking down at the helpless little schoolgirl on the floor with her
lips stretched around his thick tool, Mr. Adams was beside himself
with excitement. Resting her butt on her knee-sock covered calves,
Alice concentrated on breathing through her nose as Mr. Adams shoved
his thick tool in and out of her mouth. He stared down at her ruffled
school uniform, leaning forward to grope Alice's small tits and dainty
little bra underneath her blouse and jumper. He had to get his cock
inside her pussy before he came, and he had to hurry or he'd fill her
mouth with his hot spunk instead.

With an audible 'pop' Mr. Adams withdrew his throbbing member from
Alice's drooling mouth. Gasping for air, Alice yelped as her
headmaster picked her up like a rag doll and roughly bent her over his
desk, exposing her panty-covered ass to him. He pressed Alice face
down into the papers on his desk, not letting go until he was sure she
was completely still, except for her sobbing. Reaching under her
ruffled plaid skirt, Mr. Andrews rubbed Alice's pussy mound through
her panties, shoving them into her cunt before yanking them down to
her knees.

"Shame I'm not the first to fuck your little twat, Miss Edwards, but
I'm going to enjoy cumming inside you, all the same."

Now Alice was scared for real. She didn't have the best track record
in fucking. Last time she got knocked-up even before her boyfriend was
all the way inside her. What if she got pregnant again, and this time
with her own headmaster? That just wouldn't do.

"Please don't cum inside me, Sir. I'll get pregnant again, I'm sure of
it." she sobbed. "I'll suck you off if you want, just don't cum inside

"Nah, don't think so! I've fucked your mouth already. 'Been there,
done that' as you kids say. If I want to spunk up your twat I will,
you little shit."

With that, the brutal headmaster pressed the head of his jerking cock
against Alice's tight little-girl cunt from behind and pushed. He had
never felt anything so tight. He pushed again. There was no way he was
getting all the way inside her without any lubrication. Reaching into
a drawer in his desk, he pulled out a bottle of lotion and smeared a
handful on Alice's exposed pussy and his own dick. Pushing his cock at
her cunt again, he slowly managed to enter her. She was so
unbelievably tight he never thought he'd be able to, but he finally
got it all in.

Not daring to move against her for fear of shooting off instantly, Mr.
Adams played with Alice's upturned ass instead. Assisted by the lotion
he had applied, Mr. Adams forced his index finger into her bumhole,
letting it slowly glide up inside her to the second knuckle before
fucking her ass with it. Involuntarily he began moving against her,
but her cunt was gripping him too tight and he knew he had to keep
still or shoot his wad. Mr. Adams wanted to be able to last at least a
couple of minutes inside this darling little girl, but that would be
hard. He had to calm down. He closed his eyes and tried to think about
today's news broadcast.

Having simmered down a bit, Mr. Adams started to fuck his little
schoolgirl. His hard thrusts knocked Alice painfully against his desk,
red marks developing across the front of her thighs from the sharp
edge of the desk top as he continued to slam into her. Holding on to
her curvy hips he fucked her so hard her teeth chattered, her whole
body yanked to and fro with his motions. Alice's tight, gripping cunt
was the best he'd ever had, and he felt his head spinning as he fucked
into her with force. A box of pencils was knocked clear off the desk,
scattering noisily across the floor, drowning the sound of Mr. Adams
grunting for a second. Looking down at her tight teen body impaled on
his stiff dick, Mr. Adams resumed his fingering of Alice's butt. That
gave Alice an idea. She just had to stop him getting her pregnant, and
now she knew how. It would be painful, but better than the

"Please, Sir. Don't cum inside me. If you really have to, I'll let you
fuck me up the bum instead. That way I won't get pregnant. Please,
Sir. Just do me in the ass instead. You'll like it. It'll make you
cum, I promise." Alice reached behind herself and invitingly pulled
the cheeks of her ass apart, exposing her tiny, pink asshole to Mr.
Adams. "Just put some lotion on before you shove it up my bum, or
you'll never get it in".

Mr. Adams had been a split second away from shooting off inside Alice,
but now he stopped dead in his tracks. He had never fucked anyone in
the ass before, and certainly not an angel like little Alice. He
wanted to do that very much, he just didn't know how he was going to
make it. His cock was all the way up Alice's tight little twat, and
the very thought of fucking her ass made him feel like cumming. There
was no way he could get his cock out of her pussy and into her ass
without shooting off. Sensing he wanted to fuck her bum, Alice tried
to pull herself off his dick, but Mr. Adams quickly held her down.

"Oh God! Don't do that. I'll spunk up your pussy if you so much as

Alice didn't move. She could feel his cock spasming in her cunt, and
she hated the thought of him cumming inside her like this. Wheezing
behind her, Mr. Adams tried to calm himself again before slowly
withdrawing. He had to stop twice on the verge of cumming, but finally
managed to pull out. Guiding his cock towards the wrinkled opening of
her tightly clenched anus, the headmaster pushed forward. Alice's ass
was way too tight, so he applied some lotion and then inserted first
one, then two fingers into her bum trying to loosen her up. Feeling
her warm, gripping asshole clamp around his fingers, Mr. Adams knew he
had to be quick. This young girl was too intense for him, and if he
wanted to fuck her behind he had to do it right now, or he would never
make it.

Holding his cock in his fist Mr. Adams pushed against the fourteen-
year-old's ass once again. This time the head of his cock entered her,
and Alice squealed in pain as he continued to push himself into her
ass. Alice felt an incredibly full as Mr. Adams forced his cock into
her asshole, the pain making her grunt and grit her teeth, her
knuckles whitening as her hands gripped the edge of his desk in front
of her. Feeling the warm, sucking sensation of her bum, Mr. Adams knew
it was too late. With deep groan he started to cum, spraying the first
shot of spunk up her virgin ass.

"Uuunngh. Oh God! I'm cumming. I'm cumming up your hot little
schoolgirl ass," he grunted, before his slippery cock was expelled by
Alice's tight, clenching anus. Fisting himself, Mr. Adams shot the
rest of his load over Alice and her upturned ass. thick ropes of cum
shot all over her back and ponytail. cum splattered on Alice's sore
red ass as he ground his cock into the furrow between her red cheeks,
feeling the rubbery sensation of her asshole on the shaft of his dick.

As the final weak spurts of his ejaculation landed in the crack of her
ass, Mr Adams reached out and grabbed a fistful of tissues from his
desk. Wiping the sobbing little schoolgirl's ass like baby, he tried
to remove the cum seeping out of her abused asshole. The cum on her
plaid skirt and gray jumper left dark wet patches no matter how hard
he tried to remove them, and a tiny voice in his mind told him he
might have gone to far this time. Well, that couldn't be helped now.

"I hope this will be a lesson to you, young lady," he said weakly, as
Alice pulled her panties back up over her spunk-covered ass.

Crying, Alice still had the sense to press the remote and stop the
camera on her way out. Mr. Adams stood confused, looking at her cum-
splattered skirt and jumper as Alice made her way out the door, not
really knowing if he could get away with this one. He had been too
worked up. He had to be a bit more careful from now on. No more
messing with Alice for a few weeks, just until things got settled
again. Little did he know how unsettling things were about to become
for him.

Chapter 4
Walking back to her room, Alice felt Mr. Adams cum seep from her
abused ass and into the seat of her panties with every step. This man
was so disgusting... she just couldn't wait to make him pay for what
he had done. Passing some of her schoolmates, they gave her comforting
looks which turned to gasps as she passed them, displaying the back of
her cum-splattered schoolgirl uniform. Mr. Worth approached her, but
backed away shaking his head at the sight of the stains and the
determined look on her angry face.

Marching into her room, she wiped her tears and went straight to the
bathroom to have a long, hot shower. Telling her shocked roommates
about what had happened, both she and Sarah wanted to rush over and
confront Mr. Adams with the videotape at once. Joan kept her cool,
however, and convinced the others to play it safe and follow their
original plan.

That night, Alice made her way to the headmasters office once again,
slipping in through the open window to retrieve the hidden camera. She
wasn't scared any more, just determined to end this ordeal as quickly
as possible. Taking a swig from Mr. Adams whisky, she grabbed the
camera and returned to her room in triumph. The girls watched the film
that night, checking to see it was okay. After the initial shocked
silence of seeing their friend abused by their evil headmaster, the
girls opted to see it again, this time commenting on what was
happening on the tiny preview screen of the camera. Half way through
the film, Alice shook her head.

"I can't believe I said that. 'I'll let you fuck me up the bum. You'll
like it.' I mean, really! What was I thinking?"

"What about Mr. Adams then? 'If I want to spunk up your twat I will,
you little shit.'" Sarah said with a fake gruffy voice. "What's up
with that?"

When the film showed Mr. Adams begging Alice not to move or he'd cum
in her, the girls fell over themselves laughing.

"Jesus, what a twerp!" Joan exclaimed.

"Yeah, well, seems I'm a twat and he's a twerp, so then I guess that
means you're a twit," Alice giggled. Joan playfully punched her in the

"I'm not surprised he couldn't control himself, really. Little Alice
here can be quite a turn-on." Sarah smiled, nudging her friend.

"Aaaww! Come here my pwetty wittle schoolgirl. Your sooo cute!" Alice
laughed, hugging Sarah and pretending to grope her, tickling her

"Stop tickling me, you darned twat, or I'll wet my knickers!" Sarah
laughed, frantically spanking Alice's with light little slaps on her
butt. Rolling around on the floor, their playful fighting soon became

"Stop it, you two. Let's be careful. We don't want to get caught now,
do we?" The ever sensible Joan pulled the two lovers apart, shrugging
off her friends pouting. "Let's hide the camera right now. You two
need to behave as normal as you possibly can." Joan gave the other two
a stern look. "I mean that! No more lezzie stuff, or we risk loosing
it all. Soon I'll be going home, taking that dirty little film with
me, and we'll all be safe."


Next Sunday evening Joan returned with a copy of the tape, the
original and several other copies deposited in various safe places.
They decided to confront Mr. Adams after class so the other teachers
wouldn't know what was happening. Keeping their hold over the
headmaster a secret would be the best way to change things for the
better at St. Mary's.

Walking in step across the lawn that evening, they moved more like
soldiers than three little schoolgirls. Joan was nervous of course,
she usually was. Alice and Sarah however, were calm and collected.
Alice held the incriminating videotape tightly in her hand. This was
their moment, and nothing was going to spoil it for them.

Mr. Worth watched their gorgeous, swaying little behinds from his
office window as they walked across the lawn, wondering what they were
up to now. What he would give to have any one those three little
cuties in his bed! Mr. Worth sighed and went to find his bottle of

With a nod to his secretary, the three young schoolgirls marched right
into their headmasters office without knocking. Closing the heavy oak
door behind them, they turned to face the Mr. Adams in unison.
Startled, he frantically tried to hide the girlie-magazine he was
reading, crumpling it in the process. Keeping his hands off his
students for a week had proved harder for Mr. Adams than he had
expected, and the magazines was all that had kept him sane these past
few days.

"Miss Edwards! Miss Thompson! Miss Ellis! What...? Why...? What the
hell do you think you're doing? This is my private office, and you
know damned well you're supposed to knock before coming in here." Mr.
Adams was flustered and angry, hoping they hadn't seen his dirty mag.
They had.

"Well, hello there Mr. Adams. Thomas, isn't it? It's okay if I call
you Thomas, right? Or maybe you prefer Tommy?" Alice smirked at Mr.
Adams and sensing his hesitation and confusion she felt a rush of
power, energy surging through her body, spinning her head like she was
on drugs.

"Not it's not alright, you insolent little girl. Get out! All three of
you, or you'll get such a spanking you can't sit for a week."

"I don't think so, Tommy. You're actually in, um, like deep shit, you
see. Anyway, you always say that, and the threat is getting kind of
old." Alice smiled sweetly.

"We're talking really deep shit here, Tommy. Like, you know, up to the
neck," Sarah added. She too felt a surge of power as she watched her
headmaster's wide open, confused eyes.

Alice pushed the videotape into a VCR conveniently placed at the far
end of Mr. Adams office, facing his desk. He usually watched dirty
films on it, and without knowing it yet he was about to do so again.
As the tv screen came to life, a sharp, full colour image of his hand
all over Alice's ass made Mr. Adams gasp. The first thing that struck
him was what a lovely little ass the girl in the film had. Then it
dawned on him. It was Alice. Damn! These girls must have taped the
whole thing last Monday. They had taped the worst abuse he had ever
committed. He had called her 'a little shit'! He had made her suck his
dick! Christ, he had even fucked her. In the ass! How old was she
again? Fourteen! Shit, shit, shit, SHIT! Mr. Adams realized they were
right. He really was in deep trouble.

Alice walked over to Mr. Adams' desk and sat down on top of his
papers, picking up his girlie-magazine, lazily flipping through it
before casually tossing it in the dustbin. Mr. Adams was sweating, not
daring to look directly at her.

"You see, what you've been doing to us girls here at St. Mary's, it
just isn't cool you know, spanking and groping your students. It's
just not on, is it girls?" Alice spoke with a voice so steady it
surprised even her.

"Nope. Not on at all." Joan and Sarah shook their heads in agreement.

Mr. Adams jumped from his chair, desperately thinking he could snatch
the tape from these weak little girls and save his skin. Only half way
up, it was easy for Alice to push him back into his chair.

"Relax Tommy. It's not like this is the only copy of the tape. After
all, we're not quite as stupid as you might think. Well, Joan is,
because we decided she was a twit, but at least Sarah and I aren't."
The girls giggled.

"What?" Mr. Adams blurted.

"Never mind. It's not really important."

Looking back at the TV, Mr. Adams flinched as the saw himself driving
his cock into Alice's reluctant mouth, shouting obscenities at her
while tugging her ponytail.

"Hey, Tommy! If you had thought of this yourself you could have
flogged the tape down at that porn shop you go to and gotten rich.
It's such a great porn flick! Damn, you should see what comes next.
This guy, he fucks her bum you know. Well, almost, anyway. He's too
horny to actually do it properly, but he really, really wants to."

Alice curled her lips in a condescending little smile, before she
pulled off her jumper. As she started to unbutton her crisp, white
school blouse Mr. Adams was even more confused than before. What was
this? Alice was undressing? Shrugging off her blouse, Alice revealed a
tight, white T-shirt, the words 'PORN STAR' emblazoned across her
chest in bold, sparkling, pink letters. Half staring at her bare
midriff, Mr. Adams couldn't help admire this young girl. She wasn't
just hot, there was something more to her. She was just *special*.
Different from the other girls he had encountered at his school.

"Joan brought a T-shirt back for me this weekend. Pretty cool, huh?"

"It just seemed so, um, appropriate," Joan said, glaring at the
headmaster while defiantly chewing gum; an offence which would
normally lead to a firm punishment for a girl as good-looking as
herself. Her usual nervousness was gone, replaced by a startling
arousal at her newfound power.

"What is this? What is it you want? Is it money? I can pay you a lot,
you know. I'm a man of considerable means." Mr. Adams was sweating and
talking fast, his only hope was to buy these tapes back before they
fell into the wrong hands. His life would be ruined if they went
public, and no matter what price these girls would name it would
surely be a steal compared to the alternative. Anyway, they were just
silly little girls. They'd probably settle for a couple of hundred
pounds, he thought.

Sarah didn't like the gleam in Alice's eye when Mr. Adams offered to
buy his way out, so she quickly stepped in:

"That's sooo sweet of you, Mr. Adams. It's just that we really, really
don't like you, you see, so it's not about money or anything like
that. It's about you, and how we can get back at you. And not just for
our own personal pleasure either. We feel like real representatives of
all the girls at St. Mary's you've been messing around with. You know,
like union leaders or something."

"Yikes! 'The Union of Spanked Schoolgirls'. Sounds a bit silly,
Sarah!" Alice chuckled.

"Look, why don't we discuss this in a civilized manner." Mr. Adams
whined. "I'm sure we can come to some arrangement."

"You know, since we came in here the room is, like, all tense or
something." Alice said, faking a shudder. "Why don't you trot over and
get us some of that whisky, Tommy? That should help loosen things up,
don't you think?"

"Whisky? You want to drink whisky? Must I remind you that the legal
age..." Mr. Adams voice trailed off as Alice gave him a stern look.
Not daring to defy her, the headmaster hurried over and poured whisky
into four elaborately cut glasses. He needed a shot of scotch himself.
Maybe that would clear his mind.

Meanwhile, Alice had seated herself behind the desk in his swivel
chair, tilting it back and forth in a rocking motion, enjoying the
power rush. Sarah and Joan were sitting on the tabletop, dangling
their feet and glaring at Mr. Adams, his precious papers brushed onto
the floor.

"Why four glasses, Tommy? You don't think you're going to get any, do
you? I mean, drinking spirits before six on a Monday! What would
people say, hmmm?" Sarah shook her head in dismay.

"Oh, look. Now you're trying to fuck me! Not really doing such a good
job, are you?" Alice motioned to the tv where the video was still
playing. Mr. Adams flinched again as he saw his pathetic performance
captured on tape and displayed in front these three little girls.

"Almost peed ourselves laughing over that one, you know. You're such
a... such a... What was it again, Joan?"

"Twerp. He's a twerp."

"That's right. We think you're a real twerp, Mr. Adams. Oh, by the
way, I think I'll have a cigar too if you don't mind." Alice opened
the sandalwood box and offered a cigar to each of the girls before
taking one herself. Joan declined, but Sarah grabbed a whole fistful.

"Hey, those are Cubans," Mr. Adams blurted out.

"No shit? I'm so impressed. Really I am. Give us a light, would you?"
Alice clipped the cigar, leaned forward and waited for the headmaster
to offer her a light. Despite the severity of the situation, Mr. Adams
had a hard time pulling his eyes from Alice's perfect little breasts
straining against her tight T-shirt. Reaching into his pocket, Mr.
Adams pulled out a gold lighter and offered it to her.

"That's nice," she said, studying it before lighting up, smoke
twirling towards the ceiling. "Want it, Sarah?" Alice passed the
lighter to her friend.

"Nah. Wouldn't want to keep it, since I know where it's been." Sarah
lit up a cigar and tossed the lighter back at Mr. Adams who failed to
make the catch and had to stoop down to retrieve it.

Taking a small sip of whisky, Joan shuddered and made a face before
setting the glass down again. Sarah kept twirling her glass on the
desk, poking at the ice cubes in her drink while staring vacantly at
Alice and Mr. Adams on the tv screen. She kept slowly licking the
whisky off her fingers in an deliberate manner which Mr. Adams found
incredibly sexy. Leaning back in the chair, Alice sipped scotch and
puffed little clouds of smoke at Mr. Adams face. No one spoke for a
minute or two, the film whirring in the background. This was their own
version of Mr. Adams waiting game, and they reveled in it. Then Mr.
Adams blurted out:

"Oh God, don't do this to me! Tell me what you want. Please! You know
I'll do anything, just tell me what you want."

"You just don't seem... *relaxed*, Tommy. You seem like all tense and
agitated. It's really unsettling. I hate that." Alice yawned and
stretched in the headmasters chair, taking another sip of whisky. She
was finding more pleasure in making Mr. Adams squirm than she had ever
anticipated, and she could tell that her friends were enjoying this as
well. All three wanted to savor this moment of power over the man who
had brought them so much pain and humiliation.

On the tv in the background, Alice's muffled voice was begging Mr.
Adams not to get her pregnant and to fuck her ass instead.

"Can you believe I said that?" Alice exclaimed, gesturing towards the
TV. "I was just saying to the girls the other day how I can't believe
I said that."

Mr. Adams couldn't stand to look at the screen.

"Why don't you take off your trousers and shirt, Tommy? Maybe that
will calm you, hmmm? You seem a bit flustered." Sarah said. Seeing Mr.
Adams humiliated like this was making her panties wet. She wanted him
to suffer.

"Yesss! Good idea, Sarah." Joan exclaimed, clapping her hands. She
wanted to see this too. Her rational mind thought it would improve
their bargaining position if Mr. Adams was as uncomfortable as
possible, but she wasn't sure that was the only reason she wanted him
to undress. The feeling of power was intoxicating, and Joan wanted to
use it.

"Undress?" Mr. Adams spluttered. "You want me to undress?"

"Just to you underwear, Tommy. Don't get any ideas," Alice said, her
voice flat and expressionless.

As Mr. Adams undressed in front of the three pretty schoolgirls he
felt more humiliated that he had ever felt before. Staring at him with
contempt, the three beautiful little girls watched as he pulled off
his shirt and started to open his belt. This was a new experience for
him, since his usual routine was geared towards dominating and
humiliating others, both his students and his own colleagues. He was
unaware of how this change of roles affected him until he pulled off
his trousers and was half surprised to find his hard cock straining
against his shorts.

Joan and Sarah were surprised too. Mr. Adams was more fit than they
had realized, his body well toned and muscular. They didn't know it,
but Mr. Adams was actually quite a fitness buff and the strict
discipline he expected of his students applied to himself when he
entered the gym.

Unfazed, Alice sighed.

"You can't even have girls visit you in your office without getting a
hard-on, can you? Jesus! What is it now? Got a peek at our panties or

"No! It's just... Sorry."

"Well, aaanyway. We have this film, and I suppose you don't really
want it to, you know, show up on cable tv or something. So we thought
we'd use it to make some changes around here. You know, change stuff
that just isn't cool."

"Yeah. Like you for instance, Mr. Adams. We already decided you're not
cool." Sarah added, taking a sip of whisky.

Joan spit her gum on Mr. Adams' thick, expensive carpet. She knew it
was a childish gesture, but she still enjoyed it. "We'll let you stay
on as headmaster, though. As long as you do as we say."

With a shudder, Mr. Adams realized what Joan was saying was true. They
had the power to totally destroy him. His career, his whole life was
in their hands. It was finally sinking in.

"You can't do this. Please don't. You'll ruin me. I can't let you do
that," Mr. Adams whined.

"Yeah. It's a real bummer, I know." Joan rolled her eyes.

"'I can't let you do that.' Are you, like, not getting this? Your
future is in our hands, and we plan to use that power to make you
crawl." Alice glared at the headmaster, annoyed with his whining

"Alright, alright. What is it you want? I'll stop the spanking. Of
course I will. The spanking is out. Gone."

"So you're - just let me get this straight - offering us to 'stop the
spanking'. This isn't turning me on, Tommy. There's just so much more
we want." Alice had her feet on the desk. With her heels she flipped
off her shoes, wiggling her dainty little toes in her white knee

"There's the food. We want proper food, you know. Good stuff. And the
uniforms - the school uniform really has to go. We know how you love
your little girls in their school uniforms, but sorry, it's just not
on anymore. It's really just for the benefit of pervs like yourself,
isn't it?" Sarah was thinking fast. They hadn't really discussed
properly what to demand, but there seemed to be no limit now.

"And that thing about one phone call a week, what's up with that? This
isn't a fucking prison, you know. Why hasn't the school issued free
cell phones to all its students? We'd really like that." Joan added.

"And why aren't we allowed visits from boys? I mean, really. The
results can't be worse than having your horny headmaster knocking you
up, can it?" Alice sneered at Mr. Adams.

"Are you taking notes, Mr. Adams?" Sarah grinned. "You're bound to
forget something, and you really don't want to do that."

"I can't manage all this. It's too expensive. And totally
inappropriate too." Mr. Adams was scared. His school would never be
the same again.

"Jeez. That's so low, Mr. Adams. 'It's too expensive'. Look at your
office. Sell off some of those antique books and you can pay for
anything. Bet you've been skimming off the budget by serving us that
awful food." Alice flicked her cigar stub at him, forcing him to pick
it up to avoid burning a hole in the carpet. Mr. Adams didn't answer.
He had been embezzling money for quite some time, saving wherever he
could and not really caring how it affected his students. This barrage
of demands from the three cute girls in front of him made his head
reel, but he knew he had no choice but to comply. Anyway, he had a
hard time thinking straight, his eyes wandering up the slim, girlish
thighs of Joan and Sarah, hoping to catch a glimpse of their panties
as they sat on his desk, dangling their legs. Those perky little tits
underneath Alice's indecent T-shirt didn't help either. Embarrassed he
felt his own hard cock peek up over the elastic of his shorts.
Shifting uncomfortably in his chair, he tried to cover his arousal
from of the girls piercing looks...unsuccessfully.

"Oh look, he's all hot and bothered. Is it us? Are we turning you on?
I'm so sorry Mr. Adams." Sarah asked innocently, lifting her plaid
skirt and exposing her panties. The power rush had made her crotch
wet, and a dark patch clearly defined the mound of her pussy against
the white cotton fabric. "You want this, don't you?" she asked,
stroking herself through her panties. "You want it so bad it hurts,
and yet you're not getting any, are you? What a damned shame!"

Turned on by Sarah's teasing, Joan slid off the desk and swirled
around, turning her butt to the headmaster. Flipping up her skirt she
showed him her taut little bum straining against her panties. "What do
you think? Better than those sluts in your girlie magazines, huh?"
Glancing at Mr. Adams drooling cock she smirked. "Almost cumming in
your shorts just looking at us, aren't you. God, that's so pathetic."

Mr. Adams just mumbled, almost crying as the girls taunted him with
their hot teen bodies.

"What's that, Mr. Adams?" Alice asked sternly. "I can't quite hear
you. You're, like, mumbling all the time. Get over here so we can hear
you. Now!"

Shuffling over to the desk, Mr. Adams tried his best to hide how
aroused he was by covering his crotch with both hands. It didn't work
so he just gave up, exposing his bulging shorts to the three little
fourteen-year-olds. Standing next to the desk he cringed at the
thought of what could come next. Neither Joan nor Sarah had ever seen
a cock before and stared at his crotch, gauging the size of it
underneath his shorts, studying the pre-cum leaking from it's exposed

"If you get down on your knees you can see my knickers, you know."
Alice's words came out sounding like an order as she motioned him to
get down on his knees in front of the chair. Since she had her feet on
the desk, Mr. Adams had to get down and crawl underneath her legs.
Tilting backwards, Alice let Mr. Adams peek up her skirt, taking in
the sight of her pretty little cotton panties. drawing his breath
sharply, the headmaster could smell the musky scent of her arousal as
she watched him crawl on the carpet for her.

"Like my knickers?" Alice giggled. "You should. You make us wear them
all the time. Personally I prefer a bit more variety. You know, not
just white cotton all the time. I know these drive you crazy, though."
Alice wiggled her bum in the chair.

Lowering her feet from the desk, Alice rubbed her knee sock covered
soles in Mr. Adams face, laughing as she felt his features against her
dainty little feet. "God. You're tickling me!" she giggled, rubbing
her feet even harder against him, pushing his head backwards against
the edge of his desk, the heavy smell of her sweaty socks making Mr.
Adams dizzy.

"Here, you can sniff my knickers if you want." Replacing her feet on
the desk, Alice spread her thighs wide, letting Mr. Adams stick his
head up her skirt. Staring at her panties, he drew his breath deeply,
sucking in the smell of Alice's sex. Reaching into his shorts without
thinking, Mr. Adams started to masturbate at the sight of her crotch,
the feeling of utter humiliation turning him on more than he thought
possible. He loved exposing himself to these three schoolgirls,
revealing his helpless lust for them.

"Oh God! Now he's even wanking!" Sarah sighed. "Christ, you're such an
unbelievable perv Mr. Adams."

Excited by their friends humiliation of the headmaster, Joan and Sarah
got down on their knees at each side of Mr. Adams kneeling figure,
staring at the cock in his moving fist.

"It's all gooey and stuff."

"Yeah, look. There's all this slimy gunk leaking from it. That's just
so gross."

Looking at each other and giggling, Joan and Sarah both slipped a hand
into their panties, rubbing themselves in response to the exciting
sight of their headmaster crawling for Alice with his head up her

Mr. Adams jerking made wet slapping sounds as he sniffed Alice's
panties, loving every second of it despite the humiliation. Grabbing
his head, Alice roughly pushed his face to her crotch, rubbing his
face against herself while making fucking motions, giggling as he
passively let her push him around. Abruptly Alice pushed him away
again, knocking his head against the desk. Mr. Adams looked up,
staring straight into the glittering print on Alice's tight little T-
shirt. Leaning forward he kissed her belly-button, probing it with his

"You're groveling, Tommy. Don't grovel, it's just so sad. Anyway, I
hate it when you stick stuff in my belly-button, so don't, okay?"

The girls had never in their young lives been so turned on before. The
incredible feeling of power over their hated headmaster was such a
rush they could hardly hold still, Sarah and Joan rubbing their thighs
together and feeling their juices seeping into the crotch of their
panties. After all that had happened, they were past the point of
being shy in front of each other, and Mr. Adams just seemed
inconsequential. This was turning into a sexual power trip way beyond
anything they had experienced before.

"Well, you little shit," Alice said with a smirk. "Let's see if you
can be of any use." Lifting her butt from the chair, Alice pulled her
panties down, lifting her skirt up around her waist and exposing her
tight little teenage pussy. Sarah withdrew her hand from her panties
and stroked Alice fondly on the cheek, her fingers leaving a wet,
glistening trace.

"God, I love to see you like this. You're so beautiful." Sarah smiled
at Alice, leaning forward and kissing her. Looking at the two
fourteen-year-old schoolgirls making out almost made Mr. Adams shoot
his load. He didn't dare though, the thought of what they would do to
him laying a damper on his ability to gratify himself. Leaning
forward, Mr. Adams prepared to lick Alice's pussy, the mere thought
turning him on. As Alice pushed him away again, he looked up at her,

"You think I'm going to let you lick my pussy? Are you insane?"
Scooting forward in her chair with raised legs, Alice exposed her
little rosebud anus to her headmasters flustered face. "You're not
worthy to kiss my cunt, you twerp. Since you seem to love my ass so
much, why don't you get down and kiss it. Lap at it like a good little

Sarah and Joan gasped as Mr. Adams bent forward, snaking his tongue
into the sweaty crack of Alice's ass before burying his face between
her cheeks, kissing and licking her bumhole. Sarah reached out and
tentatively stroked Alice's upturned cunt, rubbing her gently as Alice
gave her an encouraging, soft moan.

Seeing Mr. Adams humiliated like this was getting to Joan, her fingers
moving rapidly inside her panties as she watched the scene before her.
Staring at the degraded headmaster with his face buried in Alice's
ass, Joan shuddered and came with a little shriek, her fingers pressed
against her spasming cunt. Panting, she felt her knees wobble and sank
to the floor, her hand still buried inside her panties.

Leaning forward, Sarah traced kisses down Alice's tummy as Mr. Adams
continued lapping her asshole with his eager tongue. Feeling the
headmasters tongue glide in and out of her back hole, Alice moved
against his face and Sarah's eager fingers. With a drawn out moan she
too came, pushing Sarah's hand harder against her throbbing clit,
while at the same time smothering poor Mr. Adams with her writhing
ass. Once she had somewhat recovered from her explosive climax, Alice
shoved the red-faced Mr. Adams away and pulled her panties back up.
Smiling at Sarah, her eyes glittering.

"Christ, this power-trip is amazing. Can't be healthy for a young
girl, this."

"You're so pretty," Sarah swooned, not really registering what Alice
was saying. Deliberately she kissed her again in front of their wide-
eyed headmaster.

"Yeah, well. I'm a fucking goddess!" Alice giggled.

"Porn star."

"Oh, right. Porn star."

Seeing Mr. Adams still kneeling on the floor and looking up at them in
amazement, Alice sighed. "Shame you didn't get to see your little
schoolgirls having a little lezzie fun, since you had your face in my
ass all the time. Did you like it?"

Mr. Adams nodded sheepishly. He had still not cum, and wanted
desperately to shoot his wad.

"Well, who's the little shit now then? On second thoughts, don't
answer that." Alice shook her head, glancing down at his throbbing
cock. "Seems you really need to get off there, Mr. Adams. Guess we
should leave you alone with your dirty little magazines and let you
ponder the changes you're going to have to make here at St. Mary's."

As Alice got up to leave, Joan grabbed her shoulder.

"Let's make him cum too. I want to see it. I've never seen a guy cum
before," she said.

"Yeah. I want to see it too. I want to see him shoot off. That'll be
sooo cool." Sarah agreed.

"Well I'm not touching his dick. That's just yucky." Alice shook her
head. "Any of you want to wank him off?"

"No way!"

"Me neither. That's disgusting."

"And yet you want to see him cum? God, you two are such babies." Alice
groaned. "Come her Tommy. Sit on the desk in front of me." She patted
the tabletop, motioning the headmaster to sit between her legs. "Pull
those shorts down before you mess yourself."

Gleefully expecting Alice to wank him off, Mr. Adams pulled his
underwear down and sat on the desk facing Alice who was again seated
in his chair. Lifting her feet to his crotch, Alice clamped his aching
cock between her knee-sock covered feet, moving slowly up and down,
wanking him off with her toes.

"Look. No hands!" she giggled, as Mr. Adams gasped at the warmth of
her feet against his raging hard-on.

"I'm not doing this for long. Not comfortable at all," Alice warned.
"Why don't you girls show him your knickers? That'll get him off for

Flipping up their skirts, Joan and Sarah wiggled their panty-covered
butts in Mr. Adams face. Staring at their tight little bums covered in
those little white cotton panties he loved so much, the headmaster
gasped with excitement. Bending over, Joan moved closer, sticking her
cotton-covered ass out, teasing him relentlessly as Alice worked on
his throbbing dick with her toes. Mr. Adams stared wide-eyed at Joan's
full, round ass, taking in the sight of the damp white fabric
stretched tightly across the swelling of her mound before disappearing
down between her thighs. He reached out to feel her up with a shaking
hand but Sarah quickly slapped his wrist.

"Hey! No groping. Joan doesn't want your sweaty paws all over her ass,
you perv," Sarah hissed.

Just as the taunted headmaster felt his cum building, Alice stopped
her foot-job. Disapointed, Mr. Adams grunted, his swollen cock
throbbing and drooling. He was so close. Why did she stop? Just a bit
more, and he would have shot his load all over her knee socks.

"This is no good. My thighs are cramping. We need to find a better

"Don't stop. Please don't stop! I'm so close." The headmaster begged
desperately, fearing the three little schoolgirls would give up and
leave before he got off.

"Yeah, well. This isn't for your benefit, so just shut up."

"What should we do? I still don't want to touch him."

"I have an idea." Reaching up under her skirt, Sarah pulled off her
damp panties. "I'll wrap these around his thing so I won't have to
touch him. Anyway, I bet that will get him off in no time."

"He'll spunk in them, and you really don't want that stuff in your
knickers," Alice warned.

"It's not like I'm putting them back on afterwards. I mean, really!"
Sarah rolled her eyes.

"Let's do it. I want to try it too," Joan giggled excitedly.

Moving closer, Sarah wrapped her panties around the headmasters hard
cock, carefully making sure she didn't touch him directly. The damp,
warm fabric made Mr. Adams moan. Grabbing him in her fist, Sarah
watched as his cock drooled pre-cum over her knickers.

"What does it feel like?" Joan wanted to know.

"It's hard, but kind of soft too. On the outside, I mean." Sarah
frowned as she concentrated on describing the first cock she had ever
held in her hand. Her slim fingers weren't quite long enough to
encircle him completely. "It's really hot too. And kind of...

"You need to move up and down, you know. To jerk him off."

"I know, I know. I'm not stupid. It's not like I haven't read about

Moving slowly, Sarah started to wank her headmaster with the panties
wrapped around his cock. Her lack of experience helped prolong the
sensation, her wanking more teasing than directly stimulating. Eager
to learn, Sarah paid attention to his grunting and rasping breath,
picking up on what seemed to excite him most. Mr. Adams wanted to
guide her, but thought the better of it. This was more than he could
have hoped for, and he wasn't going to risk spoiling it. Holding him
more tightly in her moving fist Sarah began to move faster as she
started to get the hang of it.

Looking at her friend wanking her headmaster, Joan felt weak kneed and
hot. As Joan pulled off her jumper, Alice saw her cheeks and chest
were flushed, her pert little breasts poking against her white school
blouse with their hard nipples. Nervous little Joan wasn't so shy
anymore. This new experience of power had certainly been good for her,
Alice thought.

"My turn." Joan said, reaching out and grabbing his cock as Sarah let
go. "You're right. It really is hot. This is fun!" Joan looked
intently at the swollen, drooling head peeking out above Sarah's
panties. She too was inexperienced, but with Sarah coaching her, she
soon found the right way to do it.

Having these two little fourteen-year-old schoolgirls taking turns
wanking him was getting to be too much for Mr. Adams. Feeling his cum
rising he jerked helplessly against Joan's moving hand and Sarah's
panties wrapped around his shaft. With a grunt he felt himself
cumming. Being inexperienced, Joan didn't realize what was happening.

"Watch out! He's going to cum all over you..." Alice tried to warn
Joan, but it was too late. Sarah gasped as the headmaster bucked
against Joan's tightly clenched fist, cum shooting out from his
swollen cock spraying Joan in the face. The first shot went just to
the right of her nose, splattering her cheek. Joan blinked in
surprise, but much to Mr. Adams' delight she didn't stop her jerking
motions. His cum kept shooting, hitting her flushed face and neck,
then staining her crisp white school blouse with his sperm. With a
surprised look on her face, Joan reached up with her other hand and
felt the cum dribbling down her neck and into her blouse. Trembling,
Mr. Adams shot the last of his load of hot, sticky spunk between
Joan's thighs onto her plaid skirt. Little droplets dribbled over her
fingers onto Sarah's panties.

"Christ! He came all over your face and uniform! What a lot of, um,
gooey stuff!" Sarah stood gaping, staring wide-eyed at her friend
drenched in their headmasters cum. Joan just sat there stunned, her
fist still gripping Sarah's soaked panties and Mr. Adams' cock. cum
dribbled down her face and dripped slowly onto her chest and into her

Sighing, Alice reached into the desk drawer and pulled out a fistful
of tissues. "Sperm... It's called sperm, Sarah. And don't worry Joan.
I'm sure that happens to a lot of girls the first time."

"I know it's called sperm. It's just sooo yucky," Sarah said.

Joan wasn't worried. In fact she was grinning. "Look what I made him
do. Wow! That's just so cool."

"Well, I think it's gross." Sarah wrinkled her nose.

"Are you kidding? Just think of what we can do with all those boys,
now that we're allowed visits. We'll be the most popular girls at St.
Mary's," Joan exclaimed as she wiped the cum from her face and
schoolgirl uniform, looking at the sticky tissues with interest before
tossing them in the bin. "I can't wait to invite Jonathan to visit me.
I've had a crush on him for ages."

"Okay, girls. Let's get out of here," Alice said, helping the still
giddy Joan to her feet.

Sarah snatched her sticky knickers from around Mr. Adams cock. "You're
not getting these, you know," she hissed. Mr. Adams just nodded
sheepishly as Sarah rolled them up in a piece of paper from the floor
while glaring at him with contempt.

Slipping her shoes back on and picking up her blouse and jumper, Alice
spoke over her shoulder on the way out:

"Remember now, that's better food, cell phones and no more school
uniform. We'll be back with more changes later. Okay?"

"You girls... You're amazing," Mr. Adams stuttered. He didn't know
what to make of these three innocent looking little schoolgirls. He
had to admit that he admired their guts, but he also hated being
turned on so much by the humiliation.

"Yeah, well. You're amazing too Tommy. Just not in a good way."

And then they were gone, their ponytails swaying in step as they left
Mr. Adams' office. Cursing, he dressed again, thinking he should
probably be grateful that he was not on his way to prison. The changes
at school would be a small price to pay to hide what he had done. He
supposed he was lucky, although he didn't feel that way. He looked
down at his left foot. He had stepped in the gum Joan had spit on his

In the schoolyard, everybody talked about Alice's indecent T-shirt.
No-one understood how she got away with wearing it, yet for some
unexplained reason she seemed to be untouchable today.


ALICE TURNS ON THE HEADMASTER (Mf ff Mfff spank nc fdom)
Written by Douglas Ossified
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