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ALICE1 movie about girl that got


Alice Has An Answer 1/10 {Redman} {inc mf bdsm}
(c) October 2000


Authors Note: It is strongly recommended that the
disclaimer published as Part 0/10 be read before this

Comments or corrections are welcome at

This work is not intended to be read by anyone
under 18. If you are under 18, please do not read it.
This story is a work of fiction. Everything in it is a
product of my own imagination and does not represent
the way that anyone of any age should be treated or to
represent a norm of acceptable behavior. In
particular, I do not through this story condone sex
among minors or sexual acts between minors and adults.
Alice Has An Answer
Part 1

Alice always was different from everyone else. I
mean, I grew up with her in small apartments and most
of the time even I didn't notice she was there. Alice
had a way of disappearing that made me forget where
she was. When I had to find her, she would usually be
under a bed or covered up with sheets.

It's not like Alice was hiding. Most of the time when
I saw her I would just see her eyes peeking out from
under the table where she was playing house with her
dolls. If I needed Alice to clean up her room or help
me straighten up the house before mom got home, all I
had to do was say something and Alice would
immediately come running to help. But if I didn't
have anything for her to do, she would be real quiet,
usually covered up or under something.

When I wanted to tease her, I'd call her my little
gopher-girl. But, I didn't tease Alice much. The
boys at school fought with their sisters all the time
and said they were pains in their butts. I never
understood that because Alice always did everything I
told her to do. She never complained or cried. Most
of the time she never even talked.

Alice was a little over a year younger than me, but it
always seemed like a lot more. Maybe it was because I
was the one that had to take care of her. I guess we
stayed with someone when we were babies, because I
remember some old lady that smoked and drank a lot
taking care of us when we were kids. But mom had a
fight with her one time when she found the old woman
asleep on the couch and had a hard time waking her up.

I told Momma that the old lady had been sleeping all
afternoon anyway and that I could look after Alice
just fine by myself. By this time we were both in
school already and it was just three or four hours a
day until Momma got home a little after dark. Momma
used to call sometimes, depending on what job she had
at the time. But after a while she knew I could take
care of things, Then she would only call if she got
lonely or to ask if we needed anything before she came

Momma was lonely a lot. It must have been hard to
work all those hours, but she couldn't get jobs that
were too good because she didn't have a good
education. That's why she told us that we had to do
well in school. Alice always did well because I told
her she had to and Alice always did what I told her to
do. I did OK, but sometimes I'd get in trouble
because I didn't like people telling me what to do or
that I had to do assignments their way.

I guess I never learned to follow orders too well.
When I'd get in trouble at school, Momma would always
mumble that I never had a good father figure. When I
was a kid I thought that was some toy that we couldn't
afford to buy. Later, I found out that she meant I
didn't ever have a Dad.

The only thing that kept me from getting into trouble
more was because I knew that it worried Momma.
Sometimes that would help me to control the anger.
Sometimes it didn't.

But, I never missed having a Dad. Momma always told
me I had to be the man of the house and take care of
Alice. Every now and then Momma would date some guy.
But I never wanted her to date much because I figured
that if Momma ever got married I wouldn't be the man
of the house anymore.

Besides, some of the men she would date were mean.
Some of them would yell and treat her bad. None of us
ever yelled at each other and I didn't like it at all
when someone was yelling at Momma like that. I'd try
to be nice to them because Momma was always so lonely,
but when they started acting mean I'd eventually have
to tell them that if they ever hurt my Momma, I was
gonna kill `em.

Usually that was the end of it. I was always big for
my age and even though most of them were bigger than
me, and all of them were meaner, I found ways to deal
with them. I was always pretty good at watching
people and figuring out what would scare them the
most. Usually what worked best was creeping up behind
them after they had been mean to Momma and whisper it
to them. If I looked all mean and crazy, that would
be enough.

I'd practice the crazy voice on Alice and she'd always
tell me which one was most scary. Alice loved for me
to be scary, as long as she knew that it was pretend.
I used to practice sneaking up on Alice too, but I was
never really sure if I did it. I'm pretty sure that
Alice knew where I was, but if I were trying to sneak
up on her, she would pretend that she didn't know I
was there.

But, I think I got better at it as I got older because
there were times when I would sneak up on Alice that
it didn't sound like she knew that I was there. She
would be making small whimpering noises and squirming
under the blankets. Sometimes I'd hear her whisper my
name softly, but it didn't sound like she knew that I
was listening.

Another time I heard Alice making those whimpering
noises was one night when Momma had called and told us
that she was working overtime. She wouldn't be home
until almost 10:00 p.m. So, I had to feed Alice,
which was normal, and tell her to take her bath, which
Momma usually did. I started watching tv and there
was some movie about a girl that got trapped in a

Alice came out of the bathroom, wrapped in three of
our biggest towels. Momma used to fuss at her a
little for using so many towels, but I knew that Alice
only used one clean towel. The other towels that
Alice liked to wrap up in were the ones that Momma and
I used to dry off with. I knew by the way that Alice
put her nose in the towels and smelt real deep that
she just liked to smell other people's scent in the
towels. It reminded me of a story we read in school
about wolves. Maybe as Alice grew up, she was more
like a wolf than a gopher.

Anyway, Alice set in front of me and asked me to dry
her hair just like Momma did. I smelled her hair,
again just like Momma always did, to see if she was
clean (maybe Momma's part wolf too), and she was, of
course. Alice always liked to spend a lot of time in
her bath, so she was usually clean.

She started watching the movie and really enjoyed the
parts where the girl was trapped in the well. I could
tell that Alice was imagining that it was her trapped
in the well, but instead of crying like the girl in
the movie, Alice seemed to be fascinated with it. But
she was fidgeting a lot in front of me and sometimes I
couldn't even see the show.

So, I told her that the girl on the show couldn't move
around so much. (She had crawled into some small
place and couldn't move -- what a dope!) I told Alice
that if she wanted to pretend to be the girl she would
have to hold still. But Alice said she couldn't help
it, she was cold from her bath. Then she asked me if
I could hold her real tight so that she couldn't move,
just so she could see what it was like.

It was a little strange; I was thirteen and Alice was
twelve and I didn't hug her very much. But, this
wasn't really like that kind of a hug anyway because
she was huddled in front of me, covered in all those

So, I wrapped my arms around Alice and tried to hold
her still. She moaned a little but was still wiggling
around, especially her arms and her butt. I told
Alice if she didn't quite wiggling that I was gonna
stop, but she said I just wasn't holding her tight
enough and leaning against her enough.

I hugged Alice harder and leaned most of my weight
against her and it was better for a while. It felt
nicer to be hugging her than I thought it would,
because she smelled so clean. For a while, she was
holding real still, although she did move her little
butt around too much.

But then there was a long scene that showed the girl
trapped in the well and the men trying to get her out.
Every time they showed the girl, Alice would start
whimpering, just like I had heard her before and she
would began to wiggle more, especially her arms.

Listening to Alice whimper like that, I began to feel
a little funny, like someone was twisting something in
my stomach. Worst of all, my pecker began to get
stiff, something it never did unless I washed it too
long in the shower. Or sometimes when I first woke up
in the mornings. But this felt different and I knew
it had to do somehow with leaning over Alice and
hearing her whimpering.

I started to quite playing this game because I had a
feeling that Momma wouldn't like it. As I began to
loosen my arms, Alice begged me not to stop.

"They're about to get her out. You can't stop now,
Bubba," she pleaded with me.

So I held her longer, feeling funny about it all the
time. She began to smell different, too. Not that
her hair didn't still smell clean, but there was a
different smell. It reminded me a little of how
Momma's panties smelled sometimes before I washed
them, but that wasn't a bad smell. For some reason I
thought that was one of the best smells in the whole

Alice's whimpers became more like groans and she was
moving around more, too. Maybe it was wrong, but it
felt real good to hold her tight and listen to her.
That wonderful smell kept getting better and I was
just fascinated by all the sounds that Alice was
making. Her mouth looked dry and she was breathing
kinda hard, but every now and then I would hear a
squishy sound. I don't know what it was, but every
time I heard it Alice would moan real loud.

I was leaning against her hard now, and right when the
girl was almost rescued on the screen, Alice gave a
deep moan and kinda fell forward. She lay real still
for a while, catching her breath. The only thing she
was moving was to squeeze her bottom a little. I knew
that because, even though I wasn't leaning as hard
against her, I was still leaning forward some. It
felt funny because my hips were resting on her bottom
and every time she moved it, it felt like someone was
squeezing my penis through my jeans.

Now that was an interesting feeling! Momma had told
us never to let anyone touch us "down there," but
nobody was touching me. I was just lying on top of
Alice's butt and every now and then she was squeezing
her cheeks together. It even felt good to push
against Alice with my hips just a little while we were
lying like this, but my weight on top of her little
body must have been uncomfortable because that made
her groan, too.

I hadn't realized how small Alice was until I was
lying on top of her like this. I was a big kid for my
age and older than her. But, Alice was small even for
her age, like Momma. So, even though it felt good, I
decided that I needed to get off of her before I hurt

I got up and leaned against the couch, catching my own
breath. I didn't understand why I was breathing so
hard. It wasn't like I had been chasing anyone.
Alice and I both just sat there and watched the end of
the movie together. Somehow I knew that Alice wasn't
interested in the movie ever since the girl had gotten
out. Even so, she was quiet and lay there watching
the show. I noticed that every now and then Alice
would squeeze her butt together real tight. It's
funny, I had never noticed Alice's butt before now.

When the movie was over I told Alice that she had to
go to bed now. I would stay up and wait for Momma to
come home. I told her to get ready for bed and Alice
asked me to tuck her in. I told her I would in five
minutes if she brushed her teeth and put on her
pajamas. She promised to do all that. I knew she
would, because Alice always did everything I told her
to do.

It took a little longer than five minutes though,
because Alice didn't yell at me until latter than that
to tell me she was ready for bed. When I went into
the bedroom we shared, Alice was wrapped up tighter
than a mummy in the sheets and blankets from her bed.
She could hardly move, but even so she asked me to
pull the blanket around her tighter because she was

I kissed her on the forehead just like Momma did and
told her to get to sleep, but Alice asked me to stay
for just a minute. I set on the side of her bed and
she told me in a small voice that anytime I wanted to
play "Trapped in a Well" again, we could.

There was a part of me that knew that we shouldn't
play that game, but there was another part that wanted
to play it again right now. I told her we would play
it sometime, but for tonight she needed to get some

We would play that game again, and many others as we
grew up. But, from that night on, Alice liked to fall
asleep tightly bound in her bedsheets, or later, tied
down to her bed.


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