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ALICE10 cum two and three times


Alice Has An Answer 10/10 {Redman} {inc mfF bdsm}
(c) October 2000


Authors Note: I would be interested in any comments or
corrections that readers might care to share with me.
I can be reached at

Also, this work is not intended to be read by anyone
under 18. If you are under 18, please do not read it.
This story is a work of fiction. Everything in it is a
product of my own imagination and does not represent
the way that anyone of any age should be treated or to
represent a norm of acceptable behavior. In
particular, I do not through this story condone sex
among minors or sexual acts between minors and adults.
Alice Has An Answer
Part 10
Alice and I dressed as quickly as we could in light
clothing that was at hand, covering our nakedness. I
was worried about her strength. Usually after several
hours in restraints, Alice was exhausted. I suppose
the adrenaline rush of finding out that mother had
discovered us had energized her again. I hoped that
she didn't run out of gas before we were able to
confront mother and determine our fate.

When Alice and I stepped into the front room together,
Mother was sitting on the sofa, glaring at me.
Everything about her body language spoke of irritation
and controlled rage. Her arms were crossed tightly in
front of her, as were her slender legs. Her lower
right leg was bouncing up and down agitatedly across
her left knee as though she could hardly wait to kick
me with it.

Even feeling her anger directed at me, I was struck by
how beautiful she was. Since I had come to understand
more about women, I had recognized that my mother was
a treasure that the world had not yet uncovered. Her
startling beauty was just beneath the surface, as
though I were the only one that could see it.

She was dressed in a plain blouse and skirt. In the
dim light of the front room the burgundy fabric of the
blouse looked darker, the black skirt, more velvety.
Her dark hose and black shoes accentuated her well-
formed legs. Even through her resentment, she stirred

"How could you do this to your own sister, Johnny?"
she asked harshly, her words coming clipped and
bitter. She didn't want to even look at me, but her
fury kept drawing her eyes back. "How could you do
this to our family?"

She was right of course. How could I do this? I was
supposed to be in charge when Momma wasn't here. I
was supposed to be the man of the family.

Alice began to cry beside me. "It isn't Johnny's
fault, Momma! It isn't," she wailed pitifully.

But Mother's anger wasn't directed at Alice. Alice
was the innocent one, the victim here. Only I knew
that she had been a willing victim, only I knew Alice
had ran ahead of me all along our path.

But that was no excuse! I was the older brother. I
was the one to blame. mother knew it and so did I.

"Come here, baby! I'm not mad at you, Alice," and
Alice ran to her. As mother cradled her and tried to
comfort her, I stood alone to face the brunt of her
resentment. She was beautiful in her fury, protecting
her young child.

"How dare you betray my trust for the sake of your
sick, twisted desires. Your sister is not a toy to be
played with. What kind of brother are you to touch
her like that? Answer me, Johnny?"

There wasn't any answer. She was right. Even Alice
had quit crying and was looking up at me feverishly.
In her anguish, Alice misspoke.

"Momma's ripe, Johnny!"

"I know she's right, Alice. Of course you're right,

"No, Johnny," Alice spoke insistently, "Momma's ripe!
Come smell her!"

Alice's words were as powerful to me as when I had
said them to her. They compelled me to step forward.
As I did, it was as though I stepped into a completely
different room. This new room reeked of the smell of
a woman's musk. I looked at mother and I saw a woman
who undoubtedly was mad but who also was undoubtedly
aroused. I had learned to read the signs. It was my
favorite study.

Mother's hands couldn't hold still, they flitted from
her hair to her lap and every time they did, she
brushed her arms across her breast. Even through her
blouse, I could see her nipples, swollen and erect.
Her throat was flushed, as though caught in a
permanent state of blushing, just as it was that night
long ago when she had come out of the bathtub. The
night that Alice had caught her masturbating.

Mother had seen us and not only had it angered her, it
had excited her. She had heard Alice describe what
she would have liked me to do and mother didn't stop
us. Alice had fantasized aloud how I should fuck my
own mother and mother didn't stop us. She had said
that mother needed it. Maybe Alice was right. She
did smell very ripe indeed!

"You may be right, Alice," I whispered softly,
collecting my raging thoughts, controlling myself for
what needed to be done.

Alice scurried off Mother's lap and stood behind me.
Her eagerness to help gave me more confidence than I
had before. Alice had been right about everything so
far. Could she be right about this too?

Mother's eyes began to show a little concern, a hint
of fear. "I know you're angry with me Mother, but is
there anything else you feel you'd like to tell us

"I don't know what you mean young man, but I don't
like your tone of voice. Alice, come back over here."

"Mother, you seem a little agitated. A little

"Of course, I'm agitated. I just saw you molesting
your sister."

"But she wanted it so bad, Mother. Haven't you ever
wanted it that bad before?"

"Don't talk to me like that, Johnny. I'm your mother
and you can't speak to me like that."

But her protests came out less forceful, more
submissive. Her voice lost its strident edge and I
could see that mother was beginning to doubt her own
anger in the face of her arousal. Perhaps her own
sense of guilt was playing on her mind.

"You watched us, Mother. We took our time and you
were there for a while. If I was hurting Alice, why
didn't you stop me?"

"Stop it, Johnny. You're in enough trouble," mother
whispered pitifully.

"What were you thinking when you saw Alice tied up?
What were you thinking when she came so hard?"

I saw a shiver run through Mother. Not even she could
forget the power of Alice's response.

It was time to bring Alice into this new game. "Tell
Mother what it felt like, Alice."

"God Momma, I came so hard I felt like I was going to
explode. Johnny knows just how to touch me. His
fingers and his dick feel so . . ."

"Shut up, Alice. That's filthy coming from a little
girl," mother wailed.

"I've cum two and three times a day this week. When
was the last time you came that hard, Mother?" Alice
asked somewhat haughtily.

"I've never had an orgasm like that in my life, Alice,
and neither should you," mother cried.

"I want to cum like that every day of my life, Mother,
and so should you."

Mother rose from the sofa, stepping forward with a
fluid motion attempting to slap Alice. The speed of
her movements any other time would have prevented me
stopping her, but I had been ready, expecting mother
to flee. I was easily able to step forward and catch
her arm before she brought it forward.

At fourteen I was big for my age. mother was a petite
woman. Even so, I think if she had struggled with all
of her might I would have had a problem. But her
struggling had a strange quality, as though half of
her was fighting against me and half wanted to
surrender. I could think of only one way to be sure.

I picked mother gently off her feet from behind and
threw her easily onto the cushions of the couch. She
landed on her stomach and I crawled on top of her,
forcing my knees between her legs. She started to
rise up and I told Alice to come and grab her arms.
Between the two of us, we stretched mother out and I
leaned on her until she quit struggling as

I had been holding mother around her waist. As her
struggling slowed, I raised my left hand and cupped
her breast through her clothing. She gasped and tried
to fight again, but every movement seemed to work
against her. I put my mouth next to her ear and began
to talk to her, all the while caressing her breast.

"Maybe Alice was right, Mother. Maybe you need a good
cum. Maybe you need a man. How long has it been?"

"Get off me! Get off me, Johnny!" mother groaned, but
something in the groans made me think her mind was
centered on my hand at her breast.

"How long has it been since someone made love to you,
Mother. You deserve it. Don't you want to relax and
let me play with you?"

Mother was quivering beneath me. She was hardly
struggling anymore and even those efforts seemed a
token resistance. The room was thick with female musk
but I could no longer tell if it was mother or Alice.
Alice's eyes had that bright, feral look of intense

I jerked Mother's skirt up to her waist, exposing her
wiggling ass. She had on panty hose, but luckily
there was a run along the seat of them, exposing
pretty white panties with small purple flowers through
the tear of their dark fabric. I had to abandon her
breast, but with two hands I was able to shred the
hose, widening the run until the rest of them became

While she lay stunned, I pulled off the soft running
pants I had thrown on before. My prick was hard and
throbbing. I know mother could feel it as I pressed
it against her pantied bottom, pushing her further
into the soft cushions with my weight.

I reached beneath her with two hands but realized it
would be impossible to unbutton her. I began popping
buttons as my hands slowly pulled her blouse apart.
With each button she gasped and with each gasp I
thrust my cock onto her ass. Finally her blouse was
open and my hands dove underneath her bra and began to
maul her wonderful, soft breast.

There was no resistance at all now. mother
transformed into a trembling mass of sensation. No
one had touched her in so long that now my touches
overwhelmed her. I looked into Alice's eyes and
signaled her to touch our mother with me. We began to
kiss her and stroke her. Her eyes rolled back in her
head as she experienced the new sensation of four
loving hands caressing her body, four loving lips,
licking and sucking.

We stripped Mother's clothes from her back, then
rolled her over and finished the job from the front.
When the couch proved too confining, we dragged her
limp, naked body onto the floor so that there was no
part of her we couldn't reach.

While Alice kissed her face and breasts, I crawled
between Mother's legs and ate her hungrily. I used
every trick that Alice's body had taught me. I sucked
her clitoris. I nibbled her labia. I lavished her
from top to bottom with every kiss and caress my lips
and tongue had learned. mother climbed through one
orgasm and I lead her toward another before Alice
stopped me.

With flashing eyes, Alice urged me to the fulfillment
of both our fantasies. With her hands under my arms,
Alice pulled me forward until mother lay beneath me.
I looked at the two women that I loved most in the
world. I floated -- floated on their arms and in
their eyes -- floated on the pool of my Mother's
mysterious sex. With one fatal thrust I rooted myself
into the place of my birth. I died in my Mother's
cunt. She breathed life back into me with her kisses.

I looked down into Mother's eyes and she was crying.
At first I thought I had hurt her; I thought I had
misjudged everything. But then she laughed and wiped
her tears and I could see the joy in her eyes. I began
to move into her. I had no experience at this, but
Mother's body seemed made to fit my own, her hips
seemed to move with mine to pull me deeper into her.

And what a joy it was to be in her! She was my first;
my first beautiful, lovely woman impaled on my cock.
No matter how many other women I would have for the
rest of my life, I would always remember this moment;
the moment that I lost my virginity to my own Mother.

"Tell me how it feels, Momma," Alice pleaded alongside
us. Her lips were brushing mother ear and her hands
were making circles around Mother's turgid breast.

"It's wonderful, Alice. You were right, honey. I
needed this so bad."

"We've waited so long for you to join us, Momma.
Johnny can fuck you every night when you get home.
We'll both take care of him from now on. You'll see,
you'll never be lonely again."

I could see Alice's words start to excite Mother,
start to arouse her even more than my own movements.
It was always that way between Alice and I. As much as
anything else, it was the words that turned us on.
Even now Alice was whispering in Mother's ear, telling
her how we would love her every morning and be waiting
for her to come home every evening. She told mother
how every night she would bath her and that we both
loved her more than ever.

Mother's hips began to thrust up toward me more
forcefully. She was biting her lower lip and her
nipples felt like metal studs that bruised my chest
every time I thrust down on her. Her tight cunt milked
me and her ass rose to slap against my balls every
time we collided together.

"Johnny is gonna cum in you, Momma," Alice was
moaning. "I can see it in his eyes. When he cums, his
dick pulses and vibrates in my mouth. I bet you'll
feel it inside you when he cums. I bet you'll feel him
squirt his hot cum in you Momma! Tell me when you feel
it. Tell me, so I can feel it too."

Mother grabbed Alice's hand like it was a lifeline and
she threw her pelvis up at me one last time, hard and
fierce. My hand on her hip felt it first, the
tightening of the muscles, the slight change in angle.
Her face became contorted, her eyes squeezed together.
A deep guttural groan swelled up through her.

I felt her grip my cock and a hot, wetness bathed me.
Mother was cumming as I fucked into her! She was
cumming on my cock and her grasping, gripping cunt
triggered my first, glorious orgasm inside of a woman.
It felt like a great, massive spike was driven through
us both, nailing us to the floor, nailing us together.

Afterward, they were both exhausted, overcome by the
emotions of our first time together. I picked their
limp bodies up one at a time and brought them to
Mother's bed. For the moment, I had an inexhaustible
strength. I lay between these two naked, sleeping
girls that I loved. I was brother, son and lover.
Somehow there had to be a way to balance all of these
together. Together, we would find a way.


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