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ALICE2 hurt it She asked


Alice Has An Answer 2/10 {Redman} {inc mf bdsm}
(c) October 2000


Authors Note: I would be interested in any comments or
corrections that readers might care to share with me.
I can be reached at

Also, this work is not intended to be read by anyone
under 18. If you are under 18, please do not read it.
This story is a work of fiction. Everything in it is a
product of my own imagination and does not represent
the way that anyone of any age should be treated or to
represent a norm of acceptable behavior. In
particular, I do not through this story condone sex
among minors or sexual acts between minors and adults.
Alice Has An Answer
Part 2
I didn't find out for almost a year what Alice was
doing when she was whimpering, all bundled up like
that. When I found out, it really freaked me out for
a bit.

We had just moved to another part of town and I had
turned fourteen years old. A month later Alice turned
thirteen. It's easy to move when you don't have much.
We had moved so many times that there was nothing to
it. This time it was in summer, so we didn't know
anyone in the area.

There was one girl my age that lived in an apartment
near ours named Jani. Jani was kinda pretty for a
girl and she was quiet in some ways, like Alice. Jani
would come over and visit, but she and Alice never
seemed to get along. Alice would be peeking out from
under her blankets and Jani kept saying that she
didn't like someone spying on her all the time. I
tried to calm her down, but I think she just didn't
like Alice, so I told her she had to leave.

Later that week, Jani came back and asked if I could
move some furniture in their house because her mother
and father weren't home. I told Alice I would be
right back, knowing Alice would stay bundled up under
her bed where I had left her no matter how long I was

Jani had a chair in her room that didn't seem that
heavy to me, but after I moved it she wanted to talk.
I guess she was lonely with no one to talk to while
her mom was at work. At least I had Alice, even
though she didn't talk very much.

Then Jani started asking me if I would like to see
some of her new clothes. Well, they were all new to
me because I had just met her and I wasn't really
interested in girl's clothes anyway. But I wanted to
be polite, so I said sure.

What I didn't know was that Jani would start changing
clothes while I was in the room with her. I asked her
if she wanted me to leave while she changed, but she
said don't be silly. She asked me if Momma and Alice
didn't ever change in front of me and I told her no.
I had never seen either one of them changing clothes.
Not even Alice, and we had always shared a bedroom
because Momma couldn't afford a three-bedroom

But Jani said that in her family everyone changed
clothes in front of one another and that it was no big
deal. I guess different people do different things.

Anyway, it made looking at Jani's new clothes more
interesting because every time she changed she would
stand in front of me in just her white panties and ask
which outfit I wanted to see the most. I guess I was
more interested in seeing Jani in her panties, because
it was hard to make up my mind and I took a long time
in between. Jani didn't seem to mind, though. In
fact, I think she liked me looking at her in her

Jani wasn't wearing a bra and when she was standing in
front of me like that, her nipples on her titties got
very big. They kinda stuck out and she saw me staring
at them. Jani said it was OK to look at them, because
they were bigger than most girls her age and she was
proud of having nice nipples. That's the way she said
it too. "I know I have nice nipples."

She told me that they felt good when someone touched
them and just to prove it to me, she pulled on them
herself real hard and they seemed to get bigger. I
was fascinated with looking at them, so Jani asked me
if I wanted to touch them. Sure I wanted to do it,
but I was scared of hurting her and told her so. Jani
said I could do anything I wanted with them. She even
said she liked to have someone bite on them and pull
them real hard.

I didn't want to bite Jani's titties, but I did want
to touch them, real bad. Momma had told me never to
touch a girl between the legs and never to let anyone
else touch me between my legs, but she never said
anything about touching Jani's nipples. So, I did it.

Jani lay on her bed and had me touch her nipples. I
wanted to feel them gently, but after a while Jani
told me I needed to be rougher with them. When I
pulled on them a little more, she started rubbing the
front of her panties. Before long, she was whimpering
just like Alice did, only Jani was louder. She
started saying curse words and nasty things and before
long, the room began to smell different, just like
when Alice and I played "Trapped in the Well."

I asked Jani what that smell was and she told me that
that was the smell her pussy made when she got
excited. I didn't know exactly what she meant, but
the way she looked down and slid her hands in and out
of her panties when she said it, I got a little idea
of what she meant. Jani asked me if I liked the smell
and I told her it smelled wonderful.

Jani pulled off her panties and leaned back against
the wall so I could see her pussy real good. She had
little blonde hairs all over it and it looked very
interesting. She told me if I was nice that she would
teach me everything that she had learned about playing
with pussies and about a lot of things. As she was
saying this, Jani was rubbing herself real hard and
had one finger from her left hand underneath her,
sticking inside her pussy while she talked to me!

I couldn't believe what Jani was doing. I had seen
glimpses of Alice when she was taking her bath, but
this was something very different. Jani seemed so
much older than me, even though I knew that we were
the same age and even though I was much bigger than
she was. Jani was somewhere in size between Alice
and me.

I asked Jani how she knew about these things but she said it was a secret. She
told me that she had
promised not to tell anyone, that she might even get
in trouble just showing me. I asked her why she was
showing me then and Jani told me that she got lonely
during the day with no one to talk to and no one to
play with.

I asked her what she did all day and Jani told me that
mostly she stayed in her room and played with her
pussy. I asked if I could play with her pussy too and
she said sure, that's what she had been trying to get
me to do. Then she told me to put two of my fingers
inside her, where her finger was already.

Momma had told me not to touch girls between the legs,
but Jani was just too pretty not to touch. Besides,
she seemed to need it so bad. The moment I touched
her, Jani got very excited and started to say nasty
things after that.

Jani quite rubbing herself and held onto my hand with
both of hers, guiding my fingers into her pussy. At
first I was a little scared because I couldn't see a
hole there, but Jani guided my fingers to just the
right spot and told me to push hard. I didn't have to
push too hard, because with just a little pressure
they began to slip right in.

I couldn't believe how warm Jani's pussy was. It felt
like she must have an oven on in there, except it was
too wet for an oven. At first I thought I was feeling
her guts because it was all warm and squishy, but as
soon as my fingers were all the way in, she began to
squeeze on them with some kinda muscles. She told me
proudly that her Daddy made her exercise her muscles
every day and that it felt good because my fingers
were thicker than his were. I guess Jani wasn't very
good at keeping her Daddy's secrets. At least not
when someone had their fingers in her pussy.

As soon as she felt like I knew how to slide my
fingers in and out, she went back to rubbing herself.
I asked her what she was rubbing and she told me that
it was her clitty, or clitoris. Jani knew all kinds
of new words to describe things I didn't even know

Anyway, Jani said it would feel real good for her if I
thrust my finger in her pussy very hard and licked her
clitty. I told her I'd do that, but she had to show
me where it was. So Jani pulled back some folds of
skin that were on her pussy and showed me a little red
bump that she said was her clitty. It didn't look any
more interesting than other parts of her pussy to me,
but the minute I started licking it Jani started to
moan real loud.

She was pushing back up against my fingers and rocking
her hips so fast that it was difficult for me to keep
licking her clitty. Even Jani was getting a little
frustrated so she told me to just stick my fingers way
up inside her and then bite her clitty real soft.
When I did that, I thought Jani was going to die.

She screamed and started pulling on my hair and
clamped down on my head with her thighs at the same
time. I thought I was hurting her and I started to
rise up, but Jani just squeezed tighter and told me
not to quite or she would kill me. So, I bit her
clitty again and she kept howling but I could hear now
that it was a good noise. It helped that she quit
squeezing my head so much.

After a while, Jani ordered me to start licking again
and I did that for a little bit. I didn't like taking
her orders though, so every now and then I'd bite her
again. When she started slapping my head real easy
and calling me dirty names, I used my other hand and
reached up to pull one of her titties real hard.

When I did this, Jani ground her pussy in my face
again and told me that she was about to cum again. I
wasn't sure, but I thought that she meant that she was
about to feel as good as she did before, so I pulled
on her nipples harder and bit down on her clitty,
being careful not to hurt it too much.

Sure enough, Jani did cum again, only not as hard as
the first time. She just sorta pushed herself hard at
me and kept saying, "Fuck, fuck, fuck..." over and
over. Eventually, when I felt like she couldn't take
any more, I let go of her clitty with my teeth and
lips and let go of her titty with my fingers and Jani
seemed to snap back on the bed like a rubber band.

Jani seemed exhausted and she just lay back for a long
time. She told me that what I had done felt very good
and that I could "eat her pussy" anytime I wanted. I
still felt hungry, so I didn't know if I had eaten it,
but I did enjoy licking and biting it.

She asked me if I needed to cum too, but I told her I
had never felt anything like what she had just then.
She told me that it took a lot of practice to have
cums that big and that she had practiced a lot. I
told her I didn't even know how a boy could cum like
that, but even though she was tired she offered to
show me.

Jani told me I had to take my clothes off and I felt
strange undressing in front of her. My dick was still
hard from when we were playing with her pussy, so when
I took off my pants it was as big as it ever gets
already. She told me that I had a pretty penis even
if it didn't have any hair on it. I had heard other
boys talking about dicks growing hair on them, but I
had never seen one with hair on it so I wasn't sure.

Jani had me get on the bed with her and kneel up above
her on my knees while she lay down underneath me.
When she spit between her hands, I almost started
laughing. I had never seen a girl spit on her hands

But, when she grabbed my penis and started rubbing it,
that felt wonderful! I had always enjoyed washing
myself in the shower and sometime enjoyed rubbing my
dick on the mattress of my bed, but nothing had felt
as good as having a girl's warm, wet hands sliding
back and forth along my penis. I immediately arched
my back and looked down to see what Jani was doing
that felt so good.

Jani was smiling up at me like she was very happy
playing with a new toy. I told her that her hands
felt great and she squeezed it a little harder. When
her hands got dry she would raise up and put the first
two or three inches of my dick into her mouth and rub
her tongue all over it. Her mouth felt good too, but
she couldn't hold me as tight with her lips as she
could with her hands and I told her that her hands
felt better.

She told me that she liked to, "jack a big, hard cock
like yours." I had heard other boys talk about
"jacking off" so I figured out what she meant, but I
never thought of my dick being that big. It was still
growing and it seemed so small compared to everything
else on my body. When I had taken off my pants, I was
worried that she might start laughing at it, but she
seemed to enjoy touching and kissing it.

Then Jani started kissing and licking my balls. She
was having trouble getting under me and still jacking
my cock, so I spit on my hands and took over for her
there. My own hands didn't feel as good as Jani's,
but I was able to pump it faster and squeeze it harder
than she was doing. Besides, what Jani was doing
underneath me felt very nice too.

Jani started rubbing my balls with her hands. When
that proved nice, she slid even further down and I
felt something tickling around my butthole.

I thought that was just the strangest, most perverted
thing I had ever heard of, but then I had never jacked
my cock on a girl's bed before. I had never jacked
off anywhere -- well, nowhere near anything as intense
as this. Somehow when I was jacking off, Jani's
touches on my butthole felt very good; not at all as
weird as it would have been any other time.

In fact, after I had gotten used to the first
sensation somewhat, Jani moved even closer to my
bottom and I felt her tongue dart out and lick me
there, lick me straight on my butthole!

I know her tongue couldn't be very big. She was just
a girl. But it felt like she had shoved something
very big up there. My back muscles tightened and my
dick felt real good . . . even better than before.
All of a sudden, I felt an intense spike of pleasure.
It felt so good it almost hurt. All I could do is
look down in amazement as a little squirt of fluid
shot out of my penis and then began to dribble out of
the pee slit.

Thankfully Jani took her hand off my balls because
they were starting to get tender. Even so, she
reached around very quickly to catch the stuff that
was coming out of my dick and rub it around in her
hands. She crawled back between my legs and started
to lick my stuff on her hands while she tried to get
more on one of her other fingers. There wasn't that
much of it, but the way Jani acted, it must taste very

But before long, I didn't want Jani touching my dick
any more. It got very tender and I wondered if I had
hurt it. She asked me if she could stick it in her
mouth again, but I told her I thought that might hurt.
She told me that that feeling didn't last a long time
and that pretty soon it would be hard again.

I started feeling guilty about what we had been doing.
I thought about Alice. I had left her alone for
longer than I had in a long time. Maybe longer than

So I told Jani that I had to go back to our apartment.
At first she was mad and told me that I had to stay
and play with her pussy again. But, I don't like to
be told what to do and I told her so. At first Jani
just pouted while I got dressed, but then she touched
me all flirty like and asked if I would come back
again later to play some more. I told her that I'd
think about it. I told her that it had been fun to
learn new things and that I wanted to learn more. She
promised me that there was a lot more to learn.

Jani was a nasty girl, I could tell that. She knew
things that maybe we were too young to know. But some
of the things she knew, I wanted to know too.

I pushed Jani on the bed easy like and crawled up on
top of her. I reached down and begin to rub her
between the legs, on her clitty, in a way she seemed
to like immediately. I told her that I'd come back
and play with her some time, but she had to make me
one promise. She had to promise not to tell anyone I
was here.

She promised me that she wouldn't, but I could tell in
her eyes that she was thinking more about the way that
I was playing with her clitty than about her promise.
So I pushed two fingers inside her and started to
squeeze down gentle, then a little harder.

Jani's eyes started getting bigger and I watched to
make sure that I wasn't hurting her much. When it
looked like I had her undivided attention, I told her
that I knew that she wasn't too good at keeping
promises. I told her that I hadn't been with her but
just a little while and I already knew that her father
was doing a lot of things with her that he wasn't
suppose to be doing. Then I guessed and asked her if
her mother liked to play with her as well.

Jani looked a little panicky that I had guessed her
secrets. I told her that I wouldn't tell anyone as
long as she let me come back when I wanted to. I also
told her that if she ever told anyone I was here, that
she'd be sorry.

I thought maybe I had pushed her too far, but Jani
just smiled a little flirty smile and told me that
she'd never tell a soul that I was here. I didn't
know if she'd keep the promise, but this time she knew
I was serious about it.

As I got up to go Jani was lying back in her bed
playing with her pussy again.

"You'll be back," she said in that flirty voice while
her fingers circled her clitoris. "You'll want to
know what it feels like to stick that beautiful cock
into my pussy."

"We'll see about that," I said with all the false
bravado I could muster. But inside, I felt like a
fish that had just bitten down on the hook - and one
who knows it!


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