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ALICE3 cum again maybe right here


Alice Has An Answer 3/10 {Redman} {inc mf bdsm}
(c) October 2000


Authors Note: I would be interested in any comments or
corrections that readers might care to share with me.
I can be reached at

Also, this work is not intended to be read by anyone
under 18. If you are under 18, please do not read it.
This story is a work of fiction. Everything in it is a
product of my own imagination and does not represent
the way that anyone of any age should be treated or to
represent a norm of acceptable behavior. In
particular, I do not through this story condone sex
among minors or sexual acts between minors and adults.
Alice Has An Answer
Part 3
When I got back to the apartment I fell on my bed
exhausted mentally and a little tired physically. I
saw Alice peeking out at me from under her bed, but I
just ignored her since I knew she was OK. I wondered
if Alice could see that I was different now. I
wondered if mom would notice as soon as she got home.

Alice crawled out from under her bed and got on top of
it, covering herself up completely with the blankets
until just her face was poking out, looking at me. I
began to wonder what Alice was doing under those
blankets. Some of Jani's noises had sounded a lot
like noises Alice makes under the blankets every now
and then. She had even smelt the same. I noticed
that my own hands still smelt like Jani's pussy and I
brought one hand to my nose as if to scratch it. In
reality, I just wanted to smell her again.

"You were over at Jani's a long time," Alice
whispered, probably as many words as she had said all

"We had things to talk about, squirt. Big kid

"You smell funny, too," she said, not mean like, just
as a comment.

"You sure it's not your own fingers you're smelling,
Alice," I replied in a low and slightly menacing
voice. Even the sound of it made me feel embarrassed
from using it with Alice. I had never threatened
Alice before. What was that about?

I guess it was so unusual that Alice didn't even
notice it. "No, that doesn't smell like me. I think
it smells like Jani."

"Look Alice, Jani and I were just playing. That's
all. Don't worry about it."

What I wanted to do was make Alice promise not to tell
Mom, but Alice had never told mom anything we had ever
done. Asking her not to tell might give her the idea.

"Are you going to go play with her all the time, now?"
Alice asked in a way that made it sound like I might
not want to be with her anymore. Like I might abandon
her for Jani somehow.

"Not all the time, squirt. Jani isn't a nice person
most of the time. But I might go see her again, once
or twice."

"Why? Is she your girlfriend now?" Alice asked,
definitely sounding jealous now. Why would Alice be
jealous of Jani? That was weird.

"No, Alice. I think Jani has a boyfriend already.
Let's not talk about her anyway. I'm a little tired."

"What did you do over there?" Alice wondered out loud.

Man, once Alice started talking a little she wouldn't
shut up. I was kinda hoping that the old Alice would
come back and just sit there quietly while I could

"We just did things. Nothing bad," I lied, feeling

"It smells like you touched her couchie," Alice

"Gawd, Alice. That's a baby word. Big kids don't
call it that and I don't think we ought to talk about
it anymore."

Alice was real quiet for a while. It's like she
wasn't even moving and I couldn't tell if she was mad
for me calling her a baby or because I didn't want to
answer her question.

After a long time she asked me, "What does she call
it, then?" She said it just like there had been no
stop in the conversation, just about the time I
thought she had forgotten it.

I didn't know what to tell her. This was a different
Alice. She wasn't doing what I told her to do.
Somehow this subject was different and I got the
feeling that she wasn't going to just let it drop.
Not unless I answered her questions.

"If I tell you, you have to promise not to tell Mom,"
I tried. I know; I was probably giving her the idea
right now.

"Why would I tell Momma? That would get you in
trouble, Johnny. I'd never do that!" Alice said it
with such sincerity that I knew it was true. Alice
would never do anything that would get me in trouble.
Never on purpose at least.

"I mean you'd never be able to tell her by accident,
squirt. I know you wouldn't rat on me on purpose," I
lied, hoping it was a good kinda lie that wouldn't
hurt her feelings.

"I wouldn't ever say anything, not even by accident."

I knew the old Alice wouldn't. I wasn't so sure about
the new Alice yet.

"She called it her `pussy'," I whispered feeling a
little guilty as I said it.

"I heard that at school," Alice confided.

"Once she called it her `cunt'," I said, trying to
sound mature.

Jani had never said the word to me, but
just before she came the second time she had been
muttering to herself, "Finger my cunt, fuck my cunt,
fuck my cunt." At the time, it sounded like the most
filthy, wonderful thing I had ever heard.

"That sounds like a nasty name," Alice whispered,
obviously impressed. "Cunt, cunt, cunt," she
repeated, getting the feel of the word. It sounded
just as nasty coming from Alice. I hadn't expected
her to start using the word.

I thought maybe that would be the end of it, but the
new Alice was tenacious, especially about this

"What did her cunt look like?"

Gawd, it was nasty when she said it like that. But
the minute she asked the question I could see Jani's
cunt in front of me, in my mind's eye. I could almost
taste her clitty, smell her juices. Maybe it was just
my fingers I still smelled.

"I don't know how to describe it. It's the first one
I've ever seen." That didn't sound very mature, but I
didn't think I could handle describing Jani's pussy to
Alice right now.

"Would you like to see mine, Johnny? Would you like
to see my cunt?"

Gawd, this was a weird day! I certainly wasn't
expecting that question. Not from Alice. Jani was a
nasty girl whose father probably molested her every
night. I should probably turn him into the police.
Maybe I would, except Jani would probably tell the
police about me and then I'd really be in trouble.

I guess I took too long to think about Alice's
question. Or maybe she was just a little too eager to
show me. In any case, while I was sitting there
thinking about my dilemma, Alice started gathering the
blanket from in front of her body, rolling it up like
a stage curtain raising into the air.

I wasn't as close to Alice as I had been to Jani. I
was all the way across the room, sitting on my own
bed. But it was a small room. I could clearly see
her pussy as the blanket rose. Alice had been wearing
a skirt, but apparently wasn't wearing panties. She
gathered the blanket up until her pussy was totally
uncovered, but not so far as her knees. Then I saw
one hand appear and start rubbing where her clitty
would be.

In the course of a morning I had seen two pussies.
This morning I was hardly aware that they existed.
Now I was surrounded by them. It was as though my
eyes couldn't get away from them no matter where I

But, I guess a part of me wanted to look. I knew that
this was Alice and it was very nasty for me to be
looking at her rubbing her clitty, but I had to look.
My penis was getting hard just thinking about Alice
and Jani rubbing their pussies. Maybe all girls
everywhere rubbed their pussies all the time and it
had just been invisible to me before.

Then the nastiest thought of all hit me. I wondered
if mom ever rubbed her clitty like that? I wondered
if mom ever played with her pussy when she was lonely
just like Jani did? Alice's pussy seemed smaller and
didn't have any hair on it. I wonder if Mom's pussy
would look more like Jani's or more like Alice's.

Alice was looking at the lump in my pants that my
penis was making and she was rubbing herself faster.
Gawd, did every girl want to look at penises? Did
every girl think about putting a hard cock in their

Gawd, that was a nasty thought. Thinking about Alice
and Jani and mom getting a hard cock. It almost felt
like I was going to cum again, maybe right here on the
bed. Maybe right here in my pants. I wanted to pull
it out and jack it off, just like Jani had done. It
had felt so good when she did that.

But, Alice was looking at me. I couldn't do that in
front of Alice, could I?

But Alice was always watching me. If I didn't do it
in front of Alice, I'd have to do it locked in the
bathroom. Or worse yet, I'd never get to do it at
all! If there's one thing I wanted to do a lot of
from now on, it was jack off.

But, could I do that in front of Alice?

I looked over at Alice and her hands were moving real
fast in front of her pussy. Every now and then she
would slow down long enough to stick a finger into her
pussy hole. Then those fingers would go back to being
busy on her clitty.

If Alice could do that in front of me, why couldn't I
do it too?

The question answered itself as my hands unzipped my
jeans. I pulled them down to my knees and grabbed my
penis and began to pump up and down. It felt so good,
so wonderful. It wasn't sore at all; Jani had been
right. If anything, it felt better than before. I
wondered if jacking off would feel better every time I
did it?

Alice was staring at my cock. It was probably the
first penis she had ever seen. But, it didn't slow
down her hands. Suddenly she was using two hands, the
blanket falling down at her side, allowing me to see
everything. I saw her reach underneath her and stick
a finger into her pussy from underneath, just like
Jani had done. Gawd, that was so nasty. To think
that they played with themselves the same way. That
all girls played with themselves just like that.

That was all it took for me. Suddenly my cum was
squirting onto my belly, the jolt of electricity
running down my spine and into my shooting cock. As I
looked over at Alice, she was leaning back even
further and her pussy was stretching into the air,
cuming. As the last squirt came out of my dick, Alice
collapsed back on the bed across the room, sighing


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